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New Reviews - 4/23/04

SCEPTIC/Unbeliever's Script (Candlelight) Swedish style of death metal that is ok. The band sound like many other bands doing the At The Gates style, though the vocals aren't as throaty. The productions is good, but the band lack that one solid crushing push that would make this rule. Info:

CRIONICS/Human Error Ways To Selfdestruction (Candlelight) Fast and fast and more fast. This is blazing speed to the max and I love it. Bone crushing lighting like riffs and blasting drums with real death metal vocals make this an underground treat. Production is on the money and this will satisfy any death metal fan. Info:

MINDSNARE/The Noble Ancestry (Forever Underground) Fast death metal like Immolation, Incantation,  etc. The band can really slay off some killer riffs and songs are very memorbale and the vocals are good death metal style vocals too. If you crave fast death metal with style, then pick this up. Info:

DECRYPT/Holy Erotic Rapture (Forever Underground) Holy shit is this some fast fuckin grind. Total speed freak band here. I loved it too. Fast as lighting riffs and Jap grindcore vocals with a incredible production make this one cd you must one. If you are into bands like Brutal Truth or super fast grindcore, buy this baby. Info:

JASAD/Witness Of Perfect Torture (Forever Underground) Generic 3 rate Suffocation death metal. Not into this style of death metal at all. Info:

VENEFICUM/Enigma Prognosis (Forever Underground)  A wicked combo of death/black metal with some tasteful keyboard parts here and there. The band is usually a million miles an hour with some slow parts here and there to keep it honest. Black metal style vocvals without all the cheap screams too. A solid release. Info:

CORPSE FUCKIN ART/Splatter Deluxe (Forever Underground) Cannibal Corpse style death metal. You have heard this a million times from many other bands. Info:

DARK DISCIPLE/Same-Decent modern death metal. The low vocals I could do without. The music is mostly groove with some blast beats. If your into Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, etc then you'll like this. Info:

NEHEMAH/Requiem Tenebrase (Apidocere) Fast fast picking black metal with total black metal vocals. The band don't blast it into hyerspped 100% of the time, which is good. They mix it up which I liked. I am not a huge fan of black metal, but if you like bands like Immortal, Darkthrone, etc I am sure you'll love this. Info:

LEIDEN/Empty (Apidocere) This wasn't my cup of tea, but this is like doomish melodic metal with female vocals. The female vocals are incredible as her voice is out of this world. If you like The Gatheirng, then you'll love this. Incredible band for the style they play. Info:

CRYSTALIUM/Diktat Omega (Apidocere) This is like a epic black/death metal band with some very fast blast parts. The drums have a horrible sound though and when the band go into the ultra speed parts, it just sounds weak and frail. Vocals are screamed at top of lung vocals which were cool by me. The band are trying to be different and it works on some levels and others it does not. Info:

BENIGHTED/Insane Cephalic Prod (Apidocere) A ripping blast of death metal that will explode your head off like the zombies in the Dawn of the Dead movie. The band can write some explosive riffs and the blast beats come across really well. The vocals are solid, excpet for the gutteral growls here and there. A worthy purchase. Info:

FROZEN SHADOWS/Hantises (Holy Records) Holy shit this knock me for a loop. Fast, crushing, barbaric black metal that never lets up and packs the power of a Mike Tyson punch in his prime. The vocals are a mix of black metal with a big of the death metal style thrown in. A quality production makes this a release worth searching out.
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CORBIN KING/Desatination (Levaithan) This is an all instrumental cd of some good soild rock music. The guy who plays guitar can really play a lick and he sure knows his chops. The songs for being without vocals are very memorbale and you can just feel the emotion as he rips off the riffs. Love the 2nd song. What emotion. Info:

SCRATCHING SOIL/War Experience (Stygian Prod) Pounding black metal with touches of death metal here and there. The band can slash and bash and the band play fast most of the time. They use the riff picking black metal style with black metal vocals, but also the vocals are very strong here. The production is very good and this is a quality black metal band. Info:

AMBRAZURA/Storm In Your Brains (Stygian Prod) Bone crushing death metal with some wicked riffing and vocals. The band doesn't sound like any one band and they just punish and hurt their guitars as the riffs fly out. Vocals are deep, sick growls from hell. The band can blast into the fast lane and also slow it down. A really fine display of death metal. Info:

THE GREAT DECEIVER/Terra Incognito (Peaceville) Bad groove metal band. Not into this style at all and all these style bands are a dime a dozen. Give me Biohazard. Info:

HEARSE/Armageddon Mon Amour (Candlelight) Some wicked death metal that has a bit more melody to it and is not just blast blast blast. This sort of remined me of the band Carnivore at times. The band rely on the choppy, awesome riffs along with some great vocals to get the jbo done here. The singer used to sing in Arch Enemy from what I read and he shred here. Buy this cd at all costs. Info:

SCOTT MOSHER/Inferno (The Ambient Mind) This was a very weird, hauting release. Very moody and at time it sounded like Rush if they played metal. I love track #4 it is so catchy it's not funny and the vocals rule. This is the project of one guy and he has been doing this for quite awhile now.
If your looking for something out of the norm and different, then I suggest you pick this up and you'll be glad you did. Info:

ENSOPH/Opus Dementiae (Cruz Del Sur Music) Another fucked up band here. And that is a good thing. Here is another band testing the limits and boundries of metal msuic. The music is very hard to desribe as it's not total death metal nor black metal. The band use flutes and everythint else you can thik of. The vocals are growls of black metal and also death metal at times. A whirlwin of power and very effective band here. Info:

INCRIMINATED/Kings Of Misery (Displeased) This is raw black/death metal old school style. I thought this was ok, it just didn't blow me away so to speak. The music is mostly fast in the Hellhammer vein and the vocals are sort of like Hellhammer as well. If your into old school stuff, you'll love this, but it just lacked that killer punch I crave. Info:

ILL DIVINE/Blind Are The Eyes Of Servitude-Death metal in vein of Immolation, Incantation with a chunk of Cannibal Corpse throw in here and there. Punishing riffs and vocals. The production is solid, nto raw, but not too polished. The band mostly play fast, but also slow it down as well. Not much to say excpet this is a solid death metal band. Info:

VEHEMENS/Reincarnate-Another good soild band here. Blasting fast death metal that punishes and hurts the listener with some great riffing and heart pounding drums. Vocals are growls of death and are the way death metal vocals should be. Production is good and I'd like to hear more from this band. Info:

VAGINAL PURUKENCE/Same-This I didn't get into much at all. Typical low tuned death metal that sounds no different from the 1000's of bands I have heard over the years. Info:

ANAX/Same-Fast blasting death metal that I couldn't get much into at all. The band plod through 14 tracks of tunes. The drums when the band go into the blast parts sound like little tin cans. The vocals aren't strong neither. The songs aren't memorable much either. Just can't find anything of value here at all. Info:

JUMBO'S KILLCRANE/Rumpelstilskin Grinder/Spilt 7" (Red Candle Records) The label was kind enought o send me the 7" (no recond player) and also a cdr so I could review this. Jumbo's Killcrane smash through with some interesting death metal. The band are faitly original and the band can play hard and fast with quite a whallop. Rumpelstiltskin play death metal with a twisted and warped mind. The guiatr sound is werid sort of like Human Remains from NJ. This is a killer 7" well worth kicking up. Info:

CHASTAIN/The 7TH Of Never & The Voice Of The Cult (Leviathan) Holy shit. 2 great, classic power metal releases on one cd. These both were put out in the late 80's and still sound as freah and as good as they did back then so don't think is some sort of hope on the power metal bandwagon ok. If you like your metal played with melody, but with plenty of power, passion and feeling then you must buy this cd at once. Info:

DISMEMBER/Where Ironcrosses Grow (CandlelightUSA) Holy shit is this one mothfuckin death metal release. This is 150% prime sedish death metal and is just what the doctor ordered. If you don't think this is a fantastic death metal release don't call yourself a fan of death metal. An absolute avalanche of ravage death metal riffs and vocals. Riffs that punture, torture and pierce the skin. Production is perfect and this is the best release of 2004 bar none so far. Info:

CONJURATION/Same-I listened to this a couple times and something was just missing. The band play a raw brand of death/black metal, which I found to be ok, just nothing earth shattering. The music kinda plod alongs at times and just doesn't have that sense of melody and go for the throat style. Info:

DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER/The First Bestial Butchery (Northern Sound) This band sort of mixes the swedish sound in with a bit of thje modern sound and also the old sound too. The vocals are good, soild thick, growls of death metal. Riffs that stew the brain and drums that will beat you senseless. Info:

NAILGUNNER/All Life Ends-Nice job by these guys. At The Gates style death metal that will rip, tear and just blast you into pieces. Riffs that will have your head and neck snapping into overdrive for sure. Vocals are growls of death. A fantastic release that any death metal fan would be proud to own. Info:

THE GREAT KAT/Wagner's War (TPR Music) One thing about the Great Kat. She has never stranded away from her speed metal style. This is a 3 mini part cd with songs that go about 2 minutes each. The msuic is fast, furious and raging speed metal. Kat screams and screams out the vocals more. The riffs are lighting fast and she had the ability and the power to back up her bold statements. If you enjoyed her past stuff, then you'll love this speed metal demon release. Info:

PRAYER FOR CLEASING/The Rain In Endless Fall (Tribunal Records) Groove death metal that metla that sounds like a million other bands doing the nu metal style. Not for me. Info:

DEADSOIL/Forever The Enemy (Tribunal Records) 5 tracks of modern death metal with tons of groove and Pantera like vocals. However, this band does it right as the songs are filled with melody and they pack a whallop. The fast parts totally crush all. The drummer can really rip in with the double bass parts too. This what Machine Head should have sounded like instead of going in the direction they did. Looking forward to hearing more from this band. Info:

SCHOOL FOR HEROES/Arrivals/Departures (Tribunal Records) I wasn't into this much, but if you love bands like Helmet, Pantera, Machine Head, etc. Groove metal with lots of catchy, bouncy riffs and Pantera vocals. Info:

AGE OF RUIN/Black Sands Of The Hourglass (Tribunal Records) More groove metal including a funny cover of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" sung with death metal vocals. If your into any of the above 3 bands and the bands I linked them with, you'll want this too. Info:

PRO PAIN/Fistful Of Hate (Candlelight) This is good groove metal. This band has been around for a long time and they still sound great to these ears. Gary spews out the vocals with hate and passion. The riffs are catchy, melodic, but still pack a wallop. If your into the groove metal style this is simpy the best band doing that style today. Info:

CADAVER/Necrosis (Candlelight) This is one whale of a release. Trippy lighting riffs and some killer death metal vocals. Did I mention this was fast? Sort of like the band Whiplash playing death metal. Riff after punishing riff will have your neck doing windmill circles. Get the ice packs ready. This is old school all the way and if your into groove metal ha ha this will blow shit like that out the window. Info:

DESTINY/The Tracy Chapter (Lifeforce Records) Modern groove emtal done by a million other bands. Same tired riffs and tough man vocals. If I want to listen to groove I'll slap on Biohazard, Pantera or Pro Pain. This is just too generic for my ears. Info:

GHOLGOTH/Sommus Mortis Imago (Ordealis Records) A killer slab of death/black metal that will have your neck spinning and your mouth smiling. Blastering riff after crushing riff of slaying like technical riffs and some tasteful vocals make this a must for any underground fan. Info:

GNOSTIC/Evoking The Demon (Ordealis Records) Fuckin war metal at the highest level. Blistering black metal that mows down everything. Fuck this release kills. Total over the top black metal vocals and they sound great to these ears. A sonic raw production only adds to this. If your into bands like Blasemphy from Canada, you'll worship this. Yeah it's that good. Info:

PERDITOR/In Signo Suo (Ordealis Records) Fast fuckin blistering black metal that is total old school and sounds good to these ears. The riffs are good, the songs are fast and aggressive and the vocals are sung with substance. The production is good and this is another soild release from this label. Info:

ZA FRUMI/Legends Act 2 Vampires (Waerloga Records) Sorry this is nor for me. This is goth stuff like a soundtrack to a horror film. Info: