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New Reviews - 07/31/07

THE SEVENTH SEASON/Liquid Water (Independent Records) This was a decent rock n roll band that mixes in some metal and a bit of progressive metal too. The band have been around since 1972! That is insane when you think about it. Anyway this band delivers the goods and don't follow trends and just play honest to goodness rock n roll with no groove and no grunge no nothing. The tunes are solid rock tunes with good playing and singing. A band that deserves pat on the back. Info:

DESTROYER DESTROYER/Littered With Arrows (Goodfellow Records) I didn't like this much due to the screamed vocals, which got on my nerves big time. The music is blasting grind that is no different from the 100s of other grind bands I have heard and the screams and yells are useless and stupid. I can just scream and yell in the mic too. The production isn't bad, but this release didn't do a thing for me. Info:

RECOIL/Subhuman (Mute Records) The guy behind this used to be in Depeche Mode and after a few tunes I can see why. This is some weird, warpy, fucked up shit. It is not for the close minded and after a few spins I began to dig this. Musically I have no clue what to call this. It is out there let me tell you. It is very moody and atmospheric and you better prepare for a long journey down a long dark tunnel my friends. Some of hit on the industrial side of things and I think any fan of Depeche Mode would love this release. I have to be in the right frame of my to dig this and what I am it hits my right between the eyes. Info:

WINTERS/Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies (Candlelight Records) Some wicked doom metal here that was like a mix of early Black Sabbath meeting Kyuss. The vocals are unlike anything I have ever heard. They are almost spiritual in nature. The band don't just play slow neither. The vocals and the music will have you in a sad mood in no time, which I guess is the goal for this band. This is just a ball rolling of heavy doom that any fan of heavy music will want. Info:

LITMUS/Planetfall (Candlelight Records) I really tried to get into this, but I think the band was a little too far out there for me. I will say this, this band is very original and they play a weird, but original alternative style of metal. This is the kind of band you either love or hate. I thought this was ok, I can see some people going nuts over them and I wouldn't disagree with why. They play an almost industrial alternative heavy loaded style with warped riffs, and vocals. For the open minded fan no doubt. Info:

LILLIAN AXE/Waters Rising (Locomotive Records) I remember this band for their great cover of a Badfinger tune and here they are back years later. The band lost all their melodic rock style and now are a more dark and angry band, almost in a seattle grunge state of mind. The music I didn't think was all that as the tunes just kinda plodded along and if the band was going to go for a more dark and heavy style, they should have changed their name. I was expecting some well played rock n roll with a bit on the hair metal side and I got a lost Seattle band from the 90's. Info:

SUBJECT TO THOUGHTS/From Sunrise To Sunset (Self Released) This was a very haunting type of release. This one bounces around quite a bit mind you. This dark moody rock/metal that is almost doomy in spots too. This is a two man project and thes guys can really suck you into a mood and style and nail you with it. This is only $ 2 damn dollars so email them and buy this dammit. This new CD features new member Brandon Strader. Info:

DARKEST HOUR/Deliver US (Victory Records) More groove thrash metal is what you will find here. This isn't half as band as most of the crap that comes out today. The band can write some nice riffs and the vocals are more in the thrash vein and not in the boring tough guy style. The production is right on the money and the band have a nice mix of melody and speed. Not a bad release. Info:

HALLWAYS OF THE ALWAYS/AMAFTEV (Self Released) Typical groove death metal with the low and fast parts and the tough guy vocals. There is too many of these bands and this is just another that sounds like the 100s before them. Production is good, but this is another case of the same ole same ole. Info:

THE CURSED/Room Full Of Sinners (Screaming Ferret Wreckords) This band features Dan from Hades and Bobby Blitz from Overkill on vocals. Is it a good release? Does a bear shit in the woods? It is a beyond heavy release of some prime metal. This is pure heavy metal with some touches of thrash metal. The riffs are thick, chunky and heavy as hell and Blitz sounds great singing. The production is heavy as fuck and this will just blow you over like a 2 ton train. This is not Hades or Overkill Jr, but just a pure heavy metal delight. Get the spikes of metal ready. Info:

SOCIAL DISEASE/Decades Of Disease (Self Released) I thought this was going to be some generic gore/grind band, but I was wrong. This band play low tuned down chainsaw pounding death metal that I really enjoyed. The band mix it up from the chainsaw like riffs, to the fast blazing parts. The production is not overly produced and the band can write some killer riffs. The vocals are pissed off, but not the tough guy crap and he sings with some passion and fury. A really good find here and wouldn't surprise me to see these guys get picked up. 24 tracks of mayhem. Info:

GOMORRAH/Same (Self Released) This originally came out on Elegy Records in 1992 and now the band is re-releasing it. This is a needle in a haystack. This band crushes. Total heavy as fuck doom metal that will have you weeping in no time. The vocals will haunt you as this plays on prepare to cry. This is some of the heaviest doom I have ever heard and the band also speed it up so this isn't just some 100% slow band. How this band I missed the 1st time around is a mystery to me. Don't miss your 2nd chance and get this godly piece of underground metal at all costs. Info:

GREG LAKE/Welcome Backstage DVD (MVD Visual) This was a cool DVD as you get a peek at how a band gets ready for a tour as you get to sit on some rehearsals and some interviews before a tour. Most people don't realize that a lot of stuff goes on before a band hits the road and after seeing this, this will give you an idea. You get some full rehearsal songs and some backstage interviews, etc. It is almost like your a roadie with a video camera he he. If your a fan of progressive rock music you'll want this as well. A very cool and interesting DVD. Info:

DEATH MENTAL/From The Archives Of The Asylum (Self Released) 3 tunes of some good old fashion death metal is the ticket here. This is a one man project and a pretty damn good one at that. The vocals are the old school death metal growl style and non of that cup the mic or sing as low as possible shit. The music reminded me of older Pestilence in spots and the guitar crunch he gets is pretty damn fine in my book. The 3 tunes are all speedy death metal numbers with some slower parts mixed in. Looking forward to hearing more from this guy as he has the right idea as far as how to play death metal. Info:

CYPHER SEER/Awakening Day (Sentinel Steel) Power metal is the ticket here. This band also throw in some speed and progressive style music into the mix. The riffs will have the neck moving and the speed and the power of the band will win you over in no time. The singer has a clean aggressive style that fit the music and his powerful vocals are a highlight of this. The production is nice and thick and there is not a damn thing wrong with this band or release. A power metal fan's delight. Info:

AFGRUND/RELEVANT FEW Split CD (Lifestage Productions) Afgrund open up things with 9 vicious death metal tunes that dulled my mind. Just a pure death metal delight. The guitar is tuned down like old Entombed and the fast and furious pace the band set gave my neck and body a serious workout. The production destroys and lays waste to everything and the vocals are a pure death metal delight. This band is one of the best death metal bands making the rounds today in my opinion. Relevant Few offer up more death metal, but with more of a grind sound to them. The music is just as intense, but a bit more faster and the vocals are more chaotic and out of control. The production is thick and heavy and not noisy and generic. This is one of the better split Cd's I have heard s both bands crush. Info:

A PERFECT MURDER/War Of Agression (Victory Records) This is a modern thrash metal band that plays thrash metal sort of like Pantera. I love Pantera and this band picks up right where they left off and they can really write some crunchy riffs and the vocals are pure Phil. The music is a thrash fans delight too. The production is about as perfect as you can get and I don't like a lot of the Pantera clone bands and groove metal bands, but this is just one of those bands that won me over and I liked this a lot and that is my opinion and I bet they crush live. Info:

DAMNATION AD/Is This The Life Or The Next (Victory Records) This band I didn't like it. This band plays groove death metal like a million other bands with the same breakdown riffs and tough guy vocals. They are not like the above band, who write some killer songs and stuff. This band sound like the million other bands doing this style. Info:

WARREN APPLEBY/Iron Forged In Fire (Madkar Records) Warren is back with another does of rock n roll mixed in with some heavy metal. This would be like if Thin Lizzy injected some metal to their sound. The music is very moody at times and really sucks you in at times. Warren evens brings back Blacktask and does a tune from their "Long After Midnight" release as well, which was a cool surprise to this Blacktask fan. 11 tunes here and these are really rockin tunes that not a lot of bands are doing nowadays and this is like a breath of fresh air on a warm summer's day. Info:

SACRED OATH/Darkness Visible (Sentinel Steel) I am in heaven. This is simply godly power metal of the highest order. The tunes just totally blew me away and knocked me off my seat. Combine Agent Steel and Iron Maiden and throw in some power metal and you have these guys. Every song is a A plus winner in my book. Perfect production and the guitar sound is perfect. Vocals that soar and fit the music like a thong bikini. This is easily a 10 top record of the year for me and if your into power metal, heavy metal or metal at all, then I order you to order this baby now and you will not be disappointed. Info:

MOCKING JEHOVAH/Self Titled (Bestial Onslaught Productions) Raw as fuck death black metal. The raw sound only adds to this bands sound and I am sure they wouldn't want it any other way. This stuff hits fast and hard and with a fury. Vocals sung in a way that satan would be proud. The band mix up their fast black metal with some slow doomy like parts that will remind you of Autopsy and Disembowelment. The fast will tear you to shreds. This is none release not for the weak and it crushes. Info:

CWAF/NOOSEBOMB/Spilt CD (Bestial Onslaught Productions) 2 pretty decent death/grind bands are ticket here. Both bands play some fast death/grind, but it is not just a bunch of noise mind you. The production is raw and the old man dying vocals work for these 2 bands. They both play the same style, but both are different in that band # 2 plays a bit more slow in parts and then goes into hyper speed. Info:

POISON/Poison'd (EMI) This a collection of cover tunes with the first 8 tunes being new and the others which have previously been released. The cover tunes are all done really well and are there is a mix of 70's and 80's tunes. Sweet, Marshall Tucker Band, The Who, The Cars and Kiss are just a few of the bands on here. The "Mama Don't Dance' which was released back in 2006 as bonus track is here and the band don't just re do each tune, they sort of take them and make them their own. This band might have been a cheezy poser glam band back in the day, but this time around they put out a really good release and I think they did justice to each and every tune on here.

THE DESTRO/As The Coil Unwinds (Ironclad Recordings) This band plays metal with a groove style, but it is better than most of the other bands doing this style. The band, which is based in Texas have a bit of the Pantera sound and vocal style. The band are a bit more faster than Pantera were and I guess you could say pick up where they left off. The production is mint and the guitar sound is perfect and the band can write some riffs that will have that neck moving in no time. Worth checking out. Info:

THE SAMMUS THEORY/See (it) Through (Mia Mind Music) I reviewed this bands 1st disc and I liked it and here they are back with another original release of weird metal ha ha. The band are spacey in a way and have a sort of alternative edge to them. The music is heavy and spacey alternative version of Voivod minus all the fast and thrashy stuff. The production is nice and clear and the singer has a very unique voice that fits the style of music this band is playing. I feel this band has put a better release than their debut and if you want something different and a bit on the weird side, here ya go. Well worth checking out. Info:

SUPERCHRIST/Back & Black (Bestial Onslaught Productions) This is down and dirty metal in the vein of Motorhead. The music and the vocals even sound like Lemmy, not that is a bad thing. The music is metal with an attitude. If you like Motorhead you will go nuts over this and it is a solid release of molten metal. Info:

HIRUDINEA/Watchmaker/Split CD (Bestial Onslaught Productions) Hirudinea offer up blasting death metal with those snare blast beats I am not a big fan of. Thank god the vocals aren't the tough guy style and are decent to really good. The music is mostly fast newer style death metal, but for some reason I dug it. Probably being the vocals were good and there is no groove. Watchmaker to me was a wall of noise. It was a blast of just noise with just screaming and the production was so awful it wasn't funny. Not a band I liked very much, but Hirudinea was pretty good. Info:

EMBRYONIC CRYPTOPATHIA/Uterine Excretor Of Carcinovomit (Bestial Onslaught Prodctions) Sick grind in the vein of Carcass, General Surgery, etc. I am not a big fan of this style of vocals, but if you like this sort of thing, this is very good for what it is. The production is bottom end heavy and the guitar sound is thick and meaty. Plenty of tunes and there is like almost a dozen bonus tracks too. For the serious grind fan and very good for what it is. Info:

COLDWAR/Bloodfire Sunset (Self Released) Awesome death metal in the vein of Pestilence and Obituary. The vocals are total death and the riffs are heavy as fuck and the music is brutal as hell. The production totally crushes and the guitar sound doesn't get much heavier than this. A crime that this band isn't signed. Info:

PERVERTED SON/To The Abstract (Self Released) 4 tunes of old school thrash metal. The riffs are speedy thrash metal tunes with some shouted thrash vocals. The band sort of reminded me of Death Angel a bit. The band is rooted in the 80's style of thrash and that is fine by me. No tough guy vocals and no groove, just pure thrash all the way. The 4 tunes just wetted my appetite for more. The production is nice and thick and I love the guitar sound too. Any thrash fan would eat this up. Info:

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BIRDFLESH/Mondo Musicale (Candlelight Records) This was some wicked death/grind. The music is both fast and slow, but never boring. I think I like this due to the band not blasting every second and mixing it up and also the production is top notch and I love the vocals. Pure grind style. The music is chaotic and out of this world. If your into grind this is a must. One of the best bands I have ever heard doing this style. Info:

ROSE FUNERAL/Crucify Kill Rot (Candlelight Records) Typical Long Island death metal with all the groove and blast beats you would expect from a band doing this style. This sounds like a million other bands doing this style and the blast beats are awful with that tin can sound. Not for me. Info:

MEMFIS/The Wind up (Candlelight Records) Decent death metal. The riffs are thick and heavy and the vocals aren't bad as they are low, but not that cup the mic crap. The production is nice and thick and lets everything shine. The tunes sound better with repeated listens and this is just a pure death metal release with no groove and no tough guy vocals, just plain ole death metal. Info:

FOGHAT/Live II (Metro City Records) I have always like Foghat since their release of "Live' many moons ago and I have had a chance to see the band shine live onstage on a few occasions too. Their blues based style of rock n roll always brought a smile to my face. Even though 2 of the members are no longer with us this double disc set rocks. How can you wrong with such songs as Night Shift, Take To The River, Stone Blue, Drivin Wheel and of course Fool For The City and Slow Ride. The new singer sounds really good and he does the old songs justice. The band sound tight and the recording sounds really good too. Their is also a few studio rehearsal tracks as well. This is a must for any fan of Foghat or if your into classic blues based rock n roll let this take you on a Slow Ride. An instant classic live release in my book. Info:

ALMAH/Edu Falaschi (Candlelight Records) This is like a supergroup of sorts as you have members from Angra, Nightwish, Kamelot and Stratovarius. This was like Iron Maiden playing power metal as the singing reminded me of Bruce. By the 3rd song I was really digging this as the band write some really catchy power metal tunes. This to me didn't seem like fly by night project and the production is on the money and the singer sings with a ton of passion and feeling as he belts out the lyrics. Any fan of power metal would eat this up. Info:

SUSPERIA/Cut From Stone (Candlelight Records) While this was playing it reminded me a lot of the 1st Machine Head release, which I found to be one hell of a release. This band play thrash metal with a style of the new and not the old, but it works. The singer has a nice thick voice and he sings the songs with intensity. The production is nice and thick and the guitar sound is thick too. The riffs will have the neck moving in no time and this doesn't let up from the 1st note till the disc ended. Really good find for this label. Info:

HOT BUTTERED ANAL/Please Kill Me (Self Released) I was figuring this would be a little like SOD and I was wrong. This band is made of 3 guys who have been in various bands, but it doesn't say who. You will find stuff on here from old school thrash to old school punk and some death metal and even an acoustic part here and there thrown in for good measure. The production isn't too polished and for a band like this, I wouldn't want some polished production. The singer has a really cool voice for this style of music. I would call this old school crossover metal-core, but not that nu metal shit, the really crossover stuff from back in the mid to late 80's. This if fast, enjoyable and entertaining to say the least. Info:

THE FIRE THE FLOOD/Truth Seekers (No Sleep) This is just another faceless groove metal band with all those jump dance metal riffs and the tough guy vocals. The band has those ever so generic breakdown parts and then the speed parts down pat. This sounds like every other band that does this and all these modern metal fans probably would eat this shit up, but for me it is just another faceless band playing the same ole music I have heard a thousand times before. Info:

SILVERSTEIN/Arrivals & Depatures (Victory Records) I usually like the stuff on Victory Records, but this band I wasn't too keen on. The band play melodic groove metal and the music isn't bad, but it the tough guy vocals that are totally out of place and ruined this for me. If the band is going to play some melodic metal even with a groove style, you don't need the tough guy vocals. The band use some more melodic vocals they totally work and then comes in the generic tough guy vocals to ruin any chance of me liking this. Some of you make like this, but to my ears, the tough guy vocals need to go as musically it isn't too bad. Production is fine. Info:

Y3K/Retribution (Battle Hymn Records) This took a couple listens to get into, but once I really got it, I was hooked. This band combine a ton of different styles and influences. There is black metal, goth, thrash, death metal and even power metal. I could do without the female vocals, but there isn't too much of that. The production is thick and heavy and the band just destroy tune after tune. Some of the blast parts will have you quivering. The vocals are mostly in the black metal style, but are good and not generic. I really cool releases that needs to be listened too a few times before you really feel it. Info:

TRASHLIGHT VISION/Alibis & Amunition (Rock Ridge Music) Just nasty down n dirty punk rock from this band. The band sound like early AC/DC in spots which was fine by me considering that is my favorite band. The singer has a great for the style of music this band plays. If you mix in early AC/DC, Motorhead, Sex Pistols and The Dead Boys you might get this band. The production is not over polished and still retains that street feel, which for a band like this, is a must. A pleasant surprise and one of the best new bands making the scene these days and with some much generic crap, these guys are a breath of fresh air. Info:

PAT TRAVERS/Boom Boom Out Go The Lights (MVD Audio) I have always had a special place in my heart for this man has his live album, 'Go For What You Know" is one of the greatest live albums ever. I also like a few others and when I got this I popped it right in and was smiling from note one to the last guitar lick. Pat redoes some of his classics including the album title and "Snortin Wiskey" and "Crash and Burn". There is also a bunch of covers does that he does and in his own way and some surprised me as he tackles songs by Aerosmith, "Last Child" and "Lights Out" by UFO. There are 13 songs total and not a bad one in the bunch and Pat sounds good as ever on vocals and on guitar his fingerwork is beyond godly and makes these cover tunes shine with his own blend of Travers music. A must have for any fan of the man or rock n roll. Info:

SYMPHONY X/Paradise Lost (Inside Out Music) I have heard of this band many times, but never actually heard their music until now and after a few tunes I am upset that I had not checked these guys out before. This is pure power metal fans dream. The music is progressive in spots, but carrier enough melody to appeal to the masses. God the riffs just crush and will force the head to want to bang. Each track comes up with a godly riff and some of the tunes even fall into the speed metal style, which was fine by these ears. The bio says of an experimental track, "Serpent's Kiss", which had a little bit of an orchestra part in it, which worked for me and the singer really sang this one with passion and feeling, not that he doesn't on all the tracks. This is easily a top 5 of the year so far for me and your a fool if you don't buy this. Info:

SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE/Anima (Sensory Records) This was some nifty progressive metal with some parts of power metal thrown in the mix. The band mix things up quite nicely as one moment they are whipping you into a break neck speed part and then go off into a progressive metal direction. This is the album Dream Theater should have made after 'Images and Words' my friends. The production is flawless and perfect and the guitar sound is as good as it gets. The singer sings with a passion and really can belt out the words when need be and he fits the band perfect. This is one of the best releases of 2007 so far and well worth your money. Simply godly. Info:

CANVAS/Solaris (Sensory Records) This was more progressive metal with touches of power metal thrown in for good measure. Even with the lack of vocals, which usually turns me off after a couple tunes, this kept my attention throughout the disc. The musicianship is top notch and each tune will have you on a rollercoaster ride that you don't want to get off. The tunes, while in a progressive nature, never went over my head and were quite catchy. The tunes are all heavy and speedy at times too. This isn't some generic wanna be progressive band that copies Dream Theater neither. Very solid release from these guys and they should be proud of this puppy. Info:

EVIL ARMY/Edge Of Destruction (Get Revenge Records) Here is some killer old school speed metal with some thrash and hardcore in the mix too. This shit is fast, nasty, raw and just plains crushes. The singer has a neat and powerful voice singing in a nasty hardcore/thrash metal style and the riffs will have you in a slamming mosh pit in no time. The production isn't polished, but it is not bad, it is perfect for a band of this style. Think Municipal Waste if I have to name a band. This is Metal Core the way it should be played and not that nu metal shit. This band is a 3 piece and they came up with an outstanding release that totally blew me away and made me proud to be a metal fan. This is a must have at any costs and if I had a label these guys would be on it no doubt. Info:

INGRAVED/Promo CD 2007 (Self Released) This release contained an album the band released in 2006 on Deadsun Records, 2 demos and some live stuff. This some decent death metal with some really crushing riffs and heavy guitar sound. The band remind of me Pestilence and Immolation in spots and the 1st band more in the vocals and the 2nd band more in the music. Thank god there is no jump metal riffs and the music is just plain brutal death metal and no cup the mic shit neither. The 2 demos I got were also well played and the live stuff was the icing on the cake. A very good release and it is good to hear some straight forward no bullshit death metal for a change. Info:

SHRINE OF SCARS/The Knife (Mindfire Records) 5 tracks of speed/death metal. This isn't too bad and reminds me of some of those death metal demos I used to get in the early 90's. The singer goes all out and really delivers the vocals with intensity and fury and no tough guy crap neither. The music is chaotic and out of control metal core. The band play speed metal with the energy and style of old hardcore. The band I am sure have tunes you can hear on their page so you can be the judge, but for me this is a pretty damn good band. Info:

BEFORE THEIR EYES/Self Released (Rise Records) This is a Christian hardcore band. That is what the band's bio says, but I would say they are more of a nu metal band. The band isn't bad for what they are doing as they don't write all those happy jump metal riffs and most of the riffs are actually quite catchy and I was into this for the most part. At times they do throw in a generic jump metal riff and sometimes the vocals go off into that annoying tough guy vocal style, but for the most part this was really good. The music is fast at times and the riffs are quite catchy too. The production is right where it needs to be and for this style of music this is one of the better bands making the rounds in my book. Info:

MICK HARVEY/Two Of Diamonds (Mute Records) This is some very mellow music that would work when I am reading a book or relaxing and reading a newspaper or surfing the web. The 12 tunes on here feature Mick singing and a guitar and some keyboards mostly. He has a decent voice and I can hear the passion in what he sings. Not my cup of tea, but I can get into it when I am in the right mood. Info:

RAT SKATES/Born In The Basement DVD (Kundrat Productions) This is one awesome DVD that will take you back to the mid 80's and you can hear and see all about how Rat joined a few bands before forming Overkill and then you can hear all about Overkill's early days and how they got their deal, early live shows, etc. I grew up around this time and being from NJ I was fascinated as Rat told his tale of getting Overkill off the ground and seeing old pictures from Rock N Roll Heaven and Vintage Vinyl and I also saw Overkill more than a few times and they did have a killer stage show and after watching this and a few milk crates I learned why. This DVD will take old school fans back to the mid 80's when tape trading, Metal Forces, Kick Ass Monthly and t-shirts and jeans ruled the time. Seeing some of the old pics and video clips made me feel like a kid again. An absolute must for any fan of old school or anybody that wants to get a feel for the old days. Info:

JESUS CHRIST/Serial Rapist DVD (Bill Zebub Productions) This is one weird release and I have no idea what was going on in Bill's head with this release. You get a bunch of naked woman and somebody who is thinking he is Jesus doing lots of nutty stuff. Some of the fire scenes are quite eerie and this is the most warped, crazy shit out of the 4 DVD's I have seen that Bill sent me. I know I could never come up with something like this. Weird and very different I must say. The bonus footage is some of the most shocking stuff I ever seen and view it is you dare. Info:

ALAN VEGA/Station (Mute Records) I had no idea what to expect when I popped this in and this is an industrial metal band. Alan does everything on this disc except for some singing now and then. The drums are a machine naturally and this is something that wouldn't be out of place on a Ministry album except this isn't as thrashy. This stuff is warped and out of control at times. It didn't bore me, but I have to be in the mood to listen to this type of stuff. If your into weirder and open minded music then this would be of interest to you. Info:

QUEEN/DVD Collector's Box (MVD) This is a 2 DVD set of the story of Queen. The one DVD "Magic Moments" features mostly interviews from the England press and radio stations talking about the impact the band had on the music scene. Dics # 2 called "Queen Under Review' is absolutely brilliant and runs almost 2 hours and traces the early roots of the band all the way up to 1980. Here you get interviews, concert footage and much more and it is very detailed and all the interviews I found very interesting and I even learned some new stuff about the band and it focuses on the band in their heyday, which I am a fan of as well. Any fan of the band will want to add this double DVD package to their collection. Info:

PROJECT FAILING FLESH/The Conjoined (Burning Star Records) This is modern death metal with a touch of groove to it. The vocals are those 'At The Gates style, which to me is overdone. The music is mixed with some faster and slower parts. The riffs aren't badly played and the songs are pretty good. The production is nice and thick and the band get a good guitar sound. If they can work on their songs and maybe lose a bit on the vocals they could go from being a good band to a really great one. Info:

FALL OF EDEN/Dawn Of A New Age (Sonic Wave) This too much was just an ok band. The band play death metal with a melodic edge, but the songs were kinda just there and the vocals are just screamed and just lacked that killer intensity. The music is ok, the band don't go for the throat all the time and that is ok, but the melodic parts kinda bored me and didn't suck me in. The production isn't bad, but this just didn't it for me. Info:

GOLLUM/Lesser Traveled Waters (Self Released) I thought this was going to be some gore/grind band, but I was way off base. This is band has some of the modern death metal tones to their music, but they are much more than that. The band add some atmosphere and industrial overtones to their brand of music and it may not seem like it would work, but it does. The production is thick and heavy and the tunes crush. There are no vocals, but little hints of some voices here and there. This is for the open minded fan and even with the lack of vocals I liked this. Info:

DAEMOS/Surface (Self Produced) This was death metal with a bit of industrial thrown in to boot. The music just didn't floor me and the vocals were just average, as the guy just screamed and lacked the passion and emotion. I just didn't feel it from him. The music is just average death metal and the songs just fell flat to me and just didn't do a thing for me. The songs just plodded along with the gruff vocals. Not for me. Info:

CRIMSON ORCHID/Chapter XIII (Self Released) This was a bit different from what I was expecting. This band plays some melodic death metal and unlike the other band, this style works for them. The music is quite good and even though it is melodic at times, it is still heavy and brutal. The vocals are more clean in some parts and I could do without some of the tough guy vocals, but the music won me over. Nice production too and this band is headed down the right path so to speak. Info:

THRONEUM/Deathmass Of The Gravedancer (Displeased Records) Raw death/black metal is the ticket here. This is old school and is raw to the bone. Satan would be proud of this band. Riffs that just crush and rip the flesh off your skin. The vocals are screamed sound of death and the music is mixed with some slower, almost doom parts, with some fast old school blasts of death/black metal. The production only adds to this not takes it away if you get my drift. Fans of Necrovore will love this as did I. Info:

ENTOMBED/Serpent Saints (Candlelight Records) This band is back with a really good new release. The band have gone back to their old style, but don't expect "Left Hand Path". The band mix in their new style with some style of their old classic "swedish death metal" sound. It took me a few spins to get into this, but I liked what I heard. The riffs had my neck moving and the music was a mixture of mid paced and faster stuff. The production is right on the money and vocals are pure Entombed. Some may not like this, but I thought this crushed. Info:

CRIONICS/Neu Throne (Candlelight Records) I thought this was ok as it sounded too much like Decide, Morbid Angel and Krisiun. It if fast and heavy and the vocals aren't bad, but it just lacked that killer punch. It is better than a bunch of other bands doing this, but it just was too much like Vader, Krisiun for my tastes. Info:

SEIZURE CRYPT/Hello My Name Is Madness (316 Productions) This band is back with another collection of real hardcore, not that groove metal shit. This is true 100% NY hardcore the way it should be played. Pissed off, shouted vocals, but not in a forced tough guy way. Fast metal core like riffs along with a not so polished production make this a hardcore fan's delight. Each song I am sure will have mosh pits going nuts for the right reasons and not the wrong ones. Why this band isn't on a big indie label is beyond me. Info:

GREG LAKE/Same (MVD Audio) Greg Lake is one of the members of the Emerson, Lake and Palmer and this is a live CD that he did. Yes, he does the classic "Lucky Man" and does it quite well. He does a couple other ELP tunes and well as some King Crimson stuff, which I myself wasn't familiar with, but they sounded pretty good to these ears. The production for a live releases sounds good as the hall is playing in sounded quite good. He has a 7 piece band that helps him bang out the tunes and if your a fan of older progressive rock or a King Crimson or ELP fan, you will want this in your collection. Info:

DAVID T CHASTAIN/Countdown To Infinity (Leviathan Records) This is an all instrumental release from David and it isn't too bad. I am not a big fan of this kind of stuff unless it is jazz or something like that. David can play the guitar for sure and unlike some of these "guitar gods", David knows a thing about riffs and melody. The songs even without vocals, still sounded good to my ears and were easy to get into. The tunes are rockin heavy metal tunes that will satisfy any fan of metal. For those into the guitar thing, there is plenty of solos and his backing 2 piece sound tight and clean. Production is good too. Info: