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New Reviews - 6/18/03

KILL THE MESSENGER/Same-This is Slayer like speed metal with some not so good
vocals. The throaty vocals are just screamed and really don't fit the style
of music which is not so bad. The band also mix in some mosh modern death metal
parts with the music as well. This isn't too bad and I think the band will
just get better. Info:

THE RUBES/Humum (Underdogma) This is trippy metal sort of like Soundgarden at
times. For what it is it is pretty cool and the band play with a ton of
feeling and the band are heavy enough for me to get into this. Vocals are clear,
but fit the music well. If you like stuff like Soundgarden you will love this.

SCEPTER/Fuckin Metal Motherfuckers (Merciless) A beyond godly slab of real
metal that will rip, strip and kill all pretenders. This is underground metal
the way it should be played. The band still rip into Celtic Frost territory, but
with some of the most killer riffs I have heard in a long time I am simply
bowing to this cd. I don't deserve to have this I am not worthy ha ha. Buy or
you are a loser. Info:

FROST LIKE ASHES/Pure As The Blood Covered Snow (Sounds of The Dead) 5 song
mcd of some terrific black metal from the USA. I love the Black Sabbath cover
as well. The band rip through three 5 tunes with a fury and conviction. Nice
raw production and quality black metal vocals too. The band can rip into some
serious blast parts and also slow it down. A band to keep an eye on. Info:

CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN (Martyr Music) I didn't like this at all. 3rd rate
Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation rip off with those low pudrid vocals. I have heard
music like this done the same way by a 1000 other bands Info:

DEREK SHERINIAN/Black Utopia (Inside Out) Excellent power metal band here.
No, the band does not sound like Hammerfall. The band is a who's who of
musicians including Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmstein, Bill Sheehan. In other words this
project shreds big time. No vocals, but 100% total metal played with some speed
and total power. A great side project indeed. Info:

MANIAC BUTCHER/Live In Germany (Displeased) This too me was a wall of noisy
black metal. The production is awful and all you can hear is the guitar. Some
may call it "kult" I call it a bad band with a bad production. Total noise
fest. Info:

PERISHED/Sied (Displeased) Blasting black metal with a touch of death metal
here and there.
The band use the pick riffing style, but add some melody here and there which
works for me.  The vocals are total black metal style. The production is
strong as well. A solid release all the way. Info:

Nephistopheles/Blasphemy (Displeased) This was ok I didn't like the female
vocals at all. Black metal played ok, but the female vocal parts just don't fit
in at all with what the band is doing in my opinion. This was released a few
years ago and it is now just being re-released. If the band loses the female voc
als they would kill. Info:

SINGLE BULLET THEORY/Route 666 (Crash Music) Death metal groove with At The
Gates type of vocals. This was ok, it just didn't have that killer punch. Think
of At The Gates if they played a with more of a groove and not so much death
metal. Sort of like the 1st Machine Head release in spots too.  Info:

SEPISM/To Prevail In Disgust (Displeased) This is modern death metal with
those lower vocals that you know by now I fuckin hate. The music isn't too bad,
it is pretty fast rip roaring death metal with a somewhat raw production and
the band are at least trying to sound original. The music is groove and then
goes into blast beat style. Not bad for what it is. Info:

THROCULT/Soldiers Of A Blackened War (Crash Music) Decent black metal that
will pound your skull in. The band use windmill type of riffing and the band can
sure whip it into overdrive, but also can slow it down when need be. The
vocals are black metal style, but not generic or cheezy. The production is strong
and this is a strong release that you might want to add to your collection.

CRIPPLE BASTARDS/Desperately Insensitive (Necropolis) Total grind/death
assault. Not super fast, but very sick at times. Sort of like Carcass in spots. The
production is very good as well. If your into death/grind pick this baby up.

BODIES LAY BROKEN/Eximinous Execration Of Exiguous Exequies (Noecropolis)
Total Carcass worship. I was never a big Carcass fan so I didn't like this much,
but if you like Carcass and you will love this.  Info:

KULT OF AZAZEL/Oculus Infernum (Artic) 8 blistering tracks of 100% pure black
metal. The band mix a good selection of older black metal with the newer
sounds. Pure, real black metal vocals too. Blistering fast too. A killer release
of black metal. Info:

DOMINION/Life Has Ended Here (Naplam) Boring goth/black metal with electronic
drums, female singing and slow long boring songs. Not for me. Info:

SPIEL DUATH/The Painter's Palette (Earache) Really weird band here. They mix
in some jazz parts with grind and a touch of death metal here and there.
Spaced out vocals as well. If your into weird, out there music here is your band.

MUTILATION/Majestas Leprosus (Ordealis) Sick fast blasting pure black metal.
Total over the top black metal vocals and music played with tons of feeling.
The music is mostly blazing fast, but slowed down from time to time. A raw, but
simple production and song arrangements that more than gets the job done.

WAJO JESUS/Filth Whores (Morbid) Super blazing death/grind that is actually
quite good!!! Sure the vocals are low gutteral, but the music is killer. Rip
roaring riffs and windmill killer parts had me banging away. A masterpiece of
modern death metal I swear. Info:

GREENALY/Hidden Pleasures Of A Nonexistent Reality (Morbid) Average
death/grind metal with shouted vocals. Was ok for what it was. Info:

SUMMER DYING/One Last Taste Of Temptation-11 tracks of some quality death
metal. Mix in the killer sound of Swedish death metal and some original death
metal. The production is thick and the songs just oozes quality. The vocals are
real, powerful death metal all the way. Get this. Info:

MASTER/Unreleased 1985 (Displeased) This simply crushes. This is a 20 year
old release and this blows away 98% of the crap out of the water. Total
crushing, pounding thrash/power/speed metal that is played with feeling and power.
Total thrashing music of the highest order. Info:

THE SIXTH CHAMBER/Molded Truths-This is like goth rock sort of like a weird
White Zombie at times. I couldn't get into this as it was just too spacey for
me and didn't pack a punch. The words are like spoken word behind some goth
type of music. Info:
[email protected]

SATANICIDE/Heather (Enabler) Down and dirty rock n roll sort of like Raging
Slab at times. This is pure rock n roll with an edge to it. Not many bands are
doing this style and this kicks ass for what it is. Pure rock n roll with no
bullshit and no nu-metal garbage anywhere. Great vocals, great songs.

PROJECT: FAILING FLESH/A Beautiful Sickness-Grinding, pounding death metal
with a touch of industrial feel to it sort of like Godflesh playing full out
death metal at times. Very haunting vocals and even the keyboard parts work for
this band. An outstanding effort and I am looking forward to hearing more. Info:

ZEROTONIN/Reinvention-4 tracks of some awesome emotional, quality metal,
played with a ton of feeling. This is more in the modern metal style sort of like
Sapphic Ode at times. The music is very original and freaky at times. Not for
the underground death metal fan, but a very cool band if your open minded.