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New Reviews - 04/06/05

RPG/Full Time (Arclight Records) This was a cool power punk band that has a
knack for writing some quick, nifty, catchy tunes. The band keep that punk
eedge to them, but also hot home with melody and some neato riffing. The closest
thing I can thing of to this band is the band Husker Du. Remember them. Info:

THINGS FALL APART/SAME (Crustacean Records) This is a bit like the above
band, but this band is more raw and the vocals are more shouted hardcore vocals
and there is not as much melody. The songs just didn't click with me as after
the cd was over I couldn't remember anything about the songs nor the band. This
is like trashy punk played with a raw edge. Info:

ON THE OUTSIDE/Same (Lost Glory Records) This is a killer slab of
metal/hardcore that hits hard and hits fast. The band use the style of old school
hardcore music and mix it in with just enough metal to make a quite wicked combo.
Think Hirax meeting Agnostic Front. I bet this band kills live. Great vicious
vocals too. The perfect combo of hardocre and metal. Great release. Info:

SUPERCHRIST/South Of Hell (Autopsy KItchen Records) A ripping blast of
Motorhead style of metal with a killer cover of Iron Maiden's "Running Free" to
boot. The singer even sounds like good ole Lemmy at times. The band play semi fast
good ole metal that hits hard and packs a wallop. If you crave older
Motorhead and music in that vein, you'll love this. This is dirty and raw and I love
it. Info:

CAR BOMB/Same-3 tracks of grind with lots of blast beats and breakdowns that
sound like every other band doing this style. The shoulted vocals are a bore
and the band, while fast just didn't do a thing for me and the modern metal
mosh parts were total cheese. Sorry this band is not for me. Info:

RIPHEAD/DROGHEDA Split-Riphead play death metal in the vein of Cnnibal Corpse
and don't do a bad job with the sonmgs presented here. Drogheda offer up
their super fast blast attack as only they can do. This is cool as both bands have
different styles. A worhty purchase. Info:

ULYSSES SIREN/Above The Ashes (Scrap Metal Records) This is an absolute jem
of a release. This was originally recorded as 2 demos back in 85 and 88 and now
is out on cd. This simply crushes and is 100% prime thrash metal in the vein
of Blessed Death. 7 crushing tracks of some of the best thrash I have ever
heard. A perfect production and those riffs are out of this world. This lays to
waste all the Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation and cheezy black metal bands BUY OR
DIE! Info:

EPOCH OF UNLIGHT/The Continuum Hypothesis (The End Records) I have heard a
couple of the older releases this band put out and now they are back and armed
with a new singer. The band are as super blast happy as in the past, and that is
 a good thing. The band have a metal core edge to them now and the band and
the vocals remind of of Whiplash at times! The band still play fast, but
control the speed and this record might not be liked by some of their fans due to
lack of speed. but I liked it and give it a chance. Info:

NOVEMBER'S DOOM/The Pale Haunt Depature (The End Records) This band had 2
prior releases on different lables and now the band return with another
impressive slab of doom metal. The band still play punishing doom, but it is a bit with
more up tempo and the vocals are more like in the Carnivore vein and they are
real emotional and fit the music well. The female vocals aren't here and the
songs sound much better and the thick heavy guitar sound is a plus. If you
like the doomy side of things, can't go wrong with this release. A winner. Info:

WINTERLORDE/In Traditions Of Winter-This is a raw black metal band from
Israel. The band aren't doing anthing different from the many other black metal
bands making the rounds these days. The band use keybooards, screaming black
metal vocals and mid paced and fast riff picking parts. This was ok, just nothing
special. There wasn't anything the band did that picked me up or will make
them stand out from the pack. The abnd did to show a bit more in the original
dept and also work on getting away from sounding like too many other black metal
bands. Info:

HAVOCHATE/Cycle Of Pain (Indecent Media) This sort of reminded me of modern
Judas Priest, which is not a bad thing at all. The music is powerful metal with
a touch of thrash and speed to it. The guitar sound has a wicked crunch to it
and the vocals are clear, but nevertheless powerful. The songs are all good
to excellent solid pounding metal songs that anybody into good solid metal will
like. Info:

SLITER/Think Other Wise (Akom Productions) Thrash metal from over in Japan.
The 8 songs here aren't bad as the the band can write some catchy riffy songs.
The production is good and the guitar sound shines. The vocals are gruff and
being from Japan a little hard to understand at times. Don't let that turn you
off as this is a solid effort from this band and they don't sound like those
tough new hardcore bands or Pantera. Just good old 80's thrash. Info:

BEEF CONSPIRACY/Hung Drawn and Quater-poundered (Grindethic Records) Fast
death metal with low tuned guitars and bass in the vein of Mortician. The vocals
are low like Mortician too. The band, while not sujper original, get by on
sheer power and playing. The production is raw as fuck and the band can blast
into grindcore style mixed in the with slower chunky parts. I am not a big fan of
this type of stuff, but if like Mortician, you'll love this. Info:

DEFEATED SANITY/Prelude To The Tragedy (Grindethic Records) Death metal that
is modern with a tweak of Immolation/Incantation to it. YThe band play mid
paced and also blaze with some crushing spped parts as well. Great death metal s
tyle vocals the way death metal vocals should be. The production is good and
this is an above average death metal release. Info:

BLOOD RED THRONE/Altered Genesis (Earache) Fast slicing death metal that hits
hard. The band while not super original get by with style and just sheer
power. The riffs are good and soild and had my head banging. The spped parts are
just eough without getting into noise territory. The vocals are good death
metal vocals too. A fast roller coaster ride of madness. Info:

THINE EYES BLEED/In The Wake Of Separation (The End Records) At The Gates
style death metal and this style has just been done to death and the band just
bored me after a few songs. Same tired riffing and the throaty vocals have been
done to underground death. Sure the band play vicious and fast, but the songs
fall flat and in my opinion this is just not an average band even. Info:

4GE OF SILENCE/Acceleration (The End Records) This wasn't my cup of tea as it
was like gothic industrial music with a drum machine. Info:

DARK MOOR/Beyond The Sea (Arise Records) Very melodic power metal with clean,
but powerful vocals. The band use a piano and play very melodic power metal
with plenty of catchy hooks and melodies. The vocals are good cause the guy has
a good voice and it just fits this band. The music might turn off some hard
core power metal fans, but this is a change from all those Hammerfall clone
bands. Info:

DREAMAKER/Enclosed) Arise Records) More melodic progressive metal. The band
have more of a progressive feel than power metal and yes they remind me of a
slightly more melodic Dream Theatre at times. The vocals are clean, but the guy
has a kick ass voice. The music is heavy, catchy and powerful all in one
sitting. The band aren't over progressive and the 12 tunes on this dsic will make
any fan of the progressive vein smile. Info:

LILITU/The Delores Lesion (The End Records) Kind of a gothic, industrial
meets nu metal type of band here with throaty death metal vocals and some clean
vocals. The band wasn't too bad excpet I don't like the clean and death metal
vocals styles esp with female vocals. The music while not something I normally
like was quite enjoyable as the band can write some good chops and the music
just didn't seem generic. Sort of like Fear Factory meets gothic metal. Info:

DARKWELL/Metatron (Napalm Records) Gothic metal with female opera vocals. I
am not into this at all as I hate female vocals when they are clean like this.
Not my cup of tea. Info;

VICIOUS CIRCLE/The Art Of Agony (Noeblast) This band has been around in one
form or another for almost 15 years and the band always delivered a brutal
display of underground metal. The bands newest assault is a wicked combo of
thrash/death/hardcore metal that has to be heard. Heart ripping riffs that will cut
you to the bone and the band has the power of metal and the fury of older
hardcore metal and it is a combo that hits often and hard. The vocals are sweet
and deadly and fit the music perfectly. The production is perfect and I would
say this is the perfect combo of metalcore.

