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New Reviews - 10/15/06

MARDO/The New Gun (House Of Restitution) This was some modern kick ass dirty rock n roll. The tunes are all fairly pure rock tunes based on simple, but more than effective riffs and some delightful singing. There aren't many kick ass rock bands around and this 3 piece more than fill the void. Production is perfect and the vocals and songs just melt me. Info:

FIVE BOLT MAIN/Live (Rock Brigade Music) This is a live release and this is another one of those groove bands that use clean vocals and also the tough guy vocals approach. I found the music rather boring even though the band don't use all groove and breakdown parts, but they do at times and the production is flat and weak and the crowd doesn't seem to be into much. Info:

IMAGES OF EDEN/Sunlight Of The Spirit (Nightmare Records) Some solid progressive metal is the ticket here. The songs are long, but not boring and the chops and riffs are wicked and very cool. The band do sound a tad bit like Dream Theater, but are less thrashy than them. The band focus more on creating a mood and are a bit more melodic then them. Track 3 has some of the catchiest riffs this side of the Atlantic. Excellent release. Info:

CAUSTIC LYE/That That Is Is (Fervid Recordings) Typical groove nu jump metal with clean and tough guy vocals that sound like every other band doing this style. Same tired riffs and same tired vocals and breakdown parts, etc. Nothing new here. Info:

ALL THAT REMAINS/The Fall Of Ideals (Razor and Tie) Oh this is so what is wrong with death metal nowadays. This band use every generic trick in the book from the breakdown mosh riffs, the tough guys vocals and the clean vocals made me laugh. This sounds like every other generic band doing this style and I bet kids eat this up. This was just so bad and so predicable it wasn't funny. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and this style has been to death and this band use trick in the book, but I'll pass. I like the little Iron Maiden like riffs too...too funny Info:

SOLACE OF REQUIEM/Utopia Reborn (Ruptured Silence) 8 solid tracks of death metal played hard, fast and with plenty of power and conviction. The production is thick and bottom heavy and I love the guitar sound. This isn't the most original band, but they play hard and fast and with passion. No groove thank god. Just honest to goodness, fast blasting death metal. The vocals are nice growls of death metal too. I think anybody into death metal would not be disappointed buying this. Info:

BURNING SKIES/Desolation (Lifeforce Records) This is another Suffocation/Cannibal Corpse type of band with groove. The band use the same style as all these other bands mixing in dancy death metal parts with speed parts and the low guttural vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and you can't tell one from the other. Info:

CEMETERY OF SCREAM/The Event Horizon (Metal Mind Productions) This was a doom prog band and it was ok. The band write some deep sad like songs and add just a bit of the prog sound to the mix. The tunes are long and the vocals aren't bad sort of clean, but sung with aggression. Sort of like Type O Negative in spots. Info:

THE RED KING/Somniferum (Sonic Abyss) This like a combo of gothic, alternative, and black metal all rolled into one. While I feel this is original and all, I also found it boring. The songs dragged and just didn't hit me between the eyes. The music just didn't click with me and while I can feel the passion, it is something that I am not into. The production is good and the band is into what they are doing and I know some people out there will like this, I just didn't. Info:

SUFFOCATE FASTER/Don't Kill The Messenger (19XXX81 Records) This was ok. The band is yet another groove metal/hardcore band though this is better than some of the others I have recently heard. The vocals are in the tough guy they are more hardcore, but just not that forced macho style if you get my drift. The band don't go blazing fast and even some of the riffs aren't bad. If your this style, this is about the best band doing it I have heard in quite some time. Production is perfect too. I bet they crush live. Info:

CHTHONIC/Seediq Bale (Tra Music) I didn't think this was anything exciting. Typical fast riff picking black metal with some female vocals. This style has been done to death and the female vocals are old and boring and have been to total death. The music is both fast and slow with some keyboard parts and I have heard this stuff a million times before. Info:

DENNIS MOST AND THE INSTIGATORS/I'm Not Dead Yet (Self Released) This is down and dirty old school punk rock like the Sex Pistols and DOA, The Ramones, etc. There is 10 tunes and all are simple, but effective punk tunes. Dennis even sounds like Johnny Rotten a bit, which is cool by me. If your into 70's and early's 80 punk music, here ya go. Info:

ALIOTH/Channeling Unclean Spirits (Self Released) Not bad at all for a one man band here. This is black metal, but not that fast pick riffing style. This is more in line with feeling and more mid paced than most black metal bands. You can't even tell it is a drum machine neither. The vocals are fairly good as is the singing as it not that screaming black metal style. It is a bit more death metal. For $5 it's a steal. Info:

TOX-SICK/Same (Self Released) Music wise this is some awesome death/speed/thrash metal that sounded damn good to these ears. The vocals are another story. They are bad. The singer sounds like he is just growling in the mic in some sewer somewhere. The production is good for a demo, but this band needs a singer in the most way. The riffs are just crushing and will have your head banging big time. Info:

TOX_SICK 7987 Johnson Rd, London, KY 40741

WEDNESDAY/Fang Bang (Ryko Disc) This is power pop punk. The tunes are all catchy numbers that have a bit of that punky edge to them. The singer reminds me of Blackie Lawless a bit. The tunes are just so damn catchy I can't help but not like em. This is down and dirty 2006 rock n roll mixed in with the punk attitude and this is quite the release. Production is great and lets everything shine esp the guitar. Info:

THE SEVENTH SEASON/Transposition (Self Released) DVD This is a straight ahead no bullshit rock n roll band that would not be out of place from the 80's. The band write simple, but big time catchy tunes with some melodic singing. The band remind me of a band from the 80's called The Shoes who had a few hits here and there. The camera and sound quality are more than good and this is for the fan who craves kick ass rock n roll. Info:

THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP/World Wide Live 2004 (Metal Mind) DVD With me being a huge UFO and MSG fan I was looking forward to checking this out and it did not disappoint. Opening with "Armed and Ready" Mr. Schenker takes me back in time doing some of the best UFO tunes (Mother Mary, Let It Roll) as well as some of his killer solo tunes (Into The Arena, On and On). The camera quality it top notch as is the sound. The band sound tight and singer Chris has a nice set of pipes and doesn't sound out of place singing the UFO or MSG tunes. You also get an interview and other extra goodies and if you are a UFO or MSG this is a must have. Info:

THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP/Live in Tokyo (Metal Mind) DVD Holy shit is all I can say. 40, yes I said 40 tunes are here. 30 are from 1997 and 10 more from a bootleg in 2000. Michael does songs from his UFO, Scorpions and his solo stuff and he sounds and plays fantastic. There are 2 singers on here and both more than hold their own. I was surprised to see Michael did some songs from his re-union release as he throws in "Pushed to the Limit" which was a pleasant surprise to me. A 236 minute DVD and worth every penny and is an awesome release and a must have if your a fan of quality music. Unreal. Info:

SKID ROW/Revolutions Per Minute (SPV USA) As this 1st played I was like this is not the Skid Row I remember, then I realized that was over 10-12 years ago. With that I went in with more of an open mind with this and gave it a few spins. This is modern like metal that wouldn't be far off an old Aerosmith or Gun's and Rose's record. The new singer has a good set of pipes and his voice works with the songs. This is some heavy almost metal rock n roll and track 4 wouldn't be out of place on a Sex Pistols record. Info:

DAN REEDER/Sweetheart (Oh Boy Records) This was some really mellow stuff, just a guy and his guitar and harmonica. Not this isn't Metal Core type of material, but I can get into this if I want to relax. The guy has a nice sutle voice and reminded me of James Taylor or Dan Folgerberg. Info:

STEVE GOODMAN/Live At The Earl Of Town (Oh Boy) This apparently is a live release recorded way back when and is being released now. This is another release with a man and his guitar and a harmonica. This is some mellow stuff, but this guy can pluck that guitar and the songs almost rock in spots and his vocals, you can feel the passion and soul in his voice. Good for what it is. Info:

VERUCA SALT/IV (Sympathy For The Record Industry) Some really cool power pop punk music is the ticket here. The band have a female singer with an incredible set of pipes as her style fits the band perfectly. The band churn out simple, but effective rock/alternvative music with a touch of power pop punk into the mix. By the 4th song I was hooked. The production is clean and everything is right in place. I am not usually into this sort of stuff, but I am a fan now
and this was really good.

GIGANTOUR/Live 2 CD & DVD (Image Entertainment) I wasn't expecting this and when I opened the package I was like "whoa nelly." This is a CD/DVD from what I gather was either a show or tour with such bands as Megadeth, Dream Theater, Fear Factory, Nevermore, Life of Agony, Symphony X, Anthrax and others. Each group on the CD gets 2 songs and of course my favorite is Anthrax. Dream Theater and Nevermore were also big favs of mine as well as Megadeth. Fear Factory and Symphony X also blasted out 2 tunes each which I liked. The DVD is just that much better, with awesome camera work and plus with the video you can see what it would be like to see this amazing line-up. The DVD also includes a bunch of clowning around stuff, backstage footage and lots of other cool stuff sort of a backstage pass to all the madness that goes on at concerts. Buy both if your a fan of metal. Info:

DENNIS MOST & AUDIOLOVE/Live At The El Cid December 1976 (Captain Trip Records) This was a Japan import that I got sent to review and let me tell you this was speed metal from 1976. This band was heavy, furious, aggressive, and speed was in the air. I can imagine some people backing them calling this noise, I call it brilliant music. The band remind me of Black Flag minus the Henry Rollins vocals. The guitar player his soles and stuff and the way the band structure their songs remind me of them and heck this was before Black Flag. The production is kinda raw, but all the instruments shine and can be heard. Brilliant old punk rock that was played the way it was meant to be played. Info:

ISCARIOT/Lifeless Design (567 Records) Some wicked death metal is going on here. Brutal riff after brutal riff will smash and knock you over as this plays on. The band play a furious brand of death metal that will have your hair flying all over the place. The thick raw production is cool with me too. The vocals are death metal growls that go in the tough guy area once in a while, but not enough to be a nuisance. Info:

PSYCHOSTICK/We Couldn't Think Of A Title (Rock Ridge Music) This was ok. The band play groove metal, but with some humorous lyrics. The music isn't too bad and the lyrics are quite funny I must say. Sort of like Ugly Kid Joe is they played groove metal. The production is good and for what this bad is doing they are a million times better than most of these bands that do this style. Info:

AMERICAN HEARTBREAK/Same (Liquor and Poker Music) This was some excellent kick ass pure rock n roll. No groove, no nu metal, just ass kickin dirty rock n roll. This wouldn't be that far off on a T-Rex release. The music is well crafted catchy riffs with some dirty vocals. Hell when one the members of the band has a UFO "Mechanics" shirt you know it can't be all that bad. On this you will find tune after tune of well played rock n roll numbers that will have your foot tappin like any AC/DC tune. One of my favs of 2006 so far. Info:

MOTOR/Klunk (Mute Corporation) This is some techno dance/industrial music and for what it is, it is pretty cool. WIcked bass lines and heart beat machine gun drumming will have you hooked in as this played on. At first I was ready to trash this, but the more it played on the more I became attached. Maybe it is because I never hear much of this style of music, but if your into techno rhythms with a thumbing bass beat, here ya go. Info:

WARFACE/Insanity Of The Obsessed (Deathquake Records) Typical groove death
metal with the low cup the mic vocals. The production is raw and the tin can
sounding drums don't help. The band sound like ever Suffocation clone band and
they are not adding anything new or good to the underground scene. Info:

POINT BLANK/By A Thread (Rift Records) This reminded me of Pro Pain at times,
which isn't a bad thing. This band plays groove metal and while I late 98% of
the stuff cause it all sounds the same, this does not. The band add in some
old school flavor and raw sound they get and the thrash parts won me over. The
riffs are strong, the singing is good and this is an unsigned band that
deserved to be signed. Heck of a job. Info:

PLANET 13/Third From The Right (Red Shoe Records) This was an awesome
rollercoaster ride that I did not want to get off of. Brilliant progressive metal
that will take you on an emotional ride that you will not soon forget. The songs
are long, never boring, and just brim with passion and emotion I could almost
feel them playing right in front of me. This is a 2 man band/project and let
me tell you, they blow away 99% of the signed progressive metal bands I have
heard. Great vocals as he sucks you in with his voice and delivery and is
perfect for this type of music. A must have for everybody. Info:

BROCK/Same (Self Released) 4 tunes of some metal stuff is the ticket here.
The band mix a bit of the grunge sound to them, but the 4 songs I felt were 4
good solid metal tunes. The vocals are original and the guy has a pretty neat
voice and this reminded me of some of the later Deadly Blessing stuff when they
became Optimus Prime. This band is headed in the right direction and if your
into straight forward metal, here ya go. Info:

GUTTURAL SECRETE/Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment (Unmatched Brutality Records)
This wasn't bad for what it is. Yes, the band play groove metal with the blast
beats and the low vocals. While I am not a fan of the vocals at all, the
music was pretty good. The band crank out some wicked riffs and there isn't a ton
of the dancy groove stuff, which at least made it listenable. Fans of this
stuff will gobble this up I am sure. The production is right on and I love the
guitar sound they use. Info:

HEINOUS KILLINGS/Hung WIth Barbwire (Unmatched Brutality) No I didn't like
this one as the vocals are so damn low and so damn stupid he grunts and growls
into the mic, heck I can do that. The music is like every other groove band and
they do this annoying drum pattern part that really got on my nerves. The
vocals are so bad, you might want to get it just to hear them. Info:

JOE WHEELER/Rock N Roll (Electric Blues Records) Some nifty blues based rock
from this guy. This is old school rock n roll like Jimi Hendrix, Cream, etc.
The production has that raw, edgy sound and Joe can band out some mighty solos
as well as play some crafty riffs too. His vocals remind me of Frank Marino at
times, which isn't a bad thing. 13 tunes and a Jimi Hendrix cover as well.
Worth checking out if your a rock fan. Info:

EVOLOCITY/Same (Nuerra Records) Pretty cool alternative metal band sort of
reminding me of Faith No More at times. The band change styles and each song had
its own identity so you never know what your getting. I enjoyed the band
doing different things and this was a nice change of pace from all the death metal
I get. This is still heavy and the production is perfect. I love the bass and
guitar sound and the singer has such a cool, quirky voice. Info:

OCTOBER FOGGY/Offical Bootleg 2004-I don't many tapes anymore and I wish I
had not got this one. This is just a bunch of noise and mindless music with
screams and no value whatsoever. This is without a doubt the worst piece of shit
ever sent to me in the last 6 years. This is a joke and I am not printing an
address and let some fool get suckered into buying this shit. Bootleg ha they
should have let it die a slow death.

INCANTATION/Primordial Domination (IBex Moon Records) I loved this cd,
however, I am not reviewing anymore releases from this label after this set if they
keep putting in the middle of the songs, having some guy chime in "want more
metal" and then saying Incantation on IBex Moon Records. Fuck that shit, it
pisses me off. Anyway this is an absolute crushing release of prime death metal
as only this band can do. The vocals are pure, true death metal vocals. The
music is 100% prime death metal with some of the most evil and file riffs this
side of satan. The production is perfect and after 7 albums this band "still has
it." Info:

HELL-BORN/Curse Infernal Steel (IBex Moon Records) No asshole in the middle
of the songs on this one. This is ripping death/black metal that is raw,
unholy, mean, nasty, and extreme. Big over the top fast lighting riffs and death
metal vocals make this an underground delight. This label has some great bands on
it and this release is no exception. Info:

DAWN OF AZAZEL/Sedition (IBex Moon Records) Fast blasting death/black metal
is the ticket here. This band has been around and are back with another
crushing release. This some fast shit and doesn't let up much at all. The vocals are
screamed, but aren't that bad and didn't get on my nerves. The production is
thick and again this label comes up with the goods. Info:

SERPENT/Beneath The Forest Of The Dead (Self Released) This was cool as it
was a CD and DVD. The 3 tracks were solid thrash tunes with a bit of death mixed
in too. The production is nice and solid and the band don't go groove or
speed, they just knock you over with power. This reminds me of the cold winds in
the deepest, darkest days of winter. This band belongs on a label. Info:

REPRESENT/True At All Costs (1981 Records) This is a straight edge hardcore
band from PA. This is some killer old school hardcore like Sick of it All,
Leeway, etc. The riffs are thick and while the vocals are in the pissed off mode,
they are not in the tough guy mode. The production lets everything shine and I
don't a ton of hardcore stuff to review, but I love it when it is played well
and this is played well. I am straight edge too at 41 so I am cool with that
too. Info:

THE RESTLESS BREED/Hiding In Plain Sight-This is some excellent NWOBHM style
of music that will get the neck moving and the fists pumping in the air with
the leather spikes. Think Riot, Saxon and all those classic bands from the
80's. I love the guitar sound as riff after riff had the metal flowing in my head.
The production id perfect and the vocals are like Biff from Saxon. 12 tunes
and not a bad one in the bunch. A must have. Info:

WITH BLOOD COMES CLEANSING/Golgotha (Blood and Ink Records) This started off
so good and then turned into another faceless groove death metal band with
duel vocals (one super low and the other shouted), groove happy dance riffs and
then blast beats. I have heard 100's of other bands doing this same style and
they all sound the same. The band should drop some of the dance mosh riffs and
also lose the dual vocal approach. There is some talent here and some parts
do kill, but the band needs to not sound like every other band doing this
style. Info:

QUEENSRYCHE/Q2K (Rhino Records) I was never a huge fan of this band, but I
respect what they have done in the metal music scene and having not have heard
them in a bit I requested this re-release to see what I was missing. Well,
after popping it in and listening to it a few times on the way to work and
listening to the 2 previously unreleased tracks, I know what I was missing. This is
some brilliant rock n roll sometimes bordering on metal. The riffs are thick
and catchy and Geoff Tate has an amazing voice and I am now a fan. I dismissed
this band as some progressive boring metal band and they are much more than
that. The 2 unreleased tracks fit in nice with the other tracks and there is
also a live track and a radio edit track. 14 songs and if you missed this the 1st
time around, don't be a fool and check it out and if you did the 1st time
around, it is time to take another plunge into the world of Queensryche. Info:

BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION/The Book Of Mourning (Da Core Records) Typical groove
metal with tough guy vocals. This band follow the same formula that a million
other bands do. The band use dual vocals as some are the low death growls and
the others are the tough guy vocal style. The band play jump happy riffs that
sound like every other band doing this style. The band also mix up the jump
arts with, you guessed it, fast parts. Wow how original. Info:

KAFAN/Injecting Evil In Thy Veins (Full Moon Productions) 3 tracks of raw
black metal are on this disc. The music is mostly mid paced with a few slower
parts here and there. I would say this reminded me of Hellhammer, which isn't a
bad thing. The only negative thing is the female opera vocals in track 2, which
seemed out of place and are not needed. The vocals are screams and cries of
pain as this played on and fits right in with the music. Would like to hear a
full length from these guys as this was pretty damn good. Info:

NIGHTBRINGER/Temple of Not-Split CD (Full Moon Productions) Nightbringer off
up 5 blasting tracks of fast, punishing, pounding black metal that will dull
your senses. The band will hurt and punish you and evil never sounded so good.
Temple of Not offer up a dose of moody keyboard music that wouldn't be far off
on a horror movie soundtrack. The music is like pure evil 3: 00 am alone in a
graveyard type of music. Weird, moody stuff. Info:

VELVET CACOON/Northsuite (Full Moon Productions) Fuckin raw as fuck black
metal with tons of speed, emotion and just riffs and a style that will have you
right in the depths of hell itself. The vocals are so pure evil and the
feeling, emotion and just passion this displayed as it rolled on its unmatched
by few. Just listen to this and tell me you won't be in hell itself. Satan would be
proud. Info:

VEHERT CACOON/Genevieve (Full Moon Productions) More raw black metal from
this release will be found here. This can create quite a feeling and will stir up
emotions as it plays on. This proves that this is not fly by night black
metal project and if your into quality black metal that will stir up a hornet's
nest, then pick this and the above release up. Info:

JOHN WETTON/Geoffrey Downes/Icon DVD (Frontier Records) This is an acoustic
TV broadcast now on DVD. John Wetton was in ASIA (who are now touring with the
original line-up) and there are plenty of Asia tunes on here, Only Time Will
Tell, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, Heat of the Moment, Don't Cry, Sole
Survivor, etc. The songs sound different without drums, but you still get a feel for
the songs and Wetton's voice still sounds good. You also get an interviews and
some extra stuff not seen on the TV show. Info:

ANATHEMA/A Moment In Time DVD (Metal Mind Productions) This will take you on
one motherfuckin roller coaster ride let me tell you. The band have a like a 6
piece orchestra with them and they blast and sludge their way through 14
tunes that will have smiling. The band sound great, create a mood and just suck
you in that you won't be able to turn off this until it is done. 14 tracks and
they quality of the production and camera angles is top notch as is the
lighting. You also get 4 tunes from another show and also an interview with the
band. Over 2 hours of stuff you will find here and this was an awesome DVD and I
just might have to back and see what was I was missing. Info:

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY/The European Invasion-Doom Troopin DVD (Eagle Rock
Entertainment) This is a double disc and the 1st disc contains a live show from this
band recorded in Paris and has some lots of cool close ups and also some
double screen shpts, which I thought were excellent. The band rip through 14
tracks and they sound heavier, meaner and louder than on record. The band sound
tight and the fans are going wild during this and disc # 2 contains an almost
hour long interview, promo videos and a look behind the scenes at how they made
the videos. If your a fan of this band, this is something that cannot be passed
up and with 2 discs you get value for your money cause they could have just
released this as a one disc concert, but they added so much more. Almost 4
hours total. Info:

LOCH VOSTOK/Destruction Time Again (Escapi Music) A wicked combo of power
metal mixed in with some thrash and progressive metal as well. The vocals are
also a mixture of the above mentioned styles too. The music doesn't sound forced
and blends quite well with the different styles. I was very into this as it
was a break from all this sound like every other band crap. The production is
right where it needs to be and there are riffs a plenty here and this was one
new release I would highly recommend. Info:

EIDOLON/The Parallel Otherworld (Escapi Music) This came off to me as a 2nd
rate Dream Theater. The singing, music arrangements, styles, etc., are like
D.T., but not like 'Images and Words", but more like their newer not so good
stuff. This band can play, the singer can sing, but they need to work more on
getting their own style and to break away from D.T. cause there is plenty of other
bands that sound like D.T. as well and this band I don't think wants to be
caught in that rut. You do get 88 minutes of music as well. Info:

GEHGHIS TRON/Dead Mountain Mouth (Crucial Blast) Total over the top chaotic
death/grind is the ticket here. This isn't like Brutal Truth grind, but it is
some pretty fast stuff with some grindcore like vocals. The production isn't
sloppy and is quite thick and the band also just don't play fast for the sake of
playing fast and then lix up the slower and faster parts. One of the better
grind releases out there for my money. Info:

EVERY TIME I DIE/Gutter Phenomenon (Ferret Music) The music is here is really
weird almost hard to describe. The vocals are a cross between At the Gates
style and the tough guy and while they aren't too bad, they are a strong point,
at last to my ears. The band play a furious almost alternative style of thrash
and cyber metal. The music is sometimes fast and sometimes mid paced and you
never know what is next. They have their own style that is for sure. I have
listened to this a few times and the vocals kinda grew on me and if your looking
for something a little different, here ya go. A DVD is also included too. Info:

DISSECTION/Rebirth Of Dissection DVD (Escapi Music) It is kind of ironic
watching this as the lead singer, Jon Nodtveidt just blew is brains out a few
weeks ago (August 16, 2006). The band sound tight as fuck during this 90 minute
concert set. The picture quality is great as well. The material from the bands
newest release wasn't well received when it came out and I admit does sound out
of place to a point when played alongside material from the classic "Storm Of
The Light's Bane," which is in my opinion is one of the greatest underground
releases period. This also includes a rare interview with Jon done shortly
before his death and a promo as well. You get 240 minutes worth of material and
that in my mind is a heck of a value for a DVD. Info:

INSOMNIUM/Above The Weeping World (Candlelight Records) This was a pretty
good release. The band mix in some solid mid paced death metal with a few fast
parts and some good death metal vocals made this a pleasant surprise. The band
actually mix in some melody and the riffs and songs were strong to me. The band
have that European sound to them, but something about them just clicked with
me. Info:

TO-MERA/Transcendental (Candlelight Records) This was an amazing release. The
band write some godly songs and even the female vocals were not a turn off.
The band mix in progressive metal with some goth overtones and trust me it is a
weird combo, but it works big time. The band write some awesome riffs and the
singer keeps it together with some great vocals which what the band is trying
to do. If your looking for something different, something brilliant and
something daring, here ya go. Info:

BLUT AUS NORD/Mort (Candlelight Records) This was a bunch of mindless noise
music that had no direction, bad production and no identity. The music just
plods along with some guy just growling a bunch of mumbo jumbo that could have
come out of a sewer. This was about as bad as a sewer. This was one of the worst
releases I have heard this year. This is not black metal, this is not any
kind of metal except pure crap metal Info:

PENDRAGON/The History (Metal Mind Productions) This to me was a boring band
in the vein of Queensryche. To me the songs were not strong and were quite
boring. The band can play, but the songs to my ears were flat and the vocals
didn't do much for me. If you like bands like Queensryche, you might some value.
This was like a best of as it spans songs from 1984 to 2000. Info:


DEVIANT/What We Bring Forth-This was 5 tunes of some decent death metal with
a groove edge to it. The band are fairly tight and the songs didn't bore me
and the band hot hard with plenty of power and style. The vocals aren't the
tough guy style and the groove is only a bit here and there. All 5 tunes were
pretty good and I looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Info:

DESPISE/Indefinite Force-I reviewed this band back in 1994 for my print
Metal Core mag and they just sent me a new disc and what a great disc it is. The
band were known for their riffs and they still got it. Pure old school thrash
riffs and a guitar crunch not to be missed. This disc includes 4 new tunes from
an upcoming cd and some old demo stuff which still sounds fresh today. God
the thrash riffs will have you neck banging in no time. Remember the band
Wargasm? This band is similar to them in some ways, but this is a piece of killer
old school thrash metal that should be brought. Info:

KENNEL ZERO/3 Hours Of Silence Before Death (Crossfire Records) Typical nu
death metal with tons of dance/mosh parts with the tough guy vocals. This band
sound like every other nu metal band not doing anything different that hasn't
been done a million times before. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and you
can add this band to the ever growing list. Info:

QUEST OF AIDANCE/Fallen Man Collection (Pulverized Records) Raw
uncompromising death metal. Sort of like if Mortician played death metal. The
vocals are low, but not super low and are tolerable. The music is chaotic, fast death
metal with low tuned guitars. This is death metal the way it was meant to be
played and no nu metal jump riffs. Info:

CONSPIRACY/Reincarnated (Pulverized Records) This was ok death/black metal.
The band was ok they just sound like a punch of other band splaying the fast
black metal style and don't do anything special to stand out. The tunes are all
that fast pick riffing with the screamed black metal vocals, which has been
done a million times before. While they don't suck, this band was nothing to
get excited about neither. Typical death black metal. Info:

CLOUDSCAPE/Crimson Skies (Nightmare Records) More great power metal from
this label. The tunes are progressive in nature, but don't fly over your head and
while they are heavy they are catchy as hell. The singer has a nice melodic
voice that fits in with the music as well. The production allows all the music
to be heard and I enjoyed every note on this disc. If your into metal or the
progressive metal style, you will want this for sure. Info:

SUBJECT TO THOUGHTS/To Embrace The Light-This is a one man band with a 13
song disc that I got in the mail. The music is very moody with lots of
atmospheric parts and haunting parts. I thought this was really cool for what it
is and the you can just hear the passion and emotion in the guy's voice and just the
way the music is played. This is not for the fan of Cannibal Corpse, but for
somebody who is open minded and into atmospheric style stuff played with
emotion and passion and at $2 it is a steal. Info:

[email protected]

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL/Opus Genitalia (Cudgel) This was typical death/grind
metal with those low vocals and Cannibal Corpse like music. This might have been
brutal and ground breaking years ago, but band like this just don't do anything
for me anymore. The riffs are tired and been done to death and yeah the
vocals with the cup the mic style are old, tired and cliche. Info:

DISASTROUS MURMUR/Marinate Your Meat (Cudgel) I didn't even know this band
was still around and they are back and back in a big way. This is one monstrous
slab of death metal that will leave you weak and helpless. Godly, crushing
riff after rip roaring riff will melt you into a puddle of sweat. I love the
fact that band use some thrash in with their music and what a combo it is. Great
vocals, riffs, production and playing. This is a can't miss release and this
band is back big time. Info:

DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY/Unsaved (Pure Records) This was another one of those modern
metal bands that play with groove and melody. This however was much better
than I expected. The band write some solid, likeable tunes and the vocals are
good, not that tough guy macho crap. The music and the riffs are catchy, but
still heavy and they even inject a few thrash riffs here and there. The
production is thick as well. One of the better new metal bands that have caught
my ear. Info:

PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE/Hellish Figurines-I got sent this bands demo as a
prelude to a release in 2007. This is pretty good black metal with a lot more
feeling and emotion than most other black metal bands I have heard. The 2 guys
don't just play fast for fast sake and create more of a mood and emotion along
with feeling with their music. The 6 songs here were quite good and I am sure
the debut will be a masterpiece of black metal. Info:

DOWNLORD/Grind Trials (Open Grave Records) This was some raw fast
death/black metal with a nice mix of old school and modern metal. Some of it
reminded me of Bolt Thrower which this band has as a member of that band. The music is
mostly fast death metal with bits of thrash and black metal too. The raw
production makes this even better and I love the death metal vocals sung with
pure power and total hate. An excellent release that any underground metal fan would
want. Info:

ON THE LAST DAY/Meaning In The Static (Victory Records) Some decent modern
metal with tons of killer riffs and singing for the most part. The band use some
of the tough guy style vocals at times, which I didn't like, but mostly use
normal vocals, which are aggressive, but don't sound like every other groove
band. The production is thick and the guitar sound is mint. The tunes are just
played so damn good and the band write songs that had me wanting to mosh all
around my apartment. Info:

THE BLACK MARIA/A Shared History Of Tragedy (Victory Records) Another band
that puts enough melody within their music to hook me in and hook me in big. The
music is more of the modern metal sound, but the band inject plenty of great
hooks and melodic singing that showed me plenty of passion, emotion and
feeling. No tough guy vocals! The band still play with enough of a heavy sound
that most would like as I did. When songs are this strongly played, how can you not
get into them. Info:

LED ZEPPLIN/The Origin Of The Species DVD (Sexy Intellectual) This DVD
focuses on the old Led Zeppelin. I am going way back to like the late 60's with
footage shot from when they were 1st starting out and how they grew into the
band they became in the 70's. Some nice early footage and interview segments with
former Yardbird members and also authors of Led Zeppelin books and stuff.
This stuff is a must for any Zep fan as you get to hear from some of the people
that were there way back when and this is not just some concert DVD and the
like as you get to see and hear how the band became the band that they became.

RORY GALLAGHER/Live At Montreux (Eagle Records) I have read a lot about this
guy, but never heard his music until now. This is some really old stuff going
back to 1975 through and including 1985. The music is blues based rock with
lots of guitar jamming. There is 12 tracks here and I am now a fan after
hearing this. This guy can jam on the guitar and the songs are all kick ass rock
tunes that still sound fresh today. The sound quality is good and this is also
on DVD as well. Info:

SIX OUNCE GLOVES/Timing Is Everything (Rock Ridge Records) This is one of
those nu metal bands, but there isn't much groove or tough guy vocals around,
which to me is a plus. This is sort of melodic with a touch of goth to it. The
vocals are aggressive sort of like Danzig at times. The music is on the heavy
side with a bit of melody and an alternative edge to it as well. This was an
enjoyable release to my ears. Info:

THE ACCIDENT EXPERIMENT/United We Stand (Rock Ridge Records) This is some
very nice melodic metal music. Riffs that will have your feet tapping and head
moving to the music. The vocals are melodic also and aggressive without going
into the tough guy area which was a welcome change. The music is a mix of some
newer style thrash and metal. The singer has a great voice and fits this style
of music perfectly. One of the best bands playing the new metal style I have
heard hands down. Info:

NORTHWEST ROYALE/Home Is Where The Hate Is (Rock Ridge Records) This is
another typical groove nu metal band with the gruff tough guy vocals that 5,000
other bands use and the shouted background vocals too. Info:

DEATH BEFORE DISCO/Barricades (Lifeforce Records) This I just didn't like as
I felt the songs lacked any kind of punch of feel to them and just dragged on.
The songs plodded along with little or no direction and it just felt flat to
me. The vocals and production were ok, but the songs just didn't click with
me. Info:

BATTALION/Winter Campaign (Shiver Records) This was a mixture of Cannibal
Corpse meets Immolation. I thought this was ok, nothing special. The band play a
brutal style of death metal, but the riffs and music have been done to death
and after a few songs it gets boring. The production is nice and thick and
there is hope there, the band just need to work on finding their own sound and
they are somewhat there so far. Info:

CINDER/House Full Of No Trust (Rock Ridge Music) Some decent modern college
radio rock sort of like Nickleback and Creed. The songs are melodic in nature,
but still have that metal knack in the style and vocals. The singer sings very
well and his vocal style fits the band. While I am not a big fan of this
style of music, I have an open mind enough to appreciate a good band and this is
a good band and they write some great songs for the style they are doing. Info:

INDORPHINE/Glowsticks For Clubbing Baby Seals (Rock Ridge Music) Typical nu
metal band with all the breakdown riffs and tough guy death metal vocals that
have been beaten to death. Sounds like every other band doing this style.

BOB CATLEY/Spirit Of Man (Frontier Records) Awesome AOR rock from this guy
and his band. Melodic rock/metal tunes with some great vocals and production.
This stuff reminds me of stuff like Dio, Armored Saint, etc. A melodic rock
fans delight. Info:

AMBITION/Same (Frontier Records) Incredible AOR rock from this band. The
songs are so damn catchy it is not funny. This is some well crafted rock n roll
sort of like Journey or Coney Hatch. The singer has an incredible voice and the
music is something any fan of AOR rock will do backflips over. Info:

PLACE VENDOME/Same (Frontier Records) More excellent AOR rock is the ticket
here. Great melodic songs and perfect vocals. God these bands are killing me
as the songs are so catchy I am hooked from note number 1. Info:

GIUNTINI PROJECT/III (Frontier Records) This is a bit more metal than the
above bands as this is more in line with what Dio and some metal bands. The
music is straight forward melodic metal with clean vocals and as the above 3 bands
show this when played well can kick ass. Production is on the money and this
label is 4 out of 4 so far. Info:

LEGRANDE/Same (Frontier Records) This was kinda too mellow for me. This was
like a power pop punk type of band and I felt the songs weren't strong and they
reminded me of REM, who I don't like, but if you do you might like this.

CLARK/Two Of A Kind (Frontier Records) This was power pop punk, but the songs
were much better played than the above band. The band has some melody and the
songs and riffs were so catchy that I could not help but get into the band.
The slow songs even kicked ass too. Info:

MON ROE/Same (Frontier Records) Power pop punk and I just couldn't get into
it as the guitar sound wasn't meaty enough for me and the songs just didn't
click with me. This band is good for what they do, but not my cup of tea. Info:

BETTIE FORD/League of Fools (Frontier Records) Plain ole kick ass rock n roll
boogie with power. This is how rock n roll should sound. Down and dirty with
melody, but played with a rough edge. For those into well crafted rock n roll,
here is your band. Info:

ANDERSON LAINE READMAN PROJECT/Three (Frontier Records) An excellent mix of
progressive metal and melody mixed into one. Think Dream Theater playing hard
rock. This has the ex singer of Danger Danger and let me tell you he does a
hell of a job on this. The songs are well crafted brilliant tunes that were
heavy and catchy and had my toes tapping. The production allows everything to be
heard and fans of hard rock as well as progressive rock will find value in this
baby. Info:

TONY O'HORA/Escape Into The Sun (Frontier Records) This was progressive
metal, but it had a melodic feel to it. The band or project strays into Dream
Theater territory, but it is a little lighter then them. The songs I thought
were ok, there was just something missing I could not put my finger on. Maybe it is
a case of the same ole same ole cause this sounded like a bunch of other bands
doing this same style. Info:

SPI RITUAL/Pulse (Sensory Dark) This was typical nu style of metal with lots
of groove riffs. The female opera vocals are big time out of place and the
music just sounds old and tired and sounds like a million other bands that are
doing this style. The band also throw in some violin parts and this I just
couldn't get into. Info:

CAUSTIC LYE/That That Is Is (Fervid Recordings) This was more typical nu
metal with lots of breakdown riffs, 2 different vocals style and lots of mosh
parts. The duel vocal thing is so overdone and this is just another faceless
groove death metal band that offers nothing new to an already overcrowded scene
with many other bands doing and sounding like this. Info:

SOWN/Downside (Andromeda) More groove metal with the dual vocals and this
band is no different from the above band except they play with more melody. The
duel vocal thing again has been done to death and bands like this band are a
dime a dozen and are all over MTV and Ozfest. This style has been done to death
and this is just another faceless band in a field of many. Info:

BLOODFROMABOVE/Same-20 vicious tracks by this one man wrecking crew. This is
raw, bone crushing thrash with an old school sound and a very nasty attitude.
The vocals remind me a little of Dave from Megedeth and the music is wicked,
raw thrash with some of the most vicious vocals I have heard in a long time.
This was about the best 1 man band, project, etc. I have heard and at 20 songs
you get an hour worth of music. Worth checking out. Info:

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL/The Diabolic Procession (Cruz Del Sur Music) Some kick ass
boogie down thrash is the ticket here. This is rock n roll meets thrash metal
and it works. The vocals are like of a southern nature and it fits the music
well and he has a good voice and he knows how to use it. The band mix in a bit
of Black Sabbath meeting southern rock meeting early style thrash metal and
it is wicked combo and blows away any of these nu groove metal shit bands.
Production is like out of the 70's. Love it. Info:

ESTRADASPHERE/Palace Of Mirrors (The End Records) This was crazy wacked out
music. The band mix in some folk, jazz and rock to come out with their
original sound. It was hard to describe, but sort of think Kansas playing jazz
at times. This might not be for everybody, but I kept an open mind going in and
this was a surprise and if you have an open mind, you might find this a worthy
purchase. Info:

TOMASZ STANKO/Chameleon (Metal Mind Productions) This was some warped jazz
music and I really liked it. The 3 guys set up a mood and really suck you in
with the mood they create. The guys use horns and just an ever flowing mellow
mix to suck me in and keep me there. There were no vocals, but I didn't care as
the 11 tracks were just right and left me wanting just a bit more. Info:

DAMNATION/Resist (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release I believe and
I think there is 2 bonus tracks too. I used to sell this when I was doing mail
order distro and after listening to it again, I still have to say this is a
wicked, fast death metal band in the vein of Vader and Decide. The production
is tight and the riffs and drums will smash you into submission. This is not
slow, it's not pretty and it is the way death metal should be. If you missed
this the 1st time around, it is time to discover them. Info:

SACRIVERSUM/Mozarita (Metal Mind Productions) I usually hate female opera
vocals, but this time they work and this band is amazing. The band mix in a
brand of death metal with some melody and some goth and for me it works. The
vocals are amazing and sucked me as did the music. This is hands down the best
band doing this style. Info:

HATE/Victims (Metal Mind Productions) This band has been around a bit and
here is a new release from them. This band plays death metal in the vein of
Cannibal Corpse and you know what this was a solid release of death metal. The
band have moved away from C.C. a bit and forged their own sound. The band mix in a
bit of newer style death metal and also the old style too. The riffs will
have the neck banging and the drummer slams and beats his drums into submission.
Killer version of "Reign in Blood" from these guys too. Info:

SBB/New Century (Metal Mind Productions) This was too mellow for me and
while I like jazz and other forms of music, the songs here didn't click for me.
They just dragged on with little impact on my ears. The just went on and on
with no melody, no rhythm, no nothing. You might like this and they also have a
DVD out too, but this just work for me. Info:

VIA MISTICA/Testamentum (In Hora Mortis Nostre) (Metal Mind Productions) I
really tried to get into this, but the female vocals just don't do it for me.
The band mix in a mostly doom/goth metal style with female vocals. The music
wasn't bad, but the vocals I couldn't get past. If your into bands like this,
they are good for what they do. Info:

VADER/De Profundis (Metal Mind Productions) This is another re-release that
if you didn't catch the 1st time around, you better this time. This is one of
Vader's best releases as they smash through 9 blasting tracks of pure death
metal and also an added Depeche Mode cover song as a bonus track. Vader are fast
and furious and this release is no different. If you enjoy your death metal
fast and faster, buy this. Info:

PAUL STANLEY/Live To Win (Universal Music) This was way better than any of
the recent Kiss records. Paul has come up with an amazing record. The tunes are
all good to great catchy rock n roll numbers that wouldn't be out of place on
a Kiss record. But the key here is this isn't a bunch of throw away Kiss
songs that the band didn't use. Paul's voice sounds great and he sings the songs
with emotion and passion, which I feel has been missing on some of the recent
Kiss stuff. The 10 tunes here would please any fan of good ole rock n roll or
the old Kiss fan that has not been into the newer stuff. Info:

STIFF DONUT/I Did It All For The Cookie (Self Released) This is a funny lyric
wise based band. I mean with songs like, Fuck Iron Maiden, Kill Everyone With
A Cell Phone, etc, how can you go wrong. The band play punkish/hardcore with
some almost Devo like vocals. It took me a couple tunes to get used to them
and they aren't bad once you get past the initial shock of them. The band have
a weird almost industrial guitar sound and if you mix with in with some
punkish music, then you have these guys. This wasn't bad and the lyrics made me
smile and laugh. Info:

[email protected]

THE ESSENTIAL ALICE IN CHAINS/Best Of (Columbia Records) Out of all the
Seattle grunge bands I liked 2, Nirvana and these guys. I saw them open on the
Clash of the Titans tour and I thought their 1st album was different, heavy,
moody and dark. The band went through some rough times and put out some great music
before the singer died in 2002. If you are not familiar with the band,
prepare to take a ride, a long ride, full of emotion, passion, and the dark side
of the highway. This double disc has all the bands well known tunes, which still
sound great and are fuckin heavy I must say. This band wrote some catchy
stuff, but it was still molten metal at the core. You get stuff from all their
releases and their unplugged EP as well. This band made some amazing music while
they were around and if you missed them the 1st time around, here is your
chance to get re aquainted. Info:

JOHN WETTON/Agenda (Metal Mind Productions) This is a live recording from
John. John some of you might remember was in Asia, who are actually back
together. Anyway he does play some older Asia tunes (Sole Survivor, The Heat of
the Moment) along with some of his solo stuff. The material sounds good and John's
voice still sounds good and the band he has backing him more than do the job.
The production is good and any fan of Asia or good rock n roll, would want
this. Info:

WHITE LIMO/The Early Man (Self Released) I couldn't get into this much. The
band play garage like thrash groove, but the songs aren't strong at all. The
band use that overdone groove style that has been done to death. The vocals
aren't too bad, but the songs are weak and this just to me seemed like some
garage band down the block. Info:

BLACKHEADZ/Eight Inches Or More (Self Released) This was some really cool
metal with a mixture of thrash, rock, punk and a touch of groove to it. They
sort of reminded me of Fishbone a bit. The band can thrash out one minute and
then mix in some rock to their sound. You have no idea what is coming next. The
production is on the money and if your want something different, something
cool, something a bit off the wall, then here ya go. I enjoyed it and I know you
will too. Info:

CROWN THE LOST/Reverence Dies Within (Self Released) Really good solid thrash
metal that sounds like nobody else and no groove, no trends in sight. The 9
songs here are full or originality, power, emotion and feeling. The production
is awesome and the songs flow on and just sucked me in. The vocals are
powerful, but clear. This is one of the best unsigned bans out there and if I had a
label, I'd be sending the recording contract in the mail. An amazing band. Info:

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS/Day Of The Dead (Cinismo Records) Excellent old school
death metal. The tunes will rip and crush you and just oozed of pain, power,
emotion and feeling. The band reminded me a bit of older Pestilence and the
vocals were awesome death metal vocals and the guitar sound this band gets, omg,
is it fuckin heavy and brutal. 5 tunes is not enough, I need more of this band.
Well, worth getting and excellent death metal release. Info:

SKYFORGER/Kauja Pie Sales (Paragon Records) Not a bad black metal band is
what you will find here. The band play fast and hot you hard, but there is some
melody and it is not just a speed for speed sakes type of thing. The
production is nice and thick and the vocals are pure black metal style, but with
feeling. This band brings out emotion and substance which lacks in a lot of
black metal bands. If your into black metal, this is one of the better bands making
the rounds. Info:

COLLISON/Roadkiller (Bone Brigade Records) Fast pounding death metal that
goes for the throat and doesn't let up. The band mix in just a touch of speed
metal to the mix with some hardcore like vocals. This isn't grind though. The
production is pretty good and the band seem to have their own style and nitch.
The band don't slow down much so if your into speed you have come to the
right band. Info:

LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY/Putrefaction In Progress (Bones Brigade Records) 41
tracks of super fast grind with cupped mic vocals. The band just blast through
song after song and to me I don't like this sort of stuff cause by song 10 I am
bored. The production is good and let me tell you, this is fuckin fast. I also
hate the tin can drum sound. Info:

MAGANE/Mortes Saltantes (Black Flame Records) I was ready to say this was a
pretty killer black metal band and then the band broke out into some old
school thrash like Bloodfeast and then into more black metal with keyboards.
This band play with passion, emotion and fury. The black metal parts as vicious and
fast and the death metal and thrash metal parts melt me. This shows you when
you combine different styles it can be done and done in the right way. The
production is right out of any 80's thrash release. This crushes. Info:

MOAT/The Sun Is Destroying Us All (Black Flame Records) This was very raw
black metal. I thought it was ok. The band use the pick riffing style and the
screaming black metal vocals and some of the stuff they were doing was kinda cool
at times. The raw production does help this band as it creates and keeps a
mood. If your into the raw black metal thing, then you might want this. Info:

DIMENTIANON/2006 Promo (Self Released) 4 tracks of death metal. The band play
in a more modern style, but minus all the groove and mosh death metal stuff.
This band is more straight forward and reminded me of Deathrune a bit at
times. The 4 tunes are pretty fast and pretty brutal. The vocals are death metal
style and do go in the lower than lower area a bit, but not enough to get on my
nerves. The tunes hit hard and hot fast and I do like the guitar sound and
the production is not too thick and not too raw. Wouldn't be surprised if this
band got signed. Info:

METALSTEEL/Taste The Sin ((Self Released) This is a straight forward heavy
metal band with traces and bits of power metal thrown in., Think Raven, Hellow
een, Armored Saint, Saxon, etc. The singer has a clear, but powerful voice and
he puts it to good use on this disc. There is no modern power metal stuff with
the chanting vocals and the like. This is just pure heavy metal with the fist
raised and the studded wrist bands. Raise your fits in the name of heavy
metal and buy this bloody thing. Info:

CERNUNNOS/Promo 2006 (Self Released) This was only a little 2 song promo and
from what I could gather it is a one man project of black metal. It is hard
to judge with so little material, but I thought this was ok. The music is moody
and not just a wall of noise. The production was ok and I'll leave further
judgement when I get to hear a full length, but from what I heard this isn't too
bad. Info:

TWISTED INFO FORM/Then Comes Affliction To Awaken The Dreamer (Sensory
Records) This was a really cool band. This is what Forbidden would sound like if
they played progressive thrash metal. The music doesn't go over your head and
the band do play with an aggressive style. This isn't power metal, but
progressive metal with a thrash feel to it. The singer has a clear, but powerful
voice and fits what the band is doing. I think this band is original, thought
provoking and if you looking for something a bit different, here ya go. Info:

ZERO HOUR/Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond (Sensory Records) This came across
to me as nothing more than a clone of Dream Theater. The music, the vocals, the
song arrangements, guitar sound, etc all sound like a page out of D.T. I have
heard way too many clone D.T. bands and here is another one. I just didn't
find anything interesting about this. Info:

PENDRAGON/And Now Everybody To The Stage DVD (Metal Mind Productions) I tell
you, Metal Mind must have the best camera crews in the world as every DVD the
camera work is godly. This band play sort of progressive metal, but in a more
emotional and with a bit more feeling. Bands like the newer Yes, Asia and the
like came to mind as they played. The singer is a really cool front man as he
has a great personality and the songs flowed quite well on this. You get a 15
song concert and some extras like photos, interviews, etc. I had never heard
the band before this and I am now a fan. The music is great and the DVD is even
better. Info:

TEMPLE OF BLOOD/Prepare For Judgement Of Mankin(Self Released) Some really
nice thrash/power metal from this band. This is more old school thrash and no
groove or tough guy vocals anywhere. The band write some nice headbanging
riffs and remind me a bit of Overkill or older Exodus musicwise, which is a
good thing in my book. The production is a bit on the raw side, but for this band
it works and it is fine here. The singer has a clean, but powerful set of
lungs that gets the job done. A great release and this band deserves a deal for
sure. Info:

EYES OF LIGEIA/A Fever Would Cling To Thee Forever (Paragon Records) Sick
punishing doom that will have you feeling sad, lonely, and depressed. The band
also throw in some black metal to their wicked sound. The vocals are haunting
screams and growls of pain and torment. The production is right where it needs
to be and this is as heavy as a ton of bricks. A band maybe not for everybody,
but it is depressing, madness, and will drawn you and it might be something
you have never heard before. Don't say you were not warned. Info: