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VOËMMR/Nox Maledictvs  (Harvest Of Death / Signal Rex) Some of the worst raw black metal I have ever heard. Hell the keyboards overshadow everything on this and the music is almost back round music. The vocals are the typical black metal vocals you have heard a million times. Nothing good to this at all. Info:


Sample track:

More info: // //


EXPANDER/Endless Computer (Nuclear War Now! Productions) Raw punishing death metal that hits hard no doubt. This just rips at your skull and makes you bleed. The full blown intensity will have you on your knees and the passion and feeling will have you loving this. Vocals from the pits of hell and he sings like the last note out of his mouth is on the way out. They also thrown in a little old Ministry to their sound and this just packs a wallop so prepare to get your ass kicked. Info:


STORMHOLD/Salvation (Pure Steel Records) Some really good power metal is what is one this. Soaring vocals and they are really good too. The music is a pure power metal delight with lots of catchy riffs and fist banging excitement. Nice guitar sound on this as well. So if your into the power metal thing here is a band your gonna love. Info:


ACID WITCH/Evil Sound Screamers (Hells Headbangers) I tried to get into this, but I was not a fan of the vocals at all. They just didn't impress me and the silly laughs at times were useless. The music was a combo of thrash and doom metal and nothing catchy about the music and it really was going to put me to sleep. No outstanding riffs or anything that stood out at all for me I'm afraid. Info:


SACRAL NIGHT/Darkness Process (Inferno Records) This was some decent thrash/heavy metal with soaring vocals sort of like King Diamond at times. The music is sort of like it reminds me of the early Anthrax and Mercyful Fate material at times. The songs are catchy and the singer has a good solid voice as well. This is mostly mid tempo stuff and that was fine by me. Good solid riffing and songs that are memorable as well. Nice solid release by this band. Info:


THE OUTER LIMITS/Apocalypto (Stormspell Records) Now this is what the doctor ordered. A classic mix of Exodus and Forbidden and hell the singer sounds just like Russ Anderson. This sounds a lot like the debut by Forbidden and I don't care cause this release absolutely kills. Classic Bay Area thrash with those riffs and speed to match it. The production is right on the money and if you love old thrash as I do this is a MUST have. Info:


NIGHTSTRYKE - Power Shall Prevail (Stormspell Records) A really good NWOBHM band with traces of old Iron Maiden and Judas Priest in their mix. A nice singer with a powerful voice that is put to good use and I can feel the passion and feeling in his lungs as well. Just classic metal riffs that will have that fist up in the air like it was 1982 again. Good to see metal bands still holding that classic metal flag high and this is another one of them. Go get this if your into metal. Info:



 INFERNAL BLAST/Wolves Elitism Speech (War Arts Productions) The music is shorts blasts of chaotic raw black metal that wasn't bad, but the vocals are just a bunch of screaming with nothing good about it. The music is fast and furious and at times kills, but when you back that up with a bunch of wailing no good singing you lose me. Info:


Sample Track:


RAGING FATE/Gods of Terror (Stormspell Records) Some wicked old school speed metal with soaring vocals. Catchy like riffs are a plenty on this and the vocals I like a lot too. Production is really good too and the guitar sound is cool and you will be banging your head and air riff on that guitar. This just oozes that old 80's speed metal sound and just riffs and kills. Go get this pronto. Info:


VENDETTA/Hate (Allegro Talent Media) This is a re-issue of this band's 3rd release which came out in 2007. This is some decent played thrash with plenty of catchy riffs and mid paced speed. This thank god has none of that nu metal crap and for the most part the band stayed true to their thrash metal roots. Just crunchy like riffs that will have your neck moving no doubt. If your into the old thrash style like me you'll find this to your liking as I did.


KORPSESOTURI/Same (Death in Piece Records) Total destructive death metal that kills. Wicked, low tuned riffing with great death metal vocals made this a pleasure to review and to listen to. Just a pure death metal fan would love this up and down no doubt. This is the way death metal should sound and be. That neck will easily be moving up and down to this crushing release of death metal as this is a must get. Info:


NO AMNESTY/Psychopathy (Xtreem Music) Awful thrash metal with even worse singing. The music is that happy type of thrash and the singer sings in a clean voice and he is not impressive at all and I like Joey Belladonna from Anthrax and this guy isn't close to him. The music just doesn't nothing but stand there and this is horrible thrash all the way. Info:


CRYPTIC FOG/Staring Through the Veil (Blood Harvest) This 2 piece offer up some wicked death metal that is played with a lot of feeling and passion. Very nice vocals and the music is a nice mix of slow and faster paced stuff and also doesn't get boring neither. This is a solid display of death metal that gets the job done no doubt so prepare to get destroyed by this band. Info:


Sample track:


HEADCRASHER/Nothing Will Remain (Punishment 18 Records) This is a re-release that originally came out in 1989 and this is try and true speed metal. Lighting like riffs and great solid singing had me nodding right along to the songs. Great crunchy riffs and lots of speed had me loving this as well. I hear traces of Devastation and Anthrax on this at times. Nevertheless, I had never heard this band before and I enjoyed this trip back in time with this release. Hope the other 2 get re-issued as well. Info:


SLANDER/Resolution Defiance (Stormspell Records) Wow this totally blew me away. A complete destruction of pure NWOBHM like metal that totally delivers the goods. God I thought I was listening to Diamond Head when this played. Just incredible vocals and insane music that just totally knocked me for a loop. This is just plain ass kicking rock/metal that is easily one of the best releases of the year. Just a pure masterpiece is all I can say. Info:


MORVIGOR/Tyrant (Self Released) Boring death metal that goes nowhere. Boring songs and awful singing All the guy does is growl with no feeling or conviction. Just another faceless band in an already overcrowded underground metal scene. Info:


BLIND TORTURE KILL/Viscères (WOOAAARGH) Another awful jump metal band with just awful screaming vocals. This sounds like a ton of other bands doing this nu metal style and offers nothing of value at all. Info:


Morbid Angel/Kingdoms Disdained (Silver Lining Music) Yes the new Morbid Angel release is here and what a release it is. A total bone crushing slab of prime time death metal as only this band can deliver. Wicked riffs, a pure delight death metal vocals and a speedy onslaught at times as well. Just riffs that tear at the heart and won't let go. Riffs that have the head banging and oh those drums when they hit the double bass parts I was loving this. The vocals are a crushing display of how it is done and not some generic shot neither. This band has been around a long, long time and they for sure deliver the beef with this release no doubt about it. Prime time death metal all the way so get it. A fantastic release. Info:


BEASTIALITY/Worshippers of Unearthly Perversions (Invictus Productions) Some fast heart pounding death metal that sounded good to these ears. Whipping fast riffs and speed that will have your neck moving air drums to boot. The band have more of an old school sound to them and that worked for me. The singer blasts out the words like he means it and he sounds like a death metal should sing, angry, aggressive and full of hate and meaning it to boot. I detect some early Slayer within the tunes as well. Very solid release that any fan of old school death/thrash would be into. Info:


Sample track:


ROTHEADS/Sewer Fiends (Memento Mori) Typical death metal that unfortunately sounds like many other bands before them. They do nothing to stand out from the pack. The band play slow and then fast and have the same ole riffs and fast parts that have been done to death. Look I know you can't be original, but this just grew tired and old rather quick. Someone knew to the death metal scene would love this band for sure, but to me it was heard it over before and then some. Info:


Sample track:


Label info:


Visions Of The Night/Supreme Act of War (Self Released) This is a one man band/project and not a very good one. Very boring death/black metal that went nowhere fast. The songs were just boring and had no values to them. No kick no nothing. Nothing catchy as all. Just a bunch of senseless noise with deep vocals that at best were ok, but music that made no sense at all. Not good at all. Info:



DARK/EMBRACE/The Call of the Wolves (7 Hard Records) This is some tasteful hard/rock with a metal edge to it. Very catchy riffs and song structures with a solid singer behind the music. I was tapping my feet to the tunes and a very strong production on this and I love the guitar sound big time. It just has that heavy likeness to it and the keyboards fit nicely in the back round as well. The singer has a strong voice and he has a bit of growl to him, but he sings also sometimes in a cleaner style, but that was fine by me. This is a very solid release by a band that more than stands on its own. Check em out. Info:


ESTERTOR/Buried In Morningside (World War Now Records) Wicked, crushing fast, speedy thrash metal not far away from Nuclear Assault. Headbanging riffs and speed with rock your soul along with some vocals not far away from John of Nuclear Assault. The songs are catchy and this is not some fly away band that sounds like 50 others. They to me have their own style and more than easily hold their own heads above a lot higher than a lot of other bands making the sounds these days. Craving some old school thrash, well then look no further. Info:


FUNERAL CHANT/Same (Caverna Abismal / Duplicate) Some decent death/black metal that packs a serious punch. Fast and furious is what you will find on this as this band whips out the speed without mercy except a few slow parts to let you catch your breath. The music is mostly fast death metal with some black metal thrown in the mix. The music is mostly fast and a few slower parts and is pretty much played in a typical style that didn't suck, but also didn't blow me away neither. The singer sings more like a black metal singer and if for one isn't bad. Nice job on this. Info:


FACELESS BURIAL/Grotesque Miscreation (Blood Harvest) Oh fuck yeah a death metal assault in the vein of Immolation. Just punishing riffs that rip at the skull and through the body and then blasting blast beats that cave the skull in. The singer sounds like Ross from Immolation and not that it is a bad thing. This is how death should be played and this is a prime example of death metal not being dead. The production is great and that guitar, bass and drum sound just kill me. I love the singer and this is a great release the cap the year out with. Info:


Sample track:


Label info:


DEGIAL/Predator Reign (Sepulchral Voice Records) Some solid death metal that while wasn't totally mind blowing, but far from sucked I can tell you that. This for the most part is fast, blasting death metal with some good songs and good solid singing. The songs were catchy tunes and the band play mostly fast, which I liked and had a few slower parts here and there. This was kinda like older Morbid Angel in parts with more of a black metal type of singing to it. This actually got better with a few more listens and this gets a 9 out of 10 from me. Killer death metal that explodes and hits hard and fast baby. Info:


DRUID LORD/Grotesque Offerings (Hells Headbangers) This was a death/doom band and they pretty much bored me. This was tired and old doom metal that has been done to death and the faster parts were just awful. The singer wasn't too good as he belts out the lyrics with not much style and passion and feeling and they just sounded forced to my ears. While this is heavy, the songs are flat and boring and this was not impressive at all. Info:


MINOTAURO/Apocalyptic Sense (7 Hard Records) This is great speed/power metal band out of Italy. Speedy riffs are a plenty on this and they are catchy as fuck and the singer has a clean style voice, but he sings with such passion and feeling it isn't funny. I love the guitar sound as I was right away playing my air guitar and the songs are just so catchy and memorable as well. Yes, they have a bit of that Hammerfall sound, but to me I think they are better than they are these days. Check a video of them out and then contact them to buy this superb release. Info:


Band info:


ANCIENT EMPIRE/The Tower (Stormspell Records) Power metal is the ticket on this and it is a kick ass ticket of pure metal on this lovely release. Blistering riffs, wicked double bass drumming and classic pure heavy metal vocals all the way. Not many bands doing this style, but this band is and they are doing it quite well I must say. The band comes right out from note number one and blinds you with some blistering speed and the music just hits you like a ton of lead. Bow down that neck and head and prepare to bang till death. Whirl the head around and head back to the 80's when metal ruled the world. Spikes to the wall indeed on this release. A crushing heavy metal release to say the least. If you're a metal fan this is a must have. Info:



Abhordium/Omega Prayer (Self Released) Boring death metal that sounds no different than any other death metal band with some boring riffs and just standard growling. Songs were very boring and just another faceless band in the underground metal world. Info:


PERPETRATOR/Altered Beast (Caverna Abismal) This is standard new style thrash that isn't bad, but just breaks no new ground and kinda bored me. This was to me like a bad version of Death Angel. The songs just don't have that extra kick or stand out riff to make this really crush and this was just ok thrash metal. Info:

Sample track:


More info:


LIHHAMON/Doctrine (Nuclear War Now! Productions) Raw as fuck death metal that sounds like it was back in the 80's. Fast pounding in your face riffing and deep growls of death like a man growling out his last breaths. Riffs and songs that are not generic at all and these just kill and crush the weak. Bone pounding riffs and song structures that will take you back to 1986 and plenty of speed to take you along this ride of pitch black hell as well. If you like raw death metal played with tons of feeling here ya go. Info:

Sample track:


More info:


VILEDRIVER/Primary (CDN Records) Awful death metal with no good songs and boring riffs and song structures. Nothing memorable on this at all. Bad singing too. This band brought nothing to the plate at all. Info:


Inquisitor/Stigmata Me, I'm In Misery (Hammerheart Records) Absolute mind blowing thrash metal with tons of ripping riffs that will have your head banding away and moshing in your room. This band was around back in the early 90's and now all 4 original members are back and they should give themselves a major pat on the back with this release. This is classic thrash metal the way it should be played. No dancy happy riffs and just riffs that give your neck a workout and vocals that are powerful and angry, but not that tough guy shit. This is an unreal album and what a way to end the year with this. Buy at all costs you bastards. Info:


Corrosive/Lucifer Gave The Faith (Black Sunset/MDD) Boring heard it a million times death metal that sounds no different than the 1000's of other bands out there. This band brought nothing to the table. The songs weren't strong nor catchy and nothing memorable about them at all. This was standard death metal that did nothing pretty much I'm afraid.


SOLFERNUS/Neoantichrist (Self Released) This is some solid death/thrash/black metal with some great songs and song arrangements. The songs don't get boring and I like the guitar sound a lot as the guitar sound doesn't sound like every other generic band out there. The singer sings in a more black metal voice and that is ok as he sounds very convincing on the mic. The songs range from mid paced to fast and are mostly fast with a bit of a thrash sound to them at times and that was ok in my book. This band also doesn't sound like every Tom, Dick, and Harry band out there and at least have some originality to themselves as well as good tunes. This gets a horns up from me. Info:


[email protected]


DECAYED/The Conjuration of the Southern Circle (Helldprod Records) This is a typical black metal band that sound no difference than the 100's of others I have heard over the years. Typical screaming vocals and music that is totally generic. Not for me. Info:


[email protected]


ZIFIR/Kingdom of Nothingness (Duplicate Records) More awful black metal with terrible generic vocals and music. Boring riffs and musical structures that I have heard to death along with vocals that go nowhere fast. This band brought nothing to the table. Info:


CRUCIFYRE/Post Vulcanic Black (Pulverised Records) This wasn't bad, but it didn't rule the house either. This is a thrash metal band and the songs aren't bad and it took me a couple listens and this wasn't bad. The band are pretty original and don't sound like every Tom, Dick and Harry band out there. The singer has a more death metal sounding voice and that is ok as he fits in with the music as it also sort of has a death metal sound to it at times. This is dark and heavy and thrashy and well worth checking out and is different too. Info:


GOATWHORE/Vengeful Ascension (Metal Blade Records) This is a crushing release of death metal played the way it should be. Wicked, pounding riffs and vocals from hell. Vocals that are sung with feeling and power and also music that backs up the vocals and while it is heavy and strong it also is catchy and memorable. Riffs that stay in your head and memorable after you hear them. The guitar crunch is awesome and this is just a solid release of death metal not to be missed. Info:


ECTOPLASMA/Cavern of Foul Unbeings (Memento Mori) Oh this is crippling death metal that totally destroys. Fast riffs and speedy drums had my moving my neck. Vocals from hell and I just loved the production on this. Balls to the wall death metal like Incantation and Immolation and this is how death metal showed be played so this is a must have release if your into death metal and this is prime death all the wall. Info:


Track to check out:


DEMONOMANCY/Poisoned Atonement (Invictus Productions) A total crushing display of classic death metal the way it should be played. Pounding into the ground riffs along with heart wrenching death metal vocals made this a pleasure to review and listen too. The guitar sound is insane the blast beats will have you playing air drums and air guitar. The band mix up the speed and all I know this is easily worth getting and a great way to start off the new year for sure. Info:

Sample track:


Label info:


Satanic/Architecture of Chaos (Brutal Records) This band was pretty good as they retain that old school death metal sound mixed in with a tad of thrash metal to boot. Songs are heavy and catchy and memorable as well. No mindless death metal blast beats or sounds on this my friends. The singer is good and he sings with feeling and just doesn't sound like he is going through the motions neither. They also don't sound like a generic band as this band has their own sound as well and if you crave old school death metal well put this band on your list as they will be right up your death metal alley. Info:


Damnation's Hammer/Unseen Planets, Deadly Spheres (Self Released) Some decent to killer thrash metal played the old school way. Crunchy riffs like old Exodus with a singer who sounded like Chuck Billy at times. For me personally I liked when the band speeded up things as it had me moving my neck and jamming along to the tunes. The tunes are easily built around the guitar and the guitar riffing and at times it does kill I just wished for a bit more speed. In saying that, this is not way a sucky band and they play total the way it should be thrash metal. Guys keep it up and don't change your style please. Info:



HAMMR/Unholy Destruction (Hells Headbangers) A total crushing display of old school death/black metal that totally destroyed me. Sounding a lot like old, old Venom this was a trip back in time no doubt. Raw sounds and vocals like Cronus will have you loving life if you worship the 1st two Venom releases. Oh the music will just own you and it is so damn catchy and just played with such feeling it is not funny. The bottom line is if you like or love Venom this is a must have. Info:


Label info:


WARFIST/EXCIDIUM/Laws of Perversion & Filth (Godz Ov War Productions) Warfist offer up for 4 tracks of black/thrash metal that totally killed. Just ripping riffs that tore through my body and vocals that totally crush. Memorable riffs that are not to be missed and the guitar sound was unholy. Excidium offer up 4 more and they play more straight forward thrash like the old days and just crushing insane riffs and speed that had this old fart smiling. Just a total headbanging delight this release was and both bands totally rule. Info:


STILLBORN/Mirrormaze & Die In Torment 666 (Godz Ov War Productions) These are 2 demos from the band that are now re-issued by this label and this is some damn good death metal. A total rip roaring display of fast rip your flesh off your body tunes. Speedy blasts of pure death metal that I totally enjoyed. Riffs and songs that you remember and vocals that are a complete killer death metal style too. This is easily worth checking out. Info:


CHAOS INVOCATION/Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond (W.T.C. Productions) Boring out of control black metal that leads to nowhere fast and omg those clean vocals the band use are a total joke. The music is no catchy parts and while it is fast and noisy, there is just nothing solid or good about the songs. Info:


SVARTANATT/Starry Eagle Eye (The Sign Records) Wow some total kick ass 70's style rock with tons of hooks and almost a UFO sound to them if you have heard that band. Catchy songs and a fantastic singer to boot. A lot of bands could learn a lot from this band as I don't care if you play a million miles an hour or a classic rock band like this band, to me you need memorable songs and this had a ton. A great job by these guys and rock n roll lives on. Info:


Blaspherion/Restus Corpus (Self Released) This is some decent old school death metal that has some cool songs on it and some solid death metal vocals to boot. No slam riffs and nu metal crap on this. Think Incantation and older Death at times on this. The production is good and solid and the guitar sound is thick as well and this was an enjoyable Ep to review. Info:


FUNERAL WINDS/Sinister Creed (Avantgarde Music) This is as good as black metal gets. A total lay to waste blast of metal. Great tunes and catchy tunes too. The vocals are totally incredible and are sung with so much power and conviction too. He sings from the heart and soul everyone. The band lay to waste everyone in the black metal world. The speed and sheer brutality of this totally rules. Get this if you're a black metal fan at all costs. Info:


VOTOV/Votov (Self Released) Awful death metal with cheap, generic death metal vocals. The band even when they speed up sound terrible and the drum sound is awful and they sound like trigger drums too. Songs have nothing to them and just plod along like there is nothing there. This is a mix of doom and death metal and not a very good mix at all, boring music all the way. Info:


Desolate Pathway/Valley of the King (Self Released) Boring limp wristed attempt at metal. The songs are poorly written and offer up no excitement. I was waiting and waiting I didn't get much. The band speed it up at times and that was about the only time this got any good. Generally, overall bad songs and a good singer. The slow parts are not even doom metal they are just wimpy rock parts that are better off forgotten trust me. Nothing of values on this. Info:


Old Mother Hell/Same (Cruz Del Sur Music) This is just some more bad heavy metal and I just didn't like the singer nor the music at it just left a lot to be desired. No catchy hooks like an old Iron Maiden or Judas Priest album. The music is faceless and there is nothing memorable on this at all. The songs just go by and there was nothing that wanted me to play air guitar or stand up and take notice. This band brought nothing to the table at all. Info:


NECROPANTHER/Eyes Of Blue Light (Self Released) Now this is what the doctor ordered. Bone crunching thrash with tons of speed and guitar riffs that will have your neck moving and feet tapping. 12 tracks of speed/thrash metal not to be missed. The production is great and that guitar sound is unreal. Think early Exodus and Testament. The vocals are more in a black metal tone and that is fine by me as they don't sound out of place or stupid on this at all. Easily one of the best releases I have heard in many months. Classic old school thrash with a twist for sure. Info:


PESTILENCE/Hadeon (Hammerheart Records) A fantastic comeback from this killer death metal band. Martin's vocals are spot on and the band still “has it” so to speak. Crunchy riffs and plenty of death metal speed that will make you smile I assure you. This isn't the new sound of death metal this is the Pestilence sound of death metal. The speed parts had me playing air drums and his vocals are some of the best in death metal bar none. An absolutely crushing comeback by this great band and they should feel good about themselves as they are welcome back with open arms in my backyard of death metal. Info:


DEMONOMANCY/Poisoned Atonement (Invictus Productions) Some decent Morbid Angel like metal. This is straight forward, fast death metal like you would find on older M.A. releases. The singer even sounds a big like David Vincent as well. The band mix of the speed parts and throw in some slower parts as well. While this was not super original it was still enjoyable to listen to and if your into death metal this might be something up your alley. Info:


Sample track:


Label info:


VEXOVOID/Call Of The Starforger (Earthquake Terror Noise) Very strong fast thrash music on this. Just riffs and speed in your face that will get your blood pumping. When thrash is done right I love it like no other and this band does it right. Catchy riffs, vicious speed and intensity and vicious, but nu metal like vocals neither. The production is spot on and all thrash metal lovers like myself will over this and the total all out speed parts totally kill and trust me there is a lot on this too so I totally loved it. Info:


GENOCIDE PACT/Order of Torment (Relapse Records) Some solid death metal that while not super original more than does the job. Solid vocals with deep growls which are the way death metal should be. Heavy guitar sound and tunes that are memorable after they are done.  Just a classic death metal sound that a death metal will like. Info:


WHIPSTRIKER/Merciless Artillery (Hells Headbangers) Some Venom inspired music on this puppy for sure. Pounding riffs and vocals from hell highlight this release. Think Venom's “Black Metal as this plays and you'll get a smile to your face if you were around back then as was I. Chainsaw like pounding riffs as a welcome pleasure to hear and this is just the classic sounds of metal the way it used to be. A mix of way old school black metal with a touch of the trash sounds and if you love Venom this is a must have. Info and sample track:


Label info:


NIGREDO/Flesh Torn - Spirit Pierced (Transcending Obscurity Records) This is some wicked death/thrash metal with plenty of speed and power and just great overall catchy songs that are memorable after the songs are over. Great solid vocals and I can feel the power in his lungs as this plays on. I am a fan of speed when it comes to death and thrash metal and this has plenty of that. Great production too and also this doesn't sound like a million other bands and that works in this bands favor too. Great release from this band. Prepare to give your neck a workout. Info:


GOATH - II – Opposition (Ván Records) Just a bunch of screaming on the vocals with no feeling or much passion and just a wall of noisy black metal as music behind him. This is easily forgettable and nothing of value on this as all as this is just one bad band playing awful music. Info:


CADAVER PUTREFACTO/La Maldicion del Zombi Errante (BRUTAL RECORDS) Nothing ground breaking here as this is standard death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse. It actually isn't bad as the songs were pretty catchy and fast too and the singer doesn't go super low with his singing neither which scored points in my book. Production is good and solid as well. Straight ahead death metal is on this all the way and pretty damn good. Info:


VOLITION/Visions of the Onslaught (Brutal Records) Some awful thrash metal with no catchy songs and annoying vocals as he sings in a scratchy voice that got on my nerves. A weak guitar sound as well there is no big crunch in the songs even though they are fast there was nothing catchy on this, though the vocals were by far the worst thing on it. The bass is also way high up in the mix as well. Just nothing impressed on this I am afraid except a decent song here and there. Info:


CRYPTIC GRAVE/Same (Great Dane Records) Some decent death metal that while broke no new ground wasn't that bad to my ears. Some memorable tunes and a good solid death metal singer made this good. Nice catchy songs and a thick guitar sound too and a singer who I could feel the hate as he sang the words. This is something worth checking out for sure. Info:


THY FEEBLE SAVIOURAnd Darkness Fell (Hells Headbangers) Oh yeah a wicked display of the way death metal should be done. Crushing riffs, speed and intensity and vocals from hell had me going nuts over this. This is how black metal should be played. This just killed on all fronts for sure. A pure hateful slab when the singer was singing and great tunes as they were megs fast and also catchy and memorable too. Black metal at its finest for sure. Info:


Sample track:


Label info:


Holy Terror/Total Terror (Dissonance Productions) Holy shit is this cool. All 4 Holy Terror releases in a box set and also a DVD to boot. This band was one of my favorites back in the day as they were a killer thrash band and getting to have all their material on one box set should make some old time fans happy. Holy Terror played killer, crunchy thrash metal that while a bit on the melodic side, nevertheless got the job done. Singer Keith Deen, who sadly passed away in 2002, does an awesome job on their releases and he sings the song s with a ton of feeling and passion and this is great 80's style crunchy thrash not that nu metal crap or happy thrash that a lot of bands play today. This is a great way to discover this band if you haven't.


TERROR UNIVERSAL/Make Them Bleed( Minus HEAD Records) Pounding in your face thrash metal that while it has a bit of the tough guy vocals, they weren't too annoying and the music is was spot on with catchy riffs and memorable songs. Normally I don't like Pantera like bands, but this band was different. The songs were mega heavy and plenty of speed as well. The only negative was when they did some normal style vocals as I personally don't like that in metal bands, but otherwise this was damn good. Info:



MASS MURDER AGENDA/Vulturis (Machine Records) This band sort of sounds like  Ministry (when they were good). The singing and the keyboards and the industrial sounds are def in the Ministry sound. The music is very catchy and heavy and the songs memorable as well. I like the singers voice as he sings with fury and passion and his vocals don't sound forced or generic at all. The music is heat pounding and hits home and will hit you as well. One of the better metal bands making the sounds these days I might add too. Info:


ASTARIUM/Drum Ghoul (More Hate Productions) This is symphonic black metal and I have to say is not bad at all. Even though the songs are long, they are not drawn out and the keyboard parts are awesome on this and the music is still very catchy and yes the vocals are totally sung in 100% black metal and they are decent, but nothing to write home about. The music is the key to this on this and it simply crushes. Catchy tunes, fast parts and keyboards that are put in the right places and don't sound generic at all. Good job on this. Info:


MORVIGOR/Tyrant (Self Released) Really weird band as they combine a bunch of different styles on this, but hell it works. Prepare for long, and I mean long tracks, but don't let that stop you from checking these guys out. They have punk, thrash, death and black metal within their sounds. From slower parts to speed this band delivers the goods. The singer sings his balls off on this and his vocals are convincing big time. Just prepare to be taken on a roller coaster of emotions I assure you of that. Info:


Antiquus Scriptum/Astarium (And The Forests Are Dark, Where They Gather) [Full Split] (Wolfmond Productions) Antiquus Scriptum is up first and prepare for long brutal songs. The first song without looking I thought was a Slayer cover and then about 3 minutes came the keyboards and I knew it wasn't ha ha. I am not a fan of long songs by any means and this have lots of time changes, but the vocals were awful. I just couldn't get past them and he sings with no feeling and the clean style he is singing in are terrible and don't fit this band at all. Ok now onto Astarium. This is way different than the above release as this has more atmospheric parts and is way more like a deep, dark, horror movie soundtrack. They rely more on talking parts and setting up a mood on this release and I must say it is kinda cool. Overall I would say one band delivers the goods on this and the other doesn't. Astarium are one cool band though. Info: