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Reign of Vengeance/The Final Solution (Self Released) The Final Rebellion-I decided to give this release a 2nd chance. This is so awful and not a good riff to be found, only but plenty trigger drums and vocals that are 100th generation Cannibal Corpse. This band is not doing anything not done by 5000 other bands I have heard in the last 10 years. If this guy Marshall thinks for one minute whadigitalpromos [at] metal-observer [dot] comt his band is doing is original he needs his examined. Here is how he describes his music/band. Reign of Vengeance makes very technical death metal slam packed with intelligently written, psychological, and humorous lyrical stories splattered with gore. The band puts on a crushing live show and records music that is highly entertaining, horrifying, and fun.

Let’s break this down just for Marshall. Just what we need “death metal slam”? Please can somebody tell me what “death metal slam” is? Marshall take your “death metal slam” and shove it and your fuckin shitty piece band up your ass. Oh technical death metal. You don’t play technical death metal, you play Cannibal Corpse 100th generation death metal. Hate to break it to ya Marshall, but playing or being technical does not make you a good band. Playing riffs that are brutal and heavy (see Immolation, Possessed, Incantation, Slayer, etc) makes you a good band smarty pants.  Songs and vocals played/sung with feeling and emotion that makes your blood boil. Your lyrics are just a bunch of gore lyrics done a million times better by bands like Mortician, Suffocation, Carcass and Cannibal Corpse. Your music is not highly entertaining, yeah it is horrifying if you want to torture yourself and yeah it fun when you don’t have to ever listen to this again. Marshall read some of your review on You Tube about your band you moron.  You and your band have no clue. Your band fuckin blows and wow you’re banned from Facebook what a shame. If any of you have any enemies and you want to get even with them, just have them purchase this. On second thought, fuck them don’t give them a dime of money. Marshall I win you lose…DRI baby.

THE INDIE BIBLE/Book-Holy shits if you’re in a band you 200% need to order this ebook now. This ebook has listing of 1000’s of venues that book shows from all 50 states and even tells you what genres they book.  Over 32,000 venues are listed!!!! That is insane. Put it this way, I downloaded and looked over just the Northeast Section and there was 315 pages on it!!! Like I said, but if you are in a band and looking to book shows and looking to book them at the right venue then buy this and the club listings are so easy to look and every single venue that is listed has all the music genres that they allow to play there. Shit that takes a ton of time you would need right out of the way. This is easily the BEST book I have ever seen about venues and hell even touring bands and promoters could use this too or any bands looking to book say a 2 week mini tour. This way you’re not playing at some venue that metal bands don’t play at. This goes state from state and it so easy to use a child could figure this out. This is well worth the $ 59.95 that the publisher is charging. If I was in a band looking for shows I’d get this ASAP. Info

ANIMATED DEATH/Tombs Of Carnage (Necrotic Records) A total death metal mass assault on your ears until they bleed. Punishing riffs and along with great death metal singing, made this a delight to listen to and review. The mix up the mid paced and faster parts perfectly and the guitar sound is wicked as well. Production is good and every song was enjoyable and this gets horns up from me. Info:

TOAD/Endless Night (Comfort Point Records) Endless Night, how about endless torture. This is complete and utter garbage. Riffs and songs that have no meaning and go nowhere. This band really thinks these songs are good? They are in a dream word. The singer attempts to do black metal vocals and they are weak as hell and the chanting vocal parts made me laugh. One of the worst bands I have easily heard this year. The bands bio calls this black metal rock n roll. Now that is funny. Info:

Death Trip/Pain is Pain - The Complete Death Trip 1988-1994 (Ektro) God awful punk sort of like a shitty version of the Sex Pistols. The singer is a complete joke as all he does is yell into the mic and the music sounds like 3 or 4 guys playing different songs. A total joke.  Info:

THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP/Mortui Vivos Docent (Pulverised Records) While sounding anything I haven’t heard before, this still delivers the goods. Just punishing, riff roaring death/black metal with wicked and lo and behold catchy riffs that will blow you out of your chair. The intensity and speed also work wonders. The singer has an awesome black metal voice and doesn’t sound like some moron at 3am in a forest or a bunch of nonsense screeching. I love the guitar sound and just feeling this gave off. Info:

WITCHES MARK/Witching Metal Ritual (Heaven and Hell Records) Wow what a surprise this was. This is an excellent and original band that combines the origins of thrash and power metal and mixes it with their own brand of metal. Think Judas Priest meets Accept and throw in some Exodus as well. The riffing on this is catchy and big time heavy and had my neck moving in no time. The singer sort of reminds me of Zetro, who now sings in Hatriot. The production is flawless and the guitar sound is right on the money and this pretty much is one of my favorite releases of the year. Info:

SAINT DIABLO/Saint Diablo (Eclipse Records) This is another deathcore band and they weren’t bad music wise. I wasn’t into the vocals are it just that same Phil from Pantera style and then clean vocals which I hate big time and has been to death and then some. The music, at least the band try’s something different as it isn’t all just groove and nu metal riffs and they branch off a bit and throw in some weird riffing at times and it sounded cool and not out of place. I am not a big fan of all this nu metal stuff, but at least this band branches out a bit, please lose the clean vocals. Info:

BLOWSIGHT/Life & Death (Eclipse Records) This was a weird band to listen to. It is sort of an alternative band mixing in some metal to their sound. This wouldn’t be something I would listen to all the time, but it is cool for what it is and a break from the norm. The singer has a strange voice sort of like Snake from Voivod. The music is more of an alternative metal vein and is not just some groove laden metal shit. You will need an open mind with this and it pretty damn good for what it is. Info;

GOKBORI/Balbal (Self Released) Some really fucked up thrash/black metal that is way out there. Vocals that are warped and are crazy at times.  They are in a black metal vein, but not all that stupid screeching. The music sucks you in and weird riffs might have you shaking your head at times as it did me. I mean that in a good way. This is some seriously fucked up music.  This something you will truly enjoy or something that you won’t get, but you will remember it. Info:

ARRAYAN PATH IV: Stigmata (Pitch Black Records) Oh there is some great stuff on this and some not so good stuff. The music is wicked power metal with tons of killer hooks and power and speed behind it. The singer has a strong clean, but powerful voice, but for some reason, from time to time he goes into an almost death metal tough guy style for a line here and there. Why I have no idea, but other than that, this is some big time power metal stuff and no chorus chanting vocals too. Info:

 GONOBA/Endless Cycles (On Parole) Decent at best death metal with little to offer. The band isn’t awful as there is no cup the mic crap or senseless blast parts. For the most part it is straight forward death metal with some decent riffs, but some of it does go into the generic death metal territory at times. Singer is good and sings with a good crushing death metal sound. This had its good and bad points. Info:

EXSANGUINATE/Desintegration Through ritualistic Torture (Self Released) Easily one of the worst death metal bands I have heard in years. The singing is such a joke and the tin can drums sound great too. Nothing at all good and the singer just growls into the mic with nothing there and this fuckin sucks and bands like this ruin the underground. Want to make somebody suffer, make them listen to this. Info:

[email protected]

WITCH CROSS/Axe to Grind (Hells Headbangers) Time to bring out the leather and the spikes and this is heavy metal at its core. Just solid ass riffs that are catchy and hell and sort of are like Judas Priest right around the Screaming” area. The singer reminds me of Biff from the godly Saxon and this was like a breath of fresh air from all the shitty death and black metal polluting the underground these days. The production is great as is the guitar sound and hell the drums as well. A pure heavy metal classic. Info:

INSANITY (USA) Death After Death (LP reissue) (Hells Headbangers) Even though this an LP re-issue I am reviewing for the mere fact this band never got its due back in the day. You want some REAL death metal then find this at all costs. This blows away most of the so called death metal bands of today. Crushing riffs that will melt you and vocals from the pits of hell itself. The songs just grab you by the throat and don’t let up. This band should have been huge and this is something any, yes, any death metal fan needs…period. Info:

IMPIETY/Vengeance Hell (LP)-Hells Heabangers-This has 15 tracks of some of this band’s old material that is hard to find these days, including some split releases and an old demo. The band from the get go released hard, punishing black metal with riffs that tear through you and vocals from the pits of hell.  This band has been around for over 10 yrs. now and the deliver the goods now and they certainly did back then. Info:

ANTIGMA/Meteor (Selfmadegod Records) Same ole heard it a million times death metal that did nothing for me and some of the breakdown riffs were quite a joke. Vocals are just screamed out with little passion or feeling behind them. Just another faceless death metal band making the rounds these days. Info:

THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP/Mortui Vivos Docent (Pulverised Records) Pretty bland death metal that was just there and didn’t do a thing for me either way. The songs just were there and there was no killer riff or riff to hook you in as it played on. The singer was ok, nothing to write home about. Not really anything special. Info:

LEFT FOR DEAD/Devoid Of Everything (A389 Recordings) This has been re-released and dammed if it is not some honest to goodness hardcore music that totally shredded. Ripping, lighting fast riffs and songs that brought back memories of hardcore music when it was great. No groove or stupid breakdown parts and no tough guy singing. Fuck no, just vicious yelled, pissed vocals that fit the band like a nice ass. Great release. Info:

ARATIC/To The Early Grave (Violent Journey Records) Really solid old school thrash with none of that tough guy vocal crap. This wouldn’t sound of place in the 80’s that is for sure. Vicious, violent riffs along with speed and intensity make this a great release. Very good thrash metal vocals that don’t sound like anybody I can think of. Think 1st Violence album and the 1st Death Angel album as points of reference. I have said this a million times, I am a sucker for a good riff and this has a ton of them. Info:

DEMON LUNG/The Hundredth Name (Candlelight Records) I love the music on this as it is some total crushing and stunning doom metal and this also has some of most amazing female vocals I have heard. She just sings these tunes with a passion and feeling unlike any other female singer I have heard in years. The production is unholy as is the riffs and they drag you in a deep hole and there is no escape. Prepare for the ride. Info:

DEATH SS/Resurrection (Lucifer Rising / Scarlet Records) I have heard this band’s name many times over the years, but never heard their music until now. Wow what a blast of fresh air this is. It is tough to explain this band as they mix a wicked style of heavy metal along with some faster parts with an ungodly singer to boot. The riffs are so wicked and cool and the band is just different, but catchy as hell still. Just metal riffs from hell and this is easily one of the best releases of 2013 so far.

AGGRESSA/Nuclear Death + Demo 1 LP (Iron Bonehead Productions) Oh it is a shame this is only on vinyl as it is little gem of 80’s thrash metal. Just catchy riffs and great singing. Chunky riffs that will have you banging your head. Production just has that 80’s feel and def check out this band and this came out many moons ago as well. Info:

DARK ABOUT MY NIGHTMARES/The Mean Hour (Self Released) There is some things that aren’t bad on this and some that are awful. 1st the good. This is a decent thrash/death metal with plenty of heavy riffs and speed playing with a sort of tough guy/death metal style that didn’t get to the point of annoying. The production is solid and I like the heavy guitar sound. The band is the beyond bad clean, almost talking female vocals that I absolutely can’t stand. I just feel they have no place in an underground metal band. No bad, but could have been so much better. Info:

VALENTI/SELF (self released) A one man band/project and quite a good one I must say. Vocals not far off from Ross from Immolation and hell music wise it is a combo of them and Incantation. The production for a demo if really good and there is a big time heavy as fuck guitar sound and blistering speed behind it. Be very interesting if Josh decides to get a few other members to join him and Josh stay being the singer, you have a good voice. Info:

[email protected]

DECEASE/Exhort To Obliterate (Hatework Records) Another solid band that plays mostly straight forward death metal with hints of thrash metal here and there. The singer has a good grunt/death metal voice and he goes right along with the music. This band also isn’t just some generic lets sound like a million other bands neither. The riffs and song structures will have your head nodding and the speed playing air drums. This has plenty of crunchy riffs to boot. Info:

ANTISTACIS/Same (Self Released) Some OK thrash metal. The music isn’t bad and the singer has a decent voice. They played a show I went to, but I missed them, but I got this disc. I know the band is young and hopefully with time they will grow. There are 4 tunes on this and the music is thrash/speed metal and none of that shitty nu-metal crap. I can hear the Slayer sound a lot on this. The singer isn’t bad as his vocals aren’t that tough guy crap. This is a decent step for the band and like I said this is far from horrible and they play thrash metal the right way. Info:

MASTER FURY/Circles Of Hell (Contaminated Productions) Holy shit this totally crushes and destroy. This is a re-release of this thrash metal band’s 2 releases way back when…think the 80’s ha ha. This is just prime time thrash metal at its finest. Just raw unholy thrash metal that still sounds fresh after all these years and Jon you put one hell of a release and you got 2 albums on one disc which is extra cool. This band if from NJ home of such killer 80’s thrash bands like Hades, Whiplash, Bloodfeast, Blessed Death and you add this band to that list. Just a pure thrash metal masterpiece. Info:

GERM BOMB/Sounds Of Horns (Xmusick) Some very good punk style music, think DOA,  with some thrash metal thrown in the mix. The singer has a good solid set of pipes and he sounds really good with the style of music the band is playing. He has a rough, but anger (not anger as in the tough guy vocal crap) As far as the music goes, it is just straight forward balls to the wall punk metal with some faster crunchy thrash parts thrown in for good measure. None of this shitty groove crap or jump down garbage. Up the irons. Info:

NUCLEAR SALVATION/Ruins of Reality (Skinforge Records) Another solid band that plays thrash metal the right way with a touch of death metal here and there. I love the singer as his voice is perfect as he sings with feeling, passion and aggression, but not in that tough guy style. Sort of like the singer of Entombed. The music is just 80’s/90’s crunchy thrash metal that would not be far from Exodus, minus the vocals of course. Just catchy riffs with tons of power behind it. The drummer, Andreas Risberg and 1 and ½ arm, but he totally slays on the drums pounding them into submission with plenty of double bass parts. Excellent release. Info:

GORE/Stand Up Ladies, The Boogie Band Is Here Khaarnus Records) Great cd cover (a female ass) and a funny album title, butt (lol) this is far from weak. This is decent death metal with tons of speed and blast beats. The blast beats are a wall of noise neither. The vocals for the most part are solid death metal growls, but I am not a fan of the pig squeals every now and then as I am not a fan of that style at all. The band does slow it down with some killer riffs and then let loose with a wall of blast metal. Overall not a bad release and I like the guitar sound as well. Info: or

BLACK SAND/Self (Self Released) This band says they are a rock band and they are correct on that. The music totally horrible with not one catchy riff at all. The songs are big time flat and the singer has an awful voice to boot. He voice his just flat as a pancake and he sang the songs to my ears with no feeling and it is just bland. This would go for the music as well. It is just blanch and is just there and nothing sticks out at all. Info:

BLACK OATH/Ov Qliphoth And Darkness (I Hate Records) Total crushing doom metal with some of the most haunting vocals from a doom metal band I have heard in years. To me doom metal is hit or miss with me. It is either boring via bad songs that put me to sleep or bone crushing riffs that are heavy as a 2 ton truck. Well put this in the latter. The riffs are heavy as fuck and are still catchy and memorable. The singer just sings his heart out and his almost haunting voice fits this band perfectly and he delivers the vocals with sadness as well. One of the best doom bands I have heard in a long time. Info:

GRIMLORD/V-Column (Self Released) This another one of these bland death metal bands that don’t suck, but aren’t very good. The songs just lack and killer or crushing riff that would have my neck moving or playing air drums, etc. The tunes are just kind of there and are in a straight line with neither it going down or up. The singing isn’t so good neither as his voice his not strong or memorable at all kind of like a bad version of Mille from Kreator. I’ll give the band credit as they don’t have a generic sound and are at least trying to sound original. They just need to work on writing more memorable songs and maybe work on getting a singer, but again this is just my opinion. Info:

JUDAS PRIEST/Epitaph (Sony Music) 23 tunes from the legendary band and playing songs from album # 1 to its final album. The sound quality is unholy as is the picture quality and this is also filmed in front a set of rabid fans in England. This was the band’s final show of their Epitaph world tour. All the classics are here: Painkiller, Night Crawler. Heading Out To The Highway, Electric Eye, Hell Bent For Leather, etc. The only song I didn’t like was Turbo Lover ha as they could have found a better song than that. All kidding aside, this is 2 hours of metal that is delivered the only way Judas Priest can deliver. Available everywhere.

SHADOWKILLER/Slaves of Egypt (Stormspell Records) Some decent power metal is what you will find here. The songs were decent, nothing mind blowing, but this was far from sucking. The songs were good, but just didn’t have that extra kick in my pants so to speak to really bowl me over. The singer has a good voice, again nothing mind blowing to take this over the top. Good production and again this was some solid heavy metal that is good. Info:

DESTROYERS OF ALL/Into the Fire (Self Released) Wow and this band are unsigned??? Truly ass kicking thrash metal with speed and intensity big time. Riffs that will blast you into submission and then some. Vocals are kinda like Chuck Billy in spots and the music I would put in the same musical style as the Testament boys. When this band turns on the speed button look out for somebody playing air drums big time. A pure thrash metal delight. Info:

LONEWOLF/The Fourth And Final Horseman (Napalm Records) Oh I hate the vocals as the singer sounds like some local band singer with no passion nor feeling. He sounds like some old Viking singer at times. The music is weak as fuck metal with nothing of value. The tunes just drag on and just go nowhere. Nothing good about this at all. Info:

AFGRUND/Corporatocracy (PRC MUSIC) Pure insanity. Wicked as fuck death/grind that totally knocked me a loop. The intensity was insane and I loved the vocals as they were funny, lyricwise, and he sings his fuckin balls off on this. Oh the music slows down now and then and then totally knocks your ass down and keeps it there and then some. The guitar sound this has also friggin rules. One of the best bands I have heard this year hands down. Info:

JD OVERDRIVE/Fortune Favors The Brave (Metal Mind Productions) Some tasteful seattle grunge type of music (think Soundgarden) with a Phil (from Panters) type of singing. Now I am not a fan of all the deathcore singing, but I have loved Phil’s vocals since “Cowboy’s From Hell’ so this was right up my alley. The bottom line this has riffs that are catchy, heavy and memorable. The production is right on the money as is the band’s guitar sound. Nice to see a band that is not playing all the same generic shit out there. Info:

ANTI TANK NUN/Fire Follow Me (Metal Mind Productions) More crunchy heavy metal, but no grunge style. This is a pure headbanger delight with heavy, catchy riffs that you will easily remember after each song. Great singer too. He reminds me a bit of Rob Halford, but easily has his own style. The production is right on the money and if this guitar sounds doesn’t have you playing air guitar go listen to shit like Reign of Vengeance ha. A pure heavy metal delight this is. Info:

GADI CAPLAN/Look Back Step Forward (Self Released) Now this is something I would not listen to every day, but with that being said this is some pretty cool stuff, almost like Pat Methany in parts, who I love. The music is almost progressive jazz in spots and mix that in with early almost 70’s rock like David Bowie and Pink Floyd. This will take you on a ride up and down and then some. Gadi plays the guitar like he is making love to it. This just sets a relaxing mood and I enjoyed it a lot. Info:

LADY BEAST/Same (Inferno Records) Straight forward heavy metal with a female with a nice set of pipes. Her voice is strong and she sings on the tunes here with power and conviction. The music is straight ahead metal with bits and pieces of power metal. Good crunchy guitar sound and I know I am beating a dead horse, but to me to like or love or even remember a song, I need a hook, something to make my ears perk and then I need a singer. Not some deathcore singer or some shitty back metal screeching. Well this delivers the hook and the singing by far. Info: