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New Reviews - 10/26/04

NUNSLAUGHTER/Goat (Metal War Production) I'd like to apologize to Spencer
andKaren for taking so long with the review, but I just found the cd under a pile
of cds. What a fantastic release this is. A killer slab of real deathy metal
as only this band can play. A raw, but not too raw production. Fast, cruching
riffs along with REAL death metal vocals make this a cd you must own. Total
100% underground metal that is meant to be be played and should be played this
way. Info:

CHAINSAW/Smell The Saw (World Chaos Prod) I am in heaven, well actually hell.
This is some killer old school death/thrash that had me smiling from ear to
ear. The vocals remind me of Gary from Anvil Bith and Smier from Destruction.
The music is like Whiplash and old Kreator and just plain kills. Listen to
those riffs and songs and if your head doesn't bang, then your a poser. Total 100%
metal. Info:

DIABOILICAL BREED/Compendium Infernus (World Chaos Prod) Typical black metal
with keyboards and those screaming black metal vocals. The band isn't doing
anything different that I have not heard from a 1000 other black metal bands and
the songs got left me bored. Info:

ETHERNAL/Same-Some solid black metal that sounded quite good to these ears.
It is fast, powerful and will leave you breathless. Excellent black metal
vocals and the production is raw, the way black metal should be. This will leave
you punished and wanting more. I am sure this band won't be unsigned for long.
[email protected]

UPPERCUT/Reanimation Of Hate (GUC) Solid thrash metal with female vocals.
Trsut me you would never know they are female unless I read the bio. The music is
exceleltn bay area thrash with the thick riffs and melodies. Think Testament.
The more I listended to this the more I got into it. If you are sick of all
the nu metal bands playing weak ass thrash, then give this a shot. This is real
thrash metal the way it should be played. Info:

DENY THE URGE/Subsequent Confrontation (GUC) Semi tehcnical death metal with
some good riffs and decent vocals. The vocals are growled and thankfully not
that lower than low crap. The music is mostly fast and the band do blast into
some ultra fast parts. Decent death metal. Info:

DESTRUCTION 412/Same-Jump nu metal with those groove riffs and tough guy
vocals that sound like all those other bands doing the same style. Bands like
these, at least to me, are a dime a dozen. Smae riffs, same vocals, same
breakdowns, etc. Not for me. Info:

TIME MACHINE/Reviviscenece (Lucretia Records) Some cool different progressive
power metal is the ticket here. The music is both catchy and progressive and
heavy at the same time. Sort of a more melodic Dream Theatre is what I would
call this. Excellent vocals and production too. A good job. Info:

DIO/Master Of The Moon (Sanctuary Music) I have always liked DIo. From his
days in Rainbow to being in Black Sabbath and his solo work, I have always
admired this man. He returns with his best release in quite a bit and this is chock
full of classic Dio riffs and his voice sounds fantastic and in this day and
age of all this jump metal crap, this is a refreshing breath of clean air. If
you are into classic, heavy metal with balls, this is a must have. Info:

GRIM ARIA/Same-A solid 4 song effort of some serious thrash metal with a
touch of death metal. Great riffs that had my head banging and the vocals are nice
growls of death, not that lower than low cup the mic crap. The band sort of
remind of me of older Pestilence back in the day. Can't wait for some new
material. A band that should be heard and signed. Info:

TUSK/Tree Of No Return (Tortuga Recordings) I at first dismissed this as some
weak black metal band, but don't be fooled. This is some weird, spaced out
shit. Think black metal mixed with grind and Voivod. This is chaotic, crazy and
totally off the way. The drummer is on fire and the vocals are screamed and
sound like he is on his last breath. For those into the extreme side of things.

STEEL ATTACK/Enslaved (Arise Records) Some solid power metal with plenty of
crisp riffs and powerful lung vocals. This band has a new singer and what a set
of pipes he has. Melodic, but still powerful. The music is speedy. melodic
power metal with lots of double bass drum parts and sppedy riffs. Production is
on the money too. One of the better power metal release I have heard lately.

KITTIE/Until The End (Artemisrecords) I have heard all sorts of different
stuff about this band and now I have finally heard them. The band play death
metal with groove anjd is an all female group. This is better than 99% of all the
other nu metal crap I have heard. The band can write some meaty riffs and the
voicals aren't the tough guy nor the tough girl style. They are just naturally
hateful. I really thought this was pretty damn good release and the guitar
sound is great I love the sound and the riffs. Worth getting. Info:

TEARABYTE/Gloom Factory (NMS Music) Wow some cool thrash metal. The band has
a bit of the old gruff hardcore style to them, but this reminds me of
Necrophagia at times. This was like mid 80's thrash all the way. The production even
has that feel too, which was fine by me. The vocals were like spoken at times,
but with a rough feel. Seriously, this is one of the best thrash bands I have
heard in some time. Buy or fry. Info:

TRANSMISSION 0/Same (Go Kart Records) This is industrial music. Sort of like
Godflesh at times. The music is hard hitting big time. While I'm not a huge
fan I can appreciate what this band is doing. They seem pretty original and if
heavy and the vocals are screamed with conviction. He seems like he is ready to
lose his mind. This I would say is a combo of Godflesh, OLD and Helmet. Info:

LELIO PADOVANI/UnknownEvolution-This was a really cool cd. It is an inst
rumental guitar oriented
cd. This would be cool if you liked jazz music with a guitar sound. Seriously
this might be something you would like if you like jazz music. I liked it for
what it was for sure. Info:

FORSAKEN/Anima Mundi (Golden Lake Productions) This band I have always liked
and they are back with some more crushing doom metal. The band always have a
knack for writing some of the heaviest riffs and I love the vocals, clear, but
very haunting and emotional. Production is good and if your into well played
doom with lots of feeling and emotion, buy this. Info:

EMANCER/Invisible (Golden Lake Productions) Some decent death/black metal
music. The band play fast and slow as they mix up the tempo. The vocals are sort
of a mix of black and death metal, but none of that lower than low crap. The
production is good and the songs kept me interested and the band even add some
melody to the mix at times. Info:

THE ENCHANTED/For Those Who Fall (Golden Lake Productions) Some neat old
school thrash/death metal. The band play old school speedy thrash metal with a
touch of death metal at times. The productions is raw giving it a 80's type of
feel. Sort of like Slayer at times if they played with a death metal feel. If
you need a dose of old scholl metal, here is your ticket. This hits hard and
fast. Info:

BLACK MASS/HELLRAISED Split cd (Grim Nocturnal Records) I have always liked
Black Mass as they play a brand of killer black metal with feeling and not just
a bunch of worthelss pick riffing with 'evil' vocals. The band continue to
assault my ears with killer black metal as they rip through 3 tunes of fast,
pounding black metal that some quality vocals and playing with lots o hateful
feeling. Hateraised offer up 3 tunes of excellent total old school death metal
played with a raw blend of spped and power.   I love the raw sound and the
guitar sound the band get crushes reminding me of Necrophagia with their "Seasons
of the Undead" release.

DONTHEMADNESS/Push-This was sort of industrial pop music with a harder edge
to it. Sort of like Faith No More meets Nine Inch Nails. For what this was, it
wasn't bad at all. The vocals are good and solid and it fits with what band is
aiming for. I don't know how many of you would be into this sort of thing,
but here is ordering info:
Don Cooper 3018 Cherrywood Ave Bellingham, WA 98225

MELIAH RAGE/Barely Human (Screaming Ferret Records) A godly release of 100%
prime thrash metal that should be heard. Awesome riffs, great vocals and a
perfect production. The songs just ozze thrash metal all the way. The riffs just
scream and beg for you to bang your head. The riffs, whicle catchy are not that
nu-metal, let's jump crap. This is pure 80's like old school thrash the way
it shouyld be played. As an added bonus this comes with a 2nd cd, a 1992
release that never came out. Info:

THE RING/Tales From Midgard (Scarlet Records) Wow this was some really good
power metal with soaring vocals and just plain great song after song. The riffs
are quality and the singer's voice fits in so well with the music. The band
play with lots of melody and can write some meaty, heavy riffs, but never lose
the melody. I got this from The End Records so I am sure you can get it from
them. Info:

SKY LARK/Wings (Scarlet Records) This was like a mix of some power metal with
lots of slow ballad like parts with male and female vocals at times. While I
can appreciate what the band is doing and not jumping on the hot trend, this
just wasn't for me as I found it to be very boring and just didn't get me up
and going. Info:

SCENT OF FLESH/Valor In Hatred (Firebox) Death metal in the vein of Decide
with some not so good death metal vocals. They are the low screamed kind and
just don't sound too convincing to these ears. The music is basic death metal
with fast blasting parts, nothing really of value here. Info:

MANITOU/The Mad Moon Rising (Rage Of Achilles Records) Just couldn't get into
this. This was heavy metal in the vein of like Fates Warning, Dream Theatre,
Omen, etc and to my ears the songs just lacked power and direction. The bands
songs just plodded along and just left me bored. The songs just felt weak and
just didn't make me want to keep listening to them. Info:

HEIMDALL/Hard As Iron (Scarlet Records) Some good solid metal with bits and
pieces of thrash metal and power metal. Sort of reminded me of older Metallica
if they played power metal. The band can write some good chunky riffs and are
not afraid to speed things up when need be, which was cool with me. The singer
has a nice set of pipes and I think those who enjoy metal and/or power metal
would like this. Info:

SONIC WARFARE 1/Same (Peace Or Die Records) 7 bands play 2 songs each. I love
comps as it is a cool way to check out new bands. I love Blood Drive as they
let loose a fury of old school metal core. The other 6 bands, including,
Katana, Soul Casket, etc all bands that were decent to really good, and I had not
heard any of them before. Info:

ATG/Revolution Of Adolescence (Sky Limit Records) Pantera style metal
especially in the vocals. Really not much to say except if you enjoy Pantera during
their Vulgar Display of Power days, then you'll want this too. Info:

VOICES FROM THE ARTIC CIRCLE/Various (Arctic Music) a 17 comp of various
styles of the underground all hailing from Scandinavia. From the fast and brutal
styles of Shadow Builder to the black metal of Lord Belial. 17 of the best
bands this county has to offer. As with comps, I enjoyed some bands better than
others. This one had lots of variety and I think any underground fan would enjoy
the bands on here. Info:

COLD BLACK/Penetration (Arctic Music) Some wicked thrash that reminded me of
Testament musicwise and Anvil Bitch in the vocals.  The production is good and
the music is mid paced and sometimes fast. The band have a touch of the
groove metal to them, but also mix it in with lots of old school thrash, making for
quite a neat combo. Info:

HATE FOR FREE/Same (Vacation House) 3 tracks from this bands forthcoming
release. Total groove metal done by a million other bands that sounds like a
million other bands. Nothing of value here at all. Info:

SCORPIONS/Unbreakable (Santuary) I always had a place in my heart for this
band and saw them live several times in the 80's. The abnd return with a new
release. The band still sound pretty good to these ears and they churn out their
brand of rock n roll with a metal edge. The band is still kickin ass after all
these years Scorpion style. Info:

DEMENTER/Adv Tracks (SOS Recordings) 3 tracks of some cool different kind of
weird metal. Reminds me of Sapphic Ode at times. The female vocals are great
and fit the music perfectly. Think Missing Persons if they played metal. The 3
tracks were fantastic and I look forward to hearing a whole cd. Info:

TWENTY RIPPED ANGEL/Same-This is modern metal in the vein of Marilyn Manison
meets Ministry. For what the band is trying to do, they sound pretty good, but
I am just not into this style at all. Info:

THRESHOLD/Subsurface (Inside Out Music) Excellent melodic power metal with
some wicked riffing and godly vocals. The songs are so catchy it isn't funny.
The production is perfect and if your like power metal played with style and
grace and just plain killer songs, then pick this up. Info

CROPMENT/Spiral Of Violence (Fastbeast) Fast pounding death metal in the vein
of Cannibal Corpse. The vocals aren't as low and the whirlwind riffs and
earth pouding drums will make any death metal fan smile. This band is better than
most of the other Cannibal Corpse wanna be bands as this band knows how to
write riffs. Info:
[email protected]

SCAVENGER/Madness To Our Method (Sentinel Records) Some neat non generic
thrash that sounds original and perked my ears up. The band sound like no other
and just play good ole 80's style thrash. Some solid riffs and vocals. Kinda
reminds me of Megedeth when they were good. One of the better thrash bands around
that is for sure. Info:

ESTUARY/To Exist And Endure (Ibex Moon Records) The bands bio describes the
band as melodic death/thrash metal and I wouls ay that is right on the money.
The band pound out some death metal riffs alsong with the speed of thrash metal
all into one nice ball. The band members come from various other underground
bands as well. The band can write some catchy riffs and the spped parts melt
me. The vocals are death metal style and even some sick female death growls
too. Very enjoable release. Info:

FUNERUS/Festering Earth (Ibex Moon Records) Bone crushing death metal of the
tallest order. Low sludgy tuned down old school death metal they way it should
be played. Think Incantation, Rottovore, Autopsy and bands in that vein. The
slow riffs will melt your on a cold winter's day. Great death metal vocals
too. The production is raw, but still heavy as fuck. A killer job by this band
that features 2 guys in Incantation. Hey John. Info:

NECESSARY EVIL/Juggernott-The band play thrash metal, but it just didn't
click with me. It didn't just blow me away. The band can wriye some riffs, but
they just sound tired and worn out after a few spins. I give the band credit for
not trying to sound like Pantera or Biohazard and by playing old school
thrash, but I just couldn't get into it. Info:

Skinkrawl/Same-Some crazy out of control guys here. This band hail from
Louisiana and it must be something in the water down there. 3 tracks of sludge out
of control music and vocals. The guy sounds like he is on some sort of drug.
This is not for the weak and the 3rd track will really get you going. A very
cool and different band here. Info:

RHAPSODY/Symphony Of Enchanted Lands Part 2: The Dark Secret (SPV) This band
return with some more tasteful power metal, with shouted vocals and narrative
spoken word stuff as well. The music is classic power metal with plenty of
tasteful riffing that this band is known for. The vocals shine as Fabio does a
wonderful job and his vocals just fit this band so well. Another fantastic
release from this classy power metal band. Info:

ICYCORE/Wetwired (SPV ) This is progressive power metal sort of like Dream
Theatre in spots with the vocals and the song arrangements. I just couldn't get
into this too much. The songs aren't strong to these ears and didn't get my
toes tapping or head even moving. The songs were just kinda there and just
didn't click with me. Info:

ELDRITCH/Portrait Of The Alayss Within (SPV) Some nicely done power metal
with riffs that stick and stay in your head. The songs are strong and I love the
choppy riffs and song arrangements. The vocals are clean, but they have some
aggression behind them and with music this good, how can you go wrong? Another
kick ass power metal rewalse that shows that power metal is here to stay. Info:

MAGIC KINGDOM/Metallic Tragedy (SPV) The power metal just continues on and
on. This is godly power metal with tons of melody, power and spped. It is like
the perfect band. Clean, but aggressive vocals, make this guy's voice a perfect
blend to what this band is doing. For those into Heaven's Gate, Rhapsody and
the like you will go apeshit for this band. Info:

INNER WISH/Silent Faces (SPV) To me this was just average power metal with
some lacking vocals. The songs just don't have the punch of the other 2 bands
above and the music kinda just is there. The vocals I could not get into and
this band just seemed to be going through the motions. Info:

GRONIBARD/Satanic Tuning Club (Bones Brigade) Grind metal with some humor
throw in as well. The band don't blast all the time, as some of the slower parts
are killer breaks until they go into hyerspeed. The speed parts are cool with
me as they don't tread into noise territory. The vocals are screamed grindcore
style. Inf your into grind or that style then pick this up. Info:

GLACIAL FEAR/Fetish Parade (Negatron Records) Some neato old style thrash
sort in the mold of older Voivod. The music is mostly upper tempo with that
Viovod feel to it. The vocals are a little more in the hardcore vein at times. The
productions is like on those early 90's thrash albums. One of the best new
bands I have heard. Info:

ZORA/Dismembered Human Rage (Negatron Records) A head smashing display of
death metal played with power and conviction. Choppy, fast lighting like riffs
and some tasteful drumming along with some solid death metal vocals had me
wanting more as this is only an ep. Info:

ABSENT SOCIETY/Same-Groove metal that sounds like a million other tough guy
bands that do this style. They use groove dance, most type riffs along with
those screamed, generic vocals that sound like modern hardcore or nu metal band.
I'll pass. Info:
[email protected]

KILWHITNEYDEAD/Never GoodEnough For You (Tribunal) Decent fast blasting death
metal with a nice mix of old school to it. The production is fantastic as the
guitar sounds crushes. The ultra fast parts metl me with some soild death
metal vocals to boot. Some of the lyrics are quite funny as well. For serious
death metal fans. Info:

SPELLGATE/Exodus-While I couldn't get into this as it wasn't my cup of tea,
if your into gothic and emotional style metal with female vocals, you'll like
this. Keyboard, female opera vocals, emotional doomy like patterns, etc is what
you will find here. Just not my style. Info;

PANTHEEON/Crush The Weak-Total modern groove metal with Pantera riffs and
tough guy vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and this isn't even a good
one. Tired riffs, generic vovals and just plain bore me to death songs make
this one cd that won't be back in my player.
I'll pass on Crush The Weak. Info:

MORTIS/The Grunge (Earache) This was not for me as well. Eletronic techno
dance sort of music. I always knew Mortis was into doing all sorts of weird and
different stuff, but this was like Ministry if they played techno dance tunes.
Not for me. Info:

KILLING THEORY/Dead Buried Forgotten (Tribunal Records) Typical death metal
in vein of Napalm Death. The band just blast through 5 songs of average at best
death metal. The vocals are screamed and the msuic is mostly fast with some
blast parts. It just came across as something not special and the band just
kinda being there. Info:

HE IS LEGEND/91025 (Tribunal Records) This is like college rock stuff, while
well played and the band sound good, is not my cup of tea. Info:

CANVAS SOLARIS/Sublimination (Tribunal Records) This is an all instrumental
release, but don't let it fool ya. This is some really cool stuff. Sort of
reminds me of Cynic in spots. It is progressive, but it also catchy and heavy too.
Wicked ass riffs and solid playing make this a different, but very pleasant
release. Info:

BBQ OF BRUTALITY/3 Way Split (Torture Music) 3 different bands offer up
underground goodies. Lincoln Love Log offer up 4 tunes of punishing death metal
like if Autopsy played death/speed metal. A.F.M. offer up more low tuned down
death metal with plenty of speed and rip roaring riffs. Diononesiste offer up
older Slayer like metal that will crush and make you bow. This is some sick shit.
A great release all 3 bands were excellent. Info:

DEADSOIL/The Venom Divine (Lifeforce) This band mix a bit of hardcore, old
school death metal and newer death metal. The band can rip itno some serious ear
damge with some of the riffs, esp the slow ones, they crush. The vocals are
dying man, screamed vocals and the band mix in slower parts with some fast
blast parts. Overall, this is a solid effort of death metal. Info:

BURNING SKIES/Murder By Means Of Existance (Lifeforce) Fast death metal in
the vein of Dismember, At The Gates, etc. The vocals are screaming man dying
vocals, which are cool with me. The production is thick you can hear everything
well. While this wasn't original, this is a solid death metal release and far
from generic. Info:

SUPPOSITORY/Grot (Grindethic Records) Holy shit is this fast and then even
faster. Blazing grind that will own you if you crave fast music. Sick grind
vocals. If your into the Japan grind bands and older Brutal Truth and stuff like
that, then you'll love this. Production is good and the band mix it up from
slow to speed. Info:

AMAGORTIS/Abominable-Typical Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation clone stuff all
the way down to the vocals and the cheap blast beats. Bands like this are a
dime a dozen. Info:

DIVINATION/Three Nails Of Fate (DRP Records) This band has been around for
awhile and while some of there older material was Cannibal Corpse in style, this
new release is simply amazing. The band have come a lonmg way and the riffs,
playing and singing are just perfect. Blistering riffs, strong vocals and
excellent songs had me stunned. The band mix it up from slower, crushing parts to
total all out blasts of hell. An excelelnt slb of death metal that belongs on
a big indie label for sure. Info:

KORPIKLAANI/Spirit Of The Forest (Napalm Records) This was some weird band to
my ears. They are like a mix of gothic with a bit of folk to it and some
death metal. I didn't think I would like this at all, but it was quite cathy and
the melody of the band won me over. If your into some metal with melody and
something different, then try this out. Info:

ATROCITY/Atlantis (Naplam Records) I remember this band back in the 80's and
I remember the band changing and trying different styles and here they are bac
k. I don't like the style they are playing now. It is black metal sort of like
Cradle of Filth in spots with keyboards and female vocals ar times. To me
this band just changes and goes with what is in the "in' style at the moment.
Sorry this just doesn't seem "real" to me. Info:

SIRENIA/An Elixir For Existance (Naplam Records) This sort of reminded me of
Paradise Lost at times. The band mix on goth metal with a bit of black and
death metal at times. The band can play well, though I am not a fan of this style
of music at all. Info:

LEAVES EYES/Lovelorn (Napalm Records) This is not my cup of tea as this is
female vocals with some melodic I guess gothic type of music behind it. I will
say this, the girl's vocals are not annoying at all and fot the music quite
well. The songs are solid cathy numbers that if your into the goth style I think
you will find a lot of value here. Info:

ENTOMBED/Inferno/Avern (Candlelight) Let me tell you boys and girls that this
band is back and the old trademark Entombed guitar sound is back and better
than ever. Thick, riffs along with great vocals make this boy smile. I loved
old Entombed and was sad when they sort of went away from this style and now
they are back. The US release includes a 2nd cd with other songs, videos, etc. A
must pick up for any fan of the Swedish style of death metal. Info:

OLD MAN GLOOM/Christmas (Tortuga Recordings) Generic grovve metal with those
tough guy vocals. I have heard a million bands doing this style and it's old,
worn out and nothing new that I haven't heard from any other band doing this
style. Info:

ANVIL/Back To Basics (Screaming Ferret) Anvil. Fuckin Anvil. I have always
had a soft spot in my heart for this band and I always liked them for carrying
the metal flag and not going soft like so many other bands and they have been
around longer than Metal Core. The band return with another solid effort of
Anvil metal. That means it's pure metal played with power and passion and plain
kicks ass. Lips still sings and sounds quite good this disc. As a bonus there
is  DVD from the Wacken Fest from like 1998 that it a gem and more than makes
this cd worth it's weight in gold. Info:

ABYDOS/The Little Boys Heavy Mental Shadow Opera (Inside Out Music) This was
a bit too mellow for me in spots, but I'll say this, it is packed with tons of
emotion and feeling. The music is somewhat in the progressive mode and the
vocals remind me a lot of Dream Theatre. The music is progressive in spots, but
just lacked that killer punch in my ears. I know of you into the progressive
side of things will go bonkers over this one. Info:

DEAD SOUL TRIBE/The January Tree (Inside Out Music) More power metal. This as
with a lot of the bands on this label is a bit on the preogressive side. The
band play power metal with clean, but power vocals. The songs are nice heavy
tunes with some excellent melodies and moods. This is just a great cd and I
look forward to hearing more from this band. Info:

PYRAMAZE/Melancholy Beast (Nightmare Records) Tried giving this a few spins,
but nothing clicked with me. The band play power metal with clean vocals. but
the songs just didn't to it for me. They just gonna went on and to me just
didn't connect with me. The vocals are good and the band can play, but the songs
like I said, didn't click for me. Info:

ASCENSION THEORY/Regeneration (Nightmare Records) This was a good, soild
release of heavy metal with some power metal elements behind it as well as lots of
feeling and emotion. The vocals are great, as the guy sings with power and
passion not found in many bands. The music is quality all the way as the band
blast through tune after tune of heavy metal with a edge tough of power metal.

STEEL PROPHET/Beware (Nightmare Records) This band has been around for quite
sometime and return with a new release and a new singer as well. The band play
some good soild power metal and I like the new singers voice as well. He has
a good set of lungs and his voice sounds good with the music. Reminds me a
little of Graham Bonnett. The production is sold and as a bonus for the US, you
get a 2nd disc full of songs that were previously only availabe as a ultra
rare vinyl of in Germany.