I guess I was like any other kid growing up. I wanted to be a football player when I was younger. I had like 4 close friends in high school, but I don't see any of them anymore. They weren't the nicest of people and as soon as I got out of high school I pretty much broke away from them. I drank a little bit when I was under age and got sick from drinking a few times. I don't drink now at all. As a matter of fact I don't think I have touched a beer or any alcohol in the last 5 years. I did try smoking one time when I was young. I coughed my ass up and that was the end of that. I never tried pot or any other drugs. When I was in high school I played football for 3 years (tight end and safety) and I also was on the wrestling team for 3 years. My football coach thought I was on drugs due to me listening to heavy metal while I was in school. Most every day I would wear a rock shirt and jeans, so even though I was involved in sports, I wasn't with the jock crowd. I was very shy back then (and still am today to a degree). I always have a hard time talking to new people who I don't know esp if they are females. I usually get embarrassed when somebody says "Metal Core Rules" or they tell me how much they enjoy reading a certain interview, etc. I mean I don't think I am better than anybody else so I just kinda tell people thanks and stuff if I see em at a show or through an email. I mean I think it is great that somebody emails me or tells me how much they enjoy my mag, but I don't let it go to my head. I am just like any other underground fan. I never did get in any kind of trouble while I was in school. I pretty much hung with my few friends and listened to a lot of music and went to concerts and stuff. After I got out of high school I really started to get into the underground and stuff, usually driving up to Brooklyn, NY to go to shows at Lamour's and getting home at 6am. I also loved to go to Seaside Heights in the summer. My parents always traveled a lot when I was younger. I have been all the way up to Canada and all the way down to Florida and have visited every state in between. I also went to Hawaii in 98 and that was one place everybody should go. So I think I wasn't the typical teenager that is for sure. I also took guitar lessons for a couple months, but quit cause it was hurting my fingers and I wanted to go out and play football with the neighborhood crowd. I thought I was going to the NFL back then.

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I was doing some writing for another fanzine at the time called “Total Thrash” out of Philadelphia. The editor, Scott Helig was a good friend of mine and I had been contributing stuff to his zine and I was giving him so much stuff that he said “Chris why don’t you start up your own zine?” I thought about it for a day or so and I took it up as a bit of a challenge so I decided to go ahead and start my own zine.

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Well there was a weekly music mag called East Coast Rocker (now The Aquarium) and they had ads and stuff for all the tours that came through the NJ/NY area. I used to always flip through it to see if any cool shows were coming to Lamour’s and the like. Well one day I saw a ad for the Overkill/SOD tour. The tour was all of a measly 7 shows. They dubbed the tour the Metal Core Tour. I liked the name and because I was into punk and hardcore as well as metal at the time I felt the name would be a good one for the zine.

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Well the first issue was done on a 70’s typewriter and it was the only issue to be half size. It had no pictures, logos, etc. I interviewed local bands that I met at shows (Machine Dog, Anvil Bitch, Nuclear Assault, Lethal Aggression, Faith or Fear). I also had some brief album reviews and a few demo reviews and show reviews rounded out the issue. I printed 150 of them and sold them for a $1 a piece. I somehow managed to get rid of the 150 that I copied. My first issue came out in Dec of 1986.

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There have been many shows over the years. Some of the best early bands I saw were: Violence, Black Flag, Slayer (in 85 twice with Megadeth opening), Slayer/Nasty Savage/Hallows Eve, The Crumbsuckers, Venom/Black Flag/Overkill (in 86), Kreator/DRI/Holy Terror (88), Celtic Frost/ Voivod/Bloodfeast (87). So many I could name. Some other bands I saw in the early days were Dark Angel/Possessed, At War, Dream Death, Evil Dead, Milwaukee Metalfest #2, Metallica On Ride the Lighting tour, Anthrax (87,88), Exodus on Lamour’s 5th yr anniversary w/ Nuclear Assault, Carnivore, Lethal Aggression and Biohazard. Paul Baloff was sick so the crowd sung the words. Wish I had seen Destruction when they toured with the Cromags. Overkill/SOD the Metal Core tour. Most memorable show was in 85 at City Gardens seeing Slayer for 2nd straight night. I got up to stage dive during ‘Chemical Warfare”. Well I dove, the crowd moved I hit cement. I almost broke my hip. I couldn’t move for 3 days. The most violent pits I ever have been in have been for Carnivore (when the played Lamour’s) and Agnostic Front at City Gardens in Trenton NJ.

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Well here is one not many guys will admit to. I was a virgin till I was 21!! I am not ashamed of it. As I said above I am very shy and didn't have many girlfriends at all. I was more into music and hanging with my friends. I did have a few girlfriends, but nothing serious. My girlfriend after going out for a bit just threw me on the bed one night and said "were doing in now" and so we did. So that is how I lost my virginity. I was raped by my ex girlfriend he he.

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Passion. I still have a burning desire for music. My mag is like my little baby that has never grown up. I have no plans on stopping any time soon, though I take one issue at a time. I have had my ups and downs periods when I thought about quitting, but I stuck it out and here I am. I still love after over 13 years love going to post office and getting mail. I am like a little kid when I open my mail. It is the same way with my emails. I feel so happy inside when I cart another issue off to the printers and it comes back. I usually grab a copy and look it over from front to back. I love when a new issue comes out and after a few weeks the mail starts pouring in or when some band I reviewed or interviewed tells me they have been getting orders or mail. That to me is what it is all about. Helping out bands, zines, etc. That is why I started the mag and that is why I continue on with it today. I just have a passion for metal that I think will be with me 4 life.

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I have been a fan of wrestling since I can remember back in 76 and 77. I like all 3 federations (WWF, WCW, ECW). Wrestling is like a soap opera with sports thrown in. Trust me these wrestlers are real athletes. I hang with Jerry Lynn (ECW) when he is in town and let me tell ya this man has been through some wars. He loves death metal too so how could you go wrong. I also do some writing for The Pro Wrestling Torch as well. Some of my favorite wrestlers are Chris Benoit, Rey Mesterio Jr., The Rock, Steve Austin, Sabu, Mankind, Dean Malenko, Super Crazy, Balls Mahoney, Rob Van Dam, Billy Kidman, etc. I like wrestlers that work well and try to have good matches. I hate stiffs like Hulk Hogan, Big Show, Sid, Kevin Nash, etc.

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Yeah, when I was working with the band Deadly Blessing,. One night I was over with a couple of the guys at their practice place. They were drinking and stuff and for a goof I got on the mic and started singing. The guys also got into it and began to play really fast like SOD. From there on Tom wrote a riff and The Log was born. The Log was the name of our band. It was a little side project sort of like SOD. This was back in 89. We actually played like 10 shows at a local club called Bonnie’s. We recorded a 12 track demo that sold pretty well. If anybody wants a copy I will be happy to tape it for them.

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Well you can read the story below. The first part appeared in issue 25 of my zine and part 2 was in issue 27. It is in a nutshell the story of how a jockey I liked at the race track inspired me to go on a diet and she didn’t even know it. You can read all about what I did to go on a diet and the results of my diet all in the article. Part 2 you can read what happened when I showed her the article from issue 25. Also you can see a pic of her and me in the picture section elsewhere. (this story originally appeared in issue 25 of my zine).

Almost all of you only know me through the mail and when you read my magazine. Well, I am a big time shy person when it comes to talking to people I don't know, though when I open up I can't stop talking....ha ha. Anyway, my self esteem has always been about a 5 on a scale of one hundred. I pretty much go to the gym, do mail, screw around on my computer and do Listenable Records stuff. Of course I work a regular job at the race track as well. Anyway there was this girl there name lisa who I thought was cute as hell. A mere 5 foot 4, she had gorgeous long black hair & a smile that would stop a charging bull. She also had a great personality to match. Well I did some asking around & I found out she had a boyfriend. It didn't surprise me being how good looking she was. Anyway I made some small talk with her when I could & just kept my distance. In late Feb. or early March I went up to Immolation's for a visit & when I came back I found out that her and her boyfriend that they weren't going out anymore!!! At first I got all excited & then later I calmed down & kept telling myself that I would never have the nerve to ask her out. Hey when your self esteem is low you don't need it getting any lower than it is. I'm sure a few of you can relate to what I am saying. So I started talking to Lisa as much as I could never letting her on that I liked her. Well Lisa at this point was going through a slump at the track & I really felt bad for her. Her ex was giving her a hard time & it was effecting her job. So I decided to see if I could cheer her up. I decided to send her some flowers. So I called the place up and all & then like a smacked ass I canceled the order. At work that night imagine my surprise when I over heard that the next day (which was the day the flowers were supposed to be sent) was Lisa's birthday!!!!!! What a coincidence huh? (I'm dead serious it really did happen) Of course I re did the order & had the flowers sent. Did that in a heart beat ha ha. Well the flowers were sent to work & later on during the night Lisa was on her way out to do her thing & she turned around and said "Oh by the way thanks for the flowers". I about died on the spot. Later she told me she called the store & they gave my name. I was happy that I helped cheer her up even if it was just for a night. At this point I toyed with the idea of actually asking this girl out. So one night I said to hell with this I'm gonna do it. To most of you it may not be a big deal, you say hey if she says no move on to the next one. Well I really like Lisa & when your self esteem is low you don't need it any worse. So I sat in a a chair at work all night thinking back & forth in my mind trying to come to a decision. Finally I decided to go for it. If my idol Mark Messier can bring the NY Rangers a Stanley Cup then I can ask this girl out. Well at the end of the night came & I was walking Lisa out to her car I told myself just stay calm & ask her out. I was nervous as fuck & when we got to her car she rolled down the window & I asked her if I could ask her something. Well I popped the question & much to my surprise she said when this all blows over I could take her out. As she pulled away I stood there stunned like a model posing for a portrait. I also punched my fist in the air and yelled "yeah, Hell yeah"!!! I banged on the fence as as I walked back into work as I couldn't belive she said yes. I was high as a man on a mountain. At this point I decided to go on a diet. Lisa with her little words gotton my self esteem up to the highest it has ever been (trust me it was never up there big time to begin with). I was brimming with confidence. I told myself I could do this. I went in with a plan and I wasn't going to stop til I finished. Now at that time in March I weiged 260 pounds. Now I lift weights and am a pretty big guy and NO I don't use steriods and shit like that. I am really strong, but I just had a big waist (size 42 to be exact). I have tried to diet before, but I always gave up after a few weeks. I told myself not this time. I started to go to the gym with more of a passion and urge. I started doing aerobics 6 days a week. For the first week I did 30 min. than before long I was doing aerobics 6 days a week for an hour!!! At work I was running the stairs (13 flights) up & down for a fuckin hour. I would lose 4-5 pounds per work out doing that. Now we fast foward to May & the weight started to come off & Lisa got out of her slump. May 8th was a great day for me as Lisa rode home 2 winners & those stinkin, rotten, losers known as the Phila. Flyers were eliminated in the playoffs by the Buffalo Sabres. It doesn't get better than that let me tell you. I could tell Lisa was riding with more confidence & every race she raced I cheered her on hoping for a win. Meanwhile the weight was coming off me. I was attacking each workout and lifting session like a war. I made my own tapes & blasting to the sounds of Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, old Metallica (Ride the Lightening) etc., also helped me along bigtime. The best tape was Crumbsuckers "Life of Dreams" release. Running the stairs and jumping around like a madman would be quite a site for you guys to see ha ha. Many times when I would be huffing & puffing, sweat pouring down me, I would want to quit, well my mind wouldn't let me. The music kept going as well as thinking of all those nice things Lisa said. Let me tell you this way of fooling my brain worked wonders. Trust me you can play tricks on your mind very easily. Plenty of times while lifting the body would say your done, but with the music pumping in my brain I would always manage to rip out another rep or two. Intensity is the name of the game. Well May 23rd came upon the track & it was the last day of the meet. Me and Lisa had a nice chat & she said some really great things to me that I cherish til this day. I even managed to get a picture taken with her which I used as inspiration when I need some inspiration. Well as I type this Sept. I have lost 50 pounds!! My waist size is down to a 32 & I feel awesome. I am in the best shape I have ever been in & I have a decent confidence level now. And it is all due to one person. Even though she wasn't there directly she was the one that pushed me. I have had tons of people tell me I look great now & that really makes me happy. The reason I wrote this story was to try to tell any of you, if you are faced with an uphill battle just focus on someone who overcame alot to get where they are at. Whether it be a football player like the guy from the Detroit Lions who they said would never walk again & he is walking today. The Detroit Red Wings who overcame everything to win a 2nd cup. Also use your mind & keep telling yourself that you can do it. You would be suprised at what you can do using your mind. Slap on some metal music and use it's power to pull you through. If it wasn't for music, Lisa and my supplements I took while on my diet I never would have done it. If I can do it, anybody can. If any of you would like to comment on this story, feel free I welcome all feedback. ONE LAST THING LISA, IF YOU READ THIS, WORDS ALONE CAN'T EXPRESS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME and as far as I'm concerned, you beyond a shadow of a doubt, belong in the Winner's Circle permanetely cause your a winner 100% in my book and you are JUST TOO SWEEETTT!!!

Part 2 of this story (this story originally appeared in issue 27 of my zine).

Well after so many people asking me about Lisa I decided to do a follow up story cause I am sick of you asking me ha ha. Seriously, I appreciate all the letters and emails that you all wrote to me. So let me tell you what has happened since issue 25 came out. Well as I said in issue 26 Lisa was supposed to come back to ride in March. well on Feb 27th while over at Phila Park (she is a jockey, you know She rides horses) she got into an accident. While at the starting gate the horse she was on stumbled at the gate and the horse buckled up and down hitting Lisa in the face ( ouch) and sent her flying off of the horse. March 19th was the start of our live meet and I couldn't wait to see Lisa and to see if she liked the new me. I had literally had hundred's of people literally shocked at the new me and I was hoping Lisa would be equally impressed. Well March 19th rolled around and no Lisa. She had hurt her back when got in the accident and had broke 3 vertebrae in her back and she didn't even know it!!! I felt really bad for her cause as far as I can remember she had never gotten hurt riding. I respect these jockeys both male and female for what they do each and ever time they go and ride. So April comes around and still no Lisa. Now here is something you might get a chuckle out of. I usually go to work early on workdays To either run the stairs or ride the bike etc. So I was getting ready to leave to go work out when my friend Eddie calls and says he needs a favor. He needs me to drive his friend to the Newark airport. So being the good guy I am, I take his friend and skip my workout that day. Well I come to work and I go down to the jock's room and I hear that Lisa had been there all day.

She needed to lose a couple pounds!!!! Boy was I pissed. I could have seen Lisa and there would have been nobody there to bother me and I could have even given her some workout tips. I have the most rotten luck let me tell ya. So finally the end of April comes and Lisa is finally back!!! I am up in NY and on Wed I am off from work, but there is no way I am going to miss Lisa riding her first race in like 60 days. So I drive to the track and I am nervous as hell. I don't think I have been this nervous in a long time. I had no idea what to say to her or how I'd react to seeing her. So my dad is there too and I go up to the clubhouse and when Lisa's race is getting ready to go off I sneak downstairs and I see her. My heart starts pounding really fast and I see her in the flesh for the first time in like 9 months. She looked GREAT! So the race goes off and Lisa finished dead last!!!!!!!! I felt really bad for her, but she got a race under her belt, She had one more mount for the night. So that race goes off and Lisa makes a bold move on the inside and wins the damn race!!!!!!!

Oh was I fuckin happy. I went outside and watched as Lisa got her picture taken in the winner circle (that is where you go when you win a race). Lisa was all smiles as you can imagine and inside I was so happy for her. First night back and she has a win. I was happy cause I knew the win would help out her confidence big time. I was getting ready to leave when 2 guards I know were like 'aren't you going to congrads Lisa on her win?" I was like "nah" and they talked me into it. Now I had on a tank top and tight jean shorts and I got up the nerve and I said to Lisa "congrads on your victory." Lisa just thanked me and kept n talking to the owner of the horse. She didn't even give a second glance. I walked out of there with my head hung low. I kept thinking to myself "I lost 60 pounds and she didn't even notice". My self-esteem was beyond low now. I couldn't even sleep all night. I was tossing and turning. Well the next day Lisa rode again and I went down to the jock's room. My friend at the desk told me Lisa was in the sauna trying to sweat off a pound so she could ride that night (jockeys have to weigh a certain weight to ride). So I ran back to our office and got out a bottle of Xenadrine (a fat burning pill I used when I was on my diet...this shit works) and I brought it down to the jocks room. I walked in there and she walked by in a robe, hair all wet. She looked incredible in my eyes. So I walk to the back and call out her name and I sit on this big desk. Lisa walks out and I slide the bottle over to her. "What is this?" she asks. I tell her it is a fat burning pill that will help her. She then utters the words I will never forget "You lost a lot of weight!!!" I almost literally passed out on the spot I swear. We made some small talk and she asked me how I lost all my weight. Now I have to back track a bit here. Now I was never going to show Lisa the article I wrote in issue 25, but thanks to constant bickering by Jill Girardi and Andrea Grimes I finally decided to show Lisa the article and I had it in my hands while we were talking. I had the mag pushed back to the story in a brown envelope and I pushed it toward her and I said to her "you might find this article interesting" as she went to the back. I walked out of the jocks room in complete confusion. What would she think of it? Would she read it and be impressed? Would she read it and think I am some crazy nut? (which is what I was afraid of). Would she be flattered? Would she show the whole jocks room? I had no idea. And about half the people the people had told me how great I looked and asked what made me do it. I just hoped they weren't gonna find out. So Lisa went out and ran her race and just smiled at me when I saw her. I had no idea if she even read the damn thing. I was dying inside cause I wanted to know. Well it wouldn't be long before I'd find out. Lisa got dressed and I carried her bag out for her out to her car. Oh here we go again right?!! I bent down and asked her if she read the article. She looked over at me and smiled and said "yes I did I am flattered." FUCK YEAH!!! I talked to her some more and I asked if she had a boyfriend. She said she had met someone and was going out with him. But she grabbed my forearm and said 'when you asked me out last year it wasn't a good time, but if things don't work out I will gladly go out with you!" Well we talked a few more minutes and off she went. Well the meet was quickly coming to an end and I brought the pic of her and me for her to sign. Lisa wrote one nice message on it, let me tell ya. I did tell her I get very nervous when I am around her and she said "don't be nervous because of me, just be yourself" which was cool of her to say. So the meet has come and gone and Lisa is over in Philadelphia doing her thing and I am still at the Garden. Well I don't think I will ever go out with Lisa, but who the hell knows. And if I ever do get to take her out it would be a beautiful thing he he. But don't think this has set me back. HELL NO!!! Next to my parents she is without a doubt the most inspirational person I have ever met. She changed my life for the better and forever as well. You best believe my workouts are just as intense as last year. I feel much better about myself. I am very glad I showed Lisa the article as well. One funny thing you might get a chuckle out of (this was on the night I showed her the article) after she left and racing was done, if your working the jocks room you have to do lock up. Well my friend asks me to go check the ladies side of the jocks room for him. I went back there and sort of peeked in the trashcan to see if my Metal Core was in the trashcan (I just had to look my curiosity got to me). Mag was not in site. That made me happy that at Lisa brought the article home. Now the reason I wrote part two of this article for a couple of reasons. One to let you know what had happened since so many of you asked so I figured I would give you all a update. Now I know many of you may not be happy with the way you look, etc. Maybe your self-esteem isn't that great as I got some real nice letters from people who were in the same boat as me. Well I am here to tell you: DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! Hey god gave you 2 good legs, arms, etc. Believe me we take too much for granted on the simple things in life. I see people at my gym in wheelchairs and stuff and I am sure they would love to trade places with you. When I was in the hospital a few years ago (my appendix burst at milwaukee fest!!) I saw all kinds of sick people, some young, some old. It got me really sad seeing that. I thank god after ever workout for giving me the strength, will and determination to do what I do. Now some may say "I can't do what you did." You have to trick your mind into believing you can. The mind is a funny thing, trust me it really is. You can do almost anything if you have the will to do it. Whenever I go jogging and I see a person in a wheelchair I just thank god that god gave me a healthy body and that I am the way I am. If you're not happy with your self as I said above, dammit do something about it. And now I'm gonna explain more on how to do it. Focus on something positive and use that as your springboard to success. I mean, sure when I went on my diet, I did it hoping to impress Lisa. I admit that. I was determined to impress her and I was willing to do anything to achieve my goals. After a bit, I started doing more for myself and less for her. She was my inspiration and my motivation. She still is in a big way. Now today I look and feel better. And I have a 5-foot jockey to thank for that. She told me I messed up in my story that she is not 5 foot 4. Sorry bout that Lisa. I am hear to tell each and ever one of you if you are unhappy with Yourself, get up off your ass and do something about it. Do what I did. Make tapes of your favorite metal bands and when you go out slap on some old Metallica, Slayer, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, etc, will have you sweating in no time. Your self-esteem will go up as will your confidence. I never told anybody, but around issue 24 I was ready to put down the Metal Core pen. My passion for the mag along with me was at an all time low. I wasn't happy with myself and it was affecting my job, me managing Immolation, and the mag. It was like a job and I was 90% sure I was going to fold the mag. I just wanted to end it. So you might say, Lisa in a way kept Metal Core going. I am having more fun with the mag now than ever. My passion for the mag is at an all time high. Now since my self esteem is pretty good I am telling anybody who reads this that wants to go on a diet that Chris Forbes is gonna help you. That is right I am going to act as your personal trainer. All you have to do is write or email me and ask me what you want to do. What goals you have in mind and tell me a bit about yourself. How old you are, weight, metabolism, etc. Now trust me, if I can go on a diet and lose the weight, then so can you. Sure it is going to be tough. But you're a fuckin metalhead and we are all tough. SO if you are SERIOUS about changing your life, then I am here to help. Lisa did something to me I will never forget the rest of my life and I figured I'd spread my good fortune with my readers. I know what it is like not to feel good about yourself, and it sucks. Now I am on the other side of the coin so to speak and it is a great feeling. Everything looks better when you feel good about yourself.

Now some of you may think I am a wimp for letting a girl get to me like that. Well I don't give a shit, cause The Rock says it doesn't matter what you think!!!! If I can help out just one reader then in the end writing these 2 articles was well worth it.

I huge thanks to Jill Girardi for all your long letters and just plain support. You're the best friend a guy could ever have and I truly mean that. I huge thanks to Andrea and Jill (again) for convincing me to show Lisa the article. You girls and Lisa are like Wayne Gretzky.... SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!

Will there be a part 3? Who knows???

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Yeah, you better have a passion for this type of music. Doing a zine is not easy at all. I have seen countless zines come and go over the years. You will also need some money as it least with the first few issues you may lose money. If you feel you can’t do it all by yourself then find a buddy or 2 people to help do the zine. When you interview bands, try to make the questions as interesting as possible. Use questions that make bands think and not give one line answers. Also try and make the zine different. Try to make it stand out. Interview people who runs distros, zine editors (hint hint), and smaller record labels. I have found over the years that these people make the most interesting of interviews. Try and read as many zines as you can to get a feel for what a good zine and a bad zine is. When you do reviews, try to be open minded and do not be afraid to trash a band if indeed that is your opinion. Be honest in your reviews. It will only help you and your readers in the long run. Try to keep up on mail and answer it. Prepare to get little respect and do have bands not answer you mail or email. Try and trade with as many zines as possible to help get the word out that your zine exists. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.

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Well the first thing I would do is I would go out and try to find as many underground metal fanzines/magazines as I could. Send them all copies of your cd/tape to be reviewed. Now when you go to sell your music have it be either 4 or 5 tunes. That should be enough. When you send your stuff to zines ask them if they know of any zines that you can send stuff to. Pretty soon you will have over a hundred zines addresses. This will get a good buzz going about your band. Find any distros and see if they will trade for copies of your stuff. Make ads up and pass them through the mail and stuff. Try to find web zines as well and have them review your stuff. Write to bands and offer to trade music with them and maybe even shows. Offer to help other zines out by passing copies of their zines at your shows. It will be like a small ball that will keep on getting bigger. This is pretty much what I did with Symphony of Grief when I was their manager and we sold over 2000 demos. Which isn't bad back in 1993-1994. It is a lot of work, but in the long run it can pay off in the form of a record contract. Also keep up on your mail and email. If you are ever interviewed, make sure you give out good, long interesting answers as you want possible new fans to want to check you out after they read an interview. Keep a mailing list as well and every 3-4 months send out newsltters telling the fans what is going on. This is it in a nutshell. It is hard work, but in the end you might be rewarded with a record contract. If you have any further questions, email me and I'll do my best to answer any questions.

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Well we didn't have many bands I can tell you that. We had one club called Bonnie's and the only bands that were any good were Faith or Fear, Deadly Blessing and Without Warning and Vicious Circle (who are still around). South Jersey was big time poser heaven. Bonnie would book all the hair spray and make up bands who all thought they were gonna be the next Poison, Cinderella (who were from Phila..20 min away or Motley Crue). . Sorry to say none of the bands ever made it. Deadly Blessing were a power metal band that release one album on New Renaissance (which has just been re-released). They changed their name and tried to do the Seattle thing and broke up. Without Warning never got past the demo stage. Faith or Fear put one great album on Combat before breaking up. Other bands who were around but put demos out were Damnability, Mortuary, Nocturnal Fear, Killers Breed, and Misunderstood. Over across the river we had 2 bands from Phila that held the underground flag high. With the success of Cinderella Phila was flooded with wanna-be bands. Black Task recorded a killer demo and 4 song 12 before they changed members and their style a bit. Before they broke up they released and album on Axe Killer Records in 87. The album is worth finding if you can find it. Maybe it will come out on cd one day. Anvil Bitch was the other band that went from doing Exodus and Slayer covers to being into a killer speed metal band. They also released one album on New Renaissance before changing their name to Dominance and then putting out a demo and then breaking up. North Jersey had a great scene. Anytime I would go up there for shows, they would be packed just for a local band show. Like 500 people I am talking. Bands such as Ripping Corpse (now Dimmak) who put one cd out before breaking up. The cd is out of print, but u can find it. It is called "Dreaming with the Dead and has Eric Rutan from Morbid Angel/Hate Eternal on it, Revenant (who had John from Incantation) who put one album on Nuclear Blast, Bloodfeast (put 2 incredible cds and a Mcd out on NRR), Whiplash (gods.buy their 2 on 1 cd on Displeased Records), Nuclear Assault (buy their 1st 4 releases only), Savage Death, Nocturnal (find their album on JL America), Fantom Warrior, Insaniac, Corropted Morals, Snag, Astorath, Attacker (buy their release on Sentinel Steel), Wench, Methedrine, SFV, Mucky Pup, Hades ( on Metal Blade now), Release, Torment, Slaughter House (power metal on Metal Blade..out of print), Chemical Waste, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Overkill(still around old stuff kills) Jersey Dogs (try and find their ep on wild rages), Blessed Death (find their 2 on 1 cd on old metal records at all costs), Prowler (put an ep on nrr) and the very first band I got a demo from, Deaththrash. As you can see north jersey was loaded with bands. I would go to shows and there would be 500 kids just to see local bands, North Jersey now is no way near the scene is used to be. One last band from Delaware was Solitude who put out some killer power metal demos that somebody should release on cd.

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Ah Lamour's. That was a club that was located in Brookyln NY. All the tours back in the day came there. The Empire Rock Room wouldn't book and underground metal except Black Task and Anvil Bitch so it was NY I had to go to see shows. I remember the 1st time I went up there. I was in the Empire parking lot with Anvil Bitch and they talked me into driving to Ny to see Overkill. So off I went. Now Overkill wasn't even signed and there was like 1500 people in the club. Jackets with patches long hair, black jeans, just a total metal vibe. Overkill crushed and I was hooked. Anytime a killer bill came to Lamour's I would go. Some of the bands I saw included: Possessed, Dark Angel, Bloodfeast, The Crumbsuckers, Voivod, Celtic Frost, Intense Mutilation, Slayer, Testament (1st east coast shows opening for Slayer, At War, Agent Steel, Megedeth, Whiplash, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, Savage Thrust, Exodus, DRI, Hallow's Eve, Carnivore, Manowar, Metal Church, Sepultura, Death and others I can't remember. Keep in mind this was back in the 80's and usually there would be 2500 metal people at these shows. It was an incredible time to be into underground metal. One time at a Possessed show Slayer was in town and got up on stage and did a few tunes. Also the man Quorton from Bathory was at the show as well. City Gardens I saw more punk type shows there. Some of the metal bands I was there include,Loudness, Kreator/DRI/Holy Terror, Slayer, Megedeth, Krank, Hades, Overkill, Venom, Black Flag, Agnostic Front, COC, GBH, English Dogs, Dark Angel, Possessed, etc. Usually for shows 1000 people or so would show up. I will always have fond memories about both clubs. City Garden's is now a dance club and Lamour's just re opened.

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They have their place and I like looking at them sometimes, but I prefer print zines as I can go and read them anytime I wish. A web zine, you have to be on the computer and on the internet to go look. They are cool as they help spread the word. I don't think print zines will ever go by the wayside, even though many are folding. I think as long as people want print zines and the demand is there for them...they will survive.

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Well I was working with bands all the way back in the 80’s with Machine Dog and Deadly Blessing. When Deadly Blessing broke up I wanted to find a new band to manage. When I was with Deadly Blessing I wasn’t the head guy, so I wanted to find a underground band to manage by myself. So one day a demo came to my house and it was from a local band. I was blown away and went to see the band live. The band was called Cerberus. I had the band change their name to Symphony of Grief and I became their manager. After a successful demo and a MCd on Wild Rags the band broke up. At that time Immolation came down to my brothers studio to record a demo for record labels. Well after seeing what I was doing with Symphony of Grief, they asked me to be their manager. The rest is history and I am still working with them today. Symphony of Grief played doom/death metal. Immolation is crushing death metal. Check both bands out.

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The 1st thing I decide is who I am going to interview for that particular issue. I usually email the person/band to let them know a interview is coming soon and to make sure they will answer it. Once I get the interview situation out of the way it is time to start working on getting ads. Lucky for me I don't have to go through all that "we will take an ad out if you interview one of our bands" crap. I think record companies that do that are like pimps and the zine editors are their little whores. You should want to take an ad out to support the hard working zine editor. I am sure most publicity people know what mags cover what, so take an ad out with your new releases that reflects the magazines style. I am lucky that I have been doing my zine such a long time I have a loyal built in fan base that reads every issue. That and the fact that I print 10,000 of the suckers ha ha. Enough of my rantings now. After I get so many ads I do my demo/cd reviews. Once my reviews are typed up I print them out and wait for the interviews to come back. Then I get the interviews and the ads and start to put together that particular issue. When the issue is put together I call Bartash printing and get a price quote. I drop the mags off along with the money (around $1700 to print an issue now) and then in a few days I go pick it up from the printing place. Then I have the fun of putting 10,000 magazines in my car and then into my apartment. Then I start boxing them up to send to various stores, bands, labels, distributors, etc. Then in about 4-5 months we start all over again.

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Well I love to collect cds. I love music. I will drive 2 or more hours to go cd shopping. I have a pretty big collection of cds as you can imagine. I like to go to the gym and pump some serious iron. I love slapping on some metal music on my walkman and squatting with 400 pounds on my back. Nothing like it. Such a huge rush let me tell ya.. If anybody wants and advice on lifting weights or wants to know exactly what type not routines I do email me. I like to read magazines, mostly zines (Snakepit, Brutalized, Canadian Assault, Metal Mafia (hello angels), Grimoire, and a few body building ones as well, but I love getting zines in the mail and reading them cover to cover. I love to go down the shore in the summer and check out the girls. I like going to the race track and betting on the horses sometimes as well. I like going on AOL and chatting in the infamous “Unholy Metal” room. I am a huge football fan (Dallas Cowboys), hockey (NY Rangers), baseball (NY Yankees) and basketball (NY Knicks). I also like to jog, relax with a good book, go traveling and see other places. I have been up and down the whole east coast and out into Ohio, California, Texas, and Hawaii (which ruled). I also like to go on wrestling trips as well.

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Well I have been lifting since I was about 18 or 19. At the time when I started lifting I was about 155 and I currently weigh 220. Now before my diet I was up to 265, but a lot of that was fat. I had a 42 inch waist and I was pretty damn strong for a natural lifter. In the past I have leg pressed over 1000 pounds for reps, deadlifted over 500, and bench pressed 375 for reps. Now when I went on my diet I did lose some of my strength, but I am happy to say that I have it all back with a waist size of 32 now.As far as my lifting routine goes, I cycle my workouts. I change them up around every 8 weeks and then take a full 10 days off and then go into another cycle. I cycle heavy lifting routines, followed by really light lifting and then maybe medium heavy and then going mega heavy. I light lifting phase would be like 25, 20, 15 reps Per set. Those 3 things equal one set. I do like 3-4 different sets per bodypart. That is it. I only do one bodypart per day. I do something like chest on mon, back on tues, off on wed, thurs arms, fri legs, off on sat, shoulders on sun and off on mon. then repeat the whole routine for 6-8 weeks. Each week I try to add weight. I am not looking to get strong just tone and give my body a rest during this. Now for medium heavy it would consist of reps of 10-12 Reps, same thing as above. Now for heavy that would be 6-8 reps. Each week I try to add weight (2 1/2-5 pounds) and do the same amount of reps. I write all my stuff down so I don't have to remember all the stuff in my head. It isn't really difficult once you write everything down. Now during each different phase I do change the exersises and/or the order of the bodyparts. I never lift more than 2 days in a row without taking a day off. I have never seriously been hurt at all. I have strained my back once, but took 3 days off and was as good as new. And one other time I hurt my pec muscle and had too take a week off, but other than that I have been ok. I make sure I stretch and don't try and do anything stupid to try to impress anybody. When your lifting the only person you should be trying to impress is you. Now as far as supplements go I have tried tons. I have taken creatine, HMB, protein powders, meal replacements, etc. I have never, nor will I try and Steriods, antrostene,, growth hormone, or any of that crap. Creatine works big time as I have made some serious muscle gains on it. Met-rx puts out some good creatine product as does Muscle Tech. If you want to lose weight This product called Xenadrine by Cytodyne did wonders for me when I was on my diet. The best meal replacements are made my EAS. The stuff tasted like your drinking a milkshake without all the fat. The strawberry and choclate flavors rule. And you can mix the stuff in a shaker in 30 seconds. Mixes easy in milk or water and tastes great. HMB is good if your in a heavy lifting cycle, otherwise it is no good. One thing if you go on a diet, don't starve yourself. It is the dumbest thing cause once you go back to you old eating habits, you will blow up like a balloon. Just watch your calories (esp Carbs) and drink lots of water and try to exerise. I either jog, run the stairs, ride the bike, power walk, starimaster, etc for 30 min 6 times a week. I never do any of that on leg day as my legs get enough work from lifting. If you want any more info, email me.

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It is a small mail order business I run that features cds, tapes, zines, 7” and a few shirts. A full catalog you can see elsewhere or you can email me I’ll send ya one. I welcome any bands, labels, zines, etc to send me some stuff for possible distro and trades.

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A nice personality. A person I can talk to. I’m not a big fuss on looks. I mean a girl doesn’t have to look like Carmen Electra for me to give her the time of day. Long hair is a plus though. I like a girl with a nice smile. A like a girl that is not afraid to tell it like it is. One look that without a doubt brings me to my knees (ha ha) is when I see a girl in jeans/jeans shorts/pants in bare feet and a shirt. That look is beyond godly. I don’t know what it is, but that look is what does it for me ladies, so keep that in mind if you ever meet me in person ha ha.

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Well I don’t like country, rap and classical music. I listen to a bit of jazz on the radio every now and then. I like a lot of the old rock bands from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Bands like: Rainbow, Deep Purple, UFO, Blackfoot, Krokus, Thin Lizzy, Styx, Journey, Reo Speedwagon, The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Mahogany Rush, Riot, Socpions, Pat Travers Band, Gary Moore, Kiss, Ted Nugent, etc. I also like some disco music (I know laugh) as I love The Bee Gees. I even got a bunch of those Columbia House 70’s comp Cds. One band I can’t get enough of is Firehouse. I have all 5 of their releases and I just think they are an amazing rock band. I have seen them 3 times in the last year and each time I see em I love them more and more. I even got to meet them last time, really cool guys.

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I think it is good on one hand and bad on the other. There was to many bands sounding too much the same. About 2-3 years ago, every demo I got was either Suffocation wanna be or Cannibal Corpse wanna be bands. Now thankfully, those bands have all but faded away (the clone bands). Then we had the cheezy black metal explosion with all these kids claiming in interviews with their plastic swords how “ true” they were. Ha what a joke that was. Running around in their corpse paint trying to sound like Darkthrone. I do like some black metal, but 95% of it is garbage. Death metal seems to be on the upswing as more and more of the releases I have been getting have been a steady improvement from the last year or 2. I think with the internet and the age of computers it is easier to find info and to buy bands music. When I started my zine there was like 4 record companies in the US and a handful of stores where you could buy your metal. You wanted mail-order, HA, forget that no such thing. Now even though the music might be harder to find in your local store, it is a hundred times easier to get it via mail order. I think the mail order business for this kind of music is going to just grow and grow. I think metal is making a comeback. I do think bands should work on sounding more like themselves before they try to get that record deal. Get your songs down and build up a following and if you make all the right moves maybe things will work out and you will get that deal. I still get many demos and cds from bands that just sound too much like bigger bands.

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Here it is in a nutshell. If your to try to get signed, do your homework. Don’t just blindly send tapes or cds out to labels. Most likely your package will end up in the trash. What you should do is pick out 3 songs and only 3 songs to send to record companies. Put the song you feel is best first, then the next one second and the weakest one third. Always put your phone or email address on the tape or cd as well as on the packaging somewhere. When you do your bio, make it short and sweet. Don’t put a bunch of mumbo jumbo stuff about the 50 members you have went through. Just state the facts. Don’t put in there how your drummer is as great as Neil Peart or how your guitar player could wipe the floor with Eddie Van Halen. Another thing is try to try and find the A/R persons name of each and every record company you send stuff to. That way your package won’t end up in the rap dept. of some label. You can include a pic of the band and also a few clippings of the band. Include maybe a few reviews of the tape or cd that you have as well. Wait a week or so and then try and call the A/R person to inquire if he has had a chance to hear your music. Don’t get discouraged if he doesn’t take your call. If you believe in your music, keep plugging away. The breaks will come. In the meantime, promote the band. Find every fanzine and web zine address you can find and send them your stuff to be reviewd. Contact mail order companies and inquire about them selling your stuff. Play shows, shows, shows. Practice your ass off. Keep up on your mail. Keep a mailing list of people who have purchased your music. Soon you may even have record labels coming to you, not vice versa. Have paitience rome wasn’t built in a day and most of all you will need a bit of luck so it doesn’t hurt to rub the jeanie lamp.

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Well with so many other mags going free it seemed the way to go. Also I upped my circulation to 10,000 copies and it benefits the bands as more people read the mag, not to mention us zine editors egos ha ha.

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That would have to be AC/DC. I have loved them since 1979 and I still love them today. I think why I really liked them was not just the great, catchy songs, but it was their lack on non image. They just went up in shirts and jeans and banged out their music. It is timeless. I have seen them on every tour they have done since 1979 (I even managed to catch them with Ted Nugent with Bon Scott on the Highway to Hell tour. The band did I will admit put out a few albums in the late 80’s that weren’t up to par, but with the addition of Phil Rudd back in the band I see this band putting out another great record soon. The double live Cd they put out a few years ago is like my favorite piece of music to jog and run the stairs to. Angus Young forever.

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Well I have a few I will say that. The one I most cherish is Bret “Hitman” Hart who is currently a professional wrestler in World Championship Wrestling. I have been a huge fan of his since he entered the WWF in 85. I own like 20 shirts by him and I collect his dolls and stuff. I only met him once back in Bushkill Falls, PA. The WWF was doing tapings for Monday Night Raw and he walked in the hotel and I got his autograph. I was so stunned I could barely speak to the man. The reason I idolize him, is because in the age of drugs and steriods and stuff, Bret never took them. He always put on great matches and he has a body that is similar to mine. Bret also worked hard and earned everything he got, including a 5 time run as WWF champ. Of course he has held every belt the WWF has. He is without a doubt “The Best there is, the best there was and the best there Ever will be”. Another idol is former NY Rangers captain Mark Messier. This man brought home to NY after 54 years a Stanley Cup. He is another example of hard working paying off. Other idols on a smaller scale would be my father and mother, Troy Aikman, Wayne Gretsky (for being the greatest hockey player ever). You know I went up to his last game on April 18, 1999 up at Madison Square Garden and I cried cause the guy is just such class. He will be missed that is for sure.

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Well it exploded after the SOD album "Speak English or Die". That album was a mix of metal and hardcore with its short songs and speed. Some punks bands started having longer songs and having guitar solos (which they never did with their 2 minute blasts of speed). Underground metal kids such as myself started to check these bands out as they were great. DRI, COC, Suicidal Tendencies, Black Flag, GBH, DOA, etc were now bigger than ever due to the metal underground buying their releases. Bands like DRI played with Slayer. Black Flag playing with Venom. The Cromags took Destruction on the road with them. Combat started a sub label called Combat Core and signed Agnostic Frost (who really went metal on their 2nd killer release "Cause For Alarm), English Dogs, The Crumbsuckers (who went more metal with their 2nd release "Bomb"). Agnostic Front who songs before were like 1 min now added double bass, solos and longer songs, same with The Crumbsuckers. Metal Blade started Death Records and signed DRI, The Mentors, Hirax Loss for Words, Eviction and Cryptic Slaughter. Kreator went on tour with DRI and Holy Terror. Metal bands also started writing more serious lyrics as well which was a rub off on hardcore. Now most hardcore fans hated these bands for "going metal", but the bands still sold a ton of records and packed clubs, bringing 1000's to shows. NY always had shows mixed with hardcore and metal bands. Carnivore playing with Nuclear Assault (who's lyrics attracted hardcore fans) and Biohazard. Slayer with DRI and Nasty Savage. SOD with Agnostic Front and Morbid Angel. Most metal kids didn't care about the lyrics, they loved the hardcore bands for the aggression and power and speed. I remember one show in 86 I was with COC opening for GBH and COC were playing so fast the crowd stood there stunned. It was funny. NJ had a fairly healthy hardcore scene with bands like Lethal Aggression, Hogan's Heroes, and Social Decay, EAB, Chronic Fear, etc. These bands when they played would attract some metal kids. It was cool with me. Unfortunately there was fights, as the hardcore kids didn't like the long hair and "metal attitude". I don't follow the hardcore scene much anymore, but I do have many fond memories of the crossover scene. Most of the old stuff you can find on cd now and I advise anybody to pick up some of the music. It is timeless and blows away 95% of the stuff nowadays. You can just feel the power and hate of these bands.

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Well locally we had Total Thrash, Rage, This Zine Sucks & Stranger (2 local hardcore zines), Disorder, and Jersey Beat (who is still around..punk zine). Some of the more popular zines I can remember trading with and loving include: Blackthorn, Ripping Headaches, Invincible Force, Uniforce, Metal Meltdown, The Wild Rag, Ultra Thrash, Enlightened Chaos, Blitzkrieg, IAN, Book of Armageddon, Metal Warriors, Screams From the Gutter, Chain Letter, Anti Poser, Out of the Underground,, Trade Mafia, No Glam Fags (now Ill Literature, Morbid, Static, (still around) Bloodshed, and many others I traded with. Most zines lasted around 5 issues or so.

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Well I touched on once style I do and now I will touch on another. When you lift your body becomes adapted to your lifting routines. That is about after 8 weeks. Now you can do 2 different things. You can keep adding weight to the bar, move up in dumbell weight or you can add more reps. Well you can't keep adding weight forever. You have to trick your body sometimes. After an 8 week heavy lifting cycle my body needs a rest. I take a full week off completely from lifting to give my muscles a chance to recover. When you lift you are ripping apart your muscles and they grow and recover while you are sleeping, not when you are in the gym. After about a week you should be ready to go. Now it is time to shock your muscles. I go into a 6-8 week light-lifting program. I change my exercises completely and now my reps are 20 for each set. I usually do 3 sets for each exercise. Now this is a chance to work some slow muscle fibers. When you lift heavy or to failure you work your fast muscle fibers. Now this sort of cycle will shock your muscles into growth, but not for size. This will help shape them. You can't use heavy weight. It is time to go light, go for the burn and rest little time between sets. I do each body part once a week. I am lifting only for about 20 min each bodypart. If you are strapped for time you can do do 2 bodyparts each day. Chest/back or shoulders/arms. Always do legs by themselves. Now to give you one example here is one of my light lifting routines. For legs I am doing hack squats, standing calve raises and leg press on Hammer Strength machines. 20 min and I am done for the day. Never do any aerobics, walking, etc on leg day. Always try to get some protein in your body at least within an hour of you doing your lifting. It is best to use a protein drink such as Met-rx. You can bring a shaker bottle with you fill it with water and leave a packet in your car. 2 min later you are ready to drink it. Now some people have asked if I have ever done steroids. I have never taken steroids or any illegal drugs in my life. Hell I don't even drink nor smoke. I think andro is a waste of money and will shrink your balls. Steroids are no good cause unless you are trying to be a pro body builder what take them? Besides if you get caught you go to jail and all the side effects like going bald, balls shrinking, etc just scare me. Plus when you go off of them you shrink so you have to keep on taking them. If you want to stay at the size your at and they are very expensive. Doing it naturally will take longer, but at least you can take pride in knowing you did it the smart way. One last thing when you lift don't stay in the gym more than an hour lifting weights. It is too much on your body. Don't expect too much too soon. You are only competing against yourself So take it easy. Also always warm up and never just jump right into heavy weights. You will get hurt and maybe hurt yourself for life. Any questions you want to ask me...email me. I can tell you some good supplements to take and ones I think are a waste and also some good companies to buy products from include: EAS, Twinlab, Sports Pharma, Met rx, Worldwide Nutrition. Email any of your questions. Be happy to answer them.

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My covers are done by the unholy man himself, Brad Moore. I don't remember how I hooked up with him, but he started doing my covers with issue 25 to the present. He does incredible work. I mean I don't have to tell you, just go to my zine page and see the covers from issue 25 to the present. I pretty much let him do whatever he wants, though for issues 27 and 29 I gave him what I wanted and he did a beyond the call of duty job. I know he also does other stuff beside zine covers and if anybody would like to contact him about using him, here is his email address: lyall@siu.edu

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I think most zines today suck to be honest. Years ago I used to jump and down for joy when I new zine came in my mail. Not anymore. I usually just leaf through the zine and then maybe read an interview or 2 and put it down and maybe read it later. The reason I think zine quality had gone down is editors are afraid to say what they really feel and most zines now just are faceless. They feature the same label bands that have interviews and ads in the same issue. I mean it does suck to be a zine editor now and they are in a tough spot. Most labels now won't take an ad out in your zine unless you interview one of their bands. So now you get the same zines with all the same ads and the same bands all are interviewed in each others issue. Boring. Also I hate when everything reviewed is given a good or great review. Lets face facts most of the bands suck nowadays and there is no way any zine editor can tell me with a straight face that the 100 cds he just reviewed all rule and all worth buying. Cmon who the hell are you fooling? Some are intimidated that if they slag certain bands the label which takes out ads will pull back on doing ads with the mag. Any smart publicity person worth a grain of salt knows that you can't like everything. If your mag has good circulation and is a respected publication then they would be dumb not to continue to do ads with you. I do a small label and I know zines aren't going to like everything I put out.
I do think that agreeing to interview a band just so a label puts an ad in your zine is 100% wrong. If you love the band, great, but if you only like the band a little, but want that $150 or $200 for that ad and you interview the band based only on that, then you are cheating yourself, and your readers. I like zines that have balls and blood and guts. When I am reading a zine I want to feel the heart and the soul the editor put into it. Forget about layout and all the fancy color pages in your mag. I want blood, guts and violence. When I am reading a zine I can just tell by the first few pages. Canadian Assault zine is a perfect example. There is a mag that Dale has poured his heart and soul into. Here is a 1/2 size zine with stuff crammed into it. No fancy layout, no color cover, just fuckin underground metal to the core. I'll take this mag over some fancy layout mag like Pit or SOD any day. When I read zines I want the editor to go all out and if he hates something, feel free to trash it with no remorse. And if it loves something, please explain to me why its so godly. Interviews, god don't you hate all those 1 page interviews with the same old questions that offer nothing new to the reader. Zines today offer too such style and not enough substance. They worry about the layout, how many ads, make sure they don't trash any of the labels that do ads releases, etc. Everybody is also trying out do the next guy. Like we are in some kind of race. I thought the reason for doing a zine was to support the music. I guess not. I mean that is why I still do the zine cause I am not making a ton of money off each issue that is for sure. Now it seems all these new zines want to have the most color, most printed and they pick and nag at every little thing in other zines. Also they try and kiss every metal labels ass. Guys relax I thought we are in this together. Now it is ok to offer constructive critism if you feel its nessary. To me most zines are just uninteresting to me cause they all seem to be the same with just different names and covers. I think zines today should at least try and feature and unsigned band an issue or interview a fellow zine editor or do a feature on a label. Like for example instead of interview Cannibal Corpse for the millionth time, why not try and get a interview with Brian Slagel. Maybe Herve from Osmose. Instead of interviewing Hammerfall again, why not do a interview with Matt from Century Media. Maybe each issue do a label or magazine spotlight. Do something different. Make people want to read your zine from cover to cover. Don't worry so much about the layout and this and that. Ask some regular readers what they might like to see. Maybe go back and do an article on a band that isn't around anymore like Remnants of Reason did with Anacrusis. Maybe do that once an issue. Maybe review some old hard to find classic underground releases. My layout will never be godly, but one thing I can say is that with each and every issue from day one till the day I put down the Metal Core pen I did it my way and I never kissed anyones ass and everything you read in my zine comes from my heart and not some labels pocketbook.

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Well I usually get up around 9am or so and go over and take my multi vitamins pill with a glass of water. I may flick on the television for a few minutes, then head off to the gym. I usually do the Stairmaster, jog, power walk, etc for 20-30 minutes. Then I head on up to the sauna and usually read the paper in there. After getting a nice good sweat I come out and take a shower. From there I head off to the post office and get the days mail and also mail anything out that needs to be mailed out. I then will go home and jump on the computer and check my email and send some email. After this I may take a nap or watch some television. Around 3:15 or so I get ready for work. I then do my work thing from 4pm-12am and then head on home. If I am not too tired I may jump on the computer for a bit or if there is a late hockey game on espn I may catch the end of it before going to bed. Now if I am off from work, then I may catch a hockey game on the tube or go over to Philadelphia to one of the Turf Clubs to bet the horses and have a nice dinner. If it is baseball or basketball season I may watch a game on the tv. When wrestling is in town I usually will go to that as well. Other things I do on my day off include: visiting my dad, going up to vintage vinyl to buy cds, take a nice bath and read some zines while soaking my muscles, hang out with my friends, etc. Also once a week I drive up to Yonkers to do work on the label and hang with the Immolation guys.

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Well I am not married nor was I ever and have no kids. I have a older brother Jim who does a recording studio called Vortex Sound and he has recorded a number of bands like the Symphony of Grief Mcd on Wild Rags, Bloodstrom demos and the Pestilence From the Dragonstar release, Sappic Ode, Immolation 1994 demo, and tons of other stuff. My mon passed away a few years ago to leukemia. She had it for 13 years and was a fighter to the end. My dad is a sports writer for the biggest paper in the world USA Today. My parents were totally supportive of my zine and my dad even typed up the first few issues for me. I think that is where I got some of my writing skill from. Both my parents were very supportive of me and pretty let me do my own thing even though they didn't always agree on things. My dad is still surprised I am still doing the zine.

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My zine comes out 2-3 times a year and I try and feature 4-5 long interviews with mostly underground bands/labels/zines and distros. I rarely interview bands now for 2 reasons. #1 I try to be different than all the other zines and interview people that normally you wouldn't read an interview with. I just find those interviews turn out better than band interviews and are more interesting to read. Labels/zines/distros deserve support as well. If you want to read band interviews there are plenty of other zines that you can read. I think that is what makes my zine special and different. #2 With the website now up I have a interview section on there and that will mostly be bands on there so now I have the best of both worlds. Also in my zine are pages and pages of short to the point reviews. I just can't write long reviews. And all my reviews are 100% honest. My layout may not be pretty, but even though the mag may be free, I put 200% into despite the layout not being Lamenations of the Flaming Princess. I feel it is what is inside the mag that counts, not the cover, the layout etc. I try and make my interviews as interesting as possible to really let you know the person I am interviewing. My reviews are what they are. If you don't like it to bad I am not changing for nobody but myself.

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It took my a long time to come up with this and while I am sure not all would agree with my 15 choices, here are 15 releases that any underground fan should own. These are in no particular order.

Exciter/Violence and Force
Immolation/Dawn of Possession
Kreator/Pleasure to Kill
Exodus/Bonded by Blood
Metallica/Kill em All
Venom/Black Metal
Slayer/Reign in Blood
Bathory/The Return
Morbid Angel/Alters of Madness
Entombed/Left Hand Path
Possessed/7 Churches
SOD/Speak English or Die
Celtic Frost/To Mega Therion
Dark Angel/Darkness Descends

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Read about my trip to Super Bowl XXXV

Not many "everyday" people get to go to the Super Bowl. Now my dad is a sports writer for the USA Today paaper and he goes to it every year. He has been to all 35 except 2. Well for my Christmas present I was given a ticket to the game and a press pass that would allow me to go everywhere (except on game day). I figured I would write a little diary up on just what it is like to go to the Super Bowl since most of you will never get to check it out. So here is my Super Bowl diary.

Thurs Jan 25 7am
I am sitting in Philadelphia airport waiting for my flight to Tampa which leaves in abou an hour. Got about 2 hours of sleep last night. Kept tossing and turning and finally ended up waking up around 5am. Got up and headed over to the gym for a quick workout and headed to the airport. N.Y. Post (which I read everyday) has a huge 36 page spread on the Super Bowl. I am rooting for the NY Giants even though I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. Reading about them everyday in the NY paper has me pulling for them just slightly.

Finally I arrive in Tampa in one piece and my dad picks me up at the airport and we went to Tampa Bay Downs for a few races. My dad who owns a few horses had a horse entered to ride today, but too many other horses were entered and his horse "Castan" didn;t get in. Hit the 1st race just as we got there and got back $25.60. Met Mary Doser for a 3rd time and had her sign one of my pics and she asked how did I get Super Bowl tickets. Got over to our hotel around 5pm. The whole hotel is a media madhouse of people. This I can see is going to be a wild weekend.

7:30 pm
Went to see the Tampa Bay Lighting play the Ottawa Senators since the Ice Palace was right next to where I was staying. The Ice Palace is a really neat place to play. Tampa lost 5 to 2, but it was still a competive game up until the last 10 minutes. After the game went over the media convention center and my dad went on Fox Sports Radio for a few minutes and then we toured the media hall. Place is huge and there were tables and computers everywhere and over 3500 medis were in the Tampa area!!!

Just got up and went over to the hotel gym and had a great workout. Did a machine called The Precor which is similiar to the stairmaster while listeing to AC/DC live cd. Rooms here are $175 plus tax (they raise the prices during the Super Bowl). It's funny wherever you go people look at you to see if you look important. Seems like my dad knows just about everybody. He says all these radio stations want you to come on all the time and you have to dodge them like a bullet.

Went over to the NFL's commissiners press conference. Saw the Vince Lombardi trophy (which is what you play for in the Super Bowl) which was right in front of me. I never saw so many press people in my life. My dad asked a question and I was actually on national tv briefly ha ha. Afte the conference we headed on over to the track again. Came out $10 ahead at the end of the day.

I wnet the a private party, which was the commisinner's party. Wow what it a huge party. I had to get dressed up for this one. Yes metal can dress up when need be ha ha. The party was like an old Egyptian theme party. A jazz band and a piano player one man band played in various parts of the building. The food was great and i had several slices of steak. I went back for second's more than once ha ha. Saw this neat little group that threw fire batons around with some pyro. I tell you the hype around here and the atmosphere is incredible. All the papers, tv, etc its all about the Super Bowl. Security is very tight as well. There is Super Bowl merchadise on like every corner. This event is like bigger than life.

Well alittle over 24 hours till the big game. Got up early and went to the Tampa Bay Downs backstretch to see my dad's horse. And the cool thing I am a part owner as well so it's my horse as well. He should be riding a race in about 10 days. (he did just that and finished 2nd).

My dad was doing a on-line chat for the paper he writes for USA Today so I listened in while I read the NY Post. Met some football agents and refs. Today there is some big parade downtown and people are everywhere. Also scapling is huge. People always asking me "got exta tickets?" or "are you selling?" You got no shot of me selling my ticket. Th going rate is $2000 right now. I just hope the game is good and the NY Giants win.

After going to Tampa Bay downs for the 3rd straight day (and getting a pic with jockey Mary Doser, dirt on face and all he he) it was time to go to another private party. Agent Leigh Steinberg always has a private Super Bowl pary he throws ever year. Tons of celeberties and big names in the world of sports. Jay Leno was just one of many that were there. The party was in Busch Garden's and we also took a quickie tour of the park. Munched on some more great food and then on the way out got a huge bag of goodies (shirt, redken shampoo, hat, busch gardens pouch and mug). Headed over to an all player's party and called it a night around 1am. The traffic was insane as it was gridlock all the way to the hotel.

Got up and jogged around the area thinking of how today is the big day. This is what every football player dreams of, playing in the Super Bowl. I put myself in the player's shoes thinking of how nervous he must be, I know I would. All the trash talking in the papers is done. At 6pm it will be time to play the game. After a quick shower I go over to a Super Bowl brunch.

Went to this pre game brunch and got a free Super Bowl hat. Hey that works for me. Food was everywhere. Had about 4 slices of steak and 3 glasses of oj. It was finally a warm day down here so after the bruch I sat out on the deck of the hotel and read the NY Post. Only 6 hours till kick off and it was about time. I was getting sick of all the hype.

Hop on the media bus that will take me to the game. On the way to the stadium all kinds of stores were offering their parking lots for parking places for a mere $25. Boy that was nice of them wasn't it. Anything for a buck.

Place is a total zoo. Must be 100,00 here that don;t have a ticket besides the people with a ticket. Lots and lots of NY Giant jerseys all around. Some Baltimore Ravens ones, but not many. Lots of people wanting tickets. Hard to tell if they are legit or are the cops undercover trying to catch people scapling. I have never seen so many merchandise booths in my life.

I'm in my seat and I look around. I'm at the fuckin Super Bowl. I get a chill as Ray Charles sings the national anthem. This is really a nice stadium. They even kept the Tampa Bay Bucs pirate ship in the corner. Hope they shoot the cannons off when somebody scores a TD.

Well the Giants are down 10-0 and it doesn;t look good. Both quarterbacks have been beyond bad. Gonna be tough for the Giants to come back. The halftime show looked great with all the lights and pyro. Now I don't like any of the groups except for Aerosmith, but the way it was presented was top notch and Britney Spears filled out those football pants quite nicely.

4th Quarter
When Jamal Lewis crossed the goal line to make it 30-7 all the NY Giant fans headed for the exits. The fun part of the game for me was the back to back kick off returns.

Well the game is over and the Giants got whipped. After the final score a huge fireworks display began and confetti was everywhere. Sitting in the stands and just taking it all in was unholy to say the least.

Went to a post game brunch. Had some more steak and a nice big choclate ice cream sundae for desert. After that it was time for bed and then back to reality ha ha.

Went to the press conference's before my plane left. I tell you it was one incredible weekend. And the cool thing is my dad wants me to go again next year. New Orleans here I come.

I hope you enjoyed my little Super Bowl report. You can check out some pictures from my little trip on Page 8 on my picture section.

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Super Bowl Report

Jan31st 2pm

Here I sit in the Philadelphia airport about 45 minutes till my flight leaves
for New Orleans. It is my 2nd Super Bowl in a row. I am so glad St. Louis
beat Philadelphia last week as I hate the Eagles and I hate their fans even
more. I hope they never win. Just ask Jenn Matthews he he. I do hope the Rams
win, but if they don't I hope it is a good game and if the Patriots win good
for them too.

Well I got to New Orleans in one piece and I head down to Bourbon St. It was
wild with strippers, drunks and ever kind of weird person you can think of.
Lots of police, national guard and state police, but they don't do a thing to
anybody. It is actually quite cool. I am sure if a fight broke out or drugs
were seen that would be a different story. Got my pic with Joe Namath who won
Super Bowl III for the NY Jets. That was cool. Did a New Orleans
tradition by having a beignet (donut covered in white powder) and a hot

Went down to the Hyatt lobby I was staying at and had some breakfast. Went
over to the Media Convention to hear the NFL's commissioner press conference.
Pretty boring actually. After that headed over to the Fairgrounds Racetrack
where my dad won $73 and me nothing and his horse ran a bad race. Not a big
deal and it was cold as hell today. 2 days till the game

Went to The Rib Room for dinner down on French Quarter. What awesome food. I
orders a prime rib dinner that was about the best I ever had. Met ex Dallas
Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson and he flashed his Super Bowl rings in the pic we
got together. Take that you loser Eagle fans. After that went to Harrah's
casino and my dad won $70 and me nothing ha ha. Went back to the hotel and
watched some tv and went to bed.

Got up and had some breakfast in the hotel and met Oakland Raiders coach Jon
Gruden. Went over to the Fairgrounds Racetrack and didn't cash a ticket for
the 2nd straight day ha ha. After the track we headed to a private party put
on by agent Leigh Steinberg. It was an awesome party. I met LL Cool J, ex
quarterback Warren Moon, and Britney Spears. Oh man did she look hot. The
heck with the game now that I met Britney he he.

Late Saturday Night
What a crazy and insane night. I had dinner in the hotel and headed over to
Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras. It was as wild as I heard. Tons of drinking,
young girls, and more drinking and guys everywhere with video cameras and
cameras catching every flashing woman on film who would flash for beads,
which is a tradition down here. Around midnight or so a gorgeous girl and her
friend who had to be around 19 or 20 who was flashing her tits and her ass in
these tight jeans came up to me and said "Your cute and big. Want to be my
bodyguard so that none of these guys touch me where I don't want to be
touched?" Does a bear shit in the woods? Do the Philadelphia Flyers suck? You
bet Jenn Matthew's ass they do. So for the next few hours I went around with
these 2 girls as they flashed and shook their ass to group after group of
guys who filmed everything as these 2 girls drove the guys down here mad.
Nobody got out of line thankfully. I sure would love to see some of that
video footage. You can see a pic of her and me on my photos page too.
Needless to say I got home around 6am that night he he.

Today is the big day. Got up tired as hell and went to a special invite Super
Bowl breakfast and got a free hat. Had some roast beef and orange juice. Went
down to the game room and played a few video games and then went up to relax
and watch some tv. Saw Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards bury the
Indiana Pacers. Now its off to the Super Dome.

Saw Kansas play a 75 minute set of their greatest hits. They sounded great
and really got me pumped for the game.

Well I am in this line to get into the stadium. They are searching everybody
for anything. I got in after about a 45 minute wait. I walked around the
stadium a few times then went inside.

The pre game stuff was pretty emotional as all the ex presidents and football
players on the big screen talking about the history of this country and Paul
McCarthey's new tune was cool as well. Seems to be more Rams fan than Par
fans. Say like 60% to 40%. Pretty vocal crowd.

1st quarter
The Rams got on the board with a field goal. The Ram fans were going nuts.

2nd Quarter
Ty Law just returned an interception for New England and the place exploded.
The Pats may just win this game. Their defense is playing very tough.

Damn the Rams are down 14-3. Doesn't look good for Warner and The Rams. The
Pat fans are rocking the stadium. U2 was a very good half-time band. The big
banner than listed all the 9/11 victims was very emotional and a nice touch

3rd Quarter
Rams are down 14 now. If they don't score soon you can kiss this game

4th Quarter
Finally the Rams score with 9:31 left and the Ram fans finally have something
to cheer about. We have ourselves a ball game. The Rams then score with 1:30
left and we may have the first ever overtime Super Bowl. I hope we have one
as it would be kinda neat.
The Pats with no time outs march down the field and kick a field goal on the
last play of the game to win the game in one of the best Super Bowl game in

As soon as the ball went through the uprights the confetti was flying and the
Queen song 'We are the Champions' played as the Pat fans were going stir
crazy. I stayed for The Lombardi trophy presentation and then it was down the
French Quarter one last time.

The French Quarter was kicking and then some. It was crowded beyond crowded.
I have never seen anything like it. Pat fans were everywhere and the liquor
was flowing freely. I saw 16 yr. old girls getting served ha ha. Girls were
lifting the shirts everywhere. Cope stood by and just watched. This was one
big party unlike anything I have ever saw. Didn't have to be a bodyguard
tonight and I went to bed around 5am

What a weekend. And the airport is beyond mobbed. And I get to do this all
over again next year in San Diego. As long as Philadelphia is not there it
will be a grand ole time.

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Why I HATE All Philadelphia Sport Teams

Let's face facts. All fans of the 4 major Philadelphia sport teams are a bunch of losers. You heard me: LOSERS! I never liked the fans of Philadelphia and I always cheered against them, but the straw that broke that camels back was when I went to a Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles game and Michael Irvin got hurt and he was not moving. As soon as they brought out a stretcher the fans went wild. The guy could have been dead or paralyzed and these drunken idiots are cheering. After that I really hated the fans. I listen to this local sports talk station and the fans think they are smart, when they are so dumb. The teams of Philadelphia will never win a championship. NY is so much better as a sports town and they produce winners. Philadelphia fans: You suck, you will never win a championship and you can all kiss my ass!

A Challenge For Jenn Matthews

Me and Jenn Matthews made a bet around 2 years ago that I lost. Now she gets mad cause I make all these little insider jokes about her liking the NY Rangers on my website. She started up her own little web page and was gonna take pictures of me paying off my bet. The deal was I had to kiss her feet cause the Phila Flyers made the playoffs and the NY Rangers did not. Well, Jenn made the page, but no pictures cause she is too chicken to have me pay off my bet. She vowed on her site that there would be pictures on there of me kissing her feet. Now keep in mind this was over 15 months ago. Where are the pictures Jenn? She is a typical Philadelphia sports fan. All talk and no action.  I am daring her right now to set up a time and a date to have me pay off the bet. She can walk around barefoot all day (a double dare ya too Jenn you won't cause all Flyer fans are wimps) if she wants. I don't give a rats ass cause I know she will not have the guts to set up a time and a place. I'd be even willing to drive over to her area and she can use my digital camera and take the pictures right there and we can upload them on her computer so she can post the pictures that night. So come on little Flyers fan.

Email me or call me Jenn and let's pay off that bet unless your too sacred too ha ha. I'll keep you updated if she contacts me about the bet.  Like Jenn's page about me don't expect this section to ever be updated and yes Jenn the Rangers do rule!