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New Reviews - 7/15/04

VINDERRINGER/A Rock N Roll Tragedy (Zero Velocity Records) Old school
hardcore music is the ticket here. The band blast each tune with repent and power.
The music is mostly fast paced hardcore, but none of that nu metal shit. The
vocals are old style sceamed, pissed off hardcore style vocals. If you want real
hardcore, look no further. Info:

SACRIFICIAL BLOOD/Toxic Zombies-Great raw old school death metal that reminds
me of those killer death metal demos I would get in the mail in the 80's. The
band remind me of Autopsy at times and they do a great Autopsy cover as well.
I am glad some bands are still around doing the old style of death metal,
which to me is the only REAL death metal. No jump metal to be found. Great job.

NYIA/Head Held High (Candlelight) Fast death metal in the vain of Vader. The
music is not very original, it is basic fast death metal that has been done by
a million other bands. The tin can sounding drums don't help neither. The b
and are ok, but just aren't doing anything exciting or new and didn't hold my
attention for long. Info:

DAYS AND NIGHTS IN THE SKELETON CREW/Working Class Stiffs-9 tracks of some
decent punk hardcore music. The band has 2 girls and one sings and she is
fantastic. The band mix up the fast and mid paced parts and the songs are all pretty
solid to these ears. The band don't sound like any one band and they seem to
just play what they like and feel and not follow trends. No jump nu metal shit
again, which is great. Info:

DISENTER/As We Burn (Morbid) This band returns with a great new release of
fast heart pounding death metal. Riff after windmill like riff that will have
the neck snapping. Good, soild death metal vocals that are brutal and not that
low vocal shit. Production is on the money and I love the guitar sound. A
worthwhile purchase. Info:

COCK AND BALL TORTURE/Egoleech (Morbid) Couldn't get into this at all due to
the lower than low vals and the generic riffing. The band used to be a grnd
band from what I read and now have slowed it down. The music isn't anything
great and the vocals actually are quite funny. I'll pass. Info:

GRAVY/Bones-This band plays rock n roll like you would hear on some
mainstream alternative radio station. This isn't my cup of tea, but the songs are well
crafted and the vocals fit the music. The songs are catchy bouncy numbers and
I enjoyed it for what the band was trying to do. Info:

SATAN'S HOST/Burning The Born Again-This band has been around almost as long
as Metal Core and I have never heard the band's music until now. Fast,
blasting old school death metal is the ticket here. Sort of older Kreator meeting At
The Gates. Vocals are very good, thick set of lungs and you can understand the
words and none of the cookie monster vocals ha ha. The production is fine as
well, every instrument shines. I'll have to check into this band as if the old
stuff is as good as this, I'll be one happy man. Info:

X-VISION/Time Of The New Slavery-This is one of those nu-metal bands that
play music with plenty of groove and death metal. Ya know Pantera and bands of
that ink. This was ok, but to me this has just been done to death by so many
bands. The riffs and vocals are like so many other bands. The vocals go from the
tough man style to death metal growls. I have heard this done ro death and
sorry but this is just another faceless band adding nothing new to an already
over crowded metal scene. Info:
[email protected]

INFINITED HATE/Revel In Bloodshed (Displeased) Fuckin A this is a killer cd.
Absolute crushing death metal that never lets up and will smash and crush all
weak people in it's way. A super blast cover of Kreator's "Flag of Hate" too.
Riff after windmill riff of total chaos. Great death metal vocals and a
production and a drummer who will not quit. One of the best releases of 2004 so far.

OFFICIUM TRISTE/Reason (Displeased) I have an old release of this band in my
distro and now they return with some more doom metal. The music is mostly
slow, but the band do up the tempo at times. The msuic is sad and gloomy and the
vocals are great for this style of music. While not a big fan of doom metal, I
think anyone that is into doom metal would want this in their collection. Info:

WINDS/The Imaginary Direction Of Time (The End Records) Doom metal with
feeling is the ticket here. Some nice tasteful guitar work too. I didn't like the
vocals as I thought they were weak and took away from the music. I am not a big
fan of female vocals so that didn't help. If your into doom with female
vocals then you'll like this. The music is very emotional and very good. Info

CRISIS/Like Sleep Led To Slaughter (The End Records) You remember this band
on Metal Blade don't ya? With the female barefoot all over the place singer?
The band return with another solid effort of metal to the bone. Karyn's vocals
are out of this world and the band crank out some metal that will have you
moshing all over the house. The band have a touch of the nu metal sound, but are
very original in the song arrangements and the singing just totally makes this
a solid release. The band rip live too. Enjoyable. Info:

PECCATUM/Lost In Reverie (The End Records) Some really weird, warped shit
here. Very hard to explain. The band is out in left field. Part doom, black
metal, gothic, and just some fucked up shit. The band mix in a ton of different
styles thats for sure. If your looking for something open mined look no further.

DEVIL'S WHOREHOUSE/Revelation Unorthodox (The End Records) This reminded me
of Danzig and The Cult. I really wasn't it too this too much as I am not a fan
of Danzig at all. If your into that style and sort of thing I think you'll
like this. Info:

VINTERSORG/The Focusing Blur (Napalm Records) This was a pretty cool release.
The band blend black metal, folk music, clean vocals, and emotional music to
make a very solid release. The music goes in all sorts of directions and has
that roller coaster effect. This is far from typical black metal and is not
just a run of the mill band. The band is trying to do something different and
with this release they did more than the job. Info:

LEVIATHAN/Tentacles Of Whorror (Moribund) Raw black metal with a nice mix of
older Celtic Frost meets new modern black metal. The vocals are excellent as
the guy sounds really good and sing swith passion and emotion. The guitar sound
is great and the fast parts are a blur. One of the best black metal relases I
have heard in awhile. Info:

BELPHEGOR/Lucifer Incestus (Napalm Records) A blazing raw attack of
death/black metal that will leave you breathless. Smashing drums, blistering riffs and
vocals from hell. This is metal the way it should be played. Reminds me of old
Morbid Angel if they were all in out black metal. An excleent display of
death/black metal that will cripple the weak. Info:

DRACONIAN/Where Lovers Mourn (Napalm Records) Doom metal that will have you
sheding tears. Vocals of a dying man that fit the music like a pair of tight
jeans. The music is mostly doom, but the band do up the tempo a bit now and
then. This is a doom lover's delight as the production, playing and everything
else is top notch. Info:

FALKENBACH/Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty (Napalm Records) I just couldn't get into this.
This band is a mixture of folk, goth and black metal and the songs just
didn't reach out and grab me and they kinda just plodded along without much thought
to these ears. Info:

TIME REQUIEM/The Inner Circle Of Beauty (Regain Records) Power metal in the
vein of Rhapsody, Heaven's Gate, etc. The music is speedy power metal with
clean vocals and choppy riffs. Ok, so the band isn't super original, but the band
is a solid one and the music is quite enjoyable and also is in the older Dream
Theatre vein at times, which some of the othe rbands doing this style don't
do as much. Info:

RAGNAROK/Blackdoor Miracle (Regain Records) Fast razor sharp black metal with
powerful riffs and vocals that belong in hell. The production shines as all
the music can be heard. While the band isn't doing anything new, the brutality
and the way it is played just makes you have to like it. Info:

VOICE OF HATE/Gods Of Hell And Earth (Voliac) Fast death metal with some bits
of old school and a touch of grind and there. Music is fast and furious with
some good solid death metal vocals. The riffs and songs are strong and the
fast parts are more than good to these ears. Sort of reminds me of Autopsy if
they played grind. Info:

XASTHUR/Telepathic With Deceased (Moribund) Raw and I mean really raw black
metal. The band is just one guy and he does a pretty decent job. The vocals are
a bit low, but the music is fast black metal style with the pick riffing. The
guy also uses some keyboard parts here and there. This was ok. The guy should
look for a real band, but I will say it was nice of him to mix stuff up. Info:

FERMENTO/insignia (Voliac) Total Suffocation style death metal with the same
tired riffs, vocals and drum beats. Not for me. Info:

CATHEDRAL/The Seperent's Gold (Earache) This is a sort of best of double
releae, but disc 32 has a nice assortment of rare goodies. I loved this bands
older stuff and then they got into more of a rock mode and not so much doom. I
only have the 2nd disc and it has a bunch of unreleased and demo goodies as well
as some interesting cover songs by the likes of Witchfinfer General. On disc
#2 all the tracks (15 of them) are unreleased so you are getting good value for
your money. The rare stuff was done with the band so this is no fly by night
let's get rich off the band release. If you are into Cathedral at all, you
must own this at all costs. Info:

BAPHOMET'S THRONE/Spiritual Evil-4 tracks of black metal with some keyboard
parts. The 4 tracks are fast black metal numbers that don't sound too different
from the many other black metal bands out there. The vocals are black metal
vein and the music is fast with keyboard parts. Not much else to say really.
This was ok for what it was. Info:

FEINSTEIN/Third Wish (SPV) Bone crushing power metal in the vein of Dio and
Black Sabbath (ala Dio period) Godly vocals, rip roaring riffs, strong tunes
and just a cd to make you raise the fist high and scream metal. This is pure
metal all the way and if you don't buy this if you call yourself a metal fan,
your a fool. Info:

BLAZE/Blood & Belief (SPV) This I just couldn't get into. The music is power
metal in style, but the songs to me, just lack that killer punch. It sounded
too much like Soundgarden in spots, a band I am not into at all. The production
is good and if your into power metal meets Soundgarden I think you'd like
this. Info:

APHOTIC/Stillness Grows (Flood The Earth Records) This is 3 of the bands
rleases put onto one cd. The band is black metal, but this is some good black
metal. The band don't ry to sound like a million other bands and also the band use
a bit of melody in their music and as I listended I could hear how the band
got better with each release. The songs are moody and played with feeling and
emtion, which is missing from a lot of bands today. An excellent release worth
finding. Info:

MIND GRINDER/Mindtech (Candlelight USA) Some solid death metal played with
fury and emotion. The tunes are hard hitting, solid death metal tunes that mix a
big of older Morbid Angel with some of the new sounds of say Krisiun at
times. I like the death metal vocals, they are aggressive, but not the lower than
lower crap. If your into well played, solid death metal, then you must have
this. Info:

SUSPERIA/Unlimited (Candelight USA) A have never heard thi8s band before
this, but after hearing this I will have to seek out their other stuff. Godly
thrash metal in vein of early Testament. Riff after ear slicing riff that just had
my neck spinning. Vocals that are both emotional and powerful. Great
production and this is one of the best releases of 2004 and you can go to the bank
with that. Info:

ESSENCE OF EXISTANCE/Ephemeris Sun-Black metal with at times really bad
female vocals. The msuic is fast screaming style, but the female vocals take away
from it. The band throw in some keyboard parts that are ok and the female
vocals thankfully are only here and there. The band isn't super original, but they
are pretty good and I look forward to hearing more. Info:
[email protected]

THE HOLLOW/Vita-Rock n roll with a metal edge to it. Is this good? For what
the band is trying to do it is. The songs are solid cruchy, catchy numbers that
show that a few bands still know how to rock. The vocals are good as well,
the guy has a strong voice. The band has a sense of melody, but are still heavy
enough for me to get into. Good job guys. Info:

NEUROTOXIN/Harvest Your Wrath (Poison Shank Records) Was very cool to these
ears to hear a thrash band again. This band keeps up my hopes alive as this is
a pretty solid thrash metal release. Sort of like DRI meets thrash metal
molded in with some Atrophy (remember them?). 7 tunes that will bring you back to
the mid 80's when this style of music ruled. Keep up the great work guys, the
underground needs more bands like you. Info:

INSISION/Revealed & Worshipped (Earache) Fast razor sharp riffs highlight
this baby. The band mix in a combo or older and newer death metal, but none of
that groove crap though. The band sort of sound like to me if Autopsy played
fast style death metal mixed in with some older semi technical Cannibal Corpse.
Production is on the money and this is one of the better new death metal bands
making the rounds these days. Info:

HARVEST OF SOULS/Same-3 tunes of modern rock tunes that while I am not into
sounded pretty good to these ears. The band remind of of Peral Jam esp in the
vocals. If your into the modern rock thing, you'll like this, but it's just not
my cup of tea. Info:

JAW/Same-Generic groove metal that sounds like a million other groove metal,
jump happy bands with the same tough man vocals. Worthless of anything
original and garbage can material. Info:

UNHOLY GHOST/Torrential Reign (Century Media) Fast slaughtering death metal,
that will pound, slam, crush, destroy you with its power. The drummer destroys
his drum kit and smashes it into oblivion. This is like Krisiun meets
Immolation. Wicked riffs and great death metal vocals make thyis one of the top
releases of 2004 so far. Get it. Info:

THOR & MICK HOFFMAN/Beatwoman From The Center Of The Earth (Thortoen) Some
might remmebr Thor as this big bodybuilder dude who sang heavy metal tunes back
in the 80's. Well he is back and here is his new cd. The tunes are wimpy metal
numbers that bored me to tears. The songs are just weak songs with little
power and little to offer any real metal fan. The vocals aren't so hot either. I
couldn't get into this at all. Info:
[email protected]

CLITEATER/Clit Em All (Restrain Records) Fast death/grind. Sort of like
Mortician and old Brutal Truth. The band slow it up and those slow riffs are
killer. Vocals are growls and also the Jap grindcore style. Production is good as
well. If your into fast as fuck death/grind, then this is your band. Info: