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New Reviews - 04/19/07

MORGANA LEFAY/Over & Over/Face Of Fear CD Single (Black Mark Records)This was a 2 song single CD and I thought both songs were flat and boring. After the 2nd song was over I remembered nothing about the songs except that the singing wasn't too bad. The songs lacked hooks and the 2 songs just plodded along and I couldn't wait for them to end. The band plays heavy metal with some melody, but the songs lacked those killer hooks I craved and wanted to hear badly. I have heard some of this bands previous works, and I thought they had better stuff than this new 2 song CD single from a forthcoming release.

BLACK LIGHT BURNS/Cruel Melody (I Am Wolfpack) This is the guitar player from Limp Bizkit's band as he is the singer. This is more of that nu metal crap that I fuckin hate. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and even though this sounds nothing like Limp Bizkit (thank god) it is still pretty band. The band just write these god awful nu metal tunes and they are totally forgettable right after each song is done. Nothing of value here.

POINT ONE/Unlucky Stars (Adrenaline Records) Now this is more like it. This is down n dirty rock n roll with attitude to it. Not many bands are doing it like this band and they come out with a nasty attitude and the tunes reflect that. The tunes are heavy and still catchy with a sense of melody to them. The tunes do go off in a metal direction at times, which was fine by me. The musses is stripped down and the production is not over polished and the singer is great as his raspy voice fits the music perfectly. This is the album Guns and Roses should have done after their 1st one. Excellent release.

I'M FROM BARCELONA/Let Me Introduce My Friends (Mute Records) I had no idea what to expect when this popped is I was reading the bio I was expecting a sort of pop band and that is what I got. This was very good for what it was, which was happy pop tunes with lots of melodies and overflowing with happiness. The tracks were catchy, simple and well performed. The production allows everything to shine and somebody into say stuff like REM and the Barenaked Ladies, etc would find value here. Different and refreshing.

GRIMM/Heksenkringen (Displeased Records) They call this pagan metal. I am not sure exactly what pagan metal is, but this wasn't bad. The vocals are screamed black metal vocals with a mix of death metal, but I don't like the spoken clear like vocals they use at times. The music is raw death metal with a touch of black metal and the guitar sound this band uses is mint. This wasn't something that I would play every day, but it was a bit different and if you don't mind clean vocals at times you will really enjoy this.

TIGER MC'S/We Go Out (Cherryade Music) This was poppy almost folk music which wasn't my cup of tea and wasn't even rock or metal at all. I have no idea why this record company would send me a folk album to review on a metal website. This music is more suited for a coffee house or something.

PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE/Traversing The Awesome Night (Open Grave Records) Pure raw black/death metal is the ticket here. God the riffs will sink you down to below sea level. The slow parts melted me like Carnivore did many moons ago. The guitar sound kills almost Celtic Frost in nature. This band sets a mood and then sucks you in. The singing is real black/death metal singing not some pussy low guttural shit. This is the real deal and with so many shitty black metal bands, it is refreshing to hear a bad that delivers the goods as this release did. A must have.

KEKAL/The Habit Of Fire (Open Grave Records) This band combine a bunch of different styles and for the most part I liked it and it worked. The band mix in death metal, industrial, goth, techno and some avant-garde to make one weird release. The band can get fast and when they do look out, it smokes. The vocals are more in the industrial vein and the band use different time changes and stuff sort of like Voivod at times too. The production is thick and heavy and I think if you go in with an open mind, you could really enjoy this as did I. A pleasant surprise.

ALL OUT WAR/Assassins In The House Of God (Victory Records) This is one whale of a release. This is a perfect combo of Metal Core and no pun intended. This band mix the metal fury of Slayer with the hardcore sounds of The Cromags and the vocals are real hardcore vocals not all that fake tough guy shit. The production is heavy, but raw at the same time. This is a pure delight to listen too and is easily the best thing on this label. For the 1st time in a long time a band combines the best of the both worlds and maybe the crossover scene will return. Don't dismiss this as some lame new hardcore band, fuck no this is the real deal and I am sure will be one of my favorite releases of 2007. Pure Metal Core at it's finest.

LENGSEL/The Kiss-The Hope (Open Grave Records) I couldn't get into this too much. This is more industrial type of stuff, but I felt the songs weren't strong and just dragged on. The vocals were not good neither and the songs and music didn't do a thing for me.

MOTOR/Unhuman (Mute Records) This is electronic/industrial stuff that really wasn't my cup of tea. This is like that techno dance type of music you might hear in a club. It isn't bad for what it is as the band have some melody to their sound and the songs didn't suck nor were they flat. If your into that sort of thing, this band would be worth your while.

DRIFT EFFECT/Be Something (Salt Line Records) This was a modern sounding rock band and not a bad one. The songs were catchy and they also mix in some of the old sounds of the 70's and the vocals were really what sucked me in. The singer is fantastic and he sings with a ton of emotion and he really gets into the lyrics. The band remind of the Gim Blossoms, who I thought wrote some really catchy pop tunes. This band is way more heavier then them and the guitar sound and the riffs will have the neck moving.

VORKUTA/Into The Chasms Of Lunacy (Paragon Records) Sick, low tunes, raw as fuck, black metal. This is pure hate 100%. The music is emotional, haunting and any black metal fan will eat this up. With so many bad same ole black metal releases coming across my desk in the past few years, it was refreshing to get something like this. There is not many black metal bands I like, but put this baby on my list. The music will suck you in and is mostly slow and haunting almost in a doom like way and the vocals will have your neck hairs standing up.

VELVET CACOON/Dextronaut (Full Moon Productions) This was a double cd of some lost recordings from this black metal band. This is just raw punishing black metal. This was moody and not just fast and that is what makes this different from a lot of other bands. Sure this has the fast pick riffing style, but it also had some mood swings and the vocals are just a hate filled delight. The raw production only adds to the madness. The 2nd disc has a bunch of ambient stuff I am not into, but this is a release of black metal that any fan of black metal can't miss.

TRIGGER RENEGADE/Destroy Your Mind (Black Top Fade Records) This was a pleasant little surprise. This band is like a cross between Iron Maiden and older Judas Priest. The music is just pure 100& straight ahead metal. The band do have some melody to them and are not as heavy as Maiden in sports and go for a more rock n roll edge and the singer has a good clean voice that is perfect for what this band is doing. The production is right where it needs to be and this was a very good to great at times release.

A.W.A.S./Hope (Open Grave Records) This was some fast and heavy stuff no doubt. The band remind me of Immolation with the vocal style and playing. The production is thick and the music goes from slow almost doomy like to very fast blasts of real death metal. If your into bands like Incantation, Immolation you can do no wrong with this baby.

GOATHEMY/Frostland (Open Grave Records) Typical fast pick riffing black metal with the some ole tired vocals and female opera like singing, which made it much worse. This sounds like a million other black metal bands and the female singing ruins any chance of this even being decent in my eyes.

PAUL GILBERT/Get Out Of My Yard (Shrapnel Records) I will say this, Paul can play the guitar. He also can write some real rockin riffs and even though vocals weren't around, this was still enjoyable. Sure there are lots of solos and stuff, but there is also some melody and actual riffs to songs, not just a bunch of mumbo jumbo throw together. If you like stuff like Robin Trower or Jimi Hendrix, you'll go bonkers over this. Excellent release.

MARTY FRIEDMAN/Loudspeaker (Shrapnel Records) This is more heavier than the Paul Gilbert release and is almost thrashy in some parts. There is no vocals, but again there is some awesome guitar playing and there is melody and when the music is this damn good the lack of vocals does not hurt much. The production is right on the money and boy does this baby smoke. Another excellent release.

DARK MESSIAH/Rise Of The Black Dawn (Full Moon Productions) This is a best of both worlds release. You get the fury and anger of black metal and the blast beats of death metal. Not that fake blast beat shit neither. The vocals are in the black metal vein, but don't sound generic or forced. The production allows everything to be heard and the band don't just play fast for fast sakes. They inject enough slow parts here and there to keep this from getting boring. This band is unsigned, but I bet for now long.

THE LOCUST/New Erections (Anti) This is some serious fucked up shit. This ambient, fast, grind, metal and every other style you can thing of. This is some warped crazy shit. It is fast and packs a wallop. The vocals are shouted and fit the style of music. How does the guy even have a voice after he is done? The production allows everything to be heard. This is for the open minded fan and is well worth getting.

BLACK LIGHT BURNS/Cruel Melody (Adrenaline Music Group) This is a mix of industrial and metal. Sort of like a less thrashier Ministry mixed in with some Type O Negative. The songs were quite catchy and good and still maintain a heavy edge to them. The opening track had a killer hook and started this baby off on the right foot. The tunes are all heavy in nature and have an almost Kyuss vibe to them in spots as well. The production is thick and heavy and the singer has the right voice for this band. Solid release.

CHILD ABUSE/Self Titled (Lovepump United) This is so out of control and wild words can't describe it. Think jazz meeting grindcore. I am not a big fan of grindcore, but this was warped and was so different that I really liked this a lot. The vocals are so warped and so crazy at times. It is a wonder he has any kind of voice when he sings live. The band remind me of the much sadly missed Human Remains. Think wicked off key time changes, super fast blast beats and vocals that will have you going out of your mind. A release not for the weak minded.

INHUME/Chaos, Dissection, Order (Osmose Productions) This was some death/grind metal and yes it is very, very fast. The vocals I am not a huge fan of, the low guttural style, but the music is killer. The band just tear through tune and tune of death/grind metal the right way. No cheezy blast beats, this band do it the real and right way. The band also slow it down enough and don't go a million miles every second. The guitar sound is killer and I like the production, not over produced. If your into the death/grind thing, I would say this is one release that is a must have.

POINT/Unlucky Stars (Self Released) This was some decent rock/metal. The tunes are catchy and have some melody to them and thank god the band does not go down the over used groove style. The tunes are more in the modern rock vein with some metal thrown in the mix as well. They don't really sound like anybody and I am sure there is some tunes to preview on their website as well. The singer has a nice voice and fits the band well.

THE MENTORS/El Duce Vita DVD (MVD Visual) I always loved The Mentors and there funny lyrics. This features some videos of some of their songs and though the quality isn't great, they are super funny and remind once again why I liked this band and thought their lyrics were out of this world. You also get 3 live shows from the band from the 90's complete with girls dancing and the black hoods. There is nudity in some of the vids and if you have forget this band, I am sure this DVD will bring back some memories and some good laughs.


GWYNBLEIDD/Amaranthine (Self Released) I found this another case of the same ole same ole. This is the European style of death metal that has been done to death and found this quite boring. The tunes offered little or nothing and sounded like a ton of other bands I have heard over the years. The vocals are bland and sound like every other European death metal band. This band didn't suck, but they offered up nothing new and exciting to an already way overcrowded scene.

MITHRAS/Behind The Shadows Lie Madness (Candlelight Records) This is just 2 guys and they do one heck of a job on this baby. Fast heart pounding death metal that hits hard and fast and there is no groove, no cheezy singing, just fast death metal with some solid death metal vocals and playing. The production is nice and thick and the tunes are all very good and fast and heavy tunes that any fan of death metal will enjoy. If you like Morbid Angel, you'll like this.

PANTHEON-I/The Wanderer And His Shadow (Candlelight Records) This is like the Gwynbleidd release. It is more of that fast style European death metal stuff that has been done to death. This band is in the same style with the fast blast beats and vocals. It has been done to death and this is another band that just does nothing for me at all.

SHATTERPOINT/Dead Precedence (Power Play Records) This is some really good modern thrash metal. The band sound tight and the songs are heavy, catchy and have some aggression in them too. There is none of that Pantera groove neither. The tunes have bit of melody to them and the band can turn up the speed when they need too. This was one of the best newer thrash metal bands that I have heard in quite a bit and they deserve a listen.

TME/Worlds Collide (Aphotic Records) A wicked combo of thrash and death metal that dulled my mind. The band hit hard and hit often and this will more than wear your neck out. The riffs just crushed me as this played on. The production is thick and heavy and when the band go into the blast mode, it is the real deal not some tin can crap blasts. The vocals are pure hate and death curled that any fan of this style will like. This is more than worth your ears to listen to.

SUN HAS CANCER/Burn (Self Released) This is some electronic music with some death metal overtones to it at times. I am not a fan of this stuff by any means, but this wasn't too bad for what it was. The band is somewhat brutal for the style they are playing and are better than some of the other bands I have heard doing this type of thing. The production is pretty good and if your into it, I would say check this out.

FEEBLE MINDED/Nothing But Death DVD (Grodhaisn Productions) This was another modern death metal band with the low vocals and the cheezy blast beats that all these grind/death metal bands do. It just sounds like every other blast beat band with the low guttural vocals. There is nothing new here, but I will say the production is awesome and they are better than some of the other crap that I have heard. You be the judge.

LUCTUS/ARGHARUS/Split CD (Ledo Takas Records) Luctus offer up some very fast and brutal death metal that is not original, but who is, but it was enjoyable. The band play with fire and passion and that scores brownie points with me every time ha ha. Production is good as is the singer. Argharus offer up some death/black metal that is both fast and furious. The vocals are death metal growls, not that guttural shit. The production is thick and bottom heavy and I would say we have 2 good solid bands here which makes for a nice split CD.

ENSIFERUM/Victory Songs (Candlelight Records) I really tried to like this and some parts were godly, but the female vocals have to go. The music is power metal with melody, but the dual vocals sound like every other band doing this and thank god the female vocals are far and between. Musically this is a killer release as the tunes are catchy as hell and yes they are still heavy and fast. If you can get past some of the small stuff this is one amazing release.

KOTIPELTO/Serenity (Candlelight Records) Oh now this was a goodie. Excellent power metal with those melodic riffs that sucked me along with some godly singing by Timo Kotipelto. The tunes are all good to great melodic power metal numbers with a great production. The vocals are clean, but still powerful and fit the music perfect. Timo sings in the band Stratovarius and this is highly recommended by me.

DISKREET/Infernal Rise (Candlelight Records) This was a groove blast beat death metal band that sounded like every band that came out of Long Island in the early 90's. They have the groove down as well as the tin can blast beats. The singer sings in that guttural style I hate and I just think bands like this aren't real death metal. If your into this stuff, have fun.

AXEMASTER/Adv 3 song CD (Self released) I got a 3 song CD from Joe and the new material is more good crunchy heavy metal bordering on power metal at times. The singer has one of those 80's metal voices that I love and he really sings the tunes with power and emotion and feeling. The tunes are just solid metal numbers and I liked all 3 tunes.

Info:[email protected]

AXEMASTER/Blessing In The Skies (Self Released) This is from what I gather some new and old stuff re-recorded with Joe's new band and it like the above stuff, sounds good to these ears. This is not power metal, but plain ole metal played with plenty of power, blood, sweat and tears. The singer just sings with lots of emotion and feeling and the tunes will have that neck moving in no time. This is worth getting if your a fan of heavy metal.

Info:[email protected]

WIC/Die For Us DVD (MVD Visual) This is a DVD of another one of those modern groove hardcore metal bands. The band are good at what they do, though it is not something I am into. They sound tight and they play the tunes well and the crowd eats it every note up. There is a full concert and some bonus songs from a show in Phila, PA and an interview. They are one of the better sounding bands doing this style I will say.