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Ultra Violence

MC: Tell me a little bit about each band member and were any or all of you in any bands prior to being Ultra Violence?

LORIS: Hi everybody! I’m Loris and I’m the singer and guitarist and the other members are: Andrea (guitar), Robba” (bass) and Simone (drums). We are all 19 years old and we are all students and, since we are so young, Ultra-Violence is our first and only band. 

MC: So how did the forming of the band come together? Were all of you friends pretty much prior to the forming of the band?

LORIS: We founded the band in 2009. I met Robba and Andrea at school and we decided to form a band, but we needed a drummer and we found Simone. We were already friends before forming the band and we are now even more friends thanks to this project. 

MC: Now when the band was starting out did you play any cover tunes and if you did which ones did you just mess around with?

LORIS: At first we just performed covers, such as “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica, “Panic” and “Madhouse” by Anthrax, “Ace Of Spades” by Motorhead and many more!

MC: At what point did you start to write original songs and how does a song come together?

LORIS: We decided to start writing our songs after a few months and concerts near Turin. Play the cover was boring and we decided to write something original. The first song we wrote was "Wildcrash." Songs usually start with a guitar riff... Afterwards we write respectively the drum parts, bass lines, guitar solos and vocals. 

MC: Now at this time did you have a name for the band and were many names thrown around before you came up with the name Ultra Violence?

LOUIS: Before Ultra-Violence the name of our band was “Fallen Angels”, but we decided to change this name because we grew up and we didn’t feel represented any more by this name.

 MC: Did you know that the band Death Angel had their debut release call “The Ultra Violence”? Do you know of the guys in Death Angel know about the band?

LOUIS: Yes, actually our band is often related to Death Angel for their masterpiece, I don't know if the guys in the band are aware of our existence. But we decided our name as a tribute to the Stanley Kubrick movie, Clockwork Orange, which we love so much!

MC: I have a copy of your cd and I think it is great. Is this your debut release? If it is not, what release did you have prior to the release I have?

LOUIS: No, it isn’t our debut, we debuted with "Wildcrash" in 2012. This is an EP with 5 tracks and despite the small period between this first ep and our first cd we think we improved the ability of composition. 

 MC; How was it going into the studio and did the recording of the album go? Was it pretty much easy or were some songs that you had problems with?

LOUIS: We were very well prepared to enter the studio. After a full year of trials and compositions we were ready! So nothing has been difficult... We recorded the whole album in only 5 days!           

MC: Who came up with the cover and is it just available on cd or is it in Lp form as well?

LOUIS: The cover comes from the fact that we are called Ultra-Violence! Our new album is available on CD (thanks to Punishment 18 Records) and LP version (thanks to Night Of The Vinyl Dead)!

MC: Are you pretty much happy with the finished product or are there little things here and there you would like to differently?

LOUIS: 100% satisfied! There is nothing to change... is perfect, Ed Repka is incredibly brilliant!

MC: Have you had a chance to play many live shows and do you think you’re a good live band?

LOUIS: We had many chances to play many live shows during the past years... also in 2013 we are having a lot of shows! I think we are a good live band... the public seems very involved and excited when we play!

MC: Where the band is based out of, is there many places to play or not?

LOUIS: There aren't many places to play metal music now... this is very sad! In Turin there are only 2 or 3 places... and this applies to every other major city in Italy.

MC: For those who have never heard the band’s music, what would you say the band sounds like?

LOUIS: Ultra-Violence sounds like a thrash metal bands of the new wave! But sometimes has some influence as death metal, black metal and crossover! One thing is for sure: sounds like something really violent!

MC: How did you end up the label you are currently on and how are things working out with them so far?

LOUIS: The Punishment 18 Records has put us under contract when he heard "Wildcrash", our debut EP. We are working very well with our label on the promotion and distribution of our material... soon there will be a reissue of "Privilege To Overcome" because the first 1000 copies have already finished! 

MC: Does the band have any goals for yourselves at all?

LOUIS: We want to promote our new album! We would like to firmly establish our name among the greatest thrash metal bands of the great recent revival!

MC: What have the reviews been like for your release so far and has there been any that you read that you totally disagree with?

LOUIS: The reviews are all very good for now! The criticisms are directed to the excessive length of the album, especially the song called "The Voodoo Cross"... I think the album is very long but it's also very varied, so not boring! And I think that "The Voodoo Cross" is one of the songs more difficult to assimilate, but it's very enthralling and full of melody and atmosphere ... I love the main riff of this track!

MC: Is there material you have lying around that you may release as an ep one day?

LOUIS: Yes, we have new material ready! But I think that this stuff will be in the next album. No EP in preparation!

MC: In any given week how much time is doing band related stuff? Does the band practice much and what do the guys in the band do with their free time when not doing band related stuff and do you all work regular jobs?

LOUIS: Usually we play and write in our rehearsal room for 2 afternoons a week... During periods of writing each member also carries the individual work of writing at home. When we aren't busy with the band we do what all boys in our age do: we go to school, study, and we go out with friends!

MC: Do you guys plan doing any type of touring at all?

LOUIS: We're trying to take a tour that would be great! But it’s complicated! Anyway we are organizing something for the autumn. 

MC: Do you hope to make to the US to play a show or shows at all?

LOUIS: That would be great! We really hope to play in the U.S. one day, hopefully very soon! 

MC; When can we expect some new music?

LOUIS: I don't know exactly! It all depends on what happens to us! Surely now we must promote "Privilege To Overcome", I think that a new album could be released at the end of 2014! Some song is taking shape right now!

MC: How do you go about promoting yourselves with so many other bands out there? 

LOUIS: We are always trying to attract attention by creating videos for our songs! Soon we'll make some videos where we'll show you how to play our songs! 

MC: Plug any websites you have and any merchandise you have.

LOUIS: Ok! Let's go!

Facebook (Official Page): https://www.facebook.com/ultraviolencemetal

Bigcartel (Official Store): http://ultraviolencemetal.bigcartel.com/

Myspace: https://myspace.com/ultraviolencemetal

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/ultraviolencemetal

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ultraviolencemetal

Thank you all!

MC: What are some of your influences? Have you had a chance to see many of the bands that you like live at all? Where you are based out, do touring bands play there or do you have to go away to other countries to see shows?

LOUIS: Our main influences derived from classic thrash metal bands of the 80s! With some influence of modern thrash metal. I got to see the Big 4 in Milan two years ago! Exodus, Suicidal Angels and Heathen, I saw them last year in Pavia! This year I could see Enforcer in my own city: Torino! The tours usually cross the north of our country, but on summer there are many interesting festivals throughout the Italian peninsula! 

MC: Do you guys as a band pretty much get along and hang out together even when you’re not doing band related stuff?

LOUIS: Of course! In addition to being band mates, we're mainly good friends! Practically we are together at any time of the day! To play and have fun hahaha! 

MC: I am out of questions. Thanks for doing this interview and any last words the floor is yours.

LOUIS: Thank you for this long interview! We want to thank all those who have bought or will buy our album and all those who support us every day! Follow us on Facebook! New T-shirts will be available soon, with the print of "Privilege To Overcome" designed by the great Ed Repka!

Greetings to all readers!