ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


COGNITIVE/The Horrid Swarm (Self Released) This had its good and bad points. The band just sound like too many other death metal bands making the rounds these days. That being said the music is straight forward on target death metal that does hit fast and hard. The vocals are good as the singer growls with some conviction and he sounds convincing as well. Productions is good and solid and the guitar sound is good and the speed parts are pretty crushing. The band just need to work a little bit on working on moving away a bit from sound like the 1000’s other death metal bands out there, but this is EP isn’t bad for a start. Info:

NECRODEMON/BLACK ART REVENGE (Reaper Records) Rob and the boys return with a 3 song Ep that totally crushes and destroys the weak. Vocals from the pits of hell that sound so convincing that satan would approve with 2 horns. The music is a perfect mix of old school death/black metal that after 3 songs will leave you begging for more. The music mixes up the speed and mid parts nicely and the overall feel of this is amazing. Rob and the boys just ooze off a feeling of conviction of evil and power not found in many bands as with music like this, you either got it or you don’t and trust me these guys have it. They have come leaps and bounds since I first got to know them and this is easily their best work and besides being great, the band doesn’t sound like every other tom, dick and harry underground band out there. An insane mix of black and death metal that shouldn’t be missed.  Everything about this rules. Info:

ANNIHILATOR/Feast (UDR Records) On this I got a 2 disc set, with cd # 2 being re-recording versions of older songs. Onto disc # 1. I have not Annihilator’s music in years, but have known of the band as I used to even write to Jeff way back during the bands demos days. I had no idea what to expect, but wow was I blown away at how good this way. Wicked riffs, great vocals, and overall great tunes. The songs are catchy, heavy, fast and just sounded great to my ears. Singer David rips through the tunes with a lot on conviction and feeling and his voice fits the music great. I love the guitar sound on this and the production is 2nd to none as well. Now onto cd # 2 where old songs are re done with a 2013 touch. Me personally I am not a fan of when bands do this as I think they should save that stuff for live settings and leave the original recorded stuff alone and not re do it. It isn’t bad and seeing as it is a sort of added bonus and not just released by itself I can live with it. I didn’t expect much, but Mr. Forbes was wrong. Info:

MINISTRY/Enjoy The Quiet Live @ Wacken 2012 (UDR Music) I am not sure how many different versions of this are out there, but I got the one with 2 DVD’s and a CD. I was a pretty big fan of Ministry a few years back when such songs and “Thieves” and ‘New World Order” were out and about and I kind of lost touch with what the band had done and then this popped into my mail box. Well this is a total destructive performance at the 2012 Wacken fest. You get to hear it and well as see it. The band sound tight as balls and they blast through the tunes like a ball on fire. Sad to say shortly after this was taped, Mike the long time guitar played died. The production and the filming are top notch and band blast through an almost hour long set that brings the masses to their knees. You also get another DVD from Wacken from 2006 and band buries and slays the songs on that show as well. Well after this I think I need to re check out the Ministry catalog. Info:

DREAM DEATH/Somnium Excessum (Self Released) Holy fuckin shit was my feeling when I first played this. The fact that 3 of the members are from the demo days is amazing to me, with Rich Freund taking over on the bass. The 6 tunes on this are FUCKIN INCREDIBLE with the trademark Dream Death guitar sound and Brian’s incredible vocals. This band has always had a special place in my heart and they combine the best of doom and some death metal that makes for an incredible combo. Hell it did back then and now the band is doing it again in 2013. When most band re-unite it usually is just a shell of its former self, but with boys, it sounds like the never went away. This will easily make my top 3 of the year. Incredible and totally blew me away. Info:

THE FINITE BEINGS/Same (Self Released) I have no idea what style of music to call this, but this is utter crap. The songs have nothing to with anything and are so pointless and boring it isn’t funny. There is not one riff or song structure on this that is worth a damn at all. Faceless music all the way. Info:

PANDEMONIUM/The Ancient Catatonia (Old Temple Records) This is a re-release of this band’s demos that came out in the early 90’s. Total crushing old school death metal the way it should be played. Riffs that tear through you and vocals the pure way they should sound and be. The guitar sound just tears and shreds and while it is simple, it more than gets the job done. This blows away a lot of the so called stuff that passes foe death metal these days. The passion and feeling that flows through as this plays on is fantastic and great packaging on this to boot so this is a must buy that is for sure. Info:

DRILLER/All Shall Burn (Old Temple Records) Some nice polish thrash metal is the ticket on your ride on this release. Catchy riffs are a bound on this and there is even a bit of hardcore here and there. The singer reminds me of Gary from Pro Pain at times. Just like the above band, the music and riffs are simple, but are very enjoyable and catchy. Production is right on the money and this is a solid release. Info:

PATHOGEN/Lust Of Evil (Old Temple Records) Decent death metal that didn’t do a lot for me, but didn’t suck balls neither. This lacked great songs. There was just no riff or song that knocked me off my seat so to speak. The songs were just kinda there and flew by and did nothing for me neither way. The singer has a good voice for death metal and I liked his voice a lot. The band easily does not have a generic sound, and that is good, but this just didn’t do a lot for me. Info;

JOHN MAMONE/Order And Chaos (Self Released) A just complete ass kicking rock n roll assault with a million killer hooks and perfect vocals to go along with it. I am a sucker for a great riff and this had a huge lollipop full of them. Each and every song ha riffs that you could get into and remember when each song was over and not one song sounded the same. John has a fantastic voice as he sings the songs with passion and feeling and along with the incredible music behind him this is easily one of my favorite releases of the year. Great guitar sound and a break from all that shitty, generic, pounds and mounds of music that filter into the music world. Fuck yeah. Info:

DEUS OMEGA/The Tattered Wings Of Heartache (Self Released) This is a decent black metal band/project that tries not to sound like a million other generic black metal bands with either all the fast pick riffing or all that slow atmospheric stuff. This is sort of more mid paced with some faster parts here and there and the results aren’t bad. The singing is a mixed bag. I hate the female vocals as they sound out of place and for me personally I fuckin hate that clean vocal shit and on top of it, he does it as well. When he is singing in a black metal style it isn’t bad, but the clean vocal crap sucks. The music id decent, it doesn’t suck and it isn’t mind blowing as the songs do have some parts I liked. Be interesting to see where he goes with this.

TRAGODIA/Mythmaker (Kolony Records) Limp wristed metal with plenty of not so good hooks and boring songs. The tunes lacked anything metal and limp vocals just added to the misery. Throw in some of that nu metal sound and you got one awful release. Info:

Maggy Simpson/Lab Rat and Lobster (Voodoo Bones) This was cool in some ways as the band were not your typical band and are doing something different, but after a few tunes I was losing interest in this. This is like a phycoldelic rock band and while I applaud them for not sounding like every band on earth, the songs got boring very quickly and didn’t hold my attention for a long time after a few tunes. The singer isn’t bad, he has a good voice and he fits with what the band is doing, but this just did fly with me. Info:

BROOZER/12x04x12 (Grindhead Records) This sounds exactly like Pantera’s “Vulgar Display of Power”, but these guys don’t even come close to Phil and the boys. This is like a 6th rate version of that release and the vocals are pretty bad on this as well. Hey if you miss Pantera here ya go. Info:

CRANIAL IMPALEMENT/NECROPTIC ENGORGEMENT/Split cd (Coyote Records) Cranial offer up some of the worst death metal with vocals that suck a pimple on my ass.  The music is a joke and the vocals even worse. I’d love to sit down with somebody and they explain to me why cupping the mic vocals sung super low are brutal and I’ll compare that to Mille singing on Kreator’s Pleasure to Kill release. I think I’ll win. Necroptic offer up a bit better music wise as the band at least try’s, but then you get the shrieking vocals and it is all downhill from there. Info:

BLACK CHALICE/Submission (Contaminated Tones Productions) Just a wall of noise with one riff repeated over and over with some of the worst vocals I have heard in 10 years. This is so beyond bad it isn’t funny. Want to get even with somebody. Play this over and over for them. Info:

BLACK CHALICE/Obsidian (Contaminated Tones Productions) This was a million times better than the above release. While I am not kissing Maria Remedio’s feet over this ha ha, this is way better than the other release. More than one riff over and over, actual songs and wouldn’t ya know: VOCALS. This is still very basic, but it is more enjoyable and actually sounds good at times. The tunes have a flow to them and are very moving and have lots of feeling and it doesn’t sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The singing is better and isn’t just someone making noise in the mic. The music is depressing doom metal with a mix of black metal and he/the band better stay on this course. Info:

GATES OD ETERNAL TORMENT/Same (Contaminated Tones Productions) Bitter awful one riff over and over black metal with terrible vocals. The singer all he does is shriek and shriek into the microphone with no feeling and this was just plain awful black metal. Info:

FORESTFATHER/Hereafter (Contaminated Tones Productions) Some decent at best black metal. The songs didn’t have that wicked, killer punch for me. They kind of dragged along in spots and I would have preferred some more speed with this. The vocals weren’t bad, but again lacked that killer punch that could have made this that much better. The production was good and if this had some more faster stuff I would have enjoyed it more. This is more of a feeling type of black metal stuff and I prefer my black metal to be fast and speedy. Info:

CREATED TO KILL/Death Is Construction (Pagan Pride Records) This isn’t bad, but it another sound like Cannibal Corpse band. Thankfully this is better than most and the music and vocals are ok and the vocals don’t go into all that lower than low shit and just sound like a bunch of garbage. The music is in the C.C vein and like I said, it isn’t bad, but the band will have to work at getting away from being Cannibal Corpse Jr. in future recordings. The problem with this is that they don’t sound much different from the 1000’s of other bands doing this and they will need to branch out a bit in the future and work on getting their own sound and the same thing with the vocals as well. Info:

MIND ENEMIES/The Darkest Way (Self Released) This pretty much bored me through and through. The songs had no substance and there was nothing that made me jump out of my seat or had me nodding my head along to the tunes. The songs had no bark no nothing to them and just dragged along at a snail’s pace. The singer had a decent voice and the guitar solos were good and all, but the 4 tunes on this were flat as a pancake. Info:

LAMENTATIONS OF THE ASHEN/Ekimmv (Contaminated Tones Productions) This is a one man band/project of some god awful black metal. The music is big time boring and just sounds like 50,000 other back metal bands I have heard of the years and songs are long on top of it. The songs revolve around a riff or 2 and then some off in the woods type of singing here and there and this was also just so basic it isn’t funny. There is nothing on this at all that stirred the pot with me. Just total sleeping music is what is on this. Beyond bad. Info:

Reptilian Death/The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence (Old School Metal Records) Decent death metal is what you will find here. The one thing that holds this back is, while it is decent, it doesn’t go much above water for me. They just sound like any one of 100’s of other death metal bands I have heard over the years and there was nothing that stood out for me. The music is mid paced and fast death metal played good with good vocals. I didn’t like some of the groovy like mid paced parts that brought this down a notch for me. Production is nice and solid as is the guitar sound. Sort of down the middle with me. Info:

OBLIVION/Called to Rise (Unique Leader) Some old heard it a million times death metal. Same singing, same tired riffs, same tempo speeds, etc. There is nothing on here that hasn’t been done 5000 times before and this is yet just another case of the 1000’s of faceless death metal bands on the planet now.  Trust me you’re not missing anything by not getting this. Info:

GRIME/Deteriorate (Mordgrimm Records) Some of the worst death metal I have heard this year. All the singer does is just yell and growl with no feeling into the mic and the music is a total waste of noise. Beyond bad riffs and song structures make each song totally worthless. This is such a joke and it isn’t funny. Info:

Uzala/Tales of Blood & Fire (King of the Monsters) God awful doom metal with female vocals. Within 4 minutes I was dosing off. The singer wasn’t the bad part; she has a strong solid voice. It was the same couple tiring riffs playing over and over and at over 7 minutes, sorry but ya lost me. The songs just got repetitive and bored me and this just didn’t appeal to me at all. Info:

PROFANATICA/Thy Kingdom Cum (Hells Headbangers) Now here is some serious fucked up shit. I mean that in a good way. Paula and company have come up with some wacked up shit on this and I loved every minute of it. The raw production on this is awesome and the guitar sound is as well. This is what should be given to you when you enter hell. Paul’s vocals are so excellent on this, pure hell and fury. Bands like this destroy the fuckin fakes and phonies of these so called “true” black metal groups. This is the best black metal release of the year hands down. Info:

MARKRADONN/Final Dying Breath (Bluntface Records) This I found to be pretty boring. The songs went in to many directions and the chainsaw riffs and almost opera like vocals at times I hated along with the music in general. The songs packed no punch with me and there wasn’t anything on this I even could say wasn’t bad.  The music is metal; they call it, the band, experimental metal. In my ears it sounded like a bunch of mish mash and nothing else. In saying that, enough thought I didn’t like this; at least they tried to do something different and not sound like a million other generic bands. Info:

Death Toll Rising/Infection Legacy (Self-Release) Another faceless, shitty deathcore band that is so generic. The songs totally blow, there is not a riff or song structure in sight that is anything close to average and the singer just sounds like any death metal or deathcore singer and he sings/growls the songs with no conviction at all. Oh there is low/very low vocal parts too. What a surprise huh? Another band to add into the pile of nothingness. Info:

Dead End Finland /Season Of Withering (Inverse Records) This is total crap. Mid paced melodic metal with keyboards and some awful metal singing and then throw in the clean vocal lines and you got one release that belongs out in space. The songs stink, the music in not catchy and the keyboard parts are about the only good thing on this.  Info:

Styggelse/No Return (Unexploded Records) Some pretty bad noisy punk metal here. The singer sounds like a bad punk singer and the music is nothing special at all. No hook, line, or singer here at all.  Nothing reached out at me at all and it was just like blah. Nothing memorable about this at all. Info:

NEKROKRIST/Der Todesking (Primitive Reaction) The music isn’t bad, some decent raw, fast black metal, but the vocals are a total joke. It sounds like a 14 yr. old kid screeching in the woods and his singing has NO credibility at all. The music, while not original, does pack some punch and is listenable, but with that singer, the band is pretty much a moot point. Info:

Bliss of Flesh/Beati Pauperes Spiritu (Non Serviam Records) Another blah death metal band that doesn’t suck, but isn’t any good and it kind of like down the middle. The songs just don’t have any killer punch or riff or anything else that made me stand up and take notice. The singer isn’t bad, but there is nothing of quality as far as the music goes and thank god it’s not deathcore, but it isn’t anything you’re not missing. Info:

Germ/Grief (Eisenwald) Easily one of the worst releases of the year. This is a piece of shit and is worthless. 1st song is one long guitar riff with some clean female singer, yeller, whatever, just howling at the wind. This isn’t even music. Rap music is a million times more better than this, so yeah it is that bad. Info:

RISING/Abominor (Indisciplinarian) While the bands bio as I was listening to this, I was sad to read the drummer and bass/singer were leaving the band cause this was some serious lay to waste shit on here. The band has a rip roaring sound sort of like Kyuss meets punk rock and a tad of White Zombie.  I love the guitar sound and the speed and rawness of the music. The vocals remind me of Max from the Sep boys from Brazil. The production is perfect and I had never heard of this band before and they blew me away with this. One of the best surprises of the year for me. Info:

HERETIC SOUL/The Nihilistic Attitude (PRC Music) This is another case of heard it a 1000 times before death metal. This didn’t do much for me as these guys play stuff I have heard over and over for the past 25 years. Now in saying that, no deathcore or any of that crap. Just straight forward death metal with good death metal vocals. There was just nothing on here that made me go “wow” or stand up and take notice so to speak. This band is a decent band that is at least playing death metal the right way and I am sure most of you aren’t as old as I, so in saying that, go buy this instead White Chapel or any deathcore band. Info:

Cult of Erinyes/Blessed Extinction (Code 666) Ah a black metal band that doesn’t sound like a wall of noise and has a singer that doesn’t sing like he is in the woods at 3am. The tunes are fast, furious and you can remember them. This isn’t all and out speed as there is commercial breaks in there as well as ha ha. I love the sound and feeling this band gets from their sound. The singer totally gets it as his vocals tear the house down. Production is awesome and this band shows when black metal is done the right way, it is one impossible force to stop. Info:

Handful of Hate/To Perdition (Code666) Some decent black metal here. The band just sounds like too many other black metal bands to have them stand out from the pack so to speak. They are just like a clone of many other black metal bands out there and it is the same guitar sound, vocals, speed, etc. Info:

HATESPHERE/Murderlust (Massacre Records) I am not a big fan of almost all these “modern thrash bands” as they are called, but this band is different. The riffs and song structures on this are off the charts. Ripped off my head with the speed and the catchiness. The vocals are in a deathcore style, but are not annoying at all. This is like the 1st Machine Head release in some ways. Info:

WIZARD/Trail Of Death (Massacre Records) Another straight forward heavy metal group and this didn’t click with me and I am sure part of it is the oversaturation of bands like this I have heard. They have all those chanting vocals and stuff and the songs were just kind of there and there was no “mind blowing” song or riff. This is just another average at best heavy metal band that doesn’t suck, but doesn’t do a thing to separate themselves from the 1000’s of others out there. Oh a note to the band, having songs titles like “Angel of Death” and “Creeping Death” isn’t such a good idea. It is fucking stupid period. Info:

Warmaster/The End of Humanity (Dead Beat Media / Slaughterhouse Records) Some crushing death metal with some slower, almost, doom like parts that were razor sharp. Reminds me of the underrated Bolt Thrower at times. Thick, chunky riffs with some boiled down in deep vocals made me loving this. I love the guitar sound as well, just thick, heavy and no frills. This death metal just hits right in the chest and just pounds and pounds and no jump metal, no deathcore, just 100% in the right places death metal and different too. Wow what an idea. Info:

MAXIMUM OVERSATAN/Too Evil For Hell (Contaminated Tones) Oh my god this is total underground sounding black metal that will crush and destroy you. Riffs and just feeling are what I found on this. I have heard many "fake" black metal bands over the years and black metal when done right can be a force to be reckoned with and this certainly fits that bill. Vocals that satan would be proud of and just that old school riffing and feeling just owned me. There are 3 original tunes and covers of Venom and Sodom, 2 total kick ass bands in their own right. Info:

Noctum/Final Sacrifice (Metal Blade) This sounds like a bad version of Merciful Fate. The singer sounds so much like King from the screams to the actual singing. Musicwise it is the same. Hey I thought I was listening to King and the boys. All that aside, this was nothing special. The songs plodded along and were not much value to my ears. There was nothing that my ear heard that made me do a double take. Nothing worth checking out in my eyes and ears. Info:

NOCTURNAL GRAVES/From the Bloodline of Cain (Hells Headbangers) Oh these bastards are back and they burst my ears again with their furious blast of thrash and pieces of death metal. Just fast pounding riff after another and I thought we were in 1985 again. The music is just so spot on and the singer belts out the lyrics with total power and fury. I was big time into this less than 30 seconds in. This comes out like a charging bull and “wham” you’re in for it. The guitar is so evil and fits in perfect with the singer. This band is like a great horror movie soundtrack to a plus horror movie. Prepare to feel and experience pain. Info:

Decayed/Unholy Demon Seed (Iron, Blod and Death prods) From the bio this band has been around a long time, over 20 years, and on this there is a song from every release and one new song. This is as old school as it gets and the band just plays black metal with that old school sound and feel, but I wasn’t into this much. The songs were ok, there was just nothing that blew me away and it to me, this was like a generic version of Bathory. Nothing stood out and was just a burst of speed and speed with each song all sounding the same to me and pretty much bored me quickly. Info:

COTILLION/Cotillion (Self Released) I am not a big fan of all instrumental stuff, but I will say this about this and that this kinda neat. This isn’t just some guitar god going off and doing a million solos. There are songs within the songs and they are good, catchy songs too. The lack of a singer knocked it down in some ways, but on the other hand, having one might ruin the band. Either way this is some pretty interesting stuff and so go check em out and judge for yourself:

Otargos/Apex Terror (Listenable Records) A total shitty death metal band that offers up nothing but a bunch of shitty songs and even worse vocals. This is one prime example of why most death metal band suck these days. A bunch of stupid growled vocals along with quickly forgettable music. Info:

Izegrim/Congress of the Insane (Listenable Records) This is 50 times worse than the other band on Listenable. Oh we have a female singer on this, Big deal she is awful and is not brutal at all her vocals belong on a carnival side show. The music goes right along with her to the nearest dumpster of bad death metal bands. There is not one riff or vocal line that anybody with a half a brain can tell me is good. Fuckin junk. Info:

Possession/His Best Deceit TAPE (Iron Bonehead)  Not many labels doing the tape thing these days, except my buddy up in NJ, but I still got my player and damned if this was not 4 tunes of rip roaring black metal that I bet satan would like. Vocals from the pits of hell and music that goes right alongside it. Chainsaw riffs played with feeling and when you got music like this and satan is your driver, well you got a winner. Great band and cover tune, Necromancer by Sepultura sounds awesome. Info:

FUELED BY FIRE/Trapped In Perdition (Noiseart Records) This band has a few releases under their belt now and this is a very good slab of bay area style thrash metal. Speedy riffs and blazing drums made this a delight for me to listen to. None of that new style of thrash neither; this is real deal, no that nu/jump metal crap. The singer has a good voice to boot and I love the production, the guitar sound and crunch as well. Thrash metal as it should be. This is by far the band’s best release. Info:

ZUD "The Good, the Bad and the Damned” (Self-Released) This is not a typical black metal band and that is a good thing. Very original sound to them and bands like this takes chances cause just being original, does not mean you are good. The songs are strong, didn’t go over my head and I liked the singer, who sang with some soul and hate of course. They also do a good job with the mix of speed as well. A very pleasant surprise this band was. Info:

OBELYSKKH/Hymn To Pan (Exile On Mainstream) For me when you’re playing doom it is all about feeling and emotion. If you don’t have both then I will not like the band. Well this band had both and that goes for the music and vocals.  Bone crushing riffs that had a ton of lead in them and vocals that sounded like a dying man and then throwing those beautiful piano parts was perfect. This is a ride that has its up and downs and it a pretty perfect ride and wow can this band pump out emotion. One of the best doom bands I have heard in a long time. Info:

CLERIC/Gratum Inferno (Tofu Carnage) Some decent death metal in the Autopsy/Incantation vein. While I applaud a band for playing death metal the way it should be played, this is really didn’t do much for me. I was listening to it and nothing struck me at all. It was there and blah, blah, blah. Nothing stuck out on this at all. Just too many bands around these days and this was nothing special. Info:

Funeral Circle/Funeral Circle (Shadow Kingdom Records) Candlemass is mentioned a lot when this band is brought up and that is not very far off the mark. Clear, but powerful vocals fill the air along with some bone crushing doom metal that is played in the right way and does not sound boring or dreary. The singer’s voice just sucks you in and with the music sweeping along this is like one big river stream that doesn’t stop flowing. The production is excellent on this and only a few doom bands do it for me, well add these guys to that list. Info:

Satyricon/Satyricon (Nuclear Blast) Pure awful slop with a tired attempt of black metal vocals that totally blow along with some of the most putrid music that is side of NJ. The riffs just drag on and on and the songs on this suck big time and I’ll even go worse as they are one of the bigger names in the underground. This crap belongs at the bottom of an ocean. Info;

SPIRITUAL HOLOCAUST/Kingdom of Cadavers (Grindhouse Music / Metal Music At) While this is not breaking any new ground, it is some decent death metal that is at least played the right way. The fast speedy riffs are smacked down with some smashing drums and pure death metal vocals. The band slows it down and then heats things back up shortly again. A solid production also on this as well. Not bad and for fans of Incantation and Immolation. Info:

Altars/Paramnesia LP (Blood Harvest) A god awful release of some pure shit death metal. Riffs that are so boring they would put Sandra Romian to sleep. They just plod along and the fast parts are a total joke too. This has no feeling although the feeling of flushing this down the toilet would work. Info:

Suture/Carnivorous Urge to Kill (Comatose Music) This came out in 2002 and is being re-issued. Well just put in any Cannibal Corpse album and you have these guys. Total Cannibal Corpse Jr and to me this should have stayed back in 2002. Do we really need another Cannibal clone? Ah no. Info:

Slutvomit/Swarming Darkness (Invictus Productions) I thought this was gonna be some generic grind/gore band, but no this is old school black metal that was pretty damn good. Now I don’t agree with some of the lyrics, but musicwise this is some pulverizing black metal with wicked, razor sharp riffs and Bathory like vocals. The production also has that 80’s feel to it as well. Music with hate and feeling and pure metal.  Think Possessed, Bathory, Necrovore, etc. I love the vocals, none of that fake black metal singing and wow look, actual good songs. What an idea, write a good and catchy riff and go from there. Inpressive. Info:

SlegestLøyndom (Dark Essence Records) One of the worst bands of the year. God awful songs, like a band rock band with ‘evil” dream on vocals. This band needs to crawl out of the hole it came from and stay there. Total shit. Info:

PARAGORIA/Decomposition Of Mind (On Parole) This is nothing new another death metal band making its way into the underground that offers nothing new at all. It isn’t all that jump metal crap, but this is like a guy or girl just standing there doing nothing. Nothing stood out on this at all.  Just an average at best faceless death metal band Info:

Abyssous/Smouldering LP (Iron Bonehead) This wasn’t bad at all at the band retains that old school sound and didn’t sound generic or awful like a lot of bands these days. Sort of Immolation like in spots minus the vocals. The tunes are catchy slabs of death metal played the right away. None of this jump metal crap or scream core shit that floods the underground these days. Just true death metal with power, fury and speed. Pick this up. Info:

Pitch Black Mentality/The Pitch Black Reality (Casket Records) Awful jump metal with all that shitty groove riffs and clean and semi tough guy vocals. Nothing I haven’t heard 2 million times and bands like this are a dime a dozen. Bad band. Info:

Symbolic/Scarvest (Twin Peak Records) Bad death metal that went nowhere fast. Nothing clicked with me as it was just bad riffs, bad song structures and horrible vocals. The songs were not strong at all and the riffs went above my head as there was nothing to them. Another in the long line of faceless death metal bands.

HUMAN IMPROVEMENT PROCESS/Deafening Dissonant Millennium (Memorial Records) Some of the worst death metal of the year. A total generic At The Gates clone that sounds nothing like them and it just god awful. Yawn songs and shitty vocals made for a band I wish just would go away and stay there.

INCANTATION/Mortal Throne of Nazarene (LP reissue) (Hells Headbangers) This is the 2nd release from this godly death metal band and if you haven’t heard this, well you must be living under a rock. A pure death metal classic with total 100% intensity from note number # till the last riff. This has just such feeling and atmosphere that it is not funny. To me death metal is about emotion and feeling and if you don’t have it, well your out with me. The speed, the wicked riffs and pounding drums till your blue in the face will just knock you for a loop. I totally love the production on this and the vocals come from hell itself. A must have now. Info:

Necromessiah/The Last Hope Of Humanity (Punishment 18 Records) Wow this is some really cool shit. The bass has a bit of that Lemmy sound and the music is just total old school thrash metal that wipes the floor with all these shitty new metal bands that sound like 5000 other bands before them. The music is mostly mid paced with some speed parts thrown in the mix as well. The riffs are punishable by death and the vocals are so on the mark it isn’t funny. You need songs and memorable riffs and damn if this didn’t have 100’s. One of the best releases of the year for me. Info:

Nuclear Aggressor/Condemned To Rot (Punishment 18 Records) Ah holy shit if this isn’t some of the best rip roaring old school thrash that has come to my ears. Riffs and speed that punish and just totally destroy anything in its path. Think 1st Sepultra release. Total 80’s like speed metal demo production is a must. Just listen to that speed and power along with a pure old school 80’s death metal vocals. The band just punishes and tears you into the ground. Just the insanity and sound of this band totally blow me away and when I hear bands like this, well that is why this old fart still does this. Info:

WirgHata/Cold Dismay (Blasphemour Records) When I saw melodic black metal I thought this was gonna suck. Well it doesn’t suck. I am not a big black metal fan and most of the black metal bands today are a joke. Well this band is a bit different and yeah they are melodic, but they write some decent tunes and the singer doesn’t sound like he out in the woods at 3am. Don’t get me wrong the vocals are total black metal, just not all that annoying screeching. The music isn’t bad as the songs are memorable and there just isn’t a million miles an hour super-fast pick riffing. The keyboards add in the sound and this is not bad for what is and while this didn’t blow me away, it was quite enjoyable and better than all that other sit out there. Info:

Unchained Breathing/The Allspark (Self Released) Complete, absolute garbage jump metal with the screamcore vocals. God there are bands like these everywhere and they all suck cause they all sound the same and sorry you’re not Pantera, who were the only good band that did this.  Happycore riffs along with breakdown parts made this totally unlistenable in any way, shape or form. Info:

Ghost & Goblin/Same (Self Released) Now this is some fuckin weird warped out shit. This is like alternative industrial music. I actually don’t think it half bad though. Hell I rather listen to this than some shitty deathcore band. This is something so off the wall it isn’t funny. The singer has a very warped voice and he does fit the music. Think something along the lines of Nine Inch Nails if Trent was in a club music band and you threw Godflesh in a bit as well. You want alternative here it is. Info:

BLACK CROWN INITIATE/Song of the crippled bull (PRC MUSIC) Pure, utter crap. The singer starts singing in a clean voice and then sure enough come to the deep deathcore vocals with some of the most awful music. The only cool thing about this is the bass sound. The songs are faceless and just a bunch of shitty mumbo jumbo nu metal dance crap. Info:

IN THE BURIAL/Born of Suffering (PRC MUSIC) Wow just what we need another shitty deathcore band that sounds like the 5 billion others out there. Worthless speed and the guitar sound is god awful and singing is a total joke. This is beyond bad and is even worse than most other bands doing this style and that is saying something. Info:

INFERIS/Obscure Rituals Of Death & Destruction (Old Temple) Some decent death metal here. The music is hard hitting, fast blasting in your face death metal with some face ripping riffs and face smashing speed. The vocals are just basic growls of death and they were a bit of a downer for me as I felt there was nothing special to them and they were just kind of there. With music being played with that furious and with intensity, I was hoping for some killer vocals all I was an average singer at best. I love the guitar solos on this and the production as well. The guitar sound and drums are awesome. This is good for what it is, but damned if it couldn’t have been that much better as the singer just sounds like any other death metal singer. Info:

PATHOGEN/Forged In The Crucible Of Death (Old Temple) Some very wicked, bone crushing death metal that packs a wallop. Riffs that flow through the body and chill the spine. Vocals that are deep, haunting, brutal and more than get the job done. A heavy as fuck guitar sound matched with drums than pound in your nose. Think Immolation my friends. Songs that are memorable and that you want more and more. This my friends is one death metal release you want to own. Info:

IN SILENT/Potepienie (Godz Of Warz) 7 Tunes of some decent death metal played the right way. While this didn’t blow me away, nevertheless it is some solid death metal without no gimmicks, no nu metal, nu jump metal, no groove, no senseless grind, etc. Autopsy meets Incantation in an alley is what you will find here. Thick heavy guitar sound and plenty of growls of death and some speed mixed in as well. The band just needs to work on finding a bit more of their sound and they will be on their way. Info:

DORMANT ORDEAL/It Rains It Pours (Godz Of Warz) A fast razor slicing slab of meaty death metal worth having. Whirling riffs along with intense speed and roaring death metal vocals easily won me over. This had me playing air drums and the riffs just suck you in and beat you into submission. I love the guitar sound on this big time. You like your death metal played with speed, well then this is for you.  Info:*2c+It+Pours+(2013)

TURIN TURAMBAR/Rzeczpospolita Czartowska (???) This I didn’t like much at all. The music was pretty faceless and the vocals pointless. The songs lacked anything of value and the singer pretty much was awful. The songs had no push nor give to them at all. The music, while death metal, had nothing at all. The songs just went on and it was a like a bad movie and god the riffs and songs on this were pretty bad.

NELDORETH/Baptized In Blasphemy (Extreminal Productions) Some bone crushing wall to wall death metal. Thick heavy riffs and pounding drums are what is on this. I love the speed parts as I can just feel the intensity in the music big time. The vocals are sung more in a black metal style and I didn’t love them, but they weren’t bad neither as doesn’t sound like some fool in the woods at 3am. The songs are mostly speed with some slower, Autopsy like, parts to slow you down and then it time to hammer the wall down again. Well get your hammer out and order the bloody thing. Info:

EYES OF THE DEAD/What Nightmares Are Made Of (Insomiac Productions) This band has 2 releases out and this I wasn’t a fan of at all. This sounded liked  Suffocation/Cannibal Corpse with the deathcore singing, the lower than low singing and even some straight forward regular singing. There was nothing at all on this that stood out or was memorable. The songs have no flow to them and the 3 set of different vocals did them no favors with me as I am not a fan of the screeching death metal vocals at all. The other release, reviewed below totally blows this away. Info:

KRIEG/The Isolationist (Candlelight USA) A perfect display that when black metal is played well, it kills. The vocals, the feeling of his singing are top notch. He sings and screams like there is no tomorrow and doesn’t sound like some fake back metal singer in the woods at 3am. The music is just a total assault on your ears and just is played with such feeling and hate that is just oozes out of my speakers. With black metal, at least to me, you either got it or you don’t and this band has it. As good as black metal gets. Info

LYKEN 21/Konceptions (Self Released) Some nice, change of pace, straight forward heave metal is what you will find on this. The crunchy riffs are a welcome to all the generic black metal and deathcore crap that is infecting the scene. Bands like Savatage and Armored Saint and Cities come to mind when I was listening to this. The singer has a strong metal voice sort of like the singer in Manowar. The production is on the money and every instrument is crisp and if you like fist banging metal, well buy a ticket this ride you won’t want to get off. Info:

EYES OF THE DEAD/The Week and The Wounded (Self Released) A heart pounding mix of death/thrash that opened my eyes within a minute. This band isn’t playing around with its speed and aggression and this is total old school and played the way it should be. No breakdown shit, just total pure hammering you into oblivion. A sense a bit of Kreator in the music at times. The singer screams his balls off and not in that deathcore way. The music is something that pounds and pounds and pounds more. This absolutely crushes big time. A wall of devastation not to be missed. Info:

RAISED EMOTIONALLY DEAD/Same (Red Channel Records) This has its good and bad points. First the bad. The band play in that generic deathcore style and sound like any other band doing that style. Now the good is that while they play deathcore, I would say that is about only 30% of their sound. The singer doesn’t sing much in that deathcore voice neither. The music, while not mind blowing, still is enjoyable. The music is a mix of deathcore and sot of newer style thrash that I didn’t mind for the most part. Some might like this as I am not a fan of the deathcore stuff at all. Info:

BLEACH EATER/Night Work (Supercoven Records) Ah what do we have here. A nice mix of death metal and old school thrash. The singer has an awesome voice that goes from like Chris from Autopsy to  from Bathory to Ross from Immolation. Just a whirl win of speed and power and just complete chaos from the music right down to the vocals. Just heavy as balls vocals and music that destroy the weak and the wannabes. Band also has its own sound and if you want it heavy, speedy, feeling and just plain carnage, you came to the right place. Info:

DEBAUCHERY /Kings Of Carnage (Massacre Records) Musicwise this is some damn good thrash metal with sprinkles of death metal mixed. Riffs of speed and they are damn catchy too. A band that knows how to write a song that you will remember after you hear it. The singer has a death metal voice and for the most part he is good until he does the low butchery sound vocals at times and it is just out of place on this. The production is good and the guitar sound crushes on this and the speed parts will have you playing air drums. Info:

HERETIC CULT REDEMMER/Same (Iron Bonehead) Heard it 5 million times bad, boring black metal with crappy songs and the chanting vocals are a joke. The songs are not memorable just have no flow to them and get quite boring and it is just blah. There is nothing of value on this whatsoever. Info:

TRIUMPH, GENES/Všehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících  (Iron Bonehead) No this band is a different story. The singer just sing that screechy black metal vocals, he has a more normal voice and you would just have to hear it and normal, I don’t mean clean, he just sings in a cool way and sounds very original for a black metal singer. The music is a total slash and bash of unholy black metal with tons speed and power and riffs and song structures that are totally memorable and I love the drum sound as well. Killer band. Info:

EXITUS/Statutum Est Hominibus Mori (Svart Records) A very weird band that took a bit to get into, but they did. Musicwise the band is very fresh sort of mixing a thrash metal sound with a touch of doom here and there. The singer has a big time original sound and this isn’t just your average band make take a bit to get used to. I like the speedy parts mixed in with the slow doomy parts and this made for a good listen. Info:

ÅRABROTÅrabrot (Fysisk Format) Oh my god this is one of the worst bands I have heard year. The vocals are awful screams and the music is just so boring you would be heading the for stop button within a minute. Terrible songs, terrible vocals make for a shitty band. The bands bio says noise band. Perfectly said.

CONCRETE ICON/Perennial Anguish (Black Vulture Records) While the band is breaking no new ground on this, this is some damn fine music. A  mix of doom and speed and I loved. Bon crushing non boring doom metal mixed in the with some blazing speed parts made for quite a release. The doom parts and oh the guitar sound rules and the riffs are not just a bunch of mumbo jumbo and the mix of speed here and there easily kept this from being boring. The singer has a more death metal sound, but he has is one style and a great mix of 2 styles that works out big time. Info:

SCORDATURA/Torment Of The Weak (Blast Head Records) Another one of the few deathcore bands I can live with. The vocals are all that tough guy crap, though they are to a point, they aren’t bad for what they are. The music is crushing death metal that blasts are hard and doesn’t have all that groove shit to it. The production is great and the guitar sound I like a lot and big time thick and the fast parts just crush and this band shows me, when deathcore is done right, and that is not very often, it can be a great display of underground music. Info:

I AM THE TRiREME/Unholy  (Dark Harvest Records) Pretty good death/black metal with plenty of speed and intensity and the keyboard parts sound good and flow with the music. The singer also has a black/death metal voice and he sounds good as he doesn’t have its 3am in the morning screeches going in. The production and music are right on the money and another plus is this didn’t sound like a million other bands. Info:

FYRNASK/Eldir Nóttm (Temple of Torturous) An absolute completely awful black metal band with the same tired riffs and speed and vocals I have heard and this is totally worthless. No memorable songs, tin can production and stupid vocals and out of place keyboard parts. Laughable at best. Info:

BLISS OF FLESH/Beati Pauperes Spiritu (Non Serviam Records) A wicked blast of death metal that slays the depths of your soul. The singer sounds like Ross from Immolation and the music is just a blast of fury and speed, with, get this, riffs and memorable tunes. I love the production and the guitar sound rules on this. This pounds and slays and pounds more. Well worth checking out for sure. Info:

MISERY SIGNALS/Absent Light (????) Wow a deathcore band that I like. This is just the way it should be. Catchy and brutal riffs that pack a bunch and a singer that doesn’t sound like every other tough guy singer on planet earth. These songs were total over the top and a big time thick and crunchy guitar sound and a blasting sense of power to boot. A nice surprise.

INFERA BRUO DESOLATE/Unknown (Self-released) Beyond bad black metal with some bad vocals and oh what is a black metal band doing clean vocals at times. All this is, is the same pic riffing I have heard a million times and same ole black metal vocals and tin can drums. Info:

GRIME/Deteriorate (Forcefield/Mordgrimm) Easily one of the worst bands I have heard this year. Doom metal black metal and not in a good way. The songs suck and are easily forgettable and oh the vocals are even worse as they are sung with no feeling and all the guy does is scream like a poor man dying and you’ll want to die listening to this shit. Info:

SARCASM/Crematory (On Parole) This was pretty cool and a bit different. Sort like Raven meets  Motorhead at times. The riffs are nice and speedy and catchy too. The singer sounds like John from Raven at times as well. The songs are memorable and you will remember after they are done for sure. The production is solid and I like the guitar sound a lot on this as well. Just nice speedy metalike riffs that was pretty damn good. Info;

SECRET OF DARKNESS: (In)Humanity (Metal Gate) Some of this was really good and some just ok. The music is a crushing slab of death metal with tons of speed and aggression and songs that don’t bore and are just kinda there and do nothing. The production and guitar sound I like and no tin can drumming as well. The vocals were passable, but nothing great and the singer mixes up the vocals by mixing black metal and death metal and some of the upper vocals lines were not welcomed by me. They aren’t to the point of not enjoying this slab of metal. Info:

RANGER/Knights of Darkness (Ektro) Oh my god is this some awesome power metal p0layed with a ton of feeling and emotion. The singer has a perfect voice as it clear, but powerful and for a band like this he is perfect. Musicwise this is as good as I have heard this year. Oh the riffs are so catchy and powerful and there is just enough speed on this to make me go crazy and the neck moves big time. Oh think of ‘Show No Mercy” production and this would not be of touch in the 80’s. I want more from these fuckin bastards as 5 songs is not enough? Info:

ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE/The Road Will End (Ironclad Recordings) If this band wanted to do a good job sounding like Pantera did they did a hell of a job. From the music to the vocals, to the guitar sound and production they win hands down. If you like Pantera you’ll love this and since I like Pantera, I liked this a lot. Info:

LEVIITICUS/The Strongest Power (Ektro Records) Damn this label is batting 2 for 2. This is some total kick straight forward metal that blew me away with their power and again the songs on this are so damn catchy it isn’t funny. The singer, omg he sings with such power and passion it isn’t funny. The band is also pretty original as they easily have their own sound and what a sound it is. See this is the way metal needs to be, catchy songs and memorable vocals. Info;

BLUNT FORCE TRAUM/Beyond (Self Released) 4 songs of deathcore meets death metal and I thought this was ok. Thank god the singer doesn’t sin g in that tough guy voice as it is more of a death metal sound, which was fine be me, but the clean vocals the band use, totally suck and can somebody tell me why clean vocals belong in metal bands. The music is a mix of the 2 above styles and yeah as some groove, but there is more death metal than deathcore. Not bad for what it is. Info:

TEMPEST RISING/Calm Before The Storm (Self Released ) God awful deathcore that sounds like on any band Liquid Metal on Sirius radio. The band also uses a female singer with clean vocals and the worst part was the rap like vocals with groove. One of the worst bands I have heard this year. Info:

PANZERCHRIST/The 7th Offensive (Listenable Records) This was pretty bad. The singer just sounded like any other bad death metal singer and music sounded like Eddie Van Halen playing guitar with some bad, triggered drums behind him with songs that you won’t remember after you hear them and this is some bad death metal my friends. Info:

LOSING SKIN "I/Infinite Death. ( Blasphemour Records)  This started off no so good, but then it ripped into crushing black metal with fire like riffs and heart pounding drums. The singer isn’t your typical black metal as no screeching and this also has a mix of death metal as well. The fast parts will pound and destroy you and I like the guitar sound and production on this as well A solid release of black/death metal. Info

STONE MAGNUMFROM TIME...TO ETERNITY (Rest In Peace Records) I like doom when it is played well and is dark and this is neither. The songs just drag on and there is no substance at all to this. The singer isn’t bad and he in some ways reminds me of the singer in Blessed Death. The songs I feel are too long as well and just go nowhere and plod along with no ending in site. This evoked no feeling or emotion to me and was quickly forgettable.

IMPIETY/The Impious Crusade (Hells Headbangers) This veteran black metal group returns with another assault on your ears and bones and flesh. This is full of emotion, feeling, hate and speed. The riffs will tear you into 2 and they are just so lethal and powerful and will blast you into oblivion. The speed parts will have you playing air drums in no time. This has songs you will remember and not soon forget. This band has been doing it was seems like forever and this is good as it gets for black metal. Info:

MANOWAR/Warriors Of The World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition (Magic Circle Entertainment) I haven’t this band in many, many years, but I surely remember them in the 80’s. Now to me this is just boring, average at best heavy metal with no power and boring tunes. There is nothing on this that blew me away or any songs memorable. Eric Adams on this has a good voice, but the music is just so generic to my ears. This has no speed, no memorable riffs or song structures and there was a lot of hype about this band back in the day and I have no reason why as I found nothing of value on this. Info;

FULL OF HELL/ Rudiments Of Mutilation (A389 Records) A complete annihilation of speed and fury on this. Think Cryptic Slaughter with death metal vocals. The songs are shorts blasts of intense speed like the killer old hardcore bands of yesteryear. The band does slow it down at times, but that is to catch your breath before you get knocked for a 2 ton lope of music from these guys. The drummer gets more than a workout on this and thank god no shitty deathcore junk and I love the production to. Info

SAD EYES/9HOBIA (???) This is some decent death metal that while breaks no new ground, is still enjoyable. Thick heavy riffs and just enough speed to keep me interested. The band do a good job of mixing up the speed and mid-paced parts and the singer has a really good growl voice. If you’re Incantation, Immolation and other great bands like that, then you’ll like this a lot and while this isn’t mind blowing, it is better than a ton of the other crap out there. Info:

REVOGAR/Beyond The Throne Of God (Domini Inferi Productions) Oh fuck yeah a black metal band that doesn’t do a million miles an hour pic riffing and no singer sounding like it is 3am in the woods. The band also throws in just a tad of death metal in the mix. Riffs that catchy and heavy as hell and the speed parts totally crush. The band easily doesn’t sound like every other black metal band and that also makes that stand out for me. There are only 4 tunes on this and I wanted more. Easily one of the best black metal bands around these days. Info:

RAZORMAZE/Annihilatia  (Slaney Records) This had its good and bad points. The good was this is solid straight forward thrash metal with some good hooks and speed that had my neck moving. No fuckin groove or nu thrash metal crap on this. Sort of re minds me of a slower version of DRI when they were big time in the crossover era. The only bad point, and it is minor, is that the vocals sometime go in the deathcore style. Other than that you get crunchy riffs, speed pounding drums and aggressive vocals that are perfect for this thrash metal band so if you’re into thrash metal, like me, you’ll love this. Info:

GRANEDEBLFURSTEN/Pro-Depressiva (Ketzer Records) All this was to me was some fast picking black metal with buried drums and horrible singing. There was no feeling or emotion in his voice and you back that up with some awful music, you get a pretty shitty and the almost clean vocals in some parts were a joke as well. Just a worthless band. Info:

KARNAK/The Cult Of Death (Grindhouse Music / Metal Music At)            Very good death metal with riffs and speed and power that will take your head off. The music is a speedy death metal delight with pure low, but not guttural, vocals that are the way death metal singing was meant to be. Great production and the speed and intensity that the music is made me really like this. The guitar sound is unholy and will just burn and blast you at every turn. No generic or garbage death metal here. There is also a wicked cover of Celtic Frost’s “Jewel Throne”.  Info:

DEAD IN THE DIRT/The Blind Hole (Southern Lord) Just blasts of driving hardcore and death metal that will dull your senses. This will come at you like a freight train and you’ll feel the pain. Vocals from the depths of hell itself and just over the top chaotic music totally smashed and bashed me with the intensity of a baseball bat. This band is so over the top, it isn’t funny and while this is a million miles an hour, it is not just a wall of noise. Vocals from a dying man and music that will send you into oblivion. Info:

ACHERONTAS/Amenti (World Terror Commitees) Complete black metal garbage that has been done to death and this band brings nothing to the table except for garbage. Total generic pic riffs with the same old speed a million other bands have done and screamed black metal vocals that would make satan hold his ears in pain. The almost chanting vocals at time made me laugh. Another reason why there is too many shitty bands in the underground and you can add this band to the list.

SPEEDTRAP/Power dose (Svart Records) OMG this is one awesome band. They have speed, they have power, riffs that rule and bang and a great aggressive singer and a kick ass sound of metal and punk that totally rules. Crossover here we come and I right in the front row. There is also a Motorhead vibe in the mix  too. Production is perfect and that guitar sound just sucked me along with the intensity, feeling and just wicked songs and singing. Easily in my top 5 this year so far. A must have. Info:

ACHERONTAS AMENTI - Ψαλμοί Αίματος και Αστρικά Οράματα (W.T.C. Productions) Heard it a million times black metal with the fast pic riffs and screeching. I mean bring something at least good to the table. The also haunting style vocals also are beyond bad that sounds like something from church. Just another faceless band in the underground.

PERVERSION/Pillars of the Enlightened (Blast Head Records) Cool straight forward death metal that hits fast and hard. Think Immolation and Incantation. Vocals that are the real death metal kind, low and brutal and sung with hate, but screeching or deathcore crap. The speed parts totally crush and the band slow it down just to let you catch your breath and then the onslaught beings again. A pure death metal delight. Info”

HIVELORDS/Cavern Apothecary (Anthropic Records) Beyond awful sludge metal that bored me and I am sure would put you to sleep. The band also mixes in super generic black metal for a combo that belongs 50 yards underground. There is nothing memorable about this at all and the singer sucks and the music is sort forgettable it isn’t funny.

4 YRS OF SUFFERING/Same (Dead Games Records) Easily the worst release I have heard this year. A total snooze fest of nothing but noise. Industrial music? Ha this will make you suffer I assure you. This is no Nine Inch Nails or Ministry that is for sure. Just noise and more noise. Anybody I truly hate I’d have them buy this. Beyond bad. Info:

KING CARNAGEOUNCE OF MERCY, POUND OF FLESH (BADGOD MUSIC) You are going to think I am nuts, but this is the death metal version of Soundgarden!  I am not a fan of the buried drums, but fuck does that guitar sound hit me like a ton of bricks. . The singer has a nice death/black metal sound to his throat. The guitar is also different that a lot of other bands and that scores brownie points with me as well. Songs you won’t soon forget so check these guys out. Info:

CENTURIES/Taedium Vitae (Southern Lord) A complete wall of noise that totally sucked. Songs that mean nothing and went all over the place, with nothing memorable at all. The singing on this is a joke, all the guy does is scream and yell in the mic and no satan would hate the shitty piece of garbage.


Humiliation/Turbulence from the Deep (Deepsend Records) Heard it all boring death metal with boring songs and awful vocals. The songs just plod along and are totally forgettable within seconds. I don’t expect originality much anymore, but please bring something to the table and with this the table is empty. Info:

 FRONT BEAST/Demon Ways of Sorcery (Hells Headbangers) A total rip roaring slab of black metal that satan would love. Riffs and singing from the pits of hell and that chainsaw pounding guitar sound will slice and dice you. This is not some shitty generic black metal band. When black metal is done right, it can be devastating and this for sure delivers that and much more. Info:

BLOODATTACK /Alphakiller [BASTARDIZED RECORDINGS] Another generic deathcore band that sounds like all the rest of these shitty deathcore bands. Just screamed tough guy vocals along with crappy music.

SINISTER REALM/World of Evil (Shadow Kingdom Records) Oh now this is what the doctor ordered. A pure heavy metal band with great riffs and singing. Sort of reminds me of Savatage of some of their early releases. The singer has a great voice and sings the songs with a ton of passion behind some incredible music. Get out the spikes and the denim and prepare for a total heavy metal assault on your ears and the guitar crunch from hell. Info:

FAMOUS UNDERGROUND/Same (Dust On The Tracks Records) Just total ass kickin rock r roll. Great songs, riffs and singing. I love the guitar sound on this and the songs are just so damn catchy it isn’t funny. There is not many bands around doing this rock n roll thing nowadays and this is one band that is keeping the banner flowing. The singer has a ballys voice like Steve Tyler at times. This isn’t all the nu metal rock n roll crap, this is the real deal and this is a as good as hot female in tight jeans with a nice ass. Info: or www.famousunderground.ty

MESSE NOIR/Mandel-Gate Of The Calling (Natas Productions)  This came back in the late 90’s and now has been re-released by Natas Productions. Some very weird stuff on this and I mean that it a good way. Very moody black metal that doesn’t sound like some cheesy black metal band as this is played more with feeling and emotion than all out speed and screeching. The music just kinda sets a deep and cloudy dark room and sucks you inward with the music. Glad to see this get a 2nd chance as this is one of the better black metal releases for sure. Info:

MAJLALIS/Cathodic Black (Pulverised Records) To me all this was black metal that has been done a million times with the fast picking riffs and screeched black metal vocals and they incorporate some doomy, moody stuff that didn’t do a thing for at all as it was like be over already. The songs were boring and were easily forgettable. Info:

HUNTRESS/Starbound Beast (Napalm Records) God awful attempt at heavy metal with a laughable female singer who even growls in spots that had me laughing. The music was completely faceless and there were no hooky riffs and anything that resembled a good song. Stay very far away from this. Generic metal. Info:

MAMMOTH GRINDER/Underworlds (20 Buck Spin Records) This isn’t as the band try and sound like Possessed a lot, but after like 3 songs in I found myself getting bored. Each song sort of followed the same path and this is where the band lost me. The singer has a cool voice and at least the band isn’t playing that deathcore crap, but the music does nothing and after each song you won’t remember any riffs or anything else. Info:

BLACK TUSK/Tend No Wounds (Relapse Records) Wow this was like a cannonball hitting you in the belly. Reminds me of Kyuss, who I love. This is very warped and different, but yet the songs are memorable. A total crushing guitar sound with vocals with a man on his deathbed. This will suck you in with its power and just madness. A pure delight to listen to and the guitar sound is unreal. Sort of like doom metal throws in some heavy rock and thrown in Kyuss. Info:

MAJESTIC DOWNFALL/Three (Chaos Records) Beyond awful doom metal that was ready to put me to sleep in the middle of the day. The riffs and songs were totally boring and yes it caused pain to listen to this. Doom when done right is cool with me, but the music was long and just droned me out and I just tuned this out. Info;

BANGLADEAFY/The Briefcase (Nefarious Industries) This is a bunch of guys not on the same page as this sounds like 4 different guys playing 4 different songs as one and this is easily one of the worst bands I have heard in 6 months.  As far as the music is it just a chaotic mess of fast noise. The label website says welcome to the home of bunch of big, dumb noise. Yeah the label summed it up than I did.

NIGHT DEMON/Night Demon (Shadow Kingdom Records) Oh you fuckers teasing me with 4 songs when I need more dammit. 4 tracks of pure denim and leather metal with great singing and wow great songs. Songs that you remember and are catchy. Early Raven and NWOBM styles are def an influence on here. The songs will have that old neck of yours moving and your toes tapping along to the tunes. This is just a warm up I am sure from this great band. Info:

DEAD MOVES/Same (Self Released) This reminded me of Sapphic Ode at times, which was a band I used to manage a few yrs back. The music is a mix of metal and alternative at times and also speedy metal as well. The singer, who is female, has a haunting voice that goes well with the music and I can hear the passion and feeling as this played on. This bad incorporates different styles and this like a breath of fresh air as it different, but great in a different way. Info:

KURNGIA/Same (Dismal Records) Oh the band is killing me as this is only going to be a 7”. Total absolute crushing death metal tunes played the way death metal should be played. Not all this childish deathcore crap or death metal slam. Take those styles and flush them down the toilet. The riffs on this are are so bone crushing that mad my spine tingling. Duane Morris has a great death metal voice and he just kills it on this. Think Autopsy meets Incantation in a dark alley and then gets punched out by Immolation. Unrelenting this is. Info:

REVOCATIONS/T (Relapse Records) A total all out death metal assault that will crush your ears and head in. Wicked, catchy as hell riffs that totally caught me off guard. A very cool and different band here. A pure death metal singer who sings with passion and intensity and growls out the lyrics like a real death metal singer, not that stupid deathcore shit. Sort of like Martin from Pestilence at times. The production is perfect and the guitar sound and speed are to perfection. Well worth checking out. Info:

PEST/The Crowning Horror (Agonia Records) This was some total rip roaring black metal that caught me off guard. Weird riffs, but still retain that black metal sound and oh the singer is totally one of my favorite black metal singers I have heard in a long time. The music is moody, chainsaw pounding and will suck you in and keep you there till it is done.  This band has feeling which a lot of today’s black metal bands lack, well this doesn’t lack in any way and is one of the best bands of this year. Info:

WITCH CROSS/ Axe to Grind (Hells Headbangers) This bored me for the most part as this was a really bad heavy metal that sounded like a cheezy band from the 80’s. No killer riffs and nothing of any substance at all. The singer isn’t bad, he has a good voice, but with lack of anything good musically this gets dragged down hill and quick. Nothing of value on this. Info:

KING CARNAGE/OUNCE OF MERCY, POUND OF FLESH (BADGOD MUSIC) This sounds like this could be a really cool band, but the absolute awful production does this no good. The guitar sound is so awful on this. The music is really good old school death metal, but I can’t get past the awful production.  The music is like old Entombed, Dismember and bands of that nature. The singer has or sounds like he has a good voice, but I wouldn’t know. This isn’t bad, but god it could have been so much better. Info:

HOLLOW HAZE/Countdown To Revenge (Scarlet Records) Great heavy metal is the ticket here. Catchy riffs along with melodic vocals made this name me smile. Sort of like DIO, but a bit more on the melodic side. The band use keyboards, but it is in the right away and doesn’t take away from the band, it adds to their sound. The singer has a clear, but solid voice that reminds me of Dio in spots.  This had songs that had me nodding along and I remembered the songs after they were done. Wow what a surprise lol. A band that writes and plays songs that you can remember. This was a nice change of pace from all the death and black metal so check em out. Info:

BROTHERS IN EXILE/Same (Self Released) There are good thrash tunes on this. Nice chunky, solid, catchy riffs and a good mix of speed and more mid paced stuff. The singer sings in a clean voice, think Anthrax. The production is solid and I like the guitar sound and playing on this and for a young band they for sure bring something to the table and I am looking forward to hearing more from this band. Info:

FEAR CONTROL/Conviction (Self Released) This wasn’t that bad, but it another deathcore bands and while this wasn’t bad, the band is doing nothing new that pretty much any other band on Liquid Metal on XM Radio does. The band plays that catchy nu metal, Pantera like riffing and the deathcore vocals. Now I love Pantera, but it doesn’t mean I need a million clone Pantera bands. In saying that, while I am not a fan of the singer much, the music is much better than a lot of bands playing this style. The riffs are catchy and not catchy in a bad way. I only can collate a few bands doing this style and this is one of those few. Info: or

SHATTERED SANCITY/Same (Self Released) This is some decent heavy metal, with touches of thrash metal thrown in. No jump or nu metal on this which was fine by me. The singer I wasn’t that totally fond of as I just feel his voice just doesn’t fit the heavy/thrash metal style this band is playing. He isn’t awful, but I just feel his voice doesn’t fit the band’s sound. Now as far as the music goes, this is crunchy straight forward metal with some thrash thrown and some wicked, tasteful solos to boot. This band builds its songs around catchy riffs and there is plenty of em and the speedy parts keep this from getting boring at all. This is another band that I look forward to hearing some new stuff. Info:

CONDITIONAL CRITICAL/Operational Hazard (Burned By God Records) I saw these guys live in Trenton, NJ playing with Havok and having never heard the band I was pretty impressed with what I heard. Well the live show was good and now I got a cd of the band and it is some total onslaught of thrash metal. None of this new thrash, deathcore crap. This fuckin kills as it is balls to the wall old school thrash metal with some great vocals. I would say this has a Testament feel to it and that is no way is a bad thing. Oh the riffs just had me banging away and air guitar big time. I love the production, the guitar sound, the singing and just everything flowed together big time. This is a serious thrash metal attack that is not to be missed and yeah they are that fuckin good. One of my favorite releases of the year. Info: or

HAVOK/UNNATURAL SELECTION (Candelight Records) One of my favorite thrash band returns with another total crushing release that blew me away once again. David Sanchez just boggles my mind as he just comes up with the goods time after time. The speed, the riffs, the power and the vocals are just an A plus in my book. The guitar crunch is second to none and David’s vocals are just perfect and right on the money. Havok is easily, and it not even close, hands down the best new thrash band I have heard in years and I would them right up there with the Exodus’s, Overkill, Testament, Heathen, etc and any other thrash bands from back then. Havok fuckin rules and this is my album of the year so far. The Back Sabbath cover tune, ‘Children of the Grave’ rules as well.  Info:

ASHES OF YOUR ENEMY/Same (Self Released) This was just another of many, many groove/nu metal bands that to me all sound the same. They have that same groovy, happy like riffing along with Phil from Pantera vocals. The band is just too generic and nothing on this sticks out at all. Just another case of heard it a million times before and this band brought nothing to the table at all. Info:

SAPREMIA/Autumn’s Door (Self Released) Oh they blew me away live recently and now I have their latest release. Oh what a wicked display of death metal this is. Perfect death metal vocals and speed and intensity to back it up. The songs just totally crush and are a death metal treat like a pic of Faith’s ass in a thong. Hi Kyber Pass….They do bring something to the table and they also have an original sound to them as well as songs to back it up. Speedy riffs will have the air guitar in you playing. Real death metal vocals and not some generic singing that pollutes the underground these days. One of the best releases of the year no doubt. Info:

TERRA CAPUT MUNDI/Lost IN The Warp (Self Released) Oh fuck yeah this is friggin awesome. A mix of thrash and heavy metal that is total old school and had my heading moving and air guitar playing along with the tunes. Total original guitar sound and vocals that that are so 80’s thrash with some soaring sounds I loved. There nothing I don’t like about this. I love the 80’s like production on this puppy Too. I total awesome break from all the horse manure crap in the underground today. Info:

SOIL/Whole (Pavement Entertainment) Complete absolute garbage deathcore crap that sounds like a million other bands. Oh the tough guy/deathcore vocals and also clean one at times. The riffs are those mosh pit riffs I hate. Not worth a penny in my book.

SAWTHIS /Youniverse (Bakerteam Records) Complete shitty deathcore that was a thousand time worse that the above band. Worthless death core vocals and happy riffs that sound like any band on Liquid Metal. One of the worst bands I have heard this year and yeah it is that bad.

DARK DESIGN/Prey for the Future (Heaven and Hell Records) This label usually releases quality stuff and damned to be they don’t do it again. A total onslaught of heavy metal mixed in with some power metal to boot. The singer has an incredible set of pipes and they are put to good use on this. His voice his perfect for this band and oh the riffs and song structures were right on the money. Not a bad song in the bunch and if you’re looking for quality metal you have entered the right room. This would fit right in on Ozzy’s Boneyard. One hell of a release.  Info:

NEPHREEN-KaThe Fall of Omnius (Kaotoxin Records) Decent death metal that while breaks no new ground, doesn’t suck neither. Band plays death metal in the vein of Immolation is a band that pops up to my ears. The band mix up the speed and mid paced paced parts and I like the speed parts a lot and some wicked solos and riffs, so actually this got better with time. Pounding death metal that hits hard and fast.

CORPSET/No Rest (Violent Journey Records) Boring deathcore music that did nothing for me. Boring riffs and deathcore vocals and this is nothing that hasn’t been done by 5000 bands and was pretty bad. Info:

BITCH WITCH/Bitch Witch (Cubo de Sangre) Wow this was not what I was expecting. I thought this would be some metal, but was sleaze, weird metal that has a destructing female singer that is for sure. She has a warped voice almost like a metal version of Janis Joplin. The music is like a mix of Soundgarden meets old Motley Crue with some Hanoi Rocks thrown in. Absolutely out of control and yeah I fuckin liked it. Info:

CVINGER/MONASTERY OF FALLEN (SELF RELEASED) Same heard it all a million times back metal that nothing at all to separate itself from any other black metal band out there. I know, I know it is tough to be original, but you can bring something to the table and all this band brought was same ole tired black metal pic riffs and screamed black metal vocals that sound like every other black metal group. Info: