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Social Decay 

I couldnít believe when I saw that 80ís NJ hardcore band Social Decay were still around and I sent Joseph (Pugsy) Casolaro an interview to fill out and he sent it back and here is what he said to my questions and Social Decay are a ripping NJ old school hardcore band:

MC: Give me the band history and what is the current line-up now?

JC: Well Tommy is the guitar player he is original 1984 he started the band I wasn't in it then Dave Johnson was the singer and later Steve Omar sang and played bass Dave passed away years ago r.i.p. They did a few demos then in 1985 or 86. I was told of a try out for singing it was in Seaside Heights where Steven lived he had a jam room in his basement. I went I didn't get the part lol Steve sang and played bass on the next demo, but Tommy wanted me he called me and the rest is history as they say. lol

MC: Do you all get along as a band?

JC: It a love hate thing we love to hate each other. lol

MC: How does a song or riff come together and what has been the easiest and hardest song to write and why?

JC: Those guys write stuff I put lyrics (BROKEN) the new song was a pain and I think( just passin thru) another new but old one gave us a run....

MC: How did you come up with the band name and were there any other names considered?

JC: Tommy came up with the name after other guys back then wanted to call it bad vibes lol he said no way him and a local DJ in the area at the time came up with Social Decay in 1983.

MC: How would you describe the bands music to someone who has never heard of you guys before?

JC: Social Decay its all in the name,,, Sabbath meets Agnostic Front...

MC: Does the band have any short term or long term goals for itself?

JC: We have been around since 1984..a .long time lots of goals played with a lot of bands in that time.

MC: If you have to play one cover tune live, what song would it be and why?

JC: Symptom of the Universe and Into the Void we played them many times...

MC: What has been the response like for the band so far and how do you rate yourselves as a live band?

JC: People love us and people hate us but we are here to stay and live depends on how many beers are in us...lol

MC: If you got signed to a record label, what would you expect them to do for you besides putting out your music?

JC: Hookers drugs fire trucks midgets lol... no a tour a good selling base distribution money for nothing and the chicks for free.

MC: Do you have any videos on sites like You Tube or no?

JC: Some fans thru a few together. I also did one.

MC: Is there a good and healthy underground metal scene where you are based out and do you get to play live much where you are based out of?

JC: We play where ever we can or when people ask us to play our last show was in Toms River, NJ and a lot of old school fuckers came out and some young bucks loved us we made some new fans some of the older generations passed down the torch gave some Social Decay demos or our ep its really great to not be forgotten and Iíd like to thank the young ones out there for being a part of our fan base.

MC: What does the band do for fun when they aren't doing things that are band related?

JC: well that varies I don't really drink anymore I go to the gym, go to shows I do mixed martial arts and I'm a big horror fan conventions and shit...nerd! Lol. Those guys drink and party I will once and a while. Tommy DJís at Stockton jams with Solace and tours. Dave is a comic book artist living his dream. Tim has 4 kids so he does a lot of dad stuff but he still hangs with the band and jam .

MC: How big do you think the band can get?

JC: Ever hear of The Rolling Stones???

MC: How do you compare the scene from today as opposed to the scene back in the 80's?

JC: Well its not the same.. its not a life style like it was for us. We were more like a family united as one there's a lot of lines drawn now. I have friends in all aspects of the scene I speak my mind always have that's what makes me a part of Social Decay thru the years we never settled for being anything but what we are a raw hardcore underground band and we never took shit from any one. We love what we do its in our blood its our drug.....and for those who had shit to say about us check it we are here and we arenít leaving...

MC: When the band got back together was there any thought of using anothername or was it always going to be Social Decay?

JC: Always... Social Decay if it arenít broke don't fix it...

MC: Tell me a bit about the shows you played back in the day? Did you get to play such places like City Gardens, Stone Pony, Fastlane, or CBGB'S?

JC: We played city gardens with GBH, The Accused, Lethal aggression good show got a live recording of that somewhere that was early 80s. CBGB's twice we never played The Stone Pony that I remember played cafe bar, Fastlane, Brighton Bar a lot of the local NJ bars Court Tavern even Monmouth College all of it was lots of fun and meeting other great bands drinking party's just good times we were pretty rowdy back then we got into fights got banned from a few places ..but all in all great times...

MC: What was the wildest thing you saw happen at one of your shows and did you have nice turnouts and what bands did you share the stage with back then?

JC: We played with GG Allin need I say more lol loved playing with suicidal tendencies it was us and them no one else on the bill it was packed at the Fastlane almost 2000 people I heard fire Marshall almost shut it down we played there with COC and Prong that was really good show also and killing time at a VFW in Keansburg that was off the hook....plan on getting that live video out to the public soon...

MC: What did you think of the fanzine Maximum Rock N Roll and were you ever reviewed in it?

JC: Yes we got reviewed great zine back in the day and we got put in there for a crazy ass party we had that involved 24 cop cars and 3 different districts and an article in the Asbury Park press we basically had a riot with the cops lol

MC: Do you guys hang out in Seaside Heights much during the summer?

JC: lol I lived there for 6 years I havenít gone there too much since its a zoo its turned into a sea shore ghetto, but its home for a lot of us...lol.

MC: Your fans are a bunch of them from back in the day or are most now new fans?

JC: Itís mixed we still have old school fucker come out and we made new fans.

MC: Do you miss print zines and writing letters at all?

JC: I love all those zines in the day- good and plenty- jersey scene- schism (me too-chris)

MC: Do you think your music, like your demos, will come out on CD one day?

JC: Oh hell yeah soon we hope.

MC: How long do you see the band sticking around this time?

JC: How long is a piece of string ? I hope till we drop.

MC: How much old stuff do you plan on playing live?

JC: We span 30 years of music... holy shit.

MC: I am out of questions. I hope people check out the band and can you let me know your plans for 2010 and any last words the floor is yours.

JC: We hope to play as long as we can its a part of us it keeps us young... put out our record show all of the doubters and haters how its done...old school jersey shorecore decay drunx and skin 4ever... thank for the interview thanks for giving us your time Chris sorry it took so long to get back to you!!!!