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New Reviews - 10/16/2005

MOULRED FLESH/Same (Deus Mortuus Productions) Pretty good death metal band here that reminded me of Bolt Thrower. The raw production and guitar sound this band gets is awesome. This is raw, stripped to the bone death metal. Solid death metal style vocals and the fast parts are ripping blasts of speed and even the slower parts are good. Well, worth seeking out. Info:

KILL BY NUMBERS/We Held Hands And Counted The Dead (Deus Mortuus Productions) This band remind me of Autopsy in the way they play the slower chunky parts and also the fast parts. Which isn't a bad thing. The lyrics are death/gore style and the production is mega heavy and any fan of death metal I think would find this release a good one. Info:

SIEBENBURGEN/Darker Designs And Images (Napalm) This was a different band. The band mix in classic power metal in with a bit of death metal. The music has tons of melody, is catchy as hell and I love the aggressive almost death metal vocals. The production is on target and this band is doing something new and fresh to these ears. Info:

VESANIA/God The Lux (Napalm Records) This was ok death/black metal with keyboards. The band sound too much a lot of other bands doing this style and nothing really jumps at me and offers me repeated listening. The production is good and the band can play, but too my ears it is just too much sounding like other bands doing this. Info:

BESEECH/Sunless Days (Napalm Records) This was goth metal with female vocals. The female vocals weren't bad as I feel they belong within the context of the music and she has a very emotional voice to boot. The music is semi heavy with some melody and is sort of like Type O Negative at times, only a bit more brutal. Not bad. Info:

RESURRECTURIS/The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell-I remember getting this bands 1st demo back in 1995 and here they return with a 2nd full length cd. The band are just another faceless groove metal band that play nu metal with lots of jump metal riffs and the low vocals. Sorry but there is a million other bands that do this style and do we really need another one. I know the band wasn't playing this style back in 95. The good thing is you can download the whole disc for free on the bands website. Info:

PHOENIX REIGN/Same-3 tracks of heavy metal with some decent female vocals. The girl has a nice set of pipes and the band play straight forward metal. The band also throw a little rock n roll in at times. The band has their chops down and the 3 songs were good solid tunes. Love to hear some more. Info:

ENDVRA BLACK EDEN/Same (Red Stream) What a crazy fucked up release this was. This is weird keyboard like haunting music. This is like a horror soundtrack type of release. The music is very emotional and really just fucked up. For those into something different. Info:

URGRUND/Unchangeable Fate (Baphomet Records) Killer old school death metal with tons of fast ripping apart the soul parts and plain brutality. The band play old school death/black metal with such a feeling and emotion I was hooked before 2 minutes were played. Think older Morbid Angel with a bit of black metal edge to it. A killer release and fuckin fast too. Info:

HALLOWMAS/The Road To Hallow's Eve (Coffin Records) This reminded me of Black Flag musicwise. The band play an older style of punk mixed in with some metal. Sort of like a Metal Core band (ha ha) but not with nu metal/groove style of crap. The vocals are in the punk vein and this band is more like an 80's type of punk band. This was a really cool release as not many bands are doing this style. You can get this from Red Stream Records. Info:

DITCHWATER/Adv Tracks-I got 4 tracks from this bands upcoming CD release. This band play newer style metal with the groove style of metal. This is better than much due to the vocals not being all out tough guy vocals and no lower than low vocals. The production is very good and for this style this band does kick out the jams with the tunes. Not bad. Info:

PE SKEWER GROUP/Praxis & Dialetikha-5 tracks of some weird, fucked up music. The band is made up of 2 guys who play metal/punk with a very raw sound. I guess Motorhead would come to mind mixed in with some old 80's hardcore sounds. The vocals are shouted old school punk style. I would also throw in a little old Metallica, but not as thrashy. Info:
[email protected]

HC SCENE #5/Various (Lab Records) 24 tracks of various punk and hardcore bands can be found here. I had not heard of any of the bands previously. The bands mostly sing in a different language and play older style punk. Thank god as I thought this might be all jump metal bands. Academic Worms were really good. Baby Loyds offer up raging thrash/hardocre that rips and shreds and the vocals are crazy. If your into the punk or hardcore thing, you must own this cd. Info:

HEADMEAT/Mass Sociogenic Illness (Baphomet Records) Hot damn is this release fuckin heavy as brutal as fuck. The riffs just tore through me like a chainsaw and the vocals are so godly. The band use keyboards, but just in enough spots to make them effective. The fast parts are just so crushing it isn't funny. A prime example of death metal that way it was meant to be played. Info:

INFINITED HATE/Heaven Termination (Displeased Records) Holy fuckin hell , does this release crush and destroy wimps. Simply a crushing display of power. Whirlwind riffs full of strength and power. This is fast my friends. The riffs will have your neck snapping. The vocals are ultra killer and they are done by a female, and are by far the best female vocals I have ever heard by a female. Production is excellent too. A perfect display of death metal played perfectly. Info:

IRON MAIDENS/Worlds Only Female Tribute To Iron Maiden-This is cool cd and a great idea. An all female band tackle 10 older Iron Maiden tunes and do them quite well. The girl singer has a pretty powerful voice and the band play really good. Some of the songs are: The Number of the Beast, Two Midnights To Midnight, Aces High, and Run to the Hills. Anybody into Iron Maiden would absolutely love this CD as I did. Info:

BETWEEN BURIED AND ME/Alaska (Victory Records) This is another one of those modern groove metal jump bands with the typical death metal vocals. I didn't think this was anything special and to my ears they sound like the million other bands doing this style of music with the jump happy riffs and the low death vocals. Info:

SONIC SYNDICATE/Eden Fire (PIvotal Recordings) This band play modern death metal with the jump riffs and the groove as well. This again, is like the above band, but are much better. While the band breaks down no new ground, this isn't band. The music is quite catchy and to my ears just doesn't seemed forced and generic as most of the other bands doing this style. I do hope the band work on getting out of this style and more into their own on the next release. No bad. Info:

MUNSK/Out Of Center Which Is Neither Dead Nor Alive (At A Loss Recordings) Didn't like this too much as it just sounded like a noisy, bad version of Carnivore without the quality to it. The music is raw, sometimes dark like doom metal with lots of sludge to it. The tunes just didn't hit me and I thought they lacked quality. They kinds just dragged on. If you like the 1st Type O Negative release, you might like this. Info:

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES/Deuce (Spitfire Records) This is classic rock n roll straight through and through. It reminds me a little of Circus Of Power and Velvet Revolver at times. The music is catchy and the melodic vocals fit this band. This blows away bands like Guns and Roses and LA Guns and crap bands of that nature. This band writes quality songs and for down and dirty rock n roll it doesn't get much better.

BULLISTIC/Chronicles Of Love & Hate (Backstreet Records) This is another groove metal band with a bit of more raw edge to them and without the total tough guy vocals. I didn't like this very much as the band uses the jump metal formula that is overdone big time and the gruff vocals are a not as bad version of the tough guy vocals. This band sounds like a dime a dozen other nu metal bands with just a rawer sound. Info:

DROWNED IN BLOOD/The Warfare Continues (American Line Productions) Crushing death metal in the vein of Immolation/incantation. This is straight forward fast blazing death metal, while not super original, gets more than the job done. The riffs hurt and punish and the vocals are strong. The production is thick. Any death metal fan would like this. Info:

ELECTRO GRIND CORE COMP/Various (American Line Productions) 17 different bands that play techno grind core. I am not into the techno style at all, though it was funny to hear bands with the super low vocals that that kind of style. I have never heard any of the bands and I didn't like any of them, but if you want to try something different, then here ya go. Info:

MEXICAN GORE MARIA/Various (American Line Productions) 18 blasts of super fast death/grind metal. Some are good and some suck. Excrement offer up decent death/grind, while Semen offer up generic super fast, noisy music with utter funny low vocals. El Santo offer up super raw grind with low, cup the mic vocals. All the bands I have never heard of besides Disgorge. If your into noisy death/grind here is a cup of tea to sing your teeth into. Info;

STREAM OF PASSION/Embrace The Storm (Inside Out Music) This is a goth metal band with female vocals. The music isn't bad as the band slash into some good ole old style metal and mix it in with the goth. The vocals aren't bad at all and she fits in with the music and has a good set of lungs as well. Fans of bands like The Gathering will love this. Info:

KING'S X/Ogre Tones (Inside Out Music) I have always had a soft spot for this band and I saw them a few years back and they blew me away live. The band return and return back big. This is no letdown as the band still sound fresh and they can still kick it. The band sound like they never left as I love the melodies and the music just takes me away. Pure rock/metal from these gods. 13 songs to sink your teeth into Kings X style. Info:

UNKNOWN INSTRUCTORS/The Way Things Work (Smog Veil) This was a weird CD. The band play a very weird mix of like jazz meets metal, but I didn't like it and the spoken type of vocals threw me for a loop. The band are different and I think it cool that they are trying to do something different and not sound like some groove metal band, but the songs aren't strong and it just didn't do anything for me. Info:

BUT NOT FORGOTTEN/Same-This was like modern alternative metal/rock. The music was ok, but it not something I am a big fan of, this style of music. The music is alternative rock with a metal edge and a metal edge in the vocals as well. I would say fans of something like Blink 182 or something along those lines would like this. The band can play and the songs are catchy for this style. Info:

CRIONICS/Armageddon's Evlotion (Candlelight Records) A wicked, fast filled black metal release. While the band isn't super original, the band play with emotion, passion and power. The fast blasting parts are pure hate that only few bands can match. Think older Morbid Angel, Marduk and Immortal. 9 blasting tracks of hate and includes 2 bonus tracks. The production is solid and the drumming and riffing is pure hell. Info:

TWLIGHT/Sunn 47 (Southern Lord) Holy shit is this some extreme raw black metal. This only knows two speeds, and that is fast and faster. The vocals are buried and the music is super fast pick riffing black metal that to me is excellent. The band mix in the sounds of Celtic Frost meeting fast black metal and the emotion and passion can be heard. The band do slow it down at times, but for the most part this is fast. A haunting black metal release. Info:

HAILSTONES KILL 200/June 19 1932 (Grindhead Records) Warped, chaotic grind metal. The songs are short, fast and the vocals are total grind vocals. The guy screams hit fuckin head off let me tell ya. The production is pretty good and the band inject just enough slow parts to keep this from getting boring. The fast parts are not typical grind either. They blaze along as this band has their own sound. A good, solid grind band. Info:

FIVE.BOLT.MAIN/Venting (Rock Ridge Music) Another groove metal band with the jump riffs and Pantera vocals. Bands like this as all bands doing this style are a dime a dozen. The riffs are the same, the vocals, the song arrangements are like a carbon copy of any of these jump metal bands. Info:

HORSE/The Mechanical Hand (Combat Records) Yes, it is not a mis-print. That is Combat Records. They are back and back in business. This I didn't find too much to my liking. The singer just screams into the mic and screams as loud as possible and the music on the other hand is a warped out chaotic experience. Part industrial, part metal, part Faith No More, part goth, part out of control. This was like The Misfits meeting the above mentioned styles. Info:

EVIL INCARNATE/Waiting For His Return (Hells Headbangers) I have always enjoyed this band and this new release is the bands best. Wicked riffing, great death metal vocals and just overall this is an excellent release. The production is raw, but in a good way. The band also rip out 2 great covers from Slayer and Destruction. This is a must buy and better than all that jump/nu metal crap that is in the underground now. True death metal is what you will find here. The label also offers some great underground goodies. Info:

AT ALL COST/It's Time To Decide (Combat Records) This band is from Texas and reminded me of Exhorder at times. The band play metal core, but without most of the jump riffing and nu metal riffs. The vocals are almost black metal in nature and the music is a combo of metal and hardcore. 13 tracks and a thick production to boot. If you like Exhorder or some of the newer metal without all the jump riffing, here ya go. Info:

WETWORK/Synod (Krankenhaus Records) This was a pretty good death metal band with some great death metal vocals of the female style. The band pound out the tunes in the vein of bands like Decide, Death and bands of that nature. The vocals you won't believe it's a female, they are that good. The production if solid and the guitar crunch is perfect. Looking forward to hearing more from this band. Info:

MANEGARM/Vreden Tid (Displeased Records) The bands bio said they viking metal. I don't know about that, but I do know that this was a killer release. This was full of excellent, well played death metal that had lots of feeling and the songs just ruled. Strong vocals and production too. The music is mostly on the faster end of things and it sounded fairly original to these ears too. Info:

A DRUG FOR ALL SEASONS/Same (Deadline) This band features David Ellefson from Megadeth in its ranks. That hardly matter is this band is one another one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of nu metal bands. Yup those jump happy riffs with the tough guy vocals just do wonders for me. Bands like this are a dime a dozen. Info:

MUCULORDS/Carpe Diem (Akom Productions) 27 tracks of death/grind. The music isn't bad, but the low vocals are putrid. They aren't low, they are lower than low and the guy just does the cup the mic vocal style. The music is a nice mixture of doomy death metal mixed in with some speed/grind metal with a good production. If you can look past the vocals, you might enjoy this. Info:

HE WHO CORRUPTS/The Smell Of Money (Eugenics Records) Holy shit is this some out of control grind. This is fast stuff my friends. The production is good and the blast beats are merciless. The vocals are screamed out of control kind. Now this is a good grind band. Info:

LOCKDOWN/For Today (Akom Productions) This was a hardcore band and I thought they were ok. The band play more in a happy hardcore vein with the music and the vocals. The production is good, but I am not a fan of these happy hardcore style bands so this isn't my cup of tea. Info:

SOULFLY/Dark Ages (Roadracer Records) I was hoping this was not going to be some groove metal crap and I didn't give this much of a chance. Well, I was wrong. This is a crushing release. Max sounds pissed off and he is one angry motherfucker. This is his best sounding since the Sepultura days. Track # 2 is pure old school thrash at it's best. This is the release Sepultura should have made after Arise. This crushes. Info:

ZARATHUSTRA/Contempt (Undercover Records) 5 tracks of raw, fast blazing black metal. The tunes fly by in a rip roaring way. While this isn't super original, it more than makes up for it in delivery and emotions. The vocals are pure screeching black metal and any fan of quality black metal will want to add this to the collection. Info:

INCENDIUM/When Daylight Is Gone-4 tracks of sort of doomy metal with some thrash metal thrown in for good measure. I have not heard this bands previous stuff, but the 4 tracks I got here with quite good. The music is sort of doom in style, but with a bit more of a melodic sound. The vocals are more clean, but none of that overdone opera style..thank god. If your into something like Type O Negative I think you would love this band. Looking forward to hearing more. Info:

WITHERED/Memento Mori (Lifeforce Records) Think Swedish death metal meeting Carnivore. The riffs will have your head and neck spinning. While this band isn't breaking any new ground, they are just a typical fly by night Swedish death metal band. The band are a bit melodic at times and some wicked blast parts too. The vocals are typical death metal and the production is strong especially with the guitar parts shining through. Info:

FEAR FACTORY/Transgression (Calvin Records) I pretty much only liked the bands 1st release and haven't heard anything from this band for a long time and here is the bands newest release. The band I can say haven't changed much, only that the speed and a bit of the aggression is gone. The band sort of remind me of a modern Ministry at times. The music is still heavy and powerful. The vocals are as good and strong as ever. I would say this is death metal with a big of industrial mixed in. If you loved the band before, you'll love this and if you haven't given the band a chance, give this release a listen.

CORPUS CHRISTI/The Torment Continues (Undercover Records) Raw, chainsaw pounding black metal. Again this isn't original, but the emotion and intensity is there. The fast parts are total 100% black metal and the production, while raw, isn't too raw, which would rob the band big time. The vocals are screaming black metal style, but at least you can understand some of it. While no big fan of black metal, this wasn't bad. Info:

DESTRUKTOR/Nuclear Storm (Hells Headbangers) Holy hell this is a godly release. 5 tracks of the some of the best old school death/black metal my ears have heard in quite some time. The playing and the feeling I can hear as this plays drove me mad. I couldn't stop listening. The vocals, the riffs, the playing, just everything was perfect.     This is the perfect band. The band play old school underground metal the way it should be played. No groove metal, no happy jump riffs, no mosh parts, and no tough guy singing. This is what underground metal is all about. A 10 out of 10. Info:

VARGSANG/Throne Of Theb Forgotten (Underground Records) Typical black metal with the same riff picking and chainsaw pounding with those screechy black metal vocals. This sounds like any other black metal band doing this style and the band don't and aren't creative and the sounds all just mush together. Info:

ELEVATION INTO DISINTEGRATION (Grindhead Records) Fast blasting grind that is like every other grind band. The band add a little industrial to the mix, but for the most part it's fast and blast. The vocals are screaming grind style. The production is decent and if you love grind, you might want this. Info:

STRATOVARIUS/Same (Sanctuary Records) This wasn't near as bad as I heard. This is power metal mixed in with some progressive metal mixed in. Sort of like Dream Theater musicwise as well as vocal wise. The music isn't power metal, but plain metal played with plenty of power and the vocals are awesome. For fans of Heaven's Gate and Hammerfall. Info:

CITY WEEZLE/Same-4 tracks of some alternative rock/metal. The music is sort of like if Van Halen played alternative metal. The vocals are decent and though I really wasn't into it, it wasn't bad, just not my cup of tea.

DEVILRY/Muslim Genocide-This is a 7" EP sent to me on a CDR. This was 2 tracks of death metal with screechy not so good black metal vocals. The music, which a band is hard to judge on 2 songs, is speedy death/black metal with a raw chainsaw like production and vocals that are just screeched in the mic. The low guttural vocals were awful too.  I didn't like this much. Info:

SUPERVILLIAN/Earthquake Machine-This was a cool band. The band play metal with a groove style, but there is a difference. This band can write good songs and there isn't all that tough guy vocals and the jump riffs are not around. The music is simple, catchy and quite good. The songs are heavy and have melody to them, and suck the listener in. The vocals are awesome and this is like southern rock meeting metal. This reminded me of Non Fiction at times and also this is like southern rock meets metal meets Kyuss. The bottom line is this is a kick ass cd. Info:

ARMISTICE/Roots Of Evil (Bad Land Records) This band play melodic thrash metal with a touch of power metal. Sort of like later Death, but not quite as technical. The vocals are solid death metal style vocals and the production is up to par. This was a solid release and not too many bands are doing this sort of style and it good to get a CD that is not black metal, jump metal or the latest tread crap. Info:

SPACE ODYSSEY/The Astral Episode (Candlelight Records) Power metal in the vein of the million other bands doing this style. This sort of is like Dio without the amazing vocals. I really didn't like this much as the songs were just boring and didn't do much for me.

SHEAVY/Republic (Candlelight Records) This reminded me of Black Sabbath esp with the guitar sound and the old 70's style of riffing and the Ozzy vocals. Think Vol #4 and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath period. The production sounds like one of those releases and if you love that time period for Black Sabbath (I know I did) you will love this as I did.

DARKBLACK/The Barbarian's Hammer (Hot City Records) 5 tracks of some pure heavy metal with some thrashing mixed in. The band was sort of like metal meeting older Anthrax at times. If your into pure old school metal like Omen, Manowar, Helstar and bands of that nature, take heed, you must have this in your collection as well. Info:

CHARNEL VALLEY/The Dark Archieves (Paragon Records) This is a 2 man black metal band, Marty Rytkonen (Wormgear zine) and S. Craig Zahler (Metal Maniacs writer). This was recorded in 5 days and has a fuckin raw sound, which I fuckin love. The music is wicked. ripping, pure black metal played with feeling. The music is a mixture of speedy fast parts and slower mid paced stuff. The vocals are pure black metal and this is how black metal should be and sound. A very solid release. Info:

THE PB ARMY/Spine For The Snapback (Sin Klub Entertainment) This was some boring music in the vein of Danzig, who I don't like at all. This was to me very bad alternative metal crap.

GAMMA RAY/Majestic (Santuary Records) This was a great release of power metal marred by the fact that the record company decided to fade the songs on the CD in and out. Yeah I wonder if they would do that to Metal Maniacs. That was pretty petty of them. The music on this CD is classic. Awesome played power metal that is played to the T. Perfect riffing and soaring like vocals made this a power lover's delight. Perfect production too. A must have.

JEFF SCOTT SOTO/Lost In The Translation (Locomotive Music) This guy I remember sang on a bunch of different releases in the 80's and now he is back. This is classic AOR rock/metal music sort of like Journey. Jeff sounds great and the band play great, I love the melody of this band and since Journey is one of my favorite bands, I loved this. One of the best CDS i have heard this year. Info:

VOODOO HILL/Wild Seed Of Mother Earth (Locomotive Music) Another release of solid AOR rock/metal. The band is heavy and melodic and the vocals are perfect. I am a sucker for a good AOR band and this band fits the bill. Sort of like a heavier Whitesnake. This label is batting 2 for 2. Info:

STARBREAKER/Same (Locomotive Music) This was ok. This was more AOR rock, but it wasn't too much on the heavy side and this features the singer from TNT and it was just a bit too wimpy for me. The songs just weren't that strong and the music was just there. Info:

SHADOWS FADE/Same-This was a total Journey like band and it was behind incredible. Amazing vocals and songs. This is a definite top 10 on my list at the end of the year.

JAMES CHRISTIAN/Meet The Man (Locomotive Music) This was ok. More AOR rock with clean vocals. This singer was in the band The House Of Lords. This again is more melodic rock music. Info:

INDEXCASE/Same (Mortal Music) Generic jump metal with the tough guy vocals. Sounds like an y one of the other million bands doing the slow groovy parts with more normal vocals then going into the groove heavy parts with the tough guy vocals breakdowns. Awful.

HORSE THE BAND/The Mechanical Hand (Combat Records) Another warped band and this one is way out there. The band mix in modern jump metal with a style so warped and so out there I was in shock. There isn't a lot of the tough guy vocal style, which was cool with me. The band do rip into some thrash metal styles too. The production is perfect and think Atheist meeting new Death meeting Human Remains meeting jazz. For the open minded only. Info:

LOOK WHAT I DID/Minute Man For The Moment (Combat) The music is cool and the vocals are wacked out. The music is warpy, crazed out shit. If you remember Human Remains, this band is like them a bit. The band is like death jazzed up metal with warped vocals. The band inject some of the jump metal stuff I wasn't crazy about, but the other stuff is nuts. Not bad. Info:

PART TIME SUPERSTAR/Turn Around-Melodic groove style of metal. I am not into this style as it is not my cup of tea. The vocals weren't bad for the style of music the band is playing and this is something you would find on one of those alternative rock stations. Info:

THE ONE ABOVE ALL THE END OF ALL THAT IS/Curl Up And Die (Revelation Records) This was breakdown/groove metal with those bad death metal vocals. Just couldn't find anything of interest as the band play metal like a ton of these other new style death metal bands with the break down parts and groove. Info:

RINGWORM/Justice Replaced By Revenge (Victory Records) Awesome old school hardcore played with the fury of a charging bull. Great hardcore, pissed off, that don't sound forced vocals. Pure 100% hardcore the way it used to be played in the 80's. The band can write some great catchy songs that just smoked me. Intense is the name of the game. Info:

SCARS OF TOMMOROW/The Horror Of Realization (Victory Records) This I couldn't get in too much due to the breakdown parts and the generic death metal vocals. The music isn't bad it is a mix of modern death metal with some groove parts, but it just sounded like too many other bands. Think At The Gates playing groove metal. Info:

WITH HONOR/This Is Our Revenge (Victory Records) Decent hardcore. A nice mix of the old style with a touch of the new style. Think old Agnostic Front, but with a bit of melody to their sound. The vocals are very good hardcore style vocals. The production is good and the fast parts are killer. If you like your hardcore played the old way, but mixed in a with a bit of the newer sound, you'll love this. Info:

TERROR THRONE/Counted Among The Wicked-4 tracks of raw, unrelenting death metal played the way it should be played. The riffs have that old chainsaw sound I love. The vocals are pure real death metal vocals that can't be faked nor are generic. Think older Death, Incantation, Autopsy, etc. The raw production works for this band. Love to hear a full length from this band, Info:

TERROR THRONE/Sick Obssession To Pain-Hey I got my wish and I got a full length from this band. 10 tracks of more chainsaw pounding death metal that is just as good as the 4 songs above. The band even through a big of Immolation into the mix and I just love the raw sound the band use. If you love old school raw death metal, here is your band. Info:

BRAZEN ABBOT/My Resurrection (Frontiers Records) This is an amazing slab of hard rock. This disc features 4 different singers, with my favorite being Joe Lynn Turner. The music is in the vein of bands like Night Ranger, Rainbow, Journey, etc. The production is perfect and the music and emotion that oozes out is mind blowing. Info:

LUNATICA/Fables & Dreams (Frontiers Records) I was reading the bands bio and didn't think I would like it much thinking it would be some goth band with female opera vocals. Nope not a chance. The band plays metal/rock with a touch of power metal with lots of melody and emotion. The female singer is great as she does a hell of a job and I liked her vocals as well as the rest of the band. The production is thick and heavy and the songs didn't bore me one bit. An awesome job by this band. Info:

HEADRUSH/Same (Frontiers Records) This was like a mixture of Journey meeting Dream Theater and I didn't like it too much. The songs to me didn't flow and I just couldn't get into it. The screams the vocals a bit too much for me and I just felt the songs lacked quality and just didn't catch my ear. Info:

ABSU/Mythological Occult Metal (Osmose Productions) This is a 2 cd set of like a best of release along with stuff that has been on compilations and plenty of unreleased stuff as well as demo stuff. This is not some fly by night let's put together a rip off package. There is a nice booklet and you get 21 tunes and I love the 4 covers as well, including a killer version of Swing of the Axe and also Bestial Invasion. This is a must have for any and all fans of the band. You can get this through The End Records.

ICARUS WITCH/Capture The Magic (Magick Records) This was a very cool power metal band. The band mix classic heavy metal mixed in with some nice power metal. The vocals are clean, but they fit the music. The band have plenty of melody and the songs are heavy, but melodic. Not your typical Hammerfall power metal type band. Info:

ORANGE SKY/Upstairs (Granite Records) This was pretty cool for what it was. The band remind me a bit of Faith No More in spots. The band are no doubt heavy and have some of the modern metal sound to them and mix in with the stuff Faith No More used to do. This also includes a 2nd disc which is a dvd of a live show of the band, which shows you live how the band are. Worth checking out if your into Mr Bungle, Faith No More, etc.

EARTH AD/On The Surface-I remember this band in the damn early 90's and lo and behold the band send me a CD. I was surprised they are still around. The band whip out 12 tunes of punky metal, but not some groove metal core band. The band play older school punk/metal with the vocals sounding like Gary from Pro Pain, but they are not like them musicwise. The tunes are short bursts like Faith of Fear meeting The Crumbsuckers. This as it played on really grew on me. Excellent job for this band. Info:

GODIVA/Call Me Under 666 (LMP) This is features the vocalist from the band Victory. Power metal is the ticket here. The band play catchy heavy metal that verges on power metal. This reminded me of heavy metal stuff from the 80's like Omen and Helstar. The production is top notch as is the playing. Raise your fist metal. Info:

CRONIC TEMPLE/In Thy Power (LMP) I didn't like this too much as it just sounded like too many other power metal bands with the same vocals, same tempos to the songs and the same song arrangements. Info:

BLACK MAJESTY/Silent Company (LMP) I am a sucker for melodic power metal and add this band to that list. The band play mostly in an up tempo, which I am a sucker for and the vocals are clear and high pitched sort of like Deadly Blessing in spots. Well, worth getting. Info:

WIZARD/Magic Circle (LMP) This was faster than the 2 above bands, but still good nevertheless. This band play more in a speed metal mode at times mixed in with a melodic power metal side. The vocals are a bit more aggressive than most of the power metal bands, which was a welcome change of pace. Good production. Info:

CASUS BELLI (In The Name of Rose (LMP) Yes, more power metal with a more aggressive side like the above band. The band is still melodic to a point, but also throw in some death metal. The vocals remind me of Forbidden without the high pitched vocals. This is the best release so from this batch of releases. Info:

ETERNAL REIGN/Forbidden Path (LMP) This was ok power metal. The band just sound like too many other power metal bands with the same style of clean vocals and the up tempo music. There is just too many bands doing the same style and some just don't cut it. Info:

PAGANS MIND/Enigmatic Calling (LMP) Dream Theater immediately came to mind as this played on. The band play in the same style and the vocals sound just like the singer and the music isn't much different from the Dream Theater boys. I thought this was ok, but it didn't blow me away as there are tons of bands doing the Dream Theater progressive style and this is just another one. Info:

ARMAGEDDON OVER WACKEN/LIve 2004 (Magick Records) Wow after listening to some of the performances on this 3, yeah 3, disc set I would love to see Wacken in person. Wacken is a big fest overseas that features a weekend of the best in metal. Some of the live stuff on here is a who's who of metal. Check out this line up-Motorhead, Destruction, Death Angel, Anthrax, Paragon, Hobbs Angel of Death, Cannibal Corpse, Unleashed, Dr. Rock, Mayhem, and many more. The live sound is great and if you call yourself a metal fan, this is a must have.

CIRCLE OF FEAR/When Dementia Sets In (Lito Records) Here is a local band that has been kicking around a few years and now we have a new release. The band in the past were fast speedy old style thrash metal and now have added a little bit of death metal to the mix. The production is excellent and I love the guitar sound. The fast parts are excellent too. Think older Megedeth meets older Slayer meeting pure real death metal. These guys are an excellent live band as well. Singer Chris is one of the best frontmans I have seen. Info:

MUSHROOMHEAD/VOL # 1 DVD (Filthy Hands) I know a lot of people call this band a poor man's Slipknot, but I think this band is better. While I am not a big fan of this style of music the bands plays, the modern metal death extreme style, this was pretty good. I have not heard much of the band except for a song her and there and I had no idea what to expect when this DVD popped in. This was a mixture of videos, live footage and some behind the scenes footage. The band put on a pretty amazing live show and like I said I'm not a huge fan of this stuff, but if you like the band you must own this DVD you will not be disappointed.

THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX/3 (Meteor City) This was modern alternative rock music. The music was ok really not my cup of tea. The music is well played and has some melody to it and I can see lots of people getting into this as like I said the music is really catchy and good for the style of music the band is playing. The guitar player can really hit some nice chops and the vocals are great for this style. Info:

OBTEST/Is Kartos Karta (Ledo Takas Records) This was like a mix of some black metal with death metal and viking style metal. The music is raw sounding, which I didn't mind too much. The vocals are shouted, but are not in a generic way. The music is fast, but not in a grind way. I can't compare them with really anybody as the music sounds very original to these ears. For those looking for something extreme, yet original, here ya go. Info:

NASHVILLE PUSSY/Get Some (Spitfire Records) I have seen a video or 2 of this band and they looked like a crazy, fucked up band live. Now I have the bands latest release. The music is simple, but effective rock no roll boogie stuff. Sort of like AC/DC playing southern rock. The band also reminded me of Circus Of Power. The songs are fantastic and the production is on the mark too. This is pure ass kickin rock n roll in a down and dirty way.

THE GREAT DEPRESSION/Blindside (DRT Entertainment) No I didn't like this at all. Modern alternative rock/metal with screaming vocals. The songs lacked substance and quality. I couldn't get into the tunes and the vocals were bad. The screaming style has been done to death and this band just don't have the good songs to back it up. I'll pass on this one.

WARPSMASHER/CDR DEMO-This is a one man band with a collection of 11 tunes. This started off as an industrial and then went into some warped death metal. It was totally off the wall and a welcome change from all the other stuff I get. As this played on it got weirder and weirder. For a one man project, this is quite good. The production is fair, the songs are warped and this isn't just some mindless crap put on a CD. If your into something different and out there, here might be your thing. Info:

DETONATION/Portals To Upobia (The End Records) I am very familiar with this band and now they return with a splendid release of death thrashing metal that will please any underground fan. This hits hard and hits fast and hits with a fury. The band write some amazing riffs and flood them with ripping blast parts that tore my brain apart. Perfect death metal aggressive vocals too. If somebody asked me what death metal is, I would not hesitate to put this on for them. Info:

AGE OF SILENCE/Complications (The End Records) This was an excellent release. This features many different bands and what a combination of music they have created. The music is emotional, haunting and they create a scene and drag you in full steam ahead. The music is a combo of doom metal with a touch of goth and lots of melody and some progressive music too. It is unlike anything I have heard before. The vocals are clear, but so emotional and fit the music perfectly. An amazing rollercoaster ride this band will give you. Info:

EPICA/Consign To Oblivion (The End Records) I didn't like this very much with the opera like female vocals. The music is like up tempo mixture of goth and power metal, but I am no fan of opera vocals in metal so this just wasn't my cup of tea. Info: