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New Reviews - 8/11/2005

ENTROPIA/Takte Morbid (Voliac) Typical gore death/grind in the vein of Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation. You have heard exact bands like these a million times over, from the typical cheezy tin can drumming blast beats to the growl death metal vocals and every cliche in the book of death metal. Sound like too many other bands. Info:

PROJECT FAILING FLESH/A Beautiful Sickness-This wasn't too bad. The band play death metal with a Swedish sound to them. The vocals are good, not the typical kind and the guy has quite a throat on him. The keyboard parts are kept to a minimum and the fast blasting parts are well done and the band can write some wicked riffs. Production is good and I think this band is on it's way to something. Info:

VON SIRIUS/The Mystical Doktryn Of Spiritual Accomplishment-This was crap. The band play boring death/goth with lots of keyboards and vocals that the guy just spits out with little emotion or feeling. The music is forgettable from the 1st note as it just plods along with little or no power. Not for me. Info:

MAHAVATOR/Go With The No (Cruz Del Sur) I thought this was ok power metal until the female vocals came in and ruined it. She sounds so out of place. The band play progressive metal with a touch of power metal to it. The band play with emotion and the songs sound pretty strong, but guys lose the female vocals. They are out of place and very trendy and you sound like a band that doesn't need some gimmick like that. Info:

ATTACK HAUS/W8 (YMA Music) This is like industrial/goth/techno thrash music. The band are from Japan and the music is quite good. The band blast through the tunes with conviction and speed. The production is good as are the vocals, as they fit the music perfectly. Think older Ministry is the ticket here. Pretty original and heavy stuff here. Info:
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WATCH ME BURN/Spermblast (Vomit Core) Fast blasting death/speed metal with some of the sickest female vocals ever. She is pure evil on the mic. The music is super fast blast, but not noise. The production is pretty good for this style of music too. The songs are short blasts of death/grind that if you are into the speed stuff, you'll crave this baby. Info:

DEADFOOD/Spill the Milk (Vomitcore) 5 songs of country rock. Not for me at all. Info:
[email protected]

MODE/The Deafening Moment Of Truth-This band play sort of metal thrash in a old school kind of way. The band are playing a style of music that not many bands are playing these days. I love the vocals, they are sung with feeling and the guy reminds me of EL Duce from The Mentors at times. The music is sort of like Kyuss at times. A cool release for sure. Info:
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CALIBAN VS HEAVEN SHALL BURN/The Split Program II (Lifeforce Records) Heaven Shall Burn offer up 6 tunes of groove metal which I didn't like all that much. The band follow a simple formula of groove with jump riffing and death metal vocals, that sounds like way too many other bands. Caliban offer up the same style, but there is less jump metal riffing and more toward the trash side of things, which crushes. I love the thrash style this band uses, the riffs slay and the fast parts are incredible. The vocals are like Chuck (rip) from Death, though I could do without the melodic style at times. This wasn't bad, but Caliban are the better of the 2 bands. Info:

FEAR MY THOUGHTS/Hell Sweet Hell (Lifeforce Records) Rip roaring thrash in the vein of At The Gates. The delivery is top notch and the riffs just ran right though me. The vocals and production are strong and the guitar sound is unreal. The drummer pounds his kit into total submission. One of the better new death metal bands making the round these days. Info:

GRENOUER/Presence With War-This was metal played with a thrash edge to it at times. The vocals, they were gruffy and I didn't care for them much. The music kinda just stays at a mid placed level and after a few tunes they kinda just blurred. This was sort of like Six Feet Under minus the cookie vocals. Info:

GRENOUER/Try-Oh this was horrible. Total jump nu metal crap with screamed vocals that was so generic and funny. This is total groove/industrial jump metal and is not even worth the cd it is printed on. At least the other bands cd was a decent metal release, but this is total shit.

ENTWINE/Dieversity (Magick Records) This was a more modern metal band. The band have melody and hooks and have a bit of groove here and there. The music is somewhat heavy and the vocals are very emotional and fit the music that the band is playing. This is more for the melodic metal fan that likes music with hooks and has a bit of the new modern metal sound to it. Info:

HIBRIA/Defying The Rules (Magick Records) Excellent power metal with lots of hooks and enough speed to keep me smiling. The vocals are clear, but powerful style. The production is perfect as everything shines, esp the killer guitar sound. If you love stuff like Hammerfall, Blind Guardian, etc, you'll want this great power metal release in your cd collection. Info:

DRAGONLAND/Starfall (Magick Records) This a killer blend of melodic power metal with tons of hooks and amazing vocals. The music is brilliant and combines the best of power metal with lots of melody and does not sound like some of the generic power metal bands making the rounds these days. The production is perfect and the playing is outstanding. Just the perfect blend of power and melody. Info:

FIREWIND/Forged By Fire (Magick Records) This is the 3rd release from these power metal masters. This release takes off right where the bands last release did and the band crank out my godly power metal with hooks and aggressive vocals. The riffs are so heavy and so damn catchy I can't see how anybody cannot like this band. The production is perfect and the guitar sound is mint. This band is a bit more thrashy and a bit more speedy than the above band and that is fine with me. Incredible release. Info:

FLOWING TEARS/Razorbliss (Magick Records) This is goth/doom with female vocals. I am not a big fan of goth and only a few doom metal bands and I pretty much hate female vocals in metal. The band sound good, but the style is something that I can't get into at all. Info:

FIGHTING WARRIORS/Dextera Dei-The Tales Of Iarus-4 tracks of some not so good power metal. I will say this, the band is very original and are doing a style of power metal unlike any other band I have heard. But, I don't like the female vocals and the songs I found not strong and very boring. The songs just played along and just didn't hit me or make me take notice. Sorry guys, your an original band, but maybe just not for me. Info:

MEGADETH/Greatest Hits (Capitol Records) While I wish some stuff from the 1st release was on this, this was a pretty cool release. You get 17 tunes spanning the bands career and from some choice cuts on the bands best release, Peace Sells, to their 2nd best release, Rust In Peace. This a good retrospective of what the band has done so far, minus stuff from the 1st release.

BATTLELORE/Third Edge Of The Sun (Napalm Records) This was goth metal that I couldn't get into as I am not a fan of female vocals along with the death metal male style of vocals. There is 13 track and the production is good, but this style of music is not my cup of tea. Info:

ANTIMATTER/Planetary Confinement (The End Records) Very mellow music from 2 guys one of who was in Anathema. The music is like what I guess you could say is dark rock. I did enjoy this to a point, as it is cool, so what it is and if I am in the mood to just relax and read Snakepit magazine he he. If your into really mellow, but emotional music, check these guys out. Info:

PECCATUM/The Moribund People (The End Records) I didn't really like this too much. Goth metal with female vocals and like black/death metal vocals. The music just didn't too anything for me whatsoever. I guess if your into bands like this, this might be something you like as the production is good as well as the playing. Info:

INSIDIOUS DECREPENCY/Decadent Orgy Of Atrocious Suffering (Unmatched Brutality) This was not bad for a modern death metal style band. I don't like the low guttural vocals, but you all know I hate that style. The music is mostly fast paced with some nice double bass parts and thunderous ripping riffs. The music does slow down at times and the production is thick and heavy. If your into the Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation style of death metal these guys do it quite well. Info:

PROSTITUTE DISFIGURMENT/Embalmed Madness (Unmatched Brutality) This is another band like the above band playing modern style groove/blast death metal. Again I can't stand the vocals as they sound childish and they are not brutal at all. The music is fairly fast and catchy and I do like some of the riffs and song arrangements. The production is good and while I am not a fan of this style at all, this wasn't too bad. Info:

BLOODCHUM/Ravenous Consumtion (Unmatched Brutality) This was a total Internal Bleeding/Suffocation/Cannibal Corpse/every groove band from Long Island clone band. This was bad. I hated the vocals, the cheezy blast beats and the song arrangements just sounded too much like a million other bands that do this style. Info:

INGURGITATING OBLIVION/Voyage Toward Abhorrence (Unmatched Brutality) A killer slab of death metal in the vein of Immolation and Morbid Angel. Bone crushing riffs and real death metal vocals and music that just oozes hate and spews forth riffs that are like the guitar player is hurting and punishing his guitar. This is pure evil and by far the best thing ever released on this label. Hands down one of the best death metal releases of 2005 so far. Info:

A PERFECT MURDER/Strength Through Vengeance (Victory Records) This is total Painter down from the riffs to the vocals. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Pantera, but I hated all the wanna be bands that they created. That said, this isn't too bad. The riffs are monstrous heavy and the vocals, even though the guy is Phil clone, does a pretty good job. Since Pantera is not around I'll just use this band as continuing the legacy they left behind. Info:

ADEMA/Planets (Earache) 16 tracks of modern rock that is well played with lots of feeling and emotion. Not sure many people will be into these guys, but I think they play some damn good modern rock with bits of pieces of metal mixed in. The vocals are strong and the guy had a solid clean voice that fits the music. The songs are well thought out and played. Info:

JIZZY PEARL/Vegas Must Die (Shrapnel Records) Jizzy was the lead singer in the band Love/Hate and now is back with this release. This is totally forgettable 80's rock, sort of like is old band Love/Hate, who were one of those garbage sunset strip La rock/crap bands. This is good ole rock that sucked back in the 80's and sucks even more now. If your into Great White, Guns and Rose, LA Guns, etc, you'll want this.

DROUGHT/Same (Memphis Records Online) This was like modern rock with lots of emotion in the vocals. I just couldn't get into this because this is not my cup of tea. I am not into all the modern rock stuff and that is what this band is doing. The music is heavy and the riffs are trippy and my favorite part is the vocals. If your into that sort of thing, here is your band. Info;

MRS FLETCHER/If Jesus Is My Co-Pilot (Memphis Records Online) This was just like garage rock with a low production and screamed vocals and the female vocals were the worst. This is like some down the street bar band that can't draw more than 10 fans to a gig. Easily forgettable. Info:

MARC BOLAN/Born To Boogie (Sanctuary Records) This is a double cd which is like a soundtrack to the DVD release. 2 disc chock full of old tunes from T-Rex, Ringo Star and T Rex, and some Elton John. This was some pretty cool old rock n roll stuff and disc #2 contains an old concert from 1972 before Marc died. The DVD is a double disc of 2 concerts, lots of bonus footage and more stuff and comes with a 32 page booklet. Well worth getting if your into the sounds of old 70's rock and Marc Bolan lives on.

MISTWEAVER/Age Of Darkness (Golden Lake Productions) Doom/death metal with a touch of goth and clear female vocals. The music also goes into hyper speed black metal at times. This I found very boring as the band sounds like a ton of other bands mixing in the styles and the style is boring and repetitive. The production is good, but the songs to my ears aren't strong at all. Info:

EMANCER/The Menace Within (Golden Lake Productions) Pretty impressive death metal with bits of fast blasting black metal. The songs are strong and sound good. The vocals are solid growls of death and this is by far not generic, nor boring. The songs click and made me long for more. The music is fairly original and very powerful and fast. A solid release. Info:

HORNA/Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne (The End Records) Ripping fast, raw style black metal. This I know is the real deal. This isn't some let's pretend we are evil band. This is just plain evil. You can feel it in the music and in the vocal delivery. This is raw, fast, punishing black metal the way it should be and must be played. Info:

EPICA/We Will Take You With Us (The End Records) I didn't like this at all. It is goth and power metal with clean female vocals. The production is mint and if your into bands like The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, etc you'll find this band to your liking. Info:

ROYAL HUNT/Paper Blood (Magna Carta) 12 tracks of awesome power metal with a mix of progressive metal. This is the album Dream Theater sound have made after 'Images and Words" Wonderful playing, chock full of catchy, but heavy riffs, and godly vocals. Production is perfect and the vocals are clear, but powerful and are the perfect fit for this band. One of the best releases of 2005 hands down. Info:

DARZAMAT/Semidevilish The band sent me this cd and it is 11 studio tracks and one video track. The music is like goth/death metal, but it is not that bad for the style the band play. The music is more aggressive than most bands that play this style and I can tolerate the vocals. The music is a mix of goth and like older style death/black metal with a few keyboard parts as well. The good thing is that this is not some generic goth/Cradle of Filth wanna be band. Info:

ALETHIAN/Dying Vine (Hope Prevails Productions) This was an ok release. The band melodic death metal that was decent to these ears. The band thank god is not some Suffocation clone band or some nu metal shit. The band play death metal sort of like Cynic and newer Death at times. The production is good and I am glad to see a band follow and do what they want and not be some trendy let's sound like every other band type of band. The music is not complex enough that you would not like it and the vocals are good and powerful too. This grew on me and is pretty damn good. Info:

CORPSEFUCKIN ART/War Of The Toilet Gear (Goregiastic Records) Total Suffocation/Dying Fetus groove Long Island metal stuff with those slurpy growl vocals. Same as every other band doing this style. Info:

CEREBRAL EFFUSION/Smashed & Splattered Organs (Goregiastic Records) This wasn't as bad as the above band. This band plays nu metal with the groove style and the blast beats, but is not so generic and cheezy as most bands doing this style. The riffs are quite good and even the fast parts don't have that cheezy blast sound and even the slower parts are less groove and more thought out that most bands doing this style. Yeah the vocals are low, but what the heck when the music isn't bad like this I can live with it. Info:

REINFECTION/Peace Through Killing (Goregiastic Records) 19 track of super fast grind/death metal. The band sound like any other grind band as they slow down and the play hyper fast with the low vocals. The production is raw, which was a plus for me. If your into Brutal Truth and bands of that nature, I think you'll like this. Info:

HOLOCAUSTO/CANIBAL MIXOMATOSIS Split CD (Deus Mortuus Productions) 17 tracks from Holocausto who play death metal with hints of grind. The band is not a Cannibal Corpse clone as they do mix in that style along with the blast beats, but also throw in some slower parts that remind me of Immolation. The vocals aren't super low and that is a plus. Not a bad band. Mixomatosis play grind with lots of slower parts and also totally sick gargle vocals that I have never heard before. There stuff is a mix of different recordings and also a couple covers from Blood and Impetigo. I am not a big fan of grind, but I would say this split cd is one of the best I have heard for this style of music. Info:

OXIDISED RAZOR/AUTOPHAGIA Split CD (Deus Mortuus Productions) Oxidised Razor offer up 6 tracks of super fast grind with some bad, cup the mic vocals. The slower parts were ok, but the vocals are just so awful and bad it makes the music unlistenable. To me cupping the mic is not brutal, it is stupid and childish. Autophagia offer up more of the same and those tin can sounding drums and even worse vocals that Oxidised Razor. The guy just grunts into the mic and the band just bash out the music. Unlistenable period. Info:

TERRORIST/Mata O Muere (Deus Mortuus Productions) 14 tracks of some good straight ahead death metal. The band play vicious sounding death metal with some rip roaring riffs and good death metal vocals. The band doesn't sound like any one band I can put my finger on. They are more in the old school vein and the production is solid as well. Info:

PROPHECY/Foretold...Foreseen (Goregiastic Records) This band I remember awhile back was just a total SUffocation clone band. The band still play in that style, but it is not as bad as before. The band have slowed it down a bit and the riffs and the music is better to a point. The band still have that groove and the low vocals, but if your into that style I would say this band is better than a bunch of other bands doing this sort of thing. Not for me, but maybe for you. Info:

KILLING SPREE/Deception Betrayal Revenge (What's My Cut Productions) An excellent thrash band with a touch of death metal. Think older Slayer with more of a thrash sound to them. The production is right on target and the vocals are excellent, powerful and commanding. One of the best bands I have heard in quite some time. Info:

THE RAYS OF THE SUN/Living Flowers Gallery (Metal Breath Productions) I found to be really boring. Kinda like goth meeting heavy metal with sort of soft spoken vocals that did nothing for me as did the music. The music kinda plodded a long with no direction or meaning. This just didn't grab me and pretty much I thought this band needs a lot of work. Info:

SORATH/Vivimos En Perpetua Guerra (Metal Breath Productions) This is mix of Morbid Angel meeting black metal. The music is also semi technical at times. The music isn't bad as the band mix up some slower parts with some blasts of fast death/black metal. The vocals are pretty good and the production is strong. Even the blast parts aren't noise. A gem of a find. Info:

DYING PASSION/Sweet Disillusions (Metal Breath) I'm not a big fan at all of these emotional goth/classical metal style of groups esp with the female vocals. Well, here is a band that I enjoyed. The music was so awesome and emotional and played with such a feeling that I got sucked in. Even the female vocals, which I usually hate, sounded good to my ears. If your into this style this is the best band I have heard doing this style. Info:

TOTALISTI/Slave To None (Magna Carta) Sort of a new metal group with lots of groove type of riffing with tough guy vocals. I have heard way too many bands that are similar to this band and they are doing nothing new. The band also mix in some melodic parts and vocals. Sorry you sound lime every other nu metal/dance riff band that is making the sounds. info:

ELEGEION/The Last Moment (Dark Symphonies) This is a doom metal band with a few goth parts here and there. The music is super heavy with crushing heavy like riffs that will blow you away. The vocals are sung sometimes by a female, but they fit the music really well and I can live with them. This is very doomy and is played with lots of feeling and emotion and yeah there are other bands doing this style, but not as good as this band. Worth getting. Info:

TEENAGE FANCLUB/Man-Made (Merge Records) This a power punk type of band and they are really good for the style they are playing. The music is simply rock n roll with a bit of an alternative edge. The vocals fir the music as he sings in a very soulful voice. If your into bands like Husker Du and the like, you'll love this. Info:

GRADE 8/Resurrection-Horrible groove metal with the tough guy vocals and this isn't close to being as good as Pantera. This band is as generic as all the other 'hard music' type of bands. Info:

NOISY MOTIONS/Various Artists DVD (Osmose Productions) 28 videos from the Osmose roster including some bonus video of Immortal and Blasphemy. All the death, fire, blood and guts of this killer label is here. Absu, Impaled Nazarene, Diabolos Rising and many others. This is a killer collection of videos and the bonus videos are just like icing on a chocolate cake. Info:

MYSTICA/Human Mutants (Painkiller) A furious display of some prime death/black metal played old style with tons of feeling and emotion. Listen to these riffs they force the head to bang. Think old Entombed with old style black metal screamed vocals. Production is perfect and this is a one great underground release. Info:

EX DELIRIUM/Transhuman (Painkiller) I couldn't get into this at all. The band play a lot at mid tempo and it kinda made all the songs blend in and sound the same. This is 2 guys who play heavy metal that is straight forward, but with little feeling and just didn't have that crunch I crave. These guys need to work on their songs a bit and then they might be onto something. Info:

NORTURNAL BREED/The Remasters (Painkiller) The cd I have has a few tracks from a boxed set the label is putting out of 5 cds from this band. This band play ripping old school death/black metal that will dull your senses. Listening to a few tracks from this bands demo reminds me of the 1st release from the gods of Kreator. The band then mix in a bit of the Destruction sound with some razor sharp riffs. I am not sure what will be on all 5 cds, but I am sure if you go to the website all info will be there. All I know is this band crushes. Info:

CHRIS CAFFERY/W.A.R.P.E.D. (Black Lotus) This is straight forward metal in the vein of bands like Omen, Shok Paris, Savatage, etc. The music I thought was ok. It just didn't reach out and grab me and pull me in big time. The vocals and production are strong, but the female vocals are out of place and this didn't knock me out. Thought it was just ok. Info:

MIDNIGHT/Sakada (Black Lotus) This is the old singer from Crimson Glory and I found this release rather boring. The title track sounds like something you would hear on the Sahara desert. The music is very mellow and I'm just not feeling the emotion and thought the songs lack any punch and style. Info:

ANGEL/A Woman's Diary Chapter #1 (Black Lotus) This is goth metal with female vocals. The music is pretty much emotional and slower style with opera like vocals. I am not a fan of this style, but this is better than most of the other goth stuff I have heard and the female has a really good voice that fits the music. Info:

DR BUTCHER/Same (Black Lotus) This is a release of this as it came out in the early 90's and I am sure it is hard to get on cd. But not anymore. This also comes with a bonus cd of 4 demo tracks and a brand new track written in 1993, but being recorded for this cd. These 2 guys were in Savatage and that is what the music sounds like, but it older Savatage, not when they became wimpy. This is a double dual cd of perfect straight forward heavy metal with great, solid, the way it should be, heavy metal vocals. The production is bottom heavy and if your into bands like Armored Saint, Omen, old Savatage, you must buy this right now. The demo tracks are an added bonus. A heavy metal fan's delight. Info:

THE MISFITS MEET NUTLEY BRASS (Misfit Records) A brass band does 11 Misfit covers. This was different, but I can't say I enjoyed it. The music, if you didn't know, you would have no idea this band is doing Misfit covers. I am at a loss of words. This is one of the most weirdest cds I have ever had to review. Info:

BALZAC/Out Of The Grave And Into The Dark (Misfit Records) This a double cd release with the 2nd cd having a dvd on it, which includes videos, live tracks and a short horror film. The music is aggressive old style punk played with a vicious style. This not some tough guy groove metal band. This is raw, stripped down aggressive hardcore/punk the way it was played and should be played. Over 80 minutes on the one cd. The vocals are out of control and the music rips you in the face and doesn't let go. Info:

IOMMI/Fused (Sanctuary Records) This another solo release from Tony Iommi, better known as the guitar player for Black Sabbath. Glenn Hughes, who has a great voice, is the singer on this release. While this is not quite as heavy as some of the Black Sabbath releases, it is still a kick ass metal release. Iommi still can rip out those ultra heavy riffs and solos. This is an excellent release for any into heavy music or any fan of Black Sabbath will go bonkers over this. Glenn Hughes does an amazing job on this record too. Info:

ABSCESS/BLOODRED BACTERIA Split (Bestial Burst) Abscess off up godly raw, stripped to the bone death metal with some of the heaviest, slowest riffs and also the brutality. This band is back and better than ever. The raw sound only makes them sound better. A must for any death metal fan. Bloodred Bacteria offer up insane grind that is so off the way and so crazy it can't be described. It is industrial/grind with some of the most warped vocals. A blistering double dose of underground metal. Info:

NAILGUNNER/WOUNDS Split (Bestial Burst) Nailgunner offer up old bay area style thrash that sounded good to these ears. This is raw, stripped to the bones thrash and band sort of remind me of bay area thrash meets Whiplash meets Blessed Death. Wounds offer up killer old style thrash like Bloodfeast and old Pestilence. This release crushes all. Info:

DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER/War Blood Massacre (Bestial Burst) This I thought was ok. The band play chainsaw like death metal, but something just didn't click with me. The band mix it up with some fast and slower parts, but this just didn't do anything for me. The vocals are ok, the music just lacks that ultra punch for me. Info:

SPHERICAL DISRUPTED/Null (Audiophob) 7 long tracks of ambient noise and electronic sounds. This is like a soundtrack to a movie. It is not my cup of tea at all and I guess it would be good backround music for relaxing or reading a book, but what do I know. Info:

MEPHISTO/Metal Of Death (Bestial Burst) 10 tracks of raw death/black played the old way, and by old way I mean 80's demo sounds. Think Sodom, Hellhammer, Beheirt, Slaughter, etc. The riffs and feeling are total old school and I love the guitar sound and the vocals are pure hell. The production is fuckin raw like bands of this nature should be. No tough guy vocals, no groove metal, no jump riffs, no dance parts, just pure death. A must for metal person into the old school way. Info:

MALDELBROT/Auf Tauchfahrt (Audiophob) More ambient stuff. This is like the other band on the label except this music is more trippy and while it wouldn't be something I would listen to on a regular basis, it would be enjoyable to listen to this while surfing the web or something. Pretty cool tripped, spaced out music. Info:

OSCOTARACH/Various (Audiophob) This was a double cd of 4 bands doing experiential, industrial, ambient music. I am no expert at this stuff and I feel it has a limited fan base, but for me I just don't see the appeal of these types of bands, though Maldelbrot wasn't bad. If your into this sort of spacey stuff, check out the website and the bands. info:
www.deafborn. de

JACKNIFE/Moment Of Reckoning (Zero Sun) This is another one of those modern groove metal bands with tough guy vocals. This was ok as the songs are better than a lot of the other bands that do this style. The music is like all other bands doing this style, lots of groove style riffing and tough guy/death vocals. Info:

DEADBIRD/The Head And The Heart (Earache) This was boring doom metal to me that lacked any sort of punch and the riffs just plodded along with little no direction for me. The vocals were terrible and I do like some doom, but was just like a bad Kyuss sound a like band. Info:

YNGWIE MALSTEEN'S RISING FORCE/Unleash The Fury (Spitfire Records) I have not heard any material from this guy in quite some time and wow what a monster release this is. Plenty of power and Yngwie rips out riff after riff of pure power that was a delight to these ears. The vocalist, this band has been through many, is a guy with a nice set of pipes and his voice is perfect for this sort of music. Yngwie can really rip out the solos and the instrumentals really show off his guitar playing. Don't let that fool yeah as he can also whip out some melodic riffs when it calls for it. A great pure heavy metal release. Reminded me of the gods Rainbow at times with more of a power metal edge. Info:

MUNICIPAL WASTE/Hazardour Mutation (Earache) Godly old school thrash metal in the vein of Violence. Razor sharp riffing and don't get me started on the vocals, they are insane and simply rule. I love this release so much I don't know where to start? The production is on the money and this band hands down is the best new band I have heard this year. This crushes and blows away everything. Bands like this are what the underground metal scene is all about. A must. If you buy this and you think it sucks you need to be forced to listed to the Backstreet Boys for a month straight! Info:

BEECHER/This Elegy His Autopsy (Earache) This is a decent mesh of hardcore and metal. The band rip through some of the tracks with a fury and a whirlwind of riffing. The vocals are good, solid shouted type with a touch of the tough guy style, but not enough to make it annoying. The band plays a vicious style of metal-core and for this style it is better than most. Info: