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ORACULUMO/Always Higher (Invictus Productions) This was decent at best old school death metal. The band just lacked that killer riffing that would have taken this over the top. The singer isn’t bad, but he is just your standard death metal singer. He doesn’t suck, but he wasn’t unholy neither. The production was good, but this was just nothing special in my eyes and ears. Info:

Sample track:

SUMMON/Dark Descent of Fallen Souls (LP) (Werewolf Records) I remember this band as I used to write them and heck I probably reviewed their demos back in the day of when I was doing my print zine. Werewolf Records has released their debut on vinyl and this is quite an ass kicking slab of black metal. A speedy, wicked ride you won’t won’t to get off. Memorable riffs and songs and vocals satan would love. You will love the chainsaw like guitar sound I assure you. This is black metal done right and if you missed these guys the 1st time, well here is your chance now to get this. Info:

Sample track:

DEVILFIRE/Dark Manoeuvres (Self Release) This is just good old style ass kicking rock n roll that is rarely found these days. Solid and catchy tunes with some nice melodic vocals make this as easy winner and good band to check out. The singer has a nice set of pipes and his vocal style fits what the band is doing the songs are built around strong riffs and catchy riffs at that. The production is also solid and I liked this very much. Info: or

Video track to check out:

SEPULCHRAL WHORE/Everlasting Morbid Delights (Metal Ways Records) Just standard old school death metal, but this band did nothing that leaped out at me or did anything that was exciting really. Yes it is heavy and it fast, but there was just nothing that blew me away or made me stand up and take notice so to speak. It was just kinda there and it played on and was nothing special. The singing isn’t band neither, but nothing just reached out and said ‘fuck yeah this kills”. Info: or [email protected]

PAGANIZER/Land of Weeping Souls (Transcending Obscurity Records) More standard heard it a million times before death metal and this time we go to the Swedish style. As this played on I was just like yeah it’s ok, but again nothing stood out. Nothing they did made me want to bang my head or play air guitar or drums. Average at best death metal that has been done to death and then some. Info:

Sample song:

Fatal/Soul Burning Still - A Fatal Retrospective (Hammerheart Records) I used to write and reviewed these guy’s way back when my fanzine was a print one and Hammerheart Records is releasing a cd with all the demos on it and lord knows does this kill. Wicked, fast in your fast thrash metal that totally rules. Later on in some of the material they added a big of death metal to their sound, but they still ruled. 17 tracks in all and NOT a bad one in the bunch I assure you of that. This is a mandatory pick up at all costs. Info:

SHRAPNEL/Raised On Decay (Spinefarm/Candlelight) A total blast of insanity that melted my ears off. This was a speed metal assault on my ears and I totally loved. Riffs that had my neck moving in seconds and had me playing air guitar as well. The intensity this band uses also I loved and the vocals are sung with such passion, feeling and fury I was loving life. This isn’t that tough guy style thrash neither. This is way more along the lines of older style thrash and I love the guitar sound this band gets it is totally awesome. A fantastic release no doubt about it. Info:

SHEIDIM/Infamata (Voidhanger Records) Some nice black metal with strong songs. Strong songs played with strength and conviction and feeling. Killer black metal vocals and they fit the music well and he doesn’t sound like some generic black metal singer. The music is fast and had some slower parts mixed in and just also has a lot of atmosphere to it and it just makes a killer combination. Easily one of the better black metal releases floating around the underground. Info: or

INCANTATION/ Profane Nexus (Relapse Records) This band has been holding the death metal flag high for over 30 years and are back with a new release and are back with Relapse Records. This is another slab of prime beef death metal with Sabbath like guitar sound from John during the slow parts and then busting out into speedy parts at times as well. Vocals are a pure death metal dream and this band has never let the death metal maniacs down and this is just another example of why. This band has never strayed from their death metal sound and this just crushes. This is like prime beef of death metal and anybody, yes anybody into real death metal needs this and that shitty guttural crap neither. Info:

NORTHERN PLAGUE/Blizzard Of The North (Self Released) Same ole heard it a million times black metal with some bad songs and generic vocals. Nothing of value on this at all. Info:

GRAVESITE/Never Ending Trail of Skulls (Xtreem Music) Brutal crushing death metal in the vein of old Death and Autopsy. Just heavy like Sabbath riffs and then wicked speed that will have the head banging. The guitar crunch is awesome and the vocals are a pure death metal delight. This band brought something to the table and Mr. Forbes liked it very much. Info:

SUBSERVIENCE/Forest of the Impaled (Black Bow Records) This is some brutal Swedish like death metal in the vein of Dismember and old Entombed. While this breaks no new ground, this was quite enjoyable as there was plenty of speed on this and those meaty, thick riffs just kill. Totally catchy and you will have your neck moving in no time. The singer has a strong death metal voice as well This was some strong, enjoyable death metal all the way. Info:​

HADES ARCHER/Temple of the Impure (Hells Headbangers) Some crushing out of control death metal with tons of speed and intensity. The ripping riffs and power will crush you into pieces. This is chaotic and out of control and this is death/speed metal at its best. Your neck will move I assure you and the band can also slow it down at times to give you a break, but you best prepare for an all out assault on your body. Info:

Sample track:

POWER THEORY/Something Old, Something New & Something LIVE​!​!​! From Europe (Self-Release) This is a 5 track Ep with 3 studio tunes and 2 live tunes. This band play power/heavy metal deeply rooted in the early 80’s style and that was fine by me. I can hear some Iron Maiden in this as it played on and also a bit of early Saxon as well. The singer has a nice strong voice and he fits the music well and he just doesn’t sing with a high pitched voice which would get annoying at times. If your into the power metal style this is highly recommended. Info:

SPACE VACATION/Lost in the Black (Pure Steel Records) This is a melodic heavy metal band featuring the ex-guitar player of Vicious Rumors. The music is just what I said above, melodic heavy metal/rock with a fantastic singer. Oh my god does he get the job done. He sounds so fantastic and sings the songs with such feeling and passion he easily won me over. The songs also have a rock flavor to them as well and I had never heard this band before and I am now a fan of them now. Great stuff. Info:

CHIGURH/The Struggle (Self Released) 4 well crafted straight forward metal tunes with a powerful female singer to back up the music. The songs are all strong with catchy riffs and no groove to it neither. The production is solid and the guitar crunch I like as well. The female singer has a nice set of lungs and she sings the tunes on this with passion and doesn’t sound generic at all. I really enjoyed what this band brought to the table for sure. Info:

STEVE LIEBERMAN/King of Jewish Punk #31/60 (Self Released) This was a quite a different style release. Steve plays everything on this himself and a lot of it reminded me of Black Flag with Steve’s guitar sound and the vocals were more of a Johnny Rotten affair. At times I heard trombones, flutes and even a bit of industrial overtones. Now the question is does it work? Yes it does because that stuff is not overdone and is kept in the background. This is just raw, unrelenting punk rock that was cool because it brought me back to the days of the whole crossover scene and my Black Flag albums. I actually like the raw style production because it adds to this and not subtracts and that guitar sound is mint. Info:

THE KNAST/Reckless Soul (Casuals Audio Group) This is a spacey alternative group and they for sure aren’t bad. The music, while different, still is quite catchy and the singer has a strong voice and by song # 2 I was hooked on his voice. The music on this just has to me a spacey almost Pink Floyd vibe if they were an alternative band. Very weird guitar sound and this is something I have never heard like before and I was shocked because I am no fan of alternative rock stuff and this was damn good for sure. The songs were just catchy and I was nodding my head along to them as this played along. Info:

INVASION/Destroyer of Mankind (Abyss Records) Oh this is a crushing slab of real death metal that will have your heart melting. Ultra thick riffs and blistering speed were just a few of the highlights on this. The blast beats are real blast beats not some trigger happy shit with generic death metal vocals. The singer has a great death metal voice and he doesn’t sound like some guttural crappy singer, he sings with feeling and his voice right in with the death metal brutality this band delivers. This band easily delivers the goods too. This is prime time death metal that is not to be missed. Info:

AGONY KINGS/Agony Kings (Self-Released) Now this is crossover as I know it. Not this groovy nu-metal with hip hop in it trying to claim they are hardcore. This is quick blasts of speed with screaming hardcore like vocals that brought me back to 1986! Production is also rooted in an old school style as well. This is like a mix of The Cromags and Agnostic Front to my ears with some of their own style in the mix. Just blast after blast of metallic fury with punk in your face as well. Best crossover band I have heard in years.

EXTERMINATOR/Total Extermination (Greyhaze Records [vinyl reissue] This came out in 1987 and I don’t remember much if anything about this band, but in the bio it says he went on to form Sextrash, who I have heard of. Ok this is really raw Venom and Hellhammer like death metal. Mostly chainsaw like riffs and Cronus like vocals are on this. The rumbling bass is buried too far in the mix after a few tunes this kinda got boring to me as it just sounded like one song over and over with no variety at all. Not for me. Info:

MEGALITH GRAVE/From Effigies Past (Signal Rex) This is a one man black metal band and this release has 3 of his demos rolled into 1 CD. I will break this review up into 3 parts. The 1st one involves his first demo called “Insidious Dark”. This kills as it some ultra-raw black metal with pits from hell vocals and I could feel the hate spew out on those songs. The next demo called “Through Clandestine Thickets” is terrible with that total machine like drum sound and the songs didn’t do anything for me and were just plain awful. Demo # 3 called “Embittered Isolation” had some experimental stuff like keyboards and less actual music and to me was a waste of time and space and should be taken to a back yard and buried. Demo # 1 is so good, but the other 2 are crap. Info:

Sample track:

CADAVERIC INCUBATOR/Sermons of the Devouring Dead (Hells Headbangers) These guys aren’t playing around with their delivery of some and powerful death metal with REAL blast beats along with REAL death metal vocals my friends. Not this guttural vocal crap and nu metal jump around shit. The slow parts just reek of Autopsy and the fast parts of Repulsion. The guitar sound is heavy and powerful and the production is right on the fuckin money and the singing is a death metal fan’s dream as he sings the songs with feeling and this just killed me with those violent blast beats. Death metal at its finest. Info:

Sample track:

LAST RITES/Nemesis (Self Released) This was some decent thrash/power metal. The songs were chock full of heavy, catchy riffs, but when the singer goes into that nu metal singing style and also death metal almost guttural style is where this band lost me. The singer has a good voice and there is no need for him to be doing that. If this band would eliminate the singer doing that they would be so much better for sure. This isn’t bad though. Info:

GUTSLIT/Amputheatre (Transcending Obscurity) Great just sound like every other generic death metal band with some old tired riffs and guttural vocals at times during the slow parts. This band brought nothing to the table and are absolutely worthless. Info:

MUERT/Ye Canariae Abezan (Hammerheart Records) Just a wall of noise black metal with nothing to offer. All the singer does is scream into the mic with some god awful music behind him. Nothing played with feeling or power at all. This was nothing at all worth checking out I’m afraid. Info:

NECROVOROUS/Plains of Decay (Dark Descent Records) A crushing display of heart blasting death metal that hits hard and hits the brain. Think of mix of Death’s Leprosy and Autopsy at times. The speed and intensity of this is top notch and the vocals are kick ass death metal vocals as well. This Ross from Immolation and Chuck from Death. The production is killer and this band keeps the death metal flag high and mighty. Info: and

THYRGRIM/Vermächtnis Trollzorn (Massacre Records) Just another faceless black metal band with same ole pick riffing guitars along with blast beats and generic black metal vocals that didn’t sound any good to my ears. A few keyboard like parts during the slower parts didn’t help matters neither. The songs were not strong and had nothing to them and there is nothing that makes you stand up and take notice of anything. Terrible. Info:

ALL OUT WAR/Give Us Extinction (Organized Crime Records) Always nice to find another band holding the crossover flag high. Hints of metallic riffing are a highlight mixed in with old school singing made this a treat to listen to and enjoy. The music is a mix of hardcore and thrash metal sort of like Sick of it All and Agnostic Front at times along with the bands own sound of course. This just totally kicked my ass big time and while most bands doing this style have all that nu metal shit in their music this band stays with the 80’s crossover style and they crush. Info:

DESECRESY/The Mortal Horizon (Xtreem Music) This was a nice mix of death and doom metal. The riffs were catchy and memorable and they mixed the 2 styles up rather well. The vocals were a little low and guttural for my taste, but that is just me. I liked the production a lot and none of this trigger drum sound crap and no nu metal crap neither and no groove in the mix. This is just down and dirty death metal played the right way. Info:

SXUPERION/Myriad (Bloody Mountain Records) Boring black metal with no catchy or any memorable tunes whatsoever. The songs just drag along and offer nothing of value. The music did nothing for me and just dragged along and the singer was just the same ole black metal style singer I have heard a million times before. This band brought nothing to the table at all. Info: or

AIR RAID/Across The Line (High Roller Records) Finally a no frills kick ass rock n rock band band to beat my ass in. Chunky fist waving riffs that are both heavy and catchy had my head nodding and this is like the early 80’s all over again. The singer pours his heart out on this singing the songs with big time passion and feeling all the way. Sort of like Rainbow when they had Joe Lynn Turner is how I would say this band is. We need more bands like this for sure. Info: or

MORDATORIUM/Obsessed with Death (Self-Release) Hell yeah I say to this release. No frills straight forward hit you in the balls death metal that just crushed me with its heaviness and also catchy and fast and furious sounds. Vocals that are both powerful and sung with feeling and passion and don’t sound stupid or forced. The guitar crunch the band has is right on the money and the band mix up the speed and slower parts just right and I bet it won’t be long before a smart label snatches these guys up. Info:

NETHERMANCY/Magick Halls of Ascension (Helldprod Records) To me this just sounded like thousands of other black metal bands I have heard over the years and this has the same pic riffing in the songs and also the singer is just so generic and there is nothing new or exciting at all with this band. Just another case of heard it all before and then some. Info:

WARBEAST/Enter The Arena (Housecore Records) Musicwise this wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t too keen on the Pantera like vocals and then I read this is on Philip H. Anselmo’s record label. The music does sound a little like Pantera with some death metal mixed in and is not bad for what it is, but the tough guy vocals were not welcome for me. This I am sure will sell a lot of copies, but it is not for me that’s for sure. Info: or

NECROMANTE/The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces (Iron Bonehead) This was old school black/death metal, but I didn’t like the production at all as the guitar was buried and the bass was up in the mix and that ruined it for me. The music was nothing special and was just ok. At least they didn’t sound like 5000 other bands, but turn down that bass. Info:

Sample track:

NUCLEAR WARFARE/Empowered By Hate () Excellent old school thrash metal is the ticket here with some hardcore thrown in as well. Sort of like Municipal Waste at times. Riffs that have that old school crunch and are also catchy and lighting speed that I love. The singer also has that old school 80’s style thrash like voice that just brought back memories of yesteryear. A testament to speed metal all the way and this rules. Info:

MIDNITE HELLION/Condemned to Hell (Witches Brew) My local boys finally have their debut released and what a debut release it is. Bone crushing heavy metal bordering on power metal with traces of thrash here and there. You want classic metal riffs well this delivers that and so much more. I love the guitar crunch as it will have your head banging in seconds. No nu metal or jump metal crap to be found too. This is fists in the air straight forward heavy metal with no compromise at all. Fantastic production and great vocals too as Rich sings with lots of emotion and power and this is a must have for any metal fan on planet earth. Info:

LONEWOLF/Raised On Metal (Massacre Records) Some tasteful pure speedy heavy metal at times that sounded good to these ears. Sort of like “Restless and Wild” era Accept at times. Just good ole fashion metal riffs that will have your head moving and fingers moving to the guitar riffs. Glad to see more classic metal bands coming back these days and when you have quality songs like this band has to back it up it puts a smile on my face. The singer also sounds like Udo a bit at times and he does a good job as he sounds good and solid. Production works for me and this just kicked my ass. Info:

NAZGHOR/Infernal Aphorism (Non Serviam Records) Boring black metal that has been done to death. Just fast pick riffing riffs and screeching vocals and this was boring me rather quick. Nothing exciting at all about this. Info:

Streaming track:

GROSS REALITY/Escaping Gravity (Divebomb Records) This band was formed in 1991 and didn’t record anything the 1st time around until they reformed in 1999 this is the bands 2nd full length release and it is quite a killer one if I say so myself. Melodic thrash with tons of catchy hooks and vocals to boot. Songs that you will remember when they are over. Total tasteful guitar playing big time and the singer reminds me of the singer of hard rock band Hardline, but this is hardly hard rock my friends. A pure thrash metal delight is what this band delivers and check out their video to prove me right. Info:


DEVASTATION/Idolatry (Reissue) (Punishment 18 Records) This came out in 1991 on Combat Records and now Punishment 18 Records is reissuing it. This is the bands 2nd album and was a hard hitting thrash album back in the day and that still rings true today. It has that Morrisound sound as that is where it was recorded at and it also sounds a little like the later Death material as well. I can also here a mix of Sepultura’s Arise album on this too as well as Demolition Hammer. The vocals have a bit of Jeff from Possessed sound on them as well. This is just speedy thrash all the way and I easily enjoyed this and if you don’t have it want to hear some real thrash, well look no further. Info:

DEVASTATION/Signs Of Life (Reissue) (Punishment 18 Records) This is the bands 3rd and final record that they did back in the day and is now back in action thanks to Punishment 18 Records. This release has more of a punk feel as the band seemed to leave on more of a crossover sound and even the vocals had more of a punk sound to them. Great, catchy as fuck riffs and speed out the ass and I love the hardcore like vocals on this my friends. The production, while still at Morrisound Studios sound different than the above album. This is a total mix of thrash and punk (at least the vocals) and this is well worth hunting down. Info:

VORUS/Chamber of Laments (Death in Pieces Records) Boring black metal with some death thrown in the mix with boring songs/riffs that went nowhere fast and vocals that were not much better. Nothing on this to get excited over. Info:


SACROCURSE/Gnostic Holocaust (Iron Bonehead Productions) Some wicked old school death/black metal that has that old 80’s feel. Vocals from hell. Music that is also from hell and this was like old Morbid Angel, but with a more raw production. A total speed onslaught and I love the blast beats on this as well. If you were around when all those 80’s death metal demos were coming out by the likes of Repulsion, Morbid Angel, etc this is right up your alley. This kills. Info:

Sample track:

STEREO NASTY/Twisting the Blade (StormSpell Records) Absolutely ass kicking pure heavy metal. When I read about bands playing pure metal most have all that nu metal crap in their music, but not this band. This is like Judas Priest ‘British Steel” era metal. The music has crunchy, catchy as hell head banging riffs that are memorable from the second the song goes off till the last note of the song. The singer has a Halford like sound to him and he fits the music well and he sounds fantastic on this. The production is right on the money and this is a pure straight forward no frills heavy metal release that crushes. Info:

OSSUARY INSANE/Demonize The Flesh (Blood Harvest / Regain Records) The drum sound is very weak and the singer is terrible as he has no power in his voice at all. That being said, the music, which is death metal isn’t bad and the band mix up the faster and slower parts rather well. The singer just doesn’t excite me at all and really is a let down on this. This is just straight forward death metal that some will like and others won’t be thrilled about I was kind of in the middle and oh that drum sound needs to go as well, it is so weak. Info:

CTULU/Cultus In Tenebris (Static Tension Recordings) A completely faceless black metal band with terrible songs and vocals. The pic riffing is stuff I have heard a million times before and the songs aren’t strong nor is the singing. Just nothing of value on this at all. Info:

SACRED SUN/Same (Self Released) The problem with this is that is sounds like 10,000 other black metal bands that I have heard over the past years. It has the same fast pic riffing and speed and the same ole black metal vocals. There is nothing different at all to separate itself from all the bands before them. Just another case of the same ole same ole. Info:

DARKFALL/At The End Of Times (Black Sunset /MDD) Awful gallop happy thrash metal with death metal vocals. The music is terrible and add in the stupid vocals and you have one bad band. The music has no power to it and has that Pantera like feel to it and I absolutely hated the vocals too. This was just a release to stay away from.

WAKBOTH/Endless Graves (Breath of Pestilence) This is some pretty good black metal that is played with some passion and feeling. The band don’t just play a million miles an hour all the time and the riffs are memorable and the singer sings with some passion and feeling and doesn’t sound like a million other singers as well. The production is good and solid and the band also don’t sound like every other generic black metal band out there. Good one here and I like the G.G. Allin cover tune as well. Sample track here:

SATYRICON/Deep Calleth Upon Deep (Napalm Records) Wow this band has been around a long time and this is their 9th release and I like it a lot. This isn’t just a wall of noise black metal release and yes it totally has the bands black metal sound, but there is also slower, controlled parts and totally memorable songs that had me totally into this. Fantastic production allows everything to flow like water into a river and the speed and intensity is still there big time. This crushes. Info:

NIHIL EYES/Black Path (Self Released) This didn’t click with me as this was like happy death metal with too many groove type of riffing. The singer didn’t impress me much neither as his vocals seemed weak and uninspiring. There were some solid parts here and there when the band was playing faster, but then when they went into that groove style mode they totally lost me. Wimpy death metal on this I’m afraid. Info:

SHRAPNEL/Raised On Decay (Spinefarm/Candlelight) I have never heard this band before, but this just totally destroyed me with this powerful slab of thrash metal. This hits hard and hits fast and I was loving it. They mix a combo of Testament and Exodus and those wicked riffs oh man did they just crush. A maniac onslaught of power and the singer has a powerful set of lungs and his voice goes right along with the music. Great production and the guitar crunch is out of this world. Any thrash fan this is A MUST HAVE. Info:

SACRILEGIOUS RITE/Summoned From Beyond (Dunkelheit Produktionen) This is a black metal band and they weren’t bad, but they were nothing mind blowing neither. I hated the clean, haunting like vocals as they were a total turn off for me. The music is just basic black metal not played a million miles an hour, but at like 80 mph and with breaks of slower parts in between. The singer I do like as his voice is very cool and he singer with passion and feeling, but that’s about it for me. Info:

Track to check out:

BLACK DEATH/Black Death (Hells Headbangers) When I opened my email and saw that Hells Headbangers had re-issued this lovely released I thought I was back in a time warp back to the 80’s. This band was around for only for a short time and then they disappeared. Listening to this after not hearing for all those years this is still an amazing release. Total ass kicking metal riffs and metal vocals all the way. This band, who were all black, I did remember getting from flack in the press, but I didn’t pay much attention to them as I hadn’t started up my fanzine and the band was on such a small label back then too. I am surprised it has not been re-issued up until now. Now what does the music sound like I would say a little Mercyful Fate as far as the music goes and I hear some Paul Stanley in the vocals too. They totally had their own sound back then that’s for sure and this is something I think everyone would enjoy hearing even in 2017. Here is a sample track to check out and the go buy the bloody thing. Info:

NECROVOROUS/Plains of Decay (Dark Descent Records) While this is nothing new, it is big time exciting. Heavy as fuck and crippling death metal played with no outside influences. A mix of Incantation, Autopsy and Immolation are on this slab of music. A punishing guitar sound that shows no mercy and speed and intensity that is not far behind. Perfect style death metal vocals that are sung with feeling and fit the music like a tight pair of jeans. The songs are memorable and catchy too and plenty of speed and power behind them too. Solid release. Info:

INQUISITOR/I Am Sick, I Must Die (Hammerheart Records) The original line-up of this band is back and here is a 3 track teaser 7”. The new tune on this is fast and furious old school thrash/death metal that hits hard and hits fast. Vocals are out of this world as he sings with passion and fury and oh that bass sound is out of 1989!!! This is a pure classic German thrash holocaust and I for one can’t wait for the full length in 2018. The razor sharp riffs totally kill and this is one re-union that sounds like it will be well worth it. There are 2 covers here ‘Perish in Flames” by Dark Angel that totally rules as well as ‘Extreme Unction” by Pestilence. They both are great as well. Info:

FRAKASM/Century Of Decline (Great Dane Records) Absolutely awful generic death metal. Same old Cannibal Corpse like music and just typical growl vocals with no feeling or passion and then the singer lo and behold also does those generic screeches like a million other bands do as well. I was pretty much bored with this as it just sounds like way too many other bands to me. Info:

UNDER THE CHURCH/Supernatural Punishment (Pulverised Records) Some Swedish like death metal is on the table hear and this isn’t bad at all. Total ripping razor like riffs and vocals to match. The songs are catchy and plenty of speed and each song has its own identity as well. A pure death metal delight is what is found on this. Info:

AFFLIKTOR/Self-titled (Transcending Obscurity Records) Decent /thrash/black metal. The vocals are totally black metal while the music is thrash metal all the way. It is a weird combo in some ways, but for this band it works. The music isn’t generic thrash, but for me it took a little time to get used to the black metal vocals in a thrash metal band. The music isn’t like bay area thrash it is more built around razor sharp riffing with mostly mid paced material with some speed thrown in. I like it when the band blasts away This actually got better as time went along and I think once you warm up to this band you’ll like them a lot. Info:

INCARNAL/Mortuary Cult (Via Nocturna) A wicked display of old school death metal here the ticket on this release. Pounding fast tunes with great singing and he sings with total feeling and I can hear the hate spew as the tunes played on. I love the guitar sound it has that razor like pounding that I was totally digging. Think like 1st Entombed mixing with some old Celtic Frost. The production is top notch and I pretty much loved what this band was doing. This was a ride back to the good ole days and what a rode it was.

TROLLECH/Každý strom má svůj stín (Ketzer Records) Some very nice black metal that doesn’t sound like a million other bands. The band has some melody to their music, but trust me they also play fast a lot too and even when they do it is not a wall of noise like some bands of this genre. The singer sounds convincing in his vocal style and even the keyboards don’t sound out of place on this neither. Just a good black metal band here that doesn’t sound like all the others.

TYFON’S DOOM/Emperor's Path (Gates of Hell Records) Some solid heavy metal with Lemmy from Motorhead like vocals. Very catchy pure heavy metal tunes with lots of classic guitar riffs and solid playing from the rest of the band. Singer has a great voice and he fits right in with the band’s sound and I was enjoying this big time as this is easily a stand out band. You will be banging your head along to this I assure you. This is heavy metal at its finest and if you’re a head banging freak this band is for you. Info:

DEATH TRIP/Madhouse (Ektro Records) This was a weird band. I like it, but the band having like this video game sounds going on in the background doesn’t fly with me and pretty much ruined it for me. The music, other than the video game crap, is solid thrash/death metal. The singer has a good and solid voice too and why the band things this electronic crap in their sound, sounds good is beyond me. Thank god it is not used in every song, but the 14 minute song on this was way too long. The other songs (3) aren’t bad, so this was kind of hit and miss with me. Check out the songs below for yourself and you be the judge. Info:


RESISTANCE/Metal Machine (No Remorse Records) The great heavy metal bands keep going on and this is just a fantastic release. The riffs are big time catchy and you will be banging your head right along with this as it plays on. Think some older Judas Priest at times and the singer kind of does have a Ripper Owens style to him, but he doesn’t go into that screaming mode. I can’t get over how much I love this bands guitar sound it was totally made for metal and this is total old school metal as well. Perfect production too. Buy it dammit. Info:

THY SERPENT’S CULT/Supremacy of Chaos (Ordo MCM) While this breaks no new ground this is some solid death metal. This is straight down the line death metal played in a brutal way. Vocals are very good and he sings with feeling and passion and are not super low and there is no groove on this which was a welcome sight too. The songs are catchy and the slow brutal parts totally kill and faster parts do as well. If you are a fan of straight down the line death metal here is your band. Info:

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ANNIHILATION/The Undivided Wholeness Of All Things (Nice To Eat You Records) Typical death metal that sounds like a million other bands with the low guttural vocals to boot. This band brought nothing to the table worth listening to. Info:

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KULT MOGIŁ/Portentaque (Pagan Records) Oh 3 songs was not enough. This is an insane mix of black and death metal and boy does it work. The fast pounding riffs will pound you into submission until you can’t stand it no more. Vocals from the fiery pits of hell and music that belongs there too. Just rip roaring riffs and catchy ones too and the power this band has is 2nd to none as well. They just beat and pound you into submission. The slower parts just are heavy as fuck and then when the band goes into fast mode, look the fuck out. Very good band here no doubt and an awesome production to boot. Info:

LUCIFER'S HAMMER/Victory is Mine (Shadow Kingdom) Total classic power metal with awesome vocals and songs to back them up. This goes back to 80’s style power metal and will have you hear banging and fits flying. The singer doesn’t go all over the place and he sings with songs with a ton of feeling and the riffs, oh the riffs on this are killer. The band mix it up a big so you get some speed here and there and this is something any pure heavy metal fan will want so go and get it. Info:

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INFIDEL REICH/Infidel Reich (Helter Skelter / Regain Records) Damn I sense a Carnivore influence on this and that my friends is not a bad thing. Really heavy, crunchy bass sound and a punk/metal sound to boot. The songs on this totally crush and are big time enjoyable. They are catchy and heavy and a breath of fresh air with not many bands doing this style and plus I love Carnivore. The singer has a strong voice and he fits in with the music too. He even sounds like Pete Steele a bit. Trust me this a total ass kicking release of old school metal/punk all the way and I loved it. Info:

DE PROFUNDIS - An Orgy Of Grotesqueries-This is a 10 song cd that will be given away for free with the new issue of Zero Tolerance Magazine. While this band is not inventing the wheel, this is some good and solid death metal with plenty of speed and power. Crunchy riffs and real death metal vocals are a highlight on this and this band plays death metal the right way. Look you can’t go wrong getting this free with a magazine so for ordering info to:

KORRUPT/Preachers and Creatures (Fysisk Format) Hardcore is the ticket on this release. They have a much more old school sound that all this new jump metal crap thank god. The vocals are more old school sounding as well and not that Pantera tough guy crap. The music mixes between speedy parts and some slower parts to allow you to catch your breath. I would say one of the better punk/hardcore bands making the rounds these days. Info:

WAR POESSION/Doomed to Chaos (Memento Mori) A total tidal wave of death metal that will knock down the wimps and the wannabes. A total old school onslaught of real death metal that will punish and own you. Riffs that just flow through you and will have your neck breaking and oh those fast, speedy parts just owned me. The singer has a total, deep voice that satan would love and he sings with such passion and feeling. Think Incantation and Immolation music wise and this just rules. Info:

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JEFF SCOTT SOTO/Retribution (Frontiers Music) I loved this as it was some well played and very enjoyable hard rock. Awesome vocals by Jeff and incredible music by his band. Think Rainbow when they had Joe Lynn Turner. The band play not that poppy glam crap, but just solid straight forward hard rock that sadly is missing in today’s scene. All these new rock bands can’t write a memorable song if it smacked them in the face. Not this puppy. Classic, catchy riffs are all over the place and Jeff’s vocals flow right along with the music like a river right down the stream. Simple amazing release and we need more bands like this in today’s world of so called rock n roll. Info:

BLACK GREMLIN/The Fun Is Over (Retro Vox Records) Wow this really surprised me as this was a pure old school punk rock record sort of line with what a band like The Meatmen were doing way back when. Just fast, punky like riffs and shouted vocals are what you are gonna find on this and mix that in with some spacey stuff not outside from what a band like Pink Floyd is doing. It is so weird and fresh too and it doesn’t sound out of place neither. Very cool and different release you will find here no doubt. Info:

AYRON JONES/Audio Paint Job (Sunyata Records) Some really good blue based rock n roll like Robert Cray. Tasteful licks galore and awesome singing makes this a treat to review. The songs are very memorable and not boring at all. This release easily comes from the heart and soul and is so much better than a lot of the garbage that fills radio stations these days. Production is perfect too. Great release. Info:

THE DIRTY EARTH/Aurora (Self Released) Some solid well played rock n roll with a total ass kicking female singer or sort of sounds like Ann Wilson from Heart, which in my book is a good thing. The music is straight forward rock n roll sort of in the vein of old Bon Scott era AC/DC. Just simple, but effective riffs based around very catchy music. The production allows everything to flow freely and if you are looking for some solid rock n roll this band is right up your alley. Info:

ENDLESS VOID/Apparitions (Self Released) This isn’t bad, but the songs seem to blend together at times and that makes for a less enjoyable listening experience. The vocals are not a strong point on this neither. I wish they were song a big more stronger and with a big more anger to them. The guitar sound on this is good and the production, for a self-release, is just fine too. For me I’d like to hear a bit more variety within the songs and maybe a tweak on the vocals. Info:

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VOICE OF ADDITION/Same (Self Released) This is total old school hardcore from the soul. Perfect sounding shouted vocals and quick bursts of speed with it. Sort of like Sick of it All and Agnostic Front and bands of that nature. Songs are catchy as well and also have plenty of power behind them and none of this jump metal crap neither. This is a throwback to when hardcore was hardcore and not what it turned into later. Go grab this. Info:

RATGHOST/Same (Self Released) This is total groove metal with the tough guy vocals and you all know what I think of bands like this. Just another same sounding band like all the other groove/jump metal bands around.

FRACTURED SPINE/Memoirs of a Shattered Mind (Self Released) This is an atmospheric doom metal band, but one thing off the bat I was not a fan of the tough guy vocals, but when they went into the clean vocals I liked it. The black metal vocals are cool too. The music goes up and down from doom metal to black metal and a bunch of other things and normally I am not a huge fan of this stuff, but this was pretty good and I didn’t find it boring. The slow, almost sad like parts I liked a lot too. One of the better bands doing this style in my book. Info:

FRACTURED SPINE/Songs of Slumber (Self Released) This is a bit more doomy than the above release and that was alright by my ears. Crunchy Sabbath like riffs galore on this. Solid production allows everything to flow and even with long songs I did not get bored with this. The vocals have a lot less tough guy sort of sounding parts as well and for that was a welcome change. Both these releases have minor faults, but overall both are solid and if your doom metal fan that also enjoys some atmospheric sounds thrown in, you’ll like this. Info: