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New Reviews - 12/25/2005

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY/Kings Of Damnation (Spitfire Records) This is like a best of cd with 2 new tunes from this band. Zakk Wylde is in the band and the band play metal with a southern rock edge. I have not really heard much of this bands past studd and this sure isn't Ozzy ha ha. The music is guitar oriented with some southern ovetones. This isn't something I really wouldn't get into, but it isn't bad for what it is.

SPLATTER/Same-Awesome old school straight ahead thrash metal with some soild female vocals. 14 tracks and not a bad one in the bunch. The music reminds me of older Death Angel and the vocals are all out powerful too. I love the raw, down and gritty guitar sound. I bet this band smokes live. Excellent band. Info: www,

 MOXLEY/Scarred Reality-This is another groove metal band with those Pantera vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen, but I will say this, at least this band is a bit better than most I have heard. If your into the groove metal sound here is another band to add to your want list. Not bad for what it is. Info:

TEXAS IS ON FIRE/Shine Set Repeat (Crash Music) This wasn't too good. The band mix in modern metal, that jump crap, with death metal vocals and then the really low kind, which I hate. The screamed At The Gates style of death metal vocals has been done to death as well. The music is failry fast, but is just nothing special. The music is kinds just there and didn't blow me away. If your into some of the newer style of death metal, here ya go. Info:

MASTERS OF HORROR/Sampler (Imoortal) 9 metal bands and I really didn't like this much. The bands are Mudvayne, It Dies Today, Norma Jean., Shadows Fall, Andrew W.K, and a few others. Mostly nu metal and jump metal stuff. Best band was Shadow's Fall. Info:

 PARABELLUM/Stainless (New South Metal) Typical nu metal with lots of groove with the gruff vocals. The band have some good slower riffs, but when they go up tempo they sound like ever other groove style band. For fans of Down and Crowbar. Info:

MOTIVE/Rock N Roll Terrorist-My buddy Steve returns with a new release. Steve has been doing this for a long time and he comes up with the goods again. The band are not as thrashy as before, but are still heavy as hell and the riffs just jump out at you and when they go for the speed, they let loose. Steve puts in his best vocal performance and if your into thrash metal or good music period, you need this. Info:

DRAGONLORD/Black Wings Of Destiny (Escapi Music) KInda average death metal with keyboards. The band doesn't suck, but they also didn't blow me away. It is a case of the same ole same ole. The band bash out some upper paced death metal with some melody and speed, but the tunes are kinda just there and there is nothing earth shattering about the band. Info:

WET ANIMAL/Same (Escapi Music) This release I liked. The band play sort of dark, haunting metal that grabbed me and kept me and sucked me in. The vocals are excellent and the music is just plain haunting straight forward metal all the way. Sort of like Alice in Chains, but more on the dark side of things. The production is good and this was a very cool and different release from most of the stuff I get. Info"

DROWNING/Apocalpse Unsealed (Bones Brigade) Old school speedy death metal in the vein of Morbid Angel and Krisium, etc. The band blast and mow down these tunes like a knife through butter. The productions is on the money and the vovals are pure death metal the way they should be. This shit hits hard and hits often. Prepare for death. Info:

RAINBOW SIX/Lockdown: Offical Soundtrack (Calvin Records) Rainbow Six is a video game and this cd is a soundtrack to it of some sorts. This is mostly new metal stuff, but there are sa couple cool bands on here like Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad. SOme of the other bands are Soilwork, Last Amanda, Devil Driver and some other bands that I had not heard before. The release will carry a bunch of other goodies including a dvd, e coupons and more. If your into video games, you might want this. Info:

BIOHAZARD/Means To An End (SPV) I fuckin love this record. This band blows away every other nu metal, jump metal, most band ever. You know why? Cause Biohazard is real. They never jumped on the nu metal, most metal bandwagon. How do I know? I saw this band way back before they were even signed in NY opening for Carnivore and they were playing this style way back when and they still play it today. This is raw, stripped to the bone hardcore with yeah lots of jumpy parts and shouted vocals. This band has always been true and still are this day. Biohazard rule. Nuff said and this release again proves the band still deliver the goods. Info:

BCA/Same-This is a raw, stripped down to the bone death metal. Rip roaring riffs that would make Satan proud. Real death metal vocals and I do love the guitar sound. Taking bits of pieces from Incantation, Immolation, etc this band come up with the goods. This is fast, powerful, soild music. It is not cheezy, generic, or boring. Can't wait to hear more from this band. Info:

 EVENT HORIZON X/Along Came The Winter (Orion Publications) Awesome power metal with King Diamond vocals and more melodic style vocals than some of the other power metal bands making the rounds these days. The band rip into some serious head banging speedy riffs along with lots of melody to keep my fist pumping and head snapping. One of the better power metal bands making the rounds these days. Info: [email protected]

EVENT HORIZON/Far Across The Wasteland (Orion Publications) A 2nd release from this power metal band. This release is a bit more thrashy, but still reatains that power metal feel. The vocals are a bit more high piched at times. Info: [email protected]

SAREKIM/Paroxysm-2 tracks is sometimes tough to judge a band, but these 2 tracks are some serious death metal. The band sort of remind me of Revenant at times. The band play semi technical death metal with solid death metal vocals. None of that lower than low crap. The songs are well played and well thougout out. Love to hear more from these guys. Info:

CREOZOTH/Same (Escapi Music) Pure straight forward heavy metal verging almost on power metal at times. The band don't sound like anybody and they play metal more in the older style. There is no mosh riffs or nu metal to be found. The singer has a thick set of lungs and I'd say this is sort of like Anthrax minus the thrash stuff. Pure heavy metal all the way. Info:

EVENT HORIZON/Fall Of Darkness (Orion Publications) This is the 3rd cd by this band and like the 2nd release I got, it is a bit more thrashy than the 1st one. The vocals remind me a little of Katon from Hirax on this one. The music even gets into speed metal territory at times on this one. The production is good and the band is tight. If your into the newer power metal stuff, check this out. Info: [email protected]

SHINED/Same-What I got here is a 3 track demo from this band. The band play a mix of Slayer meets some of the newer style thrash metal meets Cynic. The vocals are of the throaty style ala At The Gates. The 3 songs aren't bad and the band add just enough speed and balance to keep it interesting. Some of the moshy parts I could do without, but the 3 songs here weren't bad. Info: DEAD SOUL TRIBE/The Dead Word (Inside Out Music) I just couldn't get into this. The band play like tribal metal music. The band mix many styles and they are very different, but this wasn't my cup of tea. Very haunting and emotional musis. Info:

X-BOW/Warzone-This was a cool heavy metal band from Sweden. The band play straight forward metal with bits and pieces of speed, but mostly mid paced pure head banging metal. The band have a girl singer and she has a nice set of lungs and her voice is nice for this style of metal. Looking forward to hearing more. Info:

VINTERRIKET/Der Leyzte WInter (Flood The Earth Records) This was ok. The band play raw black metal with vocals you can't really hear and lots and lots of keyboards set the mood. I will say this, this is better than a lot of the other black metal stuff and at least this is trying to set a mood and is not a case of the same ole same ole. The fast stuff is ultra fast and the keyboard parts really set the mood. Not bad and any black metal fan may want this. Info:

VOCIFERIAN/Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum (Infernus Rex) Pure raw death/black metal that rips and shreds everything in its patch. Awesome death metal vocals..think Immolation. Thew riffs and feeling the band play is insane. This is raw, uncut death metal of the highest order. If you liked Immolation's 1988 demo, you must own this. Info:

DREAM SYSTEM/Traveling After Midnight (Foreshadow Productions) This was not my cup of tea. This was like avangarde type emotional music with dark parts. The production is good and if your into a weird style of music, you might want to check this out. Info:

EXCESSUM/Death Redemption (Earthstrike Records) This wasn't too bad, but to my ears it was sort of typical black metal that didn't sound different from a bunch of other bands. The band do play fast and brutal, but it just didn't perk my ears and make my stand up and yell. Info:

VINTERRIKET/NORTHHAUNT/Split (Flood The Earth Records) Holy shit this was way different than anything I have ever heard. Vinterriket offer up more emotional haunting music, but I found this release much better than the other one. The music was so moving and so hauting it sucked me in. Northhaunt offer up more of the same and both these bands will be like the soundtrack to your worst nightmare. A excellent release that I can totally get into when in the mood. Info:

NECROCCULTUS/Encircling The Mysterious Necrorevelation (Sempiternal Productions) This is old school death metal all the way. Reminds me of the early 90's. This was a mix of older Immolation/Incantation with some rip roaring, blazing fast blast parts. The guitar sound just kills me and the vocals are real death metal style vocals. The production is raw, but not too raw. This is pure death metal all the way and an enjoyable listening experience. Info:

ARCKANUM/SVARTSYN Split CD (Carnal Records) Arckanum offer up raw pick riffing black metal that wasn't bad and the band offer a little variety and don't just go full blast all the time. Svartsyn are increible offering up old school raw black metal that was about the best I have heard playing black metal in ages. The riffs kill and satan would be proud. The emotion and feeling is unmatched. It is a chaotic, out of control style. Excellent split release. Info:

CRAFT/Fuck The Universe (Carnal Records) More black metal and more good black metal. This. like the above bands, show lots of feeling and emotion. The riffs, playing and just overall feeling is great. Perfect black metal style vocals and production. I love the wicked riffing and just the overall feel the band is letting out. Get this. Info:

ARCKANUM/Same (Carnal Records) This is like a best of sort of release with a lot of older stuff and some unreleased stuff from like 1991 up until 2000. This I have to say was some of the rawest and also some of the worst black metal ever. The production isn't raw, it's complete shit with all yelling vocals and shitty played songs and just a bunch of screams with some awful musicianship. Don't like this at all. Info: www,

MALAS/Conquest (Sempiternal Productions) 10 songs of crushing old school death/thrash the way it should be. Bone crushing riffs, real death metal vocals, a raw, but not too raw production is what you will find here. This to me was a mixture of older Slayer meeting Sodom meeting Kreator. The emtion and passion just go forth that you will not be disappointed at all. Info:

CARBOMB/Same-3 tracks of groove metal with the tough guy and death metal vocals. Bnads like this are a dime a dozen and this band is not doing anything different than any other band doing this style. The band have the moshy dance riffs and follow it up with some speed and the vocals are so tired and worn out. Not for me. Info:

DEAD IN THE FACE/Refuse To Obey-This was some crushing death metal in the vein of Incantation meeting Pestilence. The vocals are wicked death metal and the riffs just flow and spill evil. The music is blasing fast and I love the raw guitar sound that this band gets, it's unreal. This was a total surprise to me, but this band kills. Info: www,

NUCLEAR ASSAULT/Third World Genocide (SPV) I had heard that this sucked, but those people must off their rocker. This was a damn good release. Ok, it's not 'Game Over", but it still kicked my ass and this old school ,band can still kick out the old school thrash the only way they know how. I wish there was some more fast stuff, but every song was good to great and John's vocals still have the sound like no ther as well as Danny's bass. This is one band I am glad is back. Info:

DARZAMAT/Semi Devilish-This was a combo of death, black metal with a big of goth spread out. This wasn't too bad as the music was pretty good and the vocals weren't bad and I could even deal with the gothic type the band used here and there. The production is on the money and this is way better than most bands that attempt to do this style and they don't stick with one style over another, which was cool with me. Info:

AVULSED/Gore Spatter Suicide (Metal Age) Death metal with the low vocals and those annoying shriek vocals too. This wasn't anything that great, stardard death metal with some blast parts and slower parts. The vocals weren't bad and the music isn't bad until he goes into those shriek vocals and the lower than low style and then I have to cover my ears. 12 tracks of standard death metal. Info:

FALL OF SERENITY/Royal Killing (Metal Age) Wicked death metal and the fast parts melt me. The band isn't doing anything new, but it is the playing and emotion that got to me. The blasting parts slid through me and the vocals are good style death metal vocals. The production is good and if your into staright ahead death metal here is a band to add to the collection. Info:

PANDEMA/Riven (Metal Age) While this was not original at all, I still enjoyed the band. The band play fast straight forward death metal like Vader and older Morbid Angel. The intensity the band play with I liked a lot and I love the riffing and the drummer is on fire. The production is good and anybody into fast death metal with the cheezy blast beats will like this. Info:

ROBIN BECK/Do You Miss Me (Frontier Records) Great AOR light rock with female vocals. This is sort of like Journey if they had a female vocalist. Robin has a strong voice and the band play catchy melodic light rock which I enjoyed. The production is good and the lyrics are about relationships and the typical stuff most of these bands write about. A great AOR release. Info:

10 SECOND DROP/Same-I got 5 tracks here from I guess is an adv of this bands full length release as all I got was the cd in a slipcase with no othe info. The band play modern rock/metal sort of in the vein of Velvet Revolver and The Cult. Bands like this to me are a dime a dozen though the songs don't sound too band, this is just something I am not into at all.

SCID/Fucked Beyond Recognition (Unmatched Brutality) 32 tracks of death/grind.core in the vein of Carcas and any other grind band. The vocals are a turn off to me as I hate the gutteral growl style. The production isn't bad and if you like gore/grind then you'll like this. I am not a big fan of this style period. Info:

INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY/The Inerrancy Of Profanation (Unmatched Brutality) This was modern death metal with the low gutteral vocals and the dance happy riffs and the cheezy blast beats. This in my eyes is not brutal and it like 2nd grade school death metal. I can't past the vocals and the dancy mosh riffs and then the blast beats are so common with bands like this that it gets old fast. I know this label usually releases this kind of stuff and the last few things he has sent me weren't bad, but this band in my eyes is one of the band ones. Info:

 CELEBRATUM/Instinct (Metal Age) This was ok death metal. The band isn't bad, but they also didn't totally click with me. The band play fast and more uptempo style of europe style death metal with decent vocals and production. The songs just didn't connect with me or blow me away. I will admit some of the fast, blazing parts crush and are done in a cheezy blast way. I would say this is a bit above average like a 7.5 out of 10. Info:

YHGWIE JOHANN MALMSTEEN/Concerto Suite Guitar And Orchestra DVD (Eagle Vision) This is a concert over in Japan with the New Japan Philharmonic and Yngwie playing guitar with the orchestra. It is really weirds at times to see Ynghiw going off on guitar as they played. The camera and sound quality can't be beat and I enjoyed watching this as you don't get to see many DVD's like this. Some of you may not like this, but if you go in with an open mind, you might like this. Bonus features include an interview with Yngwie. Info:

DEADSPAWN/Eradication (Musicaz Records) Crushing death metal with some wicked riffing and awesome vocals. The music is fairly fast and it is not noisy and quite enjoyable. The band remind me of older Pestilence in spots and can really rip out a riff when neeeded. The blast beats are real and the production is mint and I love the guitar sound. It's perfect. This is a excellent death metal release. For fans of Vader, Morbid Angel, etc. Info:

STRIDE/Imagine (Sensory) This is a progressive metal band, but they also throw in some melody with very strong vocals. The band sound like Dream Theatre at times esp in the vocals. The guy does have an incredible voice and he sings with lots of passion and emotion. The playing and production are top notch and this was one of the better progressive bands I have heard lately. Info:

THE TENTH CIRCLE/Of War And Reflection-This is new style death metal and it is one of the best bands playing this style I have heard. The riffs and just the way the songs are structured and sound made my ears bleed. Bone crushing riffs and just the power and fast blazing speed won me over. Vocals are gruff sort of like Pestilence and no lower than low. Thank god. I can see this band getting signed very easily. Info:

FUCK SHOVEL/Wake Up Or Die-This was a neat little group that play a mix of metal with a bit of punk edge to it. The vocals are more punk, but the music is more metal sort of like Helmet at times mixed in with some old school sounding metalcore. 3 tunes just wetted my appitite for more. Info: [email protected] FORSAKEN/Dominaeon (Golden Lake Productions) An excellent release to say the least. Bone crushing riffs along with some tasteful vocals are the highlight here. The band remind of Non Fiction (remember them) in spots and the band churn out some burning heavy music with melody, passion and soul. The vocals clear, but very powerful and the music is just plain heavy with lots of kick ass riffs. Good job guys. Info:

DARKNESS ETERNAL/Misanthropic Annihilation (Autopsy Kitchen Records) This is 3rd release from George and what a release it is. More crushing old school doom/death metal that only George can do. Raw, flesh tearing riffs with only the deep, but not gutteral, death metal vocals the only way they should sound. Think Immolation, Incantation, etc. The production is rather raw, but that only adds not subtracts. This is pure death metal. Info:

TNT/All The Way To The SUn (Mayhem Records) Yes this is the same band from back in the 80's and they are back with a new release. I always thought this band wasn't bad as they had some nice hooks on their songs. The band can still write some good catchy metal/rock tunes and the vocalist still has that amazing voice. This is far from poser music it is just good ole fashion rock n roll with a metal edge and I enjoyed this band for what they do. They are back and back in a big way.

AMMID/Hammer Of Darkness (Displeased Records) Oh my god was this some classic old school thrash metal like the early 80's. Shit the production felt that way too. Not that it is a bad thing. Hell no. This is rip roaring death/thrash sort of like Whiplash meeting old Slayer. Any fan of old school needs this and the band do an amazing cover of Accept's 'Fast as a Shark" Info:

SLAVE TO THE SYSTEM/Same (Spitfire Records) This band features a few members from Queensryche and Brother Cane. I have never heard of Brother Cane. Anyway this band play metal in the vein of Velvet Revolver, relying on hooks and melody like vocals to suck you in. The music I admit is very catchy and I like the guitar and bass sound and the vocals did suck me in. This is modern metal done in a good and solid way. Info:

DEMONIZER/The Essence Of War (Painkiller) Unholy death/thrash/speed/black metal. Razor sharp riffs and just godly thrash riffs and vocals had me smiling from ear to ear. Think Destruction meeting black metal. The vocals are blkack metal in style, but the band mix up the tempos and the music goes from blazing fast to a more mid tempo style ala Destruction. This kills in more than one way. Info:

DOWN FACTOR/Same-Awesome thrash metal in the vein of older Sacred Reight and Sepultura. Bone crushing thrash riffs had me smiling. This isn't that new style groove crap, this is pure hateful honest to goodness thrash. The vocals are like Sacred Reigh and the production is right on the money. I could see these guys getting picked up as they balls to the wall thrash that kicked my ass. Info:

10 SECOND DROP/Same (Rock Brigade Records) This is one of those groove metal bands, but they aren't bad at all. The band can write some solid songs and the vocals aren't tough guy in style, which was a welcome change. The music is rock with a metal edge to it and the vocals are strong, but in a clear way. Unlike most bands that do this style, this band don't hop on some bandwagon and sound like ever other band.

SACRIFICIAL BLOOD/DEMONIC MORTUARY-Eternal Hell & Damanation-This is a split cassette tape. I don't get many of those anymore. Sacrifical Blood play raw, old school death/thrash that is the old way and the good way. The feeling and passion, you can just hear it as this plays. Keep in mind this is some raw shit. The band also have out an excellent cd release too. Demonic Mortuary offer up chaotic death/thrash and my kind is it raw. The intensity is there big time. This is old school death/thrash and it was cool getting a demo for a change, not a cd. Info:

ANTHRAX/Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (Island/Def Jam) This is an awesome 2 disc set of the best of Anthrax from when they were on Island Records. The song selection of like a whos who of the best of Anthrax: A.I.R., Armed and Dangerous, Gung-Ho, Among the Living, Indians, Be All End All, In My World, etc. 30 songs total and not a bad one in the bunch. If I was doing a comp of this band, I would have pretty much picked each song. Anthrax show with this release they were and continue to be one of the best thrash bands ever. Info:

ANTHRAX/Alive 02 DVD (Santuary Records) I am now kicking myself for not going to this re-union show back in June of this year. What an unholy DVD this is of the classic Anthrax line-up. From the opening note of Among the Living it felt like it was 1987 all over again. The band never sounded better and Joey Belladonna still has incredible vocals after not being with these guys in quite some time. Trust me I like John Bush, but I am not missing him at all. When the band went into 'Deathrider" I about lost my fuckin mind. The band play with great intensity and the band rip through song after killer song. The sound quality is top notch as is the filming of the DVD. It is also available on CD and to yourself a favor and buy both. Anthrax prove again they were and still are the kings of thrash. N.F.L indeed. Info:

REVENANT/The Burning Ground (Xtreem Music) This was long overdue and it is about time somebody put this bands stuff on CD. What we have here is 14 tracks and some of the stuff was hardly available back in the day. The 1st 2 tracks were released as a limited demo back in 1993. The 7" on Rage Records is here too. There is also the 7" from Thrash Records (France) here as well. Old demo tracks from the 80's are represented as well. There is nice packaging as well as a short bio from Veg. This band was under appreciated back in the day and this CD is a testament to just how good this band was. Also worth seeking out os the bands release on Nuclear Blast. This crushes all. The band plays a wicked brand of speed/thrash metal with awesome riffs and vocals. I saw the band live a few times back in the 90's at Studio 1 and listending to this brought back memories. Info:

MASTIC SCUM/Mind (Cudgel) Fast death/grind sort of like older Napalm Death in spots. The music is mostly blazing fast with some grnd parts. The vocals are death growls and none of that lower than low crap. The production is pretty good and the guitar sound I liked. A good release. Info:

LUCIFIXION/As Evil As Me-3 tracks of some nice tasteful death metal with some sick female vocals. Trust me she is not a typical female vocalist. I don't like some of the spoken word style vocals, but the death metal vocals work here. The production is good and the band mix in some thrash too. 3 songs left me wanting more. Info:

SERIOUS GRIND/First Of All-This was ok kinda like old school thrash/punk metal, but it didn't blow me away. The vocals are sick growls and thank god no gutteral vocals. The music is fairly fast sort of like if Voivid played punk metal. The guitar sound is cool and the band blast through the tunes with power and conviction. Not bad. Info:

GREEN CARNATION/The Acoustic Verses (The End Records) This was like an acoustic release. This is the bands songs done in a really mellow way. I do like some mellow musuc and the emotion and feeling I could feel pouring out as this played on. Most may not be into it, but I think this was really cool for what it is. If you don't mellow, almost ballad like stuff, check this out and open your mind. Info:

FATES WARNING/LIve IN Athens DVD (Inside Out Music) 15 track dvd along with some behind the scenes stuff from a Bulgarian tv show and also a few tracks from Holland Festival. I was never a big fan of the band, and after watching this I am still not a big fan, but I can respect the band for being around for a long time and still playing their brand of music. The dvd quality is good and you more than get your moneys worth if your a fan of the band. Info:

ETERNITY VOID/To Conjure Black Circles-4 blasting tracks of some really good black/death metal. The riffs are wicked and slew forth the evil. Awesome black metal style vocals and the production and playing is mint. The band combine the best of both of the styles and mix it up into a really good package. A band to keep an eye on. Info:

CAVEAT/Same-5 tracks of some warped out metal sort of like Human Remains meets modern metal. The vocals are wacked out wild. The production is very good as well. The band is very fresh to my ears and I like what they are doing. The sonic boom blasts parts are wickedly cool and I love everything about this and 5 songs isn't enough. Info: [email protected]

10 SECOND DROP/Same (Rock Brigade Records) I was given the bands adv cd and now I got the full length. I didn't like this very much at all due to the band playing modern commerical groove metal that is on the radio. The band play the same style as all those "radio metal" bands that are on alterntavioe radio, but are hardly alternative at all. Info:

ALICE COOPER/Good To See you Again, Alice Cooper DVD (General Media International) I have never been the biggest Alice Cooper fan, but I highly respect the namd for what he has done in the music scene. This was a pretty cool DVD to watch. This was recorded in 1973 when he was at his peak in popularity. The quality is good and it was cool to hear all the classics such as "I'm Eighteen", "School's Out" and "Dead Babies". There is also a bunch of bonus stuff including deleted scenes, and the band doing some actual acting as well. Nobody does it like Alice back in the day and this DVD proves it big time.