ASTARTE/Sirens (Magick Records) Fast rip roaring black metal in the vein of
Cradle of Filth, etc. The band play fast pick riffing metal with keyboards and
black metal vocals. Though I'll say this, this is 100% better than all those
other generic clone bands I have heard. What makes this different is the band
use some melody and also the songs have some quality to them Info:

DIVINITY DESTROYED/Eden In Ashes (Screaming Ferret) This I didn't find too
appealing. The vocals I thought sucked as they were out of place and belong in a
new wave band. The music is faceless forgettable metal. The band play
underground metal like newer Death, but without the power and conviction Info:

OPERA IX/Amphisbena (Magick Records) A blasting dose of black metal that will
crush all the weak. I didn't like track 4 with the female vocals and the
egyptian like music, but this bands brand of black metal just crushes. Total
worship black metal played with feeling and power. I remember this band a bit in
the past and they have come through with a excellent black metal release. Info:

BEYOND THE FLESH/What The Mind Perceives (Screaming Ferret) This was a good
release mixing in death metal with the fury of thrash metal that packs a
wallop. The band can write some solid head banging like riffs that had me nodding
and smiling. The vocals are more on the death metal side, but not the lower than
low crap. The production is not too polished, which works for me. The band
mix in older Slayer with their brand of death metal and this is one release that
you need to buy right now. Info: 

SUPERHEAVYGOATASS/60,000 Years -This is a cool metal band with earyl Sabbath
overtones. The band play metal heavy and raw with a sound unlike Black Sabbath
Volume #4. The band also remind me of the cult band Kyuss at times. The
vocals are strong and throaty and when this band kick out the jams look out. If
your into doom with melody or just plain kick ass 70's metal then find this
pronto. Info:

GOLGOTHIAN DENIAL/The Reign Of Hatred-This is a raw black metal band and not
a bad one at that. The band don't try to sound like ever other black metal
band and the songs are fast numbers, but have a sense of control and the hatred
is there for sure. The vocals are hate filled black metal style. I love the
wicked guitar sound this band use and I think this band is on to something. Info:
[email protected]

GODLESS TRUTH/Arrogance Of Supreme Power (Lacerated Enemy) This is modern
death metal in the vein of Suffocation, Dying Fetus, etc. The band don't do as
many of those cheezy blast bearts as most of the other bands in this style do.
The vocals aren't super low, which is a plus. The band are technical at times,
but nevertheless is this death metal. There is 8 tracks of this style of death
metal that is better than most with a solid production. Info:

JAMES LABRIE/Elements Of Persuasion (Inside Out Music) This is a solo release
from the singer from Dream Theatre. He has a fantastic voice and this is
without a doubt going to be one of my favorite releaseS for 2005. While it does
have some of the Dream Theatre sound, this is more darker and heavier than his
band. He sings in some darker tones and the music is more thrashy and power
metalish at times. This is much emotion, feeling in the songs as well as the
vocals. A masterpiece of metal not to be missed period. Info:

SHAI HULUD/A Comprehensive Retrospective (Revelation Records) This is a combo
of 3 things, the bands 1995 demo, a live recording and some other goodies.
The demo was a nice 6 song affair of some fast old school sounding hardcore with
no nu metal at all. The vocals are pissed off hardcore style. The few live
tracks are more good soild hardcore. The other stuff must be un released sutff
or stuff that came out on 7" and the like. INfo;

THE PLOT TO BLOW UP THE EIFFEL TOWER/Love In The Fascist Brothel (Revelation
Records) Out of control chaotic hardcore. The music is fast and just wild sort
of like Human Remains if they played hardcore. The singer screams into the
mic with a ton of fury and emotion. This is not some 2 bit generic hardcore
band. Think Ministry meeting Human Remains. Info:

BRAHMAN/A Forlorn Hope (Revelation Records) This was a little too poppy for
my tastes. This was sort of like stuff you might find on the radio on one of
those modern alternative stations. Info:

BEST OF NYC VOL 1 & 2/Live At Continental-This is a cool double volume of a
bunch of bands
that have played this NY club. Volume #1 has Agnostic Front, Cromags, Joey
Ramone, Murphy's Law, etc. A nice variety. Volume #2 has Murphy's Law, Cheetah
Chrome, etc. These are both dedicated to The Ramones which is great. A cool
double volume of live music.

KINRICK/Sense Your Darkness (Leviathan) Excellent metal verging on power
metal. The music is catchy metal with thick soaring vocals. The band don't sound
like all the Hammerfall clone bands and instead play US brand of metal. Think
Helstar and Omen, etc. A band worth searching out and finding. Info:

MALSTROM/Obligated By Obscurity-5 tracks of hard hitting melodic thrash
metal. This is not bay area thrash or some fly by night band. The music is semi
technical and the riffs are melodic, heavy and catchy as hell. The vocals are
clear, but strong and powerful as he has a nice set of lungs for sure. I love the
5 songs here and leaves me wanting more. Info:

MILES BEYOND/Same-Wow does this guy who sings, does he sound like Bruce
Dickinson. The music is very Iron Maiden inspired as well. Old Iron Maiden though.
The songs are all strong pure metal numbers that there is a lack of nowadays.
The production is solid too and if your a fan of Iron Maiden or metal, pick
this up. Well worth it. Info:

EVERGREY/A Night To Remember (Inside Out Music) This is a 2 disc live
recording of this band. The production is great for a live recording as the bands
sound really shines on this disc. The band played melodic metal with a bit on the
technical side. Yeah they are a bit like Dream Theatre, but the vocals are
less clear and more on the dark side. There is 20 songs on this and also look
for a DVD from this same concert soon. Info:

MENNEN/Freakazoid (Escapi Music) This grew on me as it played on. This is
solid hard rock all the way with melodic vocals and riffing. The band is not glam
they play rock more in the vein of Scorpions or Dio. The production is good
and I enjoyed this bands version of melodic rock n roll with a metal edge.

LINEAR SPERE/Reality Dysfuction-I had to listen to this a couple times beofre
I could really take it in. This band play progressive metal not un like
Cynic. The band are technical, but the music didn't go over my head and I found the
vocals a really great surprise and change of pace. The last track is a total
rollercoaster ride of many different styles and I really think this band is
original, different and enjoyable for anybody with an open mind. Info:

CALLISTO/True Nature Unfolds (Earache) Boring industrial music that plodded
along and the vocals weren't good at all and the female vocals were even worse.
The music just for me plodded along with no direction and not one note was
memorable at all. Info:

WOLVERINE/The Window Purpose (Earache) More progressive metal is the ticket
here. This wasn't too bad as the band play metal in the vein of who else but
Dream Theatre. The guitar riffing and soles and arrangement are like the D.T
guys. This though was cool as the band can write and come up with interesting
riffs that kept me smiling as this played on. The production is good and if your
into progressive metal you might want this. Info:

WITH PASSION/In The Midst Of Bloodied Soil (Earache) Blazing fast death metal
with tons of killer riffs and blasting beats that will make even the most
hardocre metal person smile from ear to ear. The riffs will have your neck
swelling and the blast beats will tear your head off. 8 tracks of death metal the
way it should be. Info;

DAN LORENZO & CASSIUS KING/Cut From A Different Cloth-This is was some stone
rock/doom metal sort of in the vein of one of Dan's older bands, Non Fiction.
The riffs are all 70's Black Sabbath rock along with some catchy melody lines
and vocals. This not at all like Hades. Riffs are heavy chunks that will make
any fan into the heavy stuff smile. Not a bad release at all. Info:

SOILWORK/Stabbing The Drama (Nuclear Blast) This band used to be a wicked
swedish death metal band, but now they are nothing more than a 3rd rate Pantera
wanna be band with tough guy vocvals and those jump metal riffs. What happended
to the brutality and the originality guys? I read some of the other reviews
this got and all I can say is what were those people smoking? This is nothing
but a cash in on all the new jump metal bands and Soilwork are now on that
train. This is bad. Info:

INFERNAL LEGION/Pour Prayers Mean Nothing (Moribund) Punishing death metal in
the vein of Immolation and Incantation with lots of Autopsy like slow riffs
that will melt you. Vocals are killer that they are totally what death metal
vocals need to be. The blazing fast parts are just a prime example of what death
metal needs to be. Total feeling and emotion and hate. One of the best
release I have ever heard on Moribund Records ever. Info:

UTUK ZUL/Goat Of The Black POssession (Displeased Records) Holy shit is this
some raw fucking old school black metal. This is along the lines of Necrovoer
and more of those killer 80's death/black metal cult bands. Think Bathory
meets old Necrovoer. This has the production feel of a 80's style demo, but who
cares. This is sick shit. Heart pounding fast as lighting riffs along with some
of the sickesy most tormented vocals ever. A total slap in the face to all
these so called "evil" bands. This is evil and you can feel the hate, emotion and
passion this band plays as this payes on. Info;

CIANIDE/Hell's Rebirth (Displeased Records) This band has been around for
awahile starting off as a doom metal band, but that was many moons ago. The band
now play a bit of doom, but mostly fast paced old school death metal. The
riffs are crushing old school death metal riffs that any fan of the old stuff will
love. No nu metal crap here. Vocals that are brutal and powerful, none of
that cup the mic crap. This is one true death metal band that plays with much
feeling and power. Info:

PSYCHOFAGIST/Same-12 tracks of some insane out of control grindcore. The
musis is blazing fast, but not out of control fast. The vocals are total grind
style all the way. I am not a big grind fan, but this was pretty enjoyable stuff.

BLACKFIRE REVELATION/Gold And Guns On 51 (Southern Reconstruction Records)
This was like some of those old late 60's groups like MC5 and Blue Cheer. The
band play rock with a metal doomy edge to it like Kyuss or old Soundgarden. The
band can kick out the jams and if your into older Sabbath (i mean vol 4 era)
or bands like Kyuss you'll be into this big time. Info:

BEN JOHNSON GROUP/All Over You (Screaming Ferret) At first I was like this is
some weak rock band, but as this played on I got hooked. This is some really
good rock n roll with a metal edge to it. The band play easy, honest to
goodness catchy hooks with melody in the vocals. The vocals are clear, but the guy
has a powerful set of pipes. This is like a mix of Nelson meeting Dream Theatre
and it works for me. Info:

WINTER OF APOKALYPSE/Solitary Winter Night (Moribund) This wasn't bad black
metal, I just didn't like the vocals all that much. The music is mostly
standard black metal style. The band doesn't sound like every other black metal band
and have carved their own little neat guitar sound. The vocals are just
screamed black metal vocals that didn't do a lot for me. Anybody into quality black
metal would like this and maybe the vocals are just me. Info'

DRACONIAN/Arcane Rain Fell (Napalm Records) Doom metal with female vocals. I
didn't like this at all and I thought it was ok until the female vocals, which
really turned me off. This is typical doom metal that doesn't suck nor is
nothing special and didn't do a thing for me. Info:

DIRTY AMERICANS/Strange Generation (Liquor And Poker Music) Good solid kick
ass rock n roll with plenty of good quality songs, hooks and signing. The songs
were strong catchy numbers that I enjoyed a lot. This might not be what
readers of this site have in mind, but I am a sucker for a good rock band and this
is one of them. Info:

KORPIKLSAANL/Voice Of Wilderness (Napalm Records) This was a wicked combo of
death metal with some power metal mixed in anlong with a violin! The band use
a bit of the folk side of music in with the blast of death and power metal and
it makes for quite a combo. The music is hard hitting and the production and
vocals are stong and even the violin parts work here. A very orginal and cool
band. Info:

MIDNATTSOL/Where Twlight Dwells (Napalm Records) This was doomy kind of
gothic metal with a touch of death metal here and there with female vocals. At
least they are not sung in that opera style I hate. This wasn't my cup of tea, but
for what it is, it isn't bad. Info:

BELPHEGOR/Goatreich-Fleshcult (Napalm Records) A crushing display of death
metal. Blistering fast as fuck riffs along with some wicked blasting blast beats
that will crush the weak. Vocals that are true death metal vocals. The
production is good as well and any fan into older Morbid Angel or just good honest
fast played death metal will want this. Info:

THINE EYES BLLED/In The Wake Of Separation (The End Records) At The Gates
style of death metal and this style has been done to death and this just bored me
after a few songs. Same tired riffing and the throaty vocals have been done
to underground death. Sure the band play vicious and fast, but the songs are
flat and in my opinion this is not an above average band. Info:

DUNGEON/One Step Beyond (SPV) Neat melodic power metal band with some nice
choips and vocals arrangments. The singer has a nice set of pipes and even
though some of the chanted vocal stuff is a bit out played, this was a solid
release. This disc is full of good solid power metal paying with some furious chops
and plenty of melody and never bored me. Great production too. Power metal
fans here is another disc for the collection. Info:

DOMAIN/Last Days of Utopia (SPV) More melodic power metal though this is a
bit more progressive than the above band and the vocalist is pretty much the
only singer as the band don't have a ton of the chanted vocal style and this band
uses more keyboards. The production is solid and the vocals do fit the music
and if you enjoy melodic power metal with hooks and plenty of metal in it,
then this is for you. Info:

BLACK COBRA/Same-3 tracks of total madness. This is like metal core music.
Chaotic out of contol old school hardcore mixed in with some metal. The vocals
are total old school hardcore screamed style. The music is like old Kyuss meets
Black Flag meets Suicidal Tendencies. Really cool stuff and 3 songs isn't
enough. Info:
640 WEST 139 ST # 39 NYC, NY 10031

GREEN CARNATION/The Quiet Offspring (The End Records) I thought this was
cool. The band play progressive metal with melody in it. The music is very
original and the vocals are excellent and the band can write songs that are different
and out there. The music is very hard descrpive, heavy, yet with melody and
they don't sound like any band I can think of. Very original and different
stuff on this disc. Info:

DEATH DU JOUR/Fragments Of Perdition (Golden Lake Productions) While not
super original this is a blazing display of some fast and furious death metal that
never lets up. Fast as fuck blistering drums along with some crushing, wicked
riffing and great death metal vocals. This packa a wallop and it quite the
killer release. Just song after song of nothing but the best brutal stuff this
band can offer. The guitar sound smokes and the vocals and the the power and
execution by the band won me over. Info:

IVORY NIGHT/Dawn Of The Night-Cool power metal band with a does of
progressive thrown in. It took me a few songs to get into this, and once I did, I was
hooked. Great powerful vlocals and just great playing by this band. Sort of
reminds me of Fates Warning and Deadly Blessing at times, which is not a band
thing. The band play heavy/power metal more int eh vien of some of the older Metal
Blade bands like Helstar, etc. I enjoyed the cd and I would not be surprised
if the band got signed. Info:

SKULGRINDER/Island Of Lost Souls (KM Records) This was a pretty cool trip
back in time. This was like older Judas Priest, Manowar and bands of that nature.
The band play straight forward metal that is not chanted power metal nor
spped metal. JUst staraight forward metal with lots of heavy hooks and melodic
singing. The guitar crunch is there and the vocals fit what the band is doing as
he has a nice set of pipes. Fans of some of the older JUdas Priest stuff will
love this. Info:

OVERKILL/Relixiv (Spitfire Records) I didn't like the last couple releases by
the band, but with this release they are right back on track. Blitz never
sounded so good and D.D.'s bass sound is back and the band is back. Not rying to
sound like some Pantera metal band, the band get back to playing Overkill
thrash metal. This packs a wallop as the production is godly and the guitar sound
will bury you. The band just play with a new sense of power and emotion
lacking in the last few releases. Overkill is back baby. Info:

MOTLEY CRUE/Red White & Crue (Hip-O Records) Never thought I'd be reviewing
one of this bands cds ha ha. This is a 2 cd best of cd with 3 new songs. I
didn't like the new songs at all, but I like some of the older Motley Crue stuff,
which you will find plenty of here. Lots of songs from 'Shout At The Devil"
which works for me. The 2nd disc has some of the new stuff including "Home Sweet
Home" which I hate it is like the worst Crue song ever. The 2nd cd also has
some different mixes and what not. I am not a big Crue fan, but nobody can tell
me the bands 1st and 2nd release isn't good. They both are great for what
they are. Info: