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New Reviews - 6/9/04

JACK SLATER/Metzgore (Cudgel) Aggressive fast death metal with throaty style
vocals. The music is mostly semi technical fast death metal in the vein of
Cannibal Corpse and Malevelent Creation. The production is strong and the band
plays with velocity and precsion. A soild effort that may lack originality, but
more than gets the job done. Info:

SKYFIRE/Spectral (Arise Records) A wicked combo of black metal and at times
power metal. The vocals are black metal style and the keyboard parts are
perfect too. The band can blast into hyerblast black metal, but mix in tons of
melody and the songs just plain rule. Every song on here was a clasic. Highly
recommended. Info:

FEAR MY THOUGHTS/The Great Collapse (Lifeforce Records) This packed quite a
bunch. This band combine swedish death metal/thrash and a bit of hardcore to
make one whale of a release. Great vocals too as the guy spits out the words
with hate and feeling. Production is soild and the guiatr work really shines
here. A quality death metal band. Info:

TOC/Loss Angeles (Inside Out) An excellent rock band with a touch of
progressive metal in there too. Stand out vocals and the guy has an increible set of
lungs and he fits the music that this band is playing perfectly. The band play
with lots of meodly, but back it up with power too. At best I can describe
this as if Dream Theatre played rock. Info:

CRYONIC EMPLY/Blood Guts & Glory (SPV) 10 tracks of classy power metal that
will have the fists pumped and the necks working on overtime. Sure the band is
in the vein of Hammerfall, Heaven's Gate, etc, but they have their own style
too. Choppy riffs, classic soaring vocals and music that will just plain make
you glad you are a true metal fan. Info:

SINOATH/Forged In Blood (Elegy Music) This some old stuff with the bands
demo, the bands 1st live show and one unreleased track. The band play raw
death/black metal with haunting riffs, great vocals and some insane blasting parts.
The music is raw, but this a demo songs and it was back in 1991 mind you. The
remind me of early Death at times, which to me is a great thing. Cheers to Elegy
Music for making this raw gem available on cd. Info:

LOUDER THAN THE DRAGON/Various (SPV) I always love comp cds as they give you
a way to check out a different variety of bands. Here are 28 tracks with
almost 2 1/2 hours of music on 2 cds. From the power metal of Gothic Knights and
Rhapsody, to the up tempo sounds of Black Majesty this is a power metal lover's
delight. A great way to sample some of the best power metal bands in the
market today. Info:

DORO/Fur Immer DVD (SPV USA) What a pleasant surprise this dvd was. Over 5
hours with so much stuff it would take a book to list it all. Tons of great
quality bootleg  concert footage, lots of videos, metting the fans, backstage
stuff, and much more. If you are at all into Doro or her band Warlock this is a
100% must have. A great DVD. Info:

DEMENTOR/God Defamer (Osmose) Fast death metal in the vein of Vader, Decide,
etc. The drummer is a machine as he pounds at the double bass parts. Good,
solid death metal vocals and a production that lets everything be heard as well.
If you love quality, fast as fuck death metal
then you must puchase this. Info:

ACT OF GODS/Stench Of Centuries (Osmose) Death metal that will slay and rip
your face off. Immolation meets Morbid Angel is the ticket here. The guitar
player punishes and hurts his guitar as he rips and shreds the riffs out. The
drummer slays and pounds his drums into oblivion. Another quality release from
this label. Info:

MANOWAR/Hell On Earth III DVD (SpV USA) A simply breath taking 2 dvd set of
Manowar playing songs from several different countries and on Disc #2 is a 12
song set from Germany. 9 regualr videos are also included and tons and tons of
bonus features including: making of videos and on disc #1 several more videos
and just more stuff than you can imagine. This is a must for any Manowar fan
and any fan that calls himself a fan of metal. Info:

DIATRIBE/Same-Total Pantera clone band from the riffs, the arrangements to
the vocals. While I like Pantera I am not a big fan of all the clone bands that
popped up while they were around. If your into Pantera and miss the band, then
you can get this to help your cravings. Info:

SIGMADRACOMIS/De Rerum Natura (Sigma Dragonis) Black metal with keyboards.
The music is mostly fat, with plenty of blast beats, pick riffing and black
metal style vocals. This isn't bad, but the band are not doing anything new and
fresh that made my ears perk up and take notice. While I say that, this is a
quality black metal reelase that is better than most of the bands doing this
style. Info:

FORSAKEN/Anima Mundi (Greak Lake Productions) This band return with this new
release they sent me. The band play death/doom metal, but with a melodic edge
and some serious vocals and riffs. The music is slow at times, but the band
can still rip up the tempo if need be. The vocals are strong and powerful. The
keyboard parts are tasteful as well. A great release. Info:

DEMAGOGUE/Nihil Obstat-4 tracks of some very nice death metal with a bit
ofblack metal here and there. The band can write some serious songs and the riffs
and vocals had me just smiling. This is no generic death metal band. The band
also throw a bit of thrash in the music as well. One of the best unsigned
bands I have heard in quite some time. Info:

FIXER/All The Pleasure You Can Crave-Fuckin A this is a killer rock band.
Thick powerful riffs along with some awesome vocals that fit this band perfect.
The music is heavy, but still very catchy at the same time. These 5 songs are
just like a little taste of what I am sure this band can do. All 5 songs are
just plain 100% kick ass rock n roll that has been missing from the scene. I
love it. Also enclosed is a dvd too. Info:

GOTHIC KNIGHTS/Up From The Ashes (SPV) Excellent power metal that will have
the fists high in the air and the head banging. This is pure 100% no fills
power metal. The band remind me of Raven at times. This is no Hammerfall clone
band. This is 80's power metal done right. Riffs that rule. Vocals that soar.
Songs that are heavy and melodic at the same time. This is one release no metal
fan can't be without.

KYLESA/No Ending/A 110% HEAT INDEX (Prank Records) 4 tracks of down and dirty
metal. This is raw, sludgy, sort of like Helmet at times. The band also cover
the band Nausea. This is punk the way it should be played not all that dance,
mosh break jump metal shit. Buy or die. Info:

SADISTIK EXECUTION/Fukk II (Osmose) Holy shit is this one mean motherfuckin
band. Super fast blazing shit here. This is will take you for a ride and packs
one big wallop. Fast and faster. Out of control vocals and music. This is not
for the weak of heart. A wall of death metal cyber noise that will have you
bowing. Info:

WORLD OF SHIT/Same-Death metal with gurgle vocals. While I don't like vocals
much, the music is chaotic out of control death metal that is really good. Rip
roaring riffs and some blazing fast drum parts make this a cool death metal
band. Production is solid as well. Not a bad job. Info:
[email protected]

WHORE/Unfinished Business (Moribund) Death/grind metal that is really good.
The band play fast, but don't go so fast that it becomes noise. They remind me
of Autopsy, which is a good thing in my book. The production is raw, but still
solid. Lyrics are ultra sick as is the cover. Info:

CELESTY/Legacy Of Hate (Arise Records) Power metal in the vein of Hammerfall,
Blind Guardian, etc. The vocals are incredible and the guy is only 19. He has
a powerful, yet melodic voice. The riffs are choppy, melodic, plenty of
melody, but heavy still. If your into any of the above mentioned bands or good
soild power metal, pick this baby up. Info:

HIGHLORD/Medusa's Coil (Arise Records) Awesome power metal with goldy riffs,
vocals and melodies. The songs are so damn catchy it's not funny. The singer
has a nice set of pipes as his voice soars and sings with tons of emotion. The
production is on the money as well. If this band can't make your head bang,
your not a metalhead. Info:

IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER/Live At WFMU (Beer City Music) 17 raw live tracks from a
radio show in NJ from 1993. There is also some tracks from various EP's and a
unreleased track too. This band played fast raw sounding punk/hardcore music
with screamed vocals. This is no nu metal crap. This is the real deal. For
those into real hardcore music they way it should sound, pick this up. Info:

HATEWORK/Thrash N Roll (Beer City Music) Godly old school thrash that
reminded me of Whiplash and Kreator at times. The raw production reminds me of bands
from the 80's. The feeling and emotion as this played on really dragged me in.
Crushing riff after riff just had me begging for more. The best release of
2004 so far! Look for an interview on my website if I can get one! Info;

ABOMINANT/Conquest (Deathgasm) Very vicious death metal. A mixture of war
like metal and death metal, but not the Cannibal Corpse style. This is more hard
hitting, played with tons of power and feeling. Face shatering riffs and the
drummer slams his drums into oblivion. Vocals that sweat and growl out the
words. The production is on the money and this band just keeps getting better with
each release. Info:

SINNING IS OUR SAVIOR/Painted With Utter Desolation-This is a damn fine
release. This band combine death metal with traces of hardcore. Rip roaring riffs
and machine gun like drums along with some death metal vocals make this a treat
to listen to. Production is great and the drums and guitars sound mint. This
band won't be unsigned for long. trust me. Info:

SYNESTHESIA/Same-A band that plays upon emotion and feeling to get their
music across. Very trippy at times. The band don't sound at all like any band that
comes to mind. Sort of like King's X in spots I guess. A very trippy
atmospheric band and very different. Info:

CARCASS/Choice Cuts (Earache) I was never a big Carcass fan. I do respect
them and for what they have done in the underground scene. They were the 1st gore
metal band and did release some classic material. What we have here is 21
tracks, some unreleased from a reelase that was going to come out in 1999 and was
never released. The stuff from 1999 sounds fresh and you can see and hear
where a ton of bands got their influences from. The band can still play fast, but
not as fast as the older stuff ha ha. The vocals are sick growls of death. I
think I may have to go back and re check out some old Carcass stuff. This is a
must get for any fan of the band or somebody that wants to hear this
legendary band. Info:

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS/The Silence In Black & White (Victory Records) A very
melodic band that plays music with emotion and feeling. The band mix hardcore with
breakdown riffs, but also fuel it with lots of emotion to make them much
better than most other bands doing this. I bet the band crush live. A surprising
release at least to my ears. Info:

ATREYU/The Curse (Victory Records) Thi band combine nu metal with a touch of
death metal. I am not a big fan at all of all these new metal bands with their
break down riffs and their tough guy macho vocals. Now this band is like
that, though they mix in some more melodic vocals and songs to make this better
than most. I still didn't like it, but if your into the new style of mosh bands
and Pantera, etc, you'll love this. Info:

DETRIMENTUM/A Monument To The Suffering (Golden Lake Productions) This wasn't
too bad, but the Suffocation cup the mic vocals I didn't like. The band play
death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation with blast beats and
the low vocals. I am not into this style of death metal, but if you are, this
band does it better than most. Info:

FETUS EATERS/BRAINCHOKE/Split cd (Grind Ethic) The Fetus Eaters offer up
track after track of speedy grind with some Jap vocals. I like what this band is
doing and they can really blast out the tunes with force. Brainchoke offer up
some low tuned  fast death metal that isn't near as good as the Fetus Eaters.
The band are just kinda there and didn't get me going. The Fetus Eaters have a
ton of track on here so it is worth getting for sure. Info:

MOLLY HATCHET/Best Of Re-Recorded (SPV) 17 tracks from this kick ass southern
rock band. I saw these guys back in 1979 with The Outlaws and 38 Special in
the front row at the Phila Spectrum! The band have a different singer and he
sounds really good too. The songs sound great and sound fresh and the song
selection is not to be missed. Bounty Hunter, Flirtin With Disaster, etc. The south
never sounded so great.

GRIP INC/Incorporated (SPV) You remember these guys from being on Metal Blade
right? Well they are back and take no prisoners. The 2nd track could be off
any old Slayer cd and it sounds killer. A rip roaring riff along with some
great drumming by Dave Lombardo. This blows away anything the band has done before
and trust me you'll want to have this baby in your collection. Info:

DOWNSET/Universal (Hawino) Total groove metal with tough man vocals. Bnads
like this are a dime a dozen and this band was around awhile back and now are
back with another generic release of groove jump metal riffs with tough man
vocals. Total garbage. Info:

CHASTAIN/In An Outrage (Leviathan) This band return with another fantastic
release of metal. David can still lay down the chops and the new singer he got,
the female, has a nice set of pipes to her. The production is good and if you
were a fan of the band in the past, this release will surely not disappoint
you at all. Info:

LITURGY/Dawn Of Aah (Unmatched Brutality) Suffocation style death metal with
super low vocals. I am not into this style at all, but for this style the band
sound tight and the production is good. The vocals have to go, they are not
brutal and sound childish. If your into that style then you'll want this. Info:

TEXTURES/Polars (Listenable) Killer death metal band that mixes in some
melody and slower parts that pack quite a wallop. At The Gates style vocals along
with crushing riff after non stop crushing riff make this a death metal
delight. But it is so much more than that. The band had flavor and texture to their
music too. Old Machine Head meets At The Gates. Info:

MACABRA/Daemonolatria (Elegy Music) Fast black metal, but it is quality black
metal. The band can play pretty fast and the vocals are really strong, the
guy sings with power and conviction. The band do slow it down from time to time
and the production is on the money. A really good black metal release and not
some trendy fly by night shit. Info:

ORGANIC INFEST/The Way To Temptation (Thrash Corner) This band put out an
awful release on JL America a long time back and now return with this offering,
which is a million times better. The band play a lot better and the songs have
more meat to them and the band have a decent production too. The band play
90's style death metal with some good soild riffing and vocals. A solid death
metal release all will enjoy. Info:

BLUT AUS NORD/The Work Which Transforms God (Candlelight USA) Fast as
lighting riffs along with some blistering black metal vocals that will blow you away.
This is some serious black metal and this band doesn't play around. Powerful
riffs that will slay all weak fucks. For some real black metal fans, this is a
must buy. Info:

3.5./Same-Some decent sort of grundge style metal with traces of rock n roll
to it. The vocals are good and the band at times remind me of older
Soundgraden and Alice in Chains. Though I am not really into this style much, if you
are, then you;ll like this a bunch. Info:
[email protected]

MALEVOLENT SNEAKER TOOTH/House Broken-I at first didn't like this at all,
then after I listended to it a few times, it grew on me. The band is trying to do
something new and original and for the most part it works. Very hard to
describe this band. It is like part weird metal and part death metal. Sort of like
Primus playing death metal. For those looking for something different. Info:

INTENSE MUTILATION/Sgt. Leppers Falling Parts Club Band-This band is back
after a long abscense from the scene. The band were sort of a joke band. The band
still play fast, but it isn't a wall of noise, it is more controlled. The
band still write about funny stuff and make fun of pretty much everybody. The
band is funny and good for what they are trying to do and this is good for more
than a laugh and one play. Fast, blasting metal. Info: