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MIDNIGHT HELLION/Enter The Unknown (Self Released) 4 tracks of solid heavy metal with some power metal mixed in. Great head banging riffs that are catchy and heavy and have that crushing guitar crunch as well. The singer has a clean voice, but he is not annoying and actually fits the band’s sound as well. Production is on the money and this band keeps torturing me with EP’s. We need a full length lol. If your into Deadly Blessing, Omen and any pure heavy metal sound this band is your ticket. Info:

SEIZURE CRYPT/You’ve Been Had (Self Released) Ah finally some good ole old school hardcore that totally ripped and destroyed my brain. Think he 1st Agnostic Front and Biohazard records. Great

screamed, pissed off, hardcore vocals mix in with some fast, pulverizing music made me think of City Gardens in the 80’s. This is good ole school NYHC and I couldn’t be happier than bands like this are still kicking around and destroying everything in their path. Info:

NATAS/Deathcore 1985-1993 (X Musick) This is a 2 disc set of this band which spans pretty much their career. The band when they 1st started out, as in disc # 1, were more in a speed/death mode with hardcore vocals. The speed, intensity, power this band has is incredible. The band was easily ahead of its time. Now on disc # 2 the band went and mixed in some hardcore in its sound sort of like Cryptic Slaughter, which was fine by me. The vocals are hardcore in vein, shouted, pissed off and angry, but not in that tough guy style crap that had infested the underground. 4 demos and some stuff that originally came out on Wild Rags is on here and the band says it has more material to fill up 2 more discs too! Think Agnostic Front’s ‘Victim In Pain” meeting Cryptic Slaughter in a back alley and this will give you an idea of this excellent band and 2 horns up to Xmuscik for releases this long overdue release. Booklet with interview and intro by Mark of Impetigo as well. Info: or

SQUAD/Gallinazeous Death/Squad (X Musick) This is this band’s release from 1989 along with a bunch of live bonus tracks. This is raw thrash with almost death style vocals. The music is a mixture of crunchy thrash and speed metal at times. The guitar sound has that crunchy thrash sound that was big in the 80s, which trust me, isn’t a bad thing. Actually this kinds reminded me of Bloodfeast’s “Kill For Pleasure” in the production side of things and the singing as well. Another great re-issue from this label as they just keep cranking em out. Info: or

BARBATOS/War! Speed And Power (X Musick) The War release is from several releases, on in March of 2001, 2 other songs from 1989 and the bands demo from the same year. This is a The band rely more on chunky riffing that all out speed and the vocals are sung in a punky/black metal style and yup that is what my ears here. The music I would say is along the lines of what Hellhammer was doing that many moons ago along with touches of thrash and death metal in the mix. The production is raw black metal sounding and the singer doesn’t just scream and shriek like cheesy black metal singer trying to act evil. While I am not the biggest black metal fan, it is bands like this that were doing a hell of a job back in the day and it is way better than all the black metal shit being released today. Info: or

HELLFIST/The Seven Gates Of Hell (Hellfire Club) More Hellhammer/Celtic Frost type of music only this band injects some thrashy riffs in there as well. Cool vocals on this as well. The production has that Hellhammer Celtic Front “Morbid Tales” style along with the guitar sound. This wasn’t something I was blown away by, but it was decent and the songs were solid and catchy riffs abound on this. Info:

Davey Suicide/Put Our Trust In Suicide (Standby Records) The tuneson this are excellent as they just tears your face off with some great catchy as hell rock riffs with some great singing that blows away any of these so called ‘new rock” bands that is for sure. I love the singing, aggressive and powerful and he reminds me of the way unrated Warrior Soul. The songs are catchy dirty rock n roll tunes that I enjoyed big time and only 4 tunes left me longing for me and I am glad to see some rock bands out there still get what a great tune is. Info:

Crowned/Vacuous Spectral Silence (Séance Records) This is like a doomy black metal band that rely more on feeling and emotion than speed. The songs set a mood and suck you in that is for sure and this band doesn’t sound like a bunch of other bands as I feel they have a style all their own. The band also doesn’t play slow all the time as they speed it up at times as well. Just a nice combo of both styles. The singing is in total black metal style and he is ok, nothing special, but doesn’t suck neither. This is a gem of a release and sticks out from all the generic piles of garbage out there. Info:

KAMIKABE/Aberration Of Man (Unique Leader) Generic death metal in the fast groove metal with trigger drums and annoying death metal vocals. No substance and no style and the happy death metal riffs and trigger drums has this band sound like the 500,000 before them. There was easily nothing good about this faceless death band that is for sure. Info:

Silent Leges/Same (Eisenwald) I wasn’t blown away by this, but at least this wasn’t some sound like every other black metal band out in the woods trying to be evil. The music is good and fast and not cheesy fast, but pounding you into oblivion fast and real blast beats not that tiny tin can crap a lot of black metal bands use. The singer has a strong voice and he doesn’t sound like some cheesy screamer, he just sings with a growl and actually sings more like in a death metal style and hell it works. I like the guitar sound this band gets as well and actually this sounded better as it played on and this is some solid black metal with hints of death metal thrown in and more than stands on its own. Info:

Hellcannon/Infected with Violence (Ketzer Records) Now this is what the doctor ordered. Absolutely crushing speed/thrash metal that totally blew me away from note # 1 till the last one. Just brutal, smashing in your face music that will knock over an elephant. Think old Kreator and Deathrow and bands of that nature. Vocals are great as well as the singer spews out the lyrics with power, feeling and hate. No tough guy generic shit ha ha. Production is on the money as the guitars shine, the drums slash and smash and the music will have you going crazy in your house or apartment. This is easily one of the best releases of the year make no mistake of that. Thrash/speed metal at its best. Info:

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY/Eye For An Eye Reissue (Candlelight Records) Now this is how I remember this band, not that fuckin garbage crap the band has been releasing lately. Pure, raw as fuck punk rock/hardcore music that will bash your skull in. This has been out of print for a long time and Candlelight also threw in the band’s 6 song Ep which also came out many moons ago. This is raw, stripped down punk rock at its best. Pissed off, screaming vocals, raw guitar sound and just 3 angry guys getting together to bash your head in. Info:

Early Graves/Red Horse (No Sleep Records) Music wise this is total crushing fast death metal with tons of killer riffs, speed and intensity. The vocals I wasn’t a big fan of as the singer screams too much and for me it gets on my nerves. He just screams and not even close to a word comes out and it wasn’t very good. Like I said the music is tight as fuck speedy death metal that blows away a ton of the garbage out there. I love the guitar sound the band use as well. This was hit and miss with me. Info:

Demonic Death Judge/Skygods (Inverse Records) Beyond bad doom/sludge metal with some guy just screaming annoying to the bone vocals in the mic. The songs were just beyond awful with nothing to them, just a bunch of blah blah to them. The band has that Sabbath guitar sound so of like Kyuss as well, but trust me this isn’t even close to either of those 2 great bands. This one belongs 6 feet under. Info:

SATAN'S WRATH/Galloping Blasphemy (Metal Blade Records) I thought this might be a black metal, but I was big time wrong. This is way more along the lines of early 80’s heavy metal/power metal band. Not hair metal, not thrash metal, sort of like Mercyful Fate in spots or Motorhead and throw in some Exciter but not King’s, Lemmy’s or Dan’s vocals. I like the music a lot it is different, it is catchy and it is heavy and speedy in parts as well. This is like a breath of fresh air from all the sound like a million other bands stuff and the raw production I love as well. The guitar crunch and riffs will have that headbanger in you going nuts. Info:

SECRET SPHERE/Portrait Of A Dying Heart (Scarlet Records) This was progressive metal sort of, but way more moody and clean almost in a Dream Theatre progressive style. This I found to be very, very boring. The open track is a 6 minute instrumental that had no killer riffs and just floated out there with many time changes, but a boring song. The singer re minds me a lot of the guy from Dream Theatre and to me yeah he has a great voice, but when the music goes over my head and all the guitar player does is go all over the place, well you lost me. Images And Words by Dream Theatre is one of the best progressive metal albums ever, due to the fact that there is GREAT RIFFS and GREAT SONGS and the guitar player is not going all over the place boring me to death. Just a boring, mindless release. Info:

SINISTER /The Carnage Ending (Massacre Records) This veteran death metal are back with a new release. I found this to be very flat and disappointing. The tin can drum sound I hate and the just grunting vocals were nothing to write home about neither. The drums also sound like that have that trigger effect that a lot of bands are using nowadays. The guitar sound and is fine and some of the faster parts and fury are decent, but considering who this band is and their history I expected a lot more from this band. Info:

Anaal/NathrakhVanitas (Candlelight Records) Beyond awful generic death/grind with some of the worst vocals I have heard and they also throw in some clean almost haunting vocals as well. Just a complete waste of time this band is with the triggered drums, god awful music and vocals that belong at the bottom of my toilet bowl and then flushed down hard. Info:

Holy Dragons/Zerstörer (Pitch Black Records)Some solid Judas Priest like metal with a singer who could pass for Halford. He has a great voice and sings the tunes on this a lot of passion and power. The music is very catchy heavy metal and bits of power metal thrown in as well. The production is great, I fuckin love the guitar sound and the tunes will have that neck moving and none of that cheesy happy heavy metal crap with all those chanting vocals that a lot of bands are still doing today. Solid release. Info:

Citadel Besieged/Same (Self Released) I wasn’t into much as to me is sounded like a bad heavy metal band from 1989. The music just felt and sounded very dated and the songs just didn’t make any noise with me. The Sabbath like heavy riffing was Ok, but the song arrangements and vocals took it down. The songs just did have that killer riff or riffs and the music just dragged on and on. Info:

Devil I Know/Same (Inverse Records) Oh this is new style rock n roll that pretty much bored me and when the almost Bon Jovi vocals kicked in I was out the door. Pretty much faceless music with nothing new to offer and when you mix in bad music with vocals, you get a bad band. Just no catchy tunes, poser like vocals to boot. Yuk. Info::

Rattenfänger/Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum (Dark Essence Records) More fuckin junk death metal with the same fast parts and then go into mid paced stuff and then speed it up and sound like the 5 million other bands before them. The singer fuckin blows as all he does is grunt and growls into the mic. How nice. Bands like this and so many others don’t offer even a speck of dust of anything original or music worthy in an overcrowded music scene. Info:

Wömit Angel /Sodomatik Rites Of I.N.R.I (Inverse Records) Oh this was a bit different and very cool I might add. Some crazy off the wall black metal vocals, which I liked, were a great change of pace from all the generic black metal screamers. The singer screeches his fuckin lungs out and he is just singing like a man possessed. The music is unlike no other a total slab of out of control black metal and throw in some Motorhead in the mix as well. This is a band you must hear for yourself. This band will have you shaking your head. Very different and also very worth checking out cause just being different does not make you good. Info:

MYSTICAL FULLMOON/Scoring A Liminal Phase (Self Released) This was decent black metal that at least didn’t sound like a million other, same ole shit, black metal bands. The band play fast you bet, but the raw production and riffs and song structures were a bit different than the norm. I like the singers voice as he screams out the lyrics I could feel the hate and emotion, which a lot of bands dong this style lack. The one thing I did hate was the use of normal like vocals every now and then as I think that takes away from the band not adds to it. Overall a solid release if your into black metal. Info: or

STEEL VENGEANCE/Second Offense (Metal Mind Productions) Metal Mind always puts out great re-issues and this one is no exception. This came out in 1988 and this was a US band that played straight forward heavy metal. This is the bands 2nd release and it just a pure heavy metal all the way. Bands like Helstar, Deadly Blessing and in that vein is what you will find here. The singer has a clean voice, but sings with a little more aggression that most bands of this style and he doesn’t go into the stratosphere with his vocals neither. The catchy metal tunes that and fan of the 2 bands I mentioned or Judas Priest or Iron Maiden would like. 2 bonus tracks and 2 videos are added to this excellent release. Info: or

STEEL VENGEANCE/Prisoners (Metal Mind Productions) Now what we have here is this bands 3rd release and the first thing I quickly noticed was that the production was more in your face and guitar sound was more crunchy as well. The tunes are still in a pure heavy metal vein with great singing, but I’d say this had a better production on it. The songs just have that metal crunch and are very catchy and just have riffs that will have the neck moving. Again the singer doesn’t do all the soaring, listen to my high notes, singing. This band released a total of 5 albums and hopefully Metal Mind will release the rest, unless they are not up to the standard of these 2. A must have for pure metal fans. Info: or

SHADOWS IN THE CRYPT/Cryptic Communications (HPGD Productions) I reviewed some other stuff by this band, but this is their latest release and boy has the band improved. Just fast, rip roaring black metal that tears into your soul. Vocals that satan would love and music that just pounds, tears and shreds everything in its path. The production is dandy and allows everything to shine and sound right how it needs to sound. This is what black metal should sound like. Info:

MORTOR/Shoot Em Up (Self Released) This band plays a mix of modern thrash metal and throw some death metal in the mix and that would be more in the vocals than the music. This has mostly good points and a few bad points. The bad is, and this is just my opinion, I am not a fan of the happy thrash or nu metal style and this had elements of that, but it isn’t as bad as a lot of bands that just do that mosh/breakdown shit with the tough guy vocals. This band also retains some of the old school sound with just a touch of death metal. The vocals are a pure death metal delight and NO tough guy or pig squealing crap on this at all and for that alone that gets a horns up as far as the vocals go. I will say this for a band that sort of plays that modern thrash metal sounds they are way better than 99% of the bands doing that style as they don’t sound like some generic band. Info: or or

DIE HARD/Conjure The Legions (Agonia Records) Raw down and dirty metal that reminded me of the early Venom releases of vocals that are a cross between Cronus, Lemmy and Pete Steele. The music is cruddy, muddy old school thrashy speed metal that any fan of old school stuff like Deathrow, Sodom and bands of that nature can appreciate. I love the production as the bands cruddy, dirty sound works in their favor with a production like this. The fast parts just rip through you and hey vocals without cupping the mic, tough guy shit and pig squealing to boot. Just a great release that easily stands out from the pack and they are original too. Wow imagine that. Info:

DECLINE OF THE 1/Inhibition (Agonia Records) This to me was some awful black with lots of slow, beyond bad song structures along with fast pic riffing parts along with vocals that sound like every other black metal band. The slow, doomy parts about put me to sleep as the riffs drag on and vocals that were equally as bad. I can take some doom metal, but not when it is this badly played. The vocals are just a guy screaming with no emotion, no feeling at all. Not a very good band here. Info:

THERAPY/A Brief Crack Of Light (Blast Records) This was a “blah” bad for me. They aren’t bad for what they do, play the new rock n roll/metal style, but this didn’t do a thing for me. The songs just were faceless and didn’t have me doing anything but drifting off into space. The back of the cd has a guy laying down in some kind of swamp or what not. Yeah that is pretty much what this did for me. Info:

Monads/Intellectus Judicat Veritatem (Ordo MCM) If this band was trying to put me to sleep they did a hell of a job. God awful boring doom metal with the same tired riffs and singing I have heard from doom bands over the past 20 yrs and this is easily some of the worst music I have heard this year. Info:

THY MAJESTIE/ShiHuangDi (Scarlet Records) God awful newer happy style of power metal with almost opera like singing and all those happy riffs that so many, many bands have done over the past few years. This offers nothing new and it like a well-worn out girlfriend that you want to get rid of. Info:

WILDESTARRA/Tale Tell Heart (Scarlet Records) Now unlike the above band, this band delivers the goods. Great power metal with soaring vocals and riffs that will have your neck moving in no times. The singer has a fantastic voice and fits the music perfect. He sings the songs with passion and feeling and oh fuck to these songs just crush. Like Judas Priest “Painkiller” style. I LOVE the production, the guitars up front and just totally kill and I love the drumming and ass too. Pretty much a perfect release. Easily a top 5 for me.

LYKAION/Nothin' But Death (Bakerteam Records) Another god awful band that has some just bad songs and bad singing. The music is pointless and faceless big time. The singer has that a bad metal voice that mixes in with the nu metal tough guy crap. The music is lightweight metal with lots of pretty riffs and keyboards to boot. Nothing on this is any good until the last notes cause the torture is over. Info:

LAHMIA/Into The Abyss (Bakerteam Records) Oh god just what we need another nu metal death metal band with those bad gruff death metal vocals. All the guy does is growl and scream in the mic and then throws in a black metal scream here and there and behind him is another in a long line of bad death metal bands. This is pure shit. Info:

Kill Ritual/The Serpentine Ritual (Scarlet Records) This band plays thrash metal and the songs pretty much bored me. The music is again, just faceless thrash metal with no killer hooks or song structures. The singer is Ok, but when you have music that goes nowhere fast you’re in trouble. Most bands today just are faceless and this is another one of many. Just no killer hook to drag me in as I wanted out. Info:

D.I.S./Becoming Wrath (Deep Six Records) More nu metal thrash with tough guy vocals. I hate shit like this and this belongs in the pile with the rest of this crappy form of music. Info:

SIK/Broken Sanity (Digital Media Records) More nu/groove metal that sounds like every other band doing this. Happy riffs and tough guy vocals and hell this sounds just like Pantera and if I want them I’ll pop in them. I will say this though, if you’re into the groove style, this band does do it better than most as the vocals are somewhat tolerable and the music isn’t as bad as most of the other bands doing this. Info:

Slam One Down/Who Really Wants To Live Forever (Self Released) I would want to kill myself if I was forced to listen to this over and over. Pure shit nu metal crap with tough guy vocals. When will shit like this every go away? Pure fuckin junk. Info:

MIDNIGHT/Complete And Total Hell (Hells Headbangers) This is 21 tunes of the bands back catalog before “Santanic Royalty” came out. I didn’t think was anything good at all. The songs were faceless slabs of sleazy rock n roll that did nothing for me. Like a bad version of the Sex Pistols with a terrible singer. I do like the raw, undergroundish production the bad uses, but the songs are just so pointless and have nothing catchy or good about them at all. Info:

HONKY/421 (MVD Audio) This is kinda like the above band with that sleazy rock sound, but this band has catchy songs that you will remember and just have that sleazy almost old AC/DC sound at times. The guitar is in your face and the singer reminds me of the singer in Alice in Chains. His voice fits the music and the tunes will have your foot tapping and thank god none of this nu rock crap too. The down and dirty production also works in the bands favor. Bottom line is that this is just pure ass kickin rock n roll. Info:

SYDONIA/Waiting For Words That Don’t Exist (Self Released) Wow another band that can write catchy songs and that don’t sound like every other band in existence. This band offers up 5 track of some new style rock n roll, but unlike many bands that offer up nothing, this band offers up song strong songs and strong vocals to boot. He sings with a lot of passion and feeling and his soulful voice fits the music too. The songs have catchy riffs and song arrangements that I got into. I am a sucker for riffs and this had plenty of them. You also get a DVD that shows the band on tour and the making of stuff, which is a nice little added bonus. Info:

FESTERING SALVIA/Zeroline (Self Released) While this is far from original, it is far from bad and is enjoyable. The band play straight forward death metal with plenty of fast and choppy parts. Kinda like Immolation in spots. The production I like and the band get a great guitar sound on this and thank god the singer doesn’t do pig squeal vocals or goes low that is becomes one big joke. The fast parts aren’t a wall of noise and you will be playing air drums to them and the slower parts give you a chance to catch your breath. Solid death metal is the ticket here. Info: or

SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT/Beyond The Grave (Self Released) This has its good and bad points. 1st the good. The band play a damn good mixture of death and black metal with ripping riffs and some wicked blast parts that don’t sound generic or forced at all. The production is good and I like the guitar sound and song arrangements. Now the bad and it is only one thing. The singing is pretty bad. All he is does is yell and scream into the mic and it sounds pretty awful. There is nothing of substance to the vocals. The screaming gets annoying at times like a bad black metal. Musicwise this is very good and since the singer also plays guitar, maybe the band ought to think about going out and getting a singer. I also got a 2 track CDR at a show I saw them play and have no idea if it new or old stuff, but the music on this better than the cd and the vocals are 100% better, but they are buried into the mix. If the band can move up the vocals within the songs, they will be that much better for themselves. Info:

The Fat Dukes Of Fuck/Honey From the Lips of an Angel (Self Released) Wow let’s sound like every other groove/nu metal band out there. More of the same garbage with tough guy screamed vocals and mosh riffs galore. I know I keep repeating myself, but bands like this are a time a dozen and each one sounds like the past 500. Great name too I am sure you’ll go far with the name fuck in your band name. Too funny. Info:

ACID WITCH/Witchtanic Hellucinations (Hells Headbangers) This came out in 2008 on Razorback Records (hi jill) and now Hells Headbangers have re-released it and this is some really cool and weird stuff. They combine doom and death metal and some psychedelic music that wouldn’t be out of place in 1969. There is tons of wicked, crushing riffs and oh the vocals are perfect for a band such as this. He mixes a combo of like a doom and death metal singer and he sounds great. The mammoth riffs will suck you in and put you in a trance. A soundtrack to you nightmare. Info:

WITCH CROSS/Fit For Fight (Hells Headbangers) Another re-release this time from 1984 and this originally came out on Roadracer. This band play straight ahead heavy metal that reminded me of Raven at times, and old Raven. The singer sings in clear, clean voice with power almost like Ski from Deadly Blessing, but without all the high pitched screaming. This just has that 80’s feel to it and once you hear it you’ll know what I mean. This was quite good and a change of pace from all the mosh core and terrible black metal bands out there. Also throw in Grim Reaper’s See You In Hell” as this bands style, but by no means is a copycat of them. Info:

PATHOLOGY/The Time Of Great Purification (Victory Records) Just what the world needs another cheesy death metal band with the cupped mic vocals and all those groovy mosh parts to get the pit going. I love the logo as you can’t read a letter of it too. This is like an awful version of Suffocation and the vocals fucking suck as does the generic music. Info:

Evil Entourage/The Opposition (Chaos Records) Wow more Cannibal Corpse metal with the tin can drumming and vocals that sound like every other band doing this style. If I want Cannibal I’ll listen to them not some 6th grade copycat band. Another completely faceless death metal band. Info:

Eugenic Death/Crimes Against Humanity (Heaven and Hell Records) Ah this had its very points and bad points. First the good, this is very good old school thrash metal with head banging riffing that reminds me of bands like Overkill for example. Keep in mind when I compare bands to bands I review I am just giving you a clue as to what they sound like and by no means are they a copy band. The production also has that old school feel to it, which ruled. Now the bad. The vocals I feel are a major letdown. The singer has a gruff voice and to me it doesn’t fit the music and it just sounds out of place and weak on this. Some of you may like the vocals, but I think it just drags this band down. Great thrash metal though. Info:

MALIGNANCY/Eugenics (Willowtip Records) This band has been around for quite some time now and they still suck. Boring, tired 5th rate Suffocation with all the cup the mic vocals and nu metal riffs that will have pits flying everywhere. Oh the screamed vocals are shitty too. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and bring absolutely NOTHING to the table. Info:

ENTRENCHED/Preemptive Strike (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) This to me was average at best death metal that didn’t go very far. The music is kinda just “blah” and it doesn’t suck, but it isn’t something that would blow me out of the water. I also hate the tin can blasting parts and they are just awful. The vocals are ok, but again nothing to write home about. Just another death metal band trending out in the water with all the rest. Info:

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER/ ENFUNERATION/Split (Horror Pain Death Gore Productions) SS offer up 5 tunes of straight up fast, well played death metal. I like the guitar sound the band gets, thick, chunky riffs and intense speed as well. The vocals are low well sung (ha ha) death metal style, but he does do the pig squeals at times, which I could do without. The music is just balls to the wall wicked fast death metal. Enfuneration offer 5 tunes of death metal that I could not get into. The songs were just flat and offered nothing of substance and did nothing to separate themselves from the 1000’s of other bands out there. The songs lacked and killer crunch and the vocals were pretty bad as he just doesn’t sound brutal and again I need to be blown away or something needs to be brought to the table and this band didn’t do it like SS did. Info:

ODIUM/Burning The Bridges To Nowhere (Year of The Sun) Just what the world needs another groove metal band with the tough guy death metal vocals and lo and behold they mix them with clean vocals. What a great idea, why didn’t a band do this before. This is total shit music with the same song structures as all these bands and this pretty much belongs in the toilet and I will do the flushing. This sucks. I read 12 reviews of this release on the band’s promo page and each and every reviewer must be on drugs cause this style has been done to death and this is nothing new and pretty much sucks. Info:

NORSKA/Self-Titled (Brutal Panda Records) Very cool band here as lo and behold they don’t sound like a million other bands and they know how to write songs and be creative. The band has a sludge/doom like sound with a touch here and there of like an Alice in Chains. All I know is the music is damn catchy, and doomy and sucks you in and doesn’t let you out. The vocals are like a dying man that is catching is last dying breaths and he just nails it on this. I love the guitar sound it is heavy as a ton of bricks and oh that bass sound rules too. Just a great release that will pound you into oblivion. Info:

DAYLIGHT DIES/A Frail Becoming (Candlelight Records) This was another faceless band that did nothing for me. Boring heard it all before rock/metal riffs and song structures that are easily forgettable once each song is over. There was no “wow” factor nor did anything blow me away and the awful death metal vocals on this just made it that much worse. This is that happy metal stuff with death metal vocals and this was pretty pointless. Info:

THY WILL BE DONE/Temple (Eye On Lion Recordings) Just what the world needs another groove metal band with tough guy vocals that sound like every other band on the planet doing this stuff. Nothing new, tough guy death metal vocals and lots of groovy riffs that will have any fan of real underground music heading for the door in seconds. You want to torture somebody? Make them listen to this shitty band. Info:

GIVE EM BLOOD/Seven Sins (Bastardized Records) Dear god they call this band a metal core band? Please guys this isn't metal core, it is all that shitty groove happy metal with the tough guy vocals. No wonder the underground sucks when you have bands like this polluting the water so to speak. More garbage music that needs to be sent out the nearest ocean and left there. Info:

RAGNAROK/Malediction (Agonia Records) Some solid black metal from the 7th release by this band. The band mix up the speed and mid paced parts and this didn’t come across like some generic black metal band. The speed and intensity of this is darn right killer. The singer has a great black metal voice and he sings with hate and fury and passion and a lot black metal bands lack. The guitar sound is great as is the fast parts which will tear you in half. Easily one of the best black metal bands making the rounds these days. Info:

T.C.F./Where Madness Reigns (PRC / Malevolence) One of the few bands that mix the best of hardcore and thrash metal. Just great riffs, plenty of speed and real hardcore like vocals, without any of that generic tough guy shit. God the guitar sound on this is just so massive and this is so catchy and great it isn’t funny. This is metal core the way it was meant to be, combining the best of both worlds. One of my favorite releases of the year for sure. Info:

KAMIKAZE KINGS/The Law (Limited Access Records) Just total ass kickin rock n roll the way it was meant to be played. Fuck this blows away all that new rock n roll crap. This band goes for the throat and scored a knockout punch. The opening track, “Burn Baby Burn” had me nodding within seconds and the rest of this isn’t bad at all. Just ass kickin, catchy rock n roll hell raising tunes. Put it this way, if you like AC/DC, you be loving this as I did. Singer and production are great and his voice is perfect for this band. Info:

OKKULTOKRATI/Snakereigns (Fysisk Format) This is like a mix of punk rock meets metal in an alleyway and throw some death metal to finish off a 3 way. The music is weird as it has that punky feel, but also throws in like some Autopsy/Entombed metal at times. The singer has a wacked out crazy voice that is like no other I have heard. This band was very original and very good. They mix the styles well, they are different and they are not boring and this is something you have to hear for yourself trust me. Info:

Tsar/BombNeowarfare (BadGod Music) Well this for sure is not good music. It fuckin sucks. A trigger happy bad death metal band with awful, generic songs and equally bad singing. He just just growls and screams out the words with no feeling and is a bad black metal attempt at singing. The trigger drums are a joke too. Just more shitty death metal in a big time over crowded scene. Info:

Savage Annihilation/Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries (Kaotoxin Records) More Cannibal Corpse death metal with the low growls and pig squeals. This was fuckin awful as this band offers up nothing good and the tin can drumming is a joke and actually this band is a fuckin joke they blow big time.

HIDEWAEVER/Silver Bullet (Self Released) Some decent heavy metal that is big time 80’s influenced. Reminded me of Dream Theatre in spots especially in the vocals. The songs are pretty catchy and the singing is good for the most part except for little bits and pieces when he strays from his target area. The songs are catchy rock n roll with metal tunes that had my foo tapping. Actually not a lot of bands like this around so it was a pleasant change of pace from all the generic stuff out there. Info:

ILLDISPOSED -Sense The Darkness (Massacre Records) Completely faceless death metal with beyond bad vocals. All he does is growl into the mic with no power, feeling or emotion. The music wasn’t much better as the songs just float on with nothing ear catching at all. Just that happy death/thrash sound that is beyond boring. This is just another horrible band in the underground. Info:

RAZORWYRE/Another Dimension (Inferno Records) Just total bone crushing power/thrash metal with some wicked speed metal parts that will have your neck moving in no time. Fantastic vocals and riffs that are catchy and heavy big time. The singer has a clean, but aggressive voice and fits this band like a girl in tight jeans. Production is right on the money as the guitars sound this bands uses is 2nd to none. Catchy tunes, great singing, awesome songs what more can you ask for and not a bad song on this and this is one of my favorite releases of the year. Info:

HELLECTRICITY/Salem Blood (Metal Mind Productions) This is a rock n roll/metal band that has song mostly build around catchy hooks and song structures. It is sort of a mix of Alice In Chains meets Armored Saint. The singer has a good voice as he belts out the lyrics with a powerful voice and passion and doesn’t sound like some generic singer. The production on this is also good and I liked the songs as they were heavy rock with some touches of metal and the songs were catchy as hell and is a nice change of pace from all the death and black metal as well. Info; or

STEEL VENGEANCE/Call Off The Dogs (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release of this band’s debut release along with bonus tracks and a video to boot. This I would say is a bit more rawer than the other re-releases I have heard from this band so far. As with the others this is a rollercoaster ride of 100% pure straight forward heavy metal and is a ride you won’t want to get off. The riffs are a pure headbanger’s delight and songs easily deliver the goods. Bands like Armored Saint, Omen and Vicious Rumors pop in my head as this plays on and don’t get me wrong this is no clone of those bands as this originally came out in 1985. I love the singer he has a great set of pipes along with a great guitar sound and it is great that a long lost jem such as this and the rest of the band’s catalog is being re-issued and if you missed them back in 1985, well they are back to give your neck a proper work-out. Info: or

STRYPER/Live In Indonesia (MVD Visual) Ok the production this is good as the camerawork, but for me Stryper was and still is one of those limp wristed poser bands from the 80’s and I hated their music back then and this DVD did not change my mind one bit. There were some bands back in the “hair metal” days that were not bad like early Motley Crue, early Def Leappard and Ratt, but these guys sucked then they still suck now. Info:

MAGNESIUM JAKE/Cremating The Future (Self Released) 4 catchy rock tunes is what you get on this. This band also didn’t use all that nu rock sound with all that groove crap in it as well, which scored points with me. The singer has a good voice and he fits the bands style. I am not a big fan of a lot of these new rock bands as they play too much happy music, when rock n roll should at least be a bit rebellious to a point. This is one of those few bands that I kinda dig. Be interesting where they go after this EP. Info:

LVCIFYRE/The Calling Depths (Self Released) Just pure 100% death metal brutality in the vein of Immolation and Incantation. Riffs that will knock you into submission and real, pure death metal vocals and death metal vocals the way they should sound, not that pig squealing shit or singing so low that it is a joke. Production is very good and oh that guitar sound is immense and just plain brutal. Good to see a death metal band that claims to be a death metal, play death metal the way they should sound both vocally and music wise. Info:

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POPULAR GIANTS/Same (Self Released) This band has the poppy punk sound and they do it well. Catchy riffs and good vocals lines and singing won me over. This band knows what a good riff is and run the riffs around the songs and just made for a pleasurable listening experience. The singer has a good voice and he sings the songs with feeling and he doesn’t sound out of place on this and I was nodding along as this played. Solid release no doubt. Info:

DARK BLU/Same (Self Released) 4 tunes of some strong heavy metal with blends of power metal thrown in and I like the double bass, fast parts to boot. The singer is a female, which I am not normally a fan of, but she has a kick ass voice no doubt. The 4 songs easily left me wanting more and guitar sound is wicked cool and be very interested in what this band puts out next.

Info: or

CLETCHED FIST/The Gift Of Death (Inferno Records) This was decent heavy metal with some Ok riffs and singing. The songs were kinda just there and didn’t do anything to blow me back or anything. There was nothing that just stuck out or head my neck wanting to move. The music is mid 80’s inspired heavy metal with bits of power metal thrown in the mix, but just nothing mind blowing. The vocals were ok as well. Nothing just stood out for me. Info: