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New Reviews - 01/05/05

TOWER OF POWER/All Is Lost All Is Yet To Be Found (Hewhocorrupts Inc) Boring,
bad death/grindcore that just bored me. Typical generic screamed vocals with
groove and blast beats. The music is uninspiring and the vocals just stink.
The songs were flat and just blast into hyperspped and the groove parts were
horrible. Info:

PAIN TOLERANCE/A Momentary Act Of Disclosure-I just couldn't get into this.
From what I gather this is a 1 man band and the guy does an ok job with what he
is doing. The music is like modern metal with a bit of industrial to it. The
guy can rip off some good riffs, but it just wasn't my thing. The vocals were
rough and after a bit I didn't mind them. This guy put his heart and soul into
this as I can tell by listening to it. Not bad, but it wasn't for me. Info:

NECROPOLIS/SAME-Some ok death metal mixed in with some keyboard parts. The
vocals kinda get that slurry grind style, which I didn't like. The music had too
much keyboard stuff for me and the music I think suffers because of it. The
production is good, but the band need to work on writing better songs. They are
on their way, cause this was far from bad, but with the next release they
need to step it up. Info:

DELIRUM X TREMENS/Same-5 tracks of some solid death metal that has some
killer riffing. The band is a bit on the melodic side, but they are super heavy
nevertheless. The band is a bit on the technical side with the riffing and the
vocals are soild growls of death. Can't wait to hear what this band offers up
next. Great job. Info:

DTA/No Rest In Peace-4 killer tracks of thrash metal meets Destruction. I
love the fuckikn riffs and thoughts of Destruction filled my head as they played
on. This is pure underground old school metal to the bone. Thick production
lets the guitar sound shine. The vocals are a thrrahs metal style and work to
these ears. A great band and hey they are from New Jersey too. Info:

HIRAX/The New Age Of Terror (Mausoleum Records) Fuckin a is Hirax back and
back in a big way. Bone crushing thrash as only Hirax can do. Katon on vocals
still sounds great after all these years and the music is still bone smashing in
your face thrash metal that shows you how it's done. This is one of the best
release of 2004 bar none. Buy or fry. Info:

ANTHRAX/The Greater Of Two Evils (Santuary Records) Oh my is this a god like
release. Anthrax have taken 14 of their best old tunes and re done then 2004
style. This is a masterpoeice of old school thrash metal. From the firts riffs
of Deathrider to the last notes of Gung-Ho this is 100% prefect. John Bush
sings the old songs great and the band just sound great. Tons of old favorites
like Metal Thrashing Mad, Among the Living, Panic, etc. I would die if Anthrax
made this their set list in concert now. Buy or fry. Info:

PURGATORY/Luciferianism (Animate Records) Fast death metal in the vein of
Vader and Swedish style death metal. The band can crank up some rip roaring riffs
and this shit is fast at times. The vocals are solid growls of death metal
all the way. If your looking for good, soild fast style death metal that is far
from noise, here ya good. A good job on this release. Info:

TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION/Compact Disc Version #1 (Bones Brigade) 40 track so
super fast grind. The band ever do a old DRI cover tune from the Dealing With
It release. While I am not a big fan of grind I thought this was ok. The 40
tunes are all super fast quick blasts of hyper fast death/grind with ultra
screamed vocals. Good for what it is. Info:

MELEKTAUS/GORHOTH-Split-Melektaus play fast old school straight ahead no
frills death metal with crippling vocals and rip roaring riffs. The band sound a
little like older Immolation/Incantation and the 3 songs they offer up are
great. Gorroth offer up 3 tunes of insane old school death/black metal with some
of the sickest vocals. The band crush out 3 tunes of pure hate and just plain
death. Both bands crush and I'd love to hear more. Info:
[email protected]

METALLY INSANE/Rock Until We Fall-Some cool straight forward heavy metal. Not
power metal, not thrash metal, just plain ole power metal. Great solid clean
vocals and tasteful playing sort of like older Dio and Black Sabbath era with
Dio. The music is catchy as hell and if you like heavy metal or power metal
you'll want this cd in your collection right now Only one song though. I need
more. Info:
[email protected]

ALGOL/SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY-Split (Paragon Records) Algol play 5 tracks of
average black metal with keyboards and those screeching black metal vocals.
Found the band did nothing I have not heard a 100 times before from other black
metal bands. Shround of Despondency offer up 4 tracks of better raw death metal
with hints of balck metal at times. The band can write some solid songs and
the rawness only adds to the band. The vocals are soild growls of death metal.
I liked Shroud better, but Algol wasn't that bad. Info:

DIMENTIANON/Seven Suicides (Paragon Records) This band has a few members of
the band The Forgotten and here is a new release with a few of those members.
The band play a combo of death/black metal with a raw type of sound. The band
have the guitar sound low and the bass cranked up, and the sound comes off
rather wicked. The production is raw, but it only adds to this band. A great
release of chaotic death./black metal. Info:

SOULS DEMISE/Same-4 tracks od some good ole thrash metal. The band rely on
cruching riffs, not so much speed, though the speed facotr is there at times.
The band play thrash metal in the vein of older Slayer at times and also mix in
some doomy mid paced parts too. A band worthy of a record deal for sure. Info:

CHAINSNAP/Hollow-9 tracks of groove metal in the vein of Pantera with the
tough guy vocals. This wasn't too bad because the band can write some decent
riffs, but I am not really into all these groove/jump metal bands, but I guess
this band do it better than most. Info:

INTERNAL SUFFERING/Choronzomic Force Domination (Displeased Records) I
thought this band was a 3rd Cannibal Corpse reject band, but with this release they
have turned things around 180%. This is a absolute crushing slab of super
fast, extreme death metal that I was pleased to listen too. The lighting fast
riffs, the insane drumming and the horrifying vocals along with a knock out
production make this the come back band of the year. Worth hunting down. Info:

PLUTONIUM/Wind Of Change-I just found this to be boring fast style black
metal that I have heard over and over and over. The music is lighting fast pick
riffing style, that bored me quite quickly and the lame black metal vocals and
everything. This wasn't too bad, but just didn't excite me at all. Info:
[email protected]

FORCE OF DARKNESS/Live-Raw as fuck live total old school metal in the vein of
Cletic Frost, Hellhammer, Bloodstorm, Destruction, etc. The vocals are pure
hate and the guy even lets loose with some old school screams at times. This is
complete old school early 80's underground metal that people like me love. If
your into the old stuff with the errie feeling and just plan emotion, you
must find this. Info:
[email protected]

MANWGARM/Vargaresa-The Beginning (Displeased Records) This is this bands 2
demos  and some never before heard stuff. I have never heard of this band, but
the tracks here were pretty damn solid death/black metal. The vocals are more
screechy black metal style and the music has more of a death metal feel to it.
This stuff was recorded in 1996 and 1997 and sounds fresh toiday. The music is
mostly fast blasting. The vocals sometimes aren't so great., esp when the guy
just screams, but the music makes up for it. Worth checking out. Good
production too for demos. Info:

ARCHE TYPE/Dawning (SPV) Decent power metal. The band can write some nice
choppy riffing type songs and the vocals are clear, but powerful nevertheless.
The band sort of mix in a Dream Theatre like progressive style with modern power
metal styles. It makes for a wicked combo of power and speed. Solid
production makes this a winner. Info:

FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH/Real Live (Just a Minute Records) A have been a
fan of Frank Marino since 1979 and this is a an absolute gem of a live
reelase. A double disc set of this man at his best. Lots of killer long jams too.
Most of the songs on here do not appear on his other 2 live albums. This is
rock/jazz stuff at it's bets. Frank's playing is out of this world and the long jam
parts are to die for. 32 songs total and is a must for any fan into quality
rock n roll. Info:

HANZEL AND GRETYL (Metropolis) Groove industrial metal like Rob Zombie meets
Ministry meets Godflesh. This just didn't do a lot for me. The music was just
basic groove style metal with some industrial to it and that was pretty much
it. The vocals are in the Rob Zombie vein as well. Info:

EXCORIATION/Same-An excellent display of death metal that hits hard and fast.
Windmill like riffing and fast powerful playing made this a treat to listen
too. The band hit hard and often. The vocals are great growls of pure death and
thankfully none of that gutteral crap. The production is on target and the
riffs are godly. One of the best new young death metal bands making the rounds.
[email protected]

Pagans Mind/Infinity Divine (SPV) Cool power metal outfit that when they up
the speed style really rips through the tunes. The music is like Dream Theatre
(the 2nd godly release) in the music style as well as the vocals too. The
music is technical, nevertheless still catchy as hell. I love the spped parts and
they just rip through my body and give me chills. A solid release. Info:

OLYMPOS MONS/Conquistador (SPV) This was power metal nad I didn't find much
of value here. The songs to me seemed flat and lacked passion and emotion. The
band sound like a million of these other modern power metal bands with the
same style of chanting vocals and music arrangements. Not for me. Info:

RIGOR SARDONICOUS/Principal Sardonica (Paragon Records) Some of the slowest,
painful doom metal I have ever heard. Think WInter, Symphony Of Grief, etc.
Slow almost killing riffs of sadness along with some dying man vocals. Most doom
bands try and mix in some goth stuff with the music, but not this. This is
pure torture ha ha. If your into fast stuff, stay away, but if your a pure real
doom metal fan, then you have been waiting for a band like this. Doom till
death. Info:

CARNAL RAPTURE/Same-3 tracks of jazzy death metal with death metal vocals.
The band is trying something different and not just playing the tired same ole
style of death metal. The songs aren't bad at all and the music still has some
melody and the jazzy parts mix in well with the death metal parts. I'd like to
hear more. For fans of Cynic. Info:
[email protected]

DEMONICON/Bloodlust (Root Of All Evil) Punishing fast blasting death metal,
while not super original, more than gets the job done. Slashing riff after riff
will have your head banging and the fast parts are a maze of brutality. Good
solid death metal vocals and production too. Info:

OPTIC ROSE/Same-18 tracks of some god awful industrial style metal in the
vein of Ministry. The production sucks and the songs are just as bad. They have
no direction, they are not memorable, the vocals are pudrid and this is one
really bad band. Info:

COHERENT LIQUID FORM/New Existance (Archives Music) More non boring death
metal. This band tries to add a little bit of the technical side of their brand
of death metal. The band focus on riffs and try to punish and drag you in with
the riffing. The vocals are screamed dying man style, which was ok by me. The
band go for a raw, but solid production as well. I remember this band sdemos
and stuff and they sound much better today. A band worth searching out. Info:

GRIM AIRA/Nothing Says Love Like Revenge-4 excellent thrash tunes with plenty
of power and melody. The riffs are old school ripping thrash metal with a
touch of the groove style, but are the riffs killer. The vocals are like Pro Pain
at times. The music is crushing straight ahead thrash metal with riffs being
the key. They are so damn catchy. How can you not like the band? The band say
they are recording a full length cd soon. Can't wait for that. Info:

ETHERALSame-This is a whip lashing black metal band that plays with more
feeloing and power than 98% of the balck metal bands I have heard. The riffs are
so evil and the vocals just you can feel the hate as the guy sings. This is
real black metal. not that lets sound like our favorite black metal band. No
female vocals, no goth, no wimpy stuff, just pure 100& black metal the way it
should be. This band also says they are working on new material. Another band I
can't wait for to get signed and put out a full length cd. Info:

SHADOWSPHERE/Darklands- Over an hour of death metal with those At the Gates
style vocals and a bit of doom and black metal in spots. Sort of like older
Paradise Lost meets At The Gates. The production is solid and the fast parts are
wickedly brutal. The band offer up a quality disc of underground metal that
would not surprise me to see this band get snapped up by a label as they are
much better than a lot of signed bands I get stiuff of. Info:
[email protected]

ANAL VOMIT/Demoniac Flagellations (Displeased Records) This is fuckin old
school death metal played with tons of feeling, real blast beats and insane death
metal style vocals. This is like old Sepultura at times. The band play with
lots of feeling as they blast through insane fast track after insane fast
track. Despite the obvious generic name, this is one band any fan of old school
death metal from the 80's early 90's will eat up ever second. Info:

NOCTURNAL/Unholy Thrash Metal (Displeased Records) Oh my god this is unholy
thrash metal payed at the highest level. Think Living Death, Razor, Destruction
and all the other goldy thrash acts from the 80's. A raw, but nevertheless
production only makes this cult. Great old time thrash vocals and the riffs had
my head banging and a smile across my face that never left until the last
note. Total 100% old school German thrash metal at it's best. One of the best
releases I have heard in a long long time. Info:

BLUNTFACE RECORDS/The 1st Compilation (Bluntface Records) 20 track from 20
different bands. Senseless Mutilation offer up unimaginative modern death metal
with groove and not much else. I moved on through some of the other bands, 48
ROOMS, Power Keg, Teiousekkai and found nothing of value as all these bands
play generic groove modern death metal or generic death metal in vein of
Cannibal Corpse. Info:

HOBBLE/God's Work (Austin Music Community) This was some good solid punk rock
music that was more with the old style, then with that new groove style a lot
of bands play nowadays. The music is quick, somewhat fast and to the point.
The vocals are strong punky sort of style. Almost 20 tunes of power pop punk
here. Info:
[email protected]

SYBREED/Slave Design (Reality Entertainment) Garbage nu metal crap with those
overdone groove style riffs and weak vocals. The music sounds like a million
other new gae metal bands that play music with the groove and those gruff
tough guy vocals and people find so brutal. I find this boring, weak, mindless and
worthless. Info:

OF INFINITY/The Essence Of Infinity-I couldn't take this due to the vocals
and I just found the music boring. The girl has a great voice, but for me and
the style of metal I like, I prefer vocals with more of a growl and not these
clean vocals. I hate em in metal and goth metal music like this with those opera
female vocals sucks in my eyes. Not for me at all. Info:

SONIC WARFARE/VARIOUS VOL #1 (Peace Or Die Records) 7 bands, 2 tracks each.
Blooddrive offer up 2 metal core tunes that didn't sound bad to my ears. The
band can play and I felt the emotion of the band during the 2 songs. Sort of
like Slayer meets hardcore. C.D.P. also offer up old style thrash mixed in with
some hardcore sort of like Hirax meets DRI. I didn't like Soul Casket with the
female vocals, but as with all comps this was hot or miss. Info:

DAN LORENZO/Cassins King-This is a solo release from the guy in Hades. Hades
was a killer NJ  speed/thrash metal band. I didn't think this would be spped
metal and this is more along the lines of Dan's other band, Non Fiction. This
is heavy metal with lots of slower, but nevertheless heavy parts. There is also
a cool cover of Kiss's 'Hotter Than Hell" which I liked a lot. For those into
bands like older Soundgarden, Kyuss, etc you'll love this. Info:

ESTEE LOUDER/Ohio's Best (Diaphragm Records) Raw punkish, dirty rock n roll.
The band plays of a raw style of like older 80's punk rock bands sort of like
DOA (remember them). The band also has 3 girls and let me tell you they can
play for sure. The band also do a David Bowie cover and this band may not be for
everyone, but they are really good. Info:

THE CRINGE/Scratch The Surface (Listen Records) While this wasn't my cup of
tea, the band play strong college rock with lots of catchy hooks and vovcals.
This band I am sure have a strong career ahead of them as they can write catchy
songs for the masses. Info:

WE ARE CHILDHOOD EQUALS/Hearts Ache For Home (Pop Faction) This was college
rock in the vein of The Pixies and sort of 80's new wave rock. Not for me at
all. Info:

VRR/Same (Pop Faction) More 80's new wave stuff that reminds me of Devo, Echo
and the Bunnyman and bands like that. Not for me at all. Info:

CAPITOLLIUM/Symphony Of Possession (Oupiric Productions) Black metal is the
ticket here. The band play in the usual black metal style and vocals with
keyboard parts. Yes another band with keyboards, fast picking riffing and screamed
black metal vocals. Gee, we haven't heard that before. Another faceless black
metal release that sounds like  soo many other black metal bands. Info:

JUMBO'S KILLCRANE/The Slow Decay (Crucial Blast) This like Eyehategod meets
Disembowlment meets Godflesh meets Symphony Of Grief. Slow pouing riffs that
are as heavy as fuck along with some of the sickest vocals. The vocals fit the
band perfect and the production is thick and the guitar sound totally crushes.
The songs are long and some may not like the slow doom parts and stuff that
this band do, but if you like any of the above bands, you'll love this. Info:
[email protected]

DARKTHRONE/Sardonic Wrath (The End Records) This band has been around a long
tiem and return with a crushing release of one of the best black metal release
I have heard in some time.  Unlike the above band, this band play black metal
with passion and emotion and mix up the slow and faster parts and this just
kills. Bone crushing riff after heart breaking riff and the vocals are total
pure 100% hate and evil. A gem of a release and the production is dead on the
money too. The guitar sound is unholy to the max. Info:

JIGSORE TERROR/World End Carnage (Listenable) A total non stop display of
carnage and brutality that never lets up nor should it. Real blast beats with
killer riffs and drum rolls and just plain brutal songs that will leave you
gasping for air. Total old school blasting death thatv will make wimps of all those
so called brutal groove metal bands. This is a great band. Info:

DIE WARZAU/Conveinance (Pulse Black) Techno dance crap that had me going for
the eject button soon after a couple songs. Info:

TRISTANIA/Ashes (SPV) Hey I was surprised I liked this as much as I did. This
band play atmospheric gothic metal with female vocals as well as death metal
style vocals. The female vocals for once aren't bad nor out of place. The
music is very emotional and moving. The production is right on the money and this
is a very solid release from this band. Info:

REQUIEM AETERNAM/Philosopher-This a wicked combo of some ferious death metal
played with power and fury. This is hard hitting and powerful. The band is
like a chaotic warped out version of Human Remains. Technical riffing, with out
of cntrol vocals and playing. The band is very original and very entertaining.
Any fan that is sick of the same ole bands, need to find this and buy, you
will not be disappointed. Info:

CONFESSOR/Blueprint Soul-This band put out a rleease many moons ago on
Earache and at the time they were a hit or miss band due to Scott's high pitched
vocals. The band are back and with a new ep of doom metal with Scott still
singing. The band still play doom metal with an edge sort of like older Soundgarden
if they played doom metal. The music is still heqavy and Scott still sings in
more of a clear mid tempo style, which makes the band that much better. I am
glad to see this band back and that they are still playing the same style they
started out with and di not hop on some generic bandwagon. Info:

MONARCH/Tragedy Holds The Hand Of Hope (Pop Faction Records) Death metal that
just bored me with not so good songs and screamed, generic death metal
vocals. The music just didn't hold my attention and the songs felt flat and the band
just sounded like another faceless new style death metal band. Info:

JUJITSU/Same-3 tunes of groove metal that was so generic and so boring I was
ready to shut if off after one song. I listened to all 3 songs on this dics
and this band plays tired, already overdone groove tough guy metal that is total
garbage. The screamed vocals and the groove riffs are so over done. The songs
weren't even strong at all and the riffs were bad too. Info:

DRAGHEAD/Iveptia-More generic new style metal with some soft spoken voclas
and then in to the tough guy vocals and those jump like riffs that are so tired
and old. This style of metal is so overdone and boring and it not cool nor
heavy. Let's see how many people we can get to jump around and mosh. Beyond bad.

HEAVYCORE/Core Till Death III (Heavycore) A comp of over 20 bands from all
over. I always love comps because you always get a variety of bands and there is
always goiing to be bands you never heard of that you will get into. I have
not heard of any of these bands except for Malevolent Creation who turn up a
live tune at the end of the disk. All of the bands are heavy and might be worth
your time checking out. Here is a sample: Chaos Order, Self Inflicted,
Skeptik, etc. I am sure this isn't a lot and the guys that do the Heavycore website
are 100% true supporters of metal. Info:

IKONOKLAST/The Suffering-This was a pretty cool band here. The band play
death metal with a bit of gothic edge and also industrial edge to them. The music
ois out of control and they even have some keyboard parts, that don't sound
out of place. The band still maintain some melody and this is like Ministry
meets Voivod at times.A band that I am sure will be signed soon. Info:

TRANSIENT/Same-2 tracks of sometimes tough to judge a band. This is a one man
band project and l;et me tell you this is one hell of a job by this guy. He
plays everything himself and he has a good set of lungs too. The music is like
dark metal with a edge to it. It is sort of death metal at times, but not in
that brutal style. The 2 tunes are full of emotion and power to the hilt. The
guy is sort of like Nonfiction at times. Track 2 is so slow and depressing and
I loved it. Check him out on the web at:

THE MASS/City of Dis (Crucial Blast) A wicked blast of metal core with
saxphones!. This band churn out more power thanh most of these so called groove
death metal bands. Sort of reminds me if Fishbone played hardcore. The band plays
hard and hits with power. The 8 tunes are wicked and orginal all the way. This
is not some generic punk band. This is the real deal and I can just feel the
power this band ozzes as this played. Find this and buy. A jem of a release.

RAMESSES/We Will Lead You to Glorious Times (Dark Reign) Slow crushing crust
doom metal. Vocals that sound like a dying man being out into the ground.
Slow, punihsing riffs that will have you in misery. A low tuned guitar sound is
what you will get too. A raw, not polished production too. Bnads like this need
that dirty, low tunes production. Think Winter, Disembowlment, etc. A heavy as
fuck rlease for the doom/crust fan. Info:

BRODEQUIN/Methods Of Execution (Unmatched Brutality) While I didn't mind the
musuc, the super low, generic lower than ground vocals make this sound like
all those other generic Suffocation wanna be bands. The music is lighting fast
death metal with some killer riffs and playing. The vocals which sound like
some guy just barking into the mic are worthless. If your into the Suffocation
style bands, then this is one of the best and the music is flawless. Info:

IMPIETY/Paramount Evil (Paragon Records) This band return with their 3rd
release of their brand of death/black metal. This just kills. Raise the fists huh
for this band. A lethal slab of some of the most ruthless death/black metal on
the planet. This is old school and the band just crush all the weak sounds.
This band has the power and the passion and emotion a lot of bands today lack.
Listen to this and just feel the hate and power. Buy or die. Info: