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CITY GARDENS/No Slam Dancing No Stage Diving No Spikes (Book) This is one of the most incredible books I have read. The hours that went into this tracking down people to be interviewed must have been insane. City Gardens, for those who don’t know, was a club that was around in the 80’s and 90’s in Trenton, NJ that booked a lot of punk and underground metal shows that I went to. In this you get list of all the shows that promoter Randy Now booked and quotes and stories from a lot of the bands, Henry Rollins, Gwar, Dark Angel, Circle Jerks, etc. Plus unholy stories from Randy Now, bouncers, sound guys, fans that went to the shows, etc, including the authors as well. I had a hard time putting down this book while reading it as it just brought back so many great memories and I was surprised at some of the acts that played there the story of Madonna almost showing up was priceless. You can also read an interview with the authors on my website elsewhere and this book is a must read and you will love it and at over 400 pages there is plenty to digest. Info:

IDENSITY/Chronicles (Send The Word Music) Commercial like groove/death metal that went nowhere fast and pretty much bored. There was nothing on this that stood out and just plodded along to my ears. The songs just pretty much bored me and this didn’t do a thing for me. Info:

HORD/The Book Of Eliot (Send the Word Music) This is what I call a “nu metal” or a “groove metal” death metal band. I am not a fan of too many bands that do this style, but some are good and this band is good. The lack of tough guy vocals easily helped and while the clean style vocals I didn’t like, when the singer goes into a death metal style, a true death metal style, he hits the nail on the head. The tunes have a mix of groove and death metal and just don’t sound all that generic to my ears and just sound good. The tunes aren’t boring and I love the guitar sound and production on this as well. Easily one of the best bands doing this style these days and one of the few good ones that’s for sure. Info:

ROLL IT OVER/Dawning On The Red Streets (Self Released) Got 5 tunes of modern rock n roll that wasn’t too bad to these ears. The songs have that catchy flair that a lot of the bands are doing these days and I did find myself nodding along with the tunes. I am not a big fan of this groove rock stuff, but this was better than most and what helps this band, is that the singer just does an incredible job on this and he sings his heart and balls off on this and his voice is perfect for this music. A solid production and I like the guitar sound as well. So like the above band, these guys are easily one of the better bands playing this style out there these days. Info:

BREED MACHINE/A l'aube Du 8eme Jour (Send The Wood Music) Beyond bad bouncy groove metal with a dance club feel to the music. I had the scratching, the vocals and the music is just so god awful. The singer does the tough guy and growl style that is so typical and boring. The music is just so faceless and when you had like an industrial dance feel to the music, it just makes a generic band that much worse. Info:

US FESTIVAL 1983/DVD (MVD Visual) I remember this fest because MTV had a lot of the footage shown on their channel back in 1983 and I was a big MTV viewer as I was in my senior year of high school and I was really getting into music a lot back then as I am still these days. This fest was a 3 days event and sort of became the 1st of many fest that followed and back in 1983 on the bill was like a who’s who of all the big MTV bands. Inxs, Stray Cats, Men At Work, Berlin, Quarterflash and Stevie Nicks are on here and on the flip side you also have Judas Priest, Triumph, and the Scorpions. The latter 3 bands I was a big fan of back then and still am today and all 3 sounded great on this day and all played to a massive crowd. The other bands I mentioned, while not metal by any means, I still can deal with and aren’t bad and the very underrated Missing Persons are also on this and I love them. Obviously it would be nice if the bands had more than a couple tunes on this, but who knows maybe we will see full set releases from the bands maybe in the form of a box set of sorts in the future, but for now this will do just fine. Info:

Down from the Wound/ Violence and the Macabre (Comatose Music) Just what the underground needs another death metal groove band with the cupped vocals and tin can drumming. This sucks my balls and is worthless. Info:

Aborted Fetus/Private Judgement Day (Comatose Music) See the above band as they are exactly in the same mold. Info:

Lay Down Rotten/Deathspell Catharsis (Apostasy Records) Boring death metal with no memorable songs, riffs or hooks. Each song was like a big yawn and while the vocals were ok, when you have boring music behind them, it gets old on a hurry. Info:

Iron Dogs/Free and Wild (Iron Bonehead) Oh my god this sounds like some awful power metal from the 80’s. The singer is god awful and the riffs have no power behind them nor were they catchy at all. There is nothing of values on this and another terrible band. Info:

Love/HateCrucified (Self Released) I remember these guys from way back when and they are back and I tell you this surprised the shit out of me. Just great ass kickin rock n roll that blows all these shitty, generic, whiny death metal bands away. Jizzy sounds great on the mic and his band just backs his great vocals up with some great tunes. Tunes with catchy riffs and songs that you remember. None of this nu rock shit neither. Down and dirty rock n roll at its finest. Info:

Mantar/Death By Burning (Svart Records) This was pretty boring. By song # 3 I was bored to tears as this offers nothing I haven’t heard a million times and again no hooks or riffs or song structures to suck me in. Terrible songs with decent vocals. This is sort of death metal with some doom to it, but your missing nothing. Info:

Besegra/Infortunium (Tridroid Records) Groovy thrash metal with throaty vocals. I hate this new style of thrash and this was pretty bad. All that groove shit belongs in the toilet and then good flushing needs to follow. Info:

Graveborne/Through the Window of the Night (Séance) Fast black metal that has been done this way many times before and this is nothing new that has not been done 5000 times before. Just playing fast and having some guy sing like he is in the woods isn’t going to get it done anymore. Bring something to the table, this table is empty. Info:

Conquest of Steel Of Fire and Steel (No Face Records)  Some decent heavy metal with some catchy tunes and they mix up the tunes rather nicely. The singer has a good voice and his style (clean) vocals fit the music. This thank god doesn’t fall into that generic Hammerfall territory stuff that happened a few years back with all those happy power metal bands. This is a nice mix of heavy metal with some power metal thrown in the mix. Info:

STUNTMAN/Incorporate The Excess (Solar Flare Records) Typical jump metal with buried vocals and even more buried guitars. Whoever produced this needs to be fired. Even if the band was good, the production makes this 100% unlistenable. Info:

RUSTFIELD/Kingdom Of Rust (Massacre Records) Now this wouldn’t be something I would listen to all the time, but the band isn’t bad for what they are and that is a progressive metal band. They sound different and come up with some cool song structures and time changes and the singer has a decent voice and I enjoyed what they did. The production is good as well and I like the guitar sound they get and props to them for doing something new and different and for them it works. Info:

Sarkom/Bestial Supremacy (Dark Essence Records) This originally came out in 2008 and now is seeing a re-release by this label. This got old really quick. The mid paced songs bored me and even when the band turned up the speed the songs were useless an unimpressive. The singer isn’t bad, but he sounds like any ole black metal singer. Just another in a long list of releases that do nothing at all for me. Info:

Sarkom/Aggravation Of Mind (Dark Essence Records) This is the band’s debut release (the 2nd one is reviewed above. This is just fast, pic riffing black metal that has been done to death by 100’s of other bands and again this band does nothing to separate themselves from the many other bands that play black metal. In saying that, the band does have a decent singer and are better than a lot of the other black metal bands making the rounds and this came out in 2006 and the band are still around today and out of the 2 I like this one better. Info:

MOSH PIT JUSTICE/Same (EBM Records)  I was thinking this was going to be a jump metal band, but how wrong I was. Just some killer old school thrash and no tough guy vocals to boot. Hard hitting riffs played with conviction and speed and I was nodding along to the songs. Singer has a strong aggressive voice and he sings his balls off on this and he fits the music perfectly. I love the guitar sound and this just hits hard and hits often and this is one great thrash metal release and is not to be lumped in with all this nu metal shit I assure you. Info: or

DUSKBURN/Same (Cimmerian Shade Recordings)  Complete sleep music. Snails pace riffs that didn’t doom metal any favors and just screamed vocals made this pretty worthless very fast. This bored me to tears and I couldn’t wait for it to end. Info:

Descend/Wither (Inverse Records) Beyond boring death metal that had nothing of value. Terrible riffs, shitty signing and god awful songs. Pure shit. Info:

Hecate Enthroned/Virulent Rapture (Inverse Records) This band returns and they deliver a boring blend of death metal with touches of black metal and they lose me when they use those annoying keyboard parts. It takes so much away from the band and ranks this from good to bad. Other than that the music is decent death metal, but when those keyboard parts hit I run for the hills. The singing is just another throaty growler that sounds like everybody else. Info:

KILLFACE/Feeding The Dead (Independent/Lugga Music) More heard a million times faceless death metal with boring songs and vocals that just sound like any other singer. The tunes are were not catchy, boring and just faceless as when a song ended you remembered nothing. Info:

OCTOBER 31/The Fire Awaits You- Meet Thy Maker  (Hells Headbangers) King Fowley’s other band debut and 2nd release get the re-issue treatment and plenty of extra goodies tacked on for good measure. October 31 play classic pure heavy metal with no frills and this came out in 1997 and sounds better today than back in 1997 due to all the garbage that is out these days. October31 is like a version of modern day NWOBHM and sound nothing like Deceased or any other bands for that matter. Listening to this stuff is like a breath of fresh air among all the fog, smoke and shit that is for sure. Lots of great cover tunes on the extra goodies as well. Info:

INVIDIOUS/In Death (Sepulchral Voice Records)  4 tunes of some very good death metal that rips and tears at your soul. Heart dripping riffs and speed had me liking this. The fast and furious pace this set was one to like. No groove, no stupid “evil” singing or triggered drums. Riffs and songs that you remember and the singer has a good, powerful death metal voice. The production is fantastic as is the guitar sound and overall sound of the band, who also don’t sound like a million other bands.

Slaughterday/Nightmare Vortex (FDA Rektoz) While this band is doing nothing new at least they are keeping the old spirit alive and hey songs I liked and riffs and hooks you can remember and vocals that are death metal no some other style of shit. Thick chunky guitar riffs and nice slices of speed made this a pleasant listen. The production is solid and I like the guitar sound and vocals a lot as well. Info:

HATEFUL AGONY/Forward Into Doom (Self Released) Excellent old school thrash metal with no groove, no nu metal shit, just pure 100% thrash metal the way it was meant to be played. Fast, memorable music with great vocals and riffs are a highlight on this. The band sound very original and just don’t try and copy a bunch of bands. Riffs had my head moving and the fast speed had me playing air drums and guitar. Easily one of the best thrash bands out there and now and these guys just rip it up. Info: or type in “hateagony” on Facebook

EMPIRE OF THE SCOURGED/Transcend Into Oblivion (Self Released) Some parts of this I liked and other I hated. I liked some of the music as it was a mix of death metal with bits of industrial to it and it just had a neat sound to it and sounded fresh and not like a million other bands. Some other parts of the music within the songs were just more of that groove death metal thing that I hated. Vocals again were a 2 way street. Some of the parts of the singing were solid death metal sounds and others had those pig squeals and lower than low parts that I just can’t stand. The production is good and it gets slight horns up from me. Info:

Sodomizer/The Dead shall rise to Kill (Ketzer Records) Complete crushing old school thrash/speed metal that hits hard and hits fast. Great riffs and thrash metal vocals made this a treat to listen to. No groove or happy riffing. Just vicious, ripped to the bone thrash metal riffs with some heart pounding drums behind it. The riffs are catchy as well. The vocals are perfect as the singer fits right with what the band is doing.  There was nothing on here not to like as it is fast, furious, and just plain rips. Info:

Apostolum/Winds of Disillusion (Moribund Records) This to me was just some pretty boring doom metal that went nowhere fast. The riffs and the actual songs had no substance to them and the songs were pretty boring and the singer was bad as well. Nothing on this held my attention and I was not a fan of the spoken work vocals neither. Info;

Annihilation/Against the Storm (Self Released) This isn’t bad, but the big problem is they just sound like any other average death metal band out there. They bring nothing new or exciting to the table. The songs don’t suck, but there is nothing on this that stands out neither. It is like looking at something and showing no emotion either way. The band plays straight forward no frills death metal that is fast and furious and is easily big time brutal. It is just after listening to underground metal for this long, I need something brought to the table and I have had this meal many times over. I will say this, they do play death metal the right way. Info:

Alfahanne/Alfapokalyps (Dark Essence Records) Total pure crap death/gothic metal that bored me to death. Generic riffs, bad songs, bad vocals and just a total worthless band period. Info:

WARFATHER/Orchestrating The Apocalypse (Greyhaze Records) This was one crushing release of pure death metal. Riffs and vocals from hell. This is Steve Tucker’s new band and wow what a band it is. The drums will smash and bash you into submission. The vocals, chills down your spine and music that will have you head reeling. This hits hard and fast and goes for the throat. A great way to start off 2014. Info:

Omnivore/Same (Unspeakable Axe Records) This is some wicked, fast death metal with some killer guitar crunch. The songs had my neck moving and you mix on some awesome death metal vocals and you had a solid release. No groove, no nu metal, just in your face death metal the way it should be.  The band doesn’t sound generic and the songs were strong and a solid production to boot. Info:

Deathless Legacy/Rise From The Grave (Danse Macabre Records) This was different and weird and in a lot of ways it worked. This band combines synth sounds with heavy metal and some thrash sounds and for me it works. The songs are catchy and while being different doesn’t always mean good, in this case it did. The synth sound is not overdone and flows right along with the music and the singer reminds me of the singer in Faith No More and he sounds great on this as his voice fits the music. The songs are easily heavy metal and this was like a breath of fresh air from all the garbage. Info:

NASHVILLE PUSSY/Up The Dosage (Steamhammer / SPV) This is just total kick ass rock n roll the way rock n roll should sound, not that shit you hear on the radio calling itself “modern rock” or what not.  The riffs on this are so damn catchy it isn’t funny.  Singer has a great boogie style voice that is perfect for this band and I have heard some other stuff from this band and this is as good as that stuff if not better. Finally a REAL rock n roll band flying the banner high. Info:

FALSE PROPHET/Second Death (Heaven And Hell Records) Oh this is an incredible release as this bad get both of their demos pressed onto cd. These guys were around in the 80’s and played a form of death metal in the vein of Morbid Angel and blow away a lot of the bands of today. Both demos totally crush, but it is the “second death” demo that totally owns me and blows me away. Totally sick vocals ad total speed and intensity on the drums made me smile from ear to ear. Classic headbanging riffs and music that sent chills up and down my spine and I had not heard this stuff in ages. It is a shame this band didn’t get signed back in the day as they easily deserved a deal and look for an interview with them soon and this you are ordered to pick up at

BITTER PEACE/Opus II (Moribund Records) While a lot of the black metal bands of today don’t do much for me, this band is a way different story. This is not just a bunch of pic riffing, play as fast as we can with a singer who just does generic screams. This band plays with a ton of feeling and passion and the singer has a perfect black metal voice and I just felt the passion in his voice as this played. Riffs and song structures that I easily remembered and the speed and intensity of this ruled. The riffs take hold of you and punish you with its brutality. I love the guitar sound the band use and just the overall feeling of this is top notch. Easily one of the best black metal bands I have heard in years. Info:

TrenchRot/Necronomic Warfare (Unspeakable Axe Records) Some crushing death metal with riffs that force the neck to move and sway and vocals not far from removed from Obituary, which was fine by me. The speedy music was a welcome compared to all these shitty jump metal bands and pig squealing vocals as well. The songs are songs that you remember and this is the way death metal should be, brutal and right to the point and right in your face. Excellent band. Info:

AXEL RUDI PELL/Into The Storm (Steamhammer/SPV) Very disappointed in this. No power on this at all. The songs are just all mid paced and have nothing to them. They were flat as a pancake and did nothing for me. The singing is the only good thing on this. The songs just didn’t have any kick or anything. This band has put out some great stuff, but this isn’t one of them. Info:

AMAZE KNIGHT/Same (Self Released) This has a big time Dream Theatre feel to it as the songs are long and also the singer sounds like the guy in DT as well. I am not a huge fan of prog metal but when it is done right I can get into it and this was done right. Fantastic vocals and songs. The vocals are sung with a ton of passion and the songs are big time memorable and didn’t bore me at all. The production is great as everything flows rather well and the songs have memorable hooks and combined with signing just as good, we have a winner. Info:  or

THE KENNEDY VEIL/Trinity Of Falsehood (Unique Leader) This just sounds like any ole death metal band with fast parts and then groove, breakdown parts, which I hate. The singer has a decent death metal voice, but the trigger like drum sound doesn’t help either. Just another faceless death metal band making the rounds these days. Info:

Lie In Ruins/Toward Divine Death (Dark Decent Records) Just another heard it a million times Swedish death metal band that sounds like Entombed Jr and is doing nothing exciting? Info:

Midnite Hellion/Hour of the Wolf (Witches Brew) Midnite Hellion return with a 2 song 7” and does it crush. Pure heave metal with touches of power metal thrown in the mix. The 2 tunes had my neck moving and great female vocals backed with this kind of music easily get a horns up. Awesome guitar sound and this will bring the headbanger out you I assure you. Info:

Chapel/Satan's Rock N Roll LP (Invictus Productions) This was big time old school sort of thrashing rock n roll, but it was also quite boring. The sings in almost a whisper and the biker like rock was boring and the songs didn’t do a thing for me. This grew weak and old for me by the 3rd tune. Info:

INDIAN/From All Purity (Relapse Records) A wall of noise black metal band with shriek non evil vocals. This was not good at all. Songs were boring and the vocals were terrible. Info:

Suffering Hour/Forseeing Exemptions To A Dismal Beyond (Tridroid Records) Decent death metal with some ok riffs and tunes. The band goes from mid paced to fast stuff to some slow stuff now and then. The tunes were ok, nothing to write home about, but didn't suck neither. The singer has a strong death metal voice and that helped this out obviously Production is good and this isn't bad for what it is, straight forward death metal Info:

DEADLY CARNAGE/Manthe (ATMF Records) Typical black metal I have heard a million times with the tin can drum sound and black metal screeching and slow and fast parts. Nothing new at all here. Info:

SARCASM/Thrash (On Parole) The music on this wasn't bad, but the vocals were weak and brought this down a few notches and he also does not sing in English. The singer did not have a strong voice and he brings this down. The music is decent thrash with some good to almost great riffs, but then the singing comes in. For the most part I can ignore the singing and get into the music, which is pure thrash metal by the way. Good production to boot on this and a mild horns up for me.

Tortorum/Katabasis (W.T.C.Productions) Ah a black metal band that brings something to the table. Great crushing riffs and awesome vocals. The production on this rules and singers voice sounds so convincing. The music is a mix of fast and mid paces stuff and this totally blows away all that fake and heard it 4 million times black metal. Some steak for dinner.

ASS TO MOUTH/Degenerate (Selfmadegod Records) Short blasts of fast death metal that wasn't bad. Rip roaring riffs and good death metal vocals. The speed and intensity on this is crushing and reminded me of Autopsy at times. The guitar sound is awesome and the band just rip, tear and destroy you. Plus they have the best band name ever ha ha. Love it. Info:

SOREPTION/Engineering The Void (Unique Leader) This just sounds like too many other death metal bands to make any kind of impact with me. Straight ahead Cannibal Corpse like death metal is what you get and it is just something that is ok, nothing special.

OmnizideDeath Metal Holocaust (Carnal Records) Some damn kick ass death/black metal with great tunes. The singer has a tremendous voice and the music just blew me away with the power and intensity. Riffs that explode in your head and had me smiling. This shit is fast and will smash you into pieces. The singer has a fantastic voice and doesn’t sound like he is in the woods at 3am. Info:

MISERABLE FAILURE/Hope (Kaotoxin) 4 quick blasts of grind/death metal that while breaking no new ground, wasn't too bad as I have heard worse. The tunes are big time fast, but not a wall of noise and the singer has a pretty original voice to boot. It's free so you can't go wrong at:

Folge Dem Wind/To Summon Twilight (Code 666) This was quite boring and just had the same pic riffing black metal style that has been done to death. The vocals were piss awful and had no emotion or feeling beyond them and when you combine that with bad music, you get a bad band. Info:

Gholas/Litanies (Dullest Records) The vocals on this were god awful as all he does is grunt and growl into the mic and the dual vocal style I hate and this is what was on this. The music is decent doom metal that doesn’t do much for me and it just dragged on and with vocals as bad as they are this was pretty bad. Info:

Sammal/No 2 (Svart Records) I thought I was listening to Deep Purple until the awful vocals kicked in. Musicwise this is some killer old school rock n roll, but the vocals are the worst I have heard this year and aren’t sung in English making it that much worse. Think Deep Purple in the 70's with vocals from hell.


DIAMOND DREAMER/Picture (Divebomb Records) These bastards have done it again. An incredible double cd with 4 of this band albums on it. I had never heard of the band, but by song # 2 I was loving this. Incredible heavy metal with great vocals and catchy tunes made me loving this like my cats. Riffs that blew my mind away and they are so just damn catchy it isn’t funny. Sort of like Saxon in some ways. This is an incredible release and all 4 albums are brilliant. Info:

Set to Reflect/Artificial Sun (Standby Records) Complete junk. The tough guy and female dual vocal approach is a joke and the faceless music. This is a total waste of music. Info:

DEATHQUINTET/Godwork (Self Released) Same ole heard it a million times before groove thrash metal with tough guy vocals. If I want to hear this style I will put on Pantera. This band sounds the same all the 1000’s of other bands doing this and do nothing to separate themselves from them. I found this to be completely faceless. Info:

REALM BUILDER/Blue Flame Cavalry (I Hate Records) This was kind of refreshing to say the least. The music is NWOBHM style metal and is quite good. The riffs are strong and catchy and it took a couple listens for some of the long songs to stick with me, but they did as they take you on a rollercoaster ride. Not many bands doing this style obviously and this is like a breath of fresh air and the key is they are doing the style of music very well and having several long songs on a release is taking a big time chance and for them it works out well. Impressive. Info:

GUERRA TOTAL/El Armagedon Continua (I Hate Records) Oh fuck did this just crush. Total old school thrash/speed metal that will dull what little sense you have left. The riffs will just burn through you and the vocals are a pure thrash metal delight. Think Sabbat and Venom for the vocals. The razor sharp riffs are so catchy it isn’t funny and I love the old school production. No trigger drums! This band keeps the old flame burning and this is easily going to be of my favorite releases for a long time to come. Info:

GRUE/Casualty Of The Psychic Wars (Eternal Death Records) A total blast of black metal that hits you like a tidal wave. Vocals that satan would love and music played with such a fury and power it knocked me off my bed. No screaming in the woods vocals and no just fast, uninspired music that would make me yawn. Just total chaos and the songs just roar like a lion and this was a pure black metal delight. If you’re into Immortal you'll love this band trust me. Info: or

ARMORY/Empyrean Realms (Self Released) Some melodic power metal with a singer sort of in the Bruce Dickinson range and I enjoyed this a lot. The tunes have a great hook to them and the singing on this is top notch and he sings with a ton of emotion and feeling and the songs just kick ass and I love the guitar sound big time on this. The music had me nodding along big time and this was again another breath of fresh air from all the groove and generic death metal invading my ears. Info: or

REACTA/Refraction (Alaric Records) Wow some really warped out shit on this. This is a sort of I guess alternative rock band with some spacey type of music. I liked this a lot as it was fresh and the songs were catchy and the singer has a perfect voice for this band. He sings with a ton of passion and emotion and the songs just had hooks and were catchy and I was into this all the way. Production is good and solid and I am not into a lot of what you call alternative rock bands, but this one I was and for bands doing that style this is as good as it gets. Info:

THE SIXXIS/Same (WBA Records) Decent rock n roll band. They have that new rock sort of sound that I am not a big fan of, but the singer isn't bad and the songs are somewhat catchy and didn't bore me. The production is good and the guitar stands out a lot on this and for what the band is doing, they are better than most. Info:

SEEDS OF PERDITION/From Within (Born Of Chaos Records) Musicwise this wasn't bad. A mix of some thrash and death metal. The vocals I was not a fan of at times. The band uses 2 styles and one of them is the tough guy style and to me when you mix 2 different styles of vocals, it doesn't work. It sounds annoying and takes away from the band, when the signing is more in the thrash metal style it is cool, the tough guy style makes this more on the generic side of things with me. Info:

Amputated/Dissect, Molest, Ingest (Sevared Records) Cannibal Corpse like death metal with the dual vocals and the regular death metal vocals are great, but when the pig squealing comes in I hated it. The music is much better than all the Corpse Jr bands I have heard, but the pig squealing brings it down some. Out of all the bands doing this style these guys are one of the best doing it no doubt. Info:

CHAOS/Violent Redemption (Self Released) Some solid thrash metal that reminded me of Violence at times. The band sort of has that same razor sharp riffing style that they had. This is old school all the way, no groove or nu metal shit on this. The singer has a good solid voice and he sings with intensity and fury and the crushing guitar sound rules too. Solid release. Info:

DEAD CONSPIRACY/Abomination Underground (Self Released) This band was around back in the 90's and recently had their stuff re-issued on cd and now they are back and they are kicking major ass. I love the guitar sound and the vocals are a pure death metal delight. The songs are a total death metal onslaught of your brain. The band has their own sound and will tear you into shreds. When somebody says death metal this is easily what I would play them. Info:

NOCTURNAL BREED/Napalm Nights (Agonia Records) These sick bastards return with another album of complete and utter madness. Vocals from out of this world and the music isn't far behind. Rock n roll meets thrash metal and I mean it and throw some Motorhead in there as well. The music is so warped out and so original and fresh it is not funny. Hell it is as catchy as hell as well. Trust me there is not another band like these sick bastards. Excellent release. Info:

Ravenous/We Are Become Death (Coffee Jingle Records) This was some hard hitting thrash metal with some wicked blazing speed parts that wrecked my neck. Great guitar sound and music that will pound you into the ground. This hits hard and fast and you'll enjoy the ride. Info:

AN ACT OF TREACHERY/Reflections Of A Dying World (Self Released) Typical groove metal thrash metal with the tough guy vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and this is just another faceless band bringing nothing to the table.

Bleeding Fist/Deaths Old Stench (Moribund Records) While at least this band isn't playing black metal that I have heard a million times before, the band is pretty awful. The singer is bad as he tries to sound evil, but he is laughable. The music just has no flow to it and is just a chaotic mess and this bored me rather quick. Info:

Dodsferd/The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race (Moribund Records) The music on this was some decent crusty like punk, but the singer with his screaming style, didn't work for me. I hated his voice and he didn't fit the band in my eyes and ears. The music is kick ass punk rock played with feeling and intensity. I wished there were more than 5 tunes and this band, even though I am not a fan of the singer, brought something to the table and it was quite the enjoyable meal. The music just rips and tears at you that is for sure. Info:

SHIN TO SHIN/Same (A389 Recordings) This wasn't bad. Some swedish death metal with some solid, catchy riffs and songs that didn't bore me. The singer has a good solid death metal voice and the tunes just crush as they whipped my neck into a frenzy. I am a sucker for a good riff and this easily had plenty of them and my neck thanks this band for the work out. Info:

DEVOID/The Invastion (Transcending Obscurity) Boring death/thrash metal with terrible songs and vocals. There was nothing catchy on this and I was pretty bored with it and nothing stuck out for me at all. Info:

Tyrants Blood/Coven (Tridroid Digital) A total black metal onslaught they smoked my ass. This just came out of the box and wham I was hit by the left and right sides immediately. Good black metal vocals and you mix in some balls to the wall non generic black metal and you got one wicked release. I love the production and overall vibe of this band as well. Info:


ASTAROTH/Chaosatanas (Polypus Records) Boring heard it a million timed before black metal with a singer who is bad and music with that same old fast pick riffing that has been a million times over. Bands like this are a time a dozen and this offers nothing of quality at all. The songs lack big time. Nothing memorable at all. Info:

UNCHAINED BEAST/Guiding The Lamb (Self Released) Decent thrash metal that thank god doesn’t go the Pantera route. This band is more routed in the old school style of thrash and riffs are the name of the game here. A big older Metallica sound is found within the walls of this and that was fine by me. The singer has a solid, aggressive voice that doesn’t go into the tough guy style and the production on this is top notch and this is easily one of the better thrash metal bands around. Good job. Info:

LOATH/Total Piece (Inverse Music) Some death/grind that I was very into. The music wasn't a wall of noise and the tunes just crushed with power and speed and intensity. The singer didn't just scream and he poured his heart out singing big time on this. The guitar sound is heavy as fuck and when the band breaks out into the speed parts, I was air drumming right with them. Now this is how death/grind should be no doubt. Info:

 Shrapnel/The Virus Conspires (Candlelight Records) This is easily a total all out thrash assault that blew me away. Riffs that slash and slash away till you’re torn into pieces. The speed and intensity is top notch as this is one of the best thrash bands I have heard in some time. Vocals are sort of like Russ from Forbidden at times. The production is perfect and the guitar sound and intensity this band puts out is insane. Thrash metal at its best. Info:

Our Last Enemy/Pariah (Eclipse Records) This was some weak groove metal with tough guy vocals and even keyboard parts to boot. The music was just very weak in nature and there was nothing catchy at all and they sound like way too many other bands to boot. Info:

DARK FOREST/The Awakening (Crus Del Sur Music) This is that happy power metal stuff like Hammerfall and stuff and I wasn't into it at all. The songs just bored me and the songs were flat and lack power. Nothing of value on this I am afraid. Info:

Gaped - The Murderous Inception (Lacerated Enemy Records) Typical death metal with songs that sound like the 1000's of other bands out there. The vocals are actually funny, they are low and sound so generic and I hate the trigger drums sounds on this as well. This band brought nothing to the table accept an empty plate Info:

PERPETRATOR/Thermonuclear Epiphany (Stormspell Records) Awesome thrash metal in the vein of say Destruction. Riffs that will make your neck spin and great vocals to boot. The guitar sound on this is incredible and this band just totally smoked and owned me. Not a bad song on here all are great. This band brought a full meal to the table I can tell you that. Great old school, ripping thrash. Info:

Defaced Creation/Serenity In Chaos (Punishment 18 Records) Some hard hitting death metal in the vein of Decide. This is a re-issue as this came out in the early 90's and is now seeing the light of day now again. The songs are fast and speedy and the vocals sound a lot like Glen Benton that is for sure. I don’t like the trigger drum sound as it just sounds to fake and phony for my ears. This isn’t anything great, but it doesn’t suck so it kind of gets mild horns up from me. Info:

Barren Womb/The Sun's Not Yellow, It's Chicken (Spartan Records) Boring punk rock that sounds like a bad version of the Sex Pistols. The songs lack quality and I grew bored with them and nothing stuck out and the songs just dragged on. Nothing of value on this. Info:

DOCTOR LIVINGSTONE/Contemptus Saeculi (Osmose Productions) Just a bunch of screaming vocals backed with some not so good music. The songs are chaotic and off the wall and offer nothing of value and just dragged on sort of like a speed for speed sakes type of thing. Nothing on this did anything for me as it was just a wall of basically nothing. Info:

BLADE KILLER/Same (Stormspell Records) Some tasteful pure heavy metal with those wicked metal chops I love. Great vocals to boot as well. I am a sucker for a killer, catchy riff and this had plenty of them on here and it was only an EP left me wanting more. This is in the NWOBHM vein and is a quality band and well worth picking up that is for sure. Info:

VORNTH/Same (Iron Tyrant Records) Oh fuck yeah this is what the doctor ordered. Total old school rip roaring thrash/speed metal that takes hold and tears you into submission. Very old Kreator come to mind as this played on and that is a beautiful thing. Outstanding vocals as the singer screams his lungs out and sings with passion and fury not matched by many. The songs just tear through you and are full of speed, energy and they are catchy to boot. One of the best bands I have heard in this early year of 2014. Info:

Orcultus/7” (Forver Plagued) Some raw, tunes down black metal that doesn’t sound like 1000’s of other black metal bands. The singer is pretty good and the songs are solid as well. The band churns out some raw black metal with a lot of intensity and fire to it. I like the guitar sound and overall vibe this band spews out as well. A good release this is. Info:

STORMWARRIOR/Thunder And Steele (Massacre Records) Another one of these happy power metal band like Hammerfall. This didn’t interest me at all as the riffs and songs sounded like a 3rd rate Hammerfall and the lyrics were quite funny as we all join together type of lyrics. The songs just sound like leftover tunes that all these happy power metal bands didn’t use and they again like so many other bands, didn’t break anything to my table for me to sign my teeth into. Info:

DYING OF THE LIGHT/Monolithium (Self Released) 4 good tracks of doom metal is what is on this. The music didn’t bore me nor put me to sleep, which is what some doom metal bands do. The singer has a great voice as he sings his heart and balls of on this and he fits the musis as well. The tunes aren’t just a bunch of slow stuff, it is some slower stuff and mid paced stuff and the guitar crunch/sound is awesome and that just sent chills down my spine. You can also throw in an industrial sound in the mix to this as well. This was something fresh and new to my ears as well and I look forward to hearing what these 2 guys have up their sleeve next time around. Info: or

GUTTERTRASH/Same (Self Released) 4 tracks of some total crushing death metal and what makes it more unreal is that this is a one man show. Pure death metal vocals from hell along with total hellish music that is for sure. Riffs and songs that are catchy and memorable and just smoked and blew me away. I love the speed and intensity on this as well. This isn’t gutter trash for sure. Just a pure death metal release that is easily worth checking out. Info:

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LEGIONS OF WAR/Forced To The Ground (Inferno Records) Speed and thrash metal is what you get on this disc. The band are more of an old school thrash band as the songs are more built around riffs and speed and not nu metal groove shit thank god. The vocals are a bit more in the death metal mold and they sounded fine with me. The singer growls and belts out the words with intensity and doesn’t sound like a generic singer. The band have their own sound and this was a solid thrash metal effort. Info:

WEAPIZER/Same (Iron Blood Death Corp) Holy shit this is raw as fuck punishing black metal with touches of death metal. Think Venom meeting Celtic Frost meeting Darkthrone and throwing them into a blender and then adding in the bands own sound into the mix. Vocals from the pits of hell itself and the music isn’t far behind. The singing is so intense and rotten he blows away most so called black metal bands as his voice is just so pure and filled with hate and intensity and feeling. The music is out of control black metal play with a fuckin fury that has to be heard. The feeling this bands get out of its music is unreal. This is what black needs to sound like. Not some fake singer in the woods at 3am. Easily one of the best bands I have ever in the past few years, period. This is what underground metal is all about. Info: or

DEMONA/Speaking With The Devil (Inferno Records) Some godly speed/thrash metal with some of the best female vocals I have heard in a long time. The riffs and songs are so damn catchy I was playing air guitar within seconds. This could have come out in the 80’s easily and fit right in with all the thrash metal bands of the era. The band sound original too as this is not some generic retro thrash metal. Each song has its own identity and just crushes. The vocals don’t even sound like a female and are strong and powerful and her voice is very original sounding as well. The production is great and Inferno Records does it again and finds another incredible band. If your into thrash, this is a must have in your collection. Info:

PHOBONOID/Orbita (Dusktone) This was fucked up shit. This is a weird mix of black metal and industrial metal and even though on paper you would not think it would work, it does. The bass sound on this is incredible and the songs were fucking warped and stuff, but through it all there is a sense of catchiness in the music and it hooked me in big time. This has some Godflesh stuff in this for sure and a bit of black metal, but this is way more on the industrial side and I enjoyed this very much. Info:

BORN OF CHAOS/Chaos In Music Vol 2 (Born Of Chaos Records) As with most comp releases, this has its good and bad bands. Some of the ones I enjoyed/liked were March To Victory, Anticosm, Betrayer F.T.M. and  Kleptocracy. One thing about this that is col is that there is 19 bands on it! That is a ton of bands on one cd so you can decide between the good and the band and I am sure you’ll find some on here that you’ll like and want to hear more of. Info: