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New Reviews - 06/15/06

HELLREALM/Hell Is Here On Earth-Simple raw black metal that gets the job done. The vocals are excellent style black metal ands the raw hate and evil filled the room as this played on. I love the raw production this band gets and the guitar sound crushes as well. For a 2 man band this was awesome. Think Hellhammer meets black metal Info: [email protected]

WITCHBURNER/Final Destination (Undercover Records) An absolute killer release of some old school thrashing metal. Think Whiplash. Think Violent Force. Think rip roaring riffs along with some excellent thrash metal vocals. Oh my are the riffs destructive. The power, felling and emotion this band play with is unmatched. The production is perfect and any fan of the old school stuff this will be put a smile on your face that will not soon be forgotten. A perfect release for the underground. Info:

GRAVEN/The Shadows Eternal Call (Undercover Records) Black metal is the ticket here. This was cool cause the band mix in a Celtic Frost style guitar sound along with the black metal and also mix it up by not just having fast parts. The mid paced parts crush and the riffs will have your neck snapping. The vocals are a mix of old school death and black metal. The production is raw, but only adds to the band. A wicked release of death/black metal. Info:

DEAD TO FALL/The Phoenix Throne (Victory Records) I usually like most of the stuff this label puts out, but this is a typical groove/break down/dance metal band with the tough guy vocals and the groove riffs. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and you can add this band to that ever growing list. Info:

HYMNS OF THE WICKED/Never See The Sun Again (Obeliskwent Entertainment) This was an alternative band that mixed in some hard hitting metal to their brand of music. Sort of Faith No More meets Rage Against the Machine meets Helmet. The vocals are screamed and remind me of Dave from Megedeth at times. The music is pounding and heavy and just at times weird. Info:

SODOM/DTO (SPV USA) Sodom return with another killer thrashing release sure to please any fan of the band or anybody into old school metal. Sodom can still crank out the riffs and there is plenty here to sink your teeth into. Angelripper still can sing with power and conviction and this got better with repeated listens. Also check out the bands new DVD which crushes too. Info:

POISON/Best Of Poison: 20 Years Of Rock (Capitol Records) This was one of the big "poser bands" back in the 80's and they wore more make up than the girls that were into this band ha ha. I hated this band back in the day, but I have to admit they did write some good rock n roll tunes. While some of the songs off the bands debut release were pretty cheezy, Talk Dirty to Me and 'I want Action," it was later on that they wrote some good tunes. 'Fallen Angel", "Your Momma Don't Dance", "Ride the Wind", "Something to Believe In" are all solid rock tunes that still stand the test of time. You get 18 tunes of the best known songs by this band plus one new track 'Were An American Band" which didn't sound bad to these ears.

SHAARIMOTH/Current 11 (Carnal Records) Some solid death metal is played here. The band mix in Morbid Angel meeting Incantation. The blast beats are wicked fast and slayed me. The vocals and the slow parts just crushed me to death. The production is raw, but only adds to this band. The guitar is awesome and the windmill speed riffing has my neck snapping. A killer job. Info:

REVELATION/Theory (Idol Roc Entertainment) This is another one of those modern alternative groove metal bands that are all over the radio. This wasn't bad, but it is not really my cup of tea. The band is somewhat heavy and have that groove edge, but at least they can write some decent songs. The vocals aren't bad, they fit the music. Think Creed, Linkin Park and bands of that nature. Info:

UPSKIRTS/Sidewalk Susie (Grog) 5 tracks of down and dirty rock n roll. This is rock n roll with some metal sort of like Motorhead musically and just a punk band from the 70's vocal wise. I would say the Sex Pistols meeting Circus of Power isn't way off base. The raw production only adds to this band and I bet they are awesome live. Plain down and dirty rockin sweaty music is what you get here. Info:

MAN WITHOUT EYES/The Sammus Theory (OCI Records) This was a really cool alternative band and that was based on the fact they are very original, write some good songs and the music moved me. This is sort of like Rush meets Voivod and the vocals are spacey, but fit the music and this band keep you on a rollercoaster ride that I didn't want to get off. The band can play and the production is on the money. Info:

LIVIDITY/Used Abused And Left For Dead (Epitomite Productions) I have liked this band for as long as I can remember and here they return with another release of death and gore. The band still churn of the death, gore, porn style of death metal and I am a fan with them cause I'm a pervert as well ha ha. The music is speedy death metal with lots of wicked fast breaks and riffs. The vocals are the low style, not my thing mind you, but when music is this good, I have to take notice. This band has been around a long time and deserve the support from the underground. Info:

IMPALED NAZARENE/Pro Patria Finlandia (Osmose Productions) I have no idea what the title of this release means, but I know of one thing. This band have countless releases can still kick out their brand of cyber death metal with authority. This kicks, smokes, slays, and crushes. Just wicked fast riffs and playing along with the vocals of the one and only Sluti666 ha ha. After 9 release this band shows once again that you can still deliver the goods and deliver this band does. Info:

TEARS/Falling Certainly-This was a goth/progressive metal band. I just couldn't get into it as it was way too mellow for me in parts and the slow parts I felt were dull. The band do speed it up at times and that isn't bad and the vocals are pretty good in those parts. If the band would do more songs like that this would have been a much more enjoyable disc. Info:

SUBLIMINAL CRUSHER/Antithesis (LM Records) This was a pleasant surprise. I thought this would be some groove band, but hell no, this is pure hate filled thrash metal. Sort of like older Sepultura in some spots. The band can rip into some serious fast windmill riffing and speed parts. The vocals are pure hate thrash style vocals and the production is right on the money. This is a hate filled thrash attack not to be missed. Info:

QUEENSRYCHE/Operation Mindcrime II (Rhino Records) Wow what an excellent release this is. I love this release. The band never sounded better and the music is just so fresh and this will take you on a rollercoaster ride that you have not been on in a long time. There is 15 songs here and the band this summer will perform both release with a big stage show, etc. That should be a site to see. I am glad this band didn't change and turn into something they are not. A top 20 release of 2006 so far. Info:

LUCA TURILL'IS DREAMQUEST/Lost Horizons (Magic Circle Music) This was a cool metal release with some soaring female vocals, which I loved. The music is metal with plenty of hooks and a touch of progressive to it. Luca has an amazing voice and she just flows with the music here and wow what a combo it is. The production is mint and this is a power metal/heavy metal fans dream. Info:

LUCA TURILLI/The Infinite Wonders Of Creation (Magic Circle Music) Another release of power metal, but this one is more in the progressive vein of things. The music is still catchy and Luca again shines with her vocals. The production is again on the money and I just can't get enough of this as it played on. Luca has one amazing voice and she lets you hear it front and center on this. Both releases are more than worth getting. Info:

NSI/Free (Inside Out Music) This was some pretty trippy stuff on this. The music is sort of groovy in parts, but that death metal groove more like White Zombie and moves off into some trippy, weird, stuff. I would say this is a band/project of many styles and will keep you guessing. It took me a few listens to get into this, but once there I was hooked in. Keep and open mind when you listen to this one. info:

PATH OF RESISTANCE (Victory Records) This band has some former members of the band Earth Crisis and let me tell you, they can tear the house down. This is metallic hardcore of one brutal nature. The riffs will rip through you, the vocals will knock you down and the power this band just crushes me. This is the way hardcore should be and this band raises the hardcore flag for this genre for sure. Info:

INFECTED MALIGNITY/The Malignity Born From Despair (Unmatched Brutality) While I wasn't a big fan of the low vocals, at least they didn't get super low. The music had some groove parts, but some of the fast parts ripped me apart. The band is somewhat technical and when they slam into the blast beats, it is a hell of a ride. I am not a big fan of this style of death metal, but when it is done right it can be great and this band does it right. Info:

BLANCODIABIO/Paper Poison Revolution (Rock Ridge Music) The band reminded me of Dream Theatre at times, but with a more melodic edge to them. The guy who sings has an excellent voice and fits the band rather well. The tunes are catchy, heavy numbers and they are full of melody and style. If you like you metal with some melody and great songs, here is your band. Info:

VALUME NOB/Residue And Bones-This band remind me of Pantera as the vocals and the music are in the vein of that band. The band can thrash out and most of the riffs will have you doing a mosh pit in your bedroom. The music is fast and furious and the band is way faster than Pantera. I love Pantera and since they aren't around this band fills the void and this is not some copycat band like a bunch of other fakes out there. Info: [email protected]

BLUDGEON/World Controlled (Magic Circle Music) This is a thrash/hardcore band. The band mix in some hardcore with Pantera like metal and also some thrash metal to boot. The production is hell bent and the guitar crunch will destroy you. The vocals are the tough guy style and even though they weren't so hot, this was one smokin band. Pure intensity. Info:

EVENT HORIZON/Naked On The Black Floor (Cruz Del Sur Music) This was a weird band. The band mix in a bunch of different style including thrash, progressive and just weird off the wall riffs sort of like Human Remains at times. The music is aggressive and band can be going in a metal spot and they break out into some off the wall riffing. The vocals are also very original as the guy has a solid voice and he uses it to good means. For those not into the norm. Info;

SADUS/Out For Blood (The End Records) I remember getting this bands D.T.P. demo for review in my fanzine way back when and here they are back after a 7 year break. The band still have it as witnessed by this release. The music is still furious thrash with lots of weird breaks and just killer fast, blazing parts that make me scream "fuck yeah." The vocals are a pure thrasher's delight and this is one fuckin comeback release you will want. Great production, awesome songs what more can you want. Info:

LACUNACOIL/Karmacode (Century Media Records) I for some reason don't get stuff from Century Media, but I got this so thanks to whoever sent it to me. This was decent metal with a bit of goth to it overtoned with some nice melody to it. The vocals were very haunting and allowed me to enjoy this more than I thought I would. I am sure this band has many fans and now I have become one. Info:

DISSECTION/Reinkaos (Black Horizon Music) This was slower than I thought this was gonna be. Not that it is a bad thing mind you. The band are more based around riffs and not just speed for speed. I like the direction as the band mix in a little Slayer and some thrash to their sound, but don't worry they still turn it up when need be. If you don't expect total all out speed, you'll get into this like I did. Info:

YYRKOON/Unhealthy Opera (Osmose Productions) This wasn't bad, but it comes across as too much like Morbid Angel for me to really get into it. The vocals, song arrangements and solos all point toward Morbid Angel. Info:

METALHEAD/Same-12 tracks of some groovy boogie metal that to my ears wasn't band. The band mix in some southern rock in with their brand of metal, sort of like Soundgarden if they played southern rock. The vocals were clean, but he has a powerful set of lungs and he fits the style of music this band is playing. All proceeds from this cd go to National Scierosis Society so how can you not want to purchase this. Info:

DAWN OF AZAEL/Sedition (I-Bex Moon Records) Very fast blasting death metal is the ticket here. This is not that cheezy groove blast beats, but more in tune with Morbid Angel, Angel Corpse, etc type of speed. The riffs and drumming hit hard and hit often. The vocals are of the screaming kind, but don't get annoying like all those swedish At The Gate clone bands. The production is solid and thick and if your into fast, brutal death metal then I think you'll want
this. Info:

HELL BORN/Legacy Of The Nephilm (I-Bex Moon Records) Oh the riffs on this just smoked me. As soon as this played I was hooked. The band use punishing riffs, speedy drum patterns and perfect death metal vocals to make a release that they should be proud of. Think Immolation when you hear them put the hurt on their guitar strings. The fast parts are a perfect blend of speed and intensity. Production is on the mark and like the above release, this is also well worth getting. I Bex Moon strikes again. Info:

D.A.C. CFA/Rebel Meets Rebel (Big Vin Records) This has the 3 former members of Pantera with David Allen Coe singing. I wasn't expecting Pantera and I didn't get it. This obviously sounds like Pantera with a nice mix of Southern boggie in the mix. This is sort of tribute to Dimebag Darrell who died not too long ago. Let me state for the record Dimebag has one of the fattest guitar sounds ever. This a kick ass release and a fitting tribute to him and I was and still am a huge fan of Pantera. R.I.P. Dimebag you were a one of a kind.

PITCH UNION/Same-Kinda trippy spacey metal is the ticket here. The vocals are sung in an emotional way and the music is heavy, but in a trippy kind of way. Sort of Pink Floyd meeting metal. Was hard to really get a grip with only a couple songs, but I also got a DVD to review too. Worth checking out. Info:

SABAIUM/Gravity Divine-11 tracks of modern death metal. This band has more in common with overseas band as they play metal in the vein of a lot of the Candlelight bands I get for review. The band also throw in some keyboards, which aren't out in front and are not annoying. The band just sound like too many other of these newer death metal to really do anything for me. I thought this was ok and the production and singing were cool, but the music is just sounding like too many other bands to really make me jump me out of my seat. Info:

DEMENTED ARE GO/Hellbilly Storm (Hep Cat Records) This is down and dirty punk rock sort of reminded me of The Misfits in spots. The band has a raw sound and the vocals are like a deep dark soul sort of vibe to them. It is hard to describe. The music is raw, stripped down punk rock with a lot of darkness behind it. From the looks of the pictures of the band from their live shows, it looks like a bloody good time. Info:

333/Voodoo Sex Machine This was a pretty cool listening experience. The band have like a weird almost grundy punkish sound with some great female vocals. She has an awesome voice and really gets into what she is signing and just has the emotion down pat. This was sort of like Sonic Youth meets Sapphic Ode. Info:

HELLOWEEN/Walls Of Jericho (Castle Music) This is a re issue of this classic release. This also contains a 2nd disc of bonus material too. This band had a semi cult following here and were huge overseas. The band played power metal sort with sometimes chorus vocals sort of like what bands like Heaven's Gate, etc do nowadays. This contains 13 tracks of power metal and after all these years it still sounds fresh. The band also remind me of Iron Maiden at times minus the vocals. Disc 2 has several re mixes and a special surprise track you'll have to find for yourself. Many more of the bands releases are being re issued as well. Info:

SOIL/True Self (DTR Entertainment) Typical groove metal that sounds like any of those MTV Headbanger's Ball or OZfest bands. Simply boring and the riffs were tired and old and sound like every other modern groove metal band making the rounds. Info:

RAVINGS OF A MADMAN/Same-More groove metal with the tough guy vocals. Look we had Pantera and they were great and all, but we don't need the million other let's copy them bands and you can add these guys to the list. Totally
forgettable. Info:

UPON INFLICTION/To Escape Is To Suffer (Crash Music) A Cannibal Corpse clone band that offers up nothi ng new and just sounds like the band down to the riffs, song arrangements and vocals. This band needs to work on not copying their favorite band. Info:

ABYSMAL DAWN/From Ashes (Crash Music) There is a big difference with this band and the above band. Now this band takes bits and pieces from other bands and still forges their own identity. This is some sick, wicked brutal stuff. Very fast death metal with some crushing riffs and blast parts. The vocals were solid as well. I remember this bands demo and they have topped that and released one heck of a debut. Get it. Info:

SCOTT MOSHER/Deep Horizons-Some neat progressive metal with some powerful vocals and great playing. The band sort of reminded me of Queensryche at times, which is not a bad thing. 10 tunes and not a bad one in the bunch. Scott Mosher can really rip on guitar and he found the perfect vocalist for his music. Worth seeking out. Info:

COUNTIME/Broken Blinded Betrayed (No Joke Records) Typical groove metal with the tough guy vocals. Lots of breakdown and groove/mosh parts like every other band in this genre does. The music is fat as times with plenty of jump metal parts. Lovely. Info:

SUBJECT TO THOUGHTS/From Emptiness To Beyond-Really mellow progressive like music is the ticket here. The band has a raw ambient sound that sucks you in deep and never lets you go. The music might be really mellow and the like, but I enjoyed it and this was different to me. Sorry no nfo was included which is a shame.

AGATHOCLES/Miner (Displeased Records) This band return with yet another release of grind. This band has been around forever and I bet hardly anybody has every release they put out. This is another solid effort of death/grind as only this band can do. The band grind out and blast through song after song with the same intensity they have always had. I am not a big fan, but I can respect what they have done and this release kicks ass. Not just grind, they slow it down here and there and that made it much more enjoyable. Info:

EVOLOCITY/Same (Nuerra Records) Typical groove metal in the vein of Lincoln Park, Limp Biskit, etc. The band plays groove happy riffs with melodic vocals that sound like all those MTV Headbanger's Ball bands or any of the Oz Fest bands. Bored me to death. info:

DIO/Holy Diver Live (Eagle Records) This is a double live Cd from Ronnie James Dio where he does the entire "Holy Diver' release live on one disc and on the other are some classic Rainbow and Black Sabbath tunes. The 1st disc was cool, but I don't know if it is the band, but the songs just lacked that killer punch I was desperate to hear cause I am a Dio fan and I have seen him with Black Sabbath and I saw him at the Tower Theatre and also at the Spectrum when he
1st toured and I consider the 1st 2 solo releases he put out to be godly. This just didn't blow me over like I was hoping it would. The 2nd disc to me is more enjoyable and maybe it is just me, but I like this, but didn't love it and I really wanted too. Info:

LOMF/Same-This was just a bunch of jamming on this cdr I was sent. It was really warped out stuff kinda like Black Flag, but without vocals I was gone after about 10 minutes. Info:

SOS/A Guide To Better Living (316 Productions) 17 tunes of some groove, but it mixes in with some older punk and it works. The production it is raw, almost like an early 80's feel to it and I like when the band gets into some fast stuff too. The vocals aren't typical tough guy vocals, they are aggressive, but in a real sort of way. If your into the punk or hardcore side of things, here is a good band for ya. Info:

ENDSTAND/The Time Is Now (Lifeforce Records) Melodic groove metal with screamed vocals. This wasn't too hot it kinda got boring really quick from the tiredsome riffs to the typical vocals and just boring music. It sounds like a million other bands. Info:

JUDAS PRIEST/Live Vengeance 82 DVD (Sony BMG) I saw the band on this tour and I remember the concert being shown on MTV back in the day and now here it is on DVD for everyone to enjoy. Do I need to mention the set list? Hell no. If you call yourself a metal fan or a Judas Priest fan, you best run out and buy this NOW! From the opening notes of "The Hellion" to the last notes of "Hell Bent For Leather" this is a metal fans dream. The band perform all the classics at a time when they were one of the biggest metal bands on the planet and the sound quality is great. Buy or fry. info:

BEYOND TWILIGHT/Section X (Nightmare Records) This was progressive metal sort of in the vein of Queensryche, but heavier. The singer has a nice set of pipes and the music is mostly heavy with bits of pieces of melody thrown in. The production is good as everything is heard. This is a solid release and a must for any fan of progressive metal. Info:

BEYOND TWILIGHT/For The Love Of Art And The Making (Nightmare Records) More progressive metal from this band, though this is a bit more thrashier and throws in some stuff like Dream Theatre and the vocals at times are more emotional. It is a bit different from the above release. Info:

LEIDEN/Dualite (Jerkov/Mosaic) When I saw goth in the bio I thought I would hate this, but to my surprise this was pretty good. The singing thank god is not the opera style, but instead it is a female singer with a great set of pipes and she fits what the music is. The music is sort of like goth, but is more metal with some melody sprinkled in with some goth here and there. The production is on the money and this was a goodie. Info:

GORELORD/Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre (Coffin Records) I thought this would be awful black metal, but it just another groove death metal band with the same tired riffs and Pantera vocals. Wonderful just what we need. The band write those dance most riffs with the tough guy vocals and the fast and slow parts. Lovely. This has never been done before. Info:

HOURCASH/State Of Disgrace (Altamedia) This is another one of those modern rock/metal bands that you hear on the radio and stuff. This was ok, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything that had me doing backflips. The band play well crafted college rock/metal sort of like Creed and Velvet Revolver and bands of that nature. Info:

VOIVOD/Katorz (The End Records) This is an amazing release. I have been a fan of this band since 'War and Pain" and I have seen the band grow and put out some amazing releases and a few so so ones. With the tragic passing of Piggy last year, the band carried on and made one amazing piece of metal. The Voivod sound is back big time and the band weird riffs and just overall sound that made this band a cult favorite is back too. The production is perfect and I would say this is the band's best work since 'Angel Rat" which is one of my personal favs from this band. Info:

BRUCE TURGON/Outside Looking In (Frontier Records) This is a sole release from the bass player from Foreigner. This is some kick ass AOR rock n roll. Bruce has a very melodic voice and it fits the music, which is well crafted rock n roll. Walk Through Fire is my favorite track as I love the guitar hook and the song just reeled me in. For fans of Journey, Reo Speedwagon, etc. In other words I am a fan of this. Info:

ABOMINATOR/The Eternal Conflagration (Displeased Records) Chaotic, out of control, firey blasting old school death metal. This hits hard, fast and will knock you over. The vocals are pure hate and total death. This is not for the weak hearted. This is wicked fast and the riffs and the speed will blow you away. A must for anybody into true underground death metal. Info:

AGALLOCH/Ashes Against The Grain (The End Records) This was a cool mixture of gloom, doom, black metal and sludge metal. The band have their own sound and the songs while quite long, held my attention and the doom parts mix in quite well with the dark black metal parts. An intense release not for the faint hearted. info:

SIX OUNCE GLOVES/Timing Is Everything (Rock Ridge Music) This band play a mix of metal with an alternative edge to it. The singer has a melodic voice that fits the music. The band thank god don't use all the tough guy vocal approach with all the breakdown dance riffs. If your into the grunge sound or some melodic metal with an alternative edge, here is your band. Info:

WASTEFALL/Self Exile (Sensory) This wasn't bad. The band have too much of that new metal sound for me to really get into this. I would say it is a combo or like Nevermore, Armored Saint and some modern groove style metal. The production is fine and the band def have their own style so if the above stuff tickled your fanny...go for it. Info:

CRUCIFIED BARBARA/In Distortion We Trust (Liquor And Poker) This was a cool all female rock band with a touch of metal to them. The girl singer has a fantastic voice and she puts it to good use here. Her vocals are aggressive, but you can understand her every word. The music is heavy, catchy and I was into every song. They also do a cool version of Motorhead's 'Kill By Death. Info:

LAST RITES/Hate (Akom Productions) A nice combo of thrash and death metal is the ticket here. Nice solid thrash riffs like older Megedeth and the Sepultura. The 5 tunes here are an underground lover's delight and I enjoyed this and the 5 songs was not enough. A release worth getting for sure. Info:

INNER SURGE/Signals and Screaming (Cyclone Records) I was ready to dismiss this as another one of those groove metal bands, but this band has so much more to offer. Sure there is some groove to it, but the music is so emotional and the vocal sucked me in and I really began to get into this. The music will set you on a rollercoaster ride of metal and melody not to be missed. Info;

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS/Day Of the Dead (Cinismo Records) 5 tracks of Immolation low tuned down death metal with some awesome singing and playing. These 5 tunes just killed me as I wanted more, more, more. Track 2 has some of the most wicked riffs this side of the Atlantic. The production is right on the money. A perfect release. Info:

HALIFAX/The Inevitability Of A Strange World (Drive Thru Records) This was an awesome band. The band play some really catchy music that is heavy enough that most metal fans would like. The band play popwer pop punk with a touch of metal and in this case, it works. The songs are catchy numbers that had me bobbing my head and feet. Excellent band here. Info:

HELLOWEEN/Better Live Than Raw (Sanctuary Records) This is another re-release from this band and this has 4 bonus tracks including a Japan only track. This was one of the better Helloween albums in my opinion and with songs like Push, I Can and Midnight Sun leading the way this will be one you will want in your collection. The drum solo extra track wasn't so hot, but the other 3 more than make up for it.

HELLOWEEN/Master Of The Rings (Sanctuary Records) You have to love is re-release as it contains 7 bonus tracks! That is almost like getting a 2nd disc for free. This came out quite a bit ago and stills stands up today. The band at the time still wrote some amazing power metal songs and I think today's power metal fans would enjoy this band. The 7 bonus tracks are culled from various singles and some Japan only tracks. Worth buying.

TIAMAT/Church Of Tiamat DVD (Metal Mind) I am not the biggest fan of this band, but this is a very good DVD. The production and the screening are top notch to say the least. This is from concert in Poland and the quality is fantastic. You can see and feel the band get into this as the concert went on, If your a fan of the band, you'll want this. In addition to the concert, you get a 13 bonus video clip featuring the history of the band, which features some really old stuff from like 10 years ago and even a clip of their 1st show from 1990. Almost 3 hours of music is found on this. Info:

METAL'S DARKSIDE/Hard And The Furious Volume I DVD (Music Video Distributors) This is a compilation video hosted by the sexy porn star Jasmine St. Claire. There is interviews with Death Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Nevermore, Satyricon, and 2 of the guys from Damageplan, who were in Pantera and there is a tribute to Dimebag Darrell on it. There is also videos with the above bands and a preview of the next volume. Pretty cool stuff and Jasmine looks smokin. Info:

METALMANIA 2005/Lice Concert DVD (Metal Mind Productions) This is a DVD/CD of a concert which as such bands as Amon Amarth, Dark Funeral, The Haunted, Pain, Arcturus, Napalm Death and others. All the bands play a bunch of songs and the quality is good to great. The cd is 12 tracks from all bands from Poland including, Hell-Born, Quo Vadis, and Dead By Dawn. The bands from Poland are vicious and this is a killer DVD/CD. Info:

DIME VISION/Vol 1 That's The Fun I Have DVD (Big Vin Records) This is an amazing tribute to Dimebag Darrell. I felt it was an underrated guitar player in one of the greatest bands, Pantera. This has some funny home movie moments from him, his friends and some convert stuff. A very cool way do this for him. There promises to be more volumes to come. I welcome that. Info:

FAITH NO MORE/Live At The Brixton Academy London DVD (Rhino Records) This band was always one of my favorites. I thought they were original, funny, and a very good live band. This DVD proves my point. I have seen the band a few times and watching this brought back some memories. You get 11 live tracks mostly culled from the bands 'The Real Thing' release and as an added bonus you get 18 video tracks. Over 3 hours of music and a chance for all you who missed what the hype was the 1st time around to experience it firsthand this time around.

HIRAX/Thrash Till Death DVD (Black Devil Records) An excellent release from this killer thrash band. Includes the bands full set from the 20005 Minneapolis Mayhem Festival and some bonus clips from various other fests. Katon is the man and excellent front man and has a hit or miss voice, but for me, I love it and plus he is a true metal warrior. The picture quality is good and the band is tight and this is a must for an old school metal band. Hirax fuckin kill all. Info:

PITCH UNION/Mohawk Clock Machine (Self Released) This was ok. The band play spacey style rock/metal. The music is kind of trippy, but has a nice smooth edge to it as well. The vocals are sort of alternative, but fit the music. This was different and not your normal stuff, which is a plus for them. The musicianship is good too. The more I played this, the more I appreciated it. Info:

ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER/Same (DRT Entertainment) Excellent kick ass boogie music. This band is like AC/DC, Nashville Pussy, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, and Raging Slab. The production has that old 70's feel, which I love. The vocals are of the southern drinking style, which fits this band great. This just kicked my ass all around my house. I bet they crush live. Info:

THE GREATEST UNDERGROUND SHOW ON EARTH/Various (Cyclone Records) This is a 14 song compilation of bands from Canada. Comps are a great way to check out some new bands and myself I had not heard of any of these bands. Some of my favs were Deranged, Jewels of the Dead, and Bitch to Swallow. Check this out if you like seeking out new and exciting bands. Info:

VIA MISTICA/Under My Eyelids (Metal Mind Productions) This some slow, emotional filled goth music with female vocals. Though I am not a big fan of this style, I could get into this. The music wasn't boring and the vocals fit the music. If your into the goth stuff with feeling, I would say this is as good as it gets. Info: