ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


GRACE DISGRACED/The Primal Cause: Womanumental (More Hate Productions) Beyond bad vocals and songs. There is nothing catchy about them and the guitar sound is weak and the singer is a total joke as is the drum sound on this. Complete crap. Info:

Necuratul/Sanguine Lupus Graves (Forever Plagued) Be glad this is only on tape therefore you don’t have to buy it ha ha. Complete garbage black metal with simple, stupid riffs and the same ole 3am vocals. A total joke. Info:

RAVENSIRE - We March Forward (Eat Metal Records) Pure fist pounding metal with some kick ass vocals. This will remind you of bands like Omen and old Savatage. I’ll take this over any of that nu metal crap or 3am screeching black metal. Riffs that are memorable and catchy too along with some strong vocals to boot. Production is good and solid and you can get this from Stormspell Records as well.

FINAL CONFLICT/Ashes To Ashes (Tankcrimes) This originally came out in 1987 and this is being re-issued and what a killer release of pure hardcore madness. Speedy riffs, screamed (no nu metal crap) pure anger vocals and music to back that right up. Think Agnostic Front, The Cromags, etc. The feeling and overall sound on this is unrelenting and this doesn’t let up till the last note. This is real hardcore, not the crap going around pretending to be hardcore. This could fight off an army of lions. Info:

GOATWHORE/Constricting Rage Of The Merciless (Metal Blade) Holy shit is this how black metal should sound. Total raw riffs played with total perfection and intensity. Vocals from hell itself and he sounds so damn great I can just feel the pure hate and anger in his voice. The songs on this just totally crush and the guitar sound is off the charts. This band has been around a long time and they are back and back in a big way for sure. Info:

Abolition A.D/After Death Before Chaos  (Pulverised Records)  Boring death metal that went nowhere fast. The songs were boring as hell and the singer sucked too. He has a raspy generic death metal voice and he pretty much had me yawning. The songs had no substance and were like a bad milkshake. The tunes had nothing to them and there was nothing on this worth anything. Info:

GREAT WHITE/Saturday Night Special (Collectors Dream Records] This band re do some of their tunes as well as record a few cover tunes and this is a cool release. The band still sound good they were around in the 80’s. They do covers by Journey, Van Halen, Lynard Sknyard and others and they put their stamp on each of the tunes, which to me makes a good cover tune. Overall this is just a great rock n roll release that I plan on playing over and over.

Shards Of Humanity/Fractured Frequencies (Unspeakable Axe Records) Awesome death metal sort of like the newer death material from Chuck before he passed away. Even though it is prog in spots this still more than gets the job done. Crushing riffs along with some cool vocals and a guitar sound out of this world. Pure blast beats that had me playing air drums. Riffs that stick in your head and will have that neck moving. 2 horns up for this easily, Info:

Bastard Sapling/Instinct Is Forever (Gilead Media/Forcefield Records) This sounds like every other generic death metal band out there with the screechy vocals and same boring tunes that literally had me asleep at 1pm in the afternoon. Beyond bad. Info:

ID/Philosofía (Self-Released) Complete heard it a million times before death metal with boring, awful death metal and tired recycled riffs that have been done to death and the low screeching vocals are beyond bad. At least something to the table for god’s sake. Info:

MORTALS/Cursed to See the Future (Relapse Records) Awful black metal with tired riffs that went nowhere. There was nothing to the band as the songs dragged and the vocals at best were average, but the songs just dragged this down big time. Nothing of value on this. Info:

Horrid/Blasphemic Creatures (The Spew Records) This came out a few moons ago and now sees a re-issue and bless be the hearts of real underground fans that this is out. Pure, true to the mold death metal that lays ways to all this generic crap polluting the scene. Also you get an Ep and an unreleased track as well. Just crippling death metal with vocals that will make you shiver into the night. The guitar sound is godly as are the vocals. A death metal masterpiece to say the least. Info:


English Dogs/The Thing With Two Heads (Candlelight Records) I saw this band ages ago at City Gardens and here they are back and you know what. They still deliver the goods. They still play rip roaring hardcore with lighting riffs and nasty vocals and not that tough guy shit and no nu metal or groove around to boot. Just pure old school punk/hardcore that still sounds great to the ears and no new style punk jump dance crap. Info:

STUDFAUST/Where The Underdogs Bark (Soulseller Records) Oh some down and dirty nasty rock n roll that beat and kicked my ass. Riffs that are so old school and raw it isn’t funny. The singer reminded me of the guy from Rose Tattoo and this sounds like it could have come out in 1980. The songs are just damn catchy and each tune memorable and I loved it. No nu metal or some stupid screeching in the woods. Rock in Roll that will have you smiling. Info:

Bane of Bedlam/Monument of Horror (Self Released) Modern thrash metal with those awful throaty like vocals I hate. In the bio they compare themselves to Sodom and Kreator and they are drugs if they think they sound like either band. Faceless modern thrash that goes nowhere fast. Boring riffs, vocals and songs. Info:‎

ENTRAILS/Resurrected From The Grave – Demo Collection (Metal Blade) A total 18 track onslaught of pure death metal with riffs that will tear your skin and vocals from hell. This is this band’s demos on cd and they whip a crushing metal of Swedish death metal not to be missed. Speed parts that will have you playing air drums and riffs that will pound into your head and stay there. Vocals sung the way death metal should. Great release this is. Info:

TWILIGHTFALL/The Energy of Soul (Svarga Music) Very boring bad with uninteresting songs and putrid vocals. The music is flat and pointless and too many slow parts that disinterested in within minutes. The vocals are nothing special and there was nothing in that6 had my perking my ears or eyes and I was ready for bed in the afternoon with this. Info:

UNHERZ/Sturm & Drang (Massacre Records) Boring rock/metal with nothing to offer. Limp wristed tunes with no power and the singer lacks any quality in his voice. The songs are flat and there is nothing memorable about them at all. Pretty boring all around. Info:

ABSYMAL LORD/Storms of Unholy Black Mass (12" MLP) (Hells Headbangers) This is just a mess. It sounds like 4 guys playing different songs and the vocals are a joke. All he does is grunt and growl into a mic and this sounds like a band all on different pages as each person is playing a different song. Pure rubbish. Info:

Insaniter/Same (Self Released) Some decent thrash metal from this band and they play thrash the right way. Choppy riffs and sounds you will find on this sort of sounding like old Death Angel at times especially in the vocals. This is easily 80’s style thrash and that was fine by me. They don’t overdo with speed and the songs were catchy and just had that thrash metal vibe and they aren’t some copycat band. I liked what I heard and look forward to hearing more as long as they stay this way. Info:

H5N1 - Embracing The Pandemic Principle (Self Released) Not much is known about these guys and they wear gas masks. Well good keep them on with your generic death metal with cookie cutter vocals. All he does is growl into the mic and along with awful music make for a not so great band. This is pretty much junk and the gas mask thing is stupid and this band can go in the toilet for all I care. Info:

Cognitive/Same (???) Just another run of the mill death metal band that sounds like 5000 other bands doing the same thing. Typical Cannibal Corpse like death metal with the low vocals, then the even lower vocals and plenty of dance parts to get the groove fan in you going nuts. Bands like this are a dime a dozen. Info:

COLUMNS/Please Explode (Relapse Records) More generic death metal. Boring riffs and wow growl vocals with no feeling and then we go even lower so we sound like a million other bands. The tin can drum sound and groove riffs easily won me over. Another faceless death metal band. Info:

Invidiosus/Malignant Universe (Tridroid Records) More shitty death metal with screeching death metal vocals and then wow, how original, lower than low vocals. Hey those tin can drum sounds are killer. This so bad it isn’t funny. The riffs totally blow and again another faceless band that pollutes the underground. Info:

Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferi/Self Titled (????) This was a weird band for me. There was nothing on this that stood out and made me go ‘wow”, but on the other hand I have to give them props for not sounding like a million other death metal bands out there. This didn’t blow me out of me seat, but also didn’t make me chuckle. The band easily has their own style and doesn’t sound like every other band. I would say a combo of Immolation and Incantation is in the mix. After a few listens this kind of grew on me a bit more and this is def old school death metal played from the heart and no generic crap on this neither. Info:

BURDEN OF GRIF/Unchained (Massacre Records) Some solid melodic death metal with strong riffs and songs and good vocals to boot. The singer belts out the lyrics like a man possessed and the songs are catchy and heavy and held my attention throughout. Just enough speed to keep me happy too. Info:

Diabolical Messiah/Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! LP (Blood Harvest) Total bone crushing death/black metal that knocks you out like a punch in the jaw. Pure heaven (ha ha) vocals and music. Music that flows through you and just oozes that evil sound and style and doesn’t sound forced or generic. Riffs that totally owned me and vocals that satan would give a horns up too. The production lets everything flow nicely and this is a crushing release of death/black metal that a fan of the genre must own, not all this generic crap. Info:

D.A.M./Phantasmagoria (Self-Released) All this has is some classical music riffs from time to time and you mix that in with typical heard it a million times before melodic death metal and you have one crappy project. This didn’t impress me at all and the classical parts sounded forced and the only thing I liked was that the solos were wicked cool and the death metal growls from time to time also sounded forced and the keyboard parts also didn’t worked. This was pretty bad for my ears. Info:

Monumentomb - Ritual Exhumation (???) Total ripping death metal with crushing riffs and death metal vocals to die for. No groove, no jump metal riffs and no cup the mic vocals and no sounding like 10,000 other bands. Just a blasting display of death metal the way it should be and this band took me on a ride that I didn’t want to get off. These songs had me banging away and I was impressed with this. This kicked my ass. Info: or


CHIRAL/ABISSO  (SELF RELEASED) Completely awful black metal  with nothing to it. Just chainsaw type riffs that sound like they came from a 5 year old. Easily one of the worst bands I have heard this year and that is saying something. Info:

JESUS CRØST/1986 (Bones Brigade Records) A total grind assault that wasn’t bad expect for the screeching vocals at times. Thank god no tin can drumming and the fast parts crush too. This is shorts blasts of super-fast grind with some ok vocals and in saying that, this is way better than most of the other grind bands I have heard in the past. Info:

SOS/Strength And Conditioning (316 Productions) I thought this was going to be some jump metal band, but boy was I wrong. This is a garage sounding punk band and I loved it. I love the sound of this band, I love the guitar sound and I love the singer too. He belts out the songs with a passion and he just had me in the palm of his hand. The music is just down and dirty punk rock that will suck you in like an ocean of water and not let you go. Very original sounding too and by track # 2 I was in deep. Great band that is doing something fresh as well. Info:

DIABLERY/Architect (Self-Released) This is just another faceless band this one playing black metal with keyboards. They aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been down 50,000 times before and within minutes I was bored. Just tired riffing and tired vocals that don’t impress me at all. Next. Info:

DARKER HALF/Never Surrender (Self-Released) I am always a sucker for a good riff and this power metal/heavy metal unit got me good. Terrific riffs and melodic vocals won me over and I was hooked and nodding my head to these tunes. The tunes are catchy and the singer has a tremendous voice and he fits the music rather well. Each song had its own identity and the fits fly on this that is for sure. Info:

THE BITTERSOUNDFASE/Paranormal (Entriprize Records) Some raw, down n dirty rock n roll is the ticket here. Sort of like the Foo Fighters in spots. The songs are built around simple, but big time catchy riffs and I was nodding my head along with the tunes. The singer has a good, solid voice and sounds really good alongside the music. The production is also very good and the guitar sound is thick and heavy and this is one of the best rock bands making the rounds that I have heard. Info:

The Shatterbrains/Sick And Wrong (Entriprize Records) This was some bad rock n roll with awful vocals and tunes that went nowhere fast. The tunes were flat as a pancake and they weren’t catchy at all and there was nothing too them as they just dragged along like a turtle. The singer is awful as he has no feeling at all and this was just a complete mess. Info:

STEEL GLASS/Mysterious Beauty (Entriprize Records) This might not be something most people reading this would be into, but this is some total mind blowing prog/jazz that just sucked me in big time and refused to let me leave. The songs are just so catchy and are played with such feeling I was hooked within a minute of this. This totally crushes and if you’re into the prog/jazz style and the playing on this is out of this world. Insane how good this is. Info:

AD PATRES/Scorn Aesthetics (Kaotoxin) Complete garbage with generic death metal with the low and high pitched screams. The music is pointless and dumb and boring. This just sounds like and other generic death metal band out there. Info:

CRYSTAL EYES/Same (Massacre Records) Some tasteful power metal with some damn catchy riffs and impressive vocals. The singer has a nice, solid voice and he puts the pipes to use and he fits in right with the bands power metal sound. Just riffs that will have your head nodding and toes tapping to the tunes on this. This won me over within minutes. Good release. Info:

FORCE OF DARKNESS/Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness (Hells Headbangers) A pure old school delight. This band bangs out 6 crushing tunes of speed metal that totally blew me away. The intensity and feeling this band totally crushes. The guitar sound and vocals are insane. This could have come out in 1985. This blows away all this fake death metal crap I assure you. This tear and rip at your soul and Hells Headbanger’s does it again. A pure metal assault for your ears. Info:

EMBALMER/There Was Blood Everywhere (Hells Headbangers) From the generic shrieks to the tin can drum sound this was pretty band. This came out on Relapse years ago and should have stayed unreleased. Just another 90’s run of the mill tin can trashing death metal band that does nothing new or exciting back then and now. Avoid. Info:

DAY OF DOOM/The Gates of Hell (Lavadome Productions) Beyond awful Suffocation like death metal with shrieks. This was completely worthless and this bands need to go into a hole and stay there. Info:

ALGEBRA/Feed The Ego (Unspeakable Axe Records) Some solid 80’s style thrash done the right way thrash should be. No groove or happy riffing mosh riffs on this. The band def sound like Exodus especially in the riffing and drum sound. The singer has a solid voice and he fits the music and the guitar crunch is massive and I like the drum sound as I was playing air drums along to this as well. As always I am a sucker for riffs and this just had more than I could count. If you love old school thrash as I do then you need this. Info:

ZAUM/Oracles (I Hate) This was total rip roaring doom metal that just sucked me in and sunk me in deep. Crushing riffs that just crushed and I was hanging on every riff. There are 4 tunes on this and all are extra long (one is 14 min) and all 4 were great. The songs are totally depressing as are the vocals and he sings with such feeling that he is perfect for this band. This is what all doom metal bands should sound like. Info:

OCEAN CHIEF/Universums Hard (I Hate) This was a sludge/doom metal band and I wasn’t into this much. The singer has an annoying voice to my ears and the songs aren’t even that heavy and actually are quite boring. There was nothing that my eras took notice of and the songs just dragged on and there was nothing of substance on this at all. Info:

CORRUPTION/Devil’s Share (Metal Mind Productions) This band has had 6 prior releases and this is my 1st time hearing them. The bands bio says they play stoner rock, but I would say this is rock n roll with a blues edge and a bit of stone rock as well. The bottom line to me is this is some ass kicking rock with tons of great, catchy riffs and it is heavy as well. The singer has a gruff voice and he fits the music well and he belts out the lyrics with force and intensity. If your stuff like Kyuss and bands like that, you’ll love this. Info:

KRUK/Before (Metal Mind Productions) This is a rock n roll band and I just didn’t think they were very good. The songs were flat and the singer just seems he tries to sings these songs too hard and he came across to me as fake and boring. I hate the keyboard parts and they to me just bring the band down and make the band mellower and to me that hurts this band. The guitar sound isn’t bad and when the guitars shine and the keyboards fade is when this band sound best. The tunes just didn’t prick my ears up and there is also a bonus dvd of live footage and interviews and stuff as well. Info:

EVIL UNITED/Honored By Fire (MVD Audio) This is this band’s 2nd release and it is quite a release as this contains a ton of metal on it. Crushing riffs, soaring vocals and backed by some pure fist pumping metal that had me smiling. No nu metal, no groove, just straight forward heavy metal the way metal should be. I love the guitar sound on this as it had me banging my head in seconds. Jason the singer has a fantastic voice and he puts it to use on this as he sings with tons of feeling and power to boot. This is just a spectacular metal release and if your into say Judas Priest, then you’ll be doing backflips over this. Info:

HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS/Big Trouble (MVD Audio) When you have a band that features Tim Bogert, Don Airey, and Vinnie Appice you just know it is going to be a good band and this didn’t disappoint. This is like a mix of Deep Purple meeting Vanilla Fudge and considering those were 2 bands 2 of these guys were in, that didn’t surprise me. This is just solid 70’s style hard rock and I loved it. The vocals fit the music perfectly and I love the old moog keyboard sounds this band uses as well. This is a pure rock n roll explosion. Info:

FROSKULL/Same (Self Released) Oh this simply rules. I band that branches out and tries to be different and is different, but what separates them from many other bands is that this band knows how to write and play memorable songs. This was like a combo of progressive metal meeting progressive rock and even throwing in a bit of jazz here and there.  I was blown away. The band sets up such a mood that you can’t help but be sucked in. The singer sings with a ton of feeling and passion and he is perfect for this band. This is easily one of the best releases of this year. I was on a long rollercoaster ride and I never wanted to get off. If you like Rush, Yes, etc you’ll love this as I did.  Info:

MIKE CAMPESE/Chameleon (Self Released) Mike can really play guitar and it shows on this almost hour’s worth of music. While Mike certainly shreds on this, this is not a boring cd at all. There is plenty of melody and isn’t just some I’ll show the world how great I am on guitar release. The songs on this are memorable and he head was moving right along with the music and even a few air guitar licks to boot. There is also some singing on this as well and the song “flashback” is one that sucked me in deep. This has its progressive moments, but it didn’t soar over my head like some other prog bands and not one time on this was I feeling bored or wanting a song to end. Production allows everything to run smoothly and this was just a great listening experience. Info:

PROTOKULT/No Beer In Heaven (Self-Released) Oh this was just awful. The singer just grunts and growls and his voice is awful. The music is faceless and there was nothing nor memorable on this. The clean female vocals and then the lower than low are god awful. The music is sort like modern style death metal with the above style vocals and is just pitiful. Info:

CENTRALIA/Grimoire (Born of Chaos Records) This is some damn fine old school death metal. The band play and write some wicked riffs and I love the speed, intensity and feeling the band get out of the music. The singer sort of reminds me of Mille from Kreator in spots, which was fine by me. The production has an old school feel, which I also liked a lot as well. The band finish things up with a cover of Sodom’s “Blasphemer”. Well worth getting. Info:

BETRAYER/Full Blast (Born of Chaos Records) This was some ok thrash, I just wish there was more of a heavier guitar crunch in the mix as it doesn’t have that ultra crunch that I love from a band like say Havok is doing these days. Thank god there is no groove riffing or nu metal shit in this and the singer has a strong voice and I like his singing style. This is 80’s style thrash metal all the way and the band plays thrash metal the right way and also don’t sound like a million other bands as well.  Info:

OMINOUS/You Created Tragedy (Born of Chaos Records) A total blasting display of punishing death metal with some wicked speed, heart pounding riffs and vocals from hell. The riffs will tear through your skin and make it crawl. This will assault and punish your ears big time. The singer screeches his ass off on this as his vocals totally rule on this. The speed parts had me playing air drums at times as well as riffs having me play air guitar and that guitar sound is insane. A simply great release of death metal. Info:

Unwilling Flesh/Between the Living and the Dead (Eihwaz Recordings) All this to me was 3rd rate Entombed death metal with a horrible singer. The songs lacked quality and again this was just heard a million times before Swedish death metal that did nothing for me and the singing was lousy to boot. Info:

BROTHERHOOD/Till Death (Southern Lord Recordings) This is a re-release of this bands album from back in the 80’s and all their 7” and demo stuff to boot and this is real hardcore. Just pure crushing riffs and shouted/pissed vocals, but not in that generic tough guy style. Songs are short blasts of speed the way it was done back in the day. I had never heard this band before, but this is some damn killer stuff. This is not over produced and this is hardcore the way it was mean to be for sure. Info:

TWILIGHTFALL/The Energy of Soul (Svarga Music) This was some god awful thrash metal that was big time wimpy with keyboards and gruff vocals that went nowhere fast. No catchy riffs at all and the songs were just flat as a pancake. The songs lacked any punch and the singing not impressive at all. This stunk. Info:

STRIKER/City Of Gold (Napalm Records) A crushing piece of thrash metal with tons of great hooks and songs. Very speedy to and that was fine by me. The singer has a more clean voice and reminds me of the singer in Flotsam and Jetsam at times. I love the guitar sound this band gets as everything flows smoothly and I am a sucker for a good riff and this was filled with em. Info:

Funereus/Return of the Old Goat (Forever Plagued)  This is one of the best black metal releases I have heard in a long time. Bone crushing, evil riffs and a great singer who is a perfect example of what a black metal singer should be. He sounds evil and sings from the heart and he is perfect on this. The music is speedy slabs of prime time black metal with riffs that will slice your body up and no 3am forest vocals too. This is something satan would approve of big time. Great release. Info:

Overcharge/Accelerate (Unspeakable Axe) I didn’t like the gruffy punk/metal vocals on this and the music was like a mix of Motorhead meeting rock n roll, but it was just flat and uninspiring. There was nothing catchy on this and the songs just dragged on and there was nothing memorable on this at all I am afraid. A bad mix of metal and punk rock. Info:

P.T.O.M.A./Shit Into Existence (Self Released) Some decent thrash metal with some not so good vocals. The singer has a gruff voice and he just didn’t impress me as he to me just grunts out the lyrics with little power and not enough feeling. The music is a pure thrash metal attack and is played the right way. Solid, catchy riffs with some speed mixed in as well. Production is fine and the guitar sound works for my ears. I just hope this bands sticks with the thrash sound they are playing and doesn’t go off in a nu metal or groove metal direction. And the singing is just my opinion of course, so may like his vocals, I didn’t. Info: or

CRUCIFIX/Remains (Dark Blasphemies Records) This originally came out in 1993 and now is seeing a re-issue via Dark Blasphemies Records. Well if you missed this band or weren’t around back in 93, I urge you get this baby now. A pure death metal assault on your ears. The songs will pulverize your ears as this is death metal the way it should sound. Riffs as heavy as a ton of lead and vocals from hell itself. The singer sings with such feeling and intensity it isn’t funny. The cover of Kiss’s “War Machine” must be heard to be believed as it is a 100% death metal version of the song ha ha. I am sure Gene Simmons would approve. If you love Immolation, Incantation, etc then you’ll love this as I did. Info:

MISEO/Lunatic Confessions (Blacksmith Records) Same heard it 50,000 times before death metal from a band that brings nothing to the table that has been done to death and then some. Pretty boring fast death metal that went nowhere fast and pretty much sucked. Info:

SACROCURSE/Unholier Master (Hells Headbangers) Just a total ripping force of death/black metal that just sucks you in and never lets go. The raw intensity this band gets on this is insane. Vocals from hell and music that isn’t far behind. The chainsaw riffing and speed blasts won me over in no time and I was hooked. This just gets in your fast and never lets up. This is a great mix of death and black metal and it is played the right way not this deathcore shit. I air drummed the shit out of this. Insanity and the guitar crunch and sound is unreal. Info:

Osmium Guillotine/Same (MGR Records) Fuckin A is this some pure kick ass straight forward heavy metal with tons of catchy hooks and songs that are a metal fan’s dream. No nu metal or groove or any deathcore shit on this. Just a pure heavy metal release that Judas Priest would be a fan of. There is a few speedy parts here and there and that was fine by me and this was a nice taste of something different and is heavy metal played and sang the right way. Fans of Omen, Savatage, etc. will eat this up. Info:

DESECRATOR/Live Till Death (Self Released) 8 live tracks of crushing thrash metal with those gallop riffs that I love. These tunes hit hard and hot fast and will smack you around for quite some time. This is pure 80’s thrash metal with great vocals to boot. He sings with total conviction and his voice fits the music. The music is sort of like bay area style thrash kind of like old Testament at times. You want great riffs, strong songs, and vocals to bowl you over, here is your band. Info: or

DESECRATOR/Down To Hell (Self Released) I now get 4 studio tunes from this band and damn they play impressive thrash metal. Those chunky, gallop riffs won me over in no time and throw in plenty of speed and intensity, you won me over. I want more than 4 tunes guys ha ha. The singing reminds me on this of Phil from Sacred Reich at times and this has no groove or nu metal in it at all and it is just 100% pure thrash metal that crushes. Info: or

ARCHITECT OF SETH/The Persistence Of Scars (Great Dane Records) This was some damn fine straight forward death metal that pounds and hits hard. The music is speedy death metal, which I personally love. The singer is great he growls out the lyrics and sort of reminds me of Martin from Pestilence. The production is solid and I love the guitar sound and just the overall vibe this band puts out. Riffs that you can bang your head to and also remember as well. A solid release of quality death metal. Info: or

NEAR DEATH CONDITION/Evolving Toward Exinction (Unique Leader Records) This just sounded like a million other death metal bands to stick out at all from the pack. I know and don’t expect much originality these days, but the songs were flat and the singing all the singer does is growl and there was wasn’t much feeling in his voice. It was just like growling in the mic with no conviction. The band at least isn’t doing groove or nu metal, but they just don’t do anything at all exciting and the singing is bad. Info:

ATARA vs. MISERABLE FAILUR/Hang Them (Kaotoxin) This was some wimpy attempt at grindcore. The songs lacked big time speed and power and the vocals were just grunt after grunt and this pretty much bored me throughout the entire disc. Info:

Angrepp/Libido (Unexploded Records) This was like black metal meeting thrash and it was not a good combo. The songs sounded boring and there was nothing to them that kept me interested at all. The singer didn’t have a bad voice, but the music was pretty much just faceless. Info:

AMERICAN/Coping With Loss (Sentient Ruin Laboratories) Same heard it a million times before, typical fast pic riffing black metal with vocals in the woods at 3am. This fuckin sucked. Info:

Principality of Hell/Fire & Brimstone (W.T.C.Productions) Now this is a fuckin display of black metal played the right way and also a bit of thrash thrown in that blows away that band above. Ripping catchy as heel riffs and vocals that satan as well as myself love. The feeling and style this band play with just owns me. I love the guitar sound and the raw production is perfect for a band like this. The “Strike of the Beast” cover is insane as well. It is done so over the top it isn’t funny. Buy this or fry. Info:

Krieg/Transient (Candlelight Records) Neil is back with a new release and he delivers a punishing display of black metal that is for sure. Vocals that sound like he is getting stabbed or being pricked with a needle as I could feel his pain as the vocals spewed out. The music is raw unrelenting black metal that doesn’t sound like anybody to my ears and that what’s make this special. Just a raw blast of punishing black metal that blows away the fakes and wannabes. Info:

Wömit Angel - Holy Goatse (Inverse Records) Typical heard it a million times fast picking black metal with the same screaming black metal that I have heard to death and then some. This is nothing that hasn’t been done 10,000 times over and better. Info:

Necroholocaust/Holocaustic Goat Metal LP (Iron Bonehead) The music on this is a total death/black metal onslaught that destroyed my ears. I was not a big fan of the cupped mic vocals though. This shit is fast and will smack you down like a ton of lead. Rip roaring riffs and real blast beats are a highlight on this. The vocals, even though I am not a big fan of, I can live with when then music is this crushing and the guitar sound is unreal and this is only out on vinyl I am afraid. Info:

BLOOD GOD/Blood Is My Trademark (Massacre Records) This was some ass kickin rock n roll with a metal edge to it and a singer who sounds like Udo from Accept Musically they aren’t far removed from Udo and Accept. Tons of catchy riffs that had my head banging along to the music. The songs of composed of simple catchy riffs that I enjoyed and the singer screams/sings his balls off and this was a solid release and better than all that generic crap out there that is for sure. Info:

OCTOBER 31/Bury The Hatchet (Hells Headbangers) This is so damn good this is easily gonna be in my top of the 3 when 2014 is done. King sounds so damn awesome on vocals on this as he sings his heart out and fuck this man breaths metal. The music is just a pure heavy metal masterpiece that sounds like no other. The songs are heavy as a ton of bricks and riffs that just ooze metal and speed at times that is over the top and this is such an awesome release it isn’t funny. This is a pure metal fans dream and a groove’s fan worst nightmare. Info:

SEPULTURA/Sepultura And Les Tambours du Bronx: Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio (Eagle Rock Entertainment) I used to love this and now they are just a garbage band playing modern metal not in the right way. They do NO old songs on this and this is just fuckin junk. The vocals are a joke and this is just a complete waste from what this band used to me. Modern groove metal with gruff vocals. Total shit. Info:

Abazagorath/The Satanic Verses (Eternal Death) This band has been around for a damn long time and this band still delivers the goods as this is a solid black metal release. The music is not just all fast pic riffing with screams. The singer has a good black metal voice and he is not singing out in the woods ha ha. His sings with feeling and emotion and the band blast through these tunes with a fury and slow things down to let you catch your breath and then smoother you with speed and intensity. I like the guitar sound on this a lot as well. Well worth checking out. Info:

(Hed)p.e./Evolution (Pavement Entertainment) This band was really weird and that is a good thing as they are not like the typical band. Sort of a mix of Faith No More meeting Pantera. Oh the singer has such a wacked voice and the music is just as warped. It is heavy and chock full of riffs that will rock your brain. This is something you def have to hear for yourself. Very cool and different this band is. Info:

DragonForce/Maximum Overload (Metal Blade Records) Oh this is hit and miss with me. I love the music as it is crushing power metal with fuckin tremendous hooks that sucked me in and I was loving it. The singer has a fantastic voice and he sounds great with this band and he fits the music well. Now the bad part, what the fuck are almost death metal growls doing in with this band as it just ruins it for me. They sound so out of place and don’t fit in with the music at all. This band totally rules except for the death metal vocals. Info:

SOLACE OF REQUIEM/Casting Riun (Vicisolum Productions) This is just run of the mill death metal that doesn’t nothing exciting to separate itself from the 1000’s of other bands doing the same thing. Straight forward run of the mill death metal with screeching vocals, mixed in with normal death metal vocals and then throw in a deep guttural growl (which I hate) into the mix. The songs were nothing special, nothing to get happy or excited over. This didn’t suck, but the band just sound like many of the 100’s of other bands out there doing the same thing and it gets old quick. Info: or

MALRUN/Two Thrones (Vicisolum Productions) Tis band plays groove metal with clean and sort of shouted, aggressive vocals. I am not a fan of this stuff as I don’t like clean vocals mixed in with underground metal. For what this is, I guess it is ok as the songs are pretty catchy and I have many worse bands doing this style. The production on this is good as well. This was good for what it is, but it is not my thing at all. Info: or

THREE SIXES/Know God No Peace (Universal Sign Records) Some nifty death/thrash metal with some crushing vocals to go along with the music. Speed blasts that will crush and hurt you and vocals that will have you on your knees. This band blend thrash and death metal into one lethal combo on this I can tell you that. I love the guitar sound and the real blast beats on this as well. They aren’t also some generic we sound like 10,000 other bands too. Songs and riffs that I remembered after each song was done too. A very strong release and well worth checking out. Info: or

UDI LENY/A Sudden Transaction (Self Released) I am not a big fan of instrumental releases, but when something is as good as this is, mr forbes takes notice. This has one incredible rock n roll tune after another. I know Udi can play the guitar as by his solos on this, but he also writes some incredibly catchy tunes and songs on here are just great rock n roll tunes with some great riffs and song structures. Each song has its own feel and vibe as well. The production is outstanding on this and his guitar tone is just what the doctor ordered and blows away all these modern rock bands I hear on the radio or on You Tube, etc. This is rock n roll the way it should be played.

OVIF/ Demence (Self Released) Some very solid thrash that had me nodding my head at times. Thank god no groove to be found as this is thrash played the right way. The singer reminds me a bit of Chuck Billy at time and the band play up tempo thrash that didn’t sound like a million other bands, which was fine by me. The production is solid and everything flows nicely on this and if bands like Testament, Exodus, etc. are what you like, then you’ll like this a lot as did I. A solid thrash metal band worth checking out. Info:

ROCKA ROLLAS/The Road to Destruction (Stormspell Records) Oh some total kiss ass 80’s power metal with riffs that had my head moving and fists waving high. Christ this sounded a lot like my old boys Deadly Blessing, especially the singer with that high pitched voice he has. His voice is perfect for this music, which is a combo of pure heavy metal with touches of power metal thrown in the mix. Hell this could have come out in 1985. This is not some retro band and they play with passion and fury and this rules. Info:

LECTOR/Bubonic Dawn (Stormspell Records) I wasn’t into this much as it sounded like a Type O Negative style of band and I was not a fan of Type O at all. The riffs bored me and did nothing for me and the singer even sounds like Pete (rip) Steele at times. The songs had no flow to them and just nothing on this was enjoyable at all. Info:

BREITENHOLD/Secret Worlds (Stormspell Records) Total kick ass speed/thrash metal with catchy as hell riffs and a singer who can belt out the songs with passion and fury. I don’t melodic or screeching vocals when done right and this is easily done right. His voice fits right in with the speed metal riffs this band uses. I was into this within 30 seconds when the first riffs began to play as I love the guitar sound and song structures this band has. The production allows everything to flow freely and this is one of the best releases I have heard this year. Info: