ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


SCORCHED EARTH/Marauders (No Visible Scars) I got 2 tunes of old school smash mouth in your face death metal that I quite enjoyed. The tunes had that chainsaw like guitar sound I like and the vocals, while are buried a bit more than I would have liked, sound cool to these ears. Just 2 songs of crushing speedy death metal that left me wanting more dammit. Info:

RUIN COMMAND/Same (Self Released) Some damn fine raw as fuck speedy thrash metal with some chunks of death metal thrown in here and there. Raw, chainsaw pounding riffs that smacked my ears and left me to fend for them. Brutal vocals as the singer pounds out the lyrics and this is all on tape! Easily cool like getting some of those 80’s death/thrash demos from back in the day. Wish I had more to listen to, but what I heard was easily very good and look forward to checking out more. Info:

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RITUAL STEEL/Immortal (Killer Metal Records) Horrible heavy metal with terrible riffs and songs that are not at all catchy and vocals that suck too. This was like a flat tire. The riffs had nothing to them and just dragged along with no end in sight. The singer’s voice didn’t click with me and the songs just plodded along with nothing of value to them at all. Info:

VIRUS/A New Strain Of An Old Disease (Killer Metal Records) Here is a band that put a couple releases in the late 80’s and then broke up. Well they reformed and put something out in 09 and now they are back with a new Ep. Well this is one of the few bands that gets back together after a long time away that I like. Heavy, fast, thrash metal with crunchy riffs and songs that you won’t soon forget. Aggressive vocals, not tough guy, rule on this too. This is just pure all out thrash metal played the right way and glad to see a band from the past not embarrass themselves. Info:

SHALLOW GROUND/The End Of Everything (Killer Metal Records) This didn’t do much for me as it just had too much of that happy thrash metal sound and the singer didn’t have a strong voice and he was just ok. The music wasn’t anything special. The tunes just didn’t come out and grab me by the throat and the riffs didn’t have me playing air guitar or anything like that. The music was just kind of there and it didn’t suck, but it was just kind of there. Info:

PRO-PAIN/The Final Revolution (Steamhammer / SPV) Ah one of the original metal core bands returns and they blow away all this nu metal crap as these guys were doing way back when and sound better than any of that generic crap out there. Now this is the way metal core should sound, a mix of metal and REAL hardcore. Gary sounds great on vocals as he always did and the songs on here just crush, rip and destroy. Hell you throw in a UK Subs cover tune, your cool with me. So to my ears out of all the so called metal core bands, this band is easily the best one doing the rounds these days and the vocals don’t sound generic or stupid and the music just crushes. Info:

AMIENSUS/OAK PANTHEON-Gathering (Tridroid Records) This has one song from each. Amiensus play god awful black metal with keyboards and clean and haunting vocals that would put anybody to sleep. Oak Pantheon is just as bad as the song on here sucks no power and buried vocals with riffs that are torture to listen to. Beyond bad. Info:

OBLITERATION/Black Death Horizon (Relapse Records) This might be old school, but the songs are awful and the production sucks and this was pure crap. All I hear is a chainsaw guitar sound and just a bunch of mumbo jumbo as far as the vocals go. The slow parts put me to sleep and the faster parts weren’t much better. Not good at all. Info:

MORPHIUM/Crónicas de una Muerte Anunciada (self released) Typical groove death metal with generic vocals. The songs just sound like so many other bands and the singer his voice sounds not different from a million other singers out there. The band also uses a female singer and her voice is fantastic. She sounds perfect for this. She sings with a ton of passion and I like her voice with the music. The music isn’t that bad, but they need to do something to separate themselves from everybody else and she might just be the answer. Nothing stood out of this except her. Info:

WOMBBATH/Internal Caustic Torments (Pulverized Records) This is a re-release from this band 20 years later and the label also tacked on a bunch of extra goodies on this re-issue. These guys were around when the Swedish death metal scene hit its stride so to speak and boy do the riffs on this crush. Speed, intensity and catchiness are on this. Yeah they have that Entombed guitar sound and stuff, but when the music kills like this, who gives a fuck. A good song is a good song and this has a ton. That insane Swedish sound and mix it in with fast and slow stuff and you had me smiling and with the album, you get a ton of extra stuff, well then this is easily worth getting. Info:

REVOLUTIO/Lead The Way and The Old Days (Self Released) Pretty decent stuff here with some nice songs and interesting riffs and good singing. The band doesn’t sound like anybody off hand and that is a good thing and the riffs and songs are catchy and heavy and I like the singer as well. This band is doing something new and fresh and metal is alive and kicking with these guys. Info:

ANIHILATED/I DEVIANT (Killer Metal Records) This band is back with another solid release of thrash metal. Great, catchy riffs are all over this and perfect thrash metal vocals make this one to get. Riffs that are catchy and heavy and this is just a thrash metal delight. Production is great and the guitar crunch rules as well. None of this nu metal shot on this. Just a blend of old school thrash metal that will give your neck the workout it deserves. Info:

REZINWOLF/Corruption Kingdom (Killer Metal Records) Oh this is a lethal dose of thrash metal that almost knocked me out of my seat. This band isn’t playing around. Right out of the 1st notes this hits fast and hard and with a title wave of thrash metal not to be missed. Sort of sounding like Testament at times this just hits and hits hard and fast. The speed and intensity on this is top notch. The guitar sound totally rules and for thrash metal this is about as good as it gets and yeah it is that damn good. Info:

SINCARNATE/Nothing Left To Give (Hatework) This isn’t bad, but there is nothing new on this I haven’t heard done a 1000 times before. The songs on this are ok/decent, but there wasn’t much on this that stood out. The singer has a decent voice as he growls/belts out the songs with some fury and none of that screeching crap; he just goes for the throat. The music is a mix of fast and mid paced stuff. I wasn’t into the mid-paced stuff much, but I did like the fast parts as they laid down a blast of speed that had my neck moving. Production is good and again this isn’t bad and be interesting to see where they go after this. Info: or

S.O. DETESTATION/Ge Fan I Vara Liv (Grindhead Records) A pure fast as fuck death metal assault that will pulverize your ears. Riffs that tear and shred and blasts that will have you moshing in your room. Warped out vocals that sound like a guy on his last breaths. The band takes a break to let you catch your breath and then beat you into submission again. This will pound into your skull and not let you go until the last note fades out. A sonic tidal wave blast of music not to be missed. Info: or

GUILD OF DESTRUCTION/We Are Vermin (Grindhead Records) Another faceless death metal band that sounds no different from the 1000’s of others making the rounds these days. The songs are nothing special and the singer is just bland sounding like so many other death metal singers just growling and then screeching every now and then. There was just nothing on this that got me hooked in and was just kind of there and nothing more and nothing less. Info: or

IN THE MOONLIGHT/Same (Self Released) This is some total warped up shit. It is very hard to describe as I have never heard something quite like it that is for sure. The music is some crazy ass shit that at times feels like you are high on drugs. Song # 4 sounds like an electric waterfall going through my brain. It is very eerie and easily put you in a psychic mood that I can tell you. This is not something I would listen to on a regular business, but when I want to mellow out or listen to something crazy, then this fits the bill. Info:

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SEASON OF MOURNING/Salvation (Toil Records) This is some decent heavy metal with a touch of doom to it in spots. The songs are chunky riff based with Czar singing his balls off. The songs are catchy and memorable and don’t sound generic or cheesy at all. I like the guitar sound and the sound of the band in general is solid as they are playing a brand of metal that is not overdone as well. Worth checking out. Info:

CRITICAL SOLUTION/Evil Never Dies (Self Released) Some wicked power metal that worked for my ears. The singer sounds a little bit like older James Hetfield, which was fine by me. The music was mostly in the power metal vein, with some thrash thrown in here and there. Great guitar sound and the fast parts had my neck moving. Motorhead and Metallica covers make this 14 songs of a total listening pleasure. Info:

IN THE GUISE OF MEN/Same (Self Released) More groove metal with all those catchy riffs played a million times before and horrible vocals. This is like happy metal with those nice riffs and vocals at times. The of course we go into the tough guy and melodic vocal roles. Total garbage that has been done to death and then some. Info:

KOMMANDANT/Stormlegion (MVD Music) This is a re-release of this as it originally came out in 2008. This is raw black metal that is played the right way. Not a bunch of generic fast as fuck riffs that go nowhere. No vocals that sound like some kid in the woods. No this is music that hits fast, hits hard and hits with authority and sounds great. Pure hateful vocals that have feeling and intensity and they match the music and the one, two, punch of the music and the vocals make this one of the best black metal releases I have heard and is well worth getting and is way better than all that generic black metal junk out there. Info:

BOG OF THE INFIDEL/To Corrupt Your Sons And Lust After Your Daughters (Eternal Death Records) More raw pounding black metal is your ticket on this. The vocals sound like they are from the pits of hell and I liked them a lot and you back them up with some raw as fuck music that crushes, well you got another solid black metal release. The band also don’t sound like every other fast picking riffing black metal band with those annoying screechy vocals as well. This EP is very good and looking forward to hearing the band’s next release. Info:

DRACONIS/The Cult Of The Dragon ( Injected Sense Productions) Total bone crushing death metal with catchy riffs and a perfect blend of speed and intensity. The singer has a fantastic death metal voice as he belts out the words with fire and feeling and pure hell. No slam, no atmospheric parts, none of that crap. Think Immolation meeting old Pestilence. Shit this is a million times better than the new Pestilence release that is for sure. The guitar crunch on this is unreal and the songs are damn memorable and this is a pure death metal delight to listen to and brutality is right there as well for ya. Info:

ST. MADNESS/Carnimetal (Nasty Prick Records) This band send me a double disc set which is like a best of from these guys who started in the early 90’s. Well if you have never heard this band, this is a great place to start. The band plays crunching heavy metal that will have that fist high in the air pounding away. Singer Prophet has just an incredible voice and he sings the songs on this with big time passion and the Pink Floyd and Sabbath covers rule on this as well. Now throughout the years the band kept there same style of pure heavy metal and not straying away and playing weak metal. There is also some unreleased stuff on here as well a “live bootleg”, with good sound quality. This band is like a fine wine that got better with age and their newer stuff is even better than some of the older goodies on here. Leather, chains and heavy metal. Info: or

EXLIBRIS/Humagination (Metal Mind Productions) Oh my god did this have some of the most amazing melodies and hooks this side of the Atlantic. I was big time into this by the middle of song # 1. The songs are catchy, memorable, heavy and throw in an incredible singer you got one killer release. Dream Theatre easily comes to mind with the singing and the music as the band easily plays in the style of them. The singer sings with a ton of passion and he fits in with the style of the music perfectly. If you like “Images and Words” by the Dream Theatre boys then you’ll do backflips over this. Great release. Info:

LEASH EYE/Hard Truckin Rock (Metal Mind Productions) This didn’t do much as the songs were weak and had some of that grunge sound to it and a little stone rock, which I am not a fan of at all. The singer was ok, but the songs just all sounded the same with all that mid paced sort of sound and this just pretty much bored me. Info:

STEEL CITY/Now It’s Time (Self Released) Just another of many, many groove band outs there. This isn’t a metal one, but more of a rock n roll one. I wasn’t into this much at all, but it is better than those annoying groove metal bands. I would say to this band lose the tough guy vocals you use every now and then cause you are more rock n roll than metal. Some stuff on here works as I like the guitar solos and his vocals aren’t bad when he is not trying the tough guy route. This didn’t work for me, but it is better than most other groove groups I’ll say that. Info:

RHETORIC/Thoughts and Perspectives (self released) Some raw pissed off hardcore on this. While this didn’t blow me away, it is for sure better than a lot of stuff passing itself off as “hardcore” these days. Just raw, pissed off vocals, not generic tough guy shit, along with some raging, fast as fuck music to back it up. I feel like I am back at City Garden’s in NJ, Info:

THRASHBACK/Possessed By Thrash (Skol Records) Ah fuckin a some killer old school death/thrash metal that blew me away. Think 1st Kreator release. The singer has that Miller like voice and when you combine it with such beautiful music, well then we have a winner. Ripping riffs that tear at the flesh and played with power and fury. The chainsaw sound is around and I fuckin loved it. Damn the production is like 1985 again. Total worth checking out. Info:

COLOSUS/Blestem (Kaotoxin) This easily ranks in the top 10 of shitty releases of the year. Just a bunch of nothing music that just plods along and then goes into pure generic hyper blast black metal with a singer with NO credibility as all he goes is growl into the mic. Big fuckin deal this is why most black metal sucks as bands are just doing the same stuff over and over. Info:

COLOSSUS FALL SIDE/GACY’S THREAD-Split (???) Both bands play Pantera style metal with the tough guy vocals and this stuff is like beating a dead horse. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and if I want to hear Pantera I can go grab my ‘Cowboy’s From Hell’ cd, not this stuff. The music, the vocals, all of it was boring and this is stuff that is so been overdone it isn’t funny. Info:

[email protected]

DEATH INVOKER/Same (Self Released) Hey some solid death/black metal here. Pain inflicting riffs, hells vocals and real blast beats are on this. Raw as fuck production made this a pleasure to listen to. No 3am in the woods vocals. Just pure hate and evil sung with conviction and feeling. Riffs that you remember after the song is over. A guitar sound that I enjoyed as just about everything else on this. Get it. Info:

LIFE AGAINST DEATH/Same (Self Released) Wow this knocked me over for a loop. Short blasts of pure death/thrash and some hardcore as well and throw in easily one of the best female singers I have heard and we have a winner. Shit she sounds better than 95% of other singers out there that is for sure. The music is just a sonic blast of underground metal that will melt you. I love the guitar sounds and the chainsaw pounding riffs oh did they have me loving life. I am sure this band won’t be unsigned for long. Info:

TOXIC HOLOCAUST/Chemistry of Consciousness (Relapse Records) I liked this band’s earlier stuff, but I felt this was kind of boring. The songs just didn’t do much for me and I thought they were flat and had no power behind them and just didn’t have that killer punch the earlier releases had. This sort of felt like a going through the motions type of release. His vocals are good, but the music and songs were lacking to my ears. Info:

WOLFHEART/Winterborn One Man Army (Violent Journey Records) Some pretty crushing death metal with tons of crushing riffs, speed to match and solid vocals to boot. Shame no death groove on this. This is a pure old school death metal release that was big time great. Riffs ad songs you remember when they are over. Vocals that actually sound evil ad are sung with fury and power. The guitar sound is great and pretty much everything about this ruled Info:

IHSAHN/Das Seelenbrechen (Candlelight Records) Oh this is god fuckin awful. The guy from Emperor branches out and attempts to do prog metal and Dream Theatre this isn’t. The songs suck, the singing is terrible as his black/death vocals sound so stupid on this. While it is cool to branch out and try different things, this is a waste of music. Info;

SORCERY/Unholy Creations (Hells Headbangers) This is a 2 cd set of demo stuff that came out from the band in the 80’s. I don’t remember the band at all and this was nothing special at all. The songs were pretty bad and there was no power at all on this and it sounded pretty generic to me and the vocals were awful as well. The songs left a lot to be desired and this didn’t click with me at all. Info:

CASKET GRINDER/Same (Self Released) Some fast pounding old school death metal that wasn’t bad to these old ears. Vocals are decent and the songs are fast and catchy and you will remember them after a song ends. No death metal slam and all that crap. This doesn’t sound like a million other bands and that chainsaw pounding sound on the guitar sound I fuckin love. This is the way death metal should sound. Info:

[email protected]

CRITICAL SOLUTION/Evil Never Dies (Skol Records) This was generic thrash metal that sounded like 3 rate Metallica. The singer even sounded like James too. The music was just boring thrash metal that just plodded along and didn’t do much. Nothing special about this. Info:

REDEYE/Violence (Violent Journey Records) Nothing new I haven’t heard a million times before and the singing is just a bunch of growled stuff into a mic with some boring death metal that left me quite bored. Info:

Pestilence/Obsideo (Candlelight Records) Well another old band from way back in the day returns and puts out a new cd. Well this sucks. The songs are awful and the singing is totally buried. What the hell were these guys thinking releasing this? The songs are piss poor and there is no brutality or feeling in them at all. And with the history of this band and they release this, makes it even worse. There is nothing on this that is even average at best. One of the worst disappoints for me of the year. Info:

POISON IDEA/Kings Of Punk (Southern Lord) Now on the other hand here is a band from back in the day and they play their brand of hardcore the right way. These songs fuckin crush and throw the weak. Pure old school pissed at the world hardcore that they were doing way back when and now they still deliver the goods. Short blasts of speed and fury and I was loving every minute of it and thought I was at City Gardens. The guitar sound rules and this is pure straight ahead hardcore that rules. Info:

Dead Dark Slide/Feel the heat (Dead Game Records) Complete trash. The music is pointless noise with an awful singer who sounds like he is singing through a bullhorn. The music just plods along with no power or speed and just bored me. A band version of White Zombie meets Ministry. Info:

Brain Dead/Menace From The Sickness (Punishment 18 Records) Well since they took their band name from Exodus I hoped they would be good and for sure was not let down. Bone crushing Bay Area style thrash with wicked riffs that are catchy and backed up with some speed and intensity. Vocals are solid and fit in perfect with this band’s sound. No jump or slam metal around, just a pure thrash metal assault. If you are a fan of bay area thrash metal, add these guys to your collection. Info:

ULTIMELY DEMISE/City Of Steel (Punishment 18 Records) Wasn’t into this much as the songs just lacked that killer hook or bite I crave when I listen to my thrash. This didn’t suck, but nothing stood out on this and I wasn’t into the vocals much neither. The songs just bored me pretty much as nothing on here stood out. Info:

DISFIGUREMENT/Soul Rot (Boris Records) 5 tracks of some low tunes down death metal that was a welcome to my ears. Just a pure delight to listen to this speed, intensity, brutality, and feeling and vocals. Riffs that had my neck moving and air guitar didn’t take long neither. The guitar sound on this is incredible and the 5 songs just left me hanging and wanting more. Think Immolation and you’ll have an idea on what these guys are about. Info:

CYANIDE SCREAM/Battle On (Killer Metal Records) When I saw that Steve Cone was in this band I had a feeling it was gonna be a good release and sure enough it was a great release. This is a pure heavy metal release with tons of great, catchy as hell riffs and playing. Steve has an amazing voice and he shines on this no doubt. The chains and spikes are on as this plays on and none of that nu rock shit or boring, dull riffs. Every song on this rules and if you like your metal, straight forward and powerful, then Mr Cone’s band is right up your alley. Incredible release. Info:

TAIPAN/Metal Machine (Killer Metal Records) An amazing display of heavy metal that totally rules. Riffs that will snap the neck and vocals that send shivers down my spine. Vocals that reminded me of old Halford vocals and throw some Paul Diano sounds as well. The music is big time old Judas Priest (think late 70’s) and the songs are just catchy and heavy at the same time it is not funny. The singer sings his balls off and just everything about this ruled. I now come to found out this band was around during the NWOBHM so no wonder the early Priest/Maiden sounds. Well the band broke up in 87 and with this new release they just seem to have picked up where they left off. This is a pure heavy metal classic and one of my favorites of the year you bet ya. Info:

DRAGONSCLAW/Judgement Day (Killer Metal Records) Ah some wicked power metal with tons of catchy hooks and soaring vocals. Yes his pipes are huge and he belts out the lyrics and the high spots galore, but his voice is perfect and he doesn’t sing in that Hammerfall way and there wasn’t all this happy power metal found all over the place. This was more aggressive and speedy that that stuff. Thrown in a great guitar sound and production and you got one excellent band. Just a head banging delight that will have your denim clad face happy as hell. Info:

A VICIOUS CIRCLE/Insight (Self Released) A bland deathcore band with bad songs and bad vocals. The riffs are not catchy and the songs pretty much blow and throw in deathcore vocals, you have a band that you have heard 4000 times before and they suck like the rest. Info:

INFERNO/Omniabsence Filled By His Greatness (Agonia Records) Boring atmospheric black metal that goes nowhere fast. The songs are way too long and just drag on and there is nothing on this even decent except for the singer who isn’t bad, but if have trouble falling asleep this will help I am sure. Info:

COVEN 13/Destiny of the Gods (Shadow Kingdom Records) Wow some really fucked up, warped out shit and of course I liked it. Something new and different. This band was back around in the 80’s and I this is a return album of sorts. The singer reminds me of Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols and his voice takes a bit to get used to, but I like it and he sings his lungs out on this. The music is a mix of doom and metal and just will crush your skull in. Heavy, ballsy riffs that suck you in and then throw in his vocals and you’re hooked in deep. This is a wild ride so prepare for it, Info:

Lake of Blood/Omnipotens Tyrannus (Cult of Melancholia) Songs are way too long and just another raw pick riffing black metal band with buried vocals. Next.

OCCULTIST/Death Sigils (Primitive Ways) Some decent raw black metal in the vein of Celtic Frost and Hellhammer. Songs aren’t boring and the vocals fuckin rule and it is a female and a male and the female sings better than most singers nowadays. The raw production on this is incredible and I love the guitar sound as well. Just incredible songs and feeling to go along with them. Info:

KHAOS AEON/Koenigreich (self released) This was pretty boring black metal. The songs really lacked anything of value and the singer was awful. He sings in a clean voice and he tries to be evil and it just comes across as so generic. Info:

SILENCE THE MESSENGER/Achilles (Standby Records) Total jump metal with deathcore vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and all sound the same and all suck.

ROGASH/Supremacy Undone (WAR-ANTHEM RECORDS) A total crushing assault of some prime beef death metal with razor sharp riffing, speed and great vocals. Songs that will have you banging your head and playing air guitar. This shit is lethal and prepare for the maniac assault. The riffs just will tear through you and the speed will have you grinning from ear to ear. The vocals are pure growls of unholy death and this is one of the best releases I have heard this year and for death metal this band brings it and then some. Info:

SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS/Them (Selfmadegod Records) Some warped out music this is. Total all and out punk with a killer bass tone and vocals from out of this world and even better this is the band’s 1st release in over 22 years. Short blasts of speed and each track rules. Vocals the way hardcore should be not all that generic tough guy crap. Lemmy would be proud of this bass sound ha ha. Just pure pissed off hardcore the way it used to be the 80’s and wow a band from back in the day sounding as good as they do on this makes a must get. Info:

REX SHACHATH/Sepulchral Torment (Grindhouse Music / Metal Music At) 5 tracks of some rip roaring fast death metal that my ears enjoyed a lot. Ripping riffs and plenty of speed to ingest as this plays on. Pure death metal vocals and when you add that with the music, you get one killer band. The guitar sound I love and just the riffs had my neck moving and this band is another example of the way death metal should be played. This is some great stuff and looking forward to the next release for sure. Info:

RELENTLESS/SOULS OF CHARON (DO OR DIE RECORDS) Boring doom metal with completely awful female vocals. The riffs are tired and old and sound boring and the singing is pitiful and she has a terrible voice and sounds like she is space out on crack. Total boring stuff. Info:

HATECROWNED/Warpact In Black (????) 4 killer tunes of death/black metal with some fantastic vocals alongside some wicked ass music. Evil just spews out as this plays and the singer just creates this mood with his voice and the music oozes up out of the ashes and it is more black metal than death metal, but it is played the right way. No screeching, no over the top shit. Just straight forward death/black metal with songs that you remember and will get into. A great release no doubt.  Info:

FUNERAL NATION/After The Battle (Voice Of Azram Records) This label just re-issued this classic release from 1991 on vinyl and if you don’t have it, well get it. Balls to the wall awesome death metal played with total feeling and blows away a ton of trash into today’s underground away. Vocals that will have your spine on fire and music to back it up. This band was way overlooked in 1991, but this is a pure classic release and it is to be picked up at all costs. Info:

EISREGEN/Todestage (Massacre Records) God awful gothic black metal that belongs in the toilet. The songs are awful; there is nothing to them at all.  This is like Cradle of Filth Jr and this is just so generic in so many spots it isn’t funny. The screechy vocals are quite funny too. Info:

VIRAGHA/Same (Salute Records) 3 tunes (including an intro) of slow depressing doom/black metal that for what it is, wasn’t bad. The singer totally has the black metal vocals down and he sounds great on this and not like some generic black metal singer. The music is just slow, haunting, depressive doom metal that will dull your senses. The music just sucks you in and keeps you there. There is just a ton of feeling and emotion on this for sure. This is not something I would listen to everyday, but for doom/black metal this is one of the best bands I have heard that mix the 2 styles together and make it work. Info:

DEMORIAN/Disco Diaboloque (Depressive Illusions) Well this wins the award for one of the worst, if not the worst releases of the year. The band/people use dance mix samples in this with some of the worst vocals this side on NJ. The music is just god awful metal and it isn’t even a style of metal it is shit metal and why the fuck would you use samples and dance beat samples!!! What in the fuck were you thinking? And 2 different labels released this…the other being Satanica Productions. Well in saying that, you both need your heads examined.

STARSOUP/Bazaar of Wonders (Sublimity Records) This band sound a lot like Dream Theatre in spots and that was fine by these ears. The singer has a great set of pipes and he sings these songs on this with big time feeling and passion. The music is heavy and catchy and takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, feeling and heaviness. Each song has its own identity and I loved this. Great guitar sound and the singer just sings his ass off on this and this is one of the best releases for me to mark the end of the year of 2013. Info:


SATAN’S HOST/Virgin Sails (Moribund Records) While I loved the band’s last release this one didn’t click with me at all. I thought the songs were too long for the most part and boring. There was no can’t miss riffs and the songs just lacked big time substance. They just plodded along and I kept waiting for the killer riff to come and it never came. The songs just dragged and even the singing on this was nothing special at all. Info;

MOON/The Nine Gates (Moribund Records) Just a wall of black metal noise with haunting vocals that sound stupid. It is so raw this sounds like one riff going over and over and all the so called singer does it growl and howl into the mic. Awful. Info:

NOCTURNAL FEAR-SEGES FINDERE/Allied for the Upcoming Genocide (Moribund Records) A split cd is what we have here. Nocturnal Fear are up 1st and offer 4 punishing old school thrash/speed metal tracks that smacked me into the middle of next week. Riffs that will cause neck damage and vocals that crush and are delivered with fury. That chainsaw pounding riffage on this is 2nd to none. Sges Findere I have never heard before, but offer up 2 chunks of some sickening death metal that I quite enjoyed. A mix of some Autopsy meeting Immolation in a back alley worked for me. They also don’t sound like every death metal band on the planet as their guitar and overall sound is pretty cool. Nice deep growl vocals too. I will have to look more into this band and this is a solid split release for sure. Double horns up from me. Info:

SONS OF FAMINE/Demo 2013 (Self Released) Oh this is an absolute awesome release. Raw, heart pounding death metal with vocals to back up the music. Riffs that slash into you and speed that will knock you for a loop. Intensity that is second to none. Vocals that sound like the guy is having his flesh torn from his body. I love the guitar sound and this was fresh and different and not sounding like just another generic death metal band making the rounds these days. This is one great band. Info:


DEAD/Hells Morbid Disciples Of Hate (Xmusick) a 2 disc set of some morbid death metal. This is a re-issue of all the bands stuff on 2 fuckin discs. Think Hellhammer, Autopsy and Venom my friends. Low pudrid type vocals in the Autopsy vein with some wicked guitar sounds and riffs. Disc # 1 is some more recent stuff (2006) and still retains that big time old school sound of the 80’s and I loved it. Just has that old Autopsy sound big time and heavy as hell to boot. Disc # 2 is the really old stuff (80”s) mixed in with some live and cover tunes to boot. This disc contains more raw, chainsaw goodies for the death metal fan in you and some tracks have ex-singer Suzy on them and for a girl she can scream and growl with the best of them. This is a pure underground goodie and with 43 great death metal tunes this is a must have for any fan of real death metal. Info:

ABHORRENT/History At The World’s End (Xmusick) 2discs of South American thrash metal. Head banger riffs galore on this. Disc # 1 has the bands 2 demos, one from 93 and the other from 96. The band plays chunky thrash metal sort of like old Megedeth is spots. The singer screams his lungs out on this like he is on his last breaths. The speed and intensity on this is very good as well. Disc # 2 is all live stuff and the band sounds great on the live tracks. This is solid old school thrash and Wang you found another band that got lost back in the day and its music now sees the light of day for a new generation. Info:

ALGHAZANTH - The Three-faced Pilgrim (Inverse Records) Same ole heard it a million times black metal. This band had been around for a long time, but this is just another fast picking, screamed black metal release that I have heard 5000 times before. This brought nothing to the table that hasn’t been done to death and I grew rather bored with it rather quick. Nothing on this stood out at all on this. Info:

OCTOBER 31/Gone to the Devil (7" EP) (Hells Headbangers) One new song and a cover tune from Uriah Heep is what you find on this. The new song, Gone To The Devil is classic Oct 31st with killer riffs and the unmistakable vocals of King Fowley. A catchy and heavy tune no doubt and the cover of Uriah Heep is a welcome surprise as they are one of the unknown bands here in the US, but have a bigger following in Europe of course. It is given the Oct31 treatment and this 2 song affair had me itching for more new stuff from King and the boys. So King I need more buddy….

HEDLOK/Year of the Wolf (Self Released) The songs on this didn’t do much for me. There was nothing that stood out as the songs were pretty boring and the singers screeching voice was nothing to write home about neither. The music is thrash metal and riffs just didn’t catch my ear and mix that in with some bad vocals and this just did register with me at all. Info:

C.O.A.G./Sociopath (Kaotoxin) Shorts blasts of grind that sounded good to these ears. The songs weren’t just a wall of noise and actually contained killer riffs unlike some grind bands. Vocals were pure screams/growls of real death metal and the production was solid as well. I was nodding along to several of the tunes on here and this just kicks ass plain and simple. Info:

IMMORTAL BIRD/Akrasia (Closed Casket Recordings) Boring black metal that sounds like a million other bands with vocals that are buried in the mix. Just the same pick riffing vocals a ton of other black metal use and vocals that while aren’t bad, are just buried in the mix and this got old and boring rather quickly.

VALKYRJA/The Antagonist's Fire (W.T.C. Productions) A wicked combo of black/death metal that hits hard and fast and is very enjoyable. Vocals from hell and violent music to back it up. Riffs that slice through you and are memorable and the fast and furious sounds this band use is crushing. The intensity this band brings is second to none. The vocals are great and he fits the music and his voice fills the air with hate and I can just feel it right along when he is singing. A non generic guitar sound also works. Easily worth getting. Info:

DARKMOON WARRIOR/Nuke 'Em All (W.T.C. Productions) Another solid release of old school black metal that is played the way black metal should be played. Evil and nasty the way satan wants it. Riffs, feeling and atmosphere that feel like you’re going into hell itself. I didn’t like some of clean vocal stuff they did, but that is just me. The music just will knock you back for a loop with a crushing guitar sound that will smash you into the nearest wall. The intensity and fury are there big time and another band worth checking out. Info:

MIST DOOM/Same (Self Released) I got 2 songs of decent doom metal with a female singer, who has a nice set of pipes on her. She sings the songs with feeling and anger, but not that tough guy crap. The songs aren’t bad, very heavy and have that Trouble doom-like feel to them. The production is good and solid and the guitar crunch is right where I like it. Having only 2 songs to listen is kind of tough, but from what I have heard this is some good stuff.

AC ANGRY/Black Denim (Dust On The Tracks Records) Boring bar band rock n roll that got old fast. The songs were lame and limp and the singer wasn’t much better. The songs just were weak and lacked any sort of bunch with them and this was pretty bad and no substance at all to this. Info:

THUNDER TRIBE/War Chant (Nightmare / Sony / R.E.D.) Some ass kickin metal with plenty of hooks and great singing. The singer has a clean, but solid voice sort of like the guy in Dream Theatre in spots. Actually the music is sort in the same vein as them as well. Choppy riffs with excellent vocals had my neck moving big time. Great guitar sound and the production are right on the money. Each and every song has its own identity and this is cool stuff no doubt. Info:

AGGRESSIVE MULOTOR/Death Toll VI (Salute Records) 5 old school tracks of death metal that left me wanting more. Just the feeling and sound of this rules and throw in a cover of Hellhammer’s “Massacra” and you have one happy metal core person he he. The old school sound on this I love as well as the vocals. Riffs that are catchy and memorable and stay drilled in your head. Vocals from hell that I totally love and just fit the music like a tight ass. Dammit I want a full length. Info:

FROSTHAMMER/Visions Of True Canadian Black Metal (Salute Records) This has songs from 4 different demos and is some decent black metal. The one thing I liked was this wasn’t just a bunch of fast pick riffing black metal with a bunch of screeching vocals. Oh there is fast parts and there is screeching, but it doesn’t sound generic and there are lots of ups and downs on this and it is a rollercoaster ride of emotions on this. There are also some female vocals on this and they sound great on here as well as they are used the right way. Very emotional black metal stuff here and well worth checking out. Info:

DARK DESOLATION/Same (Salute Records) This to me was typical pick riffing black metal with the screeching vocals and I hated the trigger drum sound on this as well. Nothing good on this at all. The lower cup the mic vocals sucked as well. Info:

SODOMOPHILIA/Same (Salute Records) Just another groove metal band that sounds like Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Disgorge, etc. Same low vocals and all those happy dance riffs. No not for me they sound like all the rest. Info:

THE GBS/Fuck The Unholy Trinity (Salute Records) This was a mix of death and black metal and while the music was somewhat decent; I did not like the mix of both vocal styles. The black metal singing wasn’t bad, but when the band went into the deep growls and screeching, they lost me as they sound awful and out of place. The music is fast, hard hitting death/black metal that sounds good, but they should stick with one vocal style as it would make them so much better and the music was not some generic crap and the band does sound good with the best of both styles on it. Info:

GYPSY/Twisted Levity (Salute Records) Oh fuck yeah. 5 tunes of some dirty, nasty, rock n roll played the way I like it. The tunes are all catchy and the singer has a fantastic voice belting out the lyrics. The production is solid and the songs rock so if your into old school rock n roll here ya go. Info:

ENMACHINED/Thrash Assault (Salute Records) Some Ok thrash metal that is ruined by some purely awful vocals. The singer sounds like a bad version of the singer of Death Angel. His voice just doesn’t cut the mustard and sounds weak and bad on this. The music is decent thrash with some OK songs, but when the singer goes to sing I cringe. The band also should work on getting a little crunch in their guitar sound as if you’re going to pay thrash, your guitar sounds must be massive. Info:

SACRILEGO/Darkness Secrets (Salute Records) This is some pretty awesome black metal and the fact that it is all done by one guy makes it over the top. Lots of mood changes and sounds on this. I like the keyboards as they add to the mood parts and are not overdone. His voice is great for black metal and the songs have fast, slow and moody parts and don’t get boring. The production is good and the only negative thing I can hear is the trigger drum sounds, other than that this is a crushing release of black metal not to be missed. Info:

DarksideInferno (Wolfblood Productions) Beyond bad death metal with some atrocious songs and vocals. The songs totally bored me and have no power, no feeling, no nothing. The singer just growls into the mic with no feeling at all and the band tries to be cute and mix in lots of styles (keyboards, slow parts, etc) and it just makes things work. Totally forgettable. Info:

TYRRANICIDE God Save The Scene (Divebomb Records) This originally came out in 1986 and 25 years later here it is on cd and what a cd it is. A pure hardcore/metal classic that still sounds great after all these years. Crushing riffs, blazing speed and pissed off (not tough guy deathcore shit) vocals just had me smiling. The songs sound fresh still and just are played with a young, angry feeling that isn’t matched by many bands these days. There is not a bad song on this and this is pure crossover at its best and had the best of both the underground metal and hardcore worlds. Info:

INNER SANCTUM - Knowledge At Hand (Divebomb Records) This has been re-issued by the fine folks at Divebomb Records and this band was from Texas and this originally came out many moons ago. The band kicks ass with roaring vocals and just plain all and out wicked riffing. The songs are pure heavy metal plain and simple.  Thick, heavy riffs will have your head nodding and a singer with a big set of balls that is for sure. I am surprised some other label didn’t release this sooner, but def check these guys out. Info:

INSANIAC/Terminal Madness (Xmusick) A 2 disc (almost 70 min each disc) spanning the career and then some of this awesome 80’s thrash band. I loved Insaniac back in the day and to see this music on cd finally is a blessing. The band played classic 80’s thrash with tons of great hook and vocals. All 5 demos and some rare and unreleased tracks on within these 2 discs. This is band that should have easily been signed and went on to record some albums, but since that was not meant to be, this is the next best thing. This is easily something you must own and belongs in any underground fans collection at all costs. Tom’s vocals and CJ’s riffs totally rule on this 2 cd set. Buy or fry. Info:

CLUELESS RULER/Same (Same) 6 tunes of ass kickin rock n roll played the right way. None of this groove crap neither. Just strong rock riffs with catchy songs and a great singer with a strong voice. Each and every song on here has its own identity and was catchy as hell and heavy as well. Not many good rock bands making the rounds these days, but this band is easily one of them and a great guitar sound to boot. Info:

SLUMBER ROOM/Same (No Visible Scars) Wow this is some warped up shit. I felt pain shooting through my body as this played. The singer is in complete torture mode. Slow, crushing doom that will leave you sad no doubt. The slow riffs will just take over your mind, body and soul. Just total doom metal that will leave you weak and a bit of industrial sounds as well. Very different as well. Info:

SATANIC DYSTOPIA/Double Denim Shoutgun Massacre (No Visible Scars) Super raw almost swedish like death metal with pure death metal vocals. The chainsaw riffs with explode in your brain and they are catchy as hell to boot. 8 songs of crippling old school death metal that will leave you weak and breathless. If you’re a fan of Swedish death metal this is easily a must have. Info: