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FORGOTTEN TOMB/Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love (Agonia Records) Completely forgettable death metal and that will cause you to hurt yourself if you spent any money on this junk. Info:

INCANTATION/Entrantment of Evil MLP (Hells Headbangers) Finally some death metal I can sink my teeth into. This originally came out way back in 1990 and features Wil Rahmer of Mortician on vocals. This is down and dirty death metal the way it should be done. Crushing riffs that will knock you over and vocals from the pits of hell. The guitar sound just cuts through you like a knife and this blows away by country miles a bunch of these so called “death metal” weenie bands of today. If you missed this back then well do yourself a favor and experience how death meal should be done. Info:

KULT OF TAURUS/Adversarial Paths: The Sinister Essence  (Forever Plagued)  Nothing special death metal with some really boring songs and nothing memorable on this. The songs dragged on and this did nothing to impress me at all. Info:

IMPALERS/GOD FROM THE MACHINE (CRIME RECORDS) Total asskickin thrash metal that will have your head banging in no time. Riffs that will have that neck snapping as it sure did mine. The vocals are strong and aggressive, but not in a tough guy way. This is just skull splitting thrash that could have come out in the 80’s and this is how thrash metal should be played. The guitar crunch is awesome and the production is right on the money. Info:

ENFORCER/From Beyond (Nuclear Blast Records) Oh I am loving this. Total balls to the wall heavy/power metal that totally blew me away. I thought this was a re-release from 1984 as it played on. The production has that old 80’s sound that I love and can this band write some awesome songs. Each tune has its own identity and each tune is so memorable it is not funny. The singer has an ass kickin voice and his voice shows a ton of passion and heart. This is a pure heavy metal masterpiece that is not to be missed. Easily going to be one of the best albums of the year, if not the best. Info:

Agnostic Front/The American Dream Died (Nuclear Blast) This great hardcore band is back with their 11th album and this band shows on this that they are still going strong. This is just honest to goodness hardcore. Roger’s vocals still show he has it and the band just rip through over 15 tunes of NYHC as only they know how to do. The riffs will flow through your body and this puts to shame all this shitty groove or wannabe hardcore weasel bands that think they know what hardcore is. Not even close you pretenders. This is a pure hardcore fans dream as  this puts to shame all this groove crap in the music world. Want some real hardcore? Well head down Agnostic Front street. Info:

HAMMER KING/Kingdom of the Hammer King (Cruz Del Sur Music) This is that happy power metal style that has been done to death and then some. If I want to listen to Hammerfall I can just listen to them. I have heard 100’s of bands playing this same style and this didn’t impress me at all. Info:

ILIUM/My Misanthropia (Nightmare Records) Total crushing power metal from this band with wicked riffs and great melodic vocals that had my head moving big time. The guitar sound is crushing and the riffs this band broke on this were insane. Totally catchy and speedy to the max. The production was right on the money and the singer has a great voice and he fit the music perfectly. One of the best releases of the year so far. Info:

ANNISOKAY/Enigmatic Smile (Long Branch Records / SPV) Awful metalcore (ha ha) with clean and screaming vocals. Total garbage songs and they are not catchy at all and the tough guy and clean vocals had me ready to vomit. Info:

APOPHYS/Prime Incursion (Metal Blade Records) Fast and furious death metal that will pound you into submission. This will just rip through you and no groove or tin can blast beats. Just bone crushing death metal the way it should be played. The singer has a good death metal voice and doesn’t do anything generic and his voice just hits home and fits right in with the speedy death metal and actually even sounds like Ross of Immolation at times. Thick meaty guitars and skull splitting drum beats make this a death metal you’ll want. Info:

CROM DUBH/Heimweh (Ván Records) Heard 50 billion times fast black metal with the fast picking riffs and screaming black metal. This band brings nothing to the table at all in terms of anything of value. Junk. Info:

APOSTATE/Time of Terror (Ferrrum) This was some bad doom/death metal as the songs were not strong at all and the singer had a terrible voice. Nothing catchy or good on this and the songs just dragged on and this was ready to put me to sleep. Info:

COGNITIVE/Same (Self Released) Completely forgettable death metal with groove and grunted into the mic vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and this is nothing but junk. Info:

UNKURED/Mutated Earth (Sliptrick Records) Some semi technical thrash in the vein of the later Death material. The singer even sounds like Chuck at times at time, but this is no copycat band at all. The songs on here are strong and never get boring or go over your head. Catchy tunes on this galore. The production on this is very good and doesn’t sound over-produced at all and the other cool thing about this release is this band is doing something not a lot of bands are doing these days as well. Info:

DECAYED/Into The Depths Of Hell (Helldprod) Crippling black metal that hits home fast and hard and with fury. The riffs will tear you apart and the speed and intensity on this is awesome. The singer will just rip your heart out with his power and feeling and I love the guitar sound and overall production on this as well. This is a great black metal release and this blows away all that screaming in the woods shit I have heard over the past couple years. Info:

DALIS WATCH/Breakfast Serial (Ravenhurst Records) This band has a bit of a grunge sound to them along with some rock and it is quite an ass kickin combo. The songs are catchy and heavy and never bored me. The singer has that kind of voice that sucked me in and his vocals just ruled. This is sort of an Alice In Chains band mixed in with some rock n roll. The production is flawless and this is a nice break from all the generic black and death metal in the scene these days. Info:

IMPERATIVE MUSIC/Comp CD Vol 8 (Imperative Music) This is a free 16 band set of tunes from bands from all over the world, including the mighty Obituary. As I have always said with comp cds, you get a wide mix of bands and some are good. Some stink, and others are incredible and you find new fans this way. I had not heard of any of these bands and some stand outs to me included, Killrazer, Meltdown and Marenna. This is ultra cool that a label would do this and you can go to ther website for more info which is:

STORM/A Brewing (Self Released) This is a sort of goth band and even though I am no fan of goth, I am open minded to anything and this band was really good for what they do. The female singer has an almost hypnotic voice and sucked me and the songs were strong and catchy and did not bore me. The guitar sound on this was awesome and that also sucked me in as well. Most goth bands have nothing catchy about them, but not this band, the songs are wicked strong and will have you nodding your head big time. Great release. Info:

VOICE OF ADDICTION/Modern Day Meltdown (Self Released) 4 tracks of some decent modern rock sounding sounds. This is better than most of the stuff I hear on the radio and the tunes are pretty catchy and no tough guy vocals, which is a plus. The singer has a gruff voice, but in saying that he fits the music on this. The production is good on this as well and this band is decent for the style they are doing and the last track I liked a lot as they sped things up a bit, which worked for me. Info:

PRIMAL FEAR/Seven Seals (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release of this album which came out in 2005. The band plays ass kickin power metal and on this release they show you why. There was a whole wave of power metal bands that came out a few moons ago and this band was one of the best. Too many wannabes flooded the market and only a few were any good with the rest sounding like these guys. The music on this in case you missed it, was just ass kickin power metal with tons of power and catchy riffs. The vocals are clean style, but have a ton of power beyond them and are not that opera style crap. This is just some great power metal that if you missed the 1st time, go and get this. Info:

GOREFEST/Mindloss (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release of this bands debut album and 2 demos are tacked on as bonus tracks. This band play straight forward no-nonsense death metal with power and speed. This will knock you over like a ton of bricks. This blows away a lot of the crap being released these days for sure. The singer sounds like Barney from Napalm Death, not that it is a bad thing. This is death metal the way it should be played. Any death metal fan needs this in their collection. Info:

MNEMIC/Mechanical Phenomena (Metal Mind Productions) This is all that groove/industrial like metal sort of like a bad Nine Inch Nails The music has all that groove crap I hate and the shouted vocals are terrible. This came out in 2003 and I had never heard of the band, but this does nothing for me and to me is just a bad version of Nine Inch Nails. Info:

GOREFEST/La Muerte (Metal Mind Productions) This came out in 2005 and well this band got totally away from death metal and went for more of a groove and grungy sound and I hated it. No blast beats at all and no death metal at all. To me if your gonna change your style that much, then you should change your name too. The vocals are way more less death metal and are  just kinda sung with no power. This was pretty bad. Info:

SINNER/The End Of Sanctuary (Metal Mind Productions) This came out in 2000 and has way too many keyboard sounds on this it had me thinking of Judas Priest’s ‘Turbo Lover’ a lot. The songs lack power and are just flat. The singer sounds awful and he lacks any power and he sounds flat on this. Where is the power metal and speed on this? This was like a flat tire to my ears. Info:

AGNOSTIC FRONT/Another Voice (Metal Mind Productions) I have always loved this band now we see a re-release of this. This band have always delivered the goods and this is another crushing release of hardcore mixed in with some metal. Roger sounds great on this as he belts out the lyrics like only he can do. This band never strayed away from their style, which is heart ripping hardcore with furious vocals. Blast after blast of NYHC done by one of the best bands in the scene. Forget all these groove metal bands and go with a band that will blow their doors out and then some. Info:

PRIMAL FEAR/Metal Is Forever (Metal Mind Productions) This is one crushing double cd. The 1st is like a “best of”tracks spanning the bands career and disc # 2 is a “covers” cd of some great songs done the Primal Fear way. Kill The King by Rainbow, ‘Speedking” by Deep Purple, ‘Die Young: by Black Sabbath, ‘Two Midnights To Midnight” by Iron Maiden and several others. This is a cool mix of tunes they cover and the best of cd is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to power metal that is for sure. This band has delivered the goods on many occasions and this double disc only reinforces that notion. Easily one of the best releases of the year so far in my book. Power metal at its best. Info:

TOXEMIA/Ancient Demon (Mort Humain Productions) I remember these guys from a years back and now I have in my hands a new release from these guys. This is down and dirty total old school death metal that reminded me of Obituary at times. Sick vocals and just crushing, pounding riffs that will slice into your flesh and leave you weak. Great cover of Celtic Frost’s ‘Dethroned Emeror’ as well. This is the way death metal was meant to sound, not all this happy stuff and groove metal crap that so many bands play today. Info:

[email protected] or [email protected]

TOXEMIA/Planetary Devastation (The 3rd Inferno) More bone crushing death metal as only this band can deliver. Whirl winding, head spinning riffs that give death metal a good name. No groove and happy keyboards, etc. This is like a A plus horror movie of death metal. Spine tingling riffs and then speed parts that had me smiling along with death metal vocals that are the real deal. Think Chris of Autopsy. I would say this has a more Autopsy sound as they slow down and then speed up on this release and it is different than the above one as well. Both releases are great, but this one gets the nod for me as I love the slower parts and then mixing it with the speed is simply death metal at its finest. Info:

[email protected] or [email protected]

LUNAR ELECTRIC/Same (Self Released) This is another band doing that groovy type of thing mixed in with some grunge and stuff. I am not a big fan of this stuff, but I guess this was ok. The singer really has this hypnotic voice that makes this band stand out from a lot of bands doing this. Musically this didn’t do much for me, but I can see if this band signs with the right label they could become a big band, but this is just not my thing. Info:

ULYSSES SIREN/Justifiable Homicide (Malevolence Records) I had a bootleg copy of this band’s debut called (see review below) ‘Above The Ashes” and it was some wicked bay area thrash and now here is the bands follow-up. Was sorry to read about the death of guitar player Jon Torres. Well he would be proud of this 6 song release of pure thrash metal. Just pure thrash metal through and through. There is 3 studio tracks and 3 live tracks and no groove metal to be found or tough guy singing neither. Those gallop like riffs are so damn catchy and the speed and intensity on this just crushes the weak. Jon would be proud of this release and a worthy follow up to their debut. Info:

ULYSSES SIREN/Above The Ashes (Relentless Records) This band’s debut gets a proper re-release and god this is a thrash metal masterpiece. Just godly thrash metal with riffs and speed that will have you making a mosh pit in your living room. Everything about this is an A plus. The riffs will bury you, vocals from the pits of thrash metal hell and speed and intensity that will give you and your neck more than just a simple workout. One of the best thrash metal albums I have ever heard in my life and yeah it is that damn good. Info: and

SACCAGE/Vorace (PRC Music) Some pretty devastating thrash with a bit of punk thrown in for good measure. The sound is total old school and the band just hit hard with speed and fury and massive riffs that are memorable and catchy too. The punk edge is more with the vocals than the music. There is also a bit of Celtic Frost in the mix at times as well. Easily one of the better bands making the rounds these days. Info:

Vargnatt/Grausammler (Eisenwald) Some awful black metal with some slow melodic parts thrown in with keyboards that are a total joke. Another faceless band ruining the underground. Info:

BACKHILL/Shadow Man (Stormspell Records) Some decent melodic heavy metal is what you will find here. The music was some nice metal, but I wasn’t too into the keyboard parts that popped up here and there on this. The singer has a clean, but solid voice and he fits the music well. If they lost the keyboard parts I think I would have enjoyed this that much more. The tunes are solid slabs of melodic metal that some may find a bit too wimpy, but I didn’t mind it and plus it is a break from all the shit bands out there as well. Info:

Undead/False Prophecies (Listenable Records) Total bone crushing death metal in the vein of Obituary, Possessed and I hear a lot of Death also within this bands sound and that my friends is not a bad thing. The singer sounds like Chuck in spots as well. The songs are catchy as fuck and are heavy as hell and plenty of speed to pound me into submission as well. This is a great release and is one of my favorite albums of 2015 so far. Easily worth getting. Info:

Tyrant Goatgaldrakona/Horns in the Dark (Blood Harvest) This came out in 2013 and now Blood Harvest is putting this out on vinyl. This is low tuned, crusty death metal that totally crushes. Brutal vocals and riffs from hell and the speed is burning. This reminded me of Autopsy with the way the songs have those slow doomy parts and then break off into speed parts. The guitar sound on this was crushing as well. Good band, and good release. Info:

GOATBLOOD/ADORATION OF BLASPHEMY AND WAR (Dunkelheit Productions ( This was raw old school death/black metal and I didn’t like it at all. The songs were chaotic and all over the place and there was nothing catchy on it or anything that made me stand up and take notice. The songs just dragged on with nothing to them in my book. The singer was good, but he is backed up by faceless music. Info:

WHIPSTRIKER/Troopers Of Mayhem (PRC Music) This is a total assault on my ears and I loved it. This has a punkish vibe along with a total Venom worship sound as well. Catchy as hell riffs that drove a stake through my heart and god those Cronos like vocals had me smiling from ear to ear. This also has that 80’s vibe to it and I know you have worn out all those old classic Venom release so throw this right alongside it. Info:

VULCANO/Wholly Wicked (PRC Music) This band has been around for a long time and here they are with a new release. I thought this was some ok thrash, it didn’t knock me off my chair or nothing. The music was average at best and while they play solid thrash metal, it just didn’t tickle my fancy a lot. The songs just lacked that killer punch to my ears and lacked that killer hook or song to really drag me in deep. Info:

GRUESOME/Savage Land (Relapse Records) This is total early Death worship and that is how the band formed! Crushing riffs and wicked vocals can be found on this. I love the speed and intensity on this as well. If you love those early Death releases, this will be right up your alley and I for one loved this. Info:

Drown In Blood/Addicted To Murder (Earthquake Terror Noise) This was pretty damn good,. The band play old school death metal sort of in the vein of Immolation and Incantation. The guitar sound crushes the weak and the vocals are pretty good death metal style as well. This is no frills death metal played the right way and this is another band keeping the death metal flag high and they play death metal the right way and there is nothing cheezy about it. Info:

KAIROS/WICKED CALLINGS (Bleeding Music Records) Crunchy almost power metal music is on this. The problem is it has been done to death and then some. This got pretty boring by song # 2 as there was nothing memorable about the songs at all and the only good thing on this was that the singer wasn’t bad, but other than that, this is easily forgettable power/heavy metal. Info:

Kommandant/The Architects Of Extermination (ATMF) All this was, was a bunch of mumbo jumbo crap. The songs go off in different directions and the singer is awful. He sounds like he is in pain singing and trust me I was in pain listening to this garbage. I wouldn’t call this anything but total garbage that needs to be left in a garbage can and is some of the worst noise/black metal I have heard this year. Info:

OPPRESSION/Scars 1988-1990 (Xtreem Music) This is this bands demos and 7” that came out in the last 80’s and to me it is just average at best thrash metal. The songs are ok, there are no mind blowing riffs or songs that made me want to bang my head or even tap my feet. The tunes just didn’t stand out for me. The signing wasn’t bad, but the songs didn’t do anything for me and the guitar crunch on this was lousy too. Info:

Raging Death/Raging Death  (Punishment 18 Records) Total crushing thrash metal with riffs that jumped right out at me and sucked me and I was hooked. This was sort of like the debut album from Death Angel, which totally crushed back in the day. The songs on this are fast and have totally catchy riffs and great vocals to boot. This will smash you in the face as the razor like riffs are just what thrash metal is all about and no groove or tough guy vocals. Great production tops this off and this is a great thrash metal release. Info:

ULULATE/Back To Cannibal World (Xtreem Music) Some decent death metal in the vein of Immolation and Incantation in spots. The guitar has that heavy crunchy sound to it and the vocals are a pure death metal delight and he doesn’t sign super low, which I liked. The songs are catchy and speedy with slowed down, almost doomy in spots, which was fine by me. Glad to see a band playing death metal the right way these days. Info:

Anti-Flag/American Spring (Spinefarm Records) Total commercial punk rock like Green Day and the like. This was total garbage and the songs and the band suck. I hate commercial punk rock.

Biotoxic Warfare/Lobotomized (Static Tension Recordings) Boring thrash metal that did nothing for me. The songs are totally like Exodus, but without the catchy parts of them. The singer I didn’t care for he has this throaty voice I didn’t like and the songs just did nothing to make me want to bang my head at all and the songs just plodded along. Nothing of value here.

Thunder And Steel Down Under - A Tribute To RIOT (Skol Records) I am a huge Riot fan and this release totally rules. 14 tracks of some great bands doing some awesome covers of Riot tunes. Attacker, October 31, Akel Rudy Peli, Stallion and others just crush playing such tunes as ‘Fire Down Under, Warrior, Outlaw, Swords and Teguila”. Riot was a very underrated band here in the states and they are very deserving of this tribute and every band does a fantastic job on this and if you’re a fan of metal this is a must get. Hail Riot. Info:

GOLD DUST/Hard Love (???) This originally came out many moons ago and now the band has seen fit to re-issue their music. I have the band’s 3rd release and it is total ass kicking rock n roll that shreds anything that goes for rock n roll today. The band has a bit of that psychedelic edge to the tunes and they just totally crush. The songs are big time catchy and heavy and also have a bit of early Sabbath edge to them too. The singer at the time of this release, Davo Kiah, is awesome on this and sings his balls off. I also hear a bit of the 1st Rush album in the band’s sound too. I missed this band the 1st time around and it is great to see all their stuff coming back out on cd as it is timeless music. Info:

Scott Couper 234 Kendrick St, Needham, MASS 02494

KOROIDIA/Wrath Abomination (Ceremonial Records) The problem with this is that this band is doing nothing new that I have not heard 10,000 other times over the years. The band play solid death metal with good vocals and it is death metal played the right way, but it just bored me as the tunes just flowed by and did nothing for me. This sounds like stuff Immolation and Incantation, etc would play, but this just didn’t do a thing for me. Info: or

RELLIK/Spiraling Infinite Chaos (HPGD Productions) Just bone chilling death metal that will send chills up and down your spine. Riffs that will rip and tear at your body and vocals from the fiery pits of hell. Darrell the singer, totally sings his balls and heart out on this and his vocals are top notch and I felt the power and fury of his voice as this played. The production is solid on this as well and the guitar sound just crushes and the speed and intensity just will tear you to shreds. Info:

CYRENCE/The Hospital (Self Released) Some decent thrash metal with plenty of catchy hooks and the band mix the speed and slower parts quite well. The singer has a good, solid thrash metal voice and none of that tough guy stuff and he just has a good aggressive tone to his vocals. The guitar crunch is right where it needs to be and this also doesn’t sound like every other thrash band on the planet as they have their own sound. The tunes on this were catchy thrash metal numbers that I quite enjoyed. Info:

DOGHOUSE SWINE/Fearless (Manta Ray Records) Oh now this was down and dirty, just plain ass kicking rock n roll that smoked me. This blows away all this nu rock n roll shit that passes itself off as rock. Just tons of catchy at hell hooks and vocals had me grinning from ear to ear as this played. This band just keeps it simple and it works for them just like a band such as AC/DC, who happen to be my favorite band. The songs on here are big time memorable and the tunes on this just will have your head moving or toes tapping in no time and the singer his voice fits the music perfectly. This is not overly produced and the band just have the right sound on this and I enjoyed this big time. Great job on this. Info: or

Vanhelga: Ångest (Folter Records) Some of the worst black metal I have heard in ages. A bunch of senseless, worthless noise with shitty vocals. Oh the band incorporates nice slow mellow parts too. This is getting flushed down the toilet. Complete garbage.

Demoncy/Empire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion (Forever Plagued) This is a re-issue of this release that came out in 2003 and was a full band effort and now just one guy re-recorded it. Well it should not have re-recorded it because this is fucking garbage man. Your whisper vocals are a joke and the songs are just pure shitty black metal. The songs there is nothing to them and they are boring and dude wake up and smell the coffee and find a singer and a band and give up as you suck.

DEATHHAMMER/Evil Power (Hells Headbangers) A few bands do it right there days and unlike the garbage from above, this totally crushes. A pure 80’s thrash metal delight with vocals that crush, rip and destroy. The feeling that oozed out of this was unreal. The songs are catchy, nasty, down and dirty 80’s thrash like the old Razor stuff. Even the production retains that old school feel, which totally rules. Easily one of the best releases of the year so far. Info:

ANEMIL HERETIC/The Reckoning (Self Released) This is good heavy metal band that has a bit of doom (think Sabbath) and some pounding thrash in the mix as well. The tunes have that crunchy guitar sound I crave and the singer has a good, solid voice to boot. The band also has more of an old school 80’s thrash sound to their music as well. The songs are catchy and don’t drag on as well. This was recorded live in a studio and easily sounds good and this is better than a lot of signed bands I get stuff from. This band is playing metal the right way that’s for sure. Info:

MORTHUS/Into Oblivion (Self Released) 4 tracks of solid death/black metal that is like some old Morbid Angel mixed in with some black metal. The only thing I didn’t like was when the band went into the deep growl vocals from time to time; otherwise this was a solid effort. The fast parts totally crush and had me playing air drums. The songs are very catchy, fast and pack a wallop. The production is good and solid as well. Info:

SKITZO/Dementia Praecox (Self Released) This is the 19th release of this band!!! This is a mix of new tunes and some obscure cover tunes from of this band’s favorite bands they played with back in the day and these are bands I never even heard of as I assume these were mostly just demo bands from CA. The Skitzo stuff totally crushes as they lay to waste all the posers with their wicked thrash sound that can’t be slowed down or stopped. The cover tunes are wicked cool as some of the bands they do covers of are Cerebral Hemorrage, Born in Hell, Mindless Corruption, and PCP. This totally is a wicked release of Skitzo thrash that isn’t all that groove thrash, no this is the way thrash is meant to be played and this is one of my favorite release of the year so far. Info:

TRIPOD/Nevermind This Black Album (Self Released) This band play trippy almost grunge rock, but it is just so catchy with the music and the incredible singer I was sucked right in. This was not boring at all and it was just the songs winning me over big time. It does sound like Nirvana at times and the songs just sucked me in. The guitar sound is unreal and just catchy songs galore on this and this also is fresh and not sounding like every other band on planet earth too. Awesome release.

MR. POLLACK/Black Hawk (Metal Mind Productions) Just some ass kicking rock n roll that is rare these days. None of this modern rock sound on this. The tunes are straight forward rock tunes  Night Ranger was a band that came to mind as this played and the band just writes and plays ass kicking rock with a wicked guitar sound and a singer with a set of pipes that sounded good to these ears. Most of that stuff played on the radio these days calling itself rock n roll can be flushed down the toilet, but not these guys. One of the few bands  I have heard playing rock n roll the right way. Info:

J.D. OVERDRIVE/The Kindest Of Deaths (Metal Mind Productions) This was decent, but it had a bit of that new rock and groove metal sound I am not a fan of. The tunes are catchy and the singer doesn’t have a bad voice, but this is just not my thing. Now they are better than some of the other bands I have heard, but this is just not my thing. Info: