ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


GENERICHRIST/Mindumpster (XMusik Productions) Just straight forward death metal that hits hard and hits often. No groove riffing, no nu metal, no deathcore shouting, just a 100% straight forward death metal attack that left me  wanting more. 5 tunes of death metal that weren’t enough. The band mix up the speed just enough to allow you to catchyour breath before they crush you into submission. The production on this is solid and I like the guitar sound a lot on this. I am looking
 forward to hearing more stuff from this band. Info: or
ARCHENEMY/Violent Harm (XMusik Productions) This is not the power metal Arch Enemy, but a collection of 2 demos from this band from 1985 and 1986. I had begun doing Metal Core at that time, but this is my 1st time ever hearing this band. Wow I was blown away at how fast, heavy, and powerful this puppy is. It is raw as fuck, but who cares as I can hear the power and fury the band spew out on this. This has a nice mix of death metal and punk rock too as the songs are blazing fast like old, and I mean old DRI and Raw Power. Pure intensity and this even 25 years later blows away most of the crap, yes crap, that is coming out on major indie labels as well. Both demos kill and if your into old school death metal or the whole crossover scene, here ya go, this is a gem I missed and you shouldn't. This also came out on
 vinyl on Hell’s Headbangers. Info: or
GERM BOMB/Infected From Earth (XMusik Productions) This was like a punk version of Motorhead. The band play a raw, vicious slab of punk rock with metal influences. The singer has an awesome voice I love the tone he has as he belts out the lyrics. The music just has that Motorhead vibe with simply,
but effective punk rock overtones. Production is good and I love the guitar sound on this as well. Info: or
DEVASTATION/Devastation Complete 1987-1989 (XMusik Productions) This is all the complete recordings of this band from 1987 till 1989. This band played a raw form of death thrash in the vein of bands like Sodom, Kreator, etc. The material is raw of course of the underground was just starting to reach its peak years during that era. I can hear a lot of that German thrash sound in these songs. The also throw in a cover of SOD’s “United Forces” as well as a Discharge cover. The stuff on this like the above band, to me, is a million times better than a lot of the crap coming out. Bands back then were hungry for metal  and this stuff was fresh and exciting. Too many of today’s band are playing that happy form of metal. This is raw old school death/thrash that in my eyes fuckin kills. Info: or
GENERICHIST/Strangulation Of A Twisted Mind (XMusik Productions) I now have a full length release by this band. This blows the EP I reviewed above as the band sound better as the guitars have more of a crunch and the songs to me sound heavier and have more of their own identity. The production is pretty much the same as the EP and the singer has also gotten better and has more of his own style on this. This is pretty straight forward death metal with no traces of deathcore or nu metal to be found.
This is core to the bone death metal. Info: or
BRUTALITY/3 CD-DVD Box Set (XMusik Productions) This is 2 CD’s and one DVD and is one awesome collection of music. Brutality came out within that whole wave of Florida death metal in the early 90’s and put a few CD’s out to boot. Well this isn’t the CD’s, but the demos that the band put out. There is also plenty of live material and even the band’s 2003 demo as well. I remember the band, but don’t remember getting any demos from the band and as this played on I was surprised at how good these demos sound. Just crushing death metal in the vein of early Death. Fuckin singer crushes on these demos as his voice is pure brutality without all the deathcore crap you get nowadays. The music is brutal fast after fast riff after brutal fast riff. The production, for demos, is quite good as with so much material, some of the music production is better than others of course. The band went through many line-up changes on these discs, but the material still crushes. The DVD footage isn’t bad neither and I am personally not into DVD’s, but this was an added bonus to this. Just having all this old and classic material on CD is a miracle in itself and mega thanks to the band for providing such a large selection of music and horns up to the label for releasing this. Buy at all costs. Info: or
BLACK HOLE/Behind The Gravestone 3 CD Box Set (XMusik Productions) This band I had never heard of before in my life. I was reading the interview with the band within the CD booklet and saw that they played doom metal. Well I popped inthe disc and my ears were treated some killer doom metal with a raw sound. There is 2 CD’s of demo tracks and a live disc to boot. This is far from typical doom metal and I think the band have their own sound and to my ears it reminds me of the first couple of Black Sabbath records. The music just sucks you in and takes you on a ride. The band go mix up the speed a bit here and there and this didn’t bore me at all. The singer, I’ll admit, doesn’t have the greatest voice, he sounds like OZZY at times, though not as good. The production really makes this band as the guitar sound just kills and the vibe and feeling  the band get is second to none. And for being a demo recording from back in like 1983-84 and I am sure in a small studio, it works. If you’re a doom fan this is a must have and a neat little jem this label found. Info: or
LOCKED/Back To The War (Self Released) 5 tracks of some very good death metal that thank god was no a 5th generation Suffocation clone band. This is some fast and brutal shit and yeah it has traces of some of the groove death metal style, but it doesn't go enough that was to annoy me or sound stupid. The production on this is awesome and I love the guitar sound as it is ultra thick and has that old school death metal sound sort of like Asphyx at times.
The singer screams and growls his way through the 5 tunes and thank god he doesn't do any of that annoying screaming like so many of todays bands do nowadays. The more I listened to this the more I liked it. A very solid release and I look forward to hearing more. Info:
MANIGANCE/Recidive (XIII Bis Records) This is a power metal band from France and this is the bands 5th release. This is power metal in the vein of bands like Dream Theatre meeting Hammerfall. The singer has a clean voice and he is pretty good singing the tunes with flair and passion. The music to me just sounds like any other power metal band that has made the rounds the past few years. This doesn't suck, but nor is it mind blowing. It is a band that is just kinda there and I could mix them in with any other band doing this style and there would be little or no difference at all. If your big time into power metal with clean vocals, here is another band you'll want to check out. Info:
ZUUL FX/The Torture Never Stops (XIII Bis Records) This is one of those modern groove metal thrash bands that play all the happy thrash with those awful deathcore vocals I hate. This just didn't do a thing for me as all I hated the happy riffs and groove riffs and the singing wasn't so hot neither. The production on this is good and I guess if your into the newer thrash stuff, you'll like this and all, but I for one and not into the happy thrash and deathcore
singing. Info:
SUBJECT TO THOUGHTS/The Culmination (Self Released) This is a 2 man band and I will say this, this is some wicked moody stuff that had me coming back for more. I am pretty open minded and stuff and this is far from thrash or death metal, it is more dark metal music with tons of feeling and emotion within the tunes. This just sucked me in and sucked me in deep. The music is very original and just the vibe I got from listening to this was awesome. I guess cause this is something new and fresh to my ears and not the same old garbage I get sent a lot. Wow this is something if your open minded and listen to with that in mind you'll get it. I for sure did. Great job on this one. Info: or
CITY WEEZLE/Taboo (Self Released) This is a weird band playing music in the vein of say Primus and Mr. Bungle. They have that weird sound those bands have and it works for them as well. They have that funky sound to them, but it doesn't sound stupid or out of place and the songs were quite catchy and I love the singer's voice on this too. Production on this is right where it needs to be and this is just a fun band doing a style not many bands are doing and they seem like a fun band and this was an enjoyable release. Info:
MINUTIA/Unveiling (Self Released) Typical new style death metal with those awful deathcore and lo and behold this band does, wow, the clean vocal and death vocal thing. Now that I admit is original and has not been done to death by 100's of other bands. The tunes on this sound like every other nu metal band with the same groovy riffs and clean and death core vocals and this is just the same as the rest of those bands, this completely sucks and bands like this need to wake up and true to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT....guys your killing the underground scene now helping it. Info:
RANCOR/Release The Rancor (Self Released) Oh my god this is some awesome old school thrash in the vein of early Exodus and fuckin god to the riffs on this fuckin kill. Brutal and fast and just played with such passion and fury my neck was hurtin by song 3. Great production allows that guitar crunch to crush the weak and this band know how to write some fast and catchy riffs and this disc was filled with em. Great vocals sung in a old school thrash metal style and no deathcore or stupid yelling
neither. Simply put a great thrash metal release well worth checkin out. Info: or
BETZEFER/Freedom Of The Slave Makers (AFM Records) At first I had mixed feeling about this as i loved the music, but not the vocals. After I could listens I found myself liking this more and more. The music is a mix of modern and old school thrash and I have admit they do write some catchy riffs and stuff and actually for a band pumping in some of the newer style of thrash metal this is about as good as I have heard. The vocals are in that deathcore style at times and the singer sometimes does those annoying screams that I personally hate. That being said, his vocals are more tolerable that a lot of other bands doing this style and he does sound good on certain songs and he doesn't get to the point of annoying. This will be hot or miss with some and for me I will lean more to the hit side as the songs are just do good. Info:
NUNSLAUGHTER/Demo Slaughter (Hells Headbangers) This has 34 songs of all the bands demos, 7" stuff and even some pre Nunslaughter stuff (Death Sentence) from 1985!! This band has had a cult following for shit as long as Metal Core has been around and the band just play old school death metal and hearing some of this stuff made me think of the days of cassette's and early rehearsal demos and stuff. Listening to some of this really early stuff was like "wow" they wrote some really raw and nasty death metal shit that still today blows away many black and death metal pretend bands. This was this shit back then and it still is now and fuck who gives a shit about the raw
production, fuck, I think it adds to it not subtracts. I can just feel the hate, the fury, the feeling and power as the singing and playing go on. This comes as a double disc and for the vinyl freaks a 4 LP box set. Hails to Hells Headbangers for puttingthis puppy out. A total death metal onslaught. Info:
CRUCIFIED MORTALS/Self Titled (Hells Headbangers) This band had an Ep of sorts
out 9 years ago and now they are back with their first full length and what a full
length it is. This is a wicked combo of old school thrash and death metal that is
both original and incredible as I feel the band is big time original in the singing
and playing of these tunes. The 11 tunes on this just evoke power, atmosphere,
feeling that can't be faked or taught. You either have it or you don't. The production
is awesome as well and I love the guitar sound the band gets on this and they are
unlike any band I have heard in quite some time. I am blown away at how great this
is and Hells Headbangers has done it again. Info:
KRANKE N HAUS/Haben Sie Schmerzen (Self Released) 6 tunes of hardcore played in the
old school way. This is actually more punk than hardcore as the band use more of
aggression and power than speed in it's songs to get its point across. And no this
is not that nu metal shit, this is cool old school punk rock with some awesome punk
rock vocals. The singer in that cool 80's style of punk rock and the songs are both
catchy and powerful and I enjoyed the tunes on this. Look forward to hearing more
from this band. Info:
RUSTY EYE/Possessor (Self Released) This was some decent heavy metal. The music
isn't that bad, but it's nothing special. The songs lack the killer punch and just
kinda played on and the gruff singing I wasn't into much and then when the clean
female vocals popped in, this band totally lost me. I mean cmon that clean female
vocal thing has been done to death and then some. The music is just plain raw style
of heavy metal that actually isn't bad, but it is the gruff vocals and the female
vocals that just make this unlistenable. Those clean female vocals just ruin it
and then the cheezy death metal vocals just threw the icing on the cake and made
this unlistenable. Info: or
KESSKHTAK/May Not Be The One You Want (Stigma Records) As I was reading this band's
bio I was ready to dismiss this band as just another nu metal groove metal band. I
popped in the CD and wow I was surprised at how much power and fury this band had.
This is some fast, powerful shit. They play brutal death/grind metal, but to my ears
are way different than so many of these other shitty death metal bands that have
popped up over the past few years. Riffs that exploded in my head and the vocals
weren't that deathcore crap and have a more old school death metal vibe to them and
the guitar sound this band use and get is wicked.The blast beats totally kill and the
music and vocals will knock you over like a 2 ton truck. Guys take out that Job For A
Cowboy reference in your bio, you blow those fuckin clowns away. Info:
HALFBROTHER SID/Crazier Than Fflou (Spectra Records) This is one of those modern rock
bands that sound like Creed. I am not into this kind of music as all as to me it all
sounds the same and I hate all that groove that bands like this use. The singer does
have a good voice for what the band are doing and I guess if you like Creed, you'll
be into this, but it isn't my cup of tea at all. My wife likes it though. Info:
RHINO BUCKET/Who's Got Mine (Acetate Records) The band always reminded me of AC/DC, who
happened to be my favorite band and on this they totally still have the AC/DC sound down
to a t. The vocals are a bit more gruff than Brian or Bon, but to me I enjoyed this cause
the tunes are simple, but effective catchy rock n roll tunes and not many bands are doing
this style these days and the songs on this def had my feet tapping and nodding my head
to the tunes. This is classic catchy rock n roll that won me over. Just catchy tunes all
over the place. info:
THE RISE OF THE CREEPERSIN/The Band That Terrorized The World (Self Released) This is some
punk rock that to me sounded like the Misfits. I wasn't into this much as the songs lacked
power and pop and didn't have any catchy riffs behind them and just kinda dragged on. The
music just lacked that killer sound and style I crave. The tunes on this just were flat
and muddy to my ears and I was never a big fan of The Misfits and this just didn't appeal
to me. Info:
SWAMP THING/Self Titled 7" (6131 Records) 4 tunes of fast ripping hardcore and I loved it.
The 4 tunes on this fly by and this was the first time I have heard of this band and they
quickly won me over in seconds. None of this happy hardcore or groove metal shit. Pissed
off shouted vocals and blazing speed, the way hardcore was meant to be. Def check this
band if your into old school hardcore. Info: or
CONFLICTED/Never Be Tamed (Nightmare/Sony/Red) This is a power/progressive metal band and a
pretty good one at that. Plenty of metal riffs to get that head moving and the riffs are
both catchy and heavy and even the progressive parts don't go over my head like some prog
bands have done. The singer has a killer voice and instead of just screaming at the top
of his lungs, he sings the tunes with passion and that killer aggression sort of reminding
me of Tim "Ripper" Owens at times. Solid production makes this one to pick up for sure. Info:
ABSCONDER/Demo 2011 (Self Released) 5 tracks of solid no frills death metal played the right
way. Not some 5th rate Cannibal Corpse band or Suffocation clone. No deathcore vocals neither.
Just 100% crushing death metal. The singer has a awesome no frills death metal voice and the
riffs are just bull crushing riffs that would knock over a rhino. While this is not 100%
original, it is very enjoyable and the band can write some serious songs and their style
of death metal is the way death metal was meant to be. Great guitar sound and production on
this as well. Look forward to hearing more. Info:
S.M.F./15 Mins Of Fame (Self Released) This was 20 songs of some OK fun stuff music. I mean
with song titles like Beer Jam, This is So Death Metal, Primus is Death Metal, you kinda know
what you are in for. A sort of SOD style stuff that wasn't great, but didn't suck balls
either. Some of the songs were worth a chuckle. Info:
worm 2601 old 14a penn yan, ny 14527
DESTROYER 666/To the Devil His Due (Hells Headbangers) This is a bunch of the band's 7" stuff that
have long been out of print, but now they aren't. I am not familiar a ton with this band, but the
tunes on this are some wicked raw black metal with no generic stuff to be found. I love the vocals
and the tunes are just full of blast beats as they also slow it down and play with power and passion
at times too. When they speed it up oh I can just feel the power of this band. I will have to go
check out some other stuff the band has done, cause this simply crushed. Very cool to now have all
their old stuff on CD now. Info:
CULTES DES GHOULES/Haxan (Hells Headbangers) This I didn't like at all. The songs just lacked power
and the vocals were a joke as all the guy does is scream and scream more into a mic and the
production was a total joke. The guitar had no life at all and the songs just to my ears sounded
worthless. This to me sounded like 3 or 4 guys playing 3 different tunes and the tin can drumming
sure didn't help. Didn't care for this at all. Info:
CORE DEVICE/What I've Become (Heaven & Hell Records) I thought this was going to be some nu metal
band with the tough guy vocals, but how wrong I was. This band was more along the lines of rock
meets metal and with some solid vocals thrown in the mix. The singer has a strong rock n roll type
voice and like I said the music is a mix of classic rock with some metal thrown in. Lots of catchy
tunes on this. And this is not that modern rock crap like Creed neither. I like the guitar sound this
band uses and they write good, catchy solid rock tunes with a slice of metal mixed in. Easily one
of the best rock bands making the rounds these days. Info:
ANCIENT CREATION/Moonlight Monument (Heaven & Hell Records) Oh this is heavy metal in its purest form.
No nu metal riffs, no grunge, no female singing, no trendy retro crap. This is 100% pure no frills
heavy metal with tons of killer riffs and a singer, with a clear voice, who sings the tunes with lots
of feeling and passion. Think Helstar if I have to name a band. Info:
RAZORWYRE/Same (Self Released) 4 tracks of some nice thrash with some crunching riffs that will bring
you back to the glory days of thrash. This is not one of those cheezy retro bands that have that nu
metal riffing and call themselves thrash, this is big time old school and the chanting vocals they use
at times I loved. The vocals are a pure thrash metal delight. Shit I thought I was listening to some
band from 1987 and hell the production on this sounds like the 80's too. Great band. Info:
RULED BY REASON/The Dawning Of Dystopia (ATMF) Typical groove metal with all those happy thrash
riffs with wow deathcore vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and fuckin suck my left ball
and are completely worthless in an already overcrowded metal scene. Just awful. Oh they use
clean vocals too. How original!!!
MHORGL/Antinomian (ATMF) This was some decent Morbid Angel style death/black metal with some
nice riffs and songs. This didn't blow me away, but it also didn't suck. The band rip out the
songs with some fury and fire and production was good on this too. For those who are waiting
till the next Morbid Angel release, here ya go.
IZEGRIM/Code Of Consequences (Listenable Records) This just had too much of that nu metal happy
guitar sound to make me really like it. The band play a mix of some death metal with that happy
thrash guitar riffing and they have a female singer, who actually has a pretty good voice. The
production is good on this and if the band lost that happy thrash sound, I'd probably dig it, but
I don't. Info:
AMON AMARTH/Surtur Rising (Metal Blade Records) Wow this band has put out 8 releases and this is
another strong one I think. Now I am no expert on this band nor have heard every release they
have done, and even if I was, I am just going by this one. This is strong black metal with lots
of feeling and power. The difference between this and some of these all out blasting black metal
bands is this band knows when to slow it down and also the songs are played with feeling and that
my friends can't be denied nor touched. Awesome vocals as I can just feel the hate and emotion
pouring out of his lungs. Thick riffs and a great production will make any fan of this band proud
and wow release # 8. Info:
HUMAN IMPROVEMENT PROCESS/S.T.A.R.S.-This is typical deathcore with the death metal and clean vocals
and this shit sucks so bad I would love to take it and flush it down the toilet. Same ole riffs
and why in the world does a death metal band want clean vocals in their music? Oh so we can sound like
every other band doing this style. Fuck off....
AS LIKELY AS NOT/Stand Up And Nerve-Another shitty band with those fuckin annoying deathcore vocals
and those happy jump metal riffs. Bands like this all sound the same and again another shitty
underground metal band in an already overcrowded scene adding nothing new. That;s it kids jump all
around to this happy deathcore band...fuck you...assholes
BLASPHERIAN/Infernal Warriors Of Death (Deathgasm Records) Unlike the 2 above bands, this is a bad
that gets it right. Just bone crushing death metal played with feeling and emotion.No happy riffs
or generic deathcore vocals. Just pure brutality. Riffs that will have you neck snapping, vocals
that would make satan proud. I love the thick, evil guitar sound too. Think Incantation and Immolation.
The band mix up the slow and fast parts just to give you time to breathe. Production is raw, but only
makes this band better. Easily one of the best releases of 2011 so far. Info:
VOICE OF ADDICTION/Self Titled (Self Released) I thought this was going to be one of those
typical groove metal bands, but no this is more of a punk rock meets rock n roll band and
they weren't too bad. The music just have that cool punky edge and a mix of rock n roll in
it and I thought the combo worked. The singer has a good voice for the style of music the
band is playing and he gets into the tunes and doesn't sound rehashed or stupid. Check
out for yourself at:
BLACK BOY ROCKIN IT/Self Titled (Self Released) This was so really good rock n roll with
strong riffs and songs and vocals. This is not all that modern rock shit and this is just
solid played rock n roll with a guy with a really good voice and a good knack for writing
good riffs and songs. The music also has traces of thrash and punk rock in it to boot.
Really enjoyed listening to this as it was fresh and different. Info:
SKELETON OF GOD/Primordial Dominion (United Dimentions) This came out a few years ago and
heck I probably reviewed it when it did, but drummer Eric sent me a copy and hell if I am
not gonna review it again. 11 strong tracks of straight ahead death metal. The riffs on this
are vicious as fuck and the vocals are screaming growls of death metal sung with conviction
and hate. The production on this is excellent and I like the drum sound as it is a mix of
like death metal and industrial, which isn't done much and sounds cool on this. Cool to hear
a band like this. Info:
B.R.A.S.H/Demo (Self Released) Just some god awful death/black metal with a "singer" who is
hardly a singer, just screaming nonsense into a mic with some badly fast picking black
metal playing behind him. The music makes no sense and has no direction and I couldn't even
make out a riff and then they also have other songs with a guy just growling and screeching
with that new style of death metal vocals that have no place in the scene. Just a awful band
that I found nothing of value at all in. Info:
VAULT 18/Rattlechain (Randolph Street Records) This was some weird stuff. Just a bunch of
mumbo jumbo space like music with some almost spoken word vocals. The music didn't really
do anything for me and the black metal/spoken word vocals were so buried in the mix this
was like a soundtrack to a bad film. I found nothing of value on this at all. This was
pretty bad. Info:
MONUMENTS/Various (Maritime Recordings) 22 bands are on this some that range grom decent
to really good, to awful. With all comp CDS it is always a hit and miss thing. I had heard
of some of these bands that were good (Skeleton of God, The Serpent Son, Cephalic Carnage)
and some I had never even heard before. You get a nice mix of bands and styles and heck
with 22 bands you can't go wrong. Check this out:
CELLOUT/Superstar Prototype (Nuerra Records) This is just another nu metal band in the
vein of bands like Nickleback, Dope, Daugherty, Staind, etc. Those happy riffs and they claim it is
metal and all. To me all these bands sound the same and this is another one you can add to
the list. Info:
BEYOND DESCRIPTION/Proof Of The Truth (Crimes Against Humanity Records) This band has been
around since 1988 and this is the 1st time I have ever heard them! This is killer old school
ripping crossover thrash at its best. The riffs had me playing air guitar and thrashing
around the hourse with my 6 month year old daughter. This is the way thrash should be, violent
and not happy and just aggressive in its approach. The singer just pounds the vocals and doesn't
just shout them, which I was happy about as well as in the past some bands from Japan have
those yelling vocals I am not into much. This was a great new band to hear and I will be
checking out their other stuff. Well worth checking out. Info: or
HAMMERFIST/Dead Dreams (Self Released) Just another in a long line of those deathcore style
death metal band with the happy riffs and deathcore vocals. To me bands like this are a dime
a dozen and this band is no different than the 100's of others I have reviewed over the years.
BURNING BLACK/Purgatory Black (Limb Music) The band send me a 5 song disc, which contained
material from 2 different of their releases. The band play a cool style of power metal with a
goof singer, who has a nice set of pipes and he sings the songs with passion and feeling and
he fits the bands style really well.The band can churn out some awesome power metal tunes
with tons of rip roaring riffs and this just got better the more I played this. Great catchy
tunes are a highlight on this. I'd check out both releases as the 5 tunes on this crushed. Info: or
LAVAGOAT/Self Titled (Self Released) I had no idea what to expect when I popped this in and
wow was I surprised when I heard the music. This band just blew me away with their power and
chainsaw sounding guitars and raw sound. I would have no idea how to describe the band, but
I'll say it chainsaw pounding doom played with a ton of feeling and emotion and I got a chill
just listening to this. Band is so different and cool it is not funny. Love the raw production
on this as well. A smart label should snatch these up. Info:
DEADNATION/Same (Self Titled) This was in some ways really cool and in so ways really bad. First
I'll start off with the good. The is a one man band/project and musicwise it is pretty damn
good as the guy plays some cool metal/industrial music with lots of cool catchy, heavy riffs
and beats that I got into. The bad was the distorted vocal approach which I hated and just
ruined this for me. They aren't just bad, they are so bad to the point of annoying. If the
guy just sang in his regular voice he would have been fine, but going for that almost raspy
thing didn't work for me. This will be hit or miss with some and for me it was more of right
in the middle. Info:
DETONATION/Reprisal (Self Released) This is some solid well played death metal with brutal
riffs and some wicked blast beats. The band just crank out some meaty riffs and they are
quite catchy and heavy and fast all wrapped into one. The singer has a solid death metal
voice and doesn't try to sing super low or do any of that clean vocal shit neither. This
band used to be on Osmose and I can see why. This is a prime example of the way death metal
should be played. No filler crap on this puppy. Info: or or
LACERATED CARBONIZED/Homicidal Rapture (Self Titled) This is death metal in the vein of
Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation. Yes folks the old lower than low vocals and the blast
beats are abound on this disc. I will say this I am not a fan of the vocals, but he doesn't
cup the mic and most of the riffs are pretty killer and the drum sound is not tini so the
band scores points on that with me. The vocals, for the lower than low style, are way better
than most i have heard doing this style and the music is much better than 99% of the bands
that try and do this style. The band punish you with riffs and riffs and with the production
being good and no tini drum sound, I'll give this a thumbs up. One of the best bands I have
heard doing this style of death metal. Info: or
PREDATOR/Born in Blood (God of Thunder Records) This is just godly power metal with tons of
killer riffs that will have you neck moving in seconds and vocals that are clear, powerful
and sung with tons of emotion. This is power metal at its best. The riffs on this just
blew me away and this is like older 80's style power metal not this new power metal shit
that mostly sucks. Every song on this disc has awesome, catchy, powerful, heavy riffs and
even went into the power thrash territory at times. Think Agent Steel and Hades with a
bit more of a power metal edge and less thrash. This rules. Info:
IMPIETY/Advent Of (Pulverised Records) This long time black metal band return with 3
tunes and they are 3 more blasts of insane pounding black metal as only these guys can
do. Riffs that will rip and shred the skin and vocals that satan would be proud of. No
fuckin cheap retro shit or some silly black metal band. This band has been the real
deal since their 1st release and this 3 song EP is another killer release. Info:
ANACRUSIS/Suffering Hour & Reason (Tribunal Records) I have always had a soft spot in
my heart for these guys and always felt they were way ahead of their time. They def
weren't your typical metal band and that might have been part of the reason they never
made it the upper echelon of bands. If you have never heard of the band they play a weird
and incredible style of metal that is big time origInal and incredible. Just listening
to these 2 albums made me proud to be a metal fan. This band played with suck passion
and feeling and had such originality it wasn't funny. Please do yourself a favor and
pick this stuff up. I bet you will be looking for their other 2 releases when you do.

DODSFERD/Spitting With Hatred The Insignificance Of Life (Moribund Records) This to me
was just another faceless black metal band with the same pick riffing riffs and screamed
vocals. This just didn't do a think for me as it just sounds like any ole black metal
band that has been making the rounds the past few decades. Info:
CATCH 22/Monumental (Metal On Metal Records) This was some really well played power
metal with lots of killer riffs and a very good singer. The tunes are a pure heavy
metal delight and none of that new metal sound as this is like an 80's style of metal
with the fists pumping and the heads banging. The band just churn spikes and leather
metal that I was digging this big time by song # 2. Very good solid metal band is the
ticket here. Info:
WISHDOOM/Helepolis (Metal On Metal Records) Another killer metal band is the ticket
here. This kinda reminded me of my friends Deadly Blessing at times with some of the
vocals and the singing. This is another pure metal band, but the real style of
heavy metal not that crap they consider metal nowadays. The singer blasts out the
lyrics with lots of feeling and the band back him up with some wicked riffs that had
my neck moving and my lips smiling. Info:
A FOREST OF STARS/Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring (Prophecy Productions) Wow this
is a mind blowing black metal band that plays with tons of feeling and is in no way
your typical black metal band. They even mix in some doom metal too. I wasn't
expecting much, but wow how wrong I was. This is so different, so full of emotion and
the tunes just threw me for a loop. The music id dark and haunting and oh the fuckin
singr has it down pat on how to sound evil without singing super low or shrieking
neither. This will just take you down a dark tunnel into further abyss and darkness
and it will blw you away. This is easily an amazing release. Info:
DIABOLICAL/Ars Vitae (Abyss Records) This to me just sounded like other faceless
death metal bands making the rounds these days with the brutal riffs and deathcore
vocals. I have heard many bands in the bast few years that are doing the same thing
these guys are doing and this just didn't sound any different. Info:
HYPERBOREAN/The Spirit Of Warfare (Abyss Records) Now this is more like it as this band
just whipped my neck into fury with their death metal style. Wicked riffs along with some
killer drum parts and vocals made this a winner. The riffs on here were completely awesome
as they totally crushed and didn't seem generic or awful at all. This is a band doing
something a bit different, but still having enough of a melody to them and also not
slowing down in the speed department neither. A really cool release of death metal that
is not of the norm. Info:
MAGNUSON/Crash Of Cassini (Self Released) This is an alternative rock/metal band with a lot
of that Seattle grunge sound to it. This isn't bad for what it is, as the band throw in
some catchy riffs along with that grungy sound. The singer, who is a femake has a strong voice
 and she fits the music pretty good. Production is not over the top neither. I am not the
biggest fan of the grunge and alternative stuff, but this was easily one of the best bands
I have heard doing this sort of style. Info:
HONEY FOR CHRIST/The Cruel Of Great Expectations (Rundown Records) This was an alternative
metal bands and it took a bit for me to get into it, but this like the above band isn't
band for what it is. The band's bio says they are dark heavy metal band in the vein of
Katatonia meets Slayer. That to me is way off base. My ears an alternative rock/dark metal
band. The singer has a nice voice and he sets the tone and the band kinda suck you in with
their sound and style. The band still have a sense of a good melody too, which to me is
what a good or great song is. The hook and riff, followed by the vocals. Again I am not
a huge fan of the alternative stuff, but I know a good band when I hear it and am open
minded enough to give everything a shot and bottom line this is a good band. Info: or
FEEL NEVER REAL/The Sea Of Disease (Self Released) This is another one of those modern
rock bands you hear on the radio nowadays. I am not into a lot of it and to me this
band sounded like any one of them you would hear. My wife says it sounds like
Daughtrey. I would 2nd that and also Nickleback comes to mind. Not my cup of tea, this
to me is just the same ole same. Info:
NEFESH/Shades And Lights (Self Released) This is typical groove metal with those
god awful deathcore vocals and then wow they use clean vocals. This band is so cliche
it isn't funny. They play the same happy groove nu metal riffs that every other band
doing this style does and they just sound like every other groove metal band with the
Pantera/deathcore vocals. To me bands like this are a dime a dozen and this pretty much
sucked. Info: or

MIASMAL/Self Titled (Dark Descent Records) This is just bone crushing death/black metal
with rip roaring riffs, blast beats and vocals from hell. The tunes just blew
me out of my seat and I fuckin love the drum sound on this sucker as I was air
drumming like their was not tommorow. The band don't just blast away at a hundred
miles and hour, they also slow it down and this is just the perfect combo of death
and black metal. Can't wait to see them live in Maryland in May. This is easily one
of the best releases I have heard so far this year. Info:
VIS VIRES/Inside The Hate (Self Released) This was some really solid heavy metal
that has plenty of power, soaring vocals, and riffs that will have that neck going
in no time. The band mix up the blend of melody and heaviness with such killer
riffs I was like "wow" as this played on. Not many bands doing this style of rock
and metal and this band has the perfect mix of both and again when you talk about
riffs and song structures, this band gets an A plus on both. The singer has a nice
solid voice and he fits the music perfectly. I think this band has broken up, but I saw
this listed on Amazon and it is well worth getting. A very underated band.
BIG TROUBLE/20 Years And A Million Beers Ago (Retrospect Records) This is a best of release from one
of those "hair metal" bands from the 80's. The material on this isn't bad as the band
play catchy rock n roll with a metal base, but to me these "hair metal" bands were just
rock n roll, but MTV and the masses made them "hair metal" bands. The singer has a
great vopice for the style of music the band was playing and the tunes are all
catchy rock n roll tunes and some of this stuff wasn't bad back in the day until it
got over saturated and I assume this band got lost in the shuffle. It is easily better
than most of the others I have heard and maybe you can check this out and take a trip
down memory lane. Great cover of Van Halen's "Somebody Get Me  A Doctor" too. Info:

HRIZG/Anthems To Decrepitude (Moribund Records) To me this was just some bad black
metal with some god awful singing and riffs that put me to sleep. The singer has a
beyond bad black metal voice and he does not sound evil at all. He sounds weak and
the black metal yells were laughable. The music was just pointless blasts of bad
played black metal. Info:
SATAN'S HOST/By The Hands Of The Devil (Moribund Records) This band put out an album
probably before a lot of you were even born and now they are back and this is one
great release. They are not black metal as the name might suggest, but more of a
power metal and metal style. They also throw in some thrash and heck it is just
Satan's Host that's all. The band even got back to the original singer, who is in
Jag Panzer and he shines on this with his clean, but aggressive (not deathcore)
style of vocals. The music on this is like a breath of fresh air. Production on
this is great and I love the cool and original guitar sound on this too. This
some with the name, will lump in with all the black metal band's, but this is one
of the best releases I have heard this year and is a great, original slab of Satan
Host style metal. Info:
KONG/Mind Eraser (Dive Bomb Records) Oh didn't like this much as it is just another
groove/nu metal band with the deathcore vocals. This has all that happy riffing and
tough guy vocals and just sounds like every other band doing this style. Nothing
of value here. Info:
KAISERREICH/Ravencrowded (ATMF) Another faceless black metal band with the pick
riffing vocals played as fast as possible and the screeching black metal vocals.
This did nothing for me as it just sounds the same as 500 other black metal bands
I have heard in the past few years. Info:
CRUXIFICTION/The Coming (ATMF) Now this is a 100 times better than the above band.
Songs that had my head moving and fist going too. Real black metal vocals that didn't
sound fake or generic and had that evil overtone. The band don't max out at a million
miles per hour and mix up the speed and mid paced parts and they know how to kick
out riffs. Production has that black metal rawness that I liked too. The speed parts
just ripped through my body as well. This was a solid release that is way above average
and worth your money. Info: