ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


MORTIFICATION/Envision Evangelene (Metal Mind Productions) This is another release by this band and it is some hard hitting death metal that rips into speed metal at times. The band are a Christian band, but that certainly does not turn me off. The music is the main thing for me and the music on this release is pretty damn good. Riffs that will move your neck and vocals that are sung with passion and hate, even though the message is positive. The production is good and the band get a pretty different and cool guitar sound that I liked. I never really paid this band much attention back in the day, but this is a solid release and you get 4 bonus live tracks on this puppy too. Info:

MORTIFCATION/Triumph Of Mercy (Metal Mind Productions) Another re-release from this band and this is different from the above release. This is more built around speed metal. The band rip into some ripping almost grind parts and the vocals are more extreme on this release. The production has that raw haunting sound and the band use a different guitar sound on this as well. This is another solid release and don't let the lyrics stop you from buying this. Info:

MACABRE/Sinister Slaughter/Behind The Wall Of Sleep (Metal Mind Productions) I remember this band way back when and I had not heard much of their music only that they liked to sing about serial killers and the like. Well, this release is being re-issued with an EP as 4 bonus tracks and this is some pretty killer death/grind. It is not a wall of noise and the production is pretty heavy and good. The band mix up the tunes and it is not just a wall of noise. The band has that early 90's death metal sound/feel with bits and pieces of fast blast. 21 songs of murder and serial killers and this sounds fresh to these ears and it is shame I didn't pay more attention the 1st time around, but I am glad this came out and I am now a fan. Info:

MOONSPELL/Night Eternal (SPV) I tried to get into this, but the vocals and the sound, just sounded like too many other bands from overseas that grow out of the death metal sound and go for a more goth type sound. The vocals were just growls and the songs just didn't click with me and they dragged and didn't have that killer riff I was waiting for. The production is good and the music does have a sort of haunting feel, but I just didn't feel it. Info:

I SHALT BECOME/Requiem (Moribund Records) This is a one man band and I must say this is a pretty damn good release. This is raw, pure black metal with lots of haunting and chilling parts. This isn't about playing as fast as possible or being evil. This is just pure evil by the way of the mood of the tunes. This is so fuckin haunting and freaky it isn't funny. The riffs are simple, but the music is very moody and just haunting. It is hard to describe as this is one release musicwise you need to hear for yourself. The mood this guy creates with his music is incredible to say the least and prepare to be surprised and blown away. Wow this crushed me and sucked me in deep. This is the soundtrack to your personal nightmare. Info:

NASTROND/Muspellz Synir (Moribund Records) This is more sick black metal from this label. Where in the hell do they find such bands? This is raw as fuck black metal played with such feeling and passion. Again I was blow away by this. Some may not like the ultra raw production, but I "get it" and music like this in this setting needs to be this way. Total black metal vocals that are haunting and evil to the core. Amazing release. Info:

AT THE ODDS WITH GOD/Earning Damnation (At Odds With Gods Records) I couldn't believe that this was a female singing, but it is and she has a great growling death metal voice. The band mix in a heavy dose of death metal with bits of thrash and melody and even some heavy metal riffs The production is nice and thick and the band just crank out killer riff after killer riff. The band just have the right blend of thrash, death and heavy metal to make this a must have. And trust me you'll be amazed at the vocals and I would thought it was a guy if I didn't have a bio. Info:

THE BACKSLIDERS/You're Welcome (Self Released) This was decent power pop punk with a female singer who sounded pretty good to these ears. The songs are simple poppy punk tunes that will have your feet tapping. The girl singer has a pretty voice and it sounds good and fits in with the music. I can't really think of any band they sound like, but think of stuff like The Bangles or The Go Go's if they had a more punky edge to them. Info:

SLAUGHTER/Strappado (Metal Mind Productions) Oh was this a pleasant surprise to get in the mail. I have a bootleg version of this on CD, but this is much better. This is a re-release from this band that originally came out in 1985. The packaging and sound are better, not to mention tons of live bonus tracks on this. This is a pure thrash metal delight as it is like a mixture of thrash metal meets Celtic Frost complete with the "uh" grunts. The band just simple crush as this a prime example of when thrash metal was king and these were one of the bands delivering the goods. The music still sounds fresh and holds up rather well and this blows away 99% of the bands in the underground today and this is over 20 years old. The bonus tracks are a cool little extra kinda like fudge on top of your sundae. Info:

DISSENTER/Furor Arma Ministrat (Metal Mind Productions) Fast pounding death metal while not super original, more than gets the job done. Think Malevolent Creation and bands like that. This is speedy death metal with no jump riffs or tough guy vocals. This is just blazing speedy death metal with tons of fast riffs, heart pounding drumming and sick death metal vocals. The production is thick and man does this band play fast. They do slow it down at times and then they remind of Immolation, which isn't a bad thing at all. This is death metal they way it should be. Info:

ACROPHET/Corrupt Minds (Metal Mind Productions) I saw this band way back I think in 1987 with Sacred Reigh up at a club called Escapades and about 12 people were there. They kicked my ass and when I saw this in my mailbox I did a double take. I popped in the disc and was taken back many moons ago. This is killer speed/thrash metal with tons of blasting speed parts and intense thrash riffing. The vocals are of a thrash/hardcore style and this band I feel was very underrated as this release is a gem of a release and you must get your hands on it. Listen to the riffs of fury and the vocals being screamed and yelled with the fury of a charging bull. This is a classic piece of underground 80's thrash that should not be ignored. If you find this, buy at all costs. Info:

PANCHRYSIA/Deathcult Salvation (Dark Essence Records) This is a combo of death/black metal, but leaning more toward death metal. The music has some elements of black metal as does the vocals for the most part. The band rip through most of the tunes with a fast beat, and that isn't a bad thing. The production is good and I like the thick guitar sound the band use. This didn't blow me away, but it didn't suck. I would give it a bit better than average type of release. Info:

MICROTIA/Distance Is Oval (Exigent Records) This is an alternative band and I thought this was OK. The band mix in some modern rock with a bit of a punkish edge and to me the songs just lacked that killer hook or punch that I crave. The singer reminded me of the guy from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and he has a good voice, but the songs just lacked that melody that my ears want. This will be something I am sure some people will go bonkers over and the band are pretty original and I am sure it will be some people cup of tea, just not mine. Info:

DEAD TO THIS WORLD/First Strike For Spiritual Renewance (Karisma Records) Killer black/thrash metal with riffs that will have your neck moving in no times. Oh the production is perfect and the guitar sound is unreal. Just one listen to these riffs and if your neck is moving there is something wrong with you. The vocals are more in the black metal vein with a mix of thrash vocals too. This brings back to the old days of thrash and the guitar sound the guy gets is totally in the early 80's thrash vein. I can't say enough how killer this is and I'll try and beg for an interview ha ha. This has power, emotion, feeling that most bands wish they have and it is one man band with a session drummer. Unreal. Info:

DEADENING/Of Perverse Subversion-How old school is this? I got this on cassette! Yes, I still have a cassette player too. What we have here is a one man project of death/black metal that wasn't too bad. I don't know if the drums are a machine or not, but they sound pretty real to me. The 3 tunes are fast black metal tunes with some death metal stuff mixed in. The vocals are pure black metal as the guy sings his lungs out and sounds like he is dying in the process. The production is raw, demo sounding, but that is OK, cause stuff like this needs a raw sound. The guy can write some really good tunes and the riffs had my neck moving and this is some very good old school death/black metal that sounded good to these ears. Info:

[email protected]

BOURBON FLAME/Self Titled (Karisma Records) This is rock n roll and not very good to my ears. The band play sleazy rock n roll like something out of the mid 80's, but it sounds boring and considering the band members used to be in such bands as Enslaved, Hades Almighty), etc I kinda got a chuckle out of the bands bio. This to me was like a bad Circus Of Power. Info:

UNDER THE BLACK SAILS/Self Titled (Self Released) This was some OK punk rock/hardcore music that is old school in style and is minus all that jump metal and poppy punk crap that fills the airways nowadays and passes itself off as hardcore. The band play quick, fast tunes that wouldn't be out of a place on a CBGB'S show in 1985. The production is raw and not polished and it to me is the way hardcore should be. This has a nasty garage type of sound and I mean that in a positive way. This got better with repeated listens and it is one of the few hardcore bands playing this style the way it needs and showed by played. I dig it. Info:

BACKHOE BUTCHERY/Mailbox Full Of Mousetraps (Self Released) This is the bands 3rd release and while I have not heard the other 2, I might just want to seek them out. This band play hard hitting thrash metal with the old school edge to it and no Pantera or nu metal crap from this band. This is old school and old school thrash and it is pretty damn good to these ears. The speed parts had my neck moving and this isn't something far removed from say Wargasm was doing way back when. The band mix up the tunes as this is not just a speed metal band and the mid tempo stuff blended in nicely and the pissed off (not tough guy) thrash vocals had me grinning from ear to ear. A really awesome release and a pleasant surprise for me. 2 horns up for this. Info:

AGUYNGUERRAN/Perverting The Nazarene Cult (Shiver Records) Sick heart pounding black metal with tons of blazing speed. The vocals are hate filled and are the perfect style for this release. He sings out the words with hate and passion that would make Satan proud. The tunes are blazes of fury with tons of wicked fast parts and riffs that will have your neck getting a workout. The production is thick and the guitar sound they get I love. Great release. Info:

BATTALION/Welcome To The War Zone (Shiver Records) This was decent death metal. The band break no new ground and the tunes for me were heavy, fast death metal tunes with some kick ass vocals. The music is mostly up tempo death metal with a Swedish sound to it and some blast parts here and there. This just jumped up and bit me. I love the guitar sound and this is a pure death metal delight. Info:

DEDICTED/Argonauts (Shiver Records) This was jump dance metal with tough guy vocals and they also throw in some clean vocals like a million other bands have done before. This was just too generic for me to like and there is way too many other bands doing the death growl and clean vocals with the nu metal dance riffs. Info:

MALEVOLENT CREATION/Manifestation (Metal Mind Productions) This band has always played solid death metal and was never into trends or going away from their death metal roots and this re-release is another example. This is solid death metal with no groove or jump metal and no generic crap. This is 100% straight forward death metal with a thick guitar sound and smashmouth drums and pure throaty death metal vocals the way it should be. If you missed this back in 2000 it might be time to give it a spin. Info: or

ELYSIUM/Godfather (Metal Mind Productions) I normally don't like these groove death metal bands, but this was a pretty good one. The band play groove metal with a Swedish death metal sound and a bit of thrash here and there and it made for a decent listen. The singer thank god doesn't do the tough guy style or clean vocal crap, as he just belts out the tunes with pure aggression, but in a tough guy sort of way. The production is good and like I said the songs are good and this wasn't bad for what it was. Info: or

BATTLEROAR/To Death And Beyond (Cruz Del Sur) This was some cool power metal with plenty of hooks and melody. The singer has a good, solid voice and he fits what a power metal singer should sing like. I don't like some of the chanting choruses as they are done by too many other bands, but that is OK. The music is full of riffs that will have your toes tapping and your neck moving and that to me is the bottom line. The songs are solid, catchy tunes and will make any metal fan proud. Info:

DANTESCO/Pagano (Cruz Del Sur) Oh this was just plain awful. The music is not so good power metal, but the singer is beyond bad. He sings in an opera voice and this is something you will either love or hate and I hate it. If I want opera vocals I'll listen to opera. This was worse than female goth vocals. His voice and singing have got to go as with him this band had no chance with me. Beyond awful with those putrid vocals. Info:

DEMISE/Torture Garden (Metal Mind Productions) Hard hitting straight forward death metal that will dull your senses. The riffs will have your next going in circles. The blast beats will have you air drumming in no time. Good, solid death metal vocals. While this breaks no new ground, it is an enjoyable death metal release with no groove or tough guy vocals and the band just play straight forward brutal death metal. Enough said. Info: or

RASPATUL/Devils In Renewed Birth (Obscure Sombre Records) This is some awesome death metal that is different from a lot of the other death metal bands out there. The band go for a raw almost black metal style of production and the sound just kills. The singer sounds like he is taking in his last breaths as he belts out the words. The guitar sound is not typical and is very different and is almost thrashy at times. This is like the best mix of thrash and death metal in 1. Info:

STILLNESS BLADE/The First Dark Chapter (Obscure Sombre Records) Holy shit is this some fast death metal. The band just rip into overdrive and never look back. I am not a big fan of this new blasting groove metal, but for some reason or another, this clicked with me. The production is raw and the drums thank god don't sound like tin cans being wacked on. The music is groove death metal with tons of fast parts and low, but not cup the mic vocals. If your into the groove thing, this band is better than most. Info:

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM/Cuatro (Metal Mind Productions) This I don't remember the 1st time around, but this is a little gem here. This is some prime thrash and the tunes just kicked my ass. This might not be the fastest or the most heavy, but the tunes have some awesome riffs and the singer is top notch of this. The tunes flow rather well and the music still sounds fresh and I can't believe I missed this the 1st time around. You also get 4 bonus tracks and a video to boot. If you don't have this, you need this in your collection. Info:

DELIGHT/Breaking Ground (Metal Mind Productions) This was goth metal with female vocals and the vocals reminded me of Pink and Kelly Clarkson, which is not a good thing. The music wasn't bad, but the clean female vocals did nothing for me and the music is like poppy goth music and this just didn't click with me and bored me actually. Info:

DISGUST/A World Of No Beauty (Metal Mind Productions) I remember this band back in the day, but had not heard their music. Now this, their 2nd release, is being re-issued with 8 live bonus tracks. The music is a mix of death and a bit of grind metal. They remind me of Napalm Death minus some of the blazing speed parts. The band do speed it up, but it mostly mid paced parts with growl vocals. The production is nice and thick and the guitar sound I liked a lot. The live tracks sound good and the band sound tight and the tunes sound a bit faster live. This was a pleasant surprise. Info:

ABOMINATION/Self Titled (Metal Mind Productions) This I remember back in the early 90's and this still sounds fresh today. The band get a nice clean production and this almost reminded me of like a thrashy Carnivore at times. The tunes hit hard and fast as this is some furious music to say the least. Paul Speckman belts out the tunes and damn his guitar player does he lay down some of the best thrash riffs. This is some killer shit and includes 3 bonus tracks and if you are a thrash fan, you must own this now or call yourself a poser. Paul sounds awesome on the mic and he belts out the lyrics with passion and feeling not matched by many. Info:

SUBROSA/Strega (I Hate) This was like a mix of Blue Cheer meeting old Black Sabbath. The band get that really old heavy almost fusion guitar sound with a female singer. The tunes are up tempo and they have a bit of melody to them. The singer, Rebecca, has a nice voice and she sings and belts out the words with a fury and sounds rather good on this. The more I listen to this, the weirder and more out of wack this is, and that is not a bad thing. This is totally off the wall and wacked shit. Info:

EMMURE/The Respect Issue (Victory Records) This I thought was OK. The vocals will be a love hate type of thing and I didn't like them. The singer just almost whispers the vocals at times and then does those, at least to me, annoying death metal screams. The music is groove metal in nature not far removed from some of the later stuff Pantera was doing. To me this didn't suck as the music was decent, but the vocals I wasn't a fan of and that dragged it down a few notches in my book. Info:

JEX THOTH/Self Titled (I Hate) This is something I don't like at all due to the female vocals, but with that being said, she does have a tremendous voice and she sings with a lot of emotion and passion, though this is not my cup of tea. The music is mostly keyboard in doom parts and some will love this and others won't. I am not a fan of this vocal style, but I can see some going nuts over this. The music is heavy and will put some of you in a sad mood ha ha. This is not for me, but if you love or thing think is cool I wouldn't blame ya. Info:

MOONSPELL/Night Eternal (SPV) I thought I was gonna hate this, but this was actually pretty good. The band mix in death metal and some goth to a point and some keyboards and they create a really cool sound that sounded fresh and fascinating to my ears. The singer growls out the tunes in a death metal style and this just had enough melody and power to make me a fan. I know this band was more of a death metal band early on and changed their sound and now I think they have found the right mix. The tunes flow freely and they didn't bore me at all. Production is meaty and heavy and the tunes just crush. Info:

ZERO HOUR/Dark Deceiver (Sensory) This was a like a combo of Dream Theatre if they mixed in death metal with their sound. The band play progressive metal with a thrashy edge (think Images and Words era of D.T.) and this band mix in just a spice of death metal in the music and in the vocals at times. I thought this was cool as the songs were full of passion and the melodies and riffs sucked me and kept me there. Production is right on the money and the guitar riffs had me playing air guitar and this had me on a ride that I didn't know what was coming next. This is a rollercoaster ride you don't want to get off. Info:

Dead To This World/First Strike For Spiritual Renewance (Karisma Records) Decent death metal with some really good vocals. The singer has a nice style to his voice and just belts out the words with passion and emotion and doesn't need to growl low or do screaming to get his point across. The music is mid paced to faster death metal played the way death metal should be played. No groove or generic or over played out tunes or song structures. They remind me of Incantation in spots, but not a copy of the band. Production is nice and thick and the band get a crunchy guitar sound to boot. Info:

BLASPHEMOUS CREATIONS/Shadows Of Evil (Self Released) With all the CDs and stuff I get for review, how this band is still unsigned is beyond me. The 4 tunes on this simply kill with Kreator inspired death metal. The songs are heavy, fast pounding numbers that make me proud to call myself a fan. The vocals are pure hate filled death metal growls. The drum fills will blast through you and cut you in half. This band is on fire and nothing can stop them. Take a listen to these lighting riffs and just hear the sweat pour off the notes and on the drum kit. Listen to the singer pour out the hate and fury as he belts out the words. If any label is reading this, sign these guys now they are the real deal. Info:

DARK MONARCHY/Poisoned Thorns Of Human Sorrow (Self Released) 3 tunes of super fast hate filled black metal. This wasn't too bad and I actually dug the 3 songs here. This is a one man band and it is a pretty damn good one. The vocals are strong black metal style and you will fell the hate as this plays on as he spits out the words. The music is fast paced black metal, but not just a bunch of noise. He slows it down and lets you breath and then sticks the knife in deep again. Really good one man band/project here. Info:

[email protected]

DARM MASS/Medium (DMSP Records) I kept waiting for some vocals that never came. This was progressive death metal and it was OK, but lack of vocals really hurt this. The tunes flow pretty good, but a voice would have helped out plenty. The tunes won't go over your head and the band sounds and plays good, but you need some vocals guys. Info:

DARK MONARCHY/Seven Visions Into The Epoch Of Holocaust (Self Released) This was not as good as the above release cause the vocals were more deep and buried in the mix and sounded like a cement mixer. The music is a bit more on the death metal side and that was fine with me, but the vocals take a hit cause they sounded like cup the mic style unlike the above release. The music on this is more death/black metal style and is also a bit slower at times. Not bad, but the above release I found to be better. Info:

[email protected]

HATEPLOW/Everybody Dies (Metal Mind Productions) This was like a side band/project from the guys in Malevolent Creation and this band played a wicked style of death/grind. They weren't even like the Creation guys neither as this was more in the grind style with fast blast beats and low and high vocals. This also has 2 bonus tracks and I hadn't heard this in quite some time and this was a pleasant surprise as I really liked the sound this band got. The fast parts fried my brain and the blast parts had my playing air drums too. The band slow it down at times to give me a breather. Thumbs up from me. Info:

ANAL STENCH/Red Revolution (Metal Mind Productions) This I thought based on the name was going to be some grind metal, but it is death metal played with lots of speed. The band play at a mostly fast speed and have a few breaks here and there. The music is decent, nothing that knocked me out of my chair, but it was far from sucking. The vocals are good as the singer has a strong death metal voice and doesn't go into any of those annoying screams or super low vocals. He just belts out the lyrics with good death metal growls. Production is good as well. Not bad. Info: or

PYORRHOEA/Desire For Torment (Metal Mind Productions) This was some wicked fast balls to the wall death metal with some wicked time changes, riffs that had my neck moving and blast beats that would whip any Kelly Clarkson fan. The vocals I don't like the lower than low cup the mic grunts that the singer does at times. He doesn't do it all the time so I can live with it. The production is thick and the guitar sound the band get rules. This is not that cheap blast beat shit neither. This is some fast, powerful death metal and just overlook some of the vocals if you are like me. Info: or

SPINAL CORD/Stigma Of Life (Metal Mind Productions) This is well played death metal. The band is straight forward, speedy death metal with no nu metal parts or tough guy vocals. This is just the way death metal should be. While I would not say this is original, it is more that average. The band mix in plenty of weird riffs sort of like Immolation at times and they sound as tight as a pair of tight spandex. The vocals are growls of death that are real death metal vocals and the production it thick and the guitar sound is mint. A goodie here. Info: or

MORTIFICATION/Scrolls Of The Megilloth (Metal Mind Productions) I didn't think this was anything special. It was below average death metal and the songs on this release were weak and the songs just didn't click with me like some of the other releases I got from this label. You also get 3 bonus tracks on this, but to me the songs just weren't strong enough for me. Info:

ACROPHET/Faded Glory (Metal Mind Productions) This is the 2nd and final release from this sadly missed band, but a 3rd release might be in the works. This is a bit more in a hardcore vein as the vocals were more punk in style and some of the tunes have that hardcore feel mixed in with their speed metal sound. The band mix up the speed on this as their is some slower parts, but the there is plenty of speed to make you smile. The songs are a bit more complex and have more time changes. I love both releases and the cool fact is one if different from the other too. This is crossover no doubt and well worth getting. Info:

CONTROL DENIED/The Fragile Art Of Existance (Metal Mind) This is the late Chuck's band after Death. This band were more into progressive metal and stuff and less about death metal. Just listening to this brought back members as I remember this when it came out a few moons ago. The singer has a clean voice, but he was still pretty powerful. The music here isn't death metal at all and is more of a progressive metal style mixed in with a few bits of pieces of death metal. The production is quite good and everything can easily be heard. No bonus tracks, but this is a very underrated band and Chuck should be proud of the stuff he did with these guys. Info:

CAAMORA/Embrace (Metal Mind Productions) I didn't think I would like this when I heard a female singer, but this was pretty good. The band have some melody to them and the songs were quite catchy and good and didn't sound generic at all. The female singer at least doesn't sing in an opera voice and she belts out the words rather well. The band mixes in like a death metal/goth sound with keyboards as well. The bottom line to me was the songs were decent and she had a voice that didn't bother me. This was good for what it was and I was sad to read that this is the final release for this band. Info:

MORTIFICATION/Hammer Of God (Metal Mind Productions) This is another re-release from this band and this one I liked. The band seemed to have slowed down a bit on this release as their is less super fast parts on this release. The music is still heavy, but it is more controlled and I saw this was from 1999 so maybe the band decided not to write as much speed metal stuff and make the music more mid paced. The tunes on this still have that death metal crunch and it is cool that they slowed it down at times and you don't want to keep making the same album over and over ya know. You also get 3 live bonus tracks and this follows a more death thrash sort of style, but still crushes nevertheless. Info:

ABOMINATION/Tragedy Strikes (Metal Mind Productions) Some more killer thrash metal from this band and on this baby you get 4 bonus tracks. This just has killer song after killer song and just ripped my brain in half. The songs are catchy and heavy and fast as well. The band just crushes as tune after tune will dull your senses as this was like a thrashier Carnivore at times as least that was how my ears heard it. The production is right on the money and Paul just sounds so killer on vocals and this just the way thrash metal needs to be played. Played with a passion and fury not matched by many. If you missed this the 1st time around, you need this in your collection. Info:

METAL MANIA/2007 DVD (MVD Music Video) This is a double package with a DVD and a CD to boot. The DVD is 215 minutes long and features live performances by such awesome bands as Vital Remains, Entombed, Destruction, Testament, Sepultura, and Paradise Lost. You get 30 tunes in all on this as well as interviews, and band info. The CD is 11 bands 9 of which I had not heard of except for Root. Some of the bands were pretty good such as Carnal, TYR, and Benediction. The CD is like an added bonus as it cool hearing some new bands and stuff. We never get metal fests anymore over here so this is the next best thing to being there. Over 3 1/2 hours of video and about 45 minutes of just music. What a bargain. Info:

EARACHE MY EYE/Various Artists (MVD Visual) This is a neat package of some classic videos of such classic Earache bands like: Godflesh, Entombed, Cathedral, At The Gates, Carcass, Sleep, Fudge Tunnel, and a few others. Some of these videos were seen on Headbanger's Ball at 3am, but you had to sit through 2 hours and 45 minutes of hair metal to see a good video. I actually stayed up some nights to see these videos. This is when Earache was one of the premier underground labels going and watch these vids and you'll see why. This is the soundtrack of hell. Info:

MORTIFICATION/Blood World (Metal Mind Productions) This is some fast death metal that almost verges on grind at times. The band just rip through the tunes on this with 4 bonus tracks. The vocals are sick growls of death and the band only slow down here and there and let you catch your breath and then kick it into overdrive again. The production is very good as well and if you like it fast, here ya go. Info:

CRIMSON GLORY/Self Titled (Metal Mind Productions) I never liked this band much when they were around back in the late 80's, but I popped this in and I can appreciate them more now. The vocals were a love or hate type of thing as "Midnight" sang really really high pitched notes. The vocals I can tolerate as I guess I am older now ha ha. The music is some really good power metal not built so much on speed, but on just playing and having some quality hooks. This just has some great songs with lots of great hooks and even though I am not a big fan of the high pitched vocals, I have to admit "Midnight" had a very unique voice and fit the style of music the band was playing. This I will say this is much better than a bunch of the power metal bands making the rounds today. Info:

CRIMSON GLORY/Transcendence (Metal Mind Productions) This is the 2nd album that originally came out on Roadracer and is now being released by Metal Mind. This is another great power metal release as the band continue on where they left off on the above release as this is chock full of more killer power metal that doesn't rely so much on speed as they just rip out and crank out killer riff after riff. The vocals again are a love/hate thing as I remember some people loving his vocals and others hating it. Years ago I hated his singing, but now as I am older, this isn't bad and like I said before, this blows away all of these new power metal bands for sure. Info:

DECAPITATED/Human Dust (DVD) This is one killer DVD. This has footage from their 1st show in 2002 and they also played an Ozzfest in 2002 in Poland and there is footage of that as well here. The sound quality is A plus and the band sound as tight as a tight pair of spandex from the 80's. The band, if you don't know, played death metal in the vein of Vader and Immolation and they play with a fury of a charging bull. You also get some footage from a fest that played in 2004 and also 3 different interviews and a video clip. This is one killer DVD. Info:

MORTIFICATION/The Silver Cord Is Severed (Metal Mind Productions) Another re-release from this band and this is another solid double (you get a bonus disc) dose of fast death metal. The band sound tight as hell on both discs and the songs are strong, catchy, fast numbers. The vocals are strong death metal vocals and the production is right where it needs to be. Info:

MORTIFICATION/Lost Momentary Affliction (Metal Mind Productions) This is more ripping death metal from this band. On this disc the band just rip through fantastic tune after fantastic tune. The riffs had my neck moving in no time and the vocals just went right through me. The band mix it up rather well and the speed parts just went right through me. The production is the perfect blend and the vocals are perfect. 4 bonus tracks on this, 3 are live tracks. Info:

MORTIFICATION/Primitive Rythm Machine (Metal Mind Productions) This I wasn't as keen on as some of the other re-releases I have got. This is more of thrash metal groove and the songs aren't as strong on this as some of the other releases. The band had just way back on speed on this and also went for a more shouted hardcore style of vocals on this. This wasn't bad, but as compared to some of the other releases I got this didn't stack up as high. Info:

MALEVOLENT CREATION/The Fine Art of Murder (Metal Mind Productions) I have always had a soft spot in my heart for this band as they have plugged away for many years and never strayed away too far from the sound that brought them to the dance. On this they just rip through another set of balls to the wall death metal. This is fast, whirling death metal with no gimmicks. This is straight forward death metal with tons of REAL blast beats and no the drums don't have that stupid tin can sound. The vocals are just growls of death, the way death metal vocals should be. This is the way death metal should be, not that dancy happy riffs with groove. Info:

MORTIFICATION/Blood World (Metal Mind Productions) Now this is more like the sound and style I have grown to like from this band in reviewing these re issues. The band just rip, blast and destroy these tunes and lay down everything in their past. This is almost grind at times. The cool thing is even though this is fast and heavy, the band have a different guitar sound on this and even the vocals are a bit different and this didn't sound like some of the other releases this band has out. The cool thing with this is, even though it is fast and heavy and killer, it is different from the other releases I have reviewed. This band put out a bunch of releases and I liked all of them except for maybe 1 or two and this band after hearing all these releases has turned me into a fan. Also 4 bonus tracks, 2 live and 2 studio. Info:

ROG GEE/Says (Rock Ridge Music) I wasn't into this too much as it was all this metal and rap stuff with lots of groove riffs and rapping vocals at times. This isn't my cup of tea and there is way too many other bands doing this same style and they all sound the same to me. Info:

DAY WITHOUT DAWN/Understanding Consequences (Forgotten Empire Records) This was some decent alternative rock with some metal mixed in. The band come with some wicked riffs at times and the tunes will catch you off guard no doubt. This got better with repeated listens as the band just go off the deep end with certain tunes and this is almost like a thinking mans metal band. Think Voivod without all thrashy parts. The singer has a killer voice and he fits in with the music and he sings with songs with passion and emotion. 2 thumbs up from me as this one me over with repeated listens. Info:

DAYLIGHT DIES/Lost To The Living (Candlelight Records) Some decent doom metal sort of like newer Paradise Lost at times. The singer has a good solid voice and the music is doom metal and mid tempo doom metal at times. The songs didn't bore me and the riffs and the music are quite heavy. The band get an extra thick guitar sound and if you like doom this is something I think you'll enjoy. I know I did. Info:

HEADHUNTER/Parasite Of Society (Candlelight Records) Yes this is Shmier's old band Headhunter with their 1st release in 13 years. This is pure balls to the wall thrash as only this band can do. Crushing riffs along with his killer vocals make this a winner on both sides of the coin. The band just rip through these tunes with a fury and passion not matched by many. This is not as fast as say Destruction, but it is oh so powerful. This simply kills. Nuff said. Info:

NEFASTUS DIES/Urban Cancer (Candlelight Records) This was wicked fast death metal almost to the point of grind. The band was OK, but this just sounded the same as any of these other fast death metal bands. The vocals weren't so great as the guy just growls and yells into the mic and I just didn't feel it with his vocals. The production is good and thank god the blast beats don't have that stupid and generic tin can sound to it. No when this band hits the speed button, they hit it and hit it hard. This wasn't bad, but it didn't knock me out. Info:

KOMMANDANT/Iron Hands On Scandinavia (Self Released) 3 tracks of old style Morbid Angel death metal. The tunes were wicked blasting numbers that had me smiling. The vocals were a death metal delight as well. The production was good and the guitar sound is thick and the blast beats are real blast beats not that thin tin can sounding blast crap. 3 tunes were not enough as I want more, more, more. Info:

THE MAN FROM THE MOON/Rocket Attack (Black Mark Productions) This is a one man project and it is very different and you better have an open mind when you pop this baby in. The man will take you on many different spacey moods. Track # 2 I love the hook and the way he sings his vocals are done with such passion and emotion and that hook just dragged me in deep. This just will take you on a ride with many ups and downs and ins and outs. His vocals even change depending on the way the song is. This took a couple listens to really get into, but once I did I became a fan. Nice job on this. You can get this through Relapse Records. Info:

OBTEST/Gyvbes Medis (Osmose Productions) This is a weird band and I wasn't sure if I would even like this when I popped it in. I gave it a few listens over a couple weeks, almost putting off reviewing it. I am not a huge fan of the vocals, but I think that is due to him not singing the words in English. The music is like a mix of pagan music meets death metal. It was different and it took a few spins for me to get into it. This isn't something I would play on a regular basis, but it is something cool and different and the don't sound like any band I can think of. This is the kind of band that will be hot or miss with people and I lean a bit more on the hit side. Info:

DEF LEPPARD/Songs From The Sparkle Lounge (Island Music Group) I had no idea what to expect when I popped this in and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. This band have gone away from their 80's pop roots and while this is still poppy in it's own way, it is more than grown up. The band still can cranky out the catchy rock tunes, but the have updated their sound to a more modern sound and I am with them on this. The tunes sound more mature and they still have those catchy hooks that made them sell all those records way back when. The production allows everything to flow freely and this gets a thumbs up for me. Just plain great rock n roll is what this delivers. Info:

IHSAHN/Angl (Candlelight Records) This is the 2nd solo release by the singer from Emperor. This was a pretty cool listen at least to my ears. This is not a clone Emperor and he doesn't stray off that far from extreme metal, but it is different from his band too. The music is vicious and I actually enjoyed this better than the Emperor stuff. The production is great and his vocals sound awesome on this. This is a very cool and different release at times too and I actually liked the song with the Opeth singer and I am far from a Opeth fan. Info:

FLESH ENGINE/07 Demo-Lition (Self Released) I saw these guys open for Faith or Fear (both bands crushed) and the band gave me this CD as they were giving these away. The band play some killer old school thrash metal that I really liked. The riffs are catchy and the songs crush and the singer has a nice rough thrash metal sound to his vocals. The band, thank god, stay away from the nu metal sound and are more into the old school thrash sound. The production is good and the guitar crunch is mint and I love the fast parts as they got my neck moving. Will work on an interview with these local thrashers. Info:

WARREN APPLEBY/Pennsylvania Gothic (Maskr Records) This is a new release from the former Blacktask singer and this was another gem of a record. There isn't many vocals, but the songs are just so damn good they put a permanent smile on my face. The music is metal with a rock n roll feel to it. The songs just flow rather well and they are catchy as well. The tunes just sucked me in like a sponge to water and I soaked in every last drop. How Warren does all this by himself is beyond me. This is a diamond in a rough type of release. Info:

BLACKLIST UNION/Breakin Bread With The Devil (Blu Records) Excellent rock n roll with tons of great hooks and vocals. The tunes just flow like a nice water stream and the singer has a great rock n roll voice that sounds good to these ears. The music still has a heavy edge to it and the riffs just had my neck moving and don't sound generic or out of place. This is the way modern rock n roll should sound and this gets 2 big thumbs up from me. One of the best new rocks bands I have heard in a long time. Info:

MORTIFICATION/Conquer The World (Metal Mind Productions) This is a cool release for any of the bands fans that have not had a chance to see the band live here in the US and other places since to my knowledge the band hasn't toured much in the US, except for 1 tour that I can think of. You get a concert from the band from 2001 and also 4 bonus tracks. The band sound tight and as always with Metal Mind, the video quality is top notch. You also get some footage from various places that this band played as well. I have pretty much liked most of the stuff this band put out via the recent re-releases that I have heard and this DVD is another you need to add to your collection. Info:

CANVAS SOLARIS/The Atomized Dream (Sensory Records) This was some progressive instrumental music. I found some of this rather cool, but lack of vocals did hurt it a bit in my opinion. The music seems to be very complex at times and it has many times changes and stuff, but it didn't go over my head. The production is good and the guitar sound almost has a jazz like sound to it. This is something I would listen to if I was going to sit outside and read a book or just relax or if I wanted some that would put me in a relaxing mood. This might not be for everyone, but I thought it was kinda cool for what it was. Info:

ATTITUDE FOR DESTRUCTION/Rock N Roll Blood Guts An Sluts (MVD Visual) This is a neat little low budget slasher film about a band that wants to get rid of their lead singer and they do and he comes back from the dead to kill his ex band members. Sort of think along of the lines of Guns and Rose he he. This has the usual blood, girls, sex and metal music that any fan of the genre would want. Some of the stuff will make you laugh especially the lead singer at times. This was a fun film. Info:

INSANITY/Time To Kill (Turkey Vulture Records) This is almost a crossover band with a female singer, who has a pretty damn good voice mind you. The band mix in an old school thrash sound with a bit of a punk attitude at times. This wouldn't be out of style in the late 80's mind you. The female singer has a pretty good nasty, aggressive voice and she fits the music well. The music is a mix of old school thrash with like a said a bit of a punk edge. The production is old school too and I love the guitar sound. A solid release. Info:

HELLS HEADBANGERS/Various (Hells Headbangers) This is a comp CD that I got when I ordered an Agent Steel CD and what a collection we have here. Evil Army, Destruktor, Nunslaughter, Witchtrap and Evil Incarnate among others. I would assume this might be free when you buy something so what the hell are you waiting for? Go to website listed below, order something and ask for this comp CD and trust me, you'll be glad you did. Info:

LANFEAR/Another Golden Rage (Unknown) This to me was just another typical progressive power metal band. They don't suck, but they are just another one of tons of bands that have a high pitched singer, chanting vocals and a progressive power metal sound to them. The songs don't sound bad and the singer has a strong voice, but as this played on I was just like it was kinda there. This didn't knock me out of my seat or blow me away and I was like "eh' to a point. This is like the case of the same ole same ole. I have no further info on this sorry.

SAINT/Crime Scene Earth (Armor Records) This is some killer power metal with tons and tons of killer hooks that just knocked me out of my chair. The singer also has a good solid voice and the music is so damn catchy it isn't funny. The production almost has that mid 80's power metal feel to it as well. This band just rip out classic tune after tune and I was loving every second of it. This band shows that you can have melody, power and still retain that heavy feel and this is something I just fell in love with. Awesome release. Info: