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New Reviews - 07/31/06

BRIDE OF THE MONSTER/Plague Of Ages-6 tracks of some fast non compromising death metal. This was really good as the band can play in some slow form and can let the riffs fly when they want too. The band can also rip into the speed parts with conviction as well. The vocals are solid death metal vocals and the production is good, nice and heavy. Worth checking out. Info:

AMERICA/Strutting Our Stuff (Inak) Yes this is the same band from the 70's with the hits "Sister Golden Hair" and 'A Horse With No Name." The core of the band is still together and on this live disc they play those 2 tunes and may other favorites of mine. I have also seen these guys on TV in a live concert and they 'still have it." The band sounds tight and the singing is still top notch and though this isn't "metal" it was a very enjoyable release to my ears. Info:

SEIZURE CRYPT/City Of New York-7 tracks of metal core played old school style. Reminded me of some of those old bands like Ludichrist, Leeway, etc. Total shouted vocals and not a tough guy vocal in sight. No breakdown or mosh or dance parts neither. Just 7 songs of pure metal core with aggression and violence the way this music was meant to be played. Info:

HOURCASY/State Of Disgrace (Alkamedia Records) This was one of those modern metal bands that play music with a groove and also some slower melodic parts. This was good for what it was as the vocals are sung with passion and thank god don't go much in the tough guy vocal area, but they do get aggressive at times. The music is also spacey, but is very catchy and the band just sucked me in by song 3. The production is heavy and they don't sound like any band I can think of. A good job with this one. Info:

WARFACE/Insanity Of The Obsessed (Deathquake Records) Pure Suffocation down to the blast beats, the groove riffs and the low vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and I thought all the Suffocation clones were gone...I guess not. Hey if your into all those clone bands, here is another one as the production is solid and all that. Info:

FLESHGORE/May God Strike Me Dead (This Dark Reign) This is another groove dance death metal band with those low, stupid non brutal vocals. The music is a different story, however. The songs are quite good and made me overlook the vocals. The band just tear off some head chopping riffs that had my gasping. Yeah they were that good. The production is perfect and even the blast beats sounded good to me. This is complete chaos and one of the best bands hands down doing this style of death metal. Info:

ENOCHIAN CRESENT/Black Church (Woodcut Records) Some wicked fast death metal with a touch of black metal to it. The vocals are screamed and out of control like a man on his last breaths, you can feel "it" as he screams/yells out the vocals. The music is mostly fast death metal with a few black metal parts here and there. The production is nice and thick and I can't see anything wrong with buying this baby. Info:

OBSCURANT/First Degree Suicide (Woodcut Records) More solid death metal from this label. This band plays death metal with more of a melodic sound and even add some keyboard parts, but they don't overshadow the band. The vocals are death metal growls and even though this is melodic, don't think it is not heavy. The band write some serious catchy, but heavy tunes and are a good break from all the speed. Worth checking out. Info:

DIES IRAE/Sculpture Of Stone (Metal Mind Records) Decent death metal that is nothing ground breaking, but on the other hand doesn't suck neither. The band play straight forward, no frills death metal with low vocals. Some of the vocals go a little low for me tastes, but the production is strong. The band is sort of a mix of bands like Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse, etc. Info:

ARTROSIS/In The Flowers Shade (Metal Mind Productions) This was a goth metal band with those clean female vocals. I am not a fan of this style at all, but this wasn't too bad. The music is full of melody and is easy to get into. Just can't get into the clean female vocals as they I feel don't belong in metal. If this is your thing, this band is one of the better ones doing that style. Info:

COLLAGE/Changes (Metal Mind Records) Absolutely brilliant. This is so emotional, so thrilling, passionate I can't stop listening. This just dragged me and never let me go till the last note. The band play metal, but with tons of feeling and emotion. It is not fist pumping metal nor thrash metal. Just a great sound and the singer has a voice to die for. Sort of like a progressive metal band without all the twists and stuff. Hard to explain, but this is for the open minded fan looking for something different and fresh. Amazing release. Info:

VADER/Sothis (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release and if you didn't get this the 1st time around it is death metal done the Vader way. Expect fast riffs, blasting drums and throat growling vocals as only this band can do. Vader have been around a long time and really in my eyes have not put out a bad release and this is one of the betters ones. Info:

TIME REQUIEM/The Optical Illusion (Candlelight Records) Awesome progressive metal played with tons of feeling and emotion. This I think is a one man project with session players. Well, whatever it is, is excellent. Brilliant playing and production with songs that just suck you and force you to listen. This is the release Dream Theater should have made after 'Images and Words." One of the best releases of 2006 so far. Info:

VADER/Impressions In Blood (Candlelight Records) This band has been churning out their brand of speedy death metal for quite along time and this time around they don't disappoint again. Pure fast, real blast beats with some killer death metal vocals make this a death metal lover's delight. Perfect production and listen to those fast parts and the brutality reigns again. Vader will crush you, prepare for battle. Info:

DEAD MAN IN RENO/Self Titled (Candlelight Records) Another death metal groove band with those screamed vocals with lots of breakdown parts. This to the band's credit is not too bad as they don't have jump/breakdown riffs every 5 seconds, but this didn't appeal to me much as they sound like every other band doing this tired, worn out style and really add nothing to an already overcrowded underground metal scene. Info:

STONEGARD/Arrows (Candlelight Records) This didn't go with me. The band play a sort of doomy style with some groove to it and I didn't like the vocals neither. The songs just dragged on and didn't click with me. They weren't melodic enough and didn't hook me in and there wasn't enough doom to keep me interested neither. Maybe next time. Info:

VEXED/Hellblast Extinction (Ashen Productions) Now this is what I am talking about. Just an absolute raw, punishing display of old school death metal the way it should be. Crushing, emotional riffs and godly death metal vocals. You can just hear and feel the emotion, passion and feeling as this played on. The fast parts just drove and ripped me apart. If you are into bands like old Kreator, Whiplash and just anything godly, then by all means buy this. One of my to 10 releases of 2006 so far. Info:

LEATHERWOLF/World Asylum-I remember this band a little back from back in the day and I must say this is one ass kicking release. The band has 2 original members and the new members have injected some new blood in the band. This band churn out metal after metal tune with a melodic edge to them, but they still kick ass if you get my drift. This is not lightweight rock, but not thrash metal neither. This is just melodic metal with plenty of heavy hooks and great vocals. Perfect production and this is one of the best releases I have heard in quite some time. Info:

DEAD RABBITS/Sin-Eater (Overit Records) Neat little hard metal band with a hint of doom to them. The band sound like Soundgarden in spots as well, which was a cool thing by me. The band mix in the metal with a droning Black Sabbath 70's type of sound with some wicked vocals. I love the old style production too. The band don't play slow doom it is more up tempo like Kyuss. This is one big time heavy band and I enjoyed it big time. Info:

IMMOLATION/Dawn Of Possession (Metal Mind Records) This is a re-release of this band's classic release on Roadracer. There are no bonus tracks, but if you don't own this, your missing out on one of the greatest releases in death metal period. Just take one listen to the vocals, riffs, speed and intensity and prepare to be blown away. This is a masterpiece of death metal that must be heard and is a must buy whether you own a copy of not. Buy or die. If you call yourself a death metal and don't own this, your a fool. Info:

DECAPITATED/The First Damned (Metal Mind Records) This is some killer old stuff. This release contains both of this band's demos from the 90's and some live stuff. The music is fast, brutal and shit end heavy. The band actually remind me of Immolation in parts due to the vocals and the way they play, which is not a bad thing. The production for 2 demos is really strong and the live tracks are sweet too. If your looking for more brutal death metal, check this out, you won't be disappointed. Info:

BEHEMOTH/And The Forests Dream Eternally (Metal Mind Records) These are 2 Mcd releases rolled into one from this black metal band. The 1st one is from 1994 and is classic, pure black metal. The raw, punishing sound and real black metal vocals will crush you even 12 years later. The other is from 1997 and just delivers more classic black metal. These guys are the real deal and some poser corpse paint band. Info:

DARZAMAT/Transkarpaatia (Metal Mind Records) This was some decent death metal with a few goth overtones here and there. The band combine death metal vocals and use both female and male vocals. The male vocals are ok, but the female vocals don't work for me. The music is death metal sometimes fast, mostly mid tempo with some keyboard parts and those opera like female vocals have to go. The band also throw in some black metal here and there. Not bad. Info:

YATTERING/Live Extermination (Metal Mind Records) A not so hot Cannibal Corpse clone with the low vocals and same riffing and style as C.C. If I need C.C. I'll listen to C.C. Info:

REVENGE/Attack/Blood/Revenge (Dark Horizon Records) 4 tracks of raw, unrelenting black metal. This is not for the weak hearted. This is fast, uncompromising and full of hate. Also included is a Bathory cover. 4 tracks wasn't enough, I need more. Info:

HARVEST/Lighting Storm In The Veins (Dark Horizon Records) This was ok black metal. It just didn't blow me over and was just kinda there as the songs I feel weren't strong enough to win me over. The band play raw black metal with the black metal vocals, but like I said the songs weren't strong enough for my ears. Info:

HARVEST/Wolfskin Clad (Dark Horizon Records) This was better as it was just as raw as the above release, but the songs were much better as were the vocals. You can just feel the hate and passion as this plays on. Killer black metal vocals and the raw production just crushes. A must for black metal fans. Info:

WALLACHIA/From Behind The Light (Dark Horizon Records) This was cool musicwise, but the vocals sucked. They are just barked into the mic vocals. This is a re-release of a release from like 10 years ago. The music is very original and is like a thinking man's black metal band with melody and power. If your into something different and not your standard black metal band, check this out. Info:

OCTOBER FALLS/Tuoni (Dark Horizon Records) This is really mellow almost folk acoustic music which for what it is, is really cool. This is some really mellow stuff that you have to be open minded about. I enjoyed it for what it is and the music just will put you in a trance and a mood and suck you in. Info:

BLACK WITCHERY/CONQUEROR Split CD (Dark Horizon Records) This cd kills all. 2 of the best in black metal is the ticket here. This is fast, unrelenting, raw as fuck, classic black metal. Both bands offer up the best in black metal and if you are a black metal fan and you don't own this, what the fuck are you waiting for? Info:

TYPHUS/Profound Blasphemous Proclamation (Dark Horizon Records) Wicked black metal that will leave all the fake black metal bands behind. This is the real deal. This is so vile and full of hate. The raw production adds to the band and the pure black metal vocals had me shivering. A masterpiece of black metal. Info:

NECROPHOBIC/Hrimthursum (Candlelight Music) Awesome pure death metal the way it should be. This is fuckin fast and it will rip your head off. Pure, real death metal vocals and blast beats. This is the soundtrack to your death. Production is perfect and I love this release. For fans of real death metal. Info:

TORCHBEARER/Warnaments (Candlelight Music) This is more At The Gates style of death metal with those throaty vocals. This wasn't bad as the band add a bit more chaos to their music and also a bit of the progressive side to them too. The production is nice and thick and the guitar sound is meaty too. For fans of Dismember, Entombed, etc. The more I listened to this the more it grew on me too. Info:

TRENDKILL/No Longer Buried (Candlelight Music) Typical groove death metal with the tough guy, gruff vocals that a million other bands use. This wasn't bad, but the band is using and doing the same formula done by every other band of this genre and they aren't doing anything knew and it got old by the 3rd song. A case of the same ole same ole. Info:

SPEKTR/The Near Death Experience (Candlelight Music) It was a near death experience listening to this. Some really bad industrial noise, music that bored me and I listened to at least half the disc before taking it out. Didn't do a thing for me as musicwise it was worthless. Info:

NEUROPATHIA/Bubba Luciferi (Lifestage Productions) Killer death metal with the wicked Entombed guitar sound that always gets me. This band is also faster as they inject from grind to their sound which was cool with me. 18 blazing tracks of death metal meets grind. Production is godly too. info:

MANEGARM/Urminnes (Displeased Records) This is folk acoustic music which I am not into at all. Info:

NECRODEMON/Ice Fields Of Hyperion-Prepare to feel the pain. This band unleash a wallop of some death metal whoop ass on this cd. You can just feel the emotion and the feeling that a lot of bands can't re-create. The band just create a haunting sound that is unlike I have heard in some time. I can't fully explain it, you'll just have to hear for yourself. Great death and black metal vocals and you can just feel the hurt, the pain and the agony as this plays on. Why this band wasn't signed earlier is beyond me. Buy or fry. Info:

OBLIVION/Remixed-This is an old NJ thrash band from the 80's that put all 3 of their demos on CD. The band I remember the name and I think I have seen them live, but the music is killer old school thrash which I love. The riffs filled my head and brought my back many years ago. The band mixed in thrash with a touch of old school hardcore and it was a pleasant surprise to get this in the mail. This deserves to be heard and the band is selling them for a measly $ 7 so what the fuck are you waiting for you poser. Info:

[email protected]

FLAT RICIDE/Life Without Truth-A really weird and fucked band this is. It started out really weird and kinda dull and then launched into death metal stuff and then all kind of weird stuff sort of like Voivod at times and Cynic. The vocals are death metal all the way, but if you get this one song is over 76 minutes, but is broken down into parts. A really cool, weird, but enjoyable release. Info:

[email protected]

KRATORNAS/Adv Tracks-Wow this is some fuckin raw black metal played with the old feeling and the old sound. Total chaotic riffs and drumming. This just knocked me over. I need more than 2 tracks. This is how black metal should be played with feeling, emotion and pure hate. Oh this is going to be one monster release when it comes out. Prepare for war. Info:

THE EVERSCATHED/Razors Of Unrest (Open Grave Records) 10 tracks of solid death metal is the ticket here. Brutal non groove riffs with some really good death metal vocals fill the air as this plays on. Thick, wicked riffing and some nice fast blasting parts can be found too. This will remind you of the band Death (RIP Chuck) at times. The band don't rely on groove or fake blasts to get it done. This is just honest to goodness death metal that needs to be heard and makes me proud to say I am a death metal fan. Info:

VALD/Boycott Your Life-I am not a huge fan of the shouted vocals, but the music is a different story. The music is like a mix of modern thrash with a touch of death metal. All I know is to these ears, the riffs had my head banging I can tell you that. The production is solid and really lets the guitar shine through, which it should. Worth checking out. Info:

ELDOPA/The Complete Recordings (Tee Pee Records) This is a re-release of all the stuff this band has put out. This was ok, nothing that really knocked me out of my seat. Standard death metal with black metal vocals that I have heard many times before. The music is mostly mid-paced and guitar sound is a bit like really old Slayer in spots. This just really didn't do anything for me, but it didn't suck. Info:

THINGS FALL APART/Same-4 great hardcore tracks from this band. This is real hardcore played with emotion, feeling and plenty of speed. No groove or jump parts. The vocals are great hardcore screamed style and the band just blaze through the 4 tunes that left me wanting more. Info:

LXT/New World Disorder-This was some tech industrial music sort of like Type O. Negative meeting Ministry meeting Godlfesh. The production is clean, but still heavy. The music is somewhat mid paced and also has some faster parts. I thought this was pretty cool and fans of Ministry will want this. info:

THE SEVENTH CROSS/Scorched By The Flames Of Vengeance (Candlelight Music) Standard, boring death metal with tired OLE death metal vocals. The music didn't do anything for me and it was weak and tired in my opinion. The band use some groove riffing with old man vocals and mix it in with death metal for one boring cd. Info:

TENEBRE/Heart's Blood (Candlelight Music) This was a really weird band. They are kinda goth, but in a weird way I was drawn into this. The vocals are almost vampire in nature and the music is melodic in sports sort of like Type O. Negative. If your into them, you'll love this. Info:

SCARS/The Nether Hell (Self Released) This is a wicked combo of death metal, thrash metal and Slayer. The guitar sound shines through and the vocals are some good, serious thrash vocals sort of like Sepultura. The riffs will have you have you banging your head and the fast parts will melt you. A really good find. Info:

KATAGORY 5/The Rising Anger (Nightmare Records) Some decent heavy metal is found here. The band are original and don't sound like a bunch of those other power metal bands with the chanted vocals, etc. The band build their songs around strong riffs and solid vocals. The singer had a strong voice and makes the most of it here. The band branch out into power metal territory at times, but not the typical power metal stuff. This is just a really solid heavy metal release. Info:

PROTOTYPE/Continuum (Nightmare Records) This is some technical metal, but it didn't go over my head and really sucked me and kept me there. The riffs are out of control and unlike I have ever heard. The vocals are strong, clear to a point, but fit the music well. This band has been around a long time and I would say the band has progressed a million times since the demo days and if your a fan of older Metallica, Nevermore and just solid original metal, then here ya go. Info:

MERENDINE ATOMICHE/Raw (Mausoleum Records) This is another groove metal band, but it isn't so bad. The band mix in some thrash and the riffs I must say are big time meaty. The production is nice and meaty as well. The vocals are in the tough guy vein at times, but also remind me of Blitz from Overkill too. One of the better bands doing this style of music.Info:

TO THIS DAY/Chapter 1: Between the Bridges (XXX 1981 Records) Hard hitting hardcore is the ticket here. The riffs will burn you and the vocals will knock you out of your chair. The production really allows the thick guitar to be heard as well. If your into hardcore, you will wan this. Info:

DEREK SHERMAN/Blood Of The Snake (Inside Out Music) This was a really cool release. This was a mixture of metal, prog, jazz and everything in between. This was real metal not all that groove crap. The music is a mixture say Black Sabbath meets Dream Theatre at times. The production is right on the money too. A very solid release that all metal fans should want. Info:

VULPECULA/In Dusk Apparition (Invictus Productions) Raw as fuck black metal from the depths of hell. This has the guy from Order From Chaos and let me tell you this is one deep, dark, haunting release. The raw production only adds to the madness and atmosphere this band is creating. This is not some fly by night band, this is the real deal. info:

POWERMAN 5000/Destroy What You Enjoy (DRT Entertainment) This is hands down the best band doing the groove style. The band mix in enough punk and melody to make me stand up and notice. The opening tune really got me with just a great hook and harmony. Tune # 2 sucked me deep and I couldn't stop listening. This is like a modern day Sex Pistols. Don't be fooled all the rest are pretenders and these guys are the kings. info:

SLAVE ZERO/The Pain Remits-This band reminded me of Obituary which isn't a bad thing. The band unleash some serious blasts with some meaty riffs. The vocals are screamed like Obituary at times too. The production is big time heavy and I see no reason why this band can't get a record deal as they are worthy of one. Info:

HONEY FOR CHRIST/The Darkest Pinnacle Of Light (Rundown Records) 5 tracks of thrash/death metal played with a raw edge. The band is a 3 piece and this is not just another thrash/death metal band. The band also slow things down and can move you with a slow track here too. The raw production works for this band as I like the gritty sound they get. The vocals aren't typical death metal vocals, they are powerful, but clear. A very different band and the 5 songs were only a teaser, I want more Info:

DEITIES/Same-I only got a one track Cdr. song and what I heard wasn't too bad. The band play a raw type of straight ahead no frills death metal with some good vocals. Would like to hear more before really making an opinion on this. Info:

BLOOD INC/Same-This I re didn't like due to the fact, # 1 the music didn't hold my attention as it just bored me and # 2 the vocals. The vocals do that dual shit with one guy signing normal (and his vocals were beyond bad and another signing in the growl style. The music tries to be death metal, but just isn't extreme or brutal enough and while the music isn't that bad, the vocal style has to go. Pick one or the other guys. Info:

OUTCAST VS MOKER SPLIT (Shiver Records) Outcast play very vicious brutal death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse that wasn't bad. Moker play childish groove death metal with the low vocals that sounds like every dance death metal band. They fuckin suck my balls. Info:

AXAMENTA/Ever Arch I Tech Ture (Shiver Records) Some rip roaring death metal with a bit of progressive to it. The riffs will rip your head off as razor sharp riffs fill the air and pure death metal vocals filled passion and hate play with the music. The production is on fire as is this band. Get it. Info;

INCENDIUM/Same (Self Released) This was good in some ways, but bad in others. First the good. The music is doomy and quite heavy and very easy to get into and kept my attention and interest. The bad is the vocals use that clear and death metal growling style which has been done to death. The 5 tunes did make me want to hear more as I think the band is on their way. Info:

GORGOROTH/Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam (Candlelight Music) This was a case of the same ole same ole. Fast heard a million times fast, pick riffing black metal with the black metal vocals. It got old quick cause I have heard bands like this a million times before. Info:

BURY YOUR DEAD/Beauty And The Breakdown (Victory Records) This might be a pure groove metal band, but they are one of the best I have heard. Sure the riffs are groove and dance and the vocals are the low growl and tough guy style, but something about this band clicked with me and I really liked this. The band also add some thrash which I am sure helped as old school thrash I love. The production was perfect and the guitar sound crushed. A perfect blend of thrash and groove. Info:

CONGLOMERATORZ/Naturally Heavy (Nanofusion Music) Some cool thrash metal is the ticket here. The music is mostly mid paced or fast which is fine by me. The band rely on fast, quick riffs with some nice backbone playing by all involved. The production is thick and everything stands out. The vocals sort of reminded me of a gruff version of Dave Mustaine at times. This is an ass kicking band you will want to hear. Info:

MORBID SACRIFICE/Severed Death (Open Grave Records) 8 tracks of basic, non frills death metal with chunky riffs and blasting beats that will numb the skull. The vocals are growls and the band sort of reminded me of Obituary. The riffs are big time heavy and the blast beats are big time blast beats. I like the raw production too. Worth getting. info:

LIBERTY N JUSTICE/Soundtrack (LJN Records) This is a Christian band, but don't let that throw you off, cause they are a pretty damn good band. The band play straight forward metal with a little bit of grunge to their music and the singer reminds me of Alice Cooper at times. 18 tracks of solid metal played the right way. Info:

STONECUTTERS/Same-4 tracks of grungy death metal that really was quite boring. The songs were flat and lacked punched and the vocals were just screams of yelling. The production was flat too and the songs just didn't smack me in the face and just really didn't too it for me. Maybe next time. Info:

NIGHTS LIKE THESE/The Faithless (Victory Records) This is a groove metal band and not a bad one. They right some pretty decent riffs and at least the riffs aren't all dance and shit. The tunes are mixed in with some metal and the tough guy death metal vocals are there, but they are not as annoying as most other bands. Not bad for what it is and the production is perfect. Love the guitar
sound. Info;

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME/The Anatomy Of (Victory Records) This is an all covers cd of some different bands to say the least. From Metallica's 'Blackened" to Pink Floyd's 'Us and Them" to Country Crows "Colorbind." 14 tunes in all and this band puts their stamp on each tune and it is a great diversity type of release as these guys are fans of these bands and want you to "discover"
them. Well worth getting. Info:

PANZER X/Steel Fist (Metal Mind Productions) Godly pure heavy metal that blew me away. Godly pure metal riffs with Halford like vocals made me smile from ear to ear. The band can crank out some mean heavy metal riffs and the singer has so much power and sings with so much passion and emotion you have to just fall in love with this. Not your typical power metal band. For fans of Judas Priest, you'll want this. Info:

DARZAMAT/Transkarpatia (Metal Mind Productions) I didn't like the female opera vocals, but overall this wasn't bad. The band mix in some black and death metal with some keyboards and it doesn't sound bad to my ears. The music is somewhat catchy and is helped by a good production. The songs didn't bore me and the female vocals aren't used all the time. Not bad for what it is. Info:

VIA MISTICA/Under My Eyelids (Metal Mind Productions) This was gothic style metal with a bit of death and doomish metal in the mix. The slow doomy parts I liked best as the band set a mood and had me hooked in. The vocals are done by a female with a clear voice, but thank god it's not in that opera style and she can sing with some passion which a lot of these bands lack. For the style the band is playing it is pretty damn good. Info:

CORRUPTION/Virgin's Milk (Metal Mind Productions) Some good ole stoner rock is the ticket here. The tunes are bass heavy metal in the vein of Kyuss, Cathedral, etc. The old 70's production makes this really stand out for me. Listen to that guitar sound and you will be forced to band thy head. The vocals are sort of gruff, but in a beer bar sort of way, in other words, perfect for this band. If you love old Sabbath, doom, St.Vitus, or just a band that gets down and dirty and plays it heavy, look no further. Info:

EERIE/Hollow Stare (Golden Lake Productions) Damn did this sound like Carnivore. The singer has that Pete Steele voice and the music is somewhat similar too. The band mix in a little Immolation to their brand of underground metal too. A furious old school sound with blistering riffs and pure hate. A really good find this is. For fans of the old school, add this band to your shopping list. Info:

FALL OF SERERITY/Bloodred Salvation (Lifeforce Records) Typical groove jumpy riffing with the same growled vocals every other death metal does. I was bored by track 3. The tunes are flat and offer nothing and yeah the band plays fast and all that, but they didn't do a thing for me as it was another case of the same ole same ole. Info:

DEADSOIL/Sacrifice (Lifeforce records) More typical groove metal with death metal vocals and then more melodic vocals. This is a system a lot of todays bands use and really it did nothing for me. Tired riffs, same ole vocals made for one not so hot release. Oh the groove parts were they use the tough guy vocals are so overdone too. Info:

SOUTHERN BLACK SAND/Promo 05-Weak groove metal with gruff vocals. The music was a weak attempt at thrash with little power and the vocals just yelled and made little impact to my ears. This band really need to go back to the drawing board and make some more intense music and work on their vocals. Info:

URSKUMUG/Am Nodr (Ledo Takas Records) Crushing, fast black metal is the ticket here. This hits hard and hits often. Super fast riffs and pure black metal singing. While this may not be the most original band, the power, and fury they with won me over. The raw intensity this shows also scored points with me. The band has the perfect production too. A beauty of a release as far as black metal goes. Info:

LOITS/Obliged By The Call Of Blood (Ledo Takas Records) This kinda bored me by the 3rd tune. Basic riff picking black metal with some fast and slower parts. I just didn't feel it like the above band. The tunes were kinda weak and fell flat and just lacked that crunch the above band delivered. Maybe next time. Info:

STATE OF INTEGRITY/The 4th Season Of Revelations-Some killer thrash metal in the vein of older Slayer. The riffs just will pound and crush you and melt you down into oblivion. The vocals are sick growls of death and I just love the guitar sound this band uses. The production is perfect and this is a wicked combo of how thrash and death metal can be combined and work. Info:

VERBAL DECEPTION/Aurum Piraticus Aetus (Scarab Productions) Some nice wicked death metal with some keyboards too. The music is mostly fast, but is not your typical death metal band. This is very original in style and the vocals are solid death metal style too. The band are doing something new and exiting and I could see this band getting snapped up by a big indie label.

SKELATOR VS GUTROT/The Gore Of War (Sound Hammer) Skelator play old school 80's style metal through and true. They remind me of bands like Omen, Helstar and bands like that. The vocalist has a nice set of lungs and uses them big time. Gutrot play a more sludge type of death metal old school style. The production is raw, but you can hear everything and the riffs were like early 80's demo bands I used to get in the mail. Bands like this keep the old school flag flying high and this is a great 2 band disc. Info:

MELANCHOHOLICS/A SIngle Act Of Carelessness (Deafborn Records) This was just a long wall of noise and just a keyboard here and there and not much else. Nothing I found of value. Info:

GOLEM/Black Era-Wicked death metal with some nice riffing and playing. The band play death metal with a nice degree of speed and just enough melody to make me smile. The vocals are pure death metal and the guitar sound crushes and the guy can play some nice soles too. Great production too and as far as death metal and bands go this is a winner. Info:

POLIDICKS/Mutenation (Wounded Paw Records) Some decent old school thrash metal is the ticket here. The riffs are old school in style and the while the vocals are gruff and somewhat growly, the intensity of the music more than makes up for that shortcoming. The production is right where it needs to be and lets you hear everything and is raw in nature too. 15 tracks in all and well worth
seeking out. Info:

SKELATOR/Swords-This sort of reminded me of Iron Maiden in spots. This is pure 80's fist banging metal while not thrash, surely is not poser, wimp metal. This is leather and stud metal and it really took me back in time and I am glad there is still bands like this doing what they do. Bands like this keep the metal flag alive. Info:

THE MURDERS SQUAD TO/HULLUUS-Split Cd (Wounded Paw) The Murders Squad offer up 5 crusty death metal tunes in the vein of Autopsy, which is a great thing in my book. Crushing, low tuned death metal with some sick vocals. Hulluus offer up more raw death metal with a fuckin killer old style sound. This is rip roaring brutal stuff and total DIY. I love the intensity and the sound these guys get. Info:

MASTERY/Lethal Legacy (Spine Razor Records) Killer thrash/power metal that dulled my ears. Just crushing riffing riff after riff just melted me. The production is bottom heavy and the guitar crunch is right where it needs to be. There is no vocals, but when the music is this good who fuckin cares. Well worth getting. Info:

BLACK WINTER/Dismal Fields Of Nihilism-5 tracks raw black metal that didn't sound too bad to these ears. The music is mostly fast riff picking with black metal style vocals. While it is not super original it is enjoyable. This is not some generic fly by night band and the raw production is working for this band. Looking forward to hearing more. Info:

THOR/Devastation Of Musculation (Smog Veil Records) This was too me very boring heavy metal with some really bad songs. They had no hook and just plodded along and Thor's vocals sound tired and old. I know he has been around a long time, but I think it time to hang up the boots as it seems he and his band have run out of steam. Info:

OSAKA POPSTAR AND THE AMERICAN LEGENDS OF PUNK/Same (Misfit Records) This was some really cool power pop punk with some neat riffing and attitude. This is like a who's who of punk with members of Black Flag, The Ramones, The Misfits, etc. The tunes are somewhat fast, catchy 3 cord numbers, but the hooks really sucked me in. A DVD is also included and this was enjoyable for me. info: