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New Reviews - 11/29/04

PLAITUDE/Ninl (Scarlet Records) This was some awesome power metal wth tons of
melody, but still heavy enough that most metal fans would like. The snger has
a great set of ppes as he sngs the words wth lots of emotion and power. The
songs are catchy as hell and the riffs will have your head banging, but the
band stll reatin the melody. Think Dream Theatre playing power metal. Info:

STORMLORD/The Gorgon Cult (Scarlet Records) Below average black metal wth
screeching vocals and keyboards. Remnds me of like a 3rd rate Cradle of Flth.
When Cannbal Corpse and Suffocaton got big it had all the clone bands. Now with
the sucess of Cradle, here comes all the wanna be bands. Info:

WTHERNG SURFACE/Force The Page (Scarlet Records) Death metal in the ven of At
The Gates. I love At The Gates, but there s way too many bands out there that
sound lke them and here is another. Sure the band can rip nto brutal rffs and
the screamng singing, but after hearng too many bands copyng the srtyle, I am
tired of it. Info:

SWIMMNG WTH SHARKS/Same-Thrash metal is the ticket here. The band also
through in some southern style bogge to the mix too. The band play a mx of the 2
styles in a crude, raw way. There is plenty of songs and the band at times mix in
some trippy stuff to keep you guessing. Not a bad job at all. Weird vocals
too. Info:

REVENANT/Overman-Yes, ths is the same band from NJ in the 80's. This was
recorded in 1995 and never knew it existed until I recently got a copy. 4 tracks
of killer thrash metal as only this band can do. Ripping rffs with excellent
real death metal vocals wth feeling and power. The producton is thick and I
always loved this band for being original and for just the sheer intensity. Emal
Hnery and buy a copy asap. Info:
[email protected]

GRATS/Same-Ths was really cool music wise. The band play a mix of jazz and
metal sort of like Human Remains. The only thng I didn't like was lack of
vocals, whch had the musc sort of drifting me away at tmes. If this band could get a
vocalist, they would simple kill. Info:

KICK AXE/IV (Amber Interactive) I remember this band back in the 80's and now
they return with a new cd. The band I remember played straight up hard rock
and they continue it with ths release. The band stll write good, solid rock
tunes that I enjoyed for what they are. This is not some poser 80's arena rock
band neither. The ballads are even sung with lots of emotion. Solid rock

FEAD/Nameless-I listened to this a few times and the band remind me a lot of
Helmet, whch isn't a bad thing. The band can write some strong riffs and the
music moved me and thank god they stayed away from the tough guy vocals. The
vocals also reminded me of Helmet. The 6 tunes here are all strong, soild tunes
with some groove to them, but are not just another of thoser faceless nu-metal
bands. Info:

THE AMENTA/Occasus (Listenable) Ths is some fast shit. Ultra fast blast
beats. This is lke a mix of older Morbid Angel and Decide at times. The vocals are
good, the guys sings with conviction and power. The drummer slams and beats
his kit into total submission. The band does get a bit sour at times with the
blasting parts. Production is good. Not a bad release. Info

DEMOLITION/Existance (DN Records) Some very solid thrash metal with not the
best of vocals, but I can live with them. The music is hard nosed straight up
thrash metal sort of lke a combo of old school German thrash metal and the bay
area thrash style. The vocals are screamed, but the guys throat gets a little
annoying at times. The production is solid and the guitar riffing is god lke
and the speedy thrash parts just kill. Great release. Info:

CLERIC/Same-Generic metal with lots of groove, screamed vocals and just music
that bored me to tears. Tired, nu-metal riffs and tough guy vocals and break
downs make this just another face less band that sounds like all the others.

VINAGRON/Mastgoproctus Giganteus-Generc death/grnd metal with little
substance. Cheezy blast beats wth total shit vocals and playing. The songs are
terrible, the music s boring and the production  is below par. Info:

WITCHKRIEG/Dark My Way (Rede & Rite Records) This a a trio from out of
Australia and they playa  killer brand of black and pagan metal. I love the vocals
and they are from a female and theyt rule. She has a hard hitting voice, with
lots of power behind it. Production is solid and this band is a winner in my
book. Info:

THE AERIUM/Same-I couldn't get into this at all due to the female opera
vocals. The band play a nice mix of doom metal, but the vocals are just something
that I cannot get into at all. If your into doom with opera female vocals, get
this, but it's not for me. Info:

YYRKOON/Occult Machine (Osmose Productions) Hard smashing death metal that
doesn't let up until the last note of extreme power. This is fast, furious and
just oozes with crushing desire to crush all the weak minds and souls. This is
in the vein of Krisiun, older Morbid Angel, Decide, etc. In other words is is
extreme fast, blasting metal. Production is great and Osmose finds another
killer band and puts out another great release. Info:

PHAZM/Hate At First Seed (Osmose) Where the heck does Osmose find these
bands? Another strong release of extreme metal. This band play hate filled blasting
death metal with a need for speed. The band do slow it down as as the bio
says their is a bit of Motorhead here and there. The band do blast into total
aggression as the speed parts are total hate. Info:

COURT JESTER/Gina-DOwn and dirty rock n roll is the ticket hear. Sort of like
a cross between Southern rock, Circus of Power and Great White. The
production is raw down and dirty. I actaully like this cd a lot as it is pure rock n
roll with no modern infleunces. The vocals are gritty and fit the band
perfectly. This may not be for all tastes, but it is for mine. Info:

MASSMURDER/Slauthered For Snuff (Unmatched Brutality) I didn't like this a
whole oot due to #1 the lower than low vocals and the machine like trigger drums
with the snappy cheezy blast beats. I hate drums that sound like machines and
not the real thing and this band has got that sound down pat. This is super
fast blasting death metal in vein of Suffocation, but even faster. This
wouldn't be that bad, but the drums ruin it. Info:

GUTTURAL SECRETE/Artistic Creatien With Cranial Stumps (Unmatched Brutality)
Death metal in the vein of Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, etc with the blast
beats and lower than low vocals. Info:

KATAGORY V/A New Breed Of Rebellion (Metal Age Records)  Pure 100% heavy
metal. This band absolutely keep the flame of metal alive. The band play a brand
of metal with a touch of power metal, but are more along the lines of say
Savatage and some of those metal bands on Metal Blade during the 80's. The vocals
are clear, but powerful and do more than get the job done. Metal runs through
this bands veins. Info:

THEOCRACY/Same (Metal Age Records) This was power metal in the vein of
Hammerfall, Heaven's Gate, Blind Guardian, etc. Choppy riffs, roaring vocals, and
lots of choresus. This band just sounded like the many other power metal doing
this particular style for me to really enjoy it. The guy that sings has a nice
set of lungs and the songs are have catchy riffs along with melody and power.
In my opinion we have too many of these bands doing the same style. Info:

DIVISION/Trinity (Metal Age Records) A very good power metal band is what you
will find here. A sort of raw sound of gritty power metal that is unlike all
those other sound alike power metal bands. Think Savatage, but the older
Savatage when they were on Combat Records. I love the vocals, they are just total
raise your fists high type of metal. Great riffs and just plain kick ass songs
made this a pleasant listening experience. Info:

EGG/Same (Vacationhouse Records) This to tell you the truth, I thought
sucked. Boring techno music mixed in with some grind, made for a really weak
release. The vocals and songs just lacked and punch and the songs just layed there
and died. I also didn't like some of the funk parts the band played. Info:

LIFEND/Innerscars (Cruz Del Sur Music) Found this to be very boring death
metal with lots of that nu metal groove, below average vocals and annoying female
opera singing at times. The music sounds like another of those tired death
metal bands with those same style growl vocals and those female vocals just ruin
any chance this might have to enjoyable. Info:

ETERNAL FLIGHT/Positive Rage (Cruz Del Sur Music) Solid power metal in the
vein of older Riot, Judas Priest, Iced Earth and just plain ole kick ass metal.   
The vocals remind me of Ripper Owens who used to sing in Judas Priest. The
music is solid, catchy power metal with plenty of melody and power. Not in the
vein of Hammerfall and bands like that. If your into way played power metal
look no further. Info:

AKOM-PILATION/Various (Akom Productions) This was pretty cool. This label
send me a cdr of 20 of their bands. The comp I got was all groove metal bands
with the tough guy vocals, which I didn't like as I think that style has been
done to death, but a couple of the band were cool, like Entity I think stood out
as they blasted a killer thrash like old school tune sort of like Celtic Frosy
meets hardcore. The label, in their bio says they will also release black
metal, death metal and thrash stuff. I'll be waiting for that. Info:

MOONLYGHT/Progressive Darkness (NMS Music) This was some decent power metal
though I didn't like the female vocals. The band mix in some doom metal along
with hints of thrash and stuff with the blend of power metal and black metal
style vocals. I didn't think this was mind blowing, but at least the band is
trying something different and not being trendy.

LAW OF THE PLAGUE/The War Inside (Sinternational) Excellent old school style
thrash metal. Great riffs and playing. Sort of like older Slayer meets bay
area thrash. I love the guitar style and sound this band play out. The vocals are
good, solid growls of death, but sung with power and not that lower than low
cup the mic crap. Production in on the money as well. Info:

SIC SEED/Psychotic Bloodline (Sinternational) This was like a cross between
Voivod and nu metal. I didn't like this that much only because #1, I didn't
like the gruff style vocals and I am no fan of the new style of groove like
metal. It fuckin sucks. Some of the cyber like Voivod parts were cool, but when
they mix with the groove stuff, it just didn't work for me. Info:

CROATAN/The Druken Masters (Peace or Die Records) 12  tracks of band garage
like grind/speed metal with some of the worst vocals. The band are total
generic and the production is lousy as the drums sound like tin cans and the vocals
are female vocals and they aren't strong at all.  and the fast parts are total
laughable. Worthless. Info:

INTERNAL VOID/Matrigide (Dogstreet Records) Killer doom metal that will dull
your senses. Plenty of god like doom riffs to keep you happy and the band also
drive up the tempo at times. This is a true doom metal with a rw sound not
unlike some of the early Black Sabbath albums. This band has been around and I
found this release very enjoyable. Info:

CEA SERIN/Where Memories Combine (Heavencross Records) Godly progressive
power metal in the vein of the 2nd Dream Theatre release (Images and Words) which
was one of my favorite records of all time. Great riffs and melodies and
vocals with and music played with tons of feeling and emotions. The music is heavy
and is progressive, but not enough to go over your head like some bands. This
is one of my favorite releases of 2004 hands down. Info:

K-AGAIN/Memories Of An Evolution-This is one of the nu metal groove bands and
to tell you the truth, they are not that bad. The band can write some soild
songs and the vocals are not that total tough guy and they sound very moving to
my ears. The band write songs around deep groove style riffs with moving,
emotional like vocals. Sort of like Helmet in spots with Stone Temple Pilots
vocals. Info:

DEREK SHERINIAN/Mythology (Inside Out Music) A power metal delight with a
collection of some of the best names in today's metal scene including: Zakk
Wylde, John Sykes and others. The songs are tasteful progressive metal with a few
spurts of power metal and Kansas thrown in for good measure. The lack of vocals
does make this, at least for me, a big less enjoyable, but nevertheless, it
is a good solid release. Production is solid and the thick guitar sound is a
plus. Info:

THE CHASM/The Spell Of Retribution (Earache) An unholy slap of some of the
most hellish music you will ever hear. Riffs that just scream out intensity and
passion. Riffs that will haunt you and vocals from the very depths of hell
itself. This is fast and furious and does not let up. This is what death metal
should sound like. If somebody was to ask me what is a great release in 2004, I
would hand them this cd. This band has come a long way and this is easily in
my top 5 of best releases in 2004. Info:

DARKSHINE/Stigmsa Diaboli-5 tracks of very fast death/black metal that wasn't
too bad to these ears.  The band do need to slow down the pace a bit as the
fast parts tend to get a bit tiresome at points. The band can play with a fury
and the vocals and production are good as well. This is one of the better
underground bands I have heard and looking forward to hearing more. Info:
[email protected]

ELEPHANT/Obsidian Hell-This is a 1 man band and I tell you what is does quite
a job on here. The guy can write some great riffs and songs. The music
reminds me of Nasty Savage meeting Black Flag. The vocals are more in with Nasty
Savage as well. The production is good, a bit on the raw side, but who cares. The
riffs are really neatly thought out and really helped me connect with what he
was doing. The drums from what I read are samples of real time drums. I
really enjoyed this release. Info:

MENTAL HORROR/Abyss Of Hypocrisy (Displeased) Super blazing fast death metal
that I really didn't like too much. The drums sound like tin cans and the
guitar sound ir really low and weak and the drum parts actually sound like a
machine gun. The band don't slow down much and every tune just sort of runs
together. This would be better with a better production and a bit less speed at
times. Info:

DEVOURMENT/138 (Displeased) This is a re-release of the bands release on
United Gutteral Records. Total Suffocation worship with those groove riffs and low
gutturnal vocals that I love ha ha. This band isn't that bad for the style
they are playing, but it is not my style of death metal at all. Info:

RESPONSEN NEGATIVE/Same-5 great old school thrash tracks with ex guiatr
player Bbby Gustafson playing guiatr and writing much oif the music. The music is
old school 80's thrash not like Overkill, a hear a bit of Kreator here and
there. The band play with a thrash edge, which is fine by me as the riffs sound
fresh and heavy, but not jump metal heavy. The vocals are solid growls of death.
This is omne of the best unsigned bands I have heard and heck if I worked at
a label I'd sign these guys in one second. Yes they are that damn good. Info:

CRUCIFIED MORTALS/Converted By Decapitation-Yes some more old school thrash
metal to make me smile. 6 tracks of pure thrash, not that tough, macho street
crap. This is pure thrash metal with heavy riffs, poundiung drums, and screamed
vocals. The music is speed metal with some breaks for slower parts. Think
Slayer meeting Deathrow. Bnads like this are keeping the old school style alive
and they play with more power, passion and emotion and many of today's bands
can only dream of. Buy or be a poser ha ha. Info:

CIPHER SYSTEM/Central Tunnel (Lifeforce) Theis band plays death metal in the
vein of At The Gates, with a bit more of a melodic style to them and they also
use keyboard parts here and there. The keyboard parts aren't over used and
they sound ok here. The thick guitar sound is a plus as well and the fact the
band have a bit of meldoy in their music is ok with me as well. If your into In
Flames, Soilwork, etc, then you'll do backflips for this. Info:

INNER FIRE/In Blood We Trust (Painkiller) I just couldn't get into this,
cause I didn't think the music was strong and the screeched vocals really got on
my nerves. This band play a guess as the label calls it, dark metal. The music
is sort of in that vein mixed in with some death metal as well. The songs just
don't strike a cord with me and just kinda are they and flat. The vocals
don't help. Not a band for my tastes. Info:

EMPTINESS/Guilty To Exist (Painkiller) Fast black/death metal is the ticket
here. The combo works for this band as they slay through song after song of
evil riffing and mix in the sounds of death metal and this packs a wallop. The
vocals are old school death/black metal vocals that are quite good. The
production is kinda on the raw side as you might enjoy the old sounds. A solid
release. Info:

SOLACE IN THE SHADOWS/The Screaming To Survive-4 tracks of fast blistering
death metal. The tracks are speedy numbers of some soild played death metal that
slows down at times to give everybody a rest. The vocals are screeching black
metal style, which work well with what the band is doing. The production is
good, you can can hear everything cleanly. If your into quality death/black
metal then check these guys out. Info:

CHAINSAW DISSECTION/Blood Gore And Grindcore-This is a one man band with drum
machine in hand. This is raw, chaotic death metal. Sort of like Autopsy meets
Mortician. The riffs are excellent crushing riffs that wll make any death
metal fan proud. The drums even sound good for them being machines. The vocals
are Mortician like, very low as is the bass. This is a good raw underground
release that if you like grind with some Autopsy style to it, then check it out.

GEARED4/Breaking The Mould-Really bad metal with sort of a rap or jump metal
feel to it, which was a total turn off. The generic mosh type parts and songs
that just didn't do a thing for me and I just didn't like this band at all. It
wasn't heavy and the rapping is a joke. Info:

BLASTMASTERS/Same-Damn does this demo cd smoke. Crush, roaring riff after
volitale riff flow as this plays on. It is fast, powerful, heavy, and blood
curling all the way. The vocals are fantastic, the guy sings with power, evil and
conviction. The speed of the music just blew me away and the riffs that came
out of this band as it played, were just amazing. The band dtold me they are
re-recoroding some old Exmorits tunes. Can't wait from a full length from these
guys as well. Contact them at all means at:

ENSLAVIOR/Uncivil Liberty-Old school thrash metal is the ticket here. Sort of
older Megedeath in spots, which was cool with me. The music is riff oriented
and the band throw some older Slayer in sports as well. This was put out in
1999m and still sounded fresh to these ears. Look beloe for sa review of the
bands latest release. Info:

ENSLAVIOR/Red White Black And Blue-A fantastic release of thrash metal in the
vein of Hirax and old Celtic Frost. Damn does this band hit hard and hit
often. The music is old school speed metal and I loved every note. Just crushing
riff after riff. The screamed, powerful vocals are a welcome change from the
low growl vocals. Take a trpi back in time with the band. A must have. Info:

HECATE ENTHRONED/Redimus (Candlelight USA) This band is back with another
round of death/black metal. The band still sound like the older releases as they
still rip into super fast black metal parts along with parts of death metal.
The band throw in keyboard parts here and there as well. The production is
solid as well. If you liked this band in the past, you'll like this. Info:

ANNIHILATOR/All For You (AFM Records) At first I was like what the hell
happended to this band, but by the 2nd song I was hooked. Some very good thrash
metal from this veteran band that have been around since the 80's. The band have
been through many vocalist and this guy has a pretty solid voice. The music is
fast old school speed metal that crushes with tons of killer riffs and speed
breaks. This band has some of the most amzing riffing and style I have heard
in a quite awhile. You can get this through The End Records. Info:

U.D.O./Thunderball (AFM Records) Good ole UDO has ben around a long time with
metal. This is another solid release of straight ahead metal that yeah sounds
like Accept and UDO. UDO has always been playing straight metal and this
release is no expection. Udo stills sings with that gruff voice he always had. The
music is straight forward no frills heavy metal no no glam, no spped metal,
just plain metal. A goodie. Info:

DISMEMBER/Live Blasphemies DVD-11 tracks of prime live DIsmember. There is
also a small piece of the bands 1st live show ever. DIsmember really made a big
splash with me with their last release and this DVD only makes me want
Dismember to tour so we can hear new songs live. A really good DVD and the quality is
top notch.

MERCILESS/Live Obession DVD-This is a DVD of this bands re-union show in
2003. This is a double cd and te one cd includes the re-union show and the other
disc includes bonus stuff and other goodies. The quailty is good and the camera
shots are great and Merciless kill on this dvd.

Sunrise/Traces To Nowhere (Lifeforce) 9 tracks of blasting death metal that
will melt your ears. This is so damn heavy and catchy it isn't funny. The band
play in the swedish style (ala Entombed0 and the riffs are so damn catchy, you
can't help but bang the head. Production is perfect, the guitar sound and
riffing is unreal. The gruff vocals are a welcome change from all the lower than
low stuff I am used to hearing. A fantastic release of soild death metal. Info:

FISSION/Crater (Napalm Records) I am a sucker for bands that write great
guitar riffs and here is anoyther one of them. This band play death metal in the
vein of At The Gates, though they have more melody than them. The riffing is so
on the money that again if yuor head is not banging, your not a metalhead.
The band also use some spoke type of vocals at times, which to me, wasn't out of
place, but most of the time is is pure death metal screaming vocals all the
This band can play with a sense of melody and also unleash brutal power when
it wants too. A wicked combo in my book. Info:

DIVISION/Trinity (Metal Age Records) This grew on me with repeasted listens.
This is good, soild heavy metal with some areas of thrash metal thrown in as
well. The band remind of bands like Savatage, Omen, Helstar and other Metal
Blade bands of the late 80's. The band can write soild riffs and the vocals are
clear, but strong and powerful and they fit the music. As with all good metal
bands, you need strong riffs and like I said this band deliver the goods. The
riffs will have the head baging and the toes tapping. This isn't in the newer
style of power metal, this is good ole old school metal all the way. Info:

DRAWN AND QUARTERED/Return Of The Black Death (Moribund) This band return and
return with a fury. Long gone are the generic Cannibal Corpse riffs that were
on the bands debut release and nwo the band go for the throat in the vein of
Immolation. Crushing heart drenching riff after riff fill the air and the
vocals are what death metal need to be. Not this lower than low shit. This band
play and playing with feeling, what death metal sound sound like. The
prodiuction is wicked and the guiatar crushes all. The band still play fast and furious
and this is one of the best cds of 2004 bar none. Info:

DRAUGAR/Weathering The Curse (Moribund) It is a curse if you buy this cd. A
beyond bad one man raw (ha ha) black metal project. The production sucks, the
riffs are terrible, the singing is a joke, and the music (if you want to call
it that) is a total waste of time. This is bad, very bad junk black metal with
not one even good thing about it. It is total crap and this is not pure, true,
raw or anything else but pure crap. Info:

LIFEND/Inner Ears (Cruz Del Sur Music) Generic tired death/gothic metal with
female vocals and tired, old death metal vocals. I hate these female opera
vocals with death metal. It sucks and it isn't original. The music is faceless
death metal with the same old screamed vocals and the female vocals make this
even a less pleasant listneing experience. I'll pass. Info:

NIGHTMARE/Silent Room (Napalm Records) This was ok power metal I liked some
parts, but the chanting vocals lines have been done to death by other bands.
The band play power metal with clean vocals like Heaven's Gate and bands like
that. This isn't bad, but the style has been done to death and I must have heard
75 other power metal bands over the past year doing this same sort of style.

LACRIMAS PROFUNDER/Ave End (Naplam Records) I couldn't get into this at all.
This was slow doomy gothic rock that is not my cup of tea at all. The music
bored me to tears and to me this just didn't do ma thing for me. Info:

DAMNATION/Destructo Evangelia (Candlelight USA) Excellent death/black metal
that reminds me of the 1st Bathory release and Hellhammer many moons ago. The
music is pure raw black metal that has feeling and passion missing from most
bands today. The vocals, you can hear the hate spew out as he sings. The riffs
remind me of Celtic Frost (Morbid Tales) and this never gets boring. Pure old
school and this is the way underground msuic should be. 100& pure death. Info:

RED HARVEST/Internal Punishment Programs (Candlelight) This a decent release.
At least the band is sounding different from the million other bands I have
heard. This band plays industrial stlye of metal with some death metal mixed
in. The music is heavy, fast and unrelenting. Think if Helmet mixed in with
Ministry. The riffs have melody and are quite catchy, but not in that nu metal
crap mode. The vocals are deep screams from the swers of hell. A killer combo
that works well with this band. Well worth checking out. Info: