ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


JOEL GRIND/The Yellowgoat Sessions (Hells Headbangers) This is a solo release from the singer from Toxic Holocaust and damned if it doesn’t totally crush. Punk meets Motorhead and you can throw Venom and Bathory in there as well. Simple, but crushing riffs along with black metal style vocals that blow away all those shit black metal screeches ha. The production is raw and it is perfect for a release like this. Different from all the rest and this is a breath of fresh air from all the copycat shit out there. Info:

SCANNER/Terminal Earth (Divebomb Records) I remember these guys from way back in the day and Divebomb had re-released 2 releases from this band. This band play heavy metal with bits and pieces of power metal ala old Savatage thrown in the mix. I might not have liked this back in my young days due to me in the speed era, but this is some kick ass metal with tons of hooks and riffs along with yeah they are clean, but aggressive vocals. Think Agent Steel without all the high vocals. This is a release that got lost in the shuffle with all the speed metal bands, but this kicks ass and so buy the damn thing. Info:

Death Tyrant/Opus De Tyranis  (Non Serviam Records) This was ok black metal. The singer has a decent voice, but there is nothing on this that just grabs you by the throat and keeps you there. This didn’t suck, but just nothing on this smacked me on the jaw or had me open mouthed. Info:

Apparitions/Kiss Me Sleeping (Indianola Records) Same ole break down nu metal with screeching screaming vocals and all this jump metal shit. Great another band that sounds like 100,000 others. Bands like this totally suck. Info:

Terminal Prospect/Redefine Existence (???) Decent death metal, but I am not a fan the screeching vocals this band has. The songs are decent with some ok riffs and song structures. Nothing just stood out on this for me to say it is average at best.

EARTHLING/Dark Path (Forcefield) Some solid death metal here with some wicked parts here and there that will throw you for a loop and then the band hyberblasts into some furious fast parts. The vocals are great as the singer has a great death metal voice. The music is old school big time and sort of reminds me of Death in spots and this band is doing something different and they stick out as well from the rest of the pack. Info:

Set to Reflect/A New Path to Walk On (Standby Records) More garbage groove/nu metal crap with yup, more screeching vocals that sound so fuckin annoying and again bands like this are a dime a dozen and this like 99% of all others is complete shit. Info:

Surachai/Embraced (Trash_Audio / Bandcamp) Easily one of the worst black metal I have heard in years. Total tin can sounding drums along with useless shit speed played as fast as possible and sounds like a wall of noise and the singing is a total joke. All he does is screech and scream into the mic. This is so fuckin bad it isn’t funny and the first song is 15 min. Yeah 15 min of torture. Guys do the black metal world a favor and break up. Info:

MAEGI/Skies Fall  (Kardanadam Media / Distributed by Cyclone Empire) This is some really warped out shit as it is like a prog metal project meeting techno music. Musicwise this isn’t bad as the songs still retain that metal feel big time, but the singers they use on this suck, except from Tim “Ripper” Owens. This is something that you will either like or hate and I loved some of the music as it was different and refreshing and again even though some other elements besides metal are used, it still has that thick metal backbone. The choice of singers on here is awful as they to me are bad power metal singers and don’t fit the music at all. This is hit and miss with me. Info:

SATANIC THREAT/In To Hell  (Hells Headbangers) This is some big time old school metal thrashing punk featuring a couple of the guys in Nunslaughter. This sounded great for the 1st couple songs, but then it became a blue of each song sounding like the previous one. It is like a thrashy version of Minor Threat as the songs are short and the vocals screamed and the bios bio mentioned Minor Threat and they right, but the songs all just sound the same, little     quck bursts of thrashy punk and it bored me after a bit. Info:

DAMNATIONS HAMMER/Disciples Of The Hex (I Hate) This was a mix of doom and death metal. The band do a nice job of mixing in both styles as some doom metal can get boring at times due to everything being ultra slow and no difference in any of the songs. The guitar as a thick heavy crunch and the riffs are catchy as well. Singer Tim has a good voice and his voice is a sort of angry in spots, not that tough guy shit. Most of the songs are in the 5 min plus range, but trust me they are far from boring and this is something I think you’ll like. Info:

OCEAN CHIEF/Sten (I Hate) This had 4 songs and each one over 17 min with one clocking in at over 20 min! This was ultra slow boring doom along with long songs was ready to put me to sleep. The droning guitar sound and pretty bad vocals did nothing at all to excite me. Unlike the above band, or mix things up, this just didn’t do it for me and having 17 min plus songs are doom is not something Mr. Forbes is into at all. Info:

DEATHSTORM/As Death Awakes (I Hate) Now this is what the doctor ordered. Flesh biting total old school speed metal that will dull the senses. Oh the vocals are so furious and it is like hearing a young Mille. The music just will devastate you with its speed and power. Just shredding with intensity. Old Kreator and Sodom are 2 bands that come to mind and hell that means this is one hell of a release and that is exactly what it is. Prepare to be taken back to 1985 and I am on bard for that ride. Info:

IAN TOOMEY/Never Alone (Self Released) I got a one song download of this from a full length that will come out in the fall of 2013. The song wasn’t bad; it was straight forward heavy metal with some thick guitar tones and good singing. Not sure if this is free, but you can try on CD Baby and I Tunes….

Reign of Vengeance/The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion (Synister Empire Records) Total worthless nu metal groove shot with the death growls and clean vocals duel style. Complete shit that ruins the underground. Bands like this need to away and stay away. Info:

REVERENCE/When Darkness Calls (Self Released) Some really good heavy metal throwing in some power metal at times. Great, catchy riffs and just overall songs with some total kick ass vocals. He signs in a clean voice, but also throws power behind it kinda like the singer in Dream Theatre. The production is good as everything flows and the bottom line is the songs kick ass as the band and this band holds the metal candle high and the candle is burning big time. Info: or

UNHOLYATH/Antidogma (The Netherland Productions) Black metal when it is done the right can be a lethal dose of metal. Well you can add this band to the list. Bone chilling down to the bone black metal that will send shivers down your spine. The speed, the hate, the intensity, and blood curling vocals are all here. The fast parts will slice through like a knife through butter. The singer screams his heart out till his last breath. Production rules as well. A great release. Info: or

FATAL IMPACT/Esoteria (Infektion ) Absolute boring prog metal with boring songs and songs that just lay there and do nothing. The singer is good, but with such crappy music I feel sorry for him. There is no killer hook or song melody at all that hooked me in. Info:

SEPTEKH/Aopllonian Eyes (Abyss Records) 4 tunes of some warped out thrash metal mixed in with some death metal and a fucked up singer who sings and screams at times like a wild man. The songs are def not your typical thrash metal band and are just out of control at times and that is a good thing. This is no retro thrash shit at all. This was easily like a breath of fresh air from all the generic shit that belongs in a garbage can. Info:

DEAD RIVER RUNS DRY/Same (Self Released) This was a black metal band that also has some melody to them. Don’t let that scare you off, as trust me this band deliver the goods it is they slow it down and when they do there is some melodies to their music. The singer has a good black metal voice and just doesn’t scream out the lyrics. I like the guitar sound and overall vibe of this and they are a bit different as well. Info:

TOXIC HOLOCAUST/From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction (Relapse Records) Godly thrash metal is what this band delivers. They have had several releases out and deliver the goods like the others. Pure old school thrash and vocals from out of this world. The sound in spots is like Nuclear Assault and I’ll take that over any nu metal shit. Pure razor sharp riffs and intensity is what this is. I thought it was 1989 again ha ha. This is the real deal when it comes to thrash metal. Info:

Woe/Withdrawal (Candlelight Records) A total way of black metal destruction that wow was a surprise. This is just sheer speed and intensity and hate rolled into one. Singing from hell itself and music that just sucks you in like a massive punch in the gut. The only negative was the clean vocals here and there, but otherwise this is black metal that delivers and whew it delivers fast and fast and watch out and prepare for the onslaught. Info:

AETERNUS/And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth (Dark Essence Records) Total shit death/black metal with the same gutter low vocals that I hate. The songs lacked anything of value and just lagged there and did nothing. Complete rubbish that is what this is. Info:

LYKEN 21/Edge Dyslexik (Self Released) This is a sort of “demo” before the band releases and album and if it like this, then it is going to kick some major ass. NJ has a ton of great bands over the years and you can throw this band in the mix. The music is a mix of heavy metal with some speed and throw a bit of power metal in the blender as well. The songs are memorable and have a ton of hooks that will stick in your head that is for sure. The singer has a strong powerful voice that fit right in with what this band is doing. This is sort of like Hades in spots and trust me there is nothing wrong with that. A great band and can’t wait to hear the album. Info: or

GOATCRAFT/All FAOR Naught (Forbidden Records) This really didn’t appeal to me at all. All this is, is piano music set to a dark and ambient manner. No vocals, just the piano. The music was like out a Vincent Price of Boris Karloff horror movie. I mean the music is def eerie and stuff, but this is something that does not appeal to me at all. Info:

GORGOS/Gortia (Forbidden Records) Holy shit is this some raw as fuck black metal played with a ton of feeling and passion. The riffs totally set the stage of what is to come. The fast paced music will rip you into 2 and blow you away. Vocals from the total pits of hell itself. The thing that got me with this was that damn guitar sound. I love it and then everything else fell into place. This is back metal that is played the right way and some generic shit with awful singing. Prepare to enter the dark world you play this. Info:

KEY DRAGON/Mychical (Self Released) I thought this was gonna be a power metal band, but boy was I wrong. This is purely generic groove metal that is even worse than most of the other groove/nu metal bands. The vocals are god awful as all he does is growl and growl more into the mid and Mille from Kreator he isn’t. The songs are so flat and awful it isn’t funny. Does this band really think this material is good or great. Guys and gals take a listen and you point out any song that has a memorable hook or song structure. There isn’t one. Take a listen to Overkill, Bloodfeast, Havok, Exodus, etc and there you will find hooks. Sorry guys and gals, but this is one of the worst bands I have heard in 5 years. Info: or or

PAGANLAND/Wind Of Freedom (Svarga Music) This is a 2 piece pagan metal band. I like the music and most of the vocals, but not the clean ones. The music has a nice mix to it as it has plenty of twists and turns, which was a pleasant surprise. When the singer sings in a growly voice he is very good and the keyboards add to the atmosphere as well. Production is good and I am not familiar with a lot of “pagan” music, but this was a very pleasant surprise. Info:

DEATH RIDES A HORSE/Tree Of Woe (Inferno Records) This has a Sabbath feel to it and at first I wasn’t too keen on the singer, but her voice grew on me. The sound is total 70’s as is the production. The music is like something off Black Sabbath Vol 4 or Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and her voice just sucks you in like a dirt to vacumn and won’t leave you alone. The songs are good and easily memorable after each one is over. This was a very solid release. Info:

COALITION/Solis Impulsio (Konklav Records) This really didn’t do much for me. The songs were pretty flat and didn’t have any killer riffs that stood out and the vocals were also ok. He growls, but I just didn’t feel it and this band is more along the lines of thrash musicwise and death metal metal vocalwise. To me if you’re a thrash band, your riffs better be deadly and catchy and this just didn’t have it. It just plodded along and I was waiting for that riff to hit me and I never got hit. Info: or

Sacrilegious Impalement - III:Lux Infera (Self Released) Musicwise this some wicked black metal with speed, hate and just plain intensity that separates the fakes from the real ones. The feel and the mood this band projects is awesome. The vocals I was not a fan of as the guy singing just didn’t click with me. He doesn’t do that annoying screeching, but his voice just didn’t click with me. Maybe he will for you and if he does look out as the music will break you in half. Info:

Woe/Withdrawal (Candlelight Records) Heard it a million time black metal with the same tired pick riffs and screaming black metal vocals. Nothing on this did a thing for me. Info:

SurachaiEmbraced (Trash_Audio / Bandcamp) Complete utter shit black meal with tin can drumming to boot. There is nothing on this at all that is anything but pure crap. Info:

Tormented/Death Awaits (Listenable Records) Hey finally something on this label that is not all that jump metals shit. This total old school Swedish death metal with great riffs and songs. The guitar sound is total Entombed and I don’t care as this is better than they are these days. The production is great and that low tuned guitar sound will melt you and vocals that crush as well. Info:

ATIUS/Gods of Science (Self Released) Decent black metal that at least doesn’t sound like every other band on the black metal planet. The band mix up the speed and slower parts good. The singer isn’t bad as he doesn’t have that annoying screams that a lot of bands of this genre do. The production is good and this I could see this band on a label soon. Info:

DEATH AGONY/Carcinogenic Memories (Self Released) This one was a mixed bag. Musicwise is it solid death metal with some wicked riffs and solid song structures. The vocals were just generic death metal vocals with a guy just growling into the mic and doing some low growls here and there. The production is good and I like the guitar sound a lot and like I said musicwise this is some very good music, but the singer needs to work on not sounding like every other generic death metal singer, but in saying that, they weren’t completely awful and thank god no pig squeals. Info: or [email protected]

Coldsteel/America Idle (Stormspell) This is a 5 song ep from the band and this is their first new material in 20 years!!! The music is classic 80's style thrash with lots of catchy hooks and some speed and power mixed in. The singing is aggressive sort of like James Hetfield in spots actually. The production is solid and this was some solid old school thrash and this band sound great and I can't wait for a full length from these guys. Info:

CEREKLOTH/In The Mist Of Life We Are In Death (Hells Headbangers)  This to me was some awful doom/death metal that was really boring. The vocals were awful too, just a guy growling into a mic and I didn’t feel and passion or hate in his voice he seemed to be going through the motions. The music, at best, is below average death/doom with the same doomy like riffs I have heard a million times and even the faster parts pretty much bored. No killer riffs, no nothing. To me this was just another faceless death metal band. Info:

IMPIOUS BAPTISM/Wrath Of The Apex Predator (Hells Headbangers) Now this is what the black metal doctor ordered. A pure hate filled release of some extreme and fast black metal. Riffs that tear through and you can just feel the hate spew out through the guitars and the riffs are memorable too. Not just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The singer is just how a black metal singer should be. His voice spews evil lyrics and I feel his emotion and don’t sound like some 2 bit generic singer and his voice fits what this band is doing. Like black metal? Well then you need this in your collection. Info:

HURLEMENT/Terrer Et Tourment (Emanes Metal Records) This label has been putting out some killer thrash metal stuff and this time around I get a more heavy metal band with teases or power metal. This isn’t all that happy power metal stuff that has been around the past couple years. This is solid heavy metal with thick riffs and clean vocals, but not the annoying let me sing like a siren every other line kind. The tunes are up tempo and just thick and meaty. The singer also sings with a bunch emotion and he def fits what the band plays. This label comes up with another winner. Info:

ULTRA-VIOLENCE/Privilege To Overcome (Punishment 18 Records) This guys from Italy are in their early 20’s and damned if they didn’t come up with an awesome thrash metal release. No groove and none of that nu-metal crap on this. Just pure 80’s bay area crunch with vocals that sound like Max from Sepulura. Riffs and speed that will have your neck moving in no times. I love the guitar crunch on this and the speed and intensity is awesome. Easily one of my top 5 releases of 2013 so far. This is thrash metal the way it should be and blows away a lot of that retro thrash that came out a few years back. Info:

PANIKK/Unbearable Conditions (Metal Tank Records) Oh the wave of great thrash bands continues with these guys. More killer riff after riff that had my head moving and the fast                                     parts had my air drums going. As I have said many times over, I am a sucker for a good riff and this didn’t just have good it had great ones. The singer has a smokin voice and he screams and spews out the words with intensity with his fellow band mates not far behind. If you like Violence, who were one of my fav thrash bands, then you will do back flips over this and this is worth getting big time and this one also goes in my top 5. Info:

DEAD AWAKEN/Where Hope Turns Dripping Red (Abyss Records) Ok death metal that is kind of just right there in the middle. The music is fast and mid paced death metal that is played well and the vocals are solid death metal vocals, but this is just another case of been there and done that. I know it is next to impossible to be original, but bring something to the table and this band brought stuff I have heard a million times over. There was no song or hook that made me go “oh yeah, fuck yeah”. Decent straight forward death metal at best. Info:

Revelation/Inner Harbor (Shadow Kingdom Records) I remember reviewing these guys when some of you reading might not have even been born ha ha. Yeah the 80’s ha ha. I never knew the band was still around and wow I get a new release from the band. This some awesome doom metal easily in the vein of Sabbath, but doesn’t come across like a copy band. The production is totally 70’s like and that was fine by these ears. I love the vocals as they are clear, but he just has a way of singing these tunes and this band was easily a breath of fresh air that all the other garbage out there. Info:

BLEED THE FREAKS/All Is Lo (Self Released) Some really good heavy metal verging on thrash and power metal at times. The tunes have plenty of good riffs to sink your teeth into that is for sure. The band’s sound is more in the 80’s vein and that was fine by me. The singer has a very cool and different voice and he sings is ass off on these songs that is for sure. When he says “bleed for me, I’ll bleed for you” you better believe that I think he means it. This has a very deep and dark sound to it as it mixes in with the metal. Info:

AXECUTER/Metal Is Invincible (Inferno Records) Holy shit does this crush. Total 100% old school thrash/heavy metal that made me think it was 1985 again with cassettes ruling the underground world ha ha. This is sort of like Accept if they were a bit more brutal and faster with a Cronus like singer. Just nasty stuff here my friends. Actually you can throw in a bit of Venom in the mix too, the first 2 releases. Heck they do a song as a tribute to Venom as well. I love the dirty, raw production and the singer is great and hey there are riffs and strong melodies and no pig squeals, no trash can drums, no grunting and no goth. Just a pure 100% heavy metal masterpiece. Info:

INFECTONATOR/Brainfuckers (Self Released) 6 tracks on this including a Darkthrone cover to boot. The music is some decent speedy death/black metal that sounds like a lot of other bands, but is still solid nevertheless. To me a good song is a good song. The singer I like a lot as he spews out an evil hate filled style that fits this band. The production is good for a self-release and this is easily better than a lot of the other crap out there and the speed parts aren’t a bunch of noise that some bands of this style does. I am sure this band will only get better. Info:

MYSOPHILIA/Priestcraft (Self Released) This did nothing for me. To me this is what the above band isn’t. This was just a wall of senseless songs that went nowhere fast. The singer is awful as all he does is scream and yell with no feeling and no emotion at least to my ears. The songs were flat as a pancake and have no direction, no nothing. Just a pounding, speedy display of awful black metal. Info:

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Thanks to Matt Preston for the above 2 releases be sent to me

HAMMERFIST/Isolation (Self Released) 5 songs of groove metal. You all know what I think of groove metal. 99% of it is garbage and this is garbage. Singing that all he goes his scream into the mic trying to be mr. tough guy and he comes across like mr. clean. The music is that same ole nu metal groove shit that a million of these bands do. It has been done to death and then some and they all sound the same their break down parts and the double style vocals and crap like that. I love Pantera and fuck off if that is a problem and I don’t need Pantera Jr. and all these copycat bands to boot. Info:

[email protected]

Zombiefication/At the Caves of Eternal (Pulverised Records) This to me was a faceless death metal that I didn’t hate, but didn’t do anything for me. There was nothing special about the songs and they just sound like a million other bands and again I say this, there was no killer hook or moment that made me say “oh yeah”. This didn’t suck, but is just another adage at best death metal making the rounds at the moment. Info:

Birth AD/I Blame You (Unspeakable Axe Records) Ah some wicked crossover that blends the best of both worlds. These guys and Muncipal Waste are 2 of the best bands that have that real “crossover” sound, not some nu/jump metal crap that tries to pass itself as “crossover”. Short shouted real “hardcore” vocals along with some awesome fast pace music that me smiling from ear to ear cause these is not many of these around and this just easily one of my favs of the year so far. If you weren’t around for the crossover scene, well here ya go and trust me you won’t be disappointed. Info:  or

INTÖXICATED/Rock N Roll Hellpatrol (Hells Headbangers) Down and dirty sleaze metal that I fuckin loved. This is a mix of thrash and speed metal meeting Motorhead and Carnivore. Oh the songs just rip through you and oh the vocals are perfect for this band. The riffs are so damn catchy and had my neck moving and my fingers flying playing air guitar. The singer is a bit like Lemmy and the late Pete from Carnivore. This is something I can see being on a motorbike and jamming down the highway. This pretty much destroys. Info:

GRAVEWURM/Infernal Minions (Hells Headbangers) This might be simple black metal, but it works for me. Vocals that are 100% black metal and aren’t just a bunch of screams, but nevertheless fit the music. The music is more of a mood and not speed like some black metal bands. This just creates a mood and sucks you in that way. I like the production as it is a dark and dirty way. Sort of like a horror movie soundtrack. Info:

ANOTHER LOST YEAR/Better Days (Megaforce Records) Sorry this is not going to be something you remember from the old days of Megaforce Records. This is a rock band and a damn good one to boot. The singer just has an incredible voice and my god does he sing these tunes with a ton of passion and feeling. And this is something I normally would hate the band is in the vein of the “new rock” bands, but damned a good song is a good song and this had great songs. Catchy riffs and just great songs and this is easily the best band I have heard playing this stuff bar none. Wow. Info: or

KRZAK EXPERIENCE/Same (Metal Mind Records) Holy fuckin shit is this some fucked up shit. Oh and I loved it too. 2 members of Krzak joined forced with 3 members of the band Sepsis and wow what a mind blowing release this is. It is big time hard to describe as it is like heavy metal with big guitars with violin parts thrown in and this will throw you for a loop I assure you. No vocals, but the songs are just damn well-crafted and are heavy and just flow like a perfect water stream. If this had vocals it would ruin it. This had me at a loss of words and was just so refreshing and different. Hell yeah. Info:

PITCH/Conquistador (Self Released) This band sort of has that alternative sound with a female singer. The music was kind of weird and that was cool with me, but some of the female singing parts were opera like and that I was not a fan of. She doesn’t always sing like that and when she doesn’t this isn’t bad for what it is. The band sort of reminds me of Sapphic Ode a band I used to work with, but they didn’t have those opera vocals. This had its good and bad points and if you can live with the opera vocals, you might find this to be a breath of fresh air. Info: or

HEADROT/Gulping The Remains (Patos Productions) Oh what a cool release this. I am a big fan of seeing old stuff from the 80’s and early 90’s demos being put on a cd. 21 tunes of low tuned down death metal that will rip and shred your skin. 3 different demos are on this and all 3 totally crush. This came out in the early 90’s and let me tell you, this blows away all that shitty, generic death metal crap of today. I love the raw, gritty production and the vocals are pure death metal style and they are death metal vocals done the right fuckin way. Easily a must have if you are a death metal fan and want real death metal. Info:

EMBRIONIC DEATH/Regurgitated Stream Of Rot (Pathos Productions) I liked the music on this a ton. Slow, chunky almost doom parts mix in with some wicked speed. The vocals are low sung death metal style, but they aren’t low to the point of being a joke and with that also no stupid screeching sounds neither. The production is good for demo stuff and like the above band the guitar sound I like a lot. As with the above band this is how death metal should sound, not like that crap 99% of the so called death metal bands play these days. Another jem from back in the day that John found and released all their demos on this awesome puppy. Info:

ETERNAL SUFFERING/Recollections Of Tragedy & Misery (Pathos Productions) This an ep and and a full length release that came out in the late’s 90’s.This to me was just a Cannibal Corpse sound a like band mixed in with some of that Long Island Suffocation sound back in the day. I am not a fan of the cup the mic vocals neither. Listen if you’re a fan of this style then by all means grab this as apparently this stuff goes for a pretty penny on Ebay. I love the fact that John is finding all these old bands releasing all their stuff on cd and he includes as much stuff as possible, but this was not for me. Info:

DESOLATE/Sanity Obliterated (Pathos Productions) Another old band that John has found, this came out in 1994 or 1995. The music was a total mix of Incantation meeting Immolation and throw in a bit of Autopsy with the slow parts. The vocals are low, sick growls of total death metal and I liked them except for the occasional screeching at times. Again this how death metal was meant to be; vocals that are sick, brutal and just tear your heart apart. Not this screeching crap that a lot of bands use and I hate that screeching screams and then sing like Chris from Autopsy and play generic riffs with trigger drum machine vocals. This also comes with 2 bonus track s and if you’re a fan of death metal and aren’t we all, forget the new stuff and pick up something of quality, like this. Info:

GOREALIRT/Perverse Depraved Indifference (Pathos Productions) This to me sounded like any groove death metal band with the triggered drums and same fast parts and generic vocals. This was a case of a death metal doing nothing new and something that has been done and beaten like a dead horse. This didn’t do a thing at all for me. Info:

PESSIMIST/Evolution Unto Evil (Pathos Productions) This is some old cuts from this killer death metal band with some cover tunes thrown in to boot. Some of the covers, Kreator’s “The Pestilence, Megedeth’s “Killing in My Business, and Posessed’s “Phantasm” totally crush and the demo cuts are big time worthy as well. If you have stuff from this band you’ll need this and if you don’t know much about them, then this is a great place to start. Info:

ST MADNESS/Canonizing Carnage (Nasty Prick Records) Some cool straight forward heavy metal with a singer with a unique and cool voice. The music is just a pure heavy metal listen and I love the guitar sound on this. When he sings M.D.R. about his love for metal I was singing right along. Solid production and this gets double horns up from me. Info: or

ELVIS DELUXE/The Story So Far (Metal Mind Productions) This didn’t do anything for me. It is like alternative rock with some not so good riffs and the songs to me were pretty boring. The singer has an awful voice and there was just nothing that caught my ear as the songs to me lack anything of quality at all. Info:

CULTES DE GHOULES/Henbane (Hells Headbangers) Bone crushing black metal with some awesome riffs and head slaying drums that will pound you into yesteryear. I love the vocals are they are total hate sounding evil vocals that really are evil sounding and the band easily has their own sound and aren't just some run of the mill generic black metal band. This is intense and fast and I loved every note of it and this is great black metal so if your into black metal then this is for sure.

Accu§er – Diabolic (unknown) Decent death metal with some crunching riffs and solid vocals. There was none of that shitty groove or break down parts and this was straight down the line death metal. The production was good the fast parts had my head nodding along and this wasn’t bad and sorry I have no more info for ya,

SODOM/Epitome Of Torture (Steamhammer / SPV) Wow was what I said when I say this pop in my email. Sodom is back with a new release that does not disappoint. The band just tear through tune after tune of some crushing thrash metal with riffs that explode in your face and Tom’s vocals still sound great after all these years. This release will not disappoint any fan of this band. The riffs on this just sucked me in like a water to a sponge. This for all you younger people reading this, is how it is done. Info:

EXTREMA/The Seed Of Foolishness (Scarlet Records) A total all out old school thrash attack the will knock you off your feet. Riffs that will just blow through your body with intensity and speed and are backed up by some killer vocals. The guitar sound on this totally crushes and any fan of real thrash metal will be doing backflips over this and yeah it is that damn good. Everything about this is an A plus. Info:

NEIGE ÉTERNELLE/Neige Éternelle (Sepulchral Productions) More heard it a million time fast picking black metal with the black metal vocals that have been done to death. This didn’t suck, but just sounds like to many other black metal  bands although the vocals on second thought are decent. As I said the music is just nothing special, however if you have not been in the scene for a long time then you’ll love this big time. Info: