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New Reviews - 8/27/03

CAGE/Darker Than Black (Fugitive Records)  A fuckin excellent slab of prime
heavy metal that is not to be missed. This reminds me of the 1st Halford sole
disc and trust me this kills all. Awesome powerful vocals soar through the air
and the music is just crushing track after track of real heavy metal all the
way. My fist pumps high for Cage. Info:

BARBATOS/Rocking Metal Motherfuckers (Displeased) This lays to waste all
posers. Total crippling old school speed metal not for losers. Track after track
of amazing riffs and vocals. I bow to this. A raw production only adds to this.
If your into bands like At War, Warfare and old school spped metal buy or be
killed. Info:

DEAD SOUL TRIBE/A Murder Of Crows (Inside Out) Progressive metal is the
ticket here. The band branch out into older Sabbath territory at times which was
cool with me. The vocals are spoken word and also more with a harder edge. The
band play with a lot of emotion and while I am not a super big fan of this
style the band this is very good for what it is. Info:

ZERO HOUR/Metamorphosis (Sensory) Progressive metal in the vein of Dream
Theatre. The vocals are even in the same vein. Don't misunderstand me I love old
Dream Theatre and this works for me. The music is fairly heavy and the chops
are top notch. If you are a fan of D.T. then you will be eating this up big
time. Info:

MACTATUS/Suicide (Napalm) Some decent black/death metal though I do not like
the keyboard parts at all. The music is mostly fast pick style riffing with
black metal style vocals. The band don't blast too fast where it becomes noise.
The production is rigfht on the money as well. A solid release that any fan of
fast black metal will enjoy. Info:

LEGACY/Same (Chavis Records) Melodic rock with a touch of metal thrown in.
There aren't many new bands playing this style and I grew up a fan of rock n
roll as well as underground metal so I am totally into what these guys are all
about. 11 bone crunching rock tunes. Think bands like Coney Hatch, Night Ranger,
etc. Great vocals are just plain kick ass tunes make this a rock lovers
delight. And no this is not the pre Testament band neither ha ha. Info:

SALEM/Collective Demise (System Shock) Fast, crushing death metal sort of
reminding me of old Sepultura at times, which is not a bad thing. The band can
rip out some catchy, yet brutal as fuck riffs at times. The blast parts will
have your neck eaching. Great, powerful death metal vocals too. The music is well
thought out and never boring, even getting a bit technical at times. Buy this
sucker now! Info:

FORSAKEN/Iconoclast (Golden Lake Productions) 4 tracks of the heaviest doom
metal this side of the Atlantic. The riffs just ozze out and melt you. Vocals
that are so emotional and fit what the band is doing so damn well. The band
don't just play in a slower tempo they mix it up which makes this 4 tracker
totally rule all. This is the best doom metal band I have heard in years. A must
own. Production is just right as well. Great job guys. Info:

BEYOND THE FLESH/What The Mind Perceives-a 10 killer track cd of some
tasteful death metal  sort of like newer Death in spots. The band branch of into
progressive spots here and there and also can slam into 100% brutality mode. Solid
vocals and production. This band is on their way and I can see them on a
label soon. Info:

RADIOMAN/Intake (Mental Records) This is a mixture of hardcore, metal and a
bit of industrial. Sort of like Helmet in spots. The bass is a bit too much up
in the mix though. Vocals are shouted, but not hardocre, sort of like Helmet
at times. The band aren't following any trends and are pretty original. A good
band for what they do. Info:

THE STRAIN OF LIVING UNDER/Same (Very Different Recordings) Wow this was one
really fucked up band. Sort of like an electronic thrash metal band at times.
The band is very weid and out there and while I am not a huge fan of thyis
style I can totally appreciate what the band is doing. The music is never boring
and keeps you guessing. The production isn't band and if your into weird,
spaced out music then check these guys out. Info:

MOTIVE/Worn Down Dream-My man Steve Buschart has been busting his ass in the
scene as long as me. This lastest cd is his latest cd from his killer band
Motive. The band has always played what they wanted to play and this is a
collection of some kick ass thrash metal to dull your ears. Steve does the vocals
here as well and let him tell you he has a very good voice. The band all all
tight and every song is a winner. A band that should be snapped up by a label for
sure. Info:

AGENT STEEL/Order Of The Illuminati (Artillery Music) Always loved Agent
Steel and this new release is no exception. Bone crushing power metal at it's
finest. Soaring vocals as only this band can do. Riff after bone crushing riff of
some the heaviest power metal this side of the Atlantic.
This release kills. The masters of power metal are back and they take no
prisiners. A top 10 of 2003 release for sure. Info:

PULSE 8/Same-This band play metal in the nu metal vien which I am not a big
fan of. The band use mostly moshy type of riffs along with the gruff vocals
that sound like a ton of other nu metal bands. This band isn't doing anything new
that hasn't been done to death by other bands. Info:

KRATORNAS/Hecatomb To Affliction-Some sick raw death/black metal. Vocals from
the pits of hell. Production so fuckin raw it reminds me of demo's from the
80's. This band crushes. Way fast riffs and this spews out evil force. Info:

PRO PAIN/Run For Cover (Spitfire) A cd full of cover songs from such bands as
Celtic Frost, Slayer, Black Flag and others. A classic cover of Gary's first
band The Crumbsuckers is also included as well as Motorhead cover. This is a
must pick up as the band do the covers in their own wicked way. Info:

DEATH DE JOER/Gamashinoch-4 bone crushing tunes of some of best death metal
my ears have heard in quite awhile. Think Immolation. Think pouding real death
metal that never lets up. Think Pestilence. Think wind mill riffs that will
snap your neck in 2. Brutal vocals that will make your skin crawl. If this band
is not signed there is no hope. Buy or die. Info:
[email protected]

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT/Deeds Of Derangement (Morbid) Total Cannibal Corpse
worship with those lowe gutteral vocals and gore lyrics. Not for me at all.

HARMONY DIES/Impact (Morbid) More Cannibal Corpse style death metal though
this is better than the above band. Fast riffing and brutal death metal vocals.
The production is solid and if your into bands like Cannibal Corpse you will
ewnjoy this. Info:

EAT MY FUK/Wet Slit & A Battery Of Whiskey (Bestial Onslaught) Sort of
punkink metal style with sex type lyrics. Sort of like The Mentors at times. With
such songs as I wanna be Your Whore, Kneel Before My Cock, etc you know what
sort of band this. Info:

BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION/Ressurrected (Da Core) Some blistering hardcore with
plenty of mosh riffs to keep pits happy. This I actually thought wasn't that
bad. The vocals are strong and the band can write soe killer riffs and even
though it is Panterish in spots, this more than gets the job done. Solid
production to it as well. Info:

NECRODEMON/Non Divine (Reaper Records) 4 tracks including a very good cover
of Slayer's Black Magic. This is old school death metal with a hint of black
metal. The production is raw like those old 80's demos I used to get all the
time. The vocals are screamed old style all the way. It is bands like this that
are keeping the old style and old feeling alive that can't be dublicated. Info:

NECRODEMON/Incipit Fear (Reaper Records) This I didn't likeas much. Vocals
are too black in spots and the band play way too fast and use that picking black
metal style too much. I like the bands other 2 discs and what they were doing, but
not this one. Info: