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BLOODLUST/Same (Film Chest) DVD-This is a re-issue of this film that was released in 1961. Now some of you younger people may not like this film, due to it not having all the computer type of graphics you see in films nowadays, but I loved this creepy cult classic. The 2 chicks in the film are hot as well. I love old horror films and you can add this to my list. The acting is very good as well and you got to love the outfits from back then ha ha.. A madman goes hunting for human prey when they get stuck on his island is the plot and I liked the whole storyline with this film. Film Chest also offer over 10,000 hours of other classic tv shows, imports and some other goodies I saw when I was on their web site. A fan of classic older horror films would love this. Info:

Scourge/Hate Metal (Greyhaze Records) Below average at best death metal. The songs just pretty much sucked and did nothing for me. The singer was pretty bad and did nothing for me as it was like blah blah blah. The songs just had no kick or emotion to really have me get into. Another faceless death metal band. Info:

MORBO/Addiction to Musickal Dissection (Memento Mori) Solid no fills death metal with solid hooks and great vocals make this a release to get. Swedish like guitar sound on this and the riffs just suck you in and hold you till it is over. The singer pumps out the sounds from his throat with plenty of power and conviction. Good production as well allows everything to flow rather nicely. Easily worth getting. Info:

KARNIVORE/In The Halls Of The Wicked (Lake Of Fire Productions) New style thrash mixed in with some death metal and this was just awful. It has all that new style thrash and the riffs are overplayed and just simply boring. The singer is terrible he sings with no power and no substance. The songs are just flat and useless. Not for me. Info:

Myhrding/Nordens Mörkaste Kapitel (Unexploded Records) Beyond bad black metal with female vocals. The singer is terrible no emotion and sounds like 5000 other black metal singers and the music is even worse. No feeling or anything and just rolls on like a rock down a hill. Info:

CEMETERY LUST/Orgies of Abomination (Hells Headbangers) Oh just some wicked old school thrash metal that blew my head off. Riffs from the depths of hell and vocals from satan’s grave. The speed parts were pure insane and reminded me of possessed, which is fine in my book. The production is right on the money and allows everything to flow and that guitar sound is unreal. One of the best releases of the year so far. Info:

ENABLER/La Fin Absolue Du Monde (The Compound/Creator-Destructor) Bone crushing death metal with riffs that will have your head moving in seconds. The riffs on this totally kill and crush and the singer screams his balls off on this. This band just plays death metal the way it was meant to be played simple as that. Info:

Yass-Waddah/Same (Self Released) Some good black metal that, while not original, more than gets the job done. Good solid tunes with strong riffs and a great singer make this just not another black metal band. The production is good and I like the guitar sound a lot and the overall vibe I got from the 5 tunes on here. Good to hear a black metal band playing and sounding like a black metal band should. Info:
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SPELL/The Full Moon Sessions (Hard And Heavy Records) 5 songs of godly NWOBHM that tore me to shreds. Not many bands doing this style for obvious reasons, but this was like a breath of fresh air and this totally crushed, Awesome riffs and overall songs and a singer with a big set of balls I can tell you that. This is pure fist banging metal all the wall. The guitar crunch I totally dig and the singer just sings with a ton of emotion. Metal rules. Info:

Teitanbood/Death (The Ajna Offensive) Godly speedy black metal that totally crushed my brain into oblivion. Riffs from hell itself and oh my god the singer is totally satan. He sings with such hate and feeling it isn’t funny. This is a tidal wave so prepare for the wave to blast upon you my friends.
INCARNATED/Try Before Die (Self Made God Records) Totally awful death metal with the cup the mic vocals and that annoying tin can drum sound. The speed parts are a mess and this is yet another faceless death metal that adds nothing to the scene. Info:

Maceration/A Serenade Of Agony  (Punishment 18 Records) Another faceless death metal band with tired, generic riffs and vocals. Just another death metal band doing nothing at all that is the least big exciting. Think something along the lines of newer Death material, but nowhere near as good. Info:

Gomorrah/To the Depths (Self-Released) This was some decent death metal that had some good parts and a few generic parts, but in saying that the good parts far outweigh the bad. I love the solos on this and actually the guitar sound is quite good. The singer just kind of sounds like any other death metal signer and that brings this down a tad. The production is good and like I said this band is off to a good start and they also don’t sound like a million other death metal bands as well.
DIOCLETIAN/Gesundrian (Osmose Productions) A punishing display of death/black metal that had me on my knees. Total godly riffs and songs that packed a wicked punch. The speed and intensity this band gets is unreal. Vocals from hell and he sounds so insane and you back that with this incredible music, then you got a band you must hear and get your hands on. Simply put this is a masterpiece of underground metal bar none. Info:

DEN SAAKALD/Tefaen i Helvete (Agonia Records) This sounds like any other black metal band and then they go and inject some groove to the music. It sound so out of place and then the band also tinkers with several different vocal styles that is even worse than the music. This is one of the worst bands I have heard this year. Info:

EMMURE/Eternal Enemies (Victory Records) Total beyond bad groove with the dual vocal crap, the touch guy vocals that are cupped and then clean vocals. The music is pointless and sounds like every other groove band I have heard over the years. Info:

EVIL DAMN/Black Effigy-7" EP (Hells Headbangers) This was pretty bad. The music was weak and was not catchy at all and the drum sound was putrid. The singer sings with no power and sounds fake and the speed parts even made me laugh. A sad attempt at death metal. Info:

SABBATIC GOAT/Imprecations of Black Chaos (Vault of Dried Bones) This was some raw, nasty, pure underground black metal and I loved it. The riffs are catchy and memorable and the singer has an incredible evil voice that fits the music well and he doesn't sound generic or fake. This also doesn't sound like a million other black metal bands neither. This is the walk black metal should be played. Sick and evil and with feeling. Info:

Pest/Buried (Ketzer Records) This band's drummer died in 2012 and since the band did not want to continue without him this is the band's last release. Well this is some raw, pounding death/black metal that got my attention. The music is raw and fast, but the riffs are memorable and I would say the music is more death metal and the vocals more black metal. The singer is ok, he just screams like any other black metal singer, but just doesn’t blow me away, but nor does he suck and sound generic. Shame the drummer died cause this some pretty neat music. Info:

PRAY FOR LOCUST/IN THE SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS (Discouraged Records) Typical groove nu metal with the tough guy vocals that sound like every other band doing this style. God won't these bands just go away? Info:

ICON OF EVIL/Syfilis Mentalis (PRC MUSIC) Some decent old school death metal. I didn't like the dual style of vocals, almost getting to the pig squealing style. The music is a furious blast of death metal that will crush bones. Riffs that are heavy as a ton of bricks and then after you catch your breath they go and hit you with a ton of lead and speed. I love the guitar sound and the production on this too. If they lost of some the squeals they would even be that much better. Info:

WHITE CHAPEL/Our Endless War (Metal Blade Records) I have never heard this band’s music before, but I have heard many things about them. Mostly bad. All this band is, is a more streamlined commercial nu metal/groove metal band with death metal vocals. The singer actually isn't bad and he is easily the best part of this band. Though in saying that, this band is by far and away the best band that is doing this groove metal thing as they write some decent riffs and are much better than any tough guy vocal groove band. Not my thing, but blow all that other nu metal crap away. Info:

VINTERBRIS/Solace (Nordavind Records) Just more run of the mill black metal that sounds like a ton of other black metal bands. The only good parts is the slower parts and the riffs and song structures in those parts are wicked cool, but everything else is same ole heard it a million times from the music right down to the vocals.

Horrid/Sacrilegious Fornication (Dunkelheit Produktionen) This isn’t bad death metal, but there is nothing on it that blew me away and just sounds like the 100’s of other faceless death metal bands I have heard the years. The singer isn’t bad he has a strong death metal voice, but the music is just fast death metal and nothing on it stood out for me. It is like bringing a meal to the table and there was nothing special brought to the table in my ears and eyes. Info:

Rude/Soul Recall (FDA Rekotz) Some crushing death metal with insane vocals on top of it. A little thrash is also thrown in the mix which was fine by me. The singer sounds a bit like Marten from Pestilence, whose voice rules. The music is just crushing old school death metal that more than gets the job done. A mix of early Pestilence meeting Autopsy in a dark alley. The production even captures that feeling from back in the day and all you older fans will know what I am talking about. This blows away all these new bands that think they are playing real death metal. Give this a listen and prove me wrong and on top of everything, they don’t sound a million other bands too. Info:

BLOODHUNTER/Same (Self Released) This yet again was another band that just played tired, same ole death metal with generic riffs and all the singer does is growl into the mic and the slow type of groove riffs was not a welcome sound to my ears neither. Nothing on here impressed me at all and again a case of heard it all before and the before was pretty awful. Info:
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DUST BOLT/Awake the Riot (Napalm Records) Boring thrash metal with terrible vocals. All this is, is a bunch of that nu groove thrash metal crap that I hate. The riffs are far from catchy too. This did nothing for me at all. Info:

Incantation/Dirges of Elysium (Listenble Records) What can I say about this band that hasn’t been said. Hell the band has been around as long as Metal Core if not longer. This is just another slab of insane death metal that is not to be missed. Heavy, crushing, speedy riffs that will turn your neck inside out with pure death metal vocals from the tombs of hell. Brutality is the name of the game on this and this band shows no signs of slowing down and this band keeps the flag of real death metal high and this is a release that you need in your collection. A pure death metal masterpiece. Info:

CHRONOSPHERE/Embracing Oblivion (Punishment 18 Records) Some wicked thrash metal with tons of catchy riffs and speed. I love the songs are they are catchy and backed by plenty of power and speed in the mix. None of this groove crap that some of these thrash bands are out there these days. This hits home like a blast of metallic fury. The singer has a fantastic voice and he is one powerful mother I can tell you that. Riffs that will have your next moving within no time. Not many thrash bands deliver the goods these days, but this band has hit a grand slam. Info:

UNDER THE CHURCH/Same (Pulverised Records) Some decent lowed tuned death metal. Sort of a mix of Entombed meets Autopsy. The vocals are in the vein of Chris from Autopsy and aren’t bad. This actually did get better for me with more listens. The low tuned guitar sounds works for me and the singer has quite the death metal voice. The band mix in some speed on this and those parts totally crush. This is some seriously crushing Swedish death metal that was like fine wine and got better with age. Info:

MICHAEL SCHENKER & FRIENDS Blood Of The Sun (Collectors Dream Records) I love UFO and Michael Schenker is easily one of the best guitar players period, but this was flat as a pancake. On this he has different singers on 10 of the tracks (Sebastian Back. Paul Di’anno, etc), but the songs were weak and boring. This felt like a going through the motions type of cd and the songs just lacked anything of quality. And why would you have Sebastian Bach on this as Well.

WAR MESSIAH/Graveyard Feeding (All Seeing Eye Art) 4 tunes of some tasteful old school thrash that should not be missed. Wicked, catchy riffs and just enough speed to keep me head moving. I love the guitar sound and if you love early Exodus with some death metal like vocals, you’ll love this and looking forward to hearing more from this band.

NUNSLAUGHTER/ Angelic Dread (Hells Headbangers) Oh this is something I can sink my teeth deeply into. A crushing 2 cd set of blasting old school death metal at its finest. Riffs and vocals from the pits of hell. The feeling and emotion this band stirs up on this is 2nd to none. Oh I thought I was back in 1986 as this played on. I love the production on this as well as it just hits home and this is just so fuckin evil it is not funny. This is the way death metal should fuckin be. Brilliant as brilliant can be. Info:

THE HIDDEN/Fearful Symmetry (Tribunal Records) Oh my god is this some unholy thrash metal. I was top tapping and neck moving in seconds. This easily reminds me of Agent Steel music wise and also vocal wise. I love A.G. so this was right up my alley. This is a pure thrash metal masterpiece that should be heard and loved by any fan of real thrash metal. No groove metal or happy riffs. Just pure speed/thrash the way this music was meant to be played.  Info:

BURNING SAVIOURS/Boken Om Forbannelsen (I Hate) This is a compilation of eight 7” songs the band has done from 2011 till 2013. This band plays doom/rock and they totally crush doing it. The 6 tunes sung in Swedish to take away a bit of the enjoyment for me, but the music is damn catchy and of course heavy and unlike some doom bands, the music is big time enjoyable. The songs didn’t bore me and are quite catchy as well. The music has that 70’s like flavor and for doom metal with some rock thrown in this was one of the best bands I have heard doing this style. Info:

SERPENT WARNING/Same (I Hate) This was a doom metal band and the music wasn’t bad, I was not a fan of the vocals. The singer kind of just sort of speaks out the words and doesn’t show a lot of emotion. I just didn’t feel it when heard him singing. I like the music and the guitar sound was crushing and the band didn’t bore my music wise. I just wasn’t feeling the voice of the singer. Info:
THE GRIEF/Arise From Hell (Self Released) 6 tunes of some weird death metal with almost a goth feel in parts. The tunes weren’t bad and the singer sings his heart out on this and the weird song structures weren’t bad and this actually was a welcome relief from all the generic crap I get.  This is not bad for what it is and even though this something I would listen to a regular basis, it is cool nevertheless. Info:
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VLADHISATTVA/THE OTHER GODS (???) A split cd and Vladhisattva offer up some god awful black metal with some of the worst vocals. They sound like a winy baby big time. The music is just generic black metal that is simply terrible. The Other Gods are much better as they solid death metal with a good singer and songs. The guitar sound rips through my body and they are just another generic band I can tell you that. Riffs and songs that you remember Very strong band here and just some great death metal. Info:
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THE SUMMONED/Same (Self Released) This wasn’t bad, but I didn’t get into all the technical parts and the slow parts at times seemed out of place. With that being said, when the band hit into overdrive, it can be pretty devastating. The fast parts totally crush and the singer is great. He sings his balls off on this and sings with power and conviction. The guitar sound is wicked and I’d like to hear more from this band, but they are off to a good start. Info:

GOD MACABRE/The Winterlong (Relapse Records) This is a re-issue from this band and it quite good. Thick, heavy and catchy as fuck riffs mixed in with some speed and slower parts with a solid singer make for a good release. The music is simple and straight forward and the band just take for you a ride that you won’t want to get off. Sort of a Swedish death metal sound and vocals are the same. I enjoyed this very much as the songs are quite catchy and a good production and good singer to boot. Info:

HRIZG/Individualism (Moribund Records) Yet another black metal band with the same black metal vocals and fast picking riffs that has been done a million times. The singer doesn’t even sound credible at all and the music is so generic it isn’t funny. Info:

ANCIENT EMPIRE/Same (Stormspell Records) Excellent pure heavy metal with some kick ass vocals. This is a pure metal fans dream. Heavy metal riffs out the ass and catchy as fuck too. Riffs will have your head moving in no time and the sound is awesome to boot. Not many bands like this around now and this just totally rules and horns up for Stormspell for putting it out. Info:

THE LUSTMORD/Trapped In Purgatory (Lustmord Entertainment) There was nothing on this that I have not heard a million times before. The riffs weren’t catchy at all and just dragged along and the singer was just ho hum. The songs just kind of stood there any nothing got me excited and it was just another case of heard it all before and then some. Info:

INFERNAL CURSE/The End Upon Us (Iron Bonehead) Raw as fuck dark black metal that will tingle your spine. This stuff comes from the pits of hell and the singer could be satan himself. Crushing riffs and a production out of 1986 and that is not a bad thing. The bass sound on this just owns me and after 4 tunes I want more. Killer band. Info:

DESPOT/Satan In The Death Row (Self Released) Solid death metal with plenty of wicked riffs and speed that will not bore you. Good singer with a solid voice and he fits the music to boot. Production is good and there is nothing generic or boring on this at all. The speed parts had me playing air drums and this band shouldn’t remain unsigned for too long I bet. Info:

KILLGASM/A Stab In The Heart Of Christ (Moribund Records) Totally crushing death/black metal with riffs that totally are memorable and catchy and speed to blast your head off. I love the guitar sound on this and within seconds I was totally into this. The singer just screams his head off on this and the emotion and hate in his voice is top notch. This is a band that forges its out sound and is not like all these run of the mill bands these days and is easily worth picking up. Info:

Imperial Triumphant/Shrine to the Trident Throne (code666) Some wicked black metal with some blistering riffs and solid vocals. Black metal when done right is a like a hurricane of power and you can throw this band in the mix. Vocals that don’t sound like some idiot screeching at 3am and music that is memorable and stands out from all this generic crap going on these days. This hits hard and fast too. Punishing riffs that had me smiling and headbanging that is for sure. The production is good and the band mixes up the speed and slower parts very well and this is a solid release of black metal for sure. Info:

Vomiting Corpses - Coma: The Spheres of Innocence (Wardead Records) This is a re-issue as this came out years before and to me it just sounds like another faceless death metal band that was around back in the 90’s. Just typical Cannibal Corpse like metal with the same vocal style and song structures, etc. Nothing of value I found on this at all.

DUST BOLT/Awake the Riot (Napalm Records) A total non-stop onslaught assault of thrash metal on my ears. Not this nu metal thrash shit. No this is thrash metal played the right and correct way. Great riffs that had my head moving and my fingers playing air guitar and also a little air drums as well. The speed and intensity this bands uses also works big time. The singer has the perfect thrash metal voice and he goes great with this band. The production is also great and finally a thrash band that delivers the goods. Info:
SPELLCASTER/Same (Lone Fir Records) Just an incredible slab of pure heavy metal that totally blew me away. Riffs that will have your fist raised high and your studded bullet belt right in place. The riffs just totally will sink you in deep and will not let you go till the last note has played. The singer has a great voice and his voice and passion filled my speakers as this played on. Forget the new Judas Priest and grab this instead. Info:

RUN WITH THE HUNTED/The Sieve And The Sand (Panic Records) Blast after blast of real hardcore music not all this jump metal crap that calls itself hardcore these days. The band mix up the slow and speed parts and the speed parts totally destroy everything in its path and the slower parts give you a chance to breath before the hammer comes down again. The singer screams his balls off and fits in with the music perfectly and the music is about as good as it gets in the hardcore style these days. I feel like I am back at City Garden’s again. Info:

INCUBUS/Same (Vic Records) For those of you who weren’t around in 1987 there was this little band called Incubus, who had in it a couple of ex Morbid Angel members in it and now this gets a release on cd. This just totally kills as delivers 3 tunes of death/black metal at its finest. Just listen to that guitar, drums, bass, and vocals. Just a blast from hell itself. Wish this was more than 3 songs, but trust me this is an unholy slab of metal NOT to be missed. Info:
MEFISTO/The Megalomania Puzzle (Vic Records) I had seen this bands name around back in the day, but never heard their music. Well I missed out big time as now both bands demos are on this cd and what an incredible release this is. Total ripping death metal with some insane vocals to boot. Whirlwind riffs fuckin sucked me in and I couldn’t get enough of this. The drumming is top notch as he bashes his kit into oblivion on this. This is a pure cult masterpiece and huge horns up to Vic Records for putting this out. Info:
DEEP IN HATE/Chronicles Of Oblivion (Kaotoxin Records) This was pretty much crappy deathcore with the shitty deep growls and happy riffs and trigger drums, all of which I hate and I hate the death metal vocals and then followed by even lower ones. Info:
[email protected]

WAMI/Kill The King (Metal Mind Productions) Some total ass kickin metal in the vein of such bands as Rainbow, old Y & T, Thin Lizzy, Van Halen, etc. Each song on this has its own identity and has strong, powerful, can’t miss riffs that had my head nodding along to each song. Singer has a super kick ass voice and he was made for a bad like this as he fits right in with the music big time. This is 80’s rock n roll with some metal thrown in and not that “hair metal” crap I can assure you of that. Just plain ass kicking rock the way rock should be played and this is easily one of my favorite releases of the year and all 11 tunes on this are top notch all the way. Glad to see some bands playing rock n roll the way it should be. Info:

THYRUZ/Svik (Self Released) Some good black metal that isn’t all just pic riffing with 3am out in the woods screaming vocals. The singer on this is top notch and he is one of the best black metal singers I have heard and his voice will just send tremors down your back and he fits the music perfectly as well. The music is good black metal with plenty of fast, non generic tunes and the band slows down just enough to let you breathe and then rips it into overdrive. The music is not just fast heard it a million times black metal neither. The tunes have some melody to them and are catchy and fast at the same time. Good production as well and a nifty guitar sound makes this a solid black metal release. Info:

IMPERIAL SAVAGERY/Same (Proudly Defiant Recordings) 10 songs of pure ripping death metal with tons of speed and aggression and it’s done the right way. No nu metal crap or generic death metal riffs or sounds. The singer sounds great as his destructive vocals fit the bill of what I am looking for in a singer. The production and guitar sound are very good and this is simply a crushing death metal band that kicked my ass. Info:

MIRE/Outward (Self Released) The singer on this is beyond incredible as he sings each note with such passion and feeling it is not even funny. The music is sort of prog metal in spots, but I think the band is much more than that. The band takes you on many journeys on this and this was a ride you don’t want to get off of. This is a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings and I am not a fan of many of these bands, but this was different as the songs were still catchy and had memorable riffs and song structures and I have to throw in the incredible singer. Just great songs that stick to you like glue. Easily one of the best bands I have heard doing this style bar none. Info: or

TARTHARIA/Bleeding For The Devil (Phantom Pain) This is this bands newest release and it is one powerful release from this band. Wicked windmill like riffs had my neck moving. The vocals are deep growls from hell and sound great on this. The band even use keyboards, but they are in the back round and don’t sound out of place at all. The speed parts just melted me and I was right there playing air drums to this. The production on this is excellent and I love the drum sound as well as the guitar sound. The only thing I didn’t like and hated was the clean female vocals used at times as they seem so out of place on this. Info:

TARTHARIA/Flashback X Years In Hell (Phantom Pain) This was some stuff that according to the band, “we just took songs not published in our previous albums or are song versions. Well I loved the band’s new album reviewed above, but the songs on this pretty much suck. They are melodic death metal with weak riffs and generic singing that just sounds like any other singer. The songs are flat and have no power at all behind them. Perhaps they should have left these songs dead and buried because the songs stink and the keyboard parts, unlike the new stuff, suck on this too. Info: