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New Reviews - 3/18/04

VOMIT THE SOUL/Human Insantity-3 tracks of some shit kicking death metal. Sort of like Immolation meets Cannibal Corpse. The band write riffs that just sound like they punish and hurt the guitar. Vocals that are solid and ultra brutal and powerful. The band mix it up by shoving some fast parts as well as slower, but not less heavy parts. Love to hear a full length from this band. Info:

HEROD/For Whom The Gods Would Destroy (Lifeforce) This is one killer cd. Metal with tons of melody and some 10 plus vocals make this a cd to hunt down and own. The music is metal, but with melody and tons of feeling just pour out in the vocals and just the way the songs are. The band sound like no other band, they just kick. For fans of melodic, but not soft metal. Info:

LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY/The XTC Of Swallowing LDOH Feaces (Bone Brigade) 27 tracks of the lowest vocals I have ever heard. Super fast grind with pudrid vocals and low tunes down bass and guitars and this is also a live cd. The production is fairly good and if your into grind bands, then you must hears the vocals on this cd as well as the music. Info:

YELLOWHOUSE/Illusions Of Everyday (Rockwerk Records) Down n dirty rock n roll. 13 tracks of rock n roll music, that is not metal, but not no glam wanna be metal crap. The band can write some terrific riffs and the singing is right on the money. If your into rock then you will find this cd very satisfying. Info:

SUNWHEEL PSYCHEDELIC/Burning Doves-This is a one man band and for what it is, it isn't bad at all.  The music is rock with a metal edge and it avoids trends, sort of like a weird version of Soundgarden if they did music with a fusion rock edge to it,. Info:

DECAPITATED/The Negation (Earache) 8 absolutely crippling tracks of the highest form of death metal. Fast and brutal when it needs to be, but also slower when it needs to be this is a death metal masterpiece. Riff after neck breaking riff along with some of the most thick vile vocals this side of the Atlantic. Production is perfect and this is hands down one of the best releases that is coming out in 2004. Bet the house on it. Info:

DECIDE/Scars Of The Crucifix (Earache) Decide return and this is their first release on their new home. The music is fast paounding death metal as only this band can do. Listen to those snare drums and double bass drum parts fly. The only thing negative is that Glen's vocals are now cookie monster type in that you can't understand a word and sound like they just muffled growls. The solos are unholy as is the production and the fast parts are just so like perfect. If you gave up on Decided when they were on Roadracer, guess again. The band is back and in a huge way. Info:

APOKALYPTIC RAIDS/The Return Of The Santanic Rites (Dark Sun) 21 tracks of some killer old school Celtic Frost 'Morbid Tales" era worship. The band play it raw, hard and with such emotion and quality, you must buy this. Not many bands play with such feeling like the old days and you will feel it as you play this. If you love bands like Sodom, Necrovore, Celtic Frost, etc buy this. Info:

DARK EMBRACE/Bitter End-Pretty good doom metal band here that throws in a fast part or 2 to keep ya guessing. The vocals are solid and they are quality death metal vocals. The msuic is mostly slow, but not too slow and the production is good and I look forward to hearing more this band as I think they are on their way. Info:

GASPANIC/Promo cd-Some pretty wicked dirty like thrash metal from Japan with a female guitar player who can really crank out the riffs. The production is raw, but now super raw. It has that dirty down feel that I like in my music. The vocals are angry, but not generic like baby Pantera wanna be voclas. Sort of like a cross between Kreator and hardcore punk vocals. Check this out if your looking for something different. Info:

DITCHWATER/Sees Me Through-Though this band isn't playing a style of metal I like too much, I can see this band selling millions of records. They remind me of Nickelback a lot. The band have the chops down, the vocals are a perfect fit for the band and I can see any of these songs being massive on rock radio if they get signed. Info:

NEOBLAST/Comp (Neoblast Prod) 21 tracks of bands from France, Sweden, USA, and Canada. As always comps are a cool way to check out some new bands and on here you will find songs from such death metal bands as Spawn of Possession, Despised, Soulless, Kabbal, and many others. Info:

TARTHARIA/A Secret Device (Crash Music) A hard hitting death metal release. Sort of remind me of Impaled Nazereneand Morbid Angel in spots. Some of the members are from Russia which I thought was pretty cool. The music is mostly fast blasting death metal with powerful vocals and blasting drums. The production is solid too and this is a good, solid death metal release. Info:

POVERTY'S NO CRIME/The Chemist Chaos (Inside Out) A fantastic release that combines good playing, quality songs and tons of emotions in the msuic to make this a whale of a release. The band play progressive music in the vein of older Dream Theatre and let me tell you they shine. Vocals and the playing are just incredible and every song more than stands out on it's own. The band is not wimpy and the tunes just shine quality. This is the kind of music Dream Theatre needs to making now. Info:

FORMS OF THINGS UNKNOWN/Purposes Cross-This was not my thing at all. This is mostly just haunting keyboard parts that I admit wqould sound good on a horror movie soundtrack, but I need guitars, vocals, bass, etc to get me going. If your into haunting type of mystical music then you might want to check this out. Info:

CWN ANNWN/Same-Now here is a really good thrash metal band that is both original and can really bash out the tunes. The band is not a thrash band like the Bay Area style, they just crank out their original take no prisioners style. The band also throw a progressive riff here and there and I think what this band is doing is so fresh into the music scene today. No trends, nothing but quality head banging music. Info:

ABOMINATOR/Nuctemeron Descent (Osmose) An insane ride through hell is what this disc is. Riff after earth shattering riff splices into your brain and never lets go. This is in the vein of Angel Corpse and bands like that. This is old school all the way and I love it. Real death metal vocals and real death metal riffs and feeling the way it should be played. Buy or fry. Info:

BESTIAL MOCKERY/Evoke The Desecrator (Osmose) God Osmose just keep the godly releases on the way in 2004. This is one chainsaw pouding extreme old school death/black metal band that will put a stake in any posers heart ha ha. This is some raw heart pounding music that will leave you begging for more. Godly vocals and a raw production just crush everything. Info:

PULSE 8/Drop The 8 Bomb-I didn't like the bands first cd, but they have returned with a new one and it is quite an improvement. The band are gearing to more of finding a style of their own and the music is lots less generic and more mature. The music is mostly groove style, but the riffs are well thought out and the vocals are more powerful and sung with more force than the last one. A band to watch out for. Info:

SWARM OF THE LOTUS/When White Becomes Black (At A Loss Recordings) Total over the top chaos. The singer screams out the lyrics like it is the last thing he will say on earth. The music is heavy as fuck grunge sort of like older Soundgarden at times. The production is raw the way this music needs to be. A really fucked up band at times for sure. Info:

GORETRADE/Ritual Of Flesh (Displeased) Total 1st Suffocation worship band with those lower than low vocals. Info:

KILLAMAN/Same (Displeased) This one sure packs a wallop. Sort of a cross between older Slayer and Morbid Angel. The music is fast blazing and totally killer. The vocals are powerful slabs of vicious delivery. The riffs are just vicious and slashing and ultra powerful. This is about as good as death metal gets. Info:

SEPSISM/Purlent Decomposition (Displeased) This is a re-issue of this release that came out on Repulse some years back. The band play low tuned down death metal like a Autopsy. The music is both slow and fast and the band can and did write some terrific riffs back then. This is a very good death metal release that is worth searching out if you don't have it. Worth every penny. Info

EXPOSED GUTS/The Way Of All Flesh-A blistering slab of some very fast death metal win hints of grind now and then. The music is more 90's style death metal sort of in the vein of Autopsy, Decide and early Death at times. The music is not generic and is very powerful and the band slow down just enough to keep the fast parts from getting boring. The band can rip into some pretty wicked riffs and the vocals are top notch death metal vocals. A band that deserve to be signed and I look forward to hearing more soon. Info:

ACHERON/Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood (Black Lotus) This veteran black metal returns and returns in a big way. This is another great release by this band. They follow no trends and the music is very original and is unlike no others. Vincent Crowly never sounded so good and the band just play with an intensity not found in many bands. Info;

PYREXIA/Cruelity Submissions (Rex Records) 11 tracks of some pure quality death metal. The band are from Long Island and lo and behold they don't sound like Suffocation even though the band were around during that era and then broke up and are now back. The music is fast in your face pounding death metal that sent shivers up my spine. Great, throaty real death metal like vocals. No lower than low crap. A thick production and the guitar sound is sweet. This band is back and back in a bog way. Buy or die. Info:

VEXT/Cast The First Stone (Lake Shore Records) I didn't know Pantera was still around. Yotal Pantera wanna be band from the riffs, the vocals and the music. Sorry I am not into clone bands
and I liked Pantera, but not all the cheap knock offs. Info:

THRALLDOM/Beast Eye Opened To The Sky (Bestial Warlust) 7 tracks of old school death/black metal that will crush you with it's power and feeling. Sort of reminds me of Bloodstorm in spots mixed in with some Hellhammer. The production is raw as fuck too. Great total black metal style vocals and just music played the old way and the right way. Info:

CHAOSBREED/Unleashed Carnage (Crash Music) While not super original, this chainsaw like death metal riffing won me over. Sounding a bit like old Entombed, Unleashed and bands of that like this just hits hard and hits often. I love some of the mid paced parts as the riffs will have the head banging. Gruff vocals, but solid vocals and production make this a solid death metal effort. Info:

EVEMASTER/Wither (Crash Music) Kind of average melodic death metal with keyboards like the band Sentenced. The music doesn't move me much and the vocals are those screamed At The Gates style of vocals. Just didn't do it for me. Info:

CONSPIRACY AD/Humanity=Destruction...The End Is Near (Crash Music) This band playes death metal with a bit of hardcore and a touch of black metal at times. The band can whip it into overdrive or crush you with some wicked mid paced riffing. Vocals are good and fit the music and the production is right there. A solid effort that should be heard. Info:

AFTERFEEBACK/Same-2 tracks of groove nu metal that sounds like any of those Mtv metal wanna be bands. This sounds like any other groove metal band out there doing nothing new and those tired old same jimp riffs. The rap track was the worst. Info:

CENTINEX/Decadence-Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos (Candlelight Records) This band return with a crushing release of swedish death metal that dulls the senses or what you have left of them. Blistering fast lighting like riffs along with some killer blast parts and horrific throaty vocals. Production is perfect as the guitar sound just shines. Info:

MY DYING BRIDE/Songs Of Darkness Words of Light (Peaceville) I have liked some of the stuff this band has done and now they are back and back in a big way. This music is haunting, emotional and doom laden with riff after depressing riff. The vocals are great and sung with tons of feeling and emotion. If you have liked the band in the past you will lap up this release like a kid on Christmas. A really solid release by a band some may have wrote off. Info:

BLOODREAPING/Ignis Penumbra (Sempiteral Productions) A pounding release of prime old scholl death metal with lots of emotion and feeling. Not slamming groove, no cheezy blast beats, just pure death. This if fast, unrelenting and just played with such conviction, you have to like it. Real death metal vocals, no low grunts or cupped mic vocals. Death metal the way it should be. Info:

DUSK/Jahilia (Epidemie Records) Death/industrial type metal. The music is a style I am not a big fan of. The vocals are gruff/death style and the music plods along at times. This just wasn't my cup of tea. Info:

MELANCHOLY PESSIMMSM/Global Terroriziation (Epidemie Records) Brutal death metal in vein of Decide and older Naplam Death. The music is very fast and furious and the blast beats rule. The vocals are like Jap grindcore, sort of like older Brutal Truth. Thick production and while not super original, this rips. Info:

AMEBIX/Make Some Fucking Noise (Arson Records) I remember this band's name back in the 80's but never heard their music. The band play a vicious brand of 80's punk with a little metal edge to them. Sort of like if Venom played punk rock. The vocals sound like Cronos and the raw edge the band has is quite cool. I think this is a combo of some old stuff on 7' and the lime and let me tell you it still kills today. A fantastic release of godly underground music. Info:

ON A DEAD MACHINE/Same-This is a sort of nu metal band, but they play much better than 99% of the bands doing this style. Sort of in the Helmet vein at times. The vocals are like Helmet as well as the guy singing in some softer more emotional parts and also a few death metal screams here and there. Info:

POINT BLANK/Cast The First Stone-Theis is a modern groove metal band in the vein of Helmet and Rage Against The Machine. The band play with a lot of groove and hard type of vocals like a lot of other bands doing this style. This was ok for what it was, just not my cup of tea. Info:

WITHERING HEIGHTS/Far From The Madding Crowd (Sensory) Power metal is the ticket here. Gallop like riffs and soaring vocals are what is in store for ya here. Sort of like Blind Guardian and Heaven's Gate in spots. The production and the guitar playing are outstanding. If your into power metal and bands like Dio, etc look no further. Info:

GAMA BOMB/The Fatal Mission-2 killer tracks of some great old time German thrash. Head banging riffs galore. Reminds me of the days when German thrash ruled. Bands likeTankard, Deathrow, etc. The production stands strong and I'd love to hear a full length release from these guys. Worth hunting down. Info:
[email protected]

CHAOS ELEMENT/Same-A bad groove death metal band with those jump riffs that sound like a million other bands and tired tough guy vocals. The songs aren't even strong as the riffs are tired and just weak. The vocals are like Limp Bizcuit in spots and you know what I think of them. A not very good band at all. Info:

THE BLOODSUIT/Same-Pretty decent punk band with a touch of metal here and there. The band are for the most part original and don't stick to just one style and try and forge their own sound and identity, Love the strong vocals, the guy has a set of pipes. A band to keep an eye on. Info:

VHALDEMAR/I Made My Own Hell (Arise Records) Godly power metal in the vein of Hammerfall, Blind Guardian and Heaven's Gate. Riffs that will have any metal fine smiling. The riffs are so godly and good it's not funny. The vocals areclear, but what a set of lungs. The production is on the money and if your into power metal you can't go wrong here. Info:

AXENSTAR/Far From Heaven (Arise Records) Ah the power metal keeps getting better and better. This is different than the above band as the band play with a bit more melody and thri is less sort of chanting vocals. Production is great and if your into melodic power metal I suggest you find this. Info:

DARK MOOR/Same (Arise Metal) More power metal with chanting vocals and the like. Of the 3 releases I got from Arise I like this the least. The music just doesn't hold up like the other 2 bands. The band is just missing something. The riffs aren't as catchy and the songs don't stick out in my mind. The band is the more melodic of the 3, so maybe that is why. Info:

MAGNITUDE NINE/Decoding The Soul (Inside Out) Semi progressive metal in the vein of Dream Theatre. The songs are pretty strong and soild. The vocals are fantastic and the production is on the money. The band don't slide into thrash territory, but just keep it heavy enough to keep any metalhead into the progressive side happy. Info:

RAVAGER/Naxzgul Rising (Osmose) A blazing speed/death metal asault of old school death metal with feeling and so much power it will crush all the weak. The spped parts metl me as the drummer is on fire. Real death metal vocals the way they should be sung. If your into Immolation, Morbid Angel or Angel Corpse you will die for this. Info:

PLEASURE CLUB/Here Comes The Trick (Purified Records) This is like a trippin goth band sort of like Ministry without all the thrash edge to it. The band, while not my cup of tea, was pretty enjoyable for what it was. The songs are heavy, and not boring at all. The vocals are strong, screamed style and fit the music rather well. The 2nd cd on here is a live one and the band shows the utmost power playing their songs in a live setting. Info:

SAPFHIER/Under Eternally Gray Skies (God Is Myth Records) A heart pounding slab of super ripping fast black metal that will have you shakin in your boots. The production is raw, but it more than makes this just that much better. Killer black metal riffing and vocals make this a quality black metal release that should not be missed. Info:

