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UNDER ATTACK/High On Metal The Aftermath (Iron Blood & Death) Total raw pounding thrash metal with vicious vocals and high pitched screams that brought back memories of Agent Steel at times. The songs are based around simple, but total crushing riffs that will have any headbanger in them love this. I adore the guitar sound and the songs are just so catchy you can’t help, but fall in love. The singer has sings with such passion and fury and then he throws in these killer squeals at times that I liked a lot. Thrash metal at its finest. Info:

WEAPONIZER/Same (Iron Blood & Death) Holy shit is this thrash metal from hell. A total chainsaw pounding into oblivion. Sextrash is a band that comes to mind at times as this played on. The vocals are a total windfall of death and are a bit more in a vein of a band such as Sodom and there is a “Sodomy and Lust” cover the band do by Sodom that totally shreds. Production is nice and raw and I loved every note of this. Info:

EXCRUCIATE/Rites Of Tortures (Iron Blood & Death) This was decent black metal at best, but they just aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been done to death in the black metal scene. The songs just sound like a million other black metal bands I have heard over the past 20 years. The singer isn’t bad and at least the band doesn’t play a million miles an hour every second. Not bad for what it is. Info:

THORNSPAWN/Istidra/Sacreligous Luification Split cd (Iron Blood & Death) Thornspawn return with 4 crushing tracks of a pure black metal attack that satan would love. Riffs that rip into you and vocals that make your spine shiver. This is the way black metal should be played. Istidra play decent black metal. I didn’t like the low death metal growls the band use at times and the songs aren’t as strong as Thornspawn’s as Istidra just offer up at best average black metal whereas is Thornspawn just total blast you into oblivion. Info:

DEVIL LEE ROT/Doom Devilution (Iron Blood & Death) A purely god awful release of some music that would put anybody to sleep. It is a one man band/project with session musicians. The music just has nothing to it. No catchy riffs or songs at all and the singer is terrible. He sings in almost a haunting voice and the songs are flat as a pancake. Nothing good about this at all and is easily one of the worst releases of the year. Info:

EXORDIUM MORS/The Apotheosis Of Death (Iron Blood & Death) Boring death metal that did nothing for me. The songs were just flat and there was nothing exciting or worthwhile at all. The singing was nothing special neither. This just didn’t have anything to me that was interesting at all. Info:

IRON REAGAN/The Tyranny of Will  (Relapse Records) This was total old school blasts of hardcore, but I didn’t think the songs were strong and this pretty much bored me. The singer has a strong voice and he shouts out the vocals with a fury and passion, but I just wasn’t feeling the songs as they kind of just went by me and this just didn’t do it for me I’m afraid. Info:

NUM SKULL/Ritually Abused – Reissue (Relapse Records) This came out way back in the 80’s and now this is seeing the light of day thanks to Relapse. This is some kick ass thrash metal with tons of great hooks and speed that will make any old school metal fan smile. The vocals are sort of death metal in style with wicked screams to boot. I love the guitar sound on this and this band got overlooked big time way back when, but here is a chance to hear this band over 20 years later. A must get. Info:

Villainy/Villainy I (Hammerheart Records) Some wicked metal with memorable songs and not just a bunch of fast pic riffing and screechy generic vocals. The band mix in styles of black, thrash, doom, and death metal and they make it work. The songs are big time catchy and I love the singer he has a thrash metal sort of voice and he sings his balls off on this and I loved his voice. The songs will just blow you over with their power and catchiness I assure you. Great release. Info:

PHOBIATIC/Fragments Of Flagancy (Unundeux)This just sounds like any other faceless death metal band out there that is doing anything exciting. They play fast and the singer growls and they have those generic breakdown mosh parts and this was pretty bad. Info:

Septycal Gorge/Scourge of the Formless Breed (Comatose Musi) Worthless generic death metal with the cheesy blast beats and cup the mic, lower than low vocals. Info:

WILL THE THRILL/Sorry To Disappoint Ya (Self-Released) Some kick ass classic heavy metal with great vocals and just great tunes. The riffs on this will have your toes tapping and head moving and the singer has a great melodic voice and he fits the music perfectly. This isn’t shitty retro metal band neither. Think Judas Priest and Scorpions before they got really bad. This band easily holds the heavy metal flag and this is one great release.

AUDREY HORNE/Pure Heavy (Napalm Records) An absolute blast of pure rock n roll that blew me away. Riffs that you can nod and headbang along with some melodic vocals that are so fuckin great it isn’t funny. I was thinking the great Thin Lizzy when I heard this. The guitar tons and sound on this is 2nd to none. The songs just rule and all on this are great. No groove, no nu metal, just a pure rock n roll delight. Info:

Oblivionized/Razoreater/Let It Die/"This Is S.O.A.N." Live (Witch Hunter) A 3 way sonic blast of pure grind. I am not a big fan of grind, but at least this was all just a wall of noise like some bands are. The coolest part is this is a few download and shit if that isn’t a cool thing, then what have you been smoking. Again for grind it isn’t bad and hell it’s free so check it this shit out. Info:

Rigor Mortis/Slaves to the Grave (Rigor Mortis Records) Yes this is the same band that was around back in the 80’s and got back together a few years ago and played a few shows and then broke up in 2012 when band member Mike Scaccia suffered a heart attack on stage and died. The band had been working on a new album and unknown to the band Mike had went in and finished his parts for the album and now here it is. This is a fantastic thrash metal record with some crushing speed parts and riffs that will give your neck a workout. The singing is a pure thrash metal dream as there is no tough guy crap or low cup the mic crap, just hard aggressive vocals that crush. Excellent production on this as well. This is a pure thrash metal release that any fan of thrash will want in their collection. I loved this.

GORMATHON/Following The Beast (Napalm Records) Awful songs that bored me as this is some terrible metal. No strong riffs at all and this will put you to bed. The vocals are even funnier as the band uses many styles, almost death metal like at times with those chanted chorus like vocals that power metal bands use ha ha. It is like the band drags every cliché in the book. This band sucks. Info:

Pestilential Shadows/Ephemeral (Séance Records) I will say this about this band, even though they sound like a million other black metal bands I have heard, this really crushes. I think part of it is the singer just has a crushing black metal voice and he sounds like the real deal. The music is mostly that fast pic riffing style, but I don’t give a shit as this really dragged me in and won me over. The intensity this band use and just the overall feeling and power is what makes this different from a bunch of other bands that do this style. Info:

Saille/Eldritch (Code 666 Records) God awful black metal with songs that totally sucked and vocals that were pure rubbish. The boring, heard it a million time pic riffing with no feeling sucked as well. Junk. Info:

The Hole/A Monument to the end of the world (Necromance Records) Just what we need another lets sound like ever generic death metal band out there band. Cannibal Corpse Jr is what we have here. Info:

EXOTO/Beyond The Depths Of Hate ( Vic Records) Boring thrash metal with just tired, recycled riffs and screeched vocals. This just did nothing to excite me as the songs were flat and lame and this had nothing of value on it in my eyes and ears at all. Another case of heard it a million times before and then some. Info:

Obscure Burial/Ephiphany (Invictus Productions) 4 tracks of some raw, crushing black metal that sounded good to these ears. This is some down and dirty black metal that just crushes. I love the singer as his voice is evil and he sings with conviction and doesn’t sound like he is out in the woods. The production almost has an 80’s feel to it, which was fine by me and this being a demo makes it all the more better. This is the way black metal should be. Raw, evil and to the bone. Info:

ESCAPETOR/FEAR (CRIME RECORDS) Some kick ass old school thrash with those bay area gallop riffs that I love to death. This had plenty of those and I was head banging right along with each and every song. The singer has a strong voice and he fits the music well as he bashes out the lyrics and no tough guy crap neither. Glad to see some bands know how to play thrash metal the right way. Info:

Lavatory/Morbid Terror (Pulverised Records) This was just another faceless death metal band that didn’t do much for me. The songs just lacked quality and the singer wasn’t bad, but the songs were tired, boring and old sounding. Info:

SSSHEENSSS/Strapping Stallions (Soulseller Records) Boring rock n roll that did nothing for me. The singer was ok and sang with some soul and melody, but the songs just did not connect with me and I kept waiting to hear a killer riff or something that would at least have my toes tapping and I heard nothing of the kind. Info:

SGUAGUARAHCHRISTIS/Der Nacht (This Winter Will Last Forever / Paige) Boring heard it a million times before black metal that goes nowhere fast. The band play the same ole pick riffing style with an awful drum sound. They play fast and then slow with a singer sounding like he is out in the woods. Been done a million before and done better. Info:

Deserted Fear/Kingdom of Worms (FDA Rekotz) Another faceless death metal band that just sounds like so many others I have heard. They play fast death metal with a few slow parts here and there and they just don’t do anything exciting as the songs just go by with like a nothing feel to it. Info:

Whore of Bethlehem/Upon Judas' Throne (Self Released) Yet another faceless death metal band that just plays death metal that has been done to death. The 2 styles the singer does (the cool low growls and the shrieks) are a hit and miss as the growls are cool, but the shrieks are a waste of time. The band play fast and slow and this is just a case of heard it a million times before and then some. Info:

Nuclear Perversion/Desolation Rituals (Iron Bonehead) This was some damn fine death/black metal as the songs didn’t bore me and vocals weren’t childish. The singer sings in a death/black metal voice as well as he sings with some conviction and feeling. The songs are fast blasts of death/black metal with a pretty crushing guitar sound and the speed and intensity were right where they need to be and the songs were memorable and catchy too and I was even playing air drums at times. The production is right on the money as well. Info:

HELLRAISER/Revenge Of The Phoenix (Self Released) A total ass kickin band that sound to me like early Riot, who I love. Great riffs that are catchy as hell and a singer, who sings his balls off and he is great on the ears and he puts his heart and soul into every word. This band plays rock n roll with a touch of metal and this to me is what rock should sound like, not all that crap on the radio these days that passes for rock. The production and the guitar sound on this are perfect and this is just an awesome release. Info:

Barrow wight/Power From The East  7” (Dying Victims Productions) The 1st track on this totally blew me for a loop as I thought I was hearing Venom’s “Black Metal; again. The sound was raw and nasty the way I like it and the singer even has a little Cronus in him, but this is no Venom copy band. This band plays down and dirty total old school black metal and the tunes raged on this and I want more. I love the guitar sound and just the overall vibe of this too. Info:

BOMBNATION/Night Invasion CD (Prc Music) Some wicked old school thrash metal here that dulled my ears. No groove and no happy riffs on this. Just 80’s style thrash and heel 80’s style production too. Head spinning riffs on this had my neck moving in no time and the singer just pounds out the lyrics with intensity and a fury. Hell this could have come out in 1988. I hear a little Agent Steel and Gammacide in this music wise. Tons of catchy riffs that will have any fan of quality thrash metal smiling I know I was. Info:

THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE/Piling Up (Selfmadegod Records) This was ok, but it just another case of a death metal that plays death metal the right way, but they are bringing nothing to the table I haven’t heard a million times before and this didn’t impress me much. The singer has a decent voice, but the music is just kind of there and did nothing for me. This to me is just another one of the many faceless death metal bands making the rounds these days. Info:

HOD/Book Of The Worm  (Arctic)  This band rips through a solid set of black metal on this. The tunes just crush and the riffs send chills down my spine and are just the real deal. The singer totally gets it as this is no 3am in the woods singing and he sings his satan heart out on this. The speed parts are totally insane and will rip your brain out. I love the guitar sound and the production on this as well. A total crushing release of black metal not to be missed. Info:

ZOM/Flesh Assimilation (Dark Descent Records) Noisy, gow-awful black metal with buried vocals. This was absolute garbage and this is one bad black metal band. Info:

Revocation/Deathless (Metal Blade Records) Decent at best death metal with a bit of groove to it. I am not a fan of the screaming emo vocals though. The songs itself aren’t bad as the band throw some thrash in the mix and other that some of the groove parts here and there the music is fine. I like the guitar sound and the speed the band use as well. This is kind of hit and miss with me. Info:

Horrified/Descent Into Putridity  (Memento Mori) Some crushing total old school death metal with twisted riffs that will easily bring you back to the 80’s. The singer sounds like he is on his last dying breaths as he spews out the lyrics. Think bands like Grave and Asphyx as this plays on. The production on this totally rules and the guitar sound is unreal. This is death metal the way it should sound and be played period. Info:

HELLDORADOS/Lessons In Decay (Massacre Records) Decent rock n roll with a down and dirty edge to it. The singer has a sort of Bon Scott voice to him and the music is just bluesy rock n roll with some ok riffs attached to the band. I was nodding along to a few of the riffs and the band isn’t doing anything that I have not heard time and time before, but there is not many bands out there doing this thing and they aren’t bad for what they are doing. Info:

SINGULARITY/Same (Self Released) Oh was this just plain awful. The trigger drums, the stupid singing (death metal growls and then lower than low parts), the attempts at being technical are a total joke too. No strong songs as this was ready to put me to bed rather quickly. Like a bad version of Dream Theatre playing generic death metal. Info:

POSTMORTEM/The Bowls Of Wrath (War-Anthem Records) Yes this is not the US band that was around many moons ago. This is just generic death metal with limp wristed riffs and songs that go nowhere fast and has been done to death and then some. This brings nothing to the table expect a bad meal. Info:

VARATHRON/Untrodden Corridors of Hades  (Agonia Records) Haven’t heard these guys in a while and here they are back with a new release. This is just punishing black metal that hits hard and fast. No 3am in the woods vocals, these are tingling to the bone black metal vocals my friends. The music is a mix of slower parts and then into hyper speed the band goes. The songs take you on a roller coaster ride and are quite excellent and this is another strong release from this band and they show these generic bands how it should be done. Info:

A Breach of Silence/The Darkest Road (Eclipse Records) I am not a big fan of all this groove stuff or stuff that passes as metalcore these days. That being said this is actually one of the few bands I can tolerate. The singer has that tough guy style down and he is not as bad as most of these other singers, but the big difference is the music. The riffs and songs on here are damn crushing and catchy and don’t sound like every other groove band on planet earth. I like the guitar sound and the songs just crush. Wicked solos as well and the production is solid as well. A good release worth checking out. Info:

CROWN OF SCORN/Agenda 21 (Black Legion Records) Some very well played death metal with some blistering riffs and killer vocals to boot. The songs will have you head banging in no time and I like the guitar tone this band has and uses. The production is good and solid and this doesn’t sound like a million other bands and plays death metal the right way I can tell you of that. I also love the speed on this too. A kick ass release of death metal. Info:

GRIM LEGION/Unholy Resurrection (HPGD Productions) This is a pure old school underground delight. This is low tuned death/doom at its best. Sort of Celtic Frost/Grave meets Autopsy. The vocals are a pure death metal delight and are in a class of their own. I love the guitar sound and the tunes on this just blow most death metal bands away. Your neck will be in a work out from this is no time. This is death metal the way it should be played and no clean vocals, no groove and no generic crap is on this period. One of the best releases of 2014. Info:

THE ERKONAUTS/I Did Something Bad (Self Released) Some very good metal with an industrial feel to it. Very catchy riffs and the melodic vocals on this totally rule. These songs will have you nodding your head and tapping your toes as they suck you in with their power and emotion. The singer sings with a ton of emotion and that makes this band stand out in my book. The singing along with just good songs make this band a winner in my book. Info:

DICKLESS TRACY/Paroxysm Of Disgust (On Parole) Some solid death metal here with some lighting riffs and speed that will have that head moving. The band mix up the speed and slower parts and my ears quite enjoyed it. The guitar sound is how death metal should be big time. I would say this sounds a bit like Autopsy at times in the slower parts and more of an Incantation/Immolation sound when they speed up. The singer has a solid death metal voice as well and the production is right on the money as well. Info:

Blindeath/Into The Slaughter (Earthquake Terror Noise) Oh some wicked 80’s style thrash with tons of bone crushing songs and riffs that will give your neck a work-out. The band is a total crossover outfit with some of the tunes having an old hardcore edge to them as well. The singer sort of sounds like Mike from Suicidal and John from Nuclear Assault and the songs are just blast after blast of pure thrash metal the way it should be played. This one of the best thrash bands I have heard in years.

Warmblood/God Of Zombies (The Spew Records) Ah some crushing death metal that ripped my guts out. Riffs from hell and speed and intensity to match. I love the guitar sound this band gets and they play death metal that takes you and pounds you into submission. No groove and generic death metal singing on this. Info:

Doombringer/The Grand Sabbath (Nuclear War Now! Productions) This was just a bunch of to me generic black metal mixed in with some doom metal and it bored me pretty much at times. The songs were flat and unexciting to me. There was nothing to this at all. Just kind of here and there and just dragged on. Info:

Inquisitor/Walpurgis - Sabbath Of Lust (Hammerheart Records) This originally came out in 1996 and now Hammerheart is re-issuing it with bonus tracks. This is just heart pounding speed/thrash metal with those lighting riffs I love. The speed is intense and it is all over the place on this. The singer screams his balls off and he is intense as intense can be. He reminds me of Tony from Whiplash as times. This also doesn’t sound like a million other bands as well and gets a horns up from me. Info:

OBITUARY/Inked In Blood (Relapse Records) This to me was a band going through the motions. This wasn’t anything special and the songs were ok and nothing on this blew me away. John Tardy’s vocals are excellent on this though and he sings his balls off and his voice still sounds fantastic after all these years. There just wasn’t any songs that grabbed me by the throat or knocked me off my feet so to speak. This didn’t suck, but it was nothing mind blowing and the band still deliver death metal, but too many mid paced tunes for my taste. Info:

Lord of Pagathon - Nekros Philia (Woodcut Records) Same old pic riffing fast black metal with those screeched vocals that I have heard 50,000 times over the years. This was awful and there is nothing on this that is of value.

Bhleg/Draumr Àst (Nordvis) More of the same crap as the above band. Raw, childish black metal with no feeling behind it. Just pic riffing with hilarious black metal vocals that satan would run from. The songs are awful and all this is, is pic riffing and screeches into a mic. Info:

UNKURED/Mutated Earth (Self Released) This to me was just a faceless thrash/death metal that didn’t do much for me. There was no killer riff or riffs and the band just did nothing to separate itself from the way too many other bands out there. The songs didn’t suck, but there was nothing special about them neither. They just kind of went by and after each song was over it was just a nothing feeling. This was not very impressive at all.

TIMEWORN/Luminescent Wake Some wicked death and thrash metal as it is sort of Entombed if they played thrash metal. Punishing riffs that are catchy and will have your neck moving. The vocals are great as well as he sings with a ton of feeling and passion and the vocals don’t sound forced. The guitar tone they get is awesome as well and this gets a horns up from me. Info:

CHAOS/Violent Redemption (Transcending Obscurity) A pure thrash metal delight with no groove and no generic vocals. The riffs are big time catchy and had my neck moving in no time. My neck was moving right along to each tune that is for sure. I love the guitar sound on this as well. The singer just has a solid, powerful thrash metal voice and he sounds great with the music. This is thrash metal the way it was meant to be played. Info:

ENCOFFINATION/III Hear Me O Death (Selfmadegod Records) This band return with their 3rd release and once again they punish and crush me into little pieces. This is so crushing and so unreal it isn’t funny. The slow, brutal, doom riffs cut me in 2 and then the vocals absolutely destroy me. This is a lethal combo of death and doom not to be missed I assure you. The guitar sound is unreal and the songs just suck you in and keep you there until the last note is played. When doom metal is played right I love it and this is easily played right and this band for the 3rd time totally own me. The best parts of doom and death metal combined to be a force to be reckoned with. Info:

BLACK DAWN/Until We Meet (Self Released) Very solid heavy metal is what is found on this disc. Chunky, blasting heavy metal riffs with no groove and no glam crap around at all. This is solid heavy metal with your fists being held high metal. I like the thick guitar sound and the songs are heavy and catchy and this is a band playing solid straight forward metal that not many bands are doing these days and I liked what I heard. Info:

ANEMIC HERETIC/Chemical Tomb (Self Released) Some decent raw thrash is on this demo. The production has the raw sound of a bunch of demos I used to review back in the day and it was fine by me. The music is mid paced older style thrash that didn’t sound bad to my ears. The singer has a nice, solid voice and he sings with aggression and power and not like in a tough guy style and hopefully he won’t go down that route. The band mix in some acoustic parts in the tunes here and there which didn’t sound out of place. I would like to hear some more speed next time, but the band are on the right track with their music so far and thank god no groove and no cup the mic vocals. Info:

FRACTURED SPINE/Songs Of Slumber (Inverse Records) The music on this is very weird and different and in some cases it would make for a boring band, but not this band. The tunes take you up and down on a highway with lots of hills and emotions and that is what sucked me in, the emotion of the songs and I did not want this to end. Some of the black metal style singing I wasn’t too keen on and thank god it is not used a lot, but this is fresh and original and I liked it. Info:

FRACTURED SPINE/Memoirs Of A Shattered Mind (???) Album # 2 from this band and this is more doomy from the above release, but is still weird and still takes you on a roller coaster ride. I didn’t like the clean vocals they use at times, but I am not a fan of clean vocals. The production is excellent and all the songs just take you on a ride that you don’t want to get off. Both releases are very different in some ways, but both suck you in that’s for sure. Info:

BLACK DAHLIA/Fragments (Areasonica Records) This is a band with a sort of modern rock sound, but unlike many bands that are playing this these days, this band is quite good. The band plays catchy tunes that don’t sound generic and I love the female singer they have. She belts out the lyrics with a passion and power and she fits in really well with the band’s sound. This is easily one of the best rock bands I have heard this year as most of the crap my wife listens to in the car is garbage. Perhaps XM Radio should find this cd and play it. Info:

KURNUGIA/Same (Psychoslaughter Records) Got a 7” from this band and the band plays some powerful death metal. Think Incantation and Immolation. The 2 tunes I got on this just rip as the speed will tear into you and the singer totally crushes as he spews out the hate with a fury and he sounds like Ross from Immolation at times, which works for me as Ross is one of the best death metal singers period. Intense death metal is the ticket here. Info:

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GRAVES OF NOSGOTH/Dr Fausten (Qua Rock Records) Oh was this some god awful death metal with grunted vocals with no power and clean opera female vocals which had me running for the stop button. The songs just dragged along with nothing to them. No catchy riffs and nothing in the music at all is good. The music is just a bunch of nothing. Info:

GABRIELE BELLINI/30 Years (Qua Rock Records) The 1st song on the disc is a new song by this guy and it is pure crap. No killer riffs and a faceless tune all the way. Now there are 17 other tunes and some go back into the early 90’s and all the way up to 2012 and they are a million times better. This guy plays a mean ass guitar and the riffs on these tunes totally crush. Heavy as hell and catchy too. The music is rock n roll with a metal edge to them. Solid singing on this as well. Production is solid and this is just ass kicking rock n roll all the way. Info:

QUA’ ROCK/Shots (Qua Rock Records) This is a comp cd of a bunch of different bands. Some good, some bad and some better than good. Alessandro Magnisi offered up a Dream Theatre type of song that I loved. Most of the bands on here offer solid rock and metal tunes, but some such as Praeteritum with those female opera vocals I could do without. More hit than miss on this though. Info:

SPELLED MOON/Forsaken Spells (Self Released) I got 3 tracks of some tasteful metal with some breath taking vocals by singer and guitar player Andy Sarcone, who plays a pretty mean guitar as well. The songs just sucked me in and Andy sings with such passion and feeling and he does the same with his guitar playing as well. The songs are catchy as hell and will just take you on a ride you don’t want to get off. Not many bands around doing this style and this is a welcome release from all the sound like every other band on planet earth stuff. Info:

SICKNESS: Plague (Mastermind Records) While this breaks no new ground this is some solid straight ahead death metal that hits hard and fast. Fast blasts (not that stupid tin can crap) and furious riffing will have your neck moving. No generic vocals and no cup mic vocals or clean vocals. The singer sound like a death metal singer should. Production is good and this is a double album so you get 19 songs of death metal madness.

ORDER OF THELEMA/Demo 2014 (Self Released) Oh this is some really good doom/black metal that combines the best of both styles and this was very cool and different. I loved the vocals except for the clean parts, but as always that is me. The doomy parts are not boring nor were they putting me to sleep. The band sets a mood and the music sucks you in. The black metal parts aren’t generic and no 3am in the woods singing neither. A very cool band that mixes 2 different styles and mixes them rather well. Worth checking out for sure. Info:

MEDUSA/Headcase’s Headbook (Self Released) This was kinda poppy rock/metal, but I kind of dug it as the songs were catchy and I liked the singer’s voice and he fits what the band is doing. The tunes are rock n roll with a poppy edge to them and the songs are catchy and will have your toes tapping. I liked this as the songs are just too catchy not to get into. Info:

VAR/Level 6 (Parat Magazine) Boring thrash metal with gruff vocals. He sounds like a bad version of Max from Sepultura. The music is just faceless thrash that goes nowhere fast and the music pretty much bored me. No killer or exciting riffs that will make my neck want to move. The band doesn’t play modern thrash thank god, but again there is no quality of music here at all. Info:

DIPHTERIA/Kdo Nasype Ptackum (Neonarcis Records) This was some pretty bad death metal with beyond bad vocals. There are 2 singers one does low growls, which amount to nothing and the other guy screeches and yells into the mic. There was nothing at all convincing on both fronts of the singing. The music is faceless death metal that is easily forgettable after each song is over. Just a bunch of blah, blah blah. No memorable or catchy riffs at all and you combine with god awful vocals, you got one hell of a bad band. Info:

PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR/Words For Empty Spaces (Neonarcis Records) Some decent death metal with bits of grind thrown in the mix. The singer sings his balls off and he is so chaotic in his vocals delivery that I love it. The music is not a bunch of generic death metal and I like dark sound the band uses and the fast parts will smash you head on like a truck. I like the guitar tone the band use as well and this just clicked with me on all cylinders. Production is also right on the money as well. Info:

MASS IDOLATRY/Impure (Neonarcis Records) This band offer up some punishing death/grind that I was into. The singer sings his balls off and he sings with tons of intensity and feeling and just doesn’t scream and screech and I was totally into his singing. The music is a total all-out assault on your ears with tons of fast, blasting parts with some slow parts thrown in to let you catch your breath. This didn’t come across as a wall of noise and the riffs were catchy and the speed parts had me playing air drums. Production is good and the guitar and drum sound were on the money. No tin can drum sounds here. Excellent band and the speed will destroy you. Info:

PUTRID OFFAL/Suffering (Kaotoxin Records) A total face ripping display of some crushing death/grind metal that just beat me into submission. The sound this band gets is amazing and the drum sound pounded me into the ground and the guitar sound had my neck working overtime. The vocals aren’t just a bunch of screams and growls as the singer, sings his balls off and his death metal vocals crush. Easily one of the best death/grind bands I have heard in years. Info:

MARTELO NEGRO/Equinócio Espectral (LP 2014) (Helldprod Records) Some rip roaring old school thrash with some old school black metal sounds creeping in as well. Very catchy riffs and they are heavy as hell of course and the singer totally rules as he sings with big time conviction and power and this is easily a must have release. They also don’t sound like a million other band and they to be brought a big meal to the table to be eaten. This bands plays with a ton of feeling as well and if you’re into band like Acheron, Immolation, etc, then this is a band for you no doubt. Info:

WIND ROSE/Wardens Of The West Wind (Scarlet Records) Heard it a million times before symphonic power metal with some awful tunes. I hate the chanted vocals and then the singer sings by himself and it is a mix I am not a fan of. The music is just faceless happy power metal that has been done to death and then some. Nothing of value I found on this. Info:

CENTINEX/Redeeming Filth (Agonia Records) This band returns and returns in a great way. This is some punishing death metal that hits hard and fast. The guitar sound on this is unreal and the power and speed the band use is crushing. No groove and none of that nu metal crap on this. The singer growls out the words like a true death metal singer should and this is easily one of the best death metal releases of the year and is well worth checking. This is a great comeback album from these guys. Info:

SINISTER/The Unborn Dead (7'EP, Vinyl 2014) (Helldprod Records) What a big time disappointment this was. There was no power at all on these 2 tunes and the 2 tune had female vocals on it! The singer sucks he just growls out the lyrics with no power and the songs are just mid paced slabs of nothing. This band used to crush and now they should stay dead and buried. Beyond bad. Info:

Heboïdophrenie/Origin Of Madness (Autoproduction) Bad death metal with nothing interesting to offer. The songs are just faceless and just go nowhere fast and are instantly forgettable after each song ends. Nothing good on this except the singer isn’t bad. Info:

Nervochaos/The Art of Vengeance (Greyhaze Records) Some solid death metal played with a fury and speed at times. Riffs that stick out and speed that had me playing air drums at times. The singer has a solid death metal voice and belts out the lyrics with a fury and passion. The music is a pure death metal delight to listen to and this blows away a lot of the crap that is out these days that is for sure. A pure death metal pleasure to listen to. Info:

Mercyless – Abject Offerings (Great Dane Records) This band is back and they have released a killer album that has a total old school sound and they mix in some sounds of the new Death stuff at times. The singer sounds like Martin van Drunen at times and the music is just a crushing display of death metal played the way it should be. Heavy and brutal like riffs and speed and intensity and song structures that you remember after each song too. This band was around many moons ago and are one of the few bands that when they come back, they do it right. Info:

CHAOS LEAVING STORM/Broken Mirror's (Self Released) This has a nice mix of thrash and a bit of death metal with some wicked riffs that had my neck moving. The singing is a bit more in the death metal vein and the singer has a strong voice as he delivers the lyrics in a punishing manor. I love the guitar crunch which is done in a more thrash style and just hits hard and punishes your ears. This I would say minus the vocals is like Testament in spots and the songs easily won me over and this is one great release. Info: