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New Reviews - 06/10/07

RAZOR FIST/Razor Fist Force (Self Released) Some really kick ass thrash metal is the ticket here. This is old school and it is raw 80's style thrash metal that put a smile on my face till the last note played. 10 tracks that wouldn't be out of place on an early Whiplash release. Pure feeling, emotion went into these tunes and look for an interview soon and labels you would be a fool not to snap these guys up. Info:

CARNAL FORCE/Testify For My Victims (Candlelight Records) This was decent melodic death metal, but the gruff, almost shouted vocals didn't do a lot for me. The band can write some crushing riffs and play with speed and intensity when they need too. The band do tread into the groove style once in a bit, but not enough to make it annoying. The production is right on the money too. The vocals weren't bad and I could deal with them when the music is this good. Info:

PRO PAIN/Age Of Tyranny (Candlelight Records) This band has been around a long time and this is their 10th release. This was an awesome release of Metal Core. The riffs and the vocals knocked and blew me away. How this band can still write and deliver the goods with their songs is beyond me. The band combine the best of metal and hardcore and show when done right that this style of music can crush and this easily blows away all these wannabe groove jump metal bands. This band are one of the few bands doing this style that I am a fan of. Well worth getting. Info:

OCTAVIA SPERATI/Grace Submerged (Candlelight Records) I am not a big fan of female vocals with goth music. That said, while I hated the clean female vocals, the music wasn't too bad. The music is like rock n roll with a doom metal element added to it. The production is good and the band sound tight and if you like doom/gothic metal and don't mind clean female vocals, then here ya go. Info:

DIABLO ROYALE/Self Titled (Self Released) Really good honest to goodness rock n roll here. No groove, no tough guy vocals, just ass kicking rock n roll the way it used to be played. The singer has a nice voice for rock n roll and he uses his set of pipes quite well on this disc. The band play good solid melodic rock full of hooks that he me sucked in. There is not many bands out there doing this sort of stuff and here is one band that is bucking the trend and wouldn't surprise me to see them get a deal. Info:

THE GRIEF/The Realm Of The Grief (Self Released) I couldn't get into this at all. The band play doomy death metal, but the songs lacked a lot of things. I couldn't get into any of the riffs and the singing was horrible. Sounded like some guy dying and they were pretty bad. The songs just bored me and I couldn't wait for them to end. The keyboards added nothing and the songs were just flat and bad to my ears. Info:

[email protected]

BULLET BOYS/Behind The Orange Curtain (Crash Music) This band released a couple albums in the late 80's and I remember the band getting compared to Van Halen a lot, which wasn't an out of place opinion. The 4 original members are on this new live disc as they play tunes from both of their releases. The singer still has a pretty good voice and the band sound pretty tight. The sound is good for a live recording and I enjoyed the tunes on this 12 song disc and "Smooth Up In Ya" was a trip back in time. Info:

DIAMOND REXX/Land Of The Damned (Crash Music) This band I remember a little about back in the day due to their almost glam like look. This is there debut release re-released for the 1st time on CD. This isn't too bad as the band remind of a rawer old Motley Crew on the tunes. The band churn out early 80's metal with a raw sound as how I would tag this. This is harder edge that the look they portray I will say that. Not bad for what it is and if you have been looking for this release here is a chance to finally get it. Info:

BLACK N BLUE/Rarities (Crash Music) I loved this bands 1st album and have been looking for it on CD and here I get a rarities CD of I assume is some old non-released stuff. This band was just a rock n roll band with a glam like look. The songs on this were pretty good as most were from 1984, which is when their debut came out. The band just wrote solid rock tunes and that is what you will find here if you buy this. Now I need to find their debut CD. Info:

BLOODY SIGN/Explosion Of Elements (Ibex Moon Records) Crushing real death metal that hits hard and fast. While this is not the most original band, this packs a wallop. This band combines the best of slow and fast death metal and the speed parts are real not that fake shit. The production is mega heavy and if your into stuff like Immolation, Incantation, etc you'll go apeshit over this. Info:

ESTUARY/The Craft Of Contradiction (I Bex Moon Records) Damn this one heavy death metal release. Riffs that will blow through you and smash your insides out. Real death metal vocals and playing. The riffs will make your skin crawl. The band can play slow, fast, mid paced, etc. This is old school and it crushes. Info:

THORNAFIRE/Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation (Ibex Moon Productions) This was like a raw version of Immolation. The riffs and the way the songs played out made me think that way. The only thing I didn't like was the tin can sounds of the drums when they went into the hyper speed mode. The vocals are death metal growls for the most part and this was good except for the drums in spots. Info:

AUTUMN BLACK/Beneath The Shadows (Throwdown Records) This is another groove metal core band and they are better than most. The band can write some good riffs and the vocals aren't all that tough guy shit that most of these bands use. The band mix up the riffs and don't use that stupid overdone low and high pitched vocal system. The band mix it up really good and the tunes were solid, basic numbers that didn't put a frown on my face. The tunes are uptempo when they need to be and the vocals are sung in a non generic hardcore way. One of the few bands doing this style, that do it well. Info:

VERISMO/City Of Kings (Self Released) This was some pretty good metal music bordering on thrash at times. The band are a pure metal band with some touches of thrash metal. This isn't nu metal, this is pure straight forward metal. The band can write some good choppy, metal riffs that will have the head banging. The vocals are rough, but the sing has a nice solid voice and he fits the raw metal sound this band is doing. The more I listened to this, the more it grew on me. A very original and solid band and are well worth checking out. Info:

CLUTCH/From Beale Street To Oblivion (DRT Entertainment) I was never a big fan of this band, but boy oh boy did they deliver the goods with this one. This is just plain kicked my ass. The music is more of a blues/metal direction, but the fuckin riffs are so killer my neck just couldn't stop moving. The riffs are also damn catchy too. The vocals remind me of King's X at times and I really liked them. This is without a doubt a top 10 of the year for me so far. Don't dismiss this as it is one excellent release. Info:

CRUSHED/My Machine (No Relief Records) This has some really good parts to it and some really generic parts as well. The band is part groove and part almost progressive like in their approach. The dual vocal thing has to go. The clean and almost death metal growl thing has been to death and bands really need to stop it. The singer has a good clean voice and the growl parts ruin it. This band should get away from the groove stuff and work on more of the metal and progressive side they have cause when they do that, they are one of the most original bands I have heard in quite some time. This was really good in spots and if the band tinker with things a bit, they could be become one monster band. Info:

THE GODS OF KANSAS/Self Titled (Self Released) This band was tough to describe. It is metal, almost down n dirty metal with a touch of rock mixed in. They are good, very good. The music is catchy, but still heavy and I can get into this. The vocals are warped and wacky and fit the music quite well. The band also throw in a bit of thrash now and then and can really let loose when need be. I could easily see this band getting signed. Info:

DEADLY BLESSING/Promo 2007 (Self Released) The boys are back in town and armed and ready with a new singer. The 4 tunes here are still in the same mode this band is known for which was power metal with touches of heavy metal and thrash metal thrown in. The new singer has a nice set of pipes and doesn't do all that annoying high pitched singing and just sings with feeling and let his vocals do the talking. The music is heavy and thrashy at times and the band are looking for a deal and I have no doubt with this they will get one. Check out their website for more info:

KAMELOT/Ghost Opera (SPV) This is another solid release from this band. The music reminds me of Dream Theater at times and this is what D.T. should be doing now, but they aren't. The band mix in a bit more melody than in the past, but they still can turn it up a notch when need be. This is what progressive power metal should be and the singer and production really shine on this baby too. Info:

SCOTT MARROW/For All The Time You Spend Losing...You Better Enjoy Your Failures (White Room Records) This is not my cup of tea. This is like almost folk music and it is just not my thing. This is a one man project and Scott is good at what he does, but it is not for me. (Self Released) I have no info on this as it came with no email address, bio, etc. This is metal with sort of an industrial edge. It was ok, I felt the raw production hurt this not helped it. The vocals were ok as were the songs. It wasn't bad, but the band or project need to try and work on the production edge of things. This is someone or something to keep an eye on. Info:

David B 19257 Rolling Hills Court Castro Valley, CA

94546DETONATION/Emission Phase (Osmose Productions) I have always been a fan of this band and once again they deliver the goods. Bone crushing death metal played with speed, conviction and power. The razor sharp riffs will cut you down and in half. The vocals are the screamed At The Gates style and even though I am not a huge fan of that death metal style of vocals, when music is this good, it is easy to forget ha ha. The production is flawless and this is packs quite a punch. Info:

OFFICIUM TRISTE/Giving Yourself Away (Displeased Records) Just crushing doom metal that will have you wanting to smash your head against the wall. This is heavy, sad and even more heavy. The vocals will haunt you and this is a pure doom fan's delight. The production and riffs are ultra heavy and the dying man vocals work wonders for this band. This is the soundtrack of depression. Info:

ICED EARTH/Overture Of The Wicked (SPV) This is hands down the best thing I have ever heard and I am crying cause it is only 4 tunes. I need more. The band mix the perfect blend of metal and thrash metal and come up with a mix of tunes that will easily be in my top 10 at the end of the year. The production is perfect, the riffs are godly, the vocals will send shivers down your band and this is pure and simple the best release of 2007 so far in my eyes. These tunes will have your neck snapping and I bet these songs will crush all live. I can hardly wait. Info:

FARSCAPE/Killers On The Loose (Unsilent Records) Just pure godly thrash is the ticket here. This brings me back to the mid to late 80's when all those killer thrash bands were making the waves. The riffs totally owned my neck and it got quite a workout in. There is speed, intensity, feeling and just plain headbanging riffs that will rip your skull. The singing is awesome thrash metal singing too sort of like the guy from Death Angel and if anything this reminds me a bit of the "Ultra Violence" release. Info:

APOKALYPTIC RAIDS/The Third Storm (Dark Sun) OK I know the band sound like Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, but they fuckin kill. They play with such a feeling and passion and the riffs are 100% heavy and crush. This will destroy and smash any poser. The band go for that raw "Morbid Tales" sound and it is perfect. I would never want to hear this band with a polished sound. The vocals are growls and scream of pure death. A must for any fan of Celtic Frost or just old school death metal in general. Raise the fists. Info:

[email protected]

THE CLAY PEOPLE/Waking The Dead (Overt Music) This was some groove heavy metal with lots of groove riffs and the clean and growl singing. This was ok as the band didn't use all the jump type of riffing all the time and actually tried to play some decent riffs. The dual vocal thing has been done to death and if they could pay off that I would really like this. The band can write some riffs and they mix in a touch of industrial to the mix and if your into the groove thing, then get this before you buy a bunch of the other crap out there. Info:

THE REZIDUDES/Welcome To The Suck (Screaming Ferret Wreckords) No this was some really cool old school punk rock/hardcore. This is raw the way it needs to be. The band crank out a bunch of cover tunes and make them into their own twisted sound. California Dreaming never sounded so good or fast ha ha. 20 tunes are found here and each one is a classic in it's own way. I love the way the band did these as they made them their own. "Come Dancing" by The Kinks is given the speed treatment as is "Country Roads" by John Denver. "Ace of Spades' by Motorhead is done to perfection. An excellent release of what hardcore should be and that is fun and fast. Info:

SUBCYDE/Same (Last Entertainment Productions) This was heard it a thousand times death/groove metal with those dying man vocals that has been done to death and then some. The riffs and sounds this band do sound like a million other bands and they are doing nothing that made stand up and take notice. The riffs are average and the songs didn't do anything but just take up time. Sure it is heavy and fast at times, but this is something I have heard way too many times and this got old and boring really fast. Info:

FLAGELLATION/Incinerate (Last Entertainment Productions) This wasn't bad as the band is a cross between newer Morbid Angel and At The Gates. The music isn't bad as it is more dark and doesn't have all that groove that has been so overdone. The vocals are not in the dying man vein and are more just pure death metal vocals. The production is thick and meaty and some of the fast stuff is pretty brutal and not generic. Worth getting. Info:

MACHINERY/Degeneration (Last Entertainment) This grew on me. This is good thrash metal with some vocals that sort of reminded me of Flotsam and Jetsam. The production is right on the money and thank god no groove is found here. This is hard hitting in your face thrash metal that I liked the more it played on. If you want some good quality thrash this is your ticket. Info:

NEO/Broadcast DVD (MVD) This was some awesome progressive metal. The production is crystal clear and the camera work makes you feel you are in the front row. The songs flow right through your veins and the singing and playing are top notch. The songs took me on a rollercoaster ride that I didn't want to get off. If your sick of all the clone progressive power metal bands and all the bands trying to sound like Dream Theater, buy this and you won't be disappointed I assure you. Info:

LILLIAN AXE/Waters Rising (Screaming Ferret Records) This was another one of those hair metal bands that had a minor hit of a cover tune, which I forget right now. The band were never in the area of such bands as Warrant, Ratt, etc. They return with a new release that is very dark and very bad. I didn't mind some of this band's poppy hair metal stuff, but this is not even close to that and the songs were flat and instantly forgettable. If your not going to go back to your trademark sound why even name the band this name. Change and start over fresh. I realize this isn't 1987, but bands like Firehouse and Bob Jovi are still churning out stuff like they played in the 80's and 90's. Info:

MORAL DECAY/I Quit (Get Revenge Records) I thought this was a great release. I was expecting some lame gore/grind, but what I got was some excellent death/thrash metal that hit hard and hit often. The band combine the speed of thrash and the intensity of death metal and come up with one crushing release. The production is thick and the guitar sound is mint. The vocals remind me of Pestilence and not a bad tune to be found. A very pleasant surprise. Info:

RAPE IS A CIRCLE/Time Salts All Wounds DVD (Bill Zebub Productions) This is one of 4 DVD's that Bill Zebub sent me. This is some crazy fucked up shit and I loved it. How Bill came up with this screenplay and the way it played out is only from the mind of a mad genius 2 girls are kidnapped up another girl and what follows is a rollercoaster of sleaze and almost porn that has to be seen to be believed. I couldn't shut the remote off till the whole movie played out and this is one film when you see, you won't soon forget. This was the perfect blend of erotic, sleaze, porn and pure human emotions. Info:

ASS MONSTER/The Making Of A Horror Movie DVD (Bill Zebub Productions) After watching this I found out that Bill isn't a bad actor at all. You catch watch this hilarious adventure as Bill goes about trying to make his own movie as he goes through a long list of girls with some of his friends including an appearance of George from Cannibal Corpse. Some of the girls are pretty hot and the nudity isn't a band thing, not at all. Knowing Bill of all of these years he is quite funny in this movie and I know anybody that buys this will laugh their ass off and enjoy this big time as did I. Info:

UDO/Mastercutor (Candlelight Records) Udo has been around for a long time now, first with Accept and then doing some solo stuff for the past decade or so and here is back with a new release. This is a pure heavy metal delight. Udo sounds great on vocals and the band he has backing him play a solid form of heavy metal that has no groove, no jumps and is just pure 100% spikes and fists to the air metal. The production is nice and thick and the guitar sound is perfect. This is chock full of riffs that will have that neck moving in no time so go get this. Info:

MARTRIDEN/Self Titled (Candlelight Records) This was decent death metal with plenty of speed and hooks to push it above the average band. The band write some wicked riffs and the vocals were good death metal vocals and thank god there is no low and clean vocals and groove riffs on this. This is 4 songs and left me wanting more. Worth checking out. Info:

POWND/Circle Of Power (Nightmare Records) This was a progressive metal band and this wasn't bad, but I prefer a bit more speed with my metal at times. The band do write some complex songs and stuff and a little bit of it went over my head, but they are very original and they can play that is for sure. The production is good and the singer has a nice solid voice that fits the music. It took me a couple plays to really grasp this and I will say this, the band got better with each listen so this is something that you need to listen to a few times and then you will get hooked as I did. Info:

SUSPYRE/A Great Divide (Nightmare Records) This was some tasteful power metal that was mixed in with some progressive metal and it didn't go over my head. The music is heavy and the vocals are clear, but on the aggressive side, which worked for me. The band also throw in some keyboard parts and some speed and mix it up and will take you on a rollercoaster ride you won't soon forget. The production is nice and thick and this band will take you up and down and leave you breathless and wanting more. One of the best progressive power metal bands I have ever heard. It is like Hades meets Dream Theater and it is that damn good. Info:

BLACK LIGHT BURNS/Cruel Melody (Adrenaline Records) This reminded me a lot of Nine Inch Nails. The vocals sound like Trent and so does the music to a point. The opening track has an awesome catchy hook and I was loving it. The rest of the disc is chock full of heavy industrial like numbers with a bottom heavy production. If you like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, etc then this is something you must have. Info:

SOULIDIUM/Children Of Chaos (Night Vision Music) This I didn't like at all. The band sound like a bad version of Linkin Park. The vocals are weak and bad and the songs just plod along and don't have that killer edge like the above band does. The band play melodic metal, but the songs sound and fall flat and this just didn't click with my ears at all Info:

DEVIN TOWNSEND/Ziltoid The Omniscient (Inside Out) I really tried to like this, but to me it just sounds like a bunch of these other nu metal bands with the groove and growls. The songs just didn't click with me and I was bored by track 4. The music is heavy, but it has that nu metal groove sort of sound I totally hate and the riffs and song structures did nothing for my ears or brain. I kept waiting for the one song to rip me to shreds and it didn't happen. Info: