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ABAZAGORATH/Ep (No Visible Scars Records) 5 tracks from this NJ black metal band. 5 tracks of some strong black metal played with fury and intensity. The tunes are fast blasting black metal with good black metal vocals, not just a bunch of screams and growls. The production is awesome and the guitars and drum sounds on this are mint. 5 tracks was only a taste and I need some more. This band hasn’t been active in a bit and I am glad to see them back and this has them come back in a big way. Info: or

FURYON/Gravitas (Frontier Records) Oh wow another groove metal band this time they have less of a harder sound, but have a singer that sings in a normal sound, but throws a death growl in here and there. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and this is all that happy metal crap that has invested the scene in the past few years. This is happy metal with a decent singer and I just didn’t like it very much as the songs didn’t do a thing for me.

GRAVEYARD/The Alter Of Sculpted Skulls (Pulverised Records) Just some awesome old school death metal that sent shivers down my spine. Think Swedish death metal meeting Autopsy in a dark alley. Oh the guitar sound on this is unreal, the crunch is devastating. The vocals are pure, real growls of death and is how a death metal singer should sound. Production is raw and I pretty much loved everything about this except for one thing, it is too damn short. I need more dammit. Info:

REVEL IN FLESH/Deathevokation (FDA Rekotz) Absolutely horrible death metal. The songs totally suck and have no power and the guitar sound this band uses is a joke. The vocals are pure shit as all the guy does is growl and scream like he is in somewhere somewhere. The band tries to pass this off as old school and are a f rate death metal band. There was nothing of value on this whatsoever.

DESULTOR/Master of Hate (Abyss Records) This was a weird combo of music and vocals. The vocals are more normal that I expected especially when I heard the speed metal blaring from my speakers. Took me about 2 minutes and then I quickly dismissed the werid combo and was getting into what I was hearing. The music is a like a combo of speed and power metal and packs quite a wallop and the speed parts are killer. I was playing air drums several times as this played on. The singer may take a bit of time to get used to since he is not growling, but it works and the production on this is really good as well. A cool and different band. Info:

WEREGOAT/Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity (Dark Descent Records) This was raw black metal and I liked it for the most part except the vocals were a bit too buried in the mix for me. Now maybe the band wanted it that way, but I would have liked them a bit more up in the mix. The music is really raw and old school and doesn’t sound like every other black metal band out there. The music isn’t all just a 1000 miles per hour, but trust me it gets fast at times. I like the guitar sound on this a lot and just the overall feeling of this just won me over.

FASTWAY/Eat Dog Eat (MVD Audio) I love the 1st 2 Fastway releases then I kinda lost interest in the band and now they are back 21 years later with a new singer and a new release. The new singer sounds a bit like old singer David King and he belts out the lyrics with passion and emotion. The music is blues based rock and metal surely what you would expect from this band. Yeah this band may have that 80's sound to them, but I like it and heck this is better than any of that crappy modern rock that passes for rock n roll these days. The Fast Eddie guitar sound is right out in front of the mix and this was a pleasant surprise I must say. Info:

IGNITOR/Year Of The Metal Tiger (MVD Audio) This is the 2nd release from this band that features Jason Mcmaster (Watchtower) on it. This is some wicked ass pure heavy metal all the way. I would also say there is some power metal thrown in the mix as well. Jason's vocals are awesome here and he belts out the lyrics and the heavy metal screams to the T. Think in the vein of metal gods Judas Priest if they played power metal. The production on this is top notch and that guitar sound is crushing and will have your neck moving in seconds. These tunes are heavy, catchy and have tons and tons of fury and power behind them. Esily one of the best releases so far this year. A classic piece of metal music. Info:

TRIBUNE/Elder Lore/The Dark Arts (Corpse Corrioson Music) God just what the music world needs, another jump metal band with tough guy vocals. Oh they also throw in some clean vocals as well. That was nice of them. This just like the countless bands doing this style sound no different than the other. You could put them all in a blender and they would all come out the same. The music is that happy thrash sound and oh to be even more different the band thrown in some low death metal growls as well. Bands like this are ruining the underground with all their "let's mosh" riffs and tough guy vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and I'll take Pantera over this every day of the week. Info:

AVENGER/Bohemian Dark Metal (Deathgasm Records) Black metal that went nowhere in my book. The songs weren’t at all good as they dragged on and had little power. The singer sounds like any other black metal singer, but what hurt this band for me was lack of power and riffs. There was nothing that caught my ear at all. This just lacked anything crushing on it. Info:

HOUR OF PENANCE/Sedition (Prosthetic Records) Boring heard it a million times death metal. This is just another fast death metal band in the vein of Cannibal Corpse. I hate the trigger drum sound the band uses and they just don’t do anything that makes me stand up and take notice. This style of music has been done to death and then a million times over. To me bands like this are a dime a dozen and here is another case of a band sounding like a million other bands offering nothing new to an already overcrowded metal scene. Info:

DEADBORN/Mayhem Maniac Machine (Apostasy Records) Another case of a boring death metal band. They mix up speed parts with some groove death metal and I was just bored as this played on. They also throw in some technical stuff, but this just fell flat. Riffs I have heard a million times and again like other bands, this just didn’t blow me out of my seat and just kinda had me sitting there bored. Riffs that didn’t want me to bang me head at all. I didn’t like the production neither. Vocals were OK, but this pretty much was awful. The tin can drums are a joke too.

DUNGEON HAMMER/PURGATORY Split 7” (Bestial Invasion Records) Dungeon Hammer offer up metal in the vein of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. I love the guitar sound on this track and the vocals are killer as well. The band also retains that old school raw production and the bass sound crushes as well. A few ‘ooohhs” in the tune as well. Purgatory are total old school thrash mixed in with a bit of black metal in the guitars. The tune on this is some nicely played thrash with some killer hooks and singing. Both bands are very good and this was an awesome 7”. Info:

FOREORDINATION/Dark Nebula (Self Released) This was actually on tape, which I still can play and yes I still have a cassette player. This is raw as fuck black metal and while I am not the biggest black metal fan, I can get into when it is done right and this my friends is done right. Tons of evil feeling and passion. The vocals are just a bunch of noiseless screams and yes he does scream, but it is an evil way, not just sounding like every other ‘evil” black metal singer. To me what makes a good black metal is the passion and feeling, which in most cases can’t be faked. The tunes on this sound like they were recorded in satan’s basement. The raw sound and feeling easily one me over. This is some seriously sick and evil shit my friends. Info:

LOSS OF REASON/Shark Bites & Lighting Strikes (Dark Harvest Records) Just what we need another death metal groove band with dualing vocals. God stuff like this is ruing underground metal. Total breakdown riffs that will make any mosh fan happy. Riffs that sound like a million other bands. Vocals that totally suck toilet water and this is just complete garbage. Info:

BLOODTRIBE/Repulse (Dark Harvest Records) Some solid death metal here. The band does have a bit of that groove death metal sound I am not into, but they also mix in some old school in there and also the vocals are awesome death metal vocals and none of that tough guy shit. The vocals are like Martin van Drunen from Pestilence and they totally kill. The guitar sound is massive and is thick and heavy too. When bands mix in the old and new style and keep the vocals in the style they are in, then they win with me. Info:

REVILERS/Self Titled (PATAC/Black Hole) Oh hell yeah some really punk rock. None of this fluffy stuff neither. This is old school punk like it used to me and should be. This is nasty down n dirty punk with snobbish vocals and think of bands like DOA, Dead Kennedys and The Sex Pistols. Singer has that snotty style and he sings the tunes with hate and pissed off, but not in that stupid tough guy style. The music is raw, angry, vicious tunes. This band plays with a chip on their shoulder and I loved it all. Info:

PSEUDOGOD/Deathwomb Catechesis (Hells Headbangers) Total crushing death doom with perfect death metal vocals. Riffs that are heavy as a ton of bricks and vocals from the pits of hell itself. Speed parts that will rip your head off and slower parts that will melt you into gore. Great production as well on this and the guitar sound is unreal. This is a perfect mix of death and doom metal and I loved every second of this. Totally layed me to waste. Info:

FALL FROM GRACE/The Romantic Years (Road To Hell Records) Damn this was some serious ass kickin rock n roll done the right way. Greatly crafted tunes that are slick and catchy as hell. The singer has a fantastic voice and he sings the songs with passion and his voice fits the music perfectly. These songs just totally kicked my ass. This is pure melodic rock n roll and is done damn well I was digging every note. Great production and this just totally blew me away and I love the guitar sound and just everything about this. Info:

DREAMING DEAD/Midnightmares (Self Released) This was pretty cool and lo and behold a band trying to be a big different and now sound like every other band in existence. This is blistering fast death metal mixed in with some weird parts here and there. The vocals are great as the guy sings in a brutal hateful way, but none of that lower than low shit. The production is solid and I like the guitar sound a lot and just the overall vibe of this. Glad to see a band taking a chance and in this case it pays off. Info:

EMPTINESS/Error (Dark Descent Records) This features a few members of the band Enthroned and is the bands 3rd release. I found nothing on this at all that was any good. The music is quite boring and the songs pretty much just take any borrow from a million other bands and this band is not doing anything I have not heard before and before and before that. No riffs caught my ear at all. Actually one thing is good, the vocals I liked a lot as he sings with tons of feeling. Too bad the music is downright boring. Info:

ANHEDONIST/Netherwards (Dark Descent Records) Oh now this is some bone crushing raw as fuck doom/death metal with vocals from hell. I love the singer and just the vibe and sound this band is using made me smiling from ear to ear. Now this is what I call riffs and riffs as heavy as a 2 ton truck. The production adds to this band as I like the thick gloomy doom sound the band gets. Oh the bass is crushing as well. The band also mix in some wicked fast parts as well. This was a solid release. Info:

HORSEBACK/Half Blood (Relapse Records) I grew quite bored with this band. The songs juast dragged on and to compare this to Black Sabbath at all is quite funny. The songs just drag on and have no power and no riffs that I liked at all. The singer just growls and screams into the mic and you mix that in with some awful music, you get a god awful band. Info:

PHOBIA/Remnants Of Filth (Willowtip) Absolutely awful grind with screamed and death metal growls and the screeching vocals are so awful it isn't funny. The music is just a mix of noiseless death and grind that has been done to death and then some. Nothing of value here at all.

NEVER TO ARISE/Hacked to Perfection (Bad God Music) Some decent death metal that has some nice riffs and death metal growls that at least are sung with some feeling and not sounded forced or out of place. The band rely on razor sharp riffs mixed over with some wicked fast parts that had my playing air drums at times. The band mix up the speed and actually this is 2 guys doing this and fuck if they don't do a hell of a job on this. Production is great and the guitar sound is thick and heavy and think old Pestilence is the sound my ears hear. Info:

EYE BEYOND SIGHT -The Sun And The Flood (Massacre Records) This was some god awful groove metal with terrible death metal vocals. The guy tried to mix the tough guy and death metal styles and I was ready to throw up. The music is so pointless, nothing good at all. The riffs and song arrangements had me yawning in no time. This pretty much sucked all the way. Info:

SEVEN ENDS/To The Worms (Massacre Records) This was some below average thrash metal with some non catchy riffs and terrible vocals. The guitar sound is weak and this just didn't click with me. Production was bad too and the vocals don't work when you mix in thrash and death metal vocals and to me this just seemed too trendy and the songs were weak and had no power behind them. The blast parts were awful too. Info:

Running Wild/Shadowmaker (Steamhammmer/SPV) Some of you older people reading this might remember this band from many moons ago. Well they are back and they should have stay buried. This is god awful. This is not even close to the Running Wild that I remember. This is limp wristed rock with no power and the songs lacked any power and are just plain terrible. This band should not even bothered if this was all they could come up. Info:

Nothing Sacred/Deathwish/Let Us Prey (Self Released) This is a re-issue of this band's EP and a full length that came out many moons ago. They bill themselves as "speed metal", but I disagree at least as far as the 1st release goes. My ears heard 4 tunes of straight ahead metal with some clean vocals. This reminded me of a lot of those 80's metal bands like Cities, Armoured Saint, etc. This isn't limp wristed rock, just solid metal. Now onto the full length release. Again it is more straight ahead metal with a bit more of a power metal added to the mix. Both releases are solid metal tunes sort of like old Iron Maiden is another band I would throw in the mix, the Killers release. Info:

MINISTRY/Relapse (AFM/13th Planet Records) Oh fuck yeah does this kill and rule. Oh this band is back and back in a big way. Just heavy as heel riffs and power as only this band can do. Al Jourgensen sounds awesome vocally on this too. The band just mix in the best of metal, industrial and crust punk and this is the Ministry I know and love. Production is perfect and just everything about this is godly. Easily one of the best releases of 2012 and I had no idea what to expect when I played this and all I can say is "wow".

VORKREIST/Sigil Whore Christ (Agonia Records) Terrible death metal that goes nowhere. This just sounds like a million other bands with the same style vocals and song arrangements. The tunes were just pretty faceless and didn't do a thing for me. It is just another case of another faceless death metal band making the rounds that dopes nothing new or exciting.

ZERO DEGREE/Surreal World (Massacre Records) Some very solid death metal is the ticket here. Riffs are strong and catchy. The vocals are brutal and you can hear some of the words, but trust me it is brutal. I would say this has some melodic stuff within the music, but to me this was cool and a bit different. Songs are solid and catchy and still heavy and powerful. Production is right on the money and I was glad to see and hear something different from all the other sound alike bands out there. Info:

ACEPHALIXDeathless Master (Southern Lord) Fuckin A is this some killer death metal. Riffs that will have that neck snapping and they are big time heavy and catchy at the same time. Production is perfect and damn the speed parts just will rip through your brain and cut you in 2. The singer has an awesome death metal voice and he fits the music perfectly. Easily one of the best death metal bands making the rounds now. The mix of a bit of doom is killer too. Info:

AIR RAID/Danger Ahead (Stormspell Records) Oh I was loving this 30 seconds in. A pure heavy metal fist pumping band. The singer has a solid voice as when he sings you can understand the words, but he also sings with power and feeling and I was ready to put that fist up for him. The music is pure metal all the way sort of like a mix of Iron Maiden, Saxon, Anvil, Accept etc. This band blows away a bunch of the crap coming out nowadays and it is like a breath of fresh air. Great tunes on this as there was some great metal bands in the early 80's and this band is keeping that sound alive and they did one hell of a job on this. There is also 2 new tunes on here and they also sound great and this band hasn't lost a thing. Info:

GOD FORBID/Equilibrim (Victory Records) This has its good and bad points. The music actually is pretty good and solid and the band play in the nu metal style, but I dug it and it has some nice melody to it and the songs were catchy and didn’t sound generic at all. The vocals were a hit and miss for me. When the vocals are more in a normal style they fit the music great, but when they have that typical generic death metal tough guy vocal singing this band becomes just another band doing this style and there is a million of them already. So in saying that this has its good and bad points. Info:

WRETCHED/Son Of Perdition (Victory Records) Another deathcore that just sounds like a million other bands doing this style. Nothing stands out as they are just another band in an super overcrowded death metal scene. The music is fast and really doesn’t do much. The vocals are death metal and then go into that stupid screeching style, which I’d love to have some explain to me how that is brutal. I’ll take Ross from Immolation, Mille from Kreator and King from Deceased over these vocals anyday. The production isn’t bad, but to me this band just sounds the same as many other bands and this did nothing for me. Info:

VAJRA/Pleroma (Self Released) This I just didn’t get. This is an alternative band and a real big time alternative band to boot. I realize when you do this style it isn’t going to be AC/DC or something that is simple, but effective riffs, but this was just so boring. The music was big time flat and goes absolutely nowhere. I mean to me a song is all about riffs and it has to bring something to the table. This brought nothing to the table. The music just lacked anything and I was waiting for that killer riff and it never came. The female singer does nothing either except a bunch of singing, none of which is any good. I felt like I was at a belly dance place when this was playing. I couldn’t hear one word she sang, if there was any words at all and this was easily one of the worst Cds I have heard this year. Info:

Antropofagus/Architecture of Lust (Comatose) Heard it a million times before death metal. Nothing new or exciting on this. Tired riffs that have been done to death had me yawning. I mean at least bring something to the table. This brought nothing. Another band of same ole heard it a million times before of death metal.

Havok/Point of No Return (Candlelight Records) My favorite album of last year was "Time Is Up' by Havok and now the band return with 2 new tunes and they throw in covers of Slayer and Sepultura. The 2 new tunes are crushing thrash metal tunes that will have that neck doing windmills. Fuckin love the 2 new tunes. Havok play thrash metal the way it was meant to be played. They do a cover of Sepultua's "Arise" and totally nail it down pact. They play it with their own style will staying true to the song. Put it this way it is done Havok style. Slyer is up next with "Post Mortem/Raining Blood" and they nail it as well doing with their own Havok style as well. I am at a loss for words as this band totally blew me away again. Info:

GLORY DAYS/Broke In New York (Self Released) Very cool rock band here. Catchy tunes, original sound and great vocals. The tunes on this had my head bobbing and my toes tapping. This band can and do write some catchy as hell riffs and back it up with a great singer who sings the songs with feeling and emotion. Production on this is solid as well and this might not be something I would pop on everyday, but this is easily one of the best rock bands making the rounds these days. Info:

AQUILUS/Griseus (Self Released) This is some god awful doom/death metal with an atmosphere that about put me to sleep. The music is boring as hell and the tunes just dragged on like a bad movie. There is chanting vocals on some of this and it was just such crap. I like doom metal when played well, but this is sleep metal so goodnite. Info:

6TH AWAKENING/Psychopath (Tmina Records) Oh this is more fucking crappy, shitty death metal. The worst part is the female singer as she sings in a clean vocal way and oh wow what happens a few seconds later, oh you guessed it, a male death metal singer. Oh this is so fuckin generic and awful it isn't funny. Why anybody would sing this fuckin crap is beyond me. This is easily one of the worst bands I have heard this year and that is saying something. Purely awful. Info:

Farcry/Slaves of Chaos (Tmina Records) This is more of that nu metal happy thrash with the nu metal sound. Total groove and signing. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and this pretty much sounds like any other band and I hate the trigger drums sound on this as well. The songs are no good and they aren't even catchy and this band is pretty much boring to my ears and they even throw in some blast parts and they aren't even any good neither. Info:

Fjorsvartnir - Legions of the North (Grom Records) Another band that uses the clean female vocals and death metal vocals. See the Aquilus review and remove the doom metal and just leave death metal. This is just as bad as that band and why do bands need to copy what has been done over and over before is beyond me and this also falls into the realms of one of the worst bands I have heard this year. Info:

Hordes Of Decay/The Kings Will Be Ready (Grom Records) Oh now this is what the doctor ordered. Bone crushing death/black metal played with lots of feeling and no trigger drum sound. Riffs that will slice you in half and vocals that have that evil sound and fit the music perfectly. Great production on this too. The band mix up the speed and when they hit the speed I was playing air drums. This shows me that some bands get it and play death/black the way it should be played and that is with feeling, emotion and not sounding like every band on the planet. Info:

DAVIDIAN/Our Fear Is Their Force (Massacre Records) Another bad metal core band that sounds like any other band doing this style. A mix of death metal and tough guy vocals and I was yawning. Nothing good or different about this and this band is just copying all the bands that do this style. Info:

HEXEN/Being And Nothingness (Pulverised Records) Some solid thrash with some catchy and crunchy riffs with some solid vocals. The music is a mix of fast thrash and some mid paced stuff, but the fast stuff is a plenty and riffs that will have your necking spinning. This band also don't just sound like band and have their sound to boot. Production is solid and the guitar sound I love the more I listen. A very good thrash band that plays thrash the way it should be. Info:

ANTIGAMA/Stop The Chaos (Self Made God Records) A wicked grind band with some killer fast parts and the vocals aren't just a bunch screamed crap neither. Riffs and blast beats that will knock you for a loop. The guitar and drum sound will smash your brain into 2 parts. Ah the 6 tunes on here fly by and I need more, much more. Info:

SARCOFAGO/Decade of Decay (Greyhaze Records/Cogumelo Records) I have heard about this band for many years and no a re-release of this is out. Don't see what all the fuss is about as this really did nothing for me. To me it is boring death metal with no catchy tunes at all. The songs just fly by and no killer riffs or songs. The vocals aren't bad, but when you have boring music behind it, it just flattens out. This just dragged on and it my eyes and ears is nothing special. Info:

Obsidian TongueVolume I: Subradiant Architecture (Dissociation Records) Most black nowdays just sounds weak and boring and brings nothing to the table. Well i am prepared to eat because these boys bring something to the table and I like the food they are offering. This is a 2 man band and they come up with some great stuff. Vocals from the pits of hell and just the feeling and atmosphere and feeling I get while listening to this was intense. Production is errie and I like the overall sound to it. The fast parts had me playing air drums as well. Info:

ENTHRONED/Obsidium (Agonia Records) This was Ok, nothing special. There is just so many bands and labels now, that it really takes something special to knock me off my feet and this was just another case of yeah it isn't bad, but it is nothing new and a case of heard it a million times before and then some. Info:

Strong Intention/Razorblade Express (PATAC Records) Another metal core band with all those shitty break down parts and tough guy yelled vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and they all pretty much suck. Info:

KILL DEVIL HILL/Kill Devil Hill (Steamhammer/SPV) This has Vinnie Appice and bass player form Pantera in it. This is some solid well played metal. No groove metal or any of that. Just solid catchy rock.metal with lots of great riffs and vocals to boot. The singer has a great solid clear voice and he sings the songs with big time passion and he fits the music like a tight ass pair of jeans. Production is right on the money and for my money this is one of the best metal/rock release I have heard this year so far. Info:

USURPRESS/In Permanent Twilight (Self Made God Records) This to me isn't bad death metal, but is nothing new or anything for me to get excited over. The music isn't bad as it is standard death metal and all, but again it brings nothing to the table I haven't heard a million times over the past 25 years. Just another case of the same ole same ole. Info:

SCARS OF BOURBON/Dreamer (Self Released) This is an Ep of some down and dirty rock n roll. The sort of music you might hear in some dirty bar down the street. The tunes on this are simple rock tunes with a nasty sort of edge to them. The singer has a gritty voice and he fits the music. This is something I would not listen to everyday, but they are pretty good and also they don’t sound like a million other bands. Info:

LAVAGOAT/Monoliths Of Mars (Self Released) This was a 4 song Ep and to me it was pretty boring. They kinda reminded me of EyeHateGod at times. The music is like snaillike and just dragged on. Vocals were just a bunch of yells and stuff and served no purpose whatsoever. This was pretty boring all the way and didn’t do a thing for me. Info

[email protected]

OMINOS/Here It Comes (Self Released) This was a thrash metal band with some death metal vocals. This really didn’t do much for me. The bands guitar sound is weak and does have a killer crunch as say Exodus or Overkill to name a few bands. The singer just screams and growls and I wasn’t feeling it with his voice. I know this was self releases, but the production leaves a lot to be desired. The songs aren’t strong at all and I feel this band needs to work on their song writing and get that guitar more up front in the mix. Info:

HELMSPLITTER/Storms Of Genocide (Self Released) Some very good death metal on this disc. The tunes have a bit of black metal to them as well. The tunes are well played and fast and wicked riffs fill the air and had me nodding along to the tunes. Vocals are sung with conviction, hate, and aggression. I don’t like the lower than low growls, every now and then, but they aren’t done a lot to the point where they get annoying. Production is thick and the heavy guitar sound and ear splitting drums only add to the intensity. A nice debut from a good band. One of the better bands I have heard this year. Info:

KILLUS/Never Something Was So Real (AXIIS Records) This was like an industrial/gothic band and all I could think of was Marilyn Manson as this played on and I fuckin hate Manson. I still gave this a chance and it didn’t impress me at all. The songs were flat and pretty much boring. The tunes just dragged and weren’t catchy at all. There was nothing heavy at all on this. The vocals weren’t bad, but backed up by some awful music. All this to me was a Manson wannabe band and I for sure don’t want or need one of those. Info:

THE LUST/Decomposition Deluxe (Worldlessness Records) This band plays with a metal/gothic sound and it isn’t very good. The vocals are below aver growls that aren’t very powerful and not very convincing either. The band also use clean vocals going back and forth with death metal growls and it does not make for a good combo. The music is faceless and goes nowhere. The songs were big time boring and the snails pace of the songs didn’t make things any better. The tunes just dragged on and had me yawning by track # 2. Pretty bad stuff here. Info:

THE ODOUR/O Folly/Gravehead Split CD (Corpo Productions) The Odour offer up horrible death metal with some uninspired songs and an awful singer who just growls into the mic and is in no way shape or form convincing on the mic. Just growl after growl with little intensity behind it and the music is 3rd race heard it a million times death metal. Gravehead offer up some decent death metal sort of like Napalm Death and at times isn’t bad, but the cup the mic vocals hurt this as I am not a fan of that style at all. Music goes from mid paced stuff to fast blast beats and just is OK nothing special, but nothing horrible neither. The 1st release was released in 2001 and the later in 1999. Cool that a label would put 2 on 1 release and one they won with and the other they didn’t. Info:

WITCHTRAP/Vengeance Is My Name (Hells Headbangers) Oh my god these guys aren’t playing around. Just rip roaring classic thrash metal the way thrash metal was meant to be played. None of this happy thrash. Just pure razor sharp riffs that are catchy as fuck too. The guitar sound on this melts me to the core. Vocals are perfect for this style as they are sung with aggression, but no way in touch guys style. Sort of like the guy in Death Angel. The bottom line is this is easily one of the best releases of 2012 and is classic old school thrash that will rip and knock your head off. Info:
SUPERCHRIST/Holy Shit (Hells Headbangers) This was some down n dirty rock n roll with some metal thrown in as well. This band can best be compared to Motorhead from some of the song structures have that Motorhead feel to them. The riffs on this are simple, but big time catchy and they even throw some up tempo songs like “Hot Tonight”, which total kills. Vocals are sung with feeling and aggression and are big time original and his dirty, gritty voice fits the music rather well. A raw production only adds to this and damn the riffs on this will give your neck a workout. A nice change of pace from all the death and black metal too. In other words, pick this up. Info:

PSEUDOGOD/Deathwomb Catchesis (Hells Headbangers) This was raw as fuck death/black metal that totally crushed musicwise. The vocals I was not a big fan of as it seemed to my ears that he kinda did was growl into the mic without a word being understood. There is a way to be brutal and still hear a word and here and there and in some cases all the words, but with this I couldn’t even hear a word. Musicwise this smokes and just is a wall of death/black metal at its finest. Riffs that will destroy your brain and just the feeling and emotion that just poured out of this will have you in a frenzy. Just a blistering wall of humanity. Info:

DOGBANE/Residual Alcatraz (Heaven & Hell Records) This was some heavy metal sort of in the Seattle sound in some ways. Reminded me of the band Tad mixed in with some Alice in Chains. Riffs are thick and heavy and has a few does of speed here and there. Vocals are more in a clean style, but are not wimpy at all. The production on this is solid and this is just thick laden metal all the way. Info:

OVERLORDE/Medieval Metal Too (Heaven & Hell Records) Yes this is the same Overlorde that was around in the 80’s. What we have here is a release of their demos on a CD. I think I is great to see labels such as Heaven and Hell release a lot of this old underground music from the 80’s as a lot of it just came out on cassette. Overlorde play pure straight forward heavy metal. They mix in NWOBHM with the style of say Saxon and older Judas Priest. This is also a nice change of pace from all the bad death and black metal infecting the underground these days. Riffs are big time catchy and the singer has a solid voice and sings the songs quite well. Production for demos is quite good as well. This is a long lost gem that is now released for your listening pleasure, so do yourself a favor and get this. Metal Rules. Info:

BLACKSMITH/Strike While the Iron’s Hot (Heaven and Hell Records) Damn another re-issue from this label and this time it is 80’s band Blacksmith. I remember these guys and one gal from way back when and this is some awesome heavy/power metal. This is 2 different releases put together on one disc and were recorded a few years apart in the mid 80’s. The 2nd Ep is a bit more faster stuff and even gets into the thrash territory, which was fine by me. This just contained some great metal riffs and the female singer on this does a great job and doesn’t sound annoying at all like most female singers. Now the 2nd release has a different line-up and is a full length release with a male singer. Of the 2 I enjoyed the album more cause it is more thrashier of the 2. Again it is great to see and hear all this great stuff finally getting its due and this is easily worth picking up if your into heavy metal or thrash metal and this blows away easily 90% of the crap out today. Info:

RITUAL/The Ancient Tome (Heaven & Hell Records) This is another re-release from a band that was based on the East Coast, in fact my home state, NJ. This band was around in the mid 80’s and this is release is culled from 2 different releases. This I wasn’t that much into as the band played that 80’s hair metal style, which at the time, had a million bands from NJ and NY. This pretty much sounds like any other band from that era, Warrant, Cinderella, Kix, White Lion, etc. The tunes are weak metal numbers that for me are pretty forgettable. Of course they also throw in the generic power metal ballad as well. This was pretty much awful. Info:

KAOS/Validated In Blood (Malevolence Records) This is a thrash band and it has its very good and a few not so good bad points. The good points are that the music is bone-crushing thrash and a great cover of Violence’s “Kill on Command” to boot. The riffs are speedy and crunchy and the speed I love. Production is good and not over polished. It is the vocals I am not in love with. They are sort of in the tough guy style, but aren’t as annoying as most of the tough guy vocals I have heard and thank god no generic death metal growls. Actually his voice sounds the best on the cover tune. Overall the music crushed and the vocals are at least to me tolerable and sort of like the new Exodus singer is how I can put it. Info: or

OMINOS/Here It Comes (Self Released) Here is an Ep by this thrash metal band. Nice to see thrash metal making another comeback. I liked some things on this and other things not so good. First, the good, the music is hard hitting thrash metal played with speed and is total old school and not that trendy jump metal crap. The drum sound I wasn't into and some of the screamed vocals I could do without. Other than that, this was a solid piece of music and I think you can download this for free so what are you waiting for. Info: