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New Reviews - 3/27/03

NOCTIFERIA/Per Aspera (Artic Music) Newer Morbid Angel comes to mind as this
played on and that is not such a bad thing. The vocals remind me of old
singer Steve Tucker and also the guitar arrangements as well. The band don't
slam into  hyber blast like the Angel boys, but they can crunch out some
serious riffs. A good release. Info:

IMMERSED IN BLOOD/Killing Season (Artic) Holy shit is this some fast serious
shit. Super blazing fast death metal of the highest order. The sickest lyrics
ever. The band only slow down for a second and then slam into 1000 mph
pounding of your little body. A skull smashing release of quality death
metal. Info:

UNHOLY GHOST/Same-3 tracks of some good death metal that is not some lame
Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation clone.  3 Immolation type tracks and some good
drumming and I like the vocals a lot as well. This band is a band I will keep
an eye on for sure. Info:

LYNCH MOB/Revolution (Deadline) This was a pretty cool idea as George Lynch
went and released a sort of best of recording of some of his favorite songs.
Not the bubble gum hits, but the rockers. This is a solid balls to the wall
metal release that I enjoyed quite a bit. Info:

MARDUK/World Funeral (The End Records) This veteran black metal band return
with another killer slab of blazing fast black metal. This is not for the
weak. Great black metal vocals and songs just melt me. This band has always
been one ofthe better black metal bands and again on this release they show
you why. Buy Buy Buy. Info:

GRAND ALCHEMIST/Intervening Coma Celebration (Sound Riot) Average death
metalwith keyboards. The band aren't going for speed as they mostly play mid
tempo with more feeling and that sort of thing. The music just did not
connect with meas I just did't feel it. Info:

GRAYSCALE/When The GhostsAre Gone (Sound Riot) This band play some killer
emotional  doom metal and up the tempo at times to not make it boring. I
absolutley love this guys vocals. They fit the music perfectly he has like
the perfect voice for this stuff. A killer release that you should seek out.

NARTVIND/Until Their Ruin (Painkiller) Typical very simple pick riffing black
metal done much bettrer by bandslike Darkthrone, Marduk, Immortal, etc.
Typical vocals and pick riffing and then slowing down and speeding up. Not a
good release. Info:

AUTOPSY TORMENT/Tormentorium (Painkiller) Neat old school death metal.
Thisfeaturesthesinger from Pagan Rites on vocals and is sort of like Autopsy
in spots. The band play amore mid tempo style and throw in some upper tempo
parts at times. The production is simple and basic. A release for the fans of
old school death metal. Info:

FROM BEYOND/Thrashin Machine (Painkiller) Killer thrash metal play in an
aggressive style like first Kreator (Endless Pain) era. Awesome vocals and
rip roaring riffs had thisman smiling big timer. This crushes and blowsaway
95% of the bands out there. A fucking stunning release that owns you. Buy or
fry you wimp. Info:          

THE SAWTOOTH GRIN/Cuddlemonster-Total all out grind assault with those Japan
type core screamed vocals. This shit is fast and faster. I am not a big fanof
this style, but the band for what it istrying to do, is doing it well. Solid
production and grind is your thing check these guys out. Info:
[email protected]

ABORYM/Kali Yuga Bizarre (WWIII) Average heardit before black metal with
those picking style riffs, keyboards and typical black metal vocals. Can't
get excited over this. Info:

BLACKREIGN/Same-A raw punishing death/black release. Total 80's demo like
cult status. The raw production adds to it not subtracts. Blistering riffs
and solid growls of death made my want more. This band is a band to keep an
eye on. One of the best unsigned bands out there. Info:

BRODEQUIN/Instruments of Torture (Unmatched Brutality) I trashed this when it
first came out and now I got the re-release with bonus tracks. This actually
is not that bad except for the lower than low vocals which just plain stink.
The music is fast Suffocation like death metal that is not that bad and
sounds better than many other bands doing this style. If your into that style
then you must own this. Info:

ANESTESIA/Satisfied (Cephalic) Kinda average death metal with some grind
parts throw in here and there. The vocals are fairly strong as is the
production. The songs are just kinda there and while ok aren't  super killer
like. Not a bad job I hope the band work on their song  writing. Info:
[email protected]

HOW LIKE AWINTER/Beyond My Grey Wake (Martyr) Emotional doom metal with
female vocals. Iamnot into  this style at all and I am not a big fan of
female vocals at all. If your into the doom metal, emotional thing I urge you
to pickthis up. Not my cup of tea. Info:

BLOOD/Dysangelium (Morbid) This veteran band has been around forever and
again they return with another release. The band still churn out blistering
death/grind with the best of them. Sort of Napalm Deathish in spots. Blood
prove they can still get the job done. Info:

AMENTA/Mictlan-Killer 3song death metal band. This just completley rips from
the get go and never lets up. Fast unholy riffs flood your speakers. Great
rip roaring screamed pounding death metal vocals fill your lungs. This band
deserves a deal right now. Info:

NEGURA BUNGET/N Crugu Bradget (Code 666) 4 tracks almost an hour long of
black metal. This really didn't faze memuch I thought it was aveage
blackmetal  at  best the only difference being that the songs are long. The
band use that pick riffing style and throw in keyboards, etc. To these ears
it all sounds the same. Info:

BETTER UNDEAD THAN ALIVE/Various (Code 666) A killer double cd of 24  tracks
from this labels roster. Manes, Diabolicum, Bloodshed, Abotym, etc. Also
included is videos, and a secret gamehidden on the 2nd cd. A very cool way to
check out some  bands. Info:

LIMB FROM LIMB/Same-4 tracks of lame Suffocation type death metal with those
cupped mic vocals. Guys those vocals aren't  brutal and they suck. Info:

WOODLAND'S EDGE/Same-This isaone man band and a  pretty bad one. Simple
guitar riffs with no drums and just a guitar and singing. This might be good
if he had a full band, but the guitar alone doesn't cut it. Info:
2504 Trafalgar Square Champaign, IL  61821

CORPSE VOMIT/Raping The Ears Of Those Above (Blackened Moon) This is not the
overseas band, but the killer one from the US. Ear ripping death metal played
fast, heavy and hard. Killer riffs and vocals. This band has come a long
waysince the Wild Rag days. Pick this baby up. Info:

OVERKILL/Killbox 13 (Spitfire) One of my old favorites Overkill return with
their best releasein some time. Gone is most of the nu-metal crap and it is
replaced with Overkill like thrash. Bobby Blitz sounds mighty good on vocals
and the production is top notch. Strong songs are abund here and the wrecking
crew are back. Info:

THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT/The Apotheosis (Cold Blood Industries) While not
original this is some pretty fast blazing death metal. In vein of Nile,
Krisiun, Malevolent Creation, etc. Fast slashing riffs and some smashing drum
patterns. Solid production too. Worth seeking out. Info:

REDEMPTION/Same (Sensory) This band features members of the bands: Fates
Warning, Symphony X, Agent Steel, and Steel Prophet. As you can imagine this
is quite the cd. Plain ole straight ahead metal with a touch of progressive
stuff in it. Clean soaring vocals and just plain solid song after song make
this cd  awinner. Info:

WINGED SERPENT MASTER/Serpent Sigil-This one man band return with  a 2nd cd
full of black metal. Most of it is mid paced, but he speeds it up at times.
This for being a one man band is pretty damn impressive. Good  soild riffs,
strong vocals, etc. They don't sound like anybody neither. Check him out. 

THECHASM/Reaching The Veil Of Death (Danza Ipotica) One of my favorite bands
returns with some killer new death metal  music. Slicing riffs fill the air
as this played on this reminded me of all the  old gods from the middle 80's.
Raw  as fuck production the  way it should be dammit. Real death metal vocals
and this is 100% with feeling and the way death metal should be. End of
story. Info:
[email protected]

HATRED/Kill It-2 tracks from this death metal band. They remind of Pestilence
at times with the vocals.  The band have a bit of the modern metal sound, but
overall the 2 tracks are strong and I look forward to hearing more. Info:
[email protected]

AUTO CAD/PANTHEIST AUDIO/Same-Industrial band that really wasn't my cup of
tea. Noy  my style, but I guess it is good for what it is. Info:

DEMOGORGON/Sign Of The Beast-Some nice death metal in vein of Incantation.
Solid  drumming and some nice riffing by the guitar player. Vocals are solid
and not generic death metal vocals. Theband can rip into some serious speed
parts and then slow it down. A very good band. Info:
[email protected]

IMPEDIGON/As Desires Fade (The LSP Company) Killer old school death metal
meets At The Gates. The band can rip out the riffs and the vocals  have the 
At The Gates feel meets old Kreator.  A nice solid production and just plain
great death metal tunes make this a worthy putchase. Info:

AXAMENTA/Codex Barathri (The LSP Company) This was pretty cool. The band are
hard to describe I would say a melodic death metal band with keyboard parts
here and there. The vocals are more in the black metal vein. If your into
melodic death metal pick this  up.

DAGORLAD/The End Of The Dark Ages (The LSP Company) To my ears this was
boring vikining melodic death metal. Info:

BLOODSTORM/Ancient Wrath Of Ru (Metal War) One of my favorite bands returns
with another  excellent release of old school death/black metal. The band
once  again come up with some great songs played with feeling and emotion.
This blows away 98% of the garbage in the underground. This is the real deal.
Chris has an excellent voice and puts it to good  use here. Another  mind
blowing production by my brother  and  this  release you must seek out and
buy. Info:

EXCOMMUNION/Superion (WW III) This was ok, it just sounded too much like some
of the newer Morbid Angel material all the way down to the  vocals. That
said, this is still betrter than any of those Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation
clone bands  and all the jump metal bands. Info:

MINDFLAIR/Green Bakery (Bone Brigade) Super fast killer grind core in vein of
Brutal Truth. I love the Jap style  vocals as they fit the music. A solid
production makes this not a noise fest. The band also slow it down and throw
in some mid paced parts, but look out when they blast, they fuckin blast. A
must for any grind fans. Info:

DELIGHT/Eternity (Metal Mind) Not my cup of tea. Female vocals with meoldic
metal backing her. Not for me. Info:

CORPORATION 187/Perfection In Pain (Wicked World) An absolute crushing slab
of Swedish death metal of the tallest order. Blistering sure fire riff after
killer riff along with some screaming his head off vocals. This simply
crushes all. Buy or fry. Info: