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New Reviews - 6/7/2005

JACK SLATER/Metzgore (Cudgel) Aggressive fast death metal with throaty style vocals. The music is mostly semi technical fast death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse and Malevelent Creation. The production is strong and the band plays with velocity and precsion. A soild effort that may lack originality, but more than gets the job done. Info:

SKYFIRE/Spectral (Arise Records) A wicked combo of black metal and at times power metal. The vocals are black metal style and the keyboard parts are perfect too. The band can blast into hyerblast black metal, but mix in tons of melody and the songs just plain rule. Every song on here was a clasic. Highly recommended. Info:

FEAR MY THOUGHTS/The Great Collapse (Lifeforce Records) This packed quite a bunch. This band combine swedish death metal/thrash and a bit of hardcore to make one whale of a release. Great vocals too as the guy spits out the words with hate and feeling. Production is soild and the guiatr work really shines here. A quality death metal band. Info:

TOC/Loss Angeles (Inside Out) An excellent rock band with a touch of progressive metal in there too. Stand out vocals and the guy has an increible set of lungs and he fits the music that this band is playing perfectly. The band play with lots of meodly, but back it up with power too. At best I can describe this as if Dream Theatre played rock. Info:

TILES/Window Dressing (Inside Out Music) Progressive melodic music is the ticket here. The music will take the listener on a roller coaster ride of various styles. The band write some incredible riffs and the vocals are sung with a passion that not many other bands have. The band has some older stuff that was recently re-released so look for that as well. Info:

ON A DEAD MACHINE/Same-This is modern nu metal style, though it is better than most. The vocals are what makes this band stand out. The vocals when the guy sings melodic are killer. The band does have the typical jump metal riff breaks at times, but they also throw in many melodic emotional parts that simply melt me. I could see a record deal easily for these guys. Info:

WITHOUT WARNING/Live At Bonnies-This was a killer power/thrash band local band back in the 80's that has recently got back toghether and here is cd of a live show from back then. The production isn't bad and the songs sound as fresh today as they did back then. This band played power thrash metal with was full of awesome riffing and thick vocals. The band can be compared to bands like Helstar, Deadly Blessing, Omen, etc and bands like that. The band never got sig ned, but I have no idea why as they were a great band. I recently saw a re-union show line up with the band and it was amazing. Get old of this cd as it is a must. Info:

MENNON/Freakazoid (Escape Music) This was a rock band sort of reminded me of Queensryche at times. I am not a fan of Queensryche and this music, kinda bored me. It is heavy and catchy and all, but I didn't like the vocals and the music didn't do much for me. If your into rock music with a bit of metal edge, you might like this.

THE MISSING/Bleed-This reminded me a lot of the sadly missed Sapphic Ode. Great original music with some awesome female vocals. The band play metal with a industrial, weird edge that is hard to explain. The vocals are great, this girl has a hot voice and can belt out the tunes. The production is on the money and I could see this band easily getting a deal and selling lots of records. Info:

VEXED/Destruction Warfare (Witches Brew Records) Awesome Bay Area like thrash that kills. Think Deathrow meeting older Exodus meeting Whiplash. The riffs just totally rip me to schreds and the vocals are prime thrash vocals all the way. 11 tracks including a godly cover of 'Total Destruction" by Destruction. The band play such feeling, anger and emotion it is tough to put into words. This is a must have for any old school thrash/death metal fan. Buy or fry. Info: [email protected]

ICARUS WITCH/Roses On White Lace-5 tracks of pure straight ahead metal with some kick ass vocals. The 5 songs just leave me wanting more. The 5 tracks are all honest to goodness metal numbers that any fan of Dio, Queensryche, etc would love. There are not many of these types of bands around and we need more bands of this nature. The band can write some great metal riffs and the vocals are a bit like Rob Halford at times. Would love a full length from these guys soon. Info:

FORCE OF EVIL/Black Empire (Escapi Music) Excellent metal verging on power metal. This can be compared to Judas Priest "Painkiller" era which is fine my my ears. Great riffs that had my heading banging and classic siren like powerful vocals made this a delight to review. This is pure metal that way it should be. Total non generic stuff here. Searcth this baby out and buy it at all costs right now.

PLASTILINOVY JINN/We Are-This is techno music which I am no into at all and to me I have interest in this at all. Info: [email protected]

GODKING/Bloodrill-A raw death/thrash band with some wicked style riffing that this band plays. The raw prodction givces in an early thrash feel, which was cool with me. The band can play mid tempo and also blast off into some fast parts. The vocals are good throaty deep death metal vocals and the 6 tunes here were quite enjoyable and I look forward to checking more out from this band. Info:

ADIMIRON/Burning Souls (Karmageddon Media) Fast death metal like Morbid Angel and Decide. The band hit hard with some blistering riffs and great death metal vocals. The band write good solid tunes that anybody into the faster side of things will like and also the production is solid and so forth. Info:

RUSSELL ALLEN/Atomic Soul (Inside Out Music) This is straight ahead rock n roll with a metal and a Southern edge to it. The tunes are heavy, catchy numbers like something on a Alice in Chains or Soundgarden cd. The vocals are stong, and sound very pissed out, but not hardocre pissed off. The production is right on the money too. Russell Allen is the singer in Symphony X, but this is nothing like them, but just a kick ass boggie rock/metal band. Info:

ETHRNAL/Satanic Templars Of The Dark Age (Sinister Sounds) 4 tracks of fast death metal in the vein of immolation and Incantation. This shit is mega fast and the riffs are just wicked crippling. The vocals are true death metal vocals that reminded me of Ross from Immolation. The 4 tracks are like a tease of what I hope will be a good solid full length from this band. Info:

OF HUMAN BONDAGE/The Goat Sessions Vol #1 (Sinister Sounds) Raw promitive black metal that just didn't do it for as I thought the songs were rather weak and the music is just standard black metal style as is the vocals. The production is very raw and the pick rigging guitar style and the screeched black metal vocals made this average at best. Info:

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS/The Veil (Ironbound) Typical nu jump metal that sounds like Pantera and all bands of that nature. Nothing new, very boring jump music that had me bored after 4 songs. There was nothing new this band is doing that I have not heard about 500 times by now. Info:

DEEP PURPLE/Burn (Rhino Records) This is a classic release by a classic band and is now re-mastered and included 5 bonus re0mixes from 2004. The bonus re-mixes are ok. but if you don't already have this on cd, you must buy it. Classic rock from this now legendary band that still sounds fresh today. Forget David Coverdale when he was with limp rock Whitesnake, this was is shining jewel. 8 tracks that any fan of classic rock must buy this very moment. Info:

ANTIGAMA/Discomfort (Self Made God) 13 blasting grind tracks ala Brutal Truth. I am not a big fan of grind, but this band at least doesn't go a 100 miles an hour ever second. The band do slow it down at times and the music when it is fast, is damn fast. The vocals are screamed grind style with some death metal here and there. The drummer must be dead after a show ha ha. The production is good for this style of music and it's not a bad job by this band. Info:

DIRTBAGS/Armpit Of Metal DVD-This is one of the many dvds put out by the Master, Mr. Bill Zebub, who some of you know as the editor of The Grimoire of Exaulted Deeds. This is a fucked up movie with literally no plot, but have some very funny moments and hey any guy will like seeing nude and next to nude girls, who are pretty hot by the way. Death metal music is the soundtrack as well, which works for me. Bill, your a mental genius. Info:

SINAI B EACH/Immersed (Victory Records) Music wise this is a briallant display of how groove style death metal can work. The band write tremendous riffs that are catchy, but still heavy and don't come across as sounding forced or generic. The vocals are a different story. I don't like the Pantera wanna be vocals at all. The guy does mix it up, but when he goes into the style it just sounds like a Pantera wanna be band. The production is right on the money and if your into the new metal style and the like, this is the best band doing that style right now. Info:

HELL WITHIN/Asylum Of The Human Predator (Lifeforce) This was a pretty neat release. The band mix hardcore and metal together and also throw in some melody to boot. Thank god the band does not go the Pantera vocals route, the guy sings in a melodic death metal style, which was a nice change of pace. Production is good and this is one of the few bands doing this style that are any good in my book. Info:

DEADLY WEAPON/Same-Some decent rock n roll in the vein of bands like Kiss. The music is pure rock n rool and it not glam like Poison or Motley Crue. This is straight ahead rock n roll like Kiss played in the 70's. The vocals are good for this style of music and if your into rock n roll then this is a pretty good band to get your teeth wet with. Info:

CARNAL RAPTURE/SAME-3 tracks of technical death metal in the vein of Cynic. The 3 tracks were a tease as this was a really cool and original band, chock full of great riffing, vocals and song arrangments. This was enjoyable all around. 3 songs is not enough dammit. Info: [email protected]

CIA/Attitude (Screaming Ferret Records) This is a old release by the drummer of Nuclear Assault drummer Glenn Evans that came out many moons ago, and now is out on cd. This was 80's style thrash, not like Nuclear Assault as this relys a bit less on speed. Glenn pretty does everything on this by himself except for a few leads here and there. If your into the old school style or your tape verison has run dry, here is another chance to get this. Info: www.screaming

THE LURKING CORPSES/23 Tales Of Terror-23 tunes of gore lyrics with piunk/metal music behind it. This wasn't too bad as at least the band aren't some generic Cannibal Corpse band. The band play metal, but it isn't death metal it is in more in line with The Misfits, etc. The guitar sound is heavy and the vocals are good and fit the music. The music is pretty original and I don't get much stuff that sounds like this band so I give them a thumbs up. Info:

DOG FACED GODS/Stoned Council (Voodoo Nation Records) This was like an alternative nu metal band with breakdowns and groove riffs that I didn't like at all. The music was faceless and sounds like every other band doing this style. Bands of this style are a dime a dozen and only a few are any good, and this isn't one of them. Info: GZR/Ohmwork (Santuary Music) This is Geezer Butler's of Black Sabbath's new band. The 1st track is a pure metal tune, but by track 3 I was gone. It's a god awful rap, nu metal tune. Track 6 brought me back with an incredible riff to the tune and bass line. The vocalist does a great job here and I might be nit picking a bit, but overall this was a strong disc of metal. Info:

NOCTURNE/Guide To Extinction (Triple XXX Records) Groove metal sort of like White Zombie at times with female vocals. The vocals actually are really good as this girl has a powerful set of lungs and the style she is signing it works for this band. The band also throw is some speedy thrash parts too. The vocals are also sort of like the girl in Crisis too. For a band doing this style, I would find it hard to find a better band.

ANGELFIRE/Same-Raw, crude thrash metal in the vein of older Kreator, which sounded fine to these ears. The band play btotal old school 80's style German thrash/speed metal with some wicked riffs. The band has a raw syle about them I love. The band play music in the Kreator 'Extreme Agression' era and track #2 is a blistering blaze of metal that is full of emotion that is not to be missed. Info:

BURDEN OF GRIEF/Fields Of Salvation (Magick Records) A cool wicked blend of swedish death metal and classic power metal. The riffs are savage and razor sharp and will rip through your skull. Vocals that are screamed with the highest of conviction sounding like a man on his last breaths. Production is on the money as everything is crystal clear. Solid release. Info:

FINAL BREATH/Let Me Be Your Tank (Magick Records) Modern thrash metal with a touch of the groove style to it. This is a mix of newer Slayer, The Haunted, swedish death metal and thrash metal all thrown in a blender. Production is perfect and the vocals are gruff, but fit the music. I enjoyed the cd pretty much as the riffs and thrashing parts had me smiling. Cool band. Info:

GILES/Same-(Victory Records) Electronic dance/techno music that is totally not for me so I couldn;t even fairly review this. Info:

PARAGON/Revenge (Magick Records) Godly power metal in the vein of Judas Priest Painkiller era. Riffs and melodies to die for. Just crushing riff after riff that buries all of those Hammerfall copy bands. This band is no fly bu night band as this is their 8th release. Perfect production and I love the guitar sound the band use. One of the best power metal bands around today. Buy or fry. Info:

NEGATOR/Old Black (Magick Records) Typical fast riff picking black metal that sounds like all the rest with the black metal vocal style. Nothing new here. Info:

HALIFAX/A Writer's Reference (Drive Thru Records) This is a re-release of the bands ep from a few years back. I am not so much into this style of music, punk with a very commercial edge. The band do play the songs hard and the riffs and singing are quite catchy and I am sure when the band release their debut cd it will sell lots of records. If your into Green Day, Good Charlotte, and bands of that nature, this will be something you also want. Info:

CRUCIFIRE/Unblessed Unto Hatred-3 tracks of unholy old school death metal that totally lays waste to most bands doing this today. The riffs are heavy as fuck and the style and emotion and conviction displayed by this band can't be topped by many. Think immolation and Incantation. 3 songs is just a tease I need more. This crushes. Info: [email protected]

THE FAIR SEX/The Dark Ages (Van Richter Records) Industrial goth dance stuff that wasn't my cup of tea and therefore I can't review stuff like this fairly. Info:

DARK REIGN/Anthology- This is an old band from the 80's that now has a 2 disc set out. The 2nd disc is a bunch of cool live stuff on dvd which was an extra added welcome bonus. The band play fast speedy death/thrash with rapid drum beats and throaty, good death metal vocals. The band remind me a bif older Sacred Reigh in spots too. This is a great double cd for anybody into old school metal. Don't have an email addy, but you can write them at: Dark Reign-4618 Mc Ewen St Houston, Texas 77009

FROST/Extreme Loneliness-Fragments (Paragon Records) This was originally released a few years ago on a now out of print label. Now this label has re-released this along with some bonus tracks. I had never heard of the band before, but they play some wickedly killer black metal that blows full blast in speed and power. YThe band just play with great intensity and just deliver the goods. This is no fly by night generic black metal band. Perfect vocals and the band slow it down and speed it up just at the right time. The bonus tracks are an added feature too. If you crace black metal, look no further than this. Info:

DIMENTIANON-2005 Promo-4 tracks of good solid death metal that thank god doesn't sound like Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse. This band mix in a bit of the new style of death metal, but also throw in some good soild fast blacst parts, that don't sound generic or tin can sounding on the drums. The vocals are like a mix of death metal with a touch of black metal and the vocals aren't those let's cup the mic and growl kind. Why this band isn't signed is a mystery to me? Info: [email protected]

MALEDICTIVE PIGS/Soul Surgery (Cudgel) 10 tracks of some brutal death metal though I don't like the low gutteral vocals. The music I have to admit is a crushing blend of death metal played with 100% conviction and power. The riffs are the plkaying are top notch so I can tolerate the vocals. Production is top notch too. Info:

TRAIL OF TEARS/Freefall Into Fear (Naplam Records) This was a pretty cool band to listen too. The band mix in some goth with their brand of death metal and I don't even mind the female vocals in this band. The music is a cross of swedish death metal mixed in with bits and pieces of goth. The band play some wicked fast parts overlayed with some melodic parts with melody. The vocals are good, powerful death metal style vocals along with a good production. Good job. Info: www,

SLOWMOTION Apocalpse (Tribunal Records) Death metal in the vein of At The Gates, The Hunted, etc. The band do play with a vicious style and the riffs are crushing to say the least. So damn catchy and heavy at the same time. The thrashing stuff beind the riffs only makes this better and better. Vocals are typical throaty death metal style, which isn't band at all. Production is perfect too. Info:

KILL WHITNEY DEAD/So Pretty So Plastic (Tribunal Records) This was one of the best new death metal bands I have heard in quite some time. The band play punishing modern death metal. The riffs are so killer and the vocals are right on the money. The band is chaotic, crazy and totally out of control and I love it. 22 tracks that will make your head spin and I am sure the band crush live. Info:

THE CARDINAL EFFECT/Red Light Carousel (Tribunal Records) I didn't like this as it is a blend of modern death metal and the poppish punky edge made for me, a generic most core type band. The vocals and the muisc reminded me of a wanna be Pantera type band. Info:

SUPERHEAVYGOATASS/60,000 YEARS (Archlight Records) Old school 70's metal sort of like old Black Sabbath 9think 75 era0 and Kyuss. The bass is low and tuned down and the music sounds like something on a Blue Cheer record. The vocals are clear, but pack a wallo; I love the old sctyle production and the way the songs are layed out. This is bottom end heavy and anybody into solid doomy metal with an edge would love this. It kicked my ass. Info:

PRESTO BALLET/Peace Among The Ruins (Inside Out Music) This totally blew me away with the emotion and the playing of the band. Sort of reminded me of Kansas at times, who are one of my favorite bands. The band are much heavier than Kansas and remind me of them only in the song arrangements. The singer are an incredible voice that really fits the music. The music is heavy with lots of melody and just awesome songs. Think Kansas playing heavy metal. Info:

SHADOW GALLERY/Room V (Inside Out Music) I hate saying this, but this is another band that reminded me of Dream Theatre. The vocals and the playing just sound like the band at times. The band are not a clone band, but play progressive metal with lots of emotion and top notch playing with clear, but emotional vocals. This cd is over 73 minutes and is broken up into many different parts with some songs being about 3 minutes, while others are over 8 minutes. A cool band for sure. Info:

SHADOWHITE/Same-Some good solid no frills heavy metal with lots of power behind it. The band have their own sound and they just play solid metal with a touch of thrash and power metal. The vocals are good and strong and the guy sings with lots of conviction and power. The cd was just a taste of what the band has in store. Check em out. Info:

TOTALLY FUCKIN GAY/With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemas-I just couldn't get into the keyboard parts and the drums parts. The band I guess is trying to be funny with such songs as Elton John Is Hot, Jail Aint' So Bad, etc, but I just couldn't get into the keyboards and the music is nothing special as it's like electronic rock. Info; [email protected]

THE IMBUING GIZMACHI/Same-(Sanctuary Music) Pantera like metal which I really didn't like as I don't like all the wanna be jump nu metal bands. The tough guy vocals aren't anything to get excited over. Just another faceless nu metal band playing with lots of groove and jump parts. Yawn. Info:

NOT ENOUGH GOLD/The Live And Learn Ep (Hewhocor Rupts Inc) 5 tracks of jump metal like the above band with those tough guy vocals. Bands like these are a dime a dozen and all sound the same. Info:

DEFINE DIVINE/Same-More modern jump metal with the tough guy vocals and also melodic singing. I couldn't find anything of value with this band. The music is faceless like all the other bands doing this style and it is an old worn out style. Info:

BIOMECHANICAL/The Empires Of The Worlds (Earache) This totally blew me the fuck away. This is one hell of a band. Mix in the best of thrash metal with tons of powerful riffs and some of the strongest vocals I have heard in ages. Sort of like a cross between Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford. The music is fast, powerful hard hitting modern thrash metal that every single person must hear. An A plus in my book. Info:

BEECHER/Same (Earache) This band play nu metal/jump metal with the tough guy vocals and again I am just not into bands like this as to me they all sound the same. The vocals are screamed pissed off style. I will say this, the band inject a little hardcore and industrial sounds to their music that makes it a big more appealing then a lot of these other bands that just rip off Pantera and bands like that. Info:

SEVEN DARK EYES/Lost Dreams-4 tracks of incredible metal with some of the best ocals and song pkaying I have heard in a long time. The band play progressive metal with loads of chops and soaring amazing vocals that totally blew me away. The music is similiar to Dream Theatre at times, but more than stands on it's own. If this band does not get signed soon, it is a major crime. Info:

HATE ETERNAL/I Monarch (Earache) Another extreme hate fill blast of pure death metal from these guys. This stuff is vicious and fast and packs quite a wallop. The production is top notch and the vocals and playing are what you would expect from this band. NO let down from this band. A blast fast of pure underground death metal is the ticket here. Info:

MISTRESS/In Disgust We Trust (Earache) Sme old groove metal stuff with the gruff vocals and nu metal style. If your into Pro Pain and Biohazard then this will be for you. Info:

BEN JACKSON/All Over You (Screaming Ferret) This is the new band of ex guitar player that was in Crimson Glory. The band play straight ahead metal/roick that didn't impress me much. The music was sort of very faceless and didn't go in any solid direction. The vocals and production were good, but the songs just didn't do anything for me. Info:

EVERGREY/A Night To Remember DVD (Inside Out Music) Over 6 hous of footage on this double dvd. Dvd #1 is the bands concert disc on dvd. Excellent sound and awesome quality from this progressive metal band. Dvd #2 has some videos, yons of backside footage with videos and a bunchnof other goodies as well. One of the best dvds I have ever saw. Info:

PAIN OF SALVATION/Live DVD (Inside Out Music) This is one fucked up bad. And I mean that in a good way. This band play a brand of metal that is so off the wall and so crazy that it is hard to describe. The band are backed by an orcestra on this dvd too. The film quality are top notch and if you like off the w all stuff, you need to get this dvd as well as the bands cds. A very original sound that was both refreshing and welcomed. Info:

BALATONIZER/Occlused In Ottusity (Devil Doll Records) 32 tracks of death/grind. The music is a mix of Immolation like death metal mixed in with super fast blast parts. The production is rather good and I like the thick guitar sound. The vocals are low growls like most grind bands. For this style, this seems to me to be one of the better bands doing this style. Info:

HOLLYWOOD ROCKS/Vol #1 (Deadline) This is the 1st vol of a 4 cd boxed set coming out of a ton of the glam/La scene bands from the 80's This is not just a bunch of tunes, but some demos tracks and early stuff. I am not into many of the bands on here at all, but you get such bands as Dokken, Warrant, Great White, etc. If you were a poser (ha ha) back in the day, then buy this you poser.

TOWERSOUND/Same-11 tracks of some soild metal with a touch of the progressive side here and there. The band play no frills heavy metal that is not generic not sounds forced. The music is soild heavy metal tunes that are well executed with plenty of power and conviction. The vocals are like those 80's metal bands on Metal Blade, which not a bad thing. 11 tracks here and not a bad one in the bunch. Info;

NUSE/Hungwell (No Joke Records) This is a great metal core band. Awesome riffs and singing too. This is like a mix of SOD, MOD, DRI, etc. This is old school crossover stuff and it just rips. The fast parts just crush and just everything about this is mint. A must own. Info:

LEUKORRHEA/Breeding Salvation-This is newer style death metal, but this unlike a lot of bands doing this style, is fairly good. The vocals aren;t the lower than low gargle crap and the music is not total Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse clone crap. The music is fast, hard hitting and brutal, the way bands like this should be. The production is strong and I see the band got signed for a record deal. Good for them they deserve it. Solid release. Info:

ANTIQUUS/Ramayana-This was a power metal band out of Canada. The band just sounded like too many other power metal bands with clear vocals and the same riffs as say any of the bands on Arise Records. The band just isn't doing anything to seperate themselves from the many other power metal bands out there. This doesn't suck, but it just just average. ********************************************************

SLUGNUT/All The Splender-Pretty cool old school thrashy rock n roll band here. The band play raw stripped down to the bone thrashy metal. The music is sort of like Celtic Frost in the guitar part and the drummer smashes the drums with authority. The vocals are good, soild pissed off kind, but not in the tough guy sort of way. This was a surprise as the band is really good and doing things their way and not in the trendy way. Info:

BRUCE DICKINSON/Tyranny Of Souls (Santuary Records) This was a pretty cool release as it doesn't sound like Iron Maiden. The music is pure heavy metal with lots of choppy riffs and Bruce's great vocals. The band can play with a lot of emotion and the songs just flow great and any fan of Iron Maiden or just plain good metal, will want this in the collection. Info:

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY/In The Arms Of God (Santuary Records) I had not heard the last few releases from this band, but I knew they had gone in a Black Sabbath type of direction. While this isn't the speed/punk stuff I remember from these guys back in 1986 (i saw them open for DRI at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ and they were so fast the crowd was stunned) this was pretty damn good stuff for what it is. The music is boggie type Black Sabbath sludge with clean vocals. The music is trippy and very heavy. If your into stoner rock or not into

the new Ozyy or Black Sabbath stuff, pick this up cause they are carrying the flag for that type of metal. Info:

4 IN THA CHAMBER/Same-Groove metal with tough guy vocals sort of like Biohazard. This was raw and I thought it was ok. The band can write some riffs and the vocals seem pretty good for this style of music. If your into the New York hardscore sound, check these guys out. Info:

LELAHEL METAL VOL #1/Various (Lelahel) 19 bands and over 72 minutes of music from bands from all over the place. Bands such as Supreme Lord, Sudden Death, Rain, and 15 others. All the bands were from overseas and I had not heard many of them. I have always said comp cds are great as you get to hear from many bands you have never heard of before. Most of the bands were better than average too. Chalk this cd up to that too. Info:

THOR/Thor Against The World (Chompa Productions) This guy has been doing the band and music thing for quite a long time. On this cd it is full of more metal tunes that aren't thrash, but straight ahead metal sort of like Raven or Twisted Sister at times. The music is simple, but effective metal tunes that wouldn't be off base on a older Krokus release neither. Thor's voice has held up really well and I am glad to see this isn't some generic groove metal release. Info:

MALICIOUS DAMAGE/Same-5 tracks of death metal in the newer style. This was pretty good though. The band stay away from the lower than low vocals and also don't do all that generic blasting most of the bands that play this style do. The band rely on hard hitting riffs and solid vocals to get the job done. The 5 track here were all good soild tunes that any death metal fan might like except some of the old school people. Think Vicious Circle playing death metal. Info:

AUTUMN BLACK/Same-Totally forgetable jump, groove metal with melodic and tough guy vocals. This was so bad I almost threw the cd out the window. Bnads like this are a dime a dozen and this reeked so bad. Beyond awful. Info:

SLIK HELVETIKA/Same (Screaming Mimi Records) This was heavy metal in the vein of say Raven and Accept. The vocalist sort of sounds like Udo from Aceept and the music is heavy and catchy enough to keep my interest. The production is good and I thought this was a soild pure heavy metal release that fans of 80's headbanging metal will enjoy. Info:

SUBTERRANAN MASQUERADE/Suspended Animation Dreams (The End Records) This is something that is not for everyone. This band play jazz, metal, and just about any other style you can think of. The music takes you on many roller coaster rides and is for the open minded only. This was an experience that is for sure. It like doom metal meeting Pink Floyd meeting jazz meeting metal. Info:

SCARY MANILOW/Thrill Ride To The Apocalypse-12 tracks of a mixture of progressive rock/metal with some alternative metal. This works for this band though. The music is heavy, catchy and the vocals are great. The band mix in enough heavy stuff and melody to make this a cool band. The songs rock and I bet this band kills live. Excellent cd. Info:

STUTTERFLY/And We Are Bled Of Color (Maverick) More nu jump metal crap. I hate bands like this. The band mix up melodic vocals with tough guy vocals and those generic jump style metal riffs, ah I hate bands like this. This is trash, it's not metal. it's crap and bands like this are a dime a dozen. Worthless. Info:

MONGOLOID WITCHCRAFT/Practice Makes Predictable-Worthless noise/grind/death metal. The blast parts are useless, the vocals reek and the playing and songs are awful. Nothing of value, it sounds like the guys just decided to blast and make some noise and scream in the mike. Nthing of valuse at all on this disc. Info: [email protected]

SEETHER/Karma And Effect (Wind Up Records) More typical groove alternative metal with those jump metal riffs mixed in with tough guy and melodic vocals. The formula of these bands are a dime a dozen and bands like this just bore me as they are a dime a dozen.

DISSIMULATION/Prakelkimas-6 tracks og godly thrash and black metal. This is a wicked combo and unlike anything I have ever heard before. Think bay area thrash mixed in with blazing fast black metal. God the riffs crush on here like old Anthrax at times. The production is on the money too. The vocals are wicked black metal style and this is one of the most original and best cds I have in some time. An incredible slab of pure underground metal. Info:

UNSOLEMN/The Turnmoil Begins-4 tracks of fast pounding speedy death metal that was quite good. The fast parts don't blur into noise and the band can write some good songs as they play with a lot of feeling and emotion. The siging is soild death metal vocals that aren't gutteral and the band sort of remind me if Autopsy played fast style death metal. Good job guys. Info: unsole[email protected]

EVERSCATHED/Against The Chains-I got 2 hear 2 tracks from this band that will be released on this bands full length cd. The 2 tracks I heard were solid speedy death metal tracks, but didn't sound anything special to my ears. The band play average speed death metal that sounds like a lot of other bands that do this sort of style. The vocals were ok and the songs were just ok as well. This just didn't knock me over, but it also wasn't crap Suffocation or generic black metal. Will have to hear the rest to get a better opinion. Info: [email protected]

IN TORMENTATA QUIETE/In Tormentata Quiete (Dawn Of Sadness) I didn't like this at all. The band play doomy gothic rock with female vocals and the fact that most of the singing is not in English didn't help. The band play typical goth/doom with death vocals and female opera vocals. Wow how original huh? This band sounds like the million other goth bands making the rounds. I'll pass. Info:

DEBRIS INC/Same (Candlelight Records) Doom metal meets Blag Flag. This is simple old school punk doom metal. You can mix St. Vitus in with some Black Flag with some pissed vocals and that will describe this a bit. The production is total old school, which was fine by me. Info:

DISGORGE/Parallels Of Infinite Torture (Crash Music) Complete and utter garbage. From the tin can laughable blast parts to the lower than low can you go vocals, this is a complete waste of time. Brutal huh/ Bnads like this are not brutal death metal. Yeah they are so original and sound like every other band doing this style too. This is shit and belong buried deep in the ground. Bands like this ruin the good name of death metal. Info:

SLOUGH LEG/Atavism (Cruz Del Sur Music) This is a really cool, pleasant surprise. The band play a mix of metal meeting Thin Lizzy. It is a cool combo and works for this band. You can hear the rock influence within the tunes and the singer has a voice unlike anybody I have ever heard before. The songs are just plain catchy numbers and this just had me shaking my head. A really cool band here. Info:

JACKNIFE/Moment Of Reckoning (ZeroSum) Some ass kicking thrash metal is the ticket here. The only down thing for me was I wasn't into the vocals 100%. They are of these gruffy screamed kind, but they aren't bad. The music is choppy thrash metal that kicks, hurts and punishes. Sort of like older Slayer in spots at times. The production is good and I bet the band slay live. Info:

NEW DEAD RADIO/Avalon Bridge (Mediaskare Entertainment) This wasn't bad at all. Kinda reminded me after a few songs of Black Flag with Henry Rollins era. Pissed off singing, but not tough guy NYHC style, but just puire anger. The music is heavy and is a little more melodic and more modern than Black Flag, but this is some warped up shit. Production is thick and heavy and this is one of the better bands making the scene these days. Info:

KULT OF AZAZEL/The World The Flesh The Devil (Arctic Music) The band send me this dsic to review and I am glad they did. This band has been playhing their brand of raw, punishing black metal for quite some time now and again they deliver the goods with this release. More punishing hate filled black metal is what you get here. The vocals are excellent for black metal and the music is not generic pick riffing style like so many other band use. The hate and passion and emotion just spew out as this plays. This isn't pretty, not goth, just pure 100% black metal played with tons of emotion and passion that lacks in many other black metal bands. One of the best black metal bands these days. Period. Info:

ULVER/Blood Inside (The End Records) I just couldn't get into this at all. Not my cup of tea. This is very warped, crazy, etc. It is unlike anything I have ever heard. The music is very different, and you have to very open minded to appreciate it. I will say this, this guy/band is not afriad to try something different from the norm, but it just not for me. Info:

DARKEST HOUR/Undoing (Victory Records) This is a cool release. The band take the modern metal approach, but mix in a bit of swedish death metal, groove, hardcore, and just plain rip roaring riffs to make me smile. The vocals are excellent as they are not the generic tough guy vocals or the lower than low style. The band just rip, tear and slice through song after song with the velocity of a 2 ton truck. Production is perfect and the guitar the band uses is unreal. A bet this band kill live. Info:

CRYOSTASIUM/Same (Bestial Onslaught) This was just a bunch of sludge noise that it seemed to go on forever. This was just like a wall of industrial noise that really bored me to death. I found nothing of value here. Info:

SUPERCHRIST/Soiled Sampler (Bestial Onslaught) 7 tracks with a with a couple tracks from 3 different releases from this band. This band played Motorhead inspired metal, which to my ears is a great thing. The music is good solid tunes and the vocals sound a little like Lemmy, but are a bit more clearer. The music is down and dirty and track 7 is an unreleased track. This band has 3 different releases out and I would say you should buy all 3 cause this is a really good band playing metal the way it should be played. Info:

THE BLACK HALOS/Alive Without Control (Liquor And Poker Records) This wasn't too bad. This is dirty rock n roll or of like The Black Crowes at times. The music is down and dirty simple rock n roll with plenty of hooks and melody. The vocals are clear, but fit this style of music. If your into dirty rock n roll you'll love this. Info:

SCARS FOR LIFE/What We Reflect-Groove laden metal with the tough guy vocals and the jump dancing riffs. Bands like this are a time a donzen and the tough guy and melodic vocals are so tiredsome and boring. This band did nothing for me at all. Info:

LELIO PADOVANI/The Big Picture-This is an all instrumental music cd and it is quite a piece of work. The guy plays with so emotion and passion on the guitar. All the songs are all quite good and the guy can play and write some amazing riffs. The feeling and the vibe as this played on is amazing. The music is rock with a metal edge to it. An amazing piece of music to fall in love with. The production and just everything about this ozzes with class. Info:

DEADLOCK/Earth Revolt (Lifeforce Records) Swedish style death metal with razor sharp riffing and keybosard parts here and there. I am not a big fan of keyboards, but they weren't bad on this release. I did hate the female vocals as they just sounded forced and because so many other bands use female vocals, it sounds generic. The production is solid, and overall this isn't bad. The band play swedish style death metal just ignore the female vocals. Info:

BLIND MYSELF/Worst Case Scenario (Two Fat Men) Kinda boring death metal with bits of progressive metal mixed in. The screamed vocals didn't work for me neither. The music is kinda just there and sounds too many other groove style bands with those low and screamed vocals. Very generic. Production was good, but the songs aren't strong and adding in some jazz parts does not make you original. Info:

EMINENCE/Humanology (Two Fat Men) This is more groove metal, but this isn't too bad. The music is mid-paced and then moved into faster style. The vocals are good and strong style and the band remind me of Sepultura at times. The production is thick and crisp and if your into the newer death metal thing, check these guys out. Info:

PREJUDICE/Dominion Of Chaos (Two Fat Men) Out of control death metal. This is blazing fast and chaotic. Riffs like Morbid Angel and fast and blasting drums with some rip roaring death metal vocals. Production is right on the money and if your into Hate Eternal and fast stuff like that, you'll love this. Info:

MOLLY HATCHET/Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge (SPV) I have always loved Molly Hatchey even seeing them back in 1979 at the Phila Spectrum. After a great last release in which the band re-recorded all their old classics, the band return with a new cd. The music is classic Hatchet with boogie riffs and anthem like singing. All the tracks kick southern rock ass and the new singer takes over and sounds great and fresh to these ears. Molly Hatchet is back and ready to kick all these so called rock bands asses. Info:

SPIRIT DISEASE/Redemption Denied (Two Fat Men) This was typical swedish style death metal with the throaty vocals that has been done to death since At The Gates released Slaughter Of The SOul many moons ago. This isn't bad, but the band is not doing anything different than ATG or the million of clone bands that that release has spawned. Info:

AXENSTAR/The Inquistion (Arise Records) 8 tracks of some of the most amazing power metal I have heard in years. The singing is perfect and the music is breath taking. The perfect blend of melody, passion, and power metal. The production is right on target and this is pure 100% power metal played the way it was meant to be played. Info:

SINISTHRA/Last Of The Stories Of Long Past Glories (Arise Records) This just didn't too anything for me. The music was kinda just plodding along and the vocals I didn't feel were strong. The band play power metal with some bits of doom with keyboard parts in them. The music just didn't sit up and grab me and I was kinda bored by #3 song. Info:

BLIND STARE/Symphony Of Delusions (Arise Records) This was kinda like Metallica (newer st anger period) meets power metal. The band sort of thrash along at times and the music was a pleasant surprise as no power metal here. The vocals are more in the death metal vein and the music even gets into death metal territory at times. This was cool and different stuff from this band. Info:

RAINTIME/Tales From Sadness (Arise Records) Awesome power metal with some wicked keyboard parts to boot. The music flows well and the band add just enough meoldy and power to keep me hooked. The vocals are strong and powerful, but are still a bit clear. The keyboards are just of the right mix and the production is crisp as everything can be heard. Think Dream Theatre playing all and out balls to the wall power metal with heaver and more vicious vocals. Info: