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New Reviews - 1/15/04

DEINONYCHUS/Mournument (My Kingdom Music) Prepare to kill yourself after hearing this. Some of the most moving and haunting music I have ever hear. This is so depressing and sad you will want to put that bullet in your head. If youer into bands like Bethelem and that sort you will crave over this. Info:

KLIMIT 1918/Undressed Momento (My Kingdom Music) This is not what I expected at all. This band play very emotional sort or modern rock music, but it fuckin works cause the songs rule and the vocals are so damn good. Th music is moving and totally blows away 99% of bands doing this style. Info:

RAIN PAINT/Nihil Nisi Mors (My Kingdom Music) Wasn't into this at all. Sort of modern rock, but the tunes are the vocals aren't there. Not into this at all. Info:

EXIT WOUNDS/Luciferase Spit Cd (Onyxia) Exit Wounds offer up mid 90's death metal witch is mostly mid paced and some blast beats with it. Good for what it is. Luciferase offer some killer death metal with some strong vocals. The riffs chop and grind and the band can play. 2 different, but good bands here. Info

EVIL BEAVER/Pleased To Eat You (Johann's Face Records) This is sort of garage pop punk. Sort of like L 7 in spots. The vocals are very strong female vocals and the music is quite catchy. Not into this style a whole lot, but the band is good for what they do. Info:

DEIVOS/Hostile Blood (Butchery Music) 7 tracks of pure death metal sort of in the vein of Malevolent Creation/Immolation. The band mostly play fast, but have some slow parts here and there. The vocals are strong as is the production. Worth searching out. Info:

ESTROGENOCIDE/Same-This was too electric orientated for me to get into. It is not for me and not my cup of teas. Sorry guys. Info:
[email protected]

JACK STARR'S/GUARDLANS OF THE FLAME (Crash Music) This some killer power metal, but not like Hammerfall and bands of that nature. This is more pure metal with bits and pieces of power thrown in. The vocals are pure power and the guy fits the music so fuckin great. The band just play with such power and passion that you have to bow. A masterpeice of metal that is not to be missed. Info:

OMEN/Eternal Black Dawn (Crash Music) I had heard good things about this, but I must say I was very disappointed in this. The songs to me lack quality and the music is very weak. This is not the Omen that I know and liked at one time. The music kinda just plods along and just doesn't have the kick in power I like. Info:

LEGEN BELZA/Insanity (Crash Music) This was some neato thrash metal mixed in with some speed metal thrown in. The vocals are sort of like in the vein of Death Angel at times. The band can write some choppy riffs in the vein of those old classic Bay Area thrash bands. If your into thrash you will want this. Info:

PSYCHTOGEN/The Catcutus Of Evil (Crash Music) This is some fucked up shit. This band features a couple ex members of Pessimist withinj the ranks. The band mix technical death metal with some of the Suffocation style, but also some of their own. The teachnical parts aren't over done and the Suffocation parts aren't too bad. The vocals are decent and if your looking for something different here ya go. Info:

ALL OUT WAR/Condemned To Suffer (Victory Records) Killer metalcore that more than lives up to the hype. This is like Slayer playing hardcore. Sick metal riffs along with some haunting hardocre like vocals just make this a crushing release. Production is on the money and for metalcore it doesn't get any better. Info:

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME/The Silent Circus (Victory) More stuff in the metalcore vein. While not as good as All Out War, this is still pretty cool. The music is sort of like At The Gates meets hardcore meets some technical music. They remind a lot of Human Remains from NJ at times. After listening to this a few times I would say it is better than All Out War. Buy it. Info:

LUNATIC GODS/The Wilderness (Shindy Productions) At The Gates style death metal, but only more faster and more brutal in spots. I didn't like the female vocals too much, but that is only me personally. The music is fast, hard pounding death metal to the extreme. The production is thick and the guitar sound works for me. A solid band that I am sure will only get better with time. Info:

ASMEGIN/Hin Vordende Sod Og So (Napalm) This was some pretty cool band. The band mix in a bit of power metal along with some melodies and some underground metal like Enslaved to come up with a pretty amazing sound. The vocals are strong and fit the music and this didn't bore me at all. As a matter of fact I grew to like it more with repeated listens. Info:

GRIMNESS/HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL (Grindmind Records) Grimness offer up 37 tracks of some total blasting grind in the vein of Carcass/Brutal Truth. The cool thing they alos slow it down at times and the vocals are totally cupped mic crap. The fast parts are blazing fast and it dodn't bore me so they must be good ha ha. Holocausto Canibal offer up sick death metal, that wasn't Cannibal Corpse clone all the way. Thank god for that. The band do have a bit of Cannibal Corpse to them, but they play with such a fury and the riffs just struck me and hot me dead on. A great 2 band release. Info:

PENANCE/Spiritual Natural (Marty Music) I bow to this Maria. This is 100% prime doom and this band is back and back big time. The band are back to their doom roots and what a whallop of a release this baby is. Riff after punishing doom riff flows through this and just blows and mows everything down in it's path. Think Black Sabbath Vol #4 sound. The vocals are so godly I can't get over how good this is. Maria I kiss your feet for signing this awesome band. You and they rule all. Info:

DAWN OF KOUATL/Koatlqetzali (Moribund) This is some punishing death metal in the vein of Dissection with plenty of the old death metal style. This features a couple ex members of The Chasm so you know it kills. The band blast their way through song after song of punishing true death metal that is sure not to please any fan of cheezy blast beat death metal ha ha. Real death metal vocals that are evil and not cupped the mic bullshit. In other words, true death metal the way it needs to be played. Info:

DETRIMENT/Metal Vengeance-4 tracks of average death metal with plenty of break downs and mosh parts. Yes it is like Suffocation and all those other style bands with similair vocals too. I am not a fan of this style of death metal, but this was ok for the style they are playing. Info:

DWELLING MADNESS/-Same-4 tracks of some very fast semi technical death metal that pretty damn well kills. The band pretty much play fast most of the time which was ok with me. The band has a semi raw production and I love the fast blast beats. The vocals are fairly strong as well. This is a good start for this band. Info:

SUMMERS OF MISFORTUNE (Cruz Del Sur) This is quite the release. The band play emotionl metal and mix in some stuff that could be found on an old Megedeth cd. There are 4 singers one of them female (from l7, remember them) and the music is just solid balls to the wall metal like I said not out of place on a old Megedth cd along with some emotional metal. Very cool and very different. Info:

ASTERIUS/A Moment Of Singularity (Curz Del Sur) This band play black metal along the lines of Cradle of Filth at times and they also use that pick riffing style. I am not a huge fan of black metal, and I thought this was ok, it didn't blow me away. The productiuon is good, but I don't like the spoken word type of vocals. The abdn does try different stuff and if your into that then check these guys out. Info:

OF ANGELS & GRAVEDIGGERS/SAME-Decent death metal that doesn't try to sound genric like so many other bands. The band play death metal with a big of the Swedish sound mixed in with stuff that say Autopsy might try to do. The band can crank out and let loose with some thick riffs and the vocals are solid as well. This band is on the right track. Info:
[email protected]

TRIVIUM/Ember To Ingferno (Lifeforce) This as it played on sounded to me like Voivod if they played death metal at times. The band mix in a bit of the At The Gates sound, but for the most part I can't say they sound like any one band. The band pound and thrash through each tune and the singer sounds like he is dying. This is worth finding and getting. A solid release. Info:

KA/Close Up Of A New Underground Generation-This band mix in a combo of death metal with a touch of thrash with a bit of a raw, but good production. The vocals are the gruff style, but they fit the music of this band. The band can write some solid riffs and I think they will improve with time. Info:
[email protected]

FUNERAL EVE/Fistful Of Christ-7 blasting tunes of old school death metal. Angel Corpse meetds Slayer is what this band sounds like and the sound is deadly. Blasting riff after hateful riff this is death metal paradise. No grrove metal, no low generic guttural vocals. Just real pouding death metal the way it was meant to sound. A raw production only adds to this. A real old school bad that must be heard. Info:

FIREWIND/Burning Earth (Leviathan) A kick ass power metal release that is sure to please. Godly vocals from this guy named Stephen and some nice tasteful chops from guitar player Gus G. Thus us not Hammerfall type of power metal. This is more along the lines of all those 80's power metal bands like Omen and the like. The production is perfect and this just ozzes class, power and if you call yourself a metal fan then you must own this cd right now. Info:

BURIAL GROUND/Same-This I didn't think too highly of. This is Pantera type metal with the groove style of riffs and vocals. This has been to death by a million other bands and this band is not doing anything new to stand out from the pack. If your into the groove metal style then you might want this. Info:

BLACK WIDOW/Satan's Playground (JAP Productions) 12 tracks of no frills heavy metal. The band is fronted by a female singer and a damn food one at that. The music is 100% straight no frills heavy metal sort of like Bitch (remember them) in spots. The production is very good and every song is a winner. Raise the fist of heavy metal. Leather and spikes. Info:

DAECDELL/Same (Rock Works) 3 rock tracks that were damn cool to these ears. The 3 songs are all good solid rock tunes with catchy hooks and vocals. This would not be out of place on some modern rock station and with a break here or there I could see big things for these guys. Info:

DRAWN & QUARTERED/Extermination Revelry (Moribund) This band return and return in a bone crushing way. This is ultra killer death metal in vein of Morbid Angel, Immolation and Angel Corpse. Blast beats that will make your head spin and knees weak. Godly like vocals that had me smiling for days. Production crushes and this si so fast and furious you will do backflips over how good it is. Info:

DEFORMITY/Same (Displeased) This was ok, it is death metal played along the lines of Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, etc. You get the idea. The music is mostly fast and at times reminded me of Slayer if they were total death metal. The more times I played this the more it gew on me. It is a solid death metal release that is not not boring nor ground breaking, but gets the job done. Info:

PALE EXISTANCE/Adv tracks-This band is plays death metal sort of in the Suffocation vein. The band have plenty of break down parts, blast beats and the low vocals. I am no big fan of this stuff, but if your into that sort of thing then this band you will like. Production is good and the band seem tight. Info:

SKINTILLA/Shedding Skin-Real nice power metal band here. Damn this band can write some catchy as fuck riffs and the vocals are just so like fit this band. They are clear, but pack pelnty of power and remind me of Ripper Owens a lot. The music is metal that borders on power metal at times. Thus band will crush all and I can't wait to hear more material and if they aren't picked up by a big indie label something is wrong. Info:

SCORCHED EARTH/Gods Kings & Conqueror's-This band returns with a killer follow-up to a cd they put a few years back. The band take the best in old blasting speed metal and throw in some death metal style riffs and they just slays. Sort of like older Celtic Frost playing thrash metal in spots. The vocals just crush as do the riffs and just everything about this. The songs are all powerful slabs of prime underground metal. If the band does not get signed off this release, something is wrong in the music world. Info:

INVERACITY/Circle Of Perversion (Unmatched Brutality) 11 tracks of Suffocation like death metal with all the blast beats and low vocals you can want. While I am not a big fan at all of this style, this band is better than a lot of the other bands that attempt this style. If you a fan of the Long Island death metal sound then you will eat this up. Info:

CEREBRAL EFFUSION/Violence In Motion (Unmatched Brutality) Some very fast windmill type riffs along with some super fast blast beats. The vocals are low, but not the low gutteral style that much, which was a welcome change. The production is on the money and if your into bands that play fast, modern style death metal I got aonther one you need to add to your collection. Info:

WITH IMMORTALITY/Live At The Dungeon-Live cd from this PA based death metal band. The production isn't bad, it is kinda raw, but that is the way we like our death metal. The band is getting better with each release. The band play death metal with a raw sludgy edge with some low vocals, which aren't my fav kind of style, but that is just me. If you like your death metal fast at times, but also a bit sludgy, then check these guys out. Info:

WITH IMMORTALITY/The Aroma Of Spread Labia-Brand new studio release from this death metal band and it quite a solid release. The band have gone away from the Suffocation sound and are working toward fusing their own sound which is a big plus. The band are also slowing down in parts and using some wicked guitar riffs and solos. The vocals are growl type, but not the gutteral soun, which is another big plus. I can see big things for this band if this keep this up. Info: