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New Reviews - 12/12/06

NOWHERE/No Prayer For the Buyer-Bad and boring death metal with groove. The
vocals sucked, the songs lacked any substance and the tunes bored me. The
songs plod along between groove with the touch guy vocals and faster groove
death metal. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and this isn't even a good one at
that. Info:

OBSCENE GESTURE/Straight Outta The Gutter (Gutter Thug Records) This is some
wicked old school hardcore. The music is blazing old school like thrash/punk
with pure shouted hardcore like vocals. Sort of like Hirax if they played
hardcore. The production is perfect and the band blend in the perfect mix of
metal and hardcore. I can't say enough good things except this is worth getting for
sure and one of the best unsigned bands I have heard this year. Info:

MEATLOAF/Bat Out Of Hell III The Monster Is Loose (Virgin Records) I love
the original bat out of hell and never heard part 2, but part 3 works for me.
Meat sounds great as he sings with such passion and emotion not found in
today's music much. The ballad, "It is all coming back to me now" is incredible
as meat almost had me in tears with that one. The music will take you on a
rollercoaster ride of emotions and feelings. I have seen him live too and he
more than delivers the goods. Info:

HUNGRY GHOST/Same-This is like garage hardcoreish punk music which wasn't
too bad. The band is raw and the music at times does pack a wallop. The vocals
are sort of like in an alternative style, which is better than tough guy. The
music is kinds different, kinda weird and hard to describe, which is a plus.
They have a my space page which I am sure contains some music. Check em out.

PERDITION/MALIGNANCE The Roots Of Pure Evil Tape-Perdition play really low
production black metal that did nothing for me at all. Malignance played pretty
good death metal and as the guy that said this before they became all
technical as the 1 track here show this band was pretty damn good. Perdition
need to make the recording levels a bit more louder as it was very hard to hear. Info:

IN A MOMENT/Change Is The Catalyst-This band groove metal that is actually
pretty good. The band write some good songs that had good melodies and the like.
The singer sings in the tough guy style, but not to the point where it
annoyed me. Like I said the songs were strong, heavy and catchy. The production
flows rather well and for this style of music they are one of the better ones
making the rounds. Info:

THE ACCUSED/Seasons Of The Scythe (Screaming Ferret) This is simply
brilliant. I remember this bands 1st release and that killed, but this is just
that much better. This is a mix of thrash/death/and punk metal all wrapped into one.
The production is raw and stripped down, but this is perfect for this band.
The vocals remind me of Tony from Whiplash. This band is original and they play
with emotion, feeling and intensity not matched by many. A godly release.

MOURNBLADE/Mangled Lies (Open Grave Records) This was 5 tunes of true metal
core. This wasn't one of those modern groove metal bands with the tough guy
vocals. This was raw, punishing and true metal core crossover. The riffs hit
hard and are nasty. The vocals are hardcore like, but not the tough guy, they
are true hardcore like. The music is old school like Eviction and tons of those
crossover bands from the 80's. 5 songs is not enough, I need more. Great
release. Info:

END OF DESTINY/The Thoughtless Existence (Open Grave Records) I didn't like
this at all. The music was boring, the songs weren't strong and the vocals are
generic death metal screeching At The Gates style, which has been done to
death and then some. The songs plod along and didn't have any direction of
meaning and they didn't move me. This was just a faceless death metal band to my
ears. Info:

BUCKCHERRY/Special Edition (Universal Music Company) I have always thought
this band was underrated and now the label goes and re-releases this gem along
with a with a 2nd piece that is DVD of some of the bands. This band ass
kicking rock n roll that in my opinion blew away Guns n Roses and the band write
some amazing riffs and just take one listen to opening track "Lit Up" and
prepare to get your ass kicked. This band wrote some of the catchiest riffs and if
you missed them the 1st time around, pick this up as the DVD is a great added
bonus. Info:

NECRODEMON/Ice Fields Of Hyperion (Open Grave Records) Prepare for death and
gloom. This is one of the best death metal releases to end 2006. This is
played with passion, feeling and just pure intensity. The music will haunt you
and is ultra powerful. This band create a mood and use the best of death, black,
speed metal along with atmosphere to create a mood unlike no other. This band
is the future of underground metal. Buy this and don't say I didn't warn ya. Info:

DEATHWORK/Evolve To Extinguish (Self Released) 6 razor sharp old school
thrash metal tunes. Think Atrophy, Sacred Reigh, etc. Listening to this I
thought it was 1987 again. The raw sound the band gets did remind me of those old
80's thrash bands. The riffs will have the head banging and the band mix up the
speed at times as well. The 6 tunes just wetted me cause now I want more.
Great release. Info:

RESECTION/Zenith (Unmatched Brutality) This is another groove death metal
band with the low vocals and the blast beats. This isn't as bad as most of the
bands that do this style and that is do to not having a ton of groove parts and
the riffs actually meaning something to my ears. The vocals are of course low
and the drums aren't that tin can sounding style and the production is heavy
and thick. If your into this sort of thing, this is one of the better bands
doing that style. Info:

MEMORIUM/Triumph Of The Origin (Self Released) The 4 tunes here weren't bad,
but the band just sounds like too many other bands. The band remind me if
Machine Head played death metal. Oh guys lose the female vocals. The band aren't
that bad, but they just need to work on their songs a bit and tweak a few
things here and there. The band do hit hard and can write some bone crushing
riffs. Keep at it guys, your on the way. Info:

DEAD TROOPER/Spiritual Funeral (Self Released) 5 tracks of death metal with
some slower doomy parts mixed in. The band reminded me musicwise of Obituary in
spots, but that might be due to the guitar sound. The band play non groove
death metal, which was a welcome change for me. The vocals are true death metal
vocals and the speed parts are played with fire and intensity. A good release.

TERRA DIABLO/Self Titled (Nocturnal Records) This is an excellent
alternative band. The music is really moving and the riffs sucked me in, This
sort of was like if Voivod played alternative metal. The band is still heavy and don't
sound like any band I can think of. The vocals are great as the singer sings
with passion and he fits the music well. Production is perfect and this band was
different and really surprised me. Info:

A FAILED ESCAPE/2006 Sampler (Self Released) This has got a couple tunes from
a new demo, a demo from 2005 and 2 songs from a split 7" the band did. This
is speedy death metal to the max. The band are old school, raw, and fuckin
fast. The vocals are a pure delight as the singer seems to be singing his heart
out to his last breath. The band also mix in a bit of punk as the speed parts
are kinda like hardcore. Sort of like "metalcore", but done in the right way,
not in the groove way. The band also mix in some rap in one song, but it done
in a cool way, not a crappy trendy way. Bet the band crushes live. A fun band.

MYSTIC PROPHECY/Savage Souls (Locomotive Records) Godly power metal that will
have your fists pumping and head snapping. The music is speedy and I love
every second of this. The vocals are clean, but very powerful sort of like Joey
from Anthrax. The production is nice and thick and if you like power metal this
is a must have. Info:

THE MOB/Self Released (Locomotive Records) This is the band that the guitar
from Winger formed and it is AOR all the way. Think Journey and bands like
that. The singer has a classic rock voice and this stuff is way better than
Winger as it is less that poser type rock and more in the AOR vein. The songs
are all catchy numbers with the ballad thrown in. Info:

MENGEAMCE/Back In The Ring (Locomotive Records) This reminded me of Krokus,
Jackal, etc and all those AC/DC clone bands. Now since AC/DC is my favorite
band, this I thought rocked. Pure, simply rock n roll boogie. The singer is a
cross between Bon Scott and the guy in Jackal. All the tunes here are rockin
tunes that if you like bands in the vein of AC/DC, then you must buy this,
you'll love it. Info:

REBELLION/Sagas Of Iceland (Locomotive Records) This I didn't think was that
great. The band play metal, but the songs have some of those generic riffs and
signing and the chorus vocals that way other power metal bands have used in
the past. The music isn't bad, but they just sound like too many other bands
and songs didn't knock me over. This was ok. Info:

PRIDE OF LIONS/Live In Belgium (Locomotive Records) This features one of the
old singers in Survivor and he does a couple of their songs on this live cd
along with a bonus studio cd too. Jim had a great voice in Survivor and he has
one still on here. The songs that I didn't know were decent to good rock n roll
AOR numbers and he really shines on the Survivor tunes and also 'Vehicle".
The bonus disc has 7 more AOR tracks and was a little added bonus. The live
production is good and the band he has playing with him more than does the job.

STEEL ATTACK/Diabolic Symphony (Locomotive Records) This sounded too much
like Dream Theater for me to really get into it. The band do sway away from D.T
on a couple times, but the music is too similar to them too often and this to
me is just another D.T. clone except this band plays with a bit more fury and
with more of a power metal edge. Info:

MASI/2nd Shape (Locomotive Records) This was like alternative music which I
couldn't get into. Sort of like spacey metal, but the vocals I didn't like nor
the music, which I found quite boring. Info:

MAJEST/Hell Forces (Locomotive Records) Some nice power metal from this
band. The band play straight forward power metal with no trends or gimmicks. The
vocals are clean, but he has a powerful voice. Nice production and this is
worth getting if your into power metal. Info:

SEVENTH KEY/Live In Atlanta (Locomotive Records) This has a couple of the
guys in Streets, which was the band that put out a couple records in the 80's
with the original singer from Kansas Steve Walsh. You get 12 live tracks and 3
studio bonus tracks. The music is melodic hard rock with an old school 80's
feel. I know Steve Walsh doesn't sing on this, but whoever does, does a heck of
a job. The tunes are all catchy and the live sound is great. The 3 studio
tracks rock too. If your into bands like Kansas, Journey, Night Ranger, etc then
you will want this. Excellent release. Info:

LANFEAR/Another Golden Rage (Locomotive Records) This was a pretty cool
power metal release sort of reminding me of Primal Fear in spots. The music is
pure power metal through and through with clean, but soaring power vocals. The
tunes are catchy metal tunes with a good production. 11 tracks here for the
power metal fan. Info:

FORTY/DEUCE/Nothing To Lose (Locomotive Records) This is light metal rock n
roll. I just found the band boring as the songs didn't do a thing for me and
this reminded me of one of those bar bands you saw in the 80's hoping they
would get signed and make money when all those MTV poser bands were on TV and
stuff. Info:

FATAL FORCE/Self Titled (Locomotive Records) Some nice melodic straight
forward metal with sprinkles of power metal. Sort of like Dio in spots,
musicwise, not vocals. The production allows everything to flow and the singer has a
clean, but a soaring voice and fits the music. I enjoyed the 10 tunes, including
the power ballad, which I usually hate. Info:

ALLEN & LANDE/The Battle (Locomotive Records) A nice collection of melodic
rock/metal is the ticket here. The riffs are very catchy and the tunes just had
my foot tapping and my head nodding. The vocals are clean, but again he has a
really powerful set of lungs and he fits the music. Bands like this, esp here
in the US are long forgotten, but i am glad stuff like this is still around
and bands like this blow away 99% of the crap called metal today. Info:

THE SAMMUS THEORY/Man Without Eyes (Mia Mind Music) This is an alternative
metal band and a pretty good one to boot. The songs didn't bore me and the band
is pretty original as well. The songs were played with heartfelt emotion and
the vocals are perfect. The production allows the band to breathe and this is
one of the best alternative metal bands I have heard in quite some time. Info:

RHAPSODY OF FIRE/Triumph Or Agony (SPV USA) This is the same band as
Rhapsody, but they had to change their name for some copyright and trademark
issues. The band return with another release chock full of chorus vocals and their
brand of power metal. Since this was one of the 1st bands to this style, they
get a pass, unlike all the copy bands. The band can still crank out some nifty
riffs and the music is catchy and also has melody at the same time. If you liked
the bands past stuff, this will be another winner in your collection. Info:

BARBATOS/Let's Fuckin Die (Displeased Records) This from what I gather is a
one man old school thrash release. The production, feeling and overall felt
like some of those old classic 80's releases. The music is old school pure
thrash with some punk and hardcore kicked in, think Motorhead, At War, old
Venom, etc. The vocals are pure old school thrash too. This brought back some good
memories and this is not cheezy neither. Listen to those solos like off the old
Slayer releases and the production is classic old school fuckin metal too.

LAIBACK/Volk (Mute) This was a really weird cd. The music is almost too hard
to describe it is really mellow and he sings the national anthem for over 10
different countries. This wasn't something I was really into cause it has some
techno stuff and was too mellow for me, but it is very original and different.

SUNSTORM/Self Titled (Locomotive Records) Godly AOR rock n roll featuring
Joe Lynn Turner on vocals. The music is deeply enriched in the 80's with that
classic rock n roll feel and I loved every second of this. The music reminds me
of Hardline and Joe sounds so great his vocals shine on every song. The music
is chock full of melody, feeling and is just an AOR fan's dream release. This
release is perfect. Info:

ROB ZOMBIE/Best Of (Universal Music) This has some of the best White Zombie
songs and well as some solo stuff from Rob. I always thought White Zombie was
an underated band and listening to 'Thunder Kiss 69" and "Black Sunshine" only
reaffirms my point. You get 4 W.Z. tunes and 8 tunes from rob including,
Superbeast and House of a 1000 Corpses. The solo stuff is just as good as both
of Rob's incredible horror movies and this stuff while in the groove mode at
times, was done way before all the copycat stuff. Worth getting if you missed
Rob and W.Z. the 1st time around. Black Sunshine kills. Info:

THE HANDFUL/Second Hand Smoke (True Rock) This is garage like boogie rock n
roll. While it is well played, I just couldn't get into the songs. The music
reminded me of Circus of Power, but minus the hooky riffs and melodies. The
songs just sounded flat to me and I was bored half way through this. The
production isn't bad and the singer has a decent voice, but for me this just
didn't light my fire. Info:

STONECUTTERS/Same (Self Released) Some decent metal in the vein of Black
Sabbath with a big more groove and not so much of an evil feel to it. The riffs
are big time heavy and the groove is not the breakdown kind and the vocals are
not the tough guy style. This is more like what COC are doing nowadays. The
production is pretty good and the riffs this band can play I liked. A good solid
release. Info:

THE VOODOO JETS/Supersonic (Self Released) Some really good alternative
rock/metal is the ticket here. The band are more in the alternative rock vein,
but have a pinch of metal here and there. The songs are fantastic, catchy, and I
loved it. The singer has a perfect voice for this style of music and the
production is right where it needs to be. The songs are so damn catchy that
everytime I listen to this, I think, how can this band NOT be signed. A
fantastic band. Info:

DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS/Plurima Mortis Imago (Conquer Records) Fast blasting
death metal. This was some wicked shit as the band use some really weird time
changes and riffs that surprised me. Sort of like Morbid Angel at times with the
vocals more like Chuck from Death. The production is thick and heavy and the
bands riffs won't go over your head I assure you. A really solid death metal
band with no groove, no trends, just fast as fuck, pounding death metal. Info:

RA RAW (Cement Shoes Records) I have never heard this band before and here I
am presented with a lice record from this band. The band play modern almost
groove style metal, but they do it better than most. The band mix in lots of
melody with their sound and the singer has a pretty damn good voice and there is
none of that tough guy vocals crap. The band sound tight as balls live and you
get 11 live tracks and one new studio track. Out of all the new metal crap I
get, this was like a fresh breath of air. Info:

ILL NINO/The Under Cover Sessions (Cement Shoes Records) This was a groove
metal band with the dual vocals and have a bit more melody than some of the
total groove/breakdown bands and they also do a pretty cool cover of "Zombie
Eaters" by Faith No More and also "Territoral Pissings" by Nirvana. The original
songs the band do were ok, but with only a total of 5 tracks and a few covers
it was tough to fully judge the band. Info:

GODHEAD/The Shadow Line (Cement Shoes Records) This was more groove metal
from this band. I have never heard the band music's before only the name in
print and media. The band melodic modern metal which to my ears wasn't bad. The
band do not use any of the tough guy vocals stuff and there is not lots of
breakdown/jump parts, even though there is some groove parts. The singing in
more like an alternative style as I see some bands are breaking away from the tough
guy vocal style, which is a welcome change to my ears. I think this is one of
the better bands making the rounds and you also get a 2nd disc, which is a DVD,
with interviews, videos, etc, which to me is a great added bonus. Info:

THE NIGHTMARE/Prophecies Of Chaos (Self Released) 4 death/thrash tunes that
sounded pretty good to these ears. The tunes speed by with some vicious riffs
and throaty death metal vocals. The band remind me of old Incantation at times
musicwise and vocally. I like the basic production and it is not over
polished. Good solid release that should get this band some well deserved
attention. Info:

THE CAST OUTS/Same (Self Released) Some nice thrash metal with a sort of
punkish edge to it at times. The music makes for a bullseye and goes for the
throat and doesn't let up. The vocals are almost a bit old school hardcore in
style and the more I listened to this, the more I liked it. Not many bands doing
this style and it was a welcome change for my ears. Info:

WILLOW WISP/Adv Tracks-I got this 4 track CDR of some advance tracks from
this band and I liked the tracks I heard except for the dual vocal approach,
which has been done to death. They use black metal and growl vocals and to my
ears it just sounds generic and overdone. The music is a combo of black metal,
thrash metal and a touch of goth. The combo works as the songs are strong and
have that feeling a lot of bands lack. The 4 songs just made me want this full
length that much more. Info:

LEIANA/Page (Page Records) This is was like a dark sort of punkish release.
The singer is a girl, who has quite a cool and dark voice and the music which
is like power pop punk with some dark overtones to it. The music is catchy,
moody and different from a lot of other stuff I get. This is not some MTV punk
band though. When you got Chuck Treece in your band, it is not gonna be some
MTV project. They also remind me of the sadly missed Sapphic Ode a lot too.
Worth checking out. Info:

BENT LEFT/Skeletons In Your Closet (Self Released) Boring power pop punk is
the ticket here. This is not yet mastered, but the songs bored me and lacked
any kind of hook or direction to suck me in. The songs just plodded along and it
left me feeling nothing. The singing wasn't anything special and the songs
just lacked that punch for me. Info:

OUTLAW/Comfortable With Chaos (Black Sail Productions) This was some good old
school punk rock. This is played with intensity, power and style. The tunes
are angry, don't sound forced and the songs just plain kick ass. The tunes are
short, hit hard, hit fast, until the next one. The production is not polished
and the vocals are pure hardcore hate, none of that tough guy crap. A winner
here. Info:

SHADOW DEMON/Grimoire Of Ruin (Darkhaven Records) This was a new thrash band
and while they don't play old school thrash, they still pretty much hit the
style right on the head. No groove, no jump metal, just bone crushing riff after
bone crushing riff. This will have your head banging no doubt. The band bring
a refreshing style and sound to them and I can't see why if you like thrash,
you wouldn't like this. If I had to mention any bands, Nuclear Assault come to
mind, but minus the hardcore edge. The vocals are gruff, but not annoying and
the guy has a nice set of lungs. The production is on the raw side, but for
this band and the guitar sound they use, raw is a must. One of the best new
bands I have heard. All hail metal. Info:

THE SNRE/Exist (Osmose Productions) I don't know what this is exactly, but I
do know it was pretty damn good. The band remind me of Voivod meets thrash
metal. The band have a really weird sound and when you hear this you'll think
Voivod as well. The vocals are death metal in style, but can still be heard with
no problem. The music is very spacey, moody and if you like weird stuff or
Voivod, you'll love this. Info:

ORDEAL/Atrocities (Shiver Records) This isn't bad, but the band sounds like a
million other death metal bands. The band play straight forward death metal
with no keyboards, no groove, etc. The are more like a Cannibal Corpse meets
Malevolent Creation type of band. The vocals are pure death metal vocals and
again while this is far from original it isn't bad cause it is played with
conviction and it is better than all that groove shit. Info:

CRIMSON FALLS/The True Face Of Human Nature (Shiver Records) This I didn't
like due to the fact this band use every generic truck in the book. The vocals
are those screamed At The Gates vocals that a million other bands use and the
band play groove death metal vocals and also use the really low vocals at times
and also do the breakdown parts that are used by all the groove death metal
bands. This is just so typical and not good at all. Info:

EXCORIATION/Painless Suffering (Self Released) Just unrelenting death metal
that really rocked my world. His band may not be the most original, but they
totally blew me away with the power and passion that came from my speakers. This
is some serious brutal shit and the riffs had my head twirling and I love the
vocals as they are growls of death. This punishes and hurts and is pure 100%
death metal that owns me. Info:

BLEED IN VAIN/Say Everything Will Be Fine (Unicorn Digital) I was ready to
dismiss this as yet another At The Gates clone groove band, but I left the cd in
my player and let it spin a couple times. The band do use some groove and
some of At The Gates, but this band is way more melodic then them. While the
band no doubt play death metal, they combine it with a melodic side that works.
The production is smooth and allows all the things to shine. If your into death
metal with a melodic edge here is your band. Info:

UNERASE/Own Universe (Unicorn Digital) This was boring run of the mill
groove death metal with those tired gruff tough guy vocals and also the growled
yelled vocals along with some melodic parts, but the songs lacked substance and
just bored me. The tunes fell flat and just dragged on and on and neither moved
my neck or foot. Info:

FOUR LETTER DIE/Let Your Body Take Over (Victory Records) I usually like the
Victory Records stuff, but this was a boring generic groove metal band with
the 2 sets of vocals, clean and the tired death metal tough guy vocals with all
the breakdown parts, cliche riffs, etc. Info:

MOROS EROS/I Saw The Devil Last Night And Now The Sun Shines Bright (Victory
Records) This was cool, it was different and big time wicked. The band play a
weird almost jazz, blues metal style that is quite hard to describe, but on so
juicy to get into. The tunes are catchy numbers with some trippy vocals that
fit this band to a t. Each song has its own identity and they don't sound like
any band at all that comes to mind. The production flows freely and this is
one of the best releases of 2006. Info:

SCARS OF TOMMOROW/The Failure In Drowning (Victory Records) This is another
groove band, but they add some thrash metal to the mix and this wasn't that
bad. The vocals I am not a fan of, but the music is quite good at times and they
don't use all that breakdown crap and shot and the production is thick and
heavy. One of the better newer metal bands making the rounds. Info:

ENDWELL/HOMELAND SECURITY (Victory Records) This was in my eyes yet another
generic groove metal band with those overdone tough guy vocals, breakdown parts
that just sound like every new metal band that plays the Ozfest or Warped
tours. Info:

(MVD) This is one crazy DVD. I remember Wendy and I even saw her live down
Atlantic City, NJ way back when and she put on an incredible show. I always
thought The Plasmatics were a cult band, but after watching this DVD, I never
knew that they appeared on so many mainstream shows. This band were crude, they
were rough and they were extreme, esp for their time. The band ripped though
some fast hardcore punk/speed metal that was before their time. Think Motorhead
with rough female signing. See Wendy almost die as she rides a bus and see her
use a chainsaw like no other before her. The music still stands the test of
time and at over 3 hours you will watch this over and over as I did. One of the
best DVD'S I have ever watched. Info:

THE MISSION OF BURMA/Not A Photograph DVD (MVD Visual) I had never of this
band, but this release is about this band getting back together for the 1st
time since 1982. The shows are from 2002. The video follows some early footage
of the band all the way up to the few shows that they did. Some of the bonus
material includes footage from a couple of these shows. The music is like old
punk rock sort of like The Dead Milkman and Husker Du, etc. I think it was kinda
cool that they did this after so many years and it wasn't just a money thing
as they didn't play some big arena. If you have heard of the band and like them
here is a way to re-unite with an old friend. Info:

KILLING CREED/Menticide -Some decent melodic metal is the ticket here. The
vocals are the dying man kind and sound pretty good here and no cup the mic crap
neither. The music is mostly mid paced solid death metal with a bit of
melody. The 6 tunes here with a pleasant listen and I wouldn't be surprised if
a label picks them up. The production is good and the tunes flow at a good pace.
One of the better unsigned death metal bands I have heard. Info:

THE MICHAEL LANDAU GROUP/Live (Tone Center) This is 2 discs of the blues. I
mean the dark and dirty blues like Stevie Ray played. The production is good
and Michael can make that guitar sing and hit all the notes. His singing isn't
bad at all neither. 12 long tracks fill up 2 discs and I still wanted more. The
more I listened to this the more Michael impressed me with his style, playing
and emotion. Great early holiday present for me. Info:

SOSOHUMAN/Twenty-Six (Undeniable Music) This is modern rock with some metal
overtones to it at times. It isn't bad for what it is. The music is modern
rock n roll filled with hooks and melodic vocals along for the ride. The tunes
are catchy and somewhat heavy sort of like if Gun's n Roses played melodic rock.
This release I felt was pretty good and I did enjoy the tunes for what they
were and the singer sings with some soul and passion that lacks in many of
today's bands. Info:

TACK/Porn (Tarpit Music) This band reminded me of the band Stone Temple
Pilots. The music was heavy, catchy, melodic with some tasteful singing to boot.
The songs are strong and each one sounded good to my ears. The band can write
some good songs and they were catchy and not boring at all. This is a great
release of modern rock that the band should be proud of. Info:

CELLBLOCK ONE/Self Titled-12 tracks of honest to goodness rock n roll with a
tad bit of metal added to the mix. The tunes are solid rock n roll numbers
that I really enjoyed. The band I can tell have a passion for this as it shows
in the playing of the tunes on this disc. The singer has a strong type of voice
that gets aggressive, but still sounds melodic at times too. The production is
on the money and I can easily see this band getting a deal. 12 tunes and not
a bad one in the bunch. Excellent band. Info: