ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


AC/DC/Black Ice (Columbia Records) I have never, ever in all my years of doing Metal Core got an AC/DC CD to review and lo and behold I got the bands latest to review. AC/DC has been my favorite band since 1979 and they have never let me down. Sure some albums have been better than others, but the band has always put out good to great releases and have never let me down live. The band return after 8 yrs and this latest is easily one of their best. 15 new tunes and the band just rip out opening tune, "Rock N Roll Train" that is easily one of the bands best tunes ever. The trademark riffing of Angus and his brother shine and Brian belts out the tunes as only he knows how. "Big Jack", "War Machine", etc just had me smiling from ear to ear. All 15 tunes on this are classic AC/DC tunes and the Young brothers easily amaze me as time after time and album after album they can come up with these killer rock n roll riffs. This band have never failed to deliver the goods and once again they showed me why I consider them my favorite band. Angus forever. You can find this at any Wal Mart store and at:

AC/DC November 12, 2008/Live at Madison Square Garden-I have always wanted to see them live at the Garden and I plucked down $94.00 for my ticket and I headed up to NYC via NJ Transit after I got done work. Just walking into the Garden, where I had never seen a live concert, I got goosebumps. I wanted the NY Rangers game and after the opening band got done I went and got to my seat. The band opened up with Rock N Roll Train and for the next 2 hours me and the sold out crowd was treated to a bunch of classics and 5 new tunes, which didn't seem out of place at all. The crowd was big time into the show and the new tunes got as just a great reaction as the old ones. The band still do a bunch of Bon Scott tunes, Whole Lotta Rosie, Highway To Hell, TNT, Dirty Deeds, etc. I don't know how Angus does it and at 53 yrs old he still rocks and owns the stage. The sound was great and the band were tight as balls and dead on. The set list I thought was on the money and I couldn't hear for 2 days. Let There Be Rock and For Those About To Rock were the 2 highlights for me, but the entire show was a 10 plus for me and the band just showed me and everybody in the crowd that when it comes to rock n roll, nobody does it better. It is 2 days later and my ears are still ringing and I am loving it.


LEVERAGE/Blind Fire (Blistering Records) This was some very good hard rock mixed in with some power metal with a good singer. His has a nice voice and he fits the music and what the band is doing rather well. The guitar player rips through the tunes and his solos and riffs are out of this world. The production is right on the money and this band sort of reminds me if Dream Theater played hard rock. Info:

CREAMATORY/Pray (Blistering Records) This I just couldn't into due to the dual vocal thing, which I have now grown to hate. I know they use 2 singers, but that is so overdone now that when a band uses it, it sounds generic and stupid. The music is goth mixed in with a little death metal and the songs were just kinda boring to me as the gruff vocals just didn't do a thing for me and the music wasn't much better. Info:

LAAZ ROCKET/Left For Dead (Blistering Records) I was never a big fan of this band, but this was one of those "holy shit" releases. This band takes no prisoners on this baby. This is prime old school thrash with tons of killer riffs and fast double bass drums and some killer thrash metal vocals that put the weak to shame. Your neck will be moving in no time and I just love each and every song on this. You also get 3 live "bonus tracks" that are only on the US version, which is cool with me. The production is perfect and the band just have that "it" guitar sound and this just kicked my ass from pillar to post. This just blew me away. Info:

ECLIPSE/Are You Ready To Rock (Blistering Records) Oh this is just some awesome melodic rock with tons of hooks and some great singing. The singer has a perfect voice for AOR rock and he sings the songs with passion and feeling as the band churn out some killer melodic riffs that had my foot tapping and my neck moving. I love the guitar sound and the song arrangements and this just totally blew me away with how good it was. An AOR fan's dream. Info:


EXCITER/Thrash Speed Burn (Blistering Records) I have been an Exciter fan since Heavy Metal Maniac and I have watched the ups and downs with the band and to me it is amazing they are still around after all they have been through. They now return with yet another singer and he does a pretty damn good job on this baby. He has a similar style to the previous singer, but he doesn't hit as many high notes as the previous guy, but he still hits some and he to me fits right in. The music is Exciter played thrash with John Ricci's incredible guitar sound and style of thrash metal. The band just rip and tear through the tunes on this with thrash and speed and any fan of thrash metal should bow down to the band as they have put out yet another killer release. Info:


JOE LYNN TURNER/Live In Germany (Blistering Records) Joe was the lead singer during Rainbow's heyday and on this live CD he sings many of those classics including Power, Death Valley Driver, I Surrender, Can't Happen Here and others. He also plays a few solo songs from albums he has done over the years and also does a Deep Purple cover of Burn, which kills by the way. His voice sounds great on this and he and his band play all the songs to perfection. If you were a fan of Rainbow back then or love melodic rock, then this is one release you need to get. Info:


JORN/Lonely Are The Brave (Blistering Records) This was decent melodic rock with a metal edge to it. The singer has a good powerful set of pipes and he sings the songs with a fury, but still keeps that melodic edge to it. The music is heavy metal with a commercial edge sort of like old Helix meeting Saxon. The production is good and the guitar sound is meaty and thick. 9 tunes to sink your teeth into. Info:


LIVING COLOUR/CBGB OMFUG Masters: August 19, 2005 The Bowery Collection (MVD Audio) 12 tunes are presented here in awesome sounding live disc. This was sort of a reunion type of thing from what I remember and the band just rip through the tunes. From Glamour Man to of course the Cult of Personality, you get the band whipping it up on stage. This band was very original back in the day as they mixed in rock, metal, and some funk into their brand of music and they sounded great back then and they sound great on this disc. The live sound on this is godly and the band are sadly missed, but here is something I can remember them by. Well, worth getting and a testament to have really good the band was in the history of music. Info:

STIFF DONUT/Once You Go To Chocolate You Never Go Back (Self Released) This is dirty garage rock with a metal edge. The songs were pretty funny. I mean with song titles such as Fake ID, Fucking Retards, etc, I am sure you are getting the picture. The vocals are kinda buried in the mix, which would be my only complaint. The band are sort of like Scatterbrain if anybody remembers them. This is like a humor rock/metal band. This wasn't bad and I got more than a chuckle at the lyrics. Info:

AFFLICTED/Prodigal Sun (Metal Mind Productions) This was a weird band to say the least. Sort of like a death metal Voivod at times. The riffs are weird and warped and there is also speed metal parts too. The vocals are growl death metal vocals, but not that lower cup the mic crap. I don't remember much about this band, but I will say this is a refreshing release and it gets better with repeated listens. The production is solid and like I said riffs come out you from left field and you don't know what is going to happen next. This is like psychedelic death metal and was a really cool, fresh release and it was awesome of Metal Mind to re-issue this baby. Well, worth hunting down. Info:

SHOOTING BLANKS/You're Not Gonna Want To Hear This (Zero Music Group) This band is like a mix of poppy music and David Bowie mixed in with Mott The Hoople. The band write good poppy tunes with a good singer. Songs with hooks I am a sucker for and this had plenty of that. You also get DVD with this and if your into a cool band that write catchy riffs and not bad songs, here ya go. A very good band here. Info:

SOTHIS/De Oppresso Liber (Candlelight Records) Decent black metal with bits and pieces of death metal. The band write some good tunes and the riffs and the intensity are there big time. The vocals are good growl death/black metal vocals and the production was strong and I like the guitar sound. Solid release. Info:

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS/In The Shadow Of Thousand Suns (Candlelight Records) Holy shit is this some vicious, raw, unrelenting black metal. This band shreds. This is some fast, powerful music here my friends. The production is prefect, not over the top, and raw enough that it will make your ears bleed. Some of the best black metal vocals I have ever heard as well. This a crushing release that should not be misses. Info:

OMNIUM GATHERUM/The Redshift (Candlelight Records) I had not really heard much about this band, but this is one fine release. The band play melodic death metal with tons of hooks and melodic playing, but still retain brutality within the music. The vocals are a pure death metal delight and the band just rip into some wicked death metal at times and they had my neck moving by track # 2. Think Swedish death metal with a melodic twist. Info:

KISKE/Past In A Different Way (Blistering Records) This didn't start off on a bad foot, by track 3 I was bored. This is just way too mellow for me as the songs just all sounded the same. The singer has a fantastic voice and if he was in a melodic rock band his voice would be perfect for that style. The is really mellow rock music that works in spots, but then every track sounds the same and it doesn't sound fresh, it sounds boring. I like all kinds of music and this just didn't connect with me after a bit. Info:

TIM ERICKSON/Play To Win (Self Released) Tim plays everything on this and it sounded pretty damn good to these ears. The music is rock n roll with a metal edge to it, but with a grunge sound, which isn't a bad thing trust me. Tim knows a good riff and his fingers strum and play many of them on this disc. His voice is kinda dark and eerie and it fits the music rather well. It amazes me he plays everything on this. A very solid release that he should be proud of. Info:

UNDER EDEN/Phoenix On Frozen Wings (Self Released) Really good death metal. The band just rip through the tunes with the fury of a charging bull. Vocals that remind me of Ross from Immolation. The band also have a bit of melodic side to them and each tune is not a total blast of fury. The band take their foot off the gas petal at times and let you rest before they knock you back into next week. The production is solid and I see no reason why this bands next release is on a record label. Info:

BEN AVERCH/Start At The Beginning (Self Released) This is not something I would listen to all the time, but this is some decent alternative rock. The music isn't bad and Ben has a decent voice. The tunes are rock tunes with an alternative edge to them and like I said this isn't my cup of tea so to speak, but the tunes are decent catchy numbers that fans of this style of music would I think like. Info:

ACTION OVER DRIVE/Dare (Self Released) This band have sort of a spacey sound to them kinda like an old 70's rock band mixing in with Soundgarden. I couldn't really get into this as I thought the tunes were flat. The vocals are kinda buried in the mix and I didn't care for the singer neither. Somebody might like this is they were high on pot, but I am not and the tunes and the vocals were flat as a pancake and this just didn't peek my interest at all. Info:

KOMMANDANT/Iron Bands Of Scandinavia (Self Released) 3 crushing tunes of prime time black metal with hints and pieces of death metal. This is fast and furious and the speed is on the dial on this. Killer death/black metal vocals and the intensity of this is not matched by many. The production is good for a demo and this just smoked and blew me away. Info:

ARCKANUM/Antikosmos (Moribund Records) This is the bands newest release in about 10 years. This to me was OK black metal. It to me sounds like a bunch of other black metal bands with the raw production and screeching black metal vocals. The band do play fast and furious and slow it down at times and this isn't bad, but nothing knocked me out of my chair. This band was just kinda there and didn't suck, but didn't do anything to blow me over. Info:

OCTOBER FALLS/The Womb Of Primordial Nature (Moribund Records) I didn't know if I would like this or not, but this grew on me and it is an awesome release. Now this is not something I would listen to every day, but the band have tons of feeling within their music is covers many different styles and not one of them seems out of place. The band play a mix of haunting black metal with some slow classic music parts that work for them. The songs sucked me in and I just went along for the ride. The vocals are pure evil black metal vocals. This is a very different band that I really enjoyed. Info:

MEGADETH/Anthology Set The World Afire (Capitol Records) This is a killer double CD of the best this band has to offer and included is a couple live tracks and un released track too. 35 tunes that spans stuff from album # 1 up to the present. Rattlehead, The Mechanix, Devils Island, Anarchy In The UK, Hangar 18, Skin O My Teeth, Kill The King, and the song list goes on and on. This is one CD to go get and crank up LOUD my friends. A double thumbs up from me. Info:

HILLS OF ELYSIUM/Gigadent (Sinister Records) This was a weird mix of death metal, heavy metal and alternative with a female singer. The female has a killer voice, but I hate when she goes into those annoying screeches, which to me ruin what the band is doing and just make the band sound generic. She doesn't do it all that much and the band make the 2 musical styles work and they are quite heavy and catchy. The production is perfect and the band write and play some quirky and interesting riffs. They are heavy, catchy and different for sure. I thought this was a pretty cool band. Info:

DESTRUCTION/D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. (Candlelight Records) This is another classic from these German thrashers. I have been a fan of this band from way back when they started and they did put out a couple stinker releases when Schmier left, but since he has returned they have released nothing but classics, and this is another one. Just crushing riff after riff played only as this band can do it. Schmier sounds awesome on the vocal side as well and just prepare your neck to get in a workout. I was playing air guitar within seconds. This kills. Info:

KHOLD/Hundre A Gammal (Candlelight Records) This is some really good black metal that I enjoyed very much. The band play more of a mid paced feel style and I thought that was kinda cool. The singer has a killer black metal voice and he belts out the lyrics with conviction and passion. I love the raw guitar sound and production on this. The songs didn't bore me at all and this had my neck moving more times than not. This was a pleasant surprise. Info:

PHAZM/Cornerstone Of The Macabre (Osmose Productions) This is one weird band I must say. They play black metal, but use some of weirdest and craziest riffs I have heard in a long time. This is by far not your typical black metal band. Each time I listen to this I come up with a different vibe. The band can play slow, mid paced and then blast into hyperdrive. The vocals are a pure death metal delight. The production is thick and heavy. If your looking for something different and off the wall, here ya go. This is a mix of black and death metal and just extreme music. Info:

HOUSE OF LORDS/Come To My Kingdom (Blistering Records) This band was formed back in the late 80's and were a hard rock band, but in all that poser make up shit. They have reformed a few other times and I had not herd any of that other material, which brings me to this new release that I got. This is a masterpiece of hard rock. The tunes are catchy pure rock numbers that wouldn't sound out of place on any of their early releases. Singer James Christian sounds godly on this as his vocals will take you to places you haven't been in. His vocals are so smooth and so brilliant and just had me caught in his spell. I have not heard a pure rock n roll release like this in quite some time and this is easily a top 10 of the year for me. Info:

GLEN HUGHES/First Underground Nuclear Kitchen (Blistering Records) I loved Glen Hughes when he was in Pat Travers and I just ordered Hughes/Thrall off This I had mixed feeling with. I don't like all the funky style he uses on this, but I have to admit the tunes are catchy and I even liked some of the tunes on here as he had my foot tapping in spots. I think I just have to be in the right mood or frame of mine to listen to this. He sings great and the production is right on the money. This is something I have to be in the right mood to listen to. Info:

REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE/New Era (Blistering Records) This is just some godly power metal with some incredible singing. The singers voice took me on a journey that I never wanted to end. Just killer tunes with riffs that were so catchy and heavy it wasn't even funny. The singer blends in perfect with the music and this was just a perfect package. The production is right on the money and there is not one back thing to say about this. Well, worth getting. Info:

DETENTE/History 1 (Cognitive Records) I don't have much info on as when this stuff was recorded, but let me tell you it is quite the slab of thrash metal. This is breath taking to my ears. Dawn Crosby is sadly missed and she had a unique voice at it shows on this as she sings these tunes with a passion and fury not matched by many. The riffs of Mike Carlino are out of this world and they just force the head to bang as they are so damn catchy and heavy to boot. I assume this is some old demo stuff maybe mixed in with some newer unreleased stuff. All I know this is something you need in your collection asap. This crushes. Info:

SUSPYRE/When TIme Fades (Sensory) Pretty cool progressive power metal in the vein of Dream Theater. The band play some long tunes with a progressive feel and also throw in some power metal and even thrash here and there. The singer has a strong, clear voice that I enjoyed and the tunes were full of wicked riffs and just heavy overtones. The production is nicely balance and you can hear everything quite clearly. The riffs will not go over your head and while it is progressive and the tunes are long, trust me you will not be bored. Info:

OVIF/Devast (Self Released) This is a 2 man band/project and it is simply blew me away. This is just a wicked thrash metal release with some punk overtones. They remind me of Biohazard and I love that band and they remind me a little in the vocal department of that band. The riffs will have you giving your neck a workout or moshing up in your bedroom. The production is right on the money and the guitar work is crisp and they get such a heavy sound. They almost remind of older Sacred Reigh in spots as well. Simply put, this is an incredible release and these 2 guys should hold their heads up with this baby. Incredible job guys. Info:

DRUG HONKEY/Death Dub (Self Released) While this was quite heavy and doomy, I couldn't get past the vocals, which were just grunts and growls. The music is some crushing doom metal and it is heavy as heavy can be, but the vocals kill it for me. If he would just even just growl it wouldn't be bad, but he grunts and just almost makes just noises with his throat and that is just something I am not into at all. Musicwise this is some crushing doom. Production is good as well. You can judge for yourself at:

TEMPLE OF BLOOD/Overlord (Self Released) This is the 2nd release I have got from this band and I have no idea why this band is not on a label yet. This is a godly release (pun intended) of power/thrash metal that would please any fan of metal. The riffs are brilliant, the vocals are soaring and sung with passion and feeling. This is total old school 80's thrash and I loved every note from note # 1 till the last one. This reminded me of the 1st brilliant release of Agent Steel in spots. It had that vibe and production and just overall feel to it. If you like old school thrash, this is easily a must have. Info:

BETTER LEFT UNSAID/The Fight Within (Stillborn Records) This is yet another typical groove metal band with those throaty death metal growl vocals and then clean vocals. The music is so tiredsome and generic and the vocals are another case of heard it all 1000 times before. There is nothing new or exciting on this disc as it just another faceless groove metal band. Info:

HOT BUTTERED ANAL/Lies (Spare Change Records) This is another funny and cool release from these guys. They don't care who they piss off and the lyrics will have you laughing your ass off as I was. The music is a mix of death, grind, speed metal and even a bit of crazy rap in there. They have a bit of the SOD sound to them, which isn't a bad thing. There is 17 tunes here and I thought this was really cool and the production is good and this was a very fun review and listen to. Choke The Bitch was classic. Info:

BLACK METAL SATANICA/Same DVD (MVD Visual) I was around when this crazy stuff was going on and if you weren't, then have a seat and put this on and your world will be turned into murder, church burnings and Satan. This takes you back to when black metal was first formed, but focuses mostly on the Norway scene where churches were getting burned, people were blowing their brains out and people got stabbed and died. Me I thought some of this stuff was way on the extreme and 2 people are dead and one is still in jail and I am sure he regrets what he did. If he isn't he is even a bigger idiot than I thought. This sent chills down my spine as I can recall all this stuff and it was kinda fascinating going back once again and re living all this crazy stuff. Info:

OUTTASITE/Careful What You Wish For (Outtasite Music) This was like a mix of rap and metal and I this was not my cup of tea. It isn't done bad and a few riffs here and there weren't bad, but I can't take all the rapping and album scratching as to me rap is just a bunch of noise with guys singing or talking etc. I am sure this might go on to sell a bucketload, but this isn't my thing. Info:

XYSTUS/A Rock Opera (The Laser's Edge) Are you prepared? Prepared to take journey of many ups and downs and twists and cracks. This is some wicked progressive metal with lots of twists, turns, and lots of highs, lows. The singer has a godly voice and he sings each note and song with such passion and feeling it isn't funny. This also features some orchestra stuff and it fits right in with the band and I loved it actually. It was a nice change of pace and this kept me on the edge of my seat and even in the car when I popped this is I was sucked in and sucked in deep. An absolute brilliant release and this was something different, something fresh, and it easily won me over. Buy it NOW. Info:

HEAVY JACK/Multiply (Self Released) This is some just great ass kicking rock n roll with a metal edge to it. The band just rip out incredible tune after tune with no groove, no generic singing, just plain heavy, catchy tunes that really caught my ear. They reminded me in spots of really early AC/DC (Let There Be Rock era), which is not a bad thing at all. I also got an early Rush feel (think Fly By Night). The 8 tunes here are just plain great to awesome and I take a bow to this band they kicked my ass. Info:

NEVERRA/Origins (Self Released) This is some hard hitting death metal and it hits in the right spots. Killer riffs and some nice throaty death metal vocals made this a pleasure to listen to. The production is nice and thick and the guitar sound the band use is right what the doctor ordered. The band have plenty of speed and power and slow it down to catch your breath and then whip it back into the speed lane to give your neck another workout. The band have a nice mix of the old school style of death metal while also having a touch here and there of the newer death metal sound. Very solid release. Info:

Lustra/What You Need And What You Get (X Off Records) This is a poppy alternative rock band and they are a pretty good one. Again it comes down to songs for me and riffs and vocals and this band had all 3. The music is poppy punk alternative style, but the riffs still have a catchiness about them and the riffs stuff in my head. The singer has a good almost grungy punkish voice that fits in well with the music. The production allows everything to flow and the bottom line is the songs were good, catchy tunes that had my bobbing he head and not growing bored. Info:

ATTACK ATTACK/Self (Rock Ridge Music) This band reminded of the Foo Fighters in spots. The band play a decent style of modern rock n roll with some decent songs. The singer has a good voice and the production is good and allows everything to flow. This didn't blow me away, but this was some decent modern rock n roll. Info:

KILLGASM/Goat Grind (Self Released) This some wicked, crushing black/death/grind music. This band just blast and crash through these tunes with the fury of a put bull. The riffs will snap your neck and the drummer smashes and trashes his drums into complete submission. The production has that raw underground feel, which for a band like this, works. The vocals are unholy and are deep growls of death, in other words, perfect for this style of music. This is a tidal wave of extreme music. Info:

PSYCHOMANTHIUM/Blueprint For Murder (No Joke Records) This reminded me a lot of Biohazard both in the music and the vocals. The band rip through these tunes with a NYHC style and the riffs I am sure will have many a pits forming and moving. The singer has that cool punk/hardcore vocals style down pat and he sings the tunes very well, not sounding forced or generic. The production is not over polished and almost keeps that dark almost cellar sound that punk bands need. This is a perfect blend of metal core. Info:

IMPETITY/Dominator (Pulverised Records) Another excellent release from these sick black metal hordes. 5 tunes are on this including a cover song by Scarfago. This crushes just like all past releases. Fast, pulverizing black metal with tons of speed, grit, passion and power. The vocals are a black metal delight. The blast beats are real, not that fake blast all those groove bands do. This is the real deal and I wish there was more than 5 tunes on this. Bow down to the masters. Info:

FOR THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE/Tank Gasmask Ammo (Pulverised Records) This was death metal that was OK. The band sound like a million other bands and I am not a fan of the vocals as they just sound like any run of the mill death metal band. This band doesn't suck, but there is nothing to really get me pumped up and excited. This is just another case of the same ole same ole. I do like the thick guitar sound at times, but this overall didn't excite me much. Info:

ETHERBIRD/The Ghost Collector (Pulverized Records) This was some weird death metal at times as some of the songs go way off the deep end into some really weird black metal territory. This took a couple listens to get in to and even though is not something I am doing backflips over, it more than gets the job done. This is not your typical band. Some parts are all in out death/black metal and then the guitar sound just drifts off into some crazy riff and stuff. It is hard to describe. The vocals are growls of death and they aren't the greatest, but they don't suck. This is something I have to be in the right frame of mind to listen to and it is different at times and out there. Info:

FROM SNEW/Snew You (Self Released) 10 tunes of ass kicking rock n roll that isn't far off from AC/DC or Krokus. The singer has a little Marc from Krokus in him and the tunes are just simple, but effective rock n roll tunes that will have your toes tapping and your head bobbing to the music. The band have a total garage like feel on the production too. 10 tunes on this and not a bad one in the bunch. If a label was smart they would snatch these guys up. Info:

HUZZAH THE INFORMANTS/Fiesta Obscura (Just Rock PR) This is some decent power pop, but the singer has the little quirky voice and sounds out of place and it totally ruined any chance of this being any good in my book. The music is catchy power pop, but these guys should look at another singer. The production is good and like I said the songs are catchy pop tunes, but lose the singer. Info:

GOREGONIK/Demo 2008 (Self Released) 7 tracks of solid no frills death metal is the package you get with this band. No silly groove riffs, no generic low and high singing, just balls to the wall death metal played hard, fast and with intensity and feeling. The singer has a good death metal voice. The guitar sound is thick and heavy and the production is right on the money. The band mix up the speed and slow it down just enough to catch your breath. This band in my opinion would be a wise option to sign to a good record label. Info:

MURDER IN GREENWICH/The Greatest Story Ever Told (Romulus X Records) The music on this isn't too bad, it is a mix of death metal and groove metal. The vocals in some parts aren't bad as the singer has a pretty decent set of death metal lungs, but when he goes into that lower than low growl it sounds stupid and generic. The production on this is ultra thick and the guitar sound is one of the heaviest I have heard in quite some time. Thank god he doesn't to the lower than low crap a ton. Not too bad for the style of death metal they play, which I am no fan of. Info:

RAGE FROM WITHIN/Loyalty Before Dishonor (Romulus X Records) This was some really good death metal. The singer has a killer voice and the band pound out the tunes hard and fast and with the fury of a charging bull. This is more of a new school style, but I still enjoyed it a lot. The singer just belts out the tunes with a fury and the band mix up the sound with some hardcore now and then and that in a way kinda gives it an old school crossover feel. The production is nice and solid and this was just a kick ass release. Info:

RED 13/My Bitter Story (Romulus X Records) This band was more rooted in nu metal with a mix of death metal in there at times. This wasn't bad for what they do and the band write some catchy riffs and tunes. The singer has a strong voice and the music is quite catchy at times and doesn't seemed forced or generic like a lot of other bands that do this style sound like to me. The tunes just rock and that is the bottom line and this was a good, solid release. Info:

BADMOUTH/Self Titled (Romulus X Records) This was just awesome rock n roll with a metal edge to it. The band just bang out killer tune after tune on this. The singer has the perfect voice for the style of music the band is doing and they play old school rock with a metal edge that not many bands are doing these days. I found each tune had some catchy vocals, wicked riffs and I love the guitar sound they have as well. This gets a 2 thumbs up from me. Info:

LEST WE FORGET/Shadows Of Centralia (Romulus X Records) This was typical groove death metal with all the same tired, generic riffs that all the other band use. The vocals were just growls and the songs were nothing special as they just plodded along with little or no direction. This band just sounds like a million other bands I have heard doing this same style. Info:

GUILLOTINE/Blood Money (Pulverised Records) Just crushing thrash metal that had me smiling from the 1st note to the last. This reminded me a lot of Destruction, and that my friends is not a bad thing. Rip roaring riffs and killer signing were a highlight to me. The guitar sound and that old school feeling were around in bunches on this. The production is perfect and the gallop riffs had my neck moving and my foot moving to the beat. Just a pure thrash metal delight that any thrash metal fan must own. Info:

CLOSER/A Darker Kind Of Salvation (Pulverised Records) This was modern groove death metal and it wasn't too bad. The band follow the same formula that most of these bands do as they have some groove riffs and a few fast parts and growl and some clean vocals. The music is OK, it doesn't suck, but it also doesn't blow me away. Some of the riffs are cool and stuff. I would say this band is decent. Info:

HELLVETO/Neohersey (Pulverised Records) This is some deep, dark black metal with a few goth and viking metal overtones. The band really set up the mood and suck you in. Now this isn't something I would listen to all the time, but it is really good for what it is and that is some deep dark and almost fascinating music. The music sucks and pulls you in and it just creates this eerie mood. It is kinda hard to explain. The band is very original in sound and the vocals are of a dying man on his last breaths. The band can also go to the other extreme and rip into some fast black metal as song # 3 just ripped my head off. This was something different and not of the norm and I liked it. Info:

BILOCATE/Same (Self Released) Wow this is sort of like Symphony Of Grief. This band really puts you into a sad mood like you were walking down a dark alley at 3:00am. The music is ultra heavy as a ton of bricks and just the mood and feeling I got as this played on, almost melted me. The vocals are pure death metal and they just help create this mood that the band gets off. The production is nice and thick and the guitar sound they get will melt you like a warm summer day. This is what doom metal and sadness are all about. Info:

FROM THE INSIDE/Visions (Blistering Records) This has the former singer from Tyketto singing and this is an excellent slab of AOR rock that I absolutely loved. This is classic AOR rock in the vein of Journey, Balance, and Frankie and The Knockouts. Danny the singer has an absolute godly voice and he sings these songs with a passion and emotion that is not on many other records. The music is just classic 80's AOR rock that I loved back then and I love now. This will easily be in my top 10 at the end of the year. Info:

STARBREAKER/Love's Dying Wish (Blistering Records) Ah more great AOR rock from this label. This is a bit darker than the above release, but they band still retain their melodic edge. This has the former singer from TNT and his vocals shine on this as the band takes you through 12 tunes of hooks, great vocals, and just beautiful tunes. Tony the singer belts out the lyrics with ever ounce in can from his soul and this band just blew me away with their hooks, melodies and vocal lines. Another winner. Info:

ALMAH/Fragile Equality (Blistering Records) Some decent power metal here. The band follow the formula of a lot of the newer power metal bands, with melodic vocals, lots of double bass, etc. The tunes are catchy and heavy and no doubt your neck will be getting a workout from this. The band just sounded similar to many of the other power metal bands I have heard to blow me away, but this was still quite good. The playing is great, the singing is great, but the sound structure and style just sounds like many other bands doing this. Some will do backflips over this, me I thought it was good not great. Info:

FAIRYTAIL ABUSE/Perversions Of Angel VI (Blistering Records) This band mix in death and black metal. The band can blast into hyperdrive black metal and then have more moody parts. They are definitely not your typical band and they have carved a neat little niche for themselves. The band work on their songs setting more of a mood than just blasting out evil riffs and they can knock you for a loop as the song will go into fast pounding black metal. The vocals are pure evil black metal style and this was a different kind of band and this is not your typical band. Info:

SIEBENBURGEN/Revelation VI (Blistering Records) This was some really good melodic black metal with hooks and black metal singing where you can hear what he is saying! The band just tear through these tunes with a mix of melodic parts and fast blasting black metal parts. The vocals are awesome as the singer sings with a ton of passion and feeling and you can just feel the evil ooze off his lungs. There is even some female vocals and they even sound cool to me and don't sound out of place. This is one of the best black metal releases I have heard this year. Info:

AYAT/Six Years Of Dormant Hatred (Moribund Records) Holy shit is this some crushing black metal. The power, passion and feeling I felt as this played gave me goosebumps. The vocals are so powerful, filled with violence and hate. The music is killer old school black metal and these guys can churn on the hyperdrive when they need to and also slow it down to a more moderate pace. The production is heavy and the guitar sound is perfect. One of the best black metal releases of the year no doubt. Info:

HORNA/Sanojesi Aarelle (Moribund Records) More crushing black metal as this label delivers the goods again. Just more rip roaring black metal. The vocals could be from hell itself. The band mix up the fast blazing parts with some crushing slower parts. The band have a wicked weird guitar sound. The production is on the raw side, but for a band like this, it works, not hinders. The band just evoke such power, feeling and emotion in the songs. Great release. Info:

BLOOD STAINED DUSK/Black Faith Inquisition (Moribund Cult) This band return with a new release and I thought this was really good. The band don't just play fast to play fast. The band mix more feeling and more mid paced stuff than just the speed stuff. The vocals are vocals from hell. This band evoke more of a feeling and stuff within their music. What is cool is they are different from a lot of the other black metal bands I have been hearing lately. Another gem of a find by Moribund. Info:

DODSFERD/Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey (Moribund Records) I didn't like this too much. The vocals are just screamed and just lacked any passion and it seemed to me just some guy yelling and growling into a mic. The music wasn't much better as the tunes just dragged on and there was no hook or anything to reel me in so to speak. The songs just sounded flat to me and I couldn't get into this. It is just one guy doing this and I commend him for doing it all on his own, but for me I just didn't like it. Info:

NECRONOCLAST/Haven (Moribund Records) This is another one man band/project and this I found much more to my liking than the above release. This just created a mood that hooked me and kept me there for good. Vocals that the devil himself would be proud of. This is music that belongs at a funeral. From doom to fast black metal this will take you on a ride you won't soon forget. The music goes from doom to exploding fast black metal in seconds and the slow parts crush and the fast parts take your fuckin head off. The production is perfect and this guy can really create a mood and the slow stuff just melted me. Info:

BIBLE BELT/Freedom Metal (Cruz Del Sur Music) This was awesome heavy metal/rock n roll in the vein of old (1st release) Def Leppard, UFO, etc. The songs are built around simple, but bone crushing head banging riffs. The tunes are catchy and heavy and the singer has a great voice and he sings the songs with passion and fits the music rather well. There is not many bands doing this style and this was like a breath of fresh air after a week of crappy weather. This is pure spikes to the wall heavy metal that should not be missed of any fan of metal. Info:

BLOODBATH/The Fathomless Mastery (Peaceville Records) This was a good solid death metal release. The riffs are right on the money and the songs just kicked ass. The singing was also very good and the songs didn't lack punch and had my head moving. This has more of an old school metal sound to it and that of course was fine by me. Production is very good and I love the heavy guitar sound. Fast, pounding death metal with tons of hooks and power. Info:

SLANK/Anthem For The Broken Hearted (Self Released) This was some decent modern rock n roll with a pop edge to it. The opening track, "DevilInU" is a poppy track with a nice little hook that sucked me in. Track # 2 "Caricature" was another track with a simple, but effective hook that sucked me right in. This band in some ways reminded me of the 80's band, The Producers. All the tunes on this are quirky little pop tunes with the right hooks and vocal melodies. This band is so much better than about 98% of the new bands I have heard as this band write some good to great catchy tunes and this is one of the best new rock/pop bands I have heard in quite some time. Info:

PRO PAIN/No End In Sight (Regain Records) I have mixed feeling on this record. Some of the tunes were pretty good, but others were just flat and just kinda plodded along and just didn't represent the Pro Pain I am used too. This band was one of the first to have the so called "groove metal" sound and I didn't mind it with these guys cause they did it way long before it got trendy and over used. On this release the band went for a more melodic sound and style and to me I was kinda disappointed as I felt some of the songs were flat and just kinda there. This band needs to go back to what got them to the dance. The opening track would be a perfect example of what the band should be. They got away too much from what them here and the melodic tunes were just flat and lacked that killer hook and sound that I expect from these guys. It has its moments, but I am kinda disappointed in this. Info:

DARK FUNERAL/Attera Orbis Terrarum DVD (Regain Records) This is a 2 disc DVD
from this black metal band. It contains 2 discs from 2 different shows and on each disc you get some extra bonus stuff from other tours that the band did. The band sound as tight as tight spandex from the 80's on these discs. The band just shred through the tunes on both discs with the fury of a 100 miles and hour fast ball. The South America show on disc 2 is the highlight for me. The fans are totally into it and I know extreme metal fans down there and in places like Mexico, the fans are extremely nuts. If you have never seen the band live, this is the next best thing and next time they do tour, do yourself a favor and go witness the onslaught for yourself and Satan will be proud you did. Info:

PAT TRAVERS/Stick With What You Know Live In Europe (Provogue Records) I have loved some of the stuff Pat has put out and LIve Go For What You Know is one of the best live albums ever. This is another live record with a new line-up that was recorded in 2007. This has 13 tunes including some of Pat's best know tunes: Boom Boom Out Go The Lights, Crash and Burn, Snorting Whiskey and Born Under A Bad Sign. Pat's vocals still sound good and he still can rip out the riffs and his backing band sounded good to these ears. There is several other covers including Jimi Hendrix's Red House. If you a fan of Pat's like myself then this easily belongs in their collection. Info:

ADRENICIDE/Natural Born Thrashers (Thrashard Records) Killer old school thrash metal is the ticket here. 19 tracks that would not be out of place on an old DRI or Municipal Waste CD. Razor sharp riffs and shouted vocals are a highlight on this. The music just had me ready to mosh around my house. The production is perfect and the band just have that killer old school feel and sound that can't be matched by a lot of bands. This is a release any fan of thrash metal would enjoy big time. Info:

FILTER/Remixes For The Damned (Pulse Records) This was just too much on the technical side for me to really enjoy. I'd really have to hear these songs in their original form to judge them against these, but the songs here are sort of like old Nine Inch Nails with a lot of techno beat to them and I hate techno music to the core. I think it is absolutely worthless. This just didn't appeal to me and I am sure the songs in their original form are much better.

ROSS THE BOSS/New Metal Leader (Candlelight Records) Most of you know Ross The Boss from his work in Manowar. This is a new release from him and Ross says this is a full band and let me tell you this packs quite a wallop. The music is a combo of straight forward fist pounding metal and power metal. The riffs on this had me banging me head in a matter of seconds and to me this blows away any Manowar record. The singer reminds me of the new singer of Exciter. The songs just kick ass and this is heavy metal of the highest order. This was a very surprising release. Any metal fan would love this. Info:

SINNER/Crash And Burn (Candlelight Records) Sinner return with another kick ass release of Sinner style metal. The band just rip and crush these tunes as only they know how. This is a pure fist banging metal delight. This may not be as thrashy as some of their earlier releases, but it is chock full of metal tunes that will satisfy any headbanger. They sort of remind me of older Accept in spots. These tunes will have your neck moving and the singer has a great voice and fits the music very well. Production is good and solid and the guitar sound is mint. Metal onward. Info:

MOTIVE/Self Titled (Self Released) Steve Buschart has been in metal bands as long as I have been doing my zine and I give him a hug metal horn salute for that. He and his bandmates return with a new EP of material. This still retains the bands original thrash metal style, but also mixes in some heavy metal at times. The tunes have a thick edge to them and that is due to the production I think. The singer has a nice thrash metal growl and thank god doesn't go the Pantera route. This sort of reminds me of Megadeth "Rust In Peace" period, which isn't a bad thing. The 5 tunes here are solid tunes that old school as well as newer metal fans would like. Horns up for you Steve. Info:

KISS/Ikons (Mercury Records) This is a 4 disc set, with each disc being dedicated to one of the 4 original members of Kiss. Besides each members favorite Kiss tunes are some solo song favorites as well. Over 55 tunes are on this and the only thing this lacked was some rarities or some good juicy live stuff. Kiss was one of the best bands around in the 70's and put out godly release after another and my chance most how are Kiss fans like me have all this stuff maybe minus some of the solo work. This is a killer CD car box set that will be in my vehicle for quite some time. Info:

RUSH/Snakes And Arrows DVD (Anthem Entertainment) Oh I am a huge Rush fan and this 3 DVD set is just what the doctor ordered. This band has release some amazing music and if your a fan of the band, this is easily a must have. The camera work on this is unbelievable and just check out some of the songs that are this baby: Freewill, Subdivions, Witch Hunt, YYZ, and many, many more. On disc 3 is some bootleg stuff and with Red Barchetta, The Trees (one of my personal favs), and 2112. This DVD will give you hours of pleasure and with the camera work you will feel like your in the front row and this band still have all these years sound great live and put on one hell of a show. Rush and this DVD just plain kick ass. Info:

PAUL STANLEY/One Live Kiss DVD (Universal Music) Paul Stanley and his band rip it up on his 1st DVD with his solo band. Playing some solos tunes as well as some Kiss classics this was a very enjoyable DVD. Paul still commands the stage and he is still one of the best frontman in the biz. 20 tunes are here with a nice mix of Kiss tunes and solo stuff. The band sounds good live and the camera work is superb and the venue is a nice place it looks like to see a show. Got To Choose and Do you Love me were pleasant surprises in his set as well. No Rock N Roll All Night, which was great cause that song is so overplayed and I am glad he didn't just pick the typical Kiss tunes for this show/tour. Are you a KISS fan? Then what are you waiting for? Info:

GAMMA RAY/Hell Yeah-The Awesome Foursome DVD (SPV) This is a 2 DVD set that is also available on CD as well. This was taped at a show in Canada and clocks in at about 2 hours. 18 metal tunes that if they don't get your blood pumping then perhaps nothing will. I don't know all the releases from this band, but the songs on this were really good to some that were great and the band and the crowd seem to be loving every minute of this. The band sound tight and the sound on this is excellent as well. On disc # 2 you get a history of the band and some offstage footage and that is like a little added bonus, you get all the video clips of the band, which is like hot fudge on top of a sundae. The live stuff from Live Wacken Fest is unholy as well. The label really went all out with this and this is the way DVD releases should be done. Info: