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CLUTCH/Full Fathom Five (Pro Rock) I never thought much of this band, but I must say they sound a million times better live than on the few songs I have heard on the radio. The tunes on this are bone crushing heavy numbers with yes a bit of the grunge thing to them, but the songs are pretty cool so who gives a rays ass. The band sound tight and this was recorded in 4 different spots and I may have to re check out this band. Very heavy stuff here. Info:

VIOLET HALO/Flora Meets Fauna (Arctic Music) The tunes on this didn't do a thing for me and the music was also pretty flat. The singer had an OK voice, nothing earth shattering. The band play music in the vein of say some of the newer Entombed stuff, but minus the death metal. The riffs just win me over and I was pretty much bored by track 3. The production is good and the band is heavy, but the songs lack that killer riff or hook to make me a fan. Info:

TRACIK/Outlaw (Phil Vincent Music) This was some well crafted rock roll with some killer hooks and tasteful singing. The male singer has a solid voice and hits the hard rock edge sound that this band is playing. The tunes are based around simple, but effective riffs that had my head moving and my toes tapping. The tunes are also on the more metal side than on the rock side and this was just a solid effort with songs that I remembered after I heard them. Info:

COFFIN/Self Titled (Self Released) This was some crushing old school thrash metal that floored me. Riffs that had my neck moving in seconds and I just loved every second of this puppy. 5 songs were not enough I want more. The singer reminds me of Whiplash as does the music in spots. The music is a mix of fast and mid paced stuff and not for one second does this get boring. I can just feel the power, passion and sweat as this played on. An added bonus was the fact they are from NJ where I live. If I had a record label I would snatch these guys up in a heartbeat. Info:

ODD ZERO/Admire The Liar (Odd Zero Records) This was a vicious combo of metal and punk and it just ripped my head off. The singer has a great hardcore like voice and he spews out the lyrics with hate and passion that all good hardcore bands do. The music is a nice mix of metal and punk, with a bit of hardcore mixed in like syrup on a sundae. The tunes are more in a hardcore style with some of the guitar riffs in the metal vein. The riffs will have you wanting to start up a pit in your house and the production has that rough and ready edge that I like. Bottom line the songs rock and this is metal-core all the way and I loved it. Thank god none of that breakdown nu metal shit is nowhere to be found. Info:

BEFORE WE FORGET/L.T.D. (Stand And Deliver Records) This wasn't too bad. The band play a mix of nu metal with a sort of punkish edge to them and it wasn't all that bad. I don't like some of the screaming emo vocals and some of the breakdown parts sound like ever other nu metal band, but the band throw in some hardcore punk sounds and the singer doesn't sing in that annoying screaming emo voice all the time. Some of the riffs sounded really good and if your into the nu metal thing, well this band does it better than most. Info:

WITH FAITH OR FLAMES/A Conquest Triumphant (Stand And Deliver Records) This is some wicked thrash metal with a touch of the nu metal sound thrown in. I am not a fan of the nu metal sound at all, but I would say that is less than 20% of the style this band is doing. The band whips out some crushing riffs that had my neck moving. The vocals weren't too bad, I just don't like when he goes into that low growl territory it just sounds out of place. The singer reminds me of the guy in Exodus right now and that is not a bad thing. The production is right on the money as everything flows freely. This band got a nice mix of the old with a touch of the new and I liked it. Info:

GWYNBLEIDD/Nostalgia (Black Currant Music) Decent death metal with some melody to it. The singer has a solid death metal voice and thank god no nu metal screams or low guttural shit. He just growls out the tunes. The music is mostly mid paced death metal with a big time heavy sound to it. The guitar sound is as heavy as a ton of bricks. This was to me like if Alice in Chains and Soundgarden played death metal this might be what it sounds like. Info:

ACID DRINKERS/Are You A Rebel (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release of the band's 1st release many moons ago. I remember this band back in the day when I was doing my print zine, but had never heard their music. The music is on this is some wicked old school 80's thrash style with a little humor thrown in on the lyrics kinda like older Anthrax at times. The production is awesome and I love the guitar sound and bass sound and this had my neck moving in no time. The singer reminds me a bit of Mike from Faith No More, which isn't a bad thing. There is 8 bonus tracks including a funny old Kiss cover that you will have to hear. If you missed the band the 1st time around as I did here is a chance to catch up with an old friend you didn't know existed. Info:

ACID DRINKERS/Dirty Money Dirty Tricks (Metal Mind Productions) Now we move on to a re-release of this bands 2nd album. The band in this still play bone solid thrash, but also inject a bit of a Faith No More sound and this might be what Faith No More would sound if they went down the thrash metal road. This is just as enjoyable as the debut and it is a bit different, but is still thrash and still has speed to it. The production is outstanding and I really love the guitar sound the band got. Also included is a live bonus track when they opened up for Deep Purple of all bands.

ACID DRINKERS/Striptease (Metal Mind Productions) This is the 3rd and final re-release from this band. The band continue on this to play old school thrash metal with speed and plenty of riffs that kept my neck busy for the 3rd and final time. The band just rip through 15 tunes with that killer guitar crunch that they get and the singer wails and spits out the lyrics. All 3 discs are well worth getting if you don't have them and this band put out 3 great discs and devil horns for Metal Mind for putting these puppies back out on CD. Info:

THRASHER/Burning At The Speed Of Light (Metal Mind Productions) I remember this coming out back in the 80's on Music For Nations, but until now have never heard it. This is a collection of musicians that got together and recorded this. This was like Carl Canedy (The Rods) little baby as he got musicians from metal, rock and thrash metal together. The opening track is a kick ass rock/metal number "Hot and Heavy" that just rips with a killer riff. The first 4 tunes are more rooted in rock/metal, but each sounds cool and has some wicked riffs. The next 5 are more heavy and are more in an early Y & T mode and sounded good to these ears. There is a host of different singers and players on this, but it all works out in the end as these tunes just plain kick ass and this should have done way better when it came back out in the mid 80's as some of the songs and riffs on this puppy are amazing and left me stunned at times. Info:

WOLF SPIDER/Drifting In The Sullen Sea (Metal Mind Productions) I had never ever heard of this band back in the day and when I popped this in my ears perked up as this was some prime time old school thrash metal. How in the hell did I miss this band in the early 90's? This is some serious old school thrash played with speed, power, aggression and violence. Tons of double bass drum parts along with bursts of speed that will have any fan of metal on his knees bowing. 11 tracks of bone crushing thrash metal with 4 bonus tracks. Buy or die you poser ha ha. Info:

MALTESE FALCON/Metal Rush (Metal Mind Productions). This originally come out in 1984 on Roadrunner Records and this is now on CD for the 1st time. This is a straight forward metal band sort of like Grim Reaper, old Judas Priest, Saxon, etc. I thought this was OK it didn't blow me away. The tunes and riffs just didn't do much for me. The singer was decent, he has a pretty good voice. I wish this had a bit more power behind it. Info:

WOLF SPIDER/Kingdom Of Paranoia (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release of the bands 3rd and final release. Just wicked thrash metal with tons of fast riffs and double bass drumming. The guitar sound will have that neck moving as this just had my neck moving in seconds. The singer has a solid thrash metal voice as he belts out the lyrics. I love the fast double bass parts and I got plenty of them on this. Production is right on the money and the guitar sound was mint. This is just plain ole old school thrash metal that put a smile on my face. Info:

MINOTAUR/God May Show You Mercy...We Will Not (I Hate) This band returns after a 20 year absence from the scene! Holy shit is that a long time. I never heard the band the 1st time around, but according to the bio they released one album many moons ago. Well, the one I am reviewing it a pretty cool release in itself. It has a raw, underground feel and to me the band sounds very original and it is hard to compare them to any other bands. Sort of like a death metal Voivod. The music is mid paced and fast at times and it has a raw, underground feeling. Very cool stuff. The singer screams his lungs out as he belts out the lyrics. This is big time old school original thrash metal that should not be missed. A really cool and exciting release. Info: or

FORSAKEN/After The Fall (I Hate) This is some awesome doom with tons of heavy hooks and it also speeds up at times and this did not leave me bored at all. It also wasn't too slow which is what some doom bands to and then it gets boring. The singer has an incredible clear voice that totally fits the music and his voice just sucked me and help me captive as did the music. The music just creates an incredible mood and just keeps you wanting more and more. Easily one of the best doom releases I have ever heard in my 20 years of doing Metal Core. Yeah, it's that good. Info: or

DEVIN TOWSEND PROJECT/KI (Inside Out Music) This CD really surprised me and I must say that I enjoyed it a lot. The music is like a mix of jazz meets rock and metal. The songs are just catchy as hell and the tunes and riffs and song structures sucked me in and I was digging this a lot. The singer has a really cool voice and he goes with the music too. This is a weird release in some ways as some of the riffs will knock you for a loop. This was very different and it easily won me over by track # 2. Info:

SCREAMING ANGEL/The Inner War (Self Released) Some parts of this I liked and other parts I wasn't too fond of. The music is metal with a bit of aggression mixed in with it, but it is not jump metal. The vocals aren't bad, but when he does the death metal growl stuff it sounds forced and out of place and you know how I feel about the clean vocal/death metal vocals thing. Thankfully he doesn't do it too much on the 4 tunes. This is a 2 man band and the tunes are pretty original and they rock and kick some butt, but lose the death metal vocals as it sounds better when he sings in his regular voice. Info:

EPSILON/From This Pain (Self Released) This was a pretty cool death metal band and they add a pinch here and there of some hardcore sounds and it sounds pretty damn good to these ears. The music is mostly mid paced with some fast parts here and there, but the riffs are crunchy and heavy and the tunes will have the neck moving. Vocals are solid death metal vocal growls that don't go to low or sound generic. No clean vocals too, which is a plus. The production is solid and the tunes are solid death metal tunes that I enjoyed. Info:

OLD CORPSE ROAD/The Echoes Of Tales Once Told (Self Released) This is a black metal band from the UK and they are quite an excellent band. The music is haunting black metal with nice mixes of fast and slower, moody parts and the singer has an excellent black metal style voice. The songs have a nice blend to them and just capture that evil feeling a lot of other bands lack. The production is right on the money and this is one of the best black metal bands I have heard in quite some time. A smart label should snatch these guys up right now. Excellent release. Info: or

VASTATOR/Hell Only Knows (Inferno Records) People will either hate or love the vocals kinda like John from Agent Steel and Sean from Violence. I am not crazy about them, but they don't get on my nerves. The guy sings in a very high pitched voice sort of like Halford at times. The music is pure old school thrash metal with some heavy metal parts thrown in. The band to me sounds pretty original and doesn't sound like any one thrash band and the riffs had my neck moving and there was plenty of speed parts to keep my feet tapping and playing air drums was not a problem neither. The songs just are ripping old school thrash with plenty of speed. Like I said the vocals to you guys will be a hit or miss thing. You decide. Info: or

HELLHOUND/Metal Fire From Hell (Inferno Records) Oh this just totally blew me away. This is pure old school power metal with some great songs and vocals. Sort of like a mix of Agent Steel, Exciter meeting Judas Priest. The riffs just totally owned me as I was banging me head from note one till the last riff. The band also have a sense of melody within the tunes and they are so damn catchy and powerful at the same time and I am a sucker for a killer riff and this had more than you can imagine. 8 tunes of fist banging metal with power metal mixed in the blender. Easily one of my top 10 releases so far for this half of the year. Buy or fry. Info: or

BUILDING CHAOS/Promo 2009 (Self Released) Some hard hitting thrash metal in the vein of Machine Head. Some wicked riffs and this has more speed than Machine Head and this got my neck moving more than a few times. The vocals are pretty good as he belts and growls out the lyrics. There is lots of speed on this and I love it fast so I was digging this. Production is on the raw side, but that doesn't take away from this band as I kinda like the dirty garage like sound as I don't really like my metal too polished. Again I am a sucker for a good solid riff and this puppy had plenty. Good job on this one. A smart label would snatch these guys up. Info: or

LEGIONS OF WAR/Towards Death (Inferno Records) Man this label has been snatching up some good quality bands and here is another. This is a mix of black, death and some thrash metal throw in. The vocals are more in the black metal vein and the music is more thrash with some death metal thrown in the mix. The band has a killer old school razor guitar sound that I love. The band mix up the speed and mid paced parts and this just has the power, passion and feeling that I love about the underground. You old school people know what I am talking about. The production is raw like those old Venom releases. This will hurt and punish you. Very cool release. Info: or

HATESTORM/Filth Purity (Inferno Records) This was not your typical black metal band. The vocals are pure black metal as the singer screams out the lyrics with the power and hate that would make Satan proud himself. The music is black metal with bits of melody here and there and don't get my wrong speed is on this big time as well. The band also mix in some mid paced parts with tons of feeling and emotion that really helped step this above a typical or average black metal band. This is one cool band. Info: or

SAGA/The Human Condition (Inside Out) I have not heard this band in quite some time and this release really blew me away. This is some godly progressive rock/metal that totally blew me away. The band has a new singer and he has a great voice and he fits this band perfectly. This band still sounds fresh. If some of you remember the band back in the good ole days of MTV, it is time you get introduced again. Excellent release.

BULLDOZER/Alive In Poland (Metal Mind Productions) This is a live concert that was recorded in November 1989. Bulldozer were a thrash metal band in the vein of early Venom. 11 tunes are on this including a cover tune, "Overkill" by Motorhead, which sounded good to these ears. The band tear through these tunes with a fury and the band sound tight live. Not a bad tune on this and the Motorhead cover was a pleasant surprise as well. A really strong live release. Info:

CHILDREN/Hard Times Hanging At The End Of The World (Kemado Music) This was some nice hard hitting thrash metal. The band believe it or to my ears sound like the Foo Fighters if they played old school thrash metal. The band deliver the goods with some killer riffs that will have the neck moving and they inject enough speed here and there to have me playing air drums as well. The singer has a nice old school screaming thrash metal style voice and the production is not over polished and this was a pleasant surprise. Info: or

WARP 11/I DON'T WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN AS LONG AS THEY HAVE VULCANS IN HELL (Reboot Music) This was just some awesome well crafted rock n roll with tons of great hooks and vocals and a bit of a punky edge to their sound as well The band have a male and female singer and both sounded good to these ears. The music is just simple well crafted rock n roll with lots of catchy hooks that had me digging this from note one till the last note played out. The production is perfect and this is one of the best rock n roll bands I have heard in quite some time. You can get this from: or try

VINNIE MOORE/TC The Core (Mascot Records) I have heard of Vinnie Moore before, but have never heard any of his solo stuff till now. This is an all instrumental release with no vocals. I don't mind this type of stuff cause I have several jazz CDs and they have no vocals neither. With these kinds of releases obviously the music has to stand out and this does a pretty damn good job of it. Yes, this has plenty of wicked solos by Vinnie, but the songs are well crafted and they sounded good to these ears. The music is rock n roll with a bit of jazz in it and the guitar screams at times. The tunes on this never got me bored and either my foot was tapping or my head was bobbing with the tunes. This is a strong effort from this man and he has a new fan now. Info: or

HORDE OF HEL/Blodskam (Moribund Records) This was some wicked death/black metal that dulled my senses. The singer has a smokin black metal voice and he belts out the lyrics with an evil fury and I could feel the hate and his power and he screamed out the words. The music is a nice combo of death and black metal and they also mixed up the slow, mid paced, and fast parts to keep it from not getting boring. The production has that raw underground feel and I love the guitar sound on this as that just sounds pure evil and this was just a great release. Info:

DODSFERD/Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow (Moribund Records) I will say this about this release. I have to be in a certain type of mood to listen to this. Don't listen to this if your feeling down or depressed. This is doom/black metal with a most depressing and sad sound. This only has 2 songs on it, but they are 20 and 16 minutes. The production is right where it needs to be as this one man band spews out his punishing, haunting vocals. This is something you will not easily forget I assure you. Info:

HACRIDE/Lazarus (Listenable Records) I didn't think this was all that great. This to me is another jump/nu metal band with those tough guy vocals. This just sounded like any other band I would see on the side stage at an OZ Fest show. The band slow down and they go into those typical dance metal parts and the singer sounds no different from any other tough guy singer. This is a case of heard it all before and didn't like it the 1st time. Info:

THE LEGION/A Bliss To Suffer (Listenable Records) Vicious speedy black metal is the ticket here and I am liking this ride. I love the blast beats and the fast guitar licks and the singer has an excellent voice and he sings in a more death metal tone than black metal and that was fine by me. The production is awesome and the guitars kick and the drums slay. The band slow it down just enough to let you catch your breath and then they blast you into hyper speed. This is pure brutality all the way and I loved every second of it. Info:

DUAL-COMA/Reprogrammed HATE (Let Them Come Productions) This was some pretty good death metal and the only thing I didn't like was the dual vocal thing with the clean and growl vocals. I like growl or death metal vocals as much as the next guy, but this clean vocal shit has to go. The music is mostly mid paced death metal with some fast parts thrown in to keep it fresh. The production is good and I like the think guitar sound on this as well as the rest of the instruments. The band also have a bit of a hardcore style in some of the parts as well. The band should have the one guy sing in death metal style and lose the clean vocals as it just kinda makes them sound like everybody else doing this style and these guys are better than that. Info:

BLIND FURY/Out Of Reach (Metal Mind Productions) This is some kick ass heavy metal bordering on power metal at times. I had never heard of this band, but from reading the bio they formed out of the ashes of the band Satan. This is pure fist banging metal with some awesome vocals. The tunes have great hooks and melodies and they will have that neck moving in mere seconds. Shame this is the bands only ever release, but it was a goodie. Think early Judas Priest, Omen, Helstar, etc and you will get an idea of this. A pure heavy metal delight and a big horns up for Metal Mind for putting this back out. A must have for any fan of pure 80's heavy metal. Info:

ABSOLUTION/The Revelation Diaries (Self Released) This was some really good heavy metal/thrash music on this. None of that nu metal jump shit and the singer doesn't sing as low as he can go. This is just heard hitting music with a combo of metal and thrash. The band sort of reminds me of Megadeth in spots, which isn't a bad thing. The singer sings in an aggressive style and I like his voice and he doesn't seem to be forcing anything on this as well. The music is powerful metal with some thrash thrown in. The production allows everything to be heard and I thought this was a pretty original kick ass band. Info: or

SPEWGORE/Chipped Teeth Broken Fingers (Heavil Music) This is a killer metalcore band. Not a combo of some weak hardcore and nu metal, but a mix of old school thrash mixed in with 80's style hardcore and this had me grinning from ear to ear. This has power, speed, aggression and fury. The singer has a great hardcore style voice that is a cross between the late El Duce of The Mentors and Billy Milano! The tunes are 3 minute and under blast of rapid fire hardcore/metal at its best. Not many bands doing this style now and this was a welcome surprise and I am a fan now. Info:

FISSION/Pain Parade (Aphotic Records) This is a 2 man band with one of the guys from the band Vinersorg. I had no idea what to expect when I popped this in and within a few minutes I was into this. It is very hard to describe as it is metal and a bit of hardcore and a little topping of hard hitting industrial music too. The music is big time heavy and at times fast and it just sucks you in with wicked riffs and I love the guitar sound and the vocals are simply godly as I love them big time. The production allows everything to shine and this is very cool and different and very impressive. Info: or

ANTIKYTHERA/Self Titled (Self Released) This is nu metal band that sounded like pretty much all the other bands that do this style of music. The band do a couple different things that were cool at some of the blast parts were cool and some of the slower parts weren't bad neither. I am sure this band crushes live and that pits are full, but this didn't do much for me. Info: or

ANTIKYTHERA/Pantheon (Self Released) This is the bands 2nd release and it is a 100 times better than the bands debut. They have lost a lot of that typical jump metal sound and a just more of a straight forward harcore band and they just lost a lot of their generic sound that was on the debut. The songs here don't sound like every other band and they have more aggression and are more original. The singer sounds better on this too and does a lot less of the Pantera like yells and screams. This gets a thumbs up for me as the band has come a long way and the blast parts on this crush too. Info: or

DEATH ON TWO WHEELS/Separation Of Church & Fate (Self Released) This was some really cool melodic metal almost like White Zombie if they played on a more melodic side. I thought this band was cool and different and I love the singer he sings the songs with such a passion and his voice fits the music perfectly. The music is melodic almost psychedelic at times and it is just hard to describe. The band deliver the goods with tons of killer hooks and song arrangements and they are just so fresh and exiting and I really liked this a lot. Info:

VOLBEAT/Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood (Mascot Records) Like I have said many times I am sucker for a good riff and this had plenty of them. This is like an alternative rock/metal band and they are a damn good one. Ripping, but catchy riffs with some insane like vocals made this a pleasure to listen to. Sort of like Stone Temple Pilots if they played with alternative edge. The tunes are catchy as hell and this is like a breath of fresh air from all the sound a like bands that pollute the underground. This was fresh, a bit different and I liked it. Info:

SWEET CYANIDE/Self Titled (Independent Records) This is another cool alternative rock band and they are a bit more on the melodic side than the above band. They are more alternative rock than metal, but they still write some cool catchy, but different tunes. The singer has a really cool voice and he fits the music rather well. Production is good and again this is something fresh and different and I give it 2 thumbs up. Info:

AUTUMN Hour/Dethroned (Rock Ridge Records) This was one of those modern metal bands and yes they have some of that groove style to them, but they are better than most. The one thing I liked was they didn't have the typical tough guy vocals on this as the singer Alan Tecchio (think Hades/Non Fiction) has a clean, but strong voice and he sounds great on this. This also isn't just your typical lets get the groove up nu metal band as they have a rock n roll edge to them too. Oh this is heavy and the guitar sound rips, but just isn't your typical band. The band also have some melody within the songs and the songs are quite catchy without becoming generic. This was a good, solid effort. Info:

MUDFACE/Self Titled (Self Released) 4 tracks of nu metal. This wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great neither. The band use the tough guy/clean vocal thing, which they should ditch as they seem to be better than just your faceless groove metal band. The singer doesn't sound all that bad and he doesn't go in that lower than low thing and the tunes were OK to my ears and were better than most of the other nu metal stuff I hear. Not bad and hoping the band will improve off this effort as they do have the seeds to be something good. Info: or try [email protected]

STATIC X/Cult Of Static (Reprise Records) I thought I would hate this, but popped it on with an open mind. This wasn't bad. It wasn't something I would listen to ever day, but it was better than I thought. The band play groove metal, but, at least on this release I have not heard any others, they throw in an almost industrial Ministry style feel to some of the tunes, and they didn't sound bad to these ears. The vocals are more in the gruff style and I am not a huge fan of those, but this didn't annoy me. The band also throw in some melody as track # 2 track as one wicked hook and has tons of melody to it as well. Not bad for what it is. You can get this exclusively at Best Buy or try:

LES CLAYPOOL/Of Fungi And Foe (Prawn Song Records) This was some of the most fucked up, warped shit I have ever heard. It wasn't my cup of tea and I really didn't like this, but put it this way, if you thought Primus (Les's old band) was weird, this is ten times more weirder. It is hard to describe except maybe being on a bad LSD trip, but take this in with an open mind. This I tried to like, but not for me just like I don't like strawberry milk. Info:

UFO/The Visitor (SPV) I have been a HUGE fan of this band since 'Strangers in the Night" came out back in 1979. It to me is still the best live recording ever. The band have continued to deliver the goods throughout the years and yes again the band deliver the goods on this. Awesome classic rock filled with lots of hooks and melodies done as only this band can do it. Vinnie Moore lets loose with some wicked chops and Phil Mogg continues to sound great on the vocals. If your a fan of the band or classic rock, then buy this and this is one of the most over looked rock band sever in my eyes as well. Info: or

SPHERIC UNIVERSE/Unreal (The Lasers Edge) I love this and I hate it. This is some killer prog metal, but the band inject some nu metal stuff that sounds awful and out of place. They also use that overused clean/growl vocal stuff at times and it sounds bad. Thank god it is not used much, but the band should give up on that stuff cause they are a hundred times better than that. The music mostly is some killer prog metal sort of like Cynic meeting Fates Warning at times. The singer has a great clean, but aggressive style voice for the most part. This for the most part if some godly metal and this is something that won't be leaving my CD deck anytime soon. Info: or

THE WOMB/This Is The Doomlodge (Self Released) This to me was just another faceless groove metal band with those overdone tough guy vocals and then the screaming parts along with the dance metal riffs that so many of these bands do. Nothing sticks out on this to me at all and is just another case of the same ole same ole. Info:

ARTILLERY/When Death Comes (Metal Mind Productions) For the love of god this hands down is easily a thrash metal classic. My neck worked overtime and my fingers were playing air guitar like never before. This is some godly thrash metal that I bow too. The riffs on this sucker are A plus and the songs just ooze with old school feeling and aggression. Singer Fleming Ronsdorf sings his balls off as he sings each song with such feeling, passion and anger it isn't funny. The production is perfect and the guitar sound is mint. This is easily a thrash metal classic and is easily the best thing I have reviewed so far in 2009. I bow down to this. Info:

EVANSCAPPS/Last TIme (Rock Ridge Music) Wow was this a pleasant surprise. This features Ean Evans from Lynyrd Skynard and Bobby Capps from 38 Special. This isn't Southern Rock, but is some kick ass rock n roll with tons of awesome hooks/riffs and some splendid singing from Capps. This is just a pure rock n roll delight. This has a harder edge that either of the bands they are in and Capps has an excellent voice and he fits the music well. There is not a bad tune on this and this is some of the best rock n roll my ears have heard in quite some time and Evans is battling cancer and I hope for one he beats this ugly disease. One hell of a release. Info:

MASS OBLITERATION/Fratricide (Self Released) 4 tunes of some crushing death metal from Italy. The tunes are straight no frills brutal death metal in the vein of bands like Incantation and Immolation. The singer has a good strong death metal voice as he growls out the lyrics and none of that generic guttural shit. This is the way death metal should sound and be played. Look forward to hearing more. Info:

TIM "RIPPER" OWENS/Play My Game (SPV) I was kinda disappointed in this. I guess I was expecting more from this and maybe I was expecting Judas Priest # 2, but this just didn't do it for me. It didn't suck, but the stuff on here didn't blow me away and I kinda just sat there as song after song played waiting for something to jump out at me and this was just kinda there. I would give this like a "C" as I was expecting this to blow me away and it just didn't do that. I will say this Tim's vocals sound awesome on this and he has plenty of guest musicians as well. Info:

SOLDERS OF SCRAPE/Operation: Shifting Gears: (1 Vision Records) This is some decent to very good thrash metal in the vein of Pantera. The tunes are heavy and at times fast and the have some good hooks and I was tapping my feet more than a few times as this played on. Now don't get me wrong this is not some Pantera clone band, they just have that that style that the band plays via the Vulgar Display of Power era. The production on here is solid and this is a good release of thrash metal with a more modern edge to it. Info: or

JON MIKL THOR/Sign Of The V (Vulcan Sky Records) Yes this is the same Thor that has been around for a while now. Thor has been around for quite awhile now and he still can deliver the goods. This is some good to great well crafted rock/metal with lots of great riffs/hooks and just wicked song arrangements. The tunes are heavy and catchy along with some strong vocals. The tunes just have catchy after catchy riff that had my feet tapping and my neck moving along to the riffs. Not many bands around doing this style and this was a like a breath of fresh air on a spring day. Nice one here. Info:

RESURRECTURIS/Non Voglio Morire CD/DVD (Copro Productions) I haven't heard this band in a while and I had no idea what to expect when I popped it on. I do remember the other stuff I had heard was pretty good and this was no exception. Some crushing death metal with lots of awesome riffs/song structures that will make any fan of death metal proud. The band mix in the speed just where it needs to be and enclosed DVD is an added bonus along with a 12 page booklet. A band that still delivers the goods. Info: or

BEHEMOTH/Live Eschaton/The Art Of Rebellion DVD/CD (Metal Mind Productions)
This is a crushing black metal band and this is one wicked cd/dvd that any underground fan would want. The DVD contains 10 songs and the band just tears through each track with such feeling and passion it isn't funny. Excellent camera work as well from the bands show way back in 2000. There is also a CD enclosed (which at least my version contained) which has 6 rare tracks and an interview with the band and a couple band videos. This is one awesome package that Metal Mind has put together and you can get it from them at: or