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HATE UNBOUND/Plague (Inverse Records) This is a mix of old school and groovy thrash metal and isn’t too bad. I wasn’t a fan obviously of the groove like riffs, but they aren’t too bad and there is no tough guy vocals on this and the songs are pretty catchy to boot. The production is very good and thank god the drum sound doesn’t sound like a machine like drum sound and they actually kicked ass. This is one of the better thrash bands that I have heard lately that is for sure. Info:

MORBID FLESH/Rites of the Mangled (Unholy Prophecies) Absolutely bone crushing death metal that floored me. A perfect mix of death and doom metal. I thought of bands like Immolation and Incantation as this played on. Oh the guitar sound just ripped through me and perfect death metal vocals and a production that is out of this world. Death metal is far from dead when bands like this are still around. Info:

Sample track:

BLESSED CURSE/Beware of the Night (M-Theory Audio) Boring average at best gallop riffing thrash metal. The music wasn’t all that groove style of thrash, but the riffs didn’t nothing for me and I was not a fan of the singer at all and he pretty much bored me big time. The production is nice and solid, but when I hate the singer I am not going to get into the band and that singer ruined it for me on this. Info:

INSANITY CULT/Of Despair and Self-Destruction (Ogmios Underground) Awful below average black metal with terrible songs as there is nothing catchy about them at all. All the band does is play about ¾ fast with awful riffs and an annoying screechy singer. Avoid this my friends. Info:

TEHOM/The Merciless Light (Blood Harvest) Awful death metal with terrible vocals. The songs aren’t strong at all and have nothing but boring run of the mill riffs that didn’t impress me at all. The drums are also buried in the mix as well. This band brought nothing to the table at all. Yawn. Info:

Sample Track:

DEATHWISH/Unleash Hell (Beer City Music and Skateboards) Oh this is an ass kickin mix of thrash and some hardcore thrown in the mix. Great riffs and awesome hardcore like vocals had me nodding my heading big time. Great catchy riffs and this band also don’t sound like a million other bands and an awesome production to boot as that guitar sound is mint. This band brought a huge meal to the table and are well worth checking out. Info:

NOCRUL/Khorne (Neverheard Distro) This was ok black metal, but just sounds like way too many other bands do be anything but decent. The band at least don’t play a million miles an hour all time the time and do slow down at times. The production also isn’t bad so it is not a wall of noise all the time. The singer has a decent black metal voice so this gets a slight horns up from me. Info:

MUTILATOR/Immortal Force (Greyhaze Records) This originally came out in 1987 and now it is being re-released and it is a thrash metal gem. Whirl whipping thrash metal riffs and speed as well. This came out when thrash was king and the thrash like gruffy vocals are awesome as well and the production on this kills as well. Of course not ever re-release is great, but this is a great one and glad to see it come out after all these years as I remember reading a big about them many moons ago just when I was starting up my zine. If you love thrash you need this. Info:

HELLFIRE/Goat Revenge (Iron County Records) Some decent thrash and death me with ok at best vocals. The vocals to me were the weak link on this as I was not a big fan of them. The screeches and screams were awful and his voice just is not that convincing to me. The guitar sound is really good and I like the riffs and song structures were strong too. The band mix in the death metal and thrash metal quite well and it is an old school sound to boot. Not bad, but nothing breath taking. Info:

NIGHT RANGER/Don’t Let Up (Frontiers Music) This is an incredible display of rock n roll that is sadly missing in today’s rock n roll scene. I loved these guys when they started to appear on MTV many moons ago and here they are back and Jack Blades still sounds great singing and the Brad Gillis guitar sound is right there present and upfront. These songs are all perfect melodic chops of rock that blow away the crap on the radio that is so called rock. Excellent release.

OBITURAY/Same (Relapse Records) This legendary band return with album # 10 and wow was all I got to say. What a total rip to force this is. John Tardy’s vocals aren’t just a bunch of grunts and growls into the mic and he is actually singing, well death metal singing that is and he sounds fantastic. The music is catchy as fuck and the guitar sound is unholy as is the production. This will have you banding your head and after 10 albums this band by far delivers the goods by far. One of the best releases I have heard of the year by far. Info:

AlNAMROOD/Enkar (Self Released) This black metal band has to be kidding. This is one big joke. The music is going in different places and the singer is the worst part as his vocals sound like he is at a crowd rehearsal society meeting and just mumbling to a crowd full of people and his vocals have to be some of the worst I have ever heard in my life doing Metal Core. Avoid.

SOULROT/Nameless Hideous Manifestations (Memento Mori) While doing nothing new or hasn’t been heard before this band plays Swedish death metal sounds that aren’t bad. Think first 2 Entombed albums big time even down to the vocals. If you crave the Swedish sound you’ll love this. Info:

Track to check out:

NECROMUTILATOR/RIPPING BLASPHEMY (TERROR FROM HELL RECORDS) 4 tracks of heel ripping black/thrash metal that had me banging me head all the way through. Black metal that aren’t all that screechy annoying crap and the music was just a pleasure to listen to. Great riffs and song structures played with a ton of feeling and emotion. I love the old school production and the fast parts rule too. This totally rules. Info:

OPPOSER/Darkest Path (Morbid Shine Productions) Typical death metal in the vein of a band like Obituary with some terrible vocals. His voice is like a bad John Tardy and they got on my nerves a lot. This band brought nothing to the table and just sound like a million other death metal bands out there. Info:

WARBRINGER/Woe To The Vanquished (Napalm Records) This band is back with their 5th album of thrash metal and it is decent it just didn’t floor me. The band play thrash metal the right way and no groove or tough guy vocals, but I just wasn’t feeling it if you know what I mean. This just sounds like the 2nd Testament album to me big time except the vocals. The songs just didn’t catch fire with me so to speak and it was like a half empty drink. This doesn’t suck, but it not mind blowing neither. Info:

HENRY KANE/Den Förstörda Människans Rike (Transcending Obscurity Records)

More Swedish death metal and this is some fast shit and it isn’t bad. The blast beats are vicious and will tear through you and aren’t a wall of noise, which was cool. The vocals are deep growls of death, but no super low cup the mic vocals, which worked for me. Thick guitar sound and the intensity of this will knock you over I assure you of that. A solid combo of Swedish death metal mixed in with blasting from hell. Info:

AJATTARA/Lupaus (Svart Records) Some solid black metal with some really good singing to boot. The band doesn’t just play a million miles an hour ever second and actually are a bit melodic at times. The songs are well structured and catchy at the same time and the band does at times go into total speed blasting which was fine by me. They also don’t sound like a million other bands which is also another plus. Good release here.

MURO/El Cuarto Jinete (Fighter Records) This total ass kickin speed/heavy metal that hits to the bone. Wicked catchy as fuck riffs and plenty of speed to get the fists moving and the air drums and air guitar playing. Awesome vocals in the vein of Helloween and Bruce Dickenson at times. I love the guitar sound big time and the production is right on the money. Yes they sound a bit like Hammerfall, but this is way better than all those Hammerfall Jr. wannabes I can assure you of that. Info:

DECREPIT THRONE's 'Traitor's Grave (Self Released) This is a 2 man and they play boring black metal with nothing to offer I’m afraid. The riffs and song structures are terrible and the vocals are just uninspired black metal growls of death. The drums are buried in the mix and sound awful especially when they go into speedy parts. Nothing of value on this at all. Info:

DYSTOPIA/Chaos Philophorum (Self Released) This is a really good mix of death and black metal and the band pulls it off. Solid non generic vocals and are more in the death metal vein, but doesn’t sound terrible or some guy cupping the mic and he sounds credible too. Sounds like a dying man on his last day on earth. The music is just a fast, blasting chaotic sound of how underground metal should be. No female vocals and no opera like parts neither. This just hits you like a ton of bricks and never lets up and only lets you breathe every now and then when they take their goof off the gas petal. Well worth checking out. Info:

PANIKK/Discarded Existence (Xtreem Music) Oh just crushing old school thrash metal that brought me back to the 80’s. Think of old Exodus, Violence, etc. Riffs that will make you go nuts and thrash around your house. The guitar sound is unholy and I was just going nuts listening to this. Holy shit it’s that good. Just a perfect guitar sound and production. The singer is great too and has a very aggressive style, but not that tough guy sound. Reminds me of Zetro from Exodus a bit. Easily one of the best thrash releases I have heard in quite some time. Info:

The MONOLITH DEATHCULT/Versus 1 (Hammerheart Records) This was some chaotic shit on this. Sort of like old Ministry and this was fine by me. The band touch of different styles and hey it works let me tell you. The music just blasts out at you and it fast and extreme to say the least. Sometime the music is way out of control I don’t know what is next. All I know was I was enjoying it. The singer has a great voice and he sings with passion and feeling and with music this way out there he would need too. Think old Ministry and this band is big time original and well worth you checking out. Info:

ALL HELL/The Grave Alchemist (Prosthetic Records) Solid death metal with a good singer. The music is very catchy and played with feeling and I was nodding along to the tunes. They also don’t sound like a million other bands and I hear a bit of Celtic Frost within their sound at times as well. The production is good and solid as well and this is easily one of the better death metal band making the rounds now and this gets two big horns up from me. Info:

SUFFERING HOUR/In Passing Ascension (Blood Harvest) This to me was s replica of the 1st Incantation album which obviously has already been done. I grew bored with this pretty quick as this adds nothing new to the underground scene. Info:

Preview track:

PORTA DAEMONIUM/Serpent of Chaos (Blood Harvest) Sick pounding death metal and I loved it. Fast and furious is the name of the game on this. Wicked pounding drums and growls of death had me smiling. The songs are also catchy and the album is not over produced and I was totally into that at well. Angel Corpse was a band that came to mind as this played so dammit go get it. Info:

Preview track:

IN DEATH/The Devil Speaks (Plastic Head) Boring death metal that had nothing to offer. The songs were terrible and there was nothing catchy about them to my ears. The vocals were ok at least he didn’t cup the mic of sing super low, but the music was just nothing special and that’s that. Info:

THROUGH THE NOISE/Fall Of Gaia (??) Boring heard it all a million times before jump metal that got old really quick. Lots of mosh riffs and dancy type riffs and those tough guy vocals as well. Sorry not my thing at all.

SOLITARY/The Diseased Heart Of Society (UKEM) Some decent thrash metal that hits hard and fast and is pretty ripping to. No tough guy vocals and no pretend thrash here. This goes for a more old school approach and sort of reminds me of Dark Angel is some parts. The guitar sound is really good and the singer has a good and solid thrash metal voice too and he sings aggressively, but not in a touch guy style if you get my drift. The production is also not overdone and allows everything to flow freely and this is a very good thrash metal band no doubt and worth checking out. Info:

Preview track:

MORTÖR/Burn Up The Dead (CDN Records) The music isn’t bad a mix of death and thrash metal, but I am not a fan of the singer. His voice just annoyed me and he did nothing for me. The music is very catchy and fast thrash metal with some death metal thrown here and there. The singer I don’t think his voice fits the music and he just got on my nerves. Maybe he won’t on yours. Info:

OFERMOD/Sol Nox (Shadow Records / Regain Records) Typical black metal with the picking riffs with a decent singer. He doesn’t scream at the top of his lungs and is actually quite good. The music is just faceless black metal that goes fast and slow like a million other bands before these guys. Info:

SOULGRINDER/Descent To Abaddon (Xtreem Music) Typical death metal that bored me fast. This was like any other faceless death metal band that has come around in say the last 20 years. Nothing new or interesting on this I’m afraid. Info:

FUMIGATION/THE PATH TO R’YLYEH/Split (Invasion Records) Fumigation offer up uninspiring death metal with a singer who just growls a bunch of mumbo jumbo in the mic. The music just has no flow to it nor no catchy or memorable riffs. The band offer up awful death metal with those dual like vocal parts of death metal vocals and then those annoying screeching vocals. Oh they are horrible and I can’t stand them. The music is just more faceless death metal with nothing good to offer. Info:

DA BOANAD/Mystericum (Pure Rock Records) Some decent hard rock/metal, but it ruined by some purely awful vocals. The guy sounds like a clown and almost sounds like he is trying to be funny as he is singing and it easily does not work. The music is catchy hard rock tunes with a nice bounce to them, but wow the vocals kick it and it is an instant turn off. Info:

VENERAL BAPTISM/Deviant Castigation Liturgy (Osmose Productions) A total devastating slab of prime death/black metal that will shred you into pieces. Unholy vocals that totally kill and sound awesome and come from the heart and don’t sound forced or generic. The music is a wicked slab of fast death/black metal that is catchy and has memorable riffs and is as powerful as a ton of lead. The guitar sound rules as does the music. This is well worth checking out big time. Info:

GAME OVER/Blessed Are The Heretics (Scarlet Records) Not so good thrash metal that had me bored in minutes. Too many slower parts and the music was nothing special and just dragged. The guitar tried playing some fancy solos, but I’ll take old Forbidden or Van Halen over him anytime. The singer was pretty good, but this was just like a generic thrash metal band like say Powermad from back in the day. Info:

NERVOCHAOS/Nyctophilia (Greyhaze Recrods) Yes yes yes. Crushing old school death metal played the right way. Brutal, but catchy riffs and perfect death metal vocals that are sung with brutality and no annoying screechy screams or lower than low crap. The music isn’t a million miles an hour, but it is fast and gets the job done I assure you. Production has that total old school feel and just everything about this is killer. No complaints here about this fantastic release. Info:

ENSLAVED/Roadburn Live (Roadburn Records) I have never been a big fan of the band, but I must say this is quite a kick ass live album. The sound is tremendous and the band is spot on for sure. The songs totally kick ass and I have a total new view of this band. The guitar sound is great and I was nodding along to the tunes and this is a solid live album. Definitely check it out you won’t be disappointed. Info:

THE FUROR/Cavalries of the Occult (Transcending Obscurity Records Yes this is fast and furious death metal, but the drums seem they are machine sounding and the vocals weren’t anything to get happy over. The guitar sound is cool and the band don’t super-fast all the time, but this wasn’t as usual something I have not heard a million times before. Bands these days need to bring something to the table and unfortunately many don’t and this band is another one of them. Info:

SATANIZE/Death Mass Execution (Larval Productions) 3 tracks of some crushing death/black metal. This just cry’s old school and those riffs and just the feeling of this oh holy shit does this rule. The vocals are from hell and they will have you on your knees begging. The music is fast and furious pounding to the ground death/black metal that combines the best of both styles. This is what death or even black metal should sound like. This gives you the best of both worlds. One of the best releases I have heard this year so far. Info:

Stream track to listen to:

RUIN/Drown in Blood (Memento Mori) Some decent low tunes down death metal in the vein of bands like Autopsy and bands in that vein. The music is a mixture of slow stuff and faster stuff with low tuned downed guitars and gutted vocals. If that is your thing then this band is right up your alley. Info:

Track to check out:

TEHOM/The Merciless Light (Blood Harvest / Helter Skelter / Regain Records) A pretty damn good mix of death and black metal here, although it is more death metal than black metal. The music is well thought out and doesn’t sound like a million other bands and the band have their own style and the singer has a strong powerful voice as well. The music is fast and furious death metal that pounds hard and is also catchy too. This was not generic at all and anybody into death metal will love this. Info:

TRIBULANCE/The Aftermath Of Lies (Self Released) Some really good thrash metal. This is one of the few bands that are playing what I call “modern thrash” that are any good. The singer is terrific and no tough guy, sound like a million other singers vocals on this. He just belts out the lyrics with his own style and passion. Sort of like Ripper Owens at times. The music is catchy thrash metal that didn’t bore me like a lot of these other thrash bands making the rounds these days. The songs are strong and very cool guitar sound as well. I can see these guys on a label in the future no doubt. Info:

N.O.C.O/Same (Profit For Armageddon Records) Oh this is some nice crossover style hardcore and punk. It sort of sounded like old C.O.C. at times. The sound is rough and that was fine in my book. The singer sings in an aggressive hardcore like style and the music is just fast and furious punk meets hardcore. You can also throw in the 1st DRI release in the mix too as how this band sounds like. That bass sound is wicked to say the least. Nice to see a hardcore band in the review section of Metal Core again. Info:

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RUSSELL FOISY/Original Lyrics Dream (Self Released) Now this is some mellow, but very cool stuff. Russell has a very nice voice and he can strum the guitar very well I must say and also can play a wicked electric guitar as well. This is some very well played rock n roll that was very catchy and enjoyable. Info:

RUSSELL FOISY/Constructive Or Destructive (Self Released) Another solid release by Russell. This one was a bit more up tempo and I was digging it. This is music to just to relax to and nod along to the tunes are very catchy and Russell has a very smooth vocal approach and this is something cool and different. Info:

DESEKRYPTOR/Chasm of Rot (Blood Harvest Records) Just a complete late to way slab of death metal that pounded me into oblivion. Vocals that reminded me of Ross from Immolation as well. The music is fast and furious and will knock over these wimpy let’s have clean vocals in our music over. Fuck that shit this is what underground death metal should be. Fast, heart pounding, in your face and also should be evil and sick. Awesome production and I love the low tuned guitar sound as well. Any pure death metal fan would want and need this. Info:

Sample track:

Label website:

HORRID/Beyond the Dark Border (Dunkelheit Productions) This was well played death metal done the right way, but it just lacked, at least for me, any killer riffs that would have taken this over the top. The singer has a good, strong death metal voice and I liked the way he sang and he sang with both power and emotion. The music was just kinda there and just didn’t have that one killer and bone crushing riff or riffs that would have really made this stand out. Not bad, but nothing to go nuts over neither. Info:

Track to check out:

Label info:

CEMETERY URN/Cemetery Urn (Hells Headbangers) Some crushing old school death metal with total blasting beats and vocals from hell. The band sort of remind me of Immolation meets Possessed at times. The band mix up the speed and the slower parts nicely and I do love the speed and aggression the speed use on this as I was playing air drums at times to this. The band play death metal the way it should be played and that is with complete brutality and take no prisoners. Don’t believe me have a listen at the sample track below:


CRYPT ROT/Embryonic Devils (Southern Lord) Just a total avalanche of power and destruction. A total devastation of power and speed. This will knock you out of your chair and then some. A mixture of death metal meets black metal and it is quite the combo. Vocals from hell and music not far behind that. This had me smiling big time and the power this band has is crippling. It just takes off from the onset and goes on till the last note. I love the guitar sound and the speed and power and emotion and feeling this band has totally rules. Get this for sure. Info:

DEAD HEAD/Swine Plague (Hammerheart Records) Some godly thrash metal with a singer who sounds like Mille from Kreator singing. This is godly thrash that hits home and hits you like a ton of lead. This is how thrash should be played and is just like the bands bio said this is Kreator during the ‘Extreme Aggression’ era and I for one can live with that. The riffs and song structures are purely a thrash lover’s dream and the production just kills. This band just plain rules and I loved this. Info:

ALL HELL/The Grave Alchemist (Prosthetic Records) Some really solid thrash metal that was very catchy and had some sort of black metal like vocals that worked. The music was very catchy, but also was vicious in its delivery and more than got the job done. It is a weird combo to say the least, but for this band it works and then some. The production is right on the money too. This band absolutely has an original sound and this is well worth checking out for sure. Info:

FORSEEN/Grave Danger (20 Buck Spin) Holy shit is this some serious crossover shit and no none of that tough guy Pantera shit. This is a total lay you down to waste combo of thrash and hardcore that works great. The singer pounds out the vocals with emotion and feeling without sounding generic and the music is just a smashing combo of thrash and hardcore that has to be heard. This is like 1988 again. This is more hardcore than thrash, but this is a pure old school assault on your ears. God I feel like I am at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ again. Info:

JORDABLOD/Upon My Cremation Pyre (Iron Bonehead Productions) This was some melodic black metal that pretty much bored me. The songs were boring and nothing stood out at all. The vocals weren’t bad, but other than that here we go again with another faceless band within the underground clogging it up. Nothing of value on this I’m afraid. Info:

Sample Track:

KHASHM/Asmodeus Rising (Iron Bonehead Productions) A total devastating slab of crushing black/death metal. Hate filled vocals which will crush the weak big time. The riffs are bloody heavy and the band mix up the speed and the slow parts and they can turn it on with the best of them. I love the guitar sound this band gets big time. The fast parts will have you playing air drums I can tell you that. A nice mix of both styles. Info:

Sample track:

VAI-TE FODER/Poço (Murder / Helldprod Records) A total old school mix of grind and speed metal and hardcore as well. Shorts bursts of pure speed and fury. Total hardcore vocals, not this tough guy macho shit that all these weenie bands do these days. Think 1st 2 DRI albums or the SOD debut as well. Production is raw and damn the blasting parts just totally rule. I thought it was 1986 all over again. The crossover scene is back with these guys. Info:

THE OUTLAWS/Legacy Live (Steamhammer / SPV) I am a big fan of southern rock. Bands like Molly Hatchet, 38 Special, Blackfoot, etc also have a special place in my heart. As a matter of fact in 1979 when I was 14 years old I paid 5 dollars to see The Outlaws (headlining) with Molly Hatchet in the middle and 38 Special opening and was in the front row at a general admission concert and couldn’t hear for 3 days ha ha. I was very much looking forward to hearing this and it didn’t disappoint. Now this isn’t the same line-up as 1979 as some of the members aren’t with us anymore most notably singer/guitar player Hugh Edward "Hughie" Thomasson Jr. Nevertheless this is still a fantastic live album. There are still a few original members in the band and also the other current members have been in other southern rock bands. Henry Paul’s voice totally rules on this as does Steve, Chris, and Randy. All the classic songs are here, “There Goes Another Love Song”, Hurry Sundown”, “Ghost Riders in the Sky”, and of course “Green Grass and High Tides”. The band sound fantastic and I will easily look for them next time they come to my neck in the woods. Info:

BRADFORD/You’re Doing It Wrong (Self Released)Bradford, wrote, recorded, mixed everything on this release. It is full of catchy based guitar like solo songs. There are no vocals on this, but I still enjoyed it nevertheless. Even the songs are all based around him doing solos with his guitar they never got boring and I felt myself nodding along to the tunes. Production on this is good and everything sounds nice and clear as well. Info:

EFFRONTERY/Mayfly (Self Released) This had good and bad things about it. The good was that this is solid, well played, fast and catchy death metal. The riffing and song structures are pretty solid and for the most part enjoyable. The bad I hate the dual vocal parts with the regular death metal vocals, which are fine and quite good, but then come the screechy annoying sounds and it goes back and forth and I am not a fan. The female clean vocals were purely awful and I see no reason at all for clean vocals in underground metal unless you’re a goth band or something. Certainly not death metal. Production is good overall like I said above both good and bad points on this. Info:

THE LIGHTBRINGER/Heptanity (Self Released) Completely forgettable power metal that mixes in death metal sounds and vocals and also clean female vocals to boot. All the male singer does is growl into the mic with no passion and feeling and then throws in some generic screeching sounds and then we get clean female vocals to boot. I guess they consider this melodic due to the slower parts within the music at times. The music is totally faceless and power with no catchy hooks or parts at all. This combines all generic sounds of metal and blends them into one drink. Info:

BAD KARMA /Death Has No Calling Card (Shadow Kingdom Records) This is a re-release of this bands 3 demos, 2 which have never seen the light of day until now. We are also talking about the late 80’s and early 90’s here as well. I like the speed/thrash metal music, but I am not a fan of the melodic singer that is on this at all. I think his voice doesn’t fit the music and he voice was annoying to my ears. The music is some nice melodic thrash metal with some catchy riffs and stuff, but the singer I am no fan of. Info:

Track to check out:

MY REGIME/Deranged Patterns (Scarlet Records) Just bone crushing speed/thrash metal that hits hard and hits fast. Razor sharp riffs that will tear through your brain and split it open. Vicious vocals mix in with the music giving this a perfect combination. I love the guitar sound as well and this band play thrash metal the way it should be played not this pussy crap that some bands play. This hits hard and hits fast like a car going a 100 mph. Great release. Info:

POUNDING METAL/A Tribute to Exciter (Skol Records) No doubt this band needs no introduction if you’re reading this and I totally can see a need for a tribute album as the early Exciter material is godly. The bands on here to a decent to a good to a great job doing Exciter stuff and October 31 are the best with their version of ‘Stand Up and Fight” and 11 other bands are on this as well. Attacker with ‘Cry Of the Banshee” crushes and Evil Invaders do a nice version of “Violence and Force”. This is a great tribute album to a great band. Info:

INSANITY/Toss a Coin (Bastardized Recordings) No this is not the thrash/death metal band from back in the 80’s. This is a crossover band and they are quite good. They remind me of Sick of it All meets Agnostic Front. Great singer, he sings with an aggressive style, but not that generic tough guy signing. The music is so damn catchy and also heavy as well. The band just had that sound that I was digging big time. I was nodding my head along to these tunes big time. They also have the backup chanted vocals that all those hardcore bands did back in the day. I just enjoyed this as it was a throw back to the old years. Info:

PAGANIZER/Land Of Weeping Souls (Transending Obscurity Records) Same ole heard it a million times faceless Entombed inspired death metal. This band brought nothing to the plate that hasn’t been over and over and over and this just didn’t impress me at all. Info:

THUS DEFILED/A Return To The Shadows (Self Released) This is an Ep and a pretty damn good one I must say. This band is a mix of black metal and death metal and it is more black metal vocals and more death metal music with a mix of black metal in it. The music is pretty off the charts is raw and powerful and will hit you like a speeding train. There is one original song on this and 4 covers from bands (Metallica, Death, Wasp!, and Morbid Angel and trust me the versions on here don’t sound like the originals mind you. For black metal I will say this was pretty good and not just a wall of noise. Info:

VENDETTA/Brain Damage (Massacre Records) This is a re-release of this bands 2nd release that came out many moons ago. Hell I remember this when it came out the 1st time and listening to this now it still sounds fresh and great. This is classic old school power/thrash that just totally rules. This band shows you how it us SUPPOSED to be done. No groove, no goth, no clean vocals, just honest to goodness power/thrash all the way. The songs are powerful and catchy and the vocals are that old school aggressive style sort of like older Chuck Billy if I had to describe them. Shame this band didn’t make it big, but they live on with a classic release like this. Buy it you bastards. Info:

RAGING DEAD/When The Night Falls (Pavement Entertainment) This is a mix of hardcore and groove and at 1st. It isn’t bad, but the vocals aren’t so hot. He sings in that tough guy style and not in a style like say bands like Agnostic Front and Sick of it All do it. He is more in line with Biohazard and bands like that. The music is catchy of course and isn’t bad, but the vocals just don’t do it for me, but they aren’t totally awful neither. For bands doing this sort of style they aren’t bad and I sure have heard worse. Info:

Necrot/Blood Offerings(Tankcrime Records)Some crushing old school death metal is your ticket on this ride here. Riffs that will force the next to move and I loved this. The production just smoked me and oh the vocals were a death metal delight as well. This just pounded and ponded until you were 6 feet underground. This is the real deal of death metal folks. This had that old Death (the band) sound and I was loving every single note. If someone was to say to me what does death metal sound like I would play them this band and they absolutely are holding the death metal flag high. Excellent release. Info:

AMPÜTATOR/Deathcult Barbaric Hell (Greyhaze Records) Now this is only a vinyl re-issue, but man if you dig vinyl and are a die hard old school death/black metal fan this is your ticket to ride. A total full out assault on your ears. This tears and rips out you hard and fast. Vocals from hell and riffs and music that Satan would enjoy. The music is just barbaraic and just tears at your skins and will melt it. The vocals are sung with such feeling and passion and that is what is missing in a lot of today’s bands. This is a must have for sure. Info:

Cryptic Wanderings/You Shall Be There (Forever Plagued Records) The music was not bad as it is was a full out assault of death/black metal, but the vocals are weak and terrible. I hate the spoken word stuff this band uses as it sounds out of place and I was no fan of it. Just another at best average band making the rounds these days. Info:
Sample track:


ORDEM SATÂNICA/Monte da Lua (Signal Rex) God awful black metal that sounds like a wall of noise and a bunch of people playing different songs ha ha. The singer just sings in the typical black metal voice and this offered up nothing at all. Like ordering dinner and your order comes and it is an empty plate. Info:

Sample track:


CORROSION/Starvation (Self Released) This is a 3 track Ep and it is a one man band and that one man being Sam Osanloo. The 3 tracks on here totally crush and they sound like old Death (Leprosy era) and the riffs crush and there is even a “Born Dead” cover by Death on here. Sam is looking for a singer, but his vocals to me sound mighty fine on this as is. The 3 tracks on this sound a lot better than a bunch of signed bands I can tell you that. A solid production rounds off this 3 tracker and Sam keep up what your doing. Info:

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KARONE/BLOODY BROTHERHOOD (split) (Dead Sheep Productions) Karone offer up 3 tracks of decent death metal that doesn’t sound generic or stupid. They have a nice chainsaw sounding guitar crunch that I liked and the tunes hit and pound hard. The vocals I felt were kinda the weak link as all he does is just growl into the mic and I didn’t feel the power and intensity in his voice. It almost sounded forced, but musicwise the band is right on the money. Bloody Brotherhood offer up a fantastic slab of old school death metal. Now their singer is way better and I felt the power and feeling in his voice as I was listening to this. This sounds like Obituary at times and the speed and intensity this band has I totally love. I also love the guitar sound this band use as well. They are one of the best bands around these days for sure. Info:

The below reviews were done by WORM of Wormhole Fanzine

SUFFERING HOUR "IN PASSING ASCENSION" on BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS {} its another death metal release that sounds,and look like it was released back in the 90's its the same old boring death metal from a new band,but they are 20 years too late.

TRIBULANCE "the aftermath of lies" {self release} { or on facebook>>} an old band from the desert,and is an MIDDLE AGE METAL band!! old dudes playing thrash,and trying to relive their youth.

A FLOURISHING SCOURGN "same" on begotten records {} another band playing the same old shit but trying to make it sound brutal but like a million of bands out there that ____metal or ___core... its been done!!!!