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New Reviews - 5/01/03

LOST SOULKARMAKANIC/Entering The Spectra (The End) I pretty decent
progressive metal band here. Sort of like a harder edge version of Kansas at
times. The vocals are very melodic, but the guy has a tremendous voice. 11
song tracks and if your into the progressive scene you might want this.

MISTELTEIN/Divine Desecrate Complete (WWIII) Fast blazing death/black metal
while done well, the band is not doing anything really different. Super fast
drumming and picking style black metal riffs and black metal vocals. Not bad,
but nothing ground breaking. Info:

OPVS ATLANTICA/Same (The End) Power metal in vein of Hammerfall, Blind
Guardian, Rhapsody, etc. Again as like the above band, this band is doing
nothing ground breaking new. Same chorus type vocals and plays as the other
bands I mentioned. While not bad, it is nothing to get excited about. Info:

DETONATION/An Epic Defiance-A loved this bands last release and now they
return with a killer full length release of highly great Swedish style death
metal. Rip off the limb riffs and screaming vocals highlight this for me. I
think this band should be signed. Info:

DELIGHT/ETERNITY (Metal Mind) Boring goth metal with female vocals. Not for
me at all. Info:

PARRICIDE/Ill-treat (WWIII) A blasting slab of Immolation like death metal.
The band simply punish and hurt their guitars. Slaying vocals and a thick
production make this a  worth death metal purchase. Info:

LOST SOUL/Ubermensch (Osmose) Morbid Angel meets Decide meets Immolation. A
fast blasting slab of hard hitting death metal with a touch of black metal at
times. Great death metal vocals too along with a solid production. Decent
release. Info:

MELECHESH/Sphunx (Osmose) Killer old school black metal the way it should be
played. Tons of feeling and I love the raw vocals. This is fast, raw,
blazing, uncompromising black metal of the highest order. Kill or be killed.

FORLORN/Hybernation (Napalm) Black metal with keyboards and melodic parts
which I really didn't care for too much. The band just seemed too mellow in
too many spots for me. Info:

VASSAGO/Knights From Hell (WW III) This was like a speed metal version of
Autopsy. Judging by the band member's name, this must be some sort of side
project. This is bone charring fast old school death metal all the way.
Chunky, meaty riffs fill the air with some great death metal vocals. Sounds
like his lungs are falling out. A worthy release. Info:

VOID/Posthuman (Candlelight) This is being hailed as some great band, but I
don't see what the fuss is all about. The band is an industrial type of band
mixing in some death and black metal. Sort of like Godflesh meets black

AETURNUS/A Darker Moment (Candlight) This band return with a new release of
punishing black metal. The band hammer out another very good release of
quality black metal that crushes the weak and mows down everything in it's
path. Solid productions too. Another release worth picking up. Info:

QUINN KEON/Second Attempt Failure-A decent rock release with a touch of metal
to it. This is a pretty raw band, but I like the guitar sound and what the
band is trying to do. They play balls to the wall rock n roll and I liked the
disc. Info:

PRIMAL DAWN/The Euthanasia Programme-3 very good death metal tunes. The band
sound like a mix of newer Death along with some Malevolent Creation at times.
Strong thick guitar sound and real death metal vocals too. A band to keep an
eye on as they are a good one. Info:

HUMAN/Same-Decent modern death metal with breakdowns and different vocal
styles. This style is a bit overdone, but the band isn't band and aren't too
bad. The band can rip off some riffs and I think if they work on their songs
a bit more they may have something. The potential is there for sure. Info:

NDE/End Of Trust (Crash) Pantera inspired metal that sounds like a million
other groove metal bands. Not for me at all.

BRICK BATH/Rebuilt (Crash Music) See above review. Info:

WATERDOWN/The Files You Have On Me (Victory) This is a cross between Helmet
and Biohazard. This is nu metal all the way with plenty of groove and that
new alternative style. I do love the vocals and this band blows away 99% of
the bands doing this style, really not for me, but maybe for you. Info:

TOMMOROW'S VICTIM/A Darker Day Now Draws-More Suffocation clone death metal
and you all know what I think of that. Next. Info:
[email protected]

KATAFALK/Storm Of The Horde (Cold Blood Industries) Rip roaring crushing
death/black metal that rips, tears and crushes Britney Spears fans to the
ground. Fast rip your head off death metal that will have you smiling. Think
At The Gates. Think Krisiun. A powerful production make this a 100% winner in
my book. Info:

MERIDIAN/The Seventh Sun (Season Of Mist) Average black metal that sounds
like a million other bands doing this same sort of style. Info:

MEZZERSCHMITT/Same-4 tracks of some good black metal sung in German. The band
rip through the 4 tunes and at least are not trying to copy of other black
metal bands. The music is pretty original to me. The productions is good too.
Maybe next release they will sing in English. Info:

AMON AMARTH/Versus The World (Metal Blade) This bands returns with another
killer slab of death metal done the bands way. Earth slaying fast riffing and
excellent death metal vocals. This is going to be one of the best releases of
2003 bar none. Info:

USURPER/Twilight Daminion (Earache) This bands returns on an up note. The
last couple releases I  did not care for, but the band bounce back with a
poser holocaust release. This so killer old school. The 'Uh" stuff is still
present and the band just let loose with a crushing slab of riff after brutal
riff. Welcome back guys. Info:

CULT OF LUNA/The Beyond (Earache) This had too much of goth/industrial edge
in spots to keep me interested. The vocals were pretty weak as well. This
didn't do it for me. Info:

THE GODDAMNED/Promo-A killer 3 song slab of Black Sabbath meets Blue Cheer
metal. Low tuned down music with some impressive vocals. This is down and
dirty metal. The band claim to have a full length out and if it half as good
as these 3 songs, it will be a winner. Info:

SEPTIK/Inception Of Decay (Winterhorn) Damn this blew me away. This totally
kills like old Immolation. Total old school death metal the way death metal
should be. Pounding drums, evil riffs and evil vocals. Just the right
production too. If somebody said what is death metal I'd pop this cd in. Info:

LEHAVOTH/Hatred Shaped Man (Fadeless) While not super original, this is
punishing hurt filled death metal all the way. The low vocals are ok as they
don't go into the cupped mic or lower than low territory. The band can blast
with the best and also slow it down. A quality death metal release. Info:

BIG BABY SATAN/Same-This is  not a black metal band like I thought it would
be. This band is sort of like White Zombie meets 70's stoner rock. I am not
really into this style, but if your into stoner rock and stuff I think you'd
like this. Info:

SIKSAKUBUR/Back To Vengeance/The Carnage-Total Suffocation worship shit.
Next. Info:

THE EXPLOITED/Fuck The System (Spitfire) I saw this band many moons ago at
the old City Gardens in Trenton, NJ and they are back. This is total old
school punk rock that any fan of the 80's hardcore scene would get into big
time. Much better that all that nu metal crap that pretends to be hardcore.
This is the real thing and the real deal. I was surprised at how good this is
so now buy the damn cd. Info:

NEFAS/Seven Times Seven (Bones Brigade) Incantation like death metal. Fast
crushing riffs that hurt and punish the guitar it plays from. Real death
metal vocals from the depths of hell. Riff after crushing riff will leave you
breathless. Death metal is back this kills. Info:

BLOODFEAST/SAME-No this is not the thrash band from NJ, but a death metal
band from Austria. The band play a pretty cool brand of older school death
metal sort of like old Pestilence mixed in with some thrash. A nice raw
production and solid death metal vocals make this a cd worth checking out.

ACT OF GODS/Dies Irae (Osmose) Fast raging out of control death metal. Real
death metal vocals and blast beats. This shit never stops. While not super
original, this more that gets the job done. A blaze fest of death metal all
the way. Info:

ENSLAVED/Below The Lights (Osmose) Was never a big fan of this band, but I
must say they put out some quality music even though I'm not into the style
much. The band pretty much stay to their roots, even with 2 members leaving.
The band still blast out their brand of underground metal. If you are a fan
of the band you will enjoy this. Info:

RZEZNIA/Mathematic Grind (Selfmadegod) 23 blasting grind tracks that will
have your head falling off. Fast and faster with very few slow breaks ha ha.
Sick grind Jap core vocals too. In your into grind you will kill for this
band. Info:

AGATHOCLES/Mince Core History (Selfmadegod) Shit the band has been around as
long as Metal Core and have so many releases it is not funny. I dare you to
tell me you have them all ha ha. The band still after 18 years churn out low
tunes bass grind with extreme vocals. My hat goes off to this band they have
been doing it for so long and you should just buy this out of respect and
also if you enjoy the band or enjoy it fast and powerful. Info:

WINDS OF THE BLACK MOUNTAIN/Black Sun Shall Rise (Moribund) I have always
liked this band and after this release I know why. Real black metal played
with feeling and conviction. You can feel the hate as the music and singing
go on. No cheezy pick riffing, just real underground raw black metal the way
it was meant to be played. Buy or fry. Info:

ENTHRONED/Carnage In Worlds Beyond (Napalm) Holy shit is this hands down the
best release I have heard in 2003. Fast brutal crisp 100% black metal played
with such extreme feeling I bow to it. Think if Kreator played fast black
metal. A godly production and some of the best vocals I have ever heard. This
is a 10 out of 10. Info:

DESTROYER 666/Coldsteel (Season of Mist) This is my 1st time hearing this
band and they simply crush. Awesome old school death/black metal of the
highest order. Great riffs and real extreme metal vocals. Sort of remind me
of Bloodstorm in spots. The band can write some of the catchiest, yet super
heavy riffs and they just play with such a passion and feeling of the old
days when metal was king. I will for sure check this bands other stuff out.

THY DISEASE/Cold Skin Obsession (Metal Mind) Pretty cool death metal band
that play with some melody thrown in. The songs are not boring and the band
is at least trying to do something with the music. The vocals are deep growl
death like vocals and if you enjoy solid death metal with melody then check
these guys out. Info:

DARKTHRONE/Hate Them (Moonfog) I haven't been following this band much, but
maybe I should after hearing this masterpiece of black fuckin metal. I
killing blast of pure black metal. Evil rules. The band just crush me with
those mid tempo riffs. Like fuckin Celtic Frost. If you like A Blaze In The
Northern Sky then buy this. Pure evil and Darkthrone rule. Info:

ENTER CHAOS/Dreamworker (Metal Mind) Swedish style death metal is the ticket
here. The band aren't bad, they just sound like a combo of a bunch of other b
ands. The band can blast and also slow it down. The vocals are quite good,
solid death metal vocals. Not much else to really say. Info: