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Testament Zine

Juan Muro is the editor and main man behind the long running Testament zine so I thought it was time to interview about his zine and other stuff so I emailed him some questions and here is what he said to them:

MC: Tell my readers who you are and how old you are and a bit about yourself.

TZ: My complete name: Juan carlos Muro Ore. 40 years old. 24 into Metal music. I have a pretty daughter (5 years old), today I get her from his 2th day in school!.

MC: Do you come from a big family and were they or you into music at all much at a young age?

TZ: Not, it’s a typical family, mother, father, 2 sisters and me. But now the majority live in USA. I hope travel to there this year. Not for to stay of course.

MC: Are there many radio stations and places to buy music where your located?

TZ: Only I know 1 radio station. And yes, there are many places where you can buy extreme music. Lamentably they don’t sell a lot of because not many people buy original stuff.

MC: What sort of music did you first get into? Did any other members of your family like metal or rock n roll?

TZ: My father was into classic music but I get some tapes from Alice Cooper and Rolling Stone in their collection anyway. I listened music commercial in my school days, also Metallica, Angeles del Infierno, etc.

MC: What was the first metal band that you heard and did you like or dislike it at the time?

TZ: I enter more into Metal with CELTIC FROST, later VENOM and SLAYER. I get into metal because the obscure art, I loved to read their lyrics because I loved to read horror novels too, and when I saw all that killer covers!! you know man.

MC: Did you buy stuff on vinyl at first or was it cassettes, or cds?

TZ: Tapes.

MC: Where did you have to go to get your fill of metal music? Did you have a local store that stocked metal stuff?

TZ: Nope. I get all my stuff from the own labels and/or in trade. I had a music store 8 years ago. But it closed because I was traveling a lot of with bands and promotion my ‘zine too of course.

MC: Did you have any friends that were also into underground metal and did you do any tape trading at all back in the day?

TZ: Yes, my co-editor in my first issues.

MC: How did you come to discover fanzines? What did you think of them when you read through a few of them?

TZ: Here in Peru were some good ‘zines, later we wrote to other editors for trade our issues.

MC: When did you decide to start up a fanzine? Did you have anybody help you or did you do it all on your own?

TZ: It was in 1992. Me and a friend decided to do a ‘zine because we had many contacts/stuff because we send letter for to buy/trade stuff every time we could.

MC: When did you put out your 1st issue and how many did you print? How many issues have you put out so far and have you always gone to the same place to get them printed?

TZ: It was in 1993, we printed 1000 copies. Right now I’m working on my 13th issue. There are many little places where I can to print, so I ‘m always printing in different places because they are moving their location too.

MC: I don't have to ask how you came up with the name, but have you ever met the guys in Testament?

TZ: But you are wrong, je, it was because we was thinking in to do a bible of metal (more or less, je!), so the name TESTAMENT was a temporal option, but we never get another name so… And lamentably we never have seen this great band.

MC: What are some of the best concerts you have seen?

TZ: IMMOLATION/MORTEM in 1994 in Lima, SARCOFAGO(in Lima)… MAYHEM(liam some years ago) and lately VENOM and ANGELES DEL INFIERNO, both in Argentina.

MC: How much longer do you think you will do he zine for? Does it get harder and harder to still put it out?

TZ: All I can. It’s more harder because I have a little daughter, so the money I had for the ‘zine years ago is for her of course.

MC: Do you think labels and band still regard fanzines and webzines as an important part of the underground?

TZ: Yes, but it’s difficult for them and for everybody because the people get music through internet, etc.

MC: Do you prefer getting actual cds or you don't mind getting digital downloads to review or you are good with either format? Do you still get many bands still send stuff to review?

TZ: I don’t review digital downloads. There are some labels which are ONLY sending this kind of stuff, so that’s shame. It’s work more for webzines like you isn’it?. And of course I received less original stuff from the bands/labels that years ago.

MC: Do you get to see many concerts where you are located and what has been some of the most memorable ones you have seen over the years?

TZ: There are a lot of concerts but I haven’t the money for go, so only I can choose one or two, also they are very dears. The last year I saw to MAIDEN, I’m waiting to Ozzy in 2 months. I think I’ll lost FORBIDDEN and MOTORHEAD. Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

MC: What would you like your zine to be remembered for?

TZ: For not surrender maybe.

MC: Do you feel your 100% honest in all your reviews and has any band sent you a nasty letter or email due to them getting a bad review?

TZ: All they are honest of course. And I never get nasty letters.

MC: Have you ever been a big fan of a band and then they let you down with some bad releases?


MC: If you could start your own label and sign 5 bands, who would the 5 bands be and why?

TZ: A DREAM OF POE, OBSCURE INFINITY, BLOODFIEND(ARG), DEADLEY CARNAGE and CHASKA(PER). Why??!! Because all they are killer new(more or less) bands.

MC: Finish this line, the underground will never die because:

TZ: There’ re real people inside this great music.

MC: Out of all the metal styles, what is your favorite and least favorite and why?

TZ: Favorite…, very difficult because I’m always listening Death, Black, folk metal… Least favorite… power metal (not the real of course)

MC: What are some new bands that your into?


MC: When you hear a band for the first time, what do you listen for?
TZ: Only music.
MC: Is there any stuff you would like to see come out on cd that hasn't?

TZ: The F.E.T.U.(Jap) compilation!

MC: Do you still have copies of any of your old issues still for sale?

TZ: Yes. I had some of the 1, 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

MC: Now with the internet and Facebook and My Space, have you connected with any old friends that you lost contact with years before?


MC: If a band wants to send you something to review, what is the best way to go about it?

TZ: Only he have to send it man, simple.

MC: Any really rare things you have in your collection and what do you think of bootlegs?

TZ: Maybe some 7”eps like ABHORER, BETHLEHEM, CATACOMB, PENTACLE, ORDER FROM CHAOS, PHLEBOTOMY… some Lps like the Brazilian compilation Headthrashers(MX, BLASPHEMER, NECROMANCIA, COVA), CELTIC(To Megatherion), EXTERMINIO(Bra), PENTAGRAM(Chi)… not much really.

I have some bootlegs too but I don’t like them very much really.

MC: Juan plug any websites you have.


MC: I am out of questions, horns up for the inerview and any last words

TZ: Thanks for the interview. Do you have some of your old printed issues?. Send me them!!! ha. Keep the good job my friend.

Hey!. My new(13th) issue will be out in March/April with bands like ASPHYX, VARATHRON, HEADHUNTER DC, MORTUARY DRAPE, HELHEIM, EXMORTUS, KOMMANDANT, OBSCURA, SATAN’S HOST, VIOLATOR, INQUISITION, IMPUREZA, INFINITUM OBSCURE, HIMINBJORG, etc. and with a free Cd compilation. Trades are welcome!


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