BALANCE OF POWER/Heathen Machine (DCA RECORDINGS) Now this is why I love doing my website. Geting cds like this one. A pefect blend of power metal and heavy metal with some of the best vocals I have ever heard. This sort of reminds me of the 2nd Dream Theatre release, which in my opinion is one of the 5 best cds ever released. This has emotion, power, melody, and just great songs that make this shine. The best cd I have heard in the last 3 years bar none. Info:

DRUNK MOTHERFUCKERS/Fuck You 9Very Different Recordings) This reminded me of the band Kyuss and Blue Cheer from years ago. This is garage, grunge style of metal with a very raw edge. The music is original and heavy and I love the old 70's fuzz guitar sound the band uses. The vocals fit the music and if your looking for something different, but heavy nevertheless, look no further. Info:

SHADOWS LAND/Ante Christum Natum (Osmose) A heart pounding death metal band from Poland. No they don't sound like Vader neither. This is chaotic, out of control death metal with tons of blast beats and wicked, out of this worls riffing. Vocals are strong growls of death. Production is strong too and this is another quality release from Osmose. Info:

INFERNO/Sci-Fi Grind Rock N Roll-Talk about chaotic, this is the soundtrack for it. Out of wack riffs and screaming voclas make this a delight for those in the mood for something different. This is the soundtrack to drive you nuts. It's fast, grindy, jazzy, slammin, noisy, and everything else. Info:

SEASICK/Bestie Mensch (PWP) Below average death metal with tired riffs and vocals. The songs aren't strong and did not hold my attention for a long time. The songs just gonna plod along and there is nothing of value in my eyes. The band blasts out the tunes with intensity, but just lack that killer punch. Info:
[email protected]

DIMENTIANON/Same-Black metal with a touch of death metal here and there. The production ir really raw just like black metal should be. Screaming, throaty, dying man vocals fill the room as this played on. I love the fast parts and they totally crush. This is not some fly by night black metal band neither. This band has been around and on this release they show they should be signed, sealed and deliviered. Info:

STEROECHRIST/Dead River Blues (Artic Music Group) This is a pretty cool doom metal band that reminds me of Trouble, Black Sabbath and others. The vocals are clean, but nevertheless very powerful. A great sludgy doom guitar sound. This is down and dirty doom and this band would not be out of place in the 70's . Info:

DENATA/Art Of The Insane (Arctic Music Group) This one brutal slab of death metal. Prime, fast crushing death metal with riffs that will blast your head into oblivion. Riff after slicing riff that will have your neck working overtime. I love the real death metal vocals, brutal and violent, the way it should be. One of the best releases these ears have heard in a bit. Info:

WITHIN Y/Extended Mental Dimensions (Candlelight USA) A fast shattering display of At The Gates style of death metal. Screamed vocals, blistering break neck style riffs and some pouding drumming. If you like death metal that is in your face or like At The Gates then you'll love this. Info:

MORIFADE/Domi-Nation (Candlelight) Power metal with a touch of the progressive side. This is like Hammerfall meeting Dream Theatre. The vocals are clean, but powerful and there is plenty of chanting vocals too. The music is heavy, but for me just not mind blowing enough. It is just missing that 1 killer punch to make this great. Info:

MITHRAS/Worlds Beyond The Veil (Candlelight USA) Older Morbid Angel meets black metal is how I would describe this baby. Riffs that sound like the guitar is even hurting. The vocals sound a little like David Vincent, but a bit more deep at times. The music id deep, dark and haunting. The riffs are out of control and this band really threw me for a loop at how good they are. Pick this baby up. Info:

KHOLD/Morke Gravers Kammer (Candlelight) Some solid black metal from Norway. The band don't just play a million miles oer hour all the time with those annoying pick riffs. The band do play fast don't get me wrong, but they also throw in some total crushing mid paced parts that lay to waste most other black metal bands. The production is solid as well. One of the best black metal bands I have heard in quite some time. Info: