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LIVE BURIAL/Forced Back to Life (Dunkelheit Production) Some very solid and heart pounding death metal here. Some punishing riffs that are both catchy, memorable and some blistering speed to go with them. Death metal vocals from heel that sound great to my ears as well. This also doesnít sound like a million other bands and does more than get the job done. Easily one of the better death metal bands out there these days. Info:

SORCERY/Garden of Bones (Xtreem Music) A wicked slab of catchy as heel death metal that will have your head banging in no time. Just whirlwind riff and after whirlwind riff and some awesome guitar sounds to go with it. The speed and intensity of this just totally rules too. This band has their own sound and the vocals are a death metal dream too. I love the production on this too and this is easily worth getting. Info:

WINTERLORE/Winterlore (Self Released) Some decent black metal that doesnít sound like ever generic one that has walked the earth. The band doesnít go a million miles an hour and their mid paced stuff is very solid. The fast parts arenít even a wall of noise and the vocals are solid and donít sound forced or stupid. The raw production is very honest and this is a very good black metal band that is hands down way above a lot of bands. Info:

COSCRADH?/Coscradh (Invictus Productions) Holy shit this is a 4 song affair of some crushing death/black metal with such a raw sound I thought it was a 1985 demo ha ha. The speed and intensity and the rawness of this is like holy shit. Riffs and speed from hell. Vocals from there as well. This doesnít let up and will punish and bury you into the ground. The vocals are more on the black metal side and the music on the death metal side. I need more as 4 songs was just a taste. Info:

CITADEL BESIEGED/Same (Gothic Records) A pure heavy metal treat is what we have here. They sort of remind me of the band Grim Reaper at times. These guys play no frills straight ahead no gimmicks heavy metal and the songs are catchy and the singer has a solid voice and he fits right in with the band too. I also hear a bit of Ozzy within the music too. I enjoyed this and if youíre a fan of metal you will too. Info:

FINAL SIGN/Hold High the Flame (Tridroid Records) Music wise this is an awesome slab of heavy metal, but I am not a fan of the vocals. His voice just didnít click with me. The music is catchy as fuck metal with riffs that will have your head moving. The production is right on the money and some may not mind the vocals and other than that this rules. Info:

WARPVOMIT/Barbaric Triumph of Evil (Iron Bonehead) A punishing slab of some unholy death metal that is raw and will pound into your skull and leave you a bloody mess. The vocals are a pure black metal delight and he sings with such intensity and feeling that satan would be proud. This will totally blow you away and I love the speed and feeling this band get on this. Prepare to be taken to the pits of heel with this band. Info:

SCOUR/Scour (Housecore) What we have here is 6 tracks of pounding death metal with band members Philip H. Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint etc.), John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer), Derek Engemann (Cattle Decapitation), Chase Fraser (Continuum, former Animosity, Decrepit Birth), and Jesse Schobel (Strong Intention). This is fast as fuck death metal with catchy riffs and pounding drums and I love the riffs and the intensity on this puppy. Phil sounds great on vocals and the band just pump out crushing tune after crushing tune. The band even mix in a bit of black metal to its sound and just make for one excellent release. Def check these guys out. Info:

PROFANATICA/The Curling Flame of Blasphemy (Hells Headbangers) This veteran band return and what a slab of black metal this is. I love the raw sound this band gets and Paulís vocals are so deadly and on the mark. This band so have their own sound and on this they show it once again. The bass sound is even unreal. This is prime all out black metal that satan would approve of and is unlike anything I have heard this year. Hands down the best black metal release this year. Info:

DER ROTE MILIAN/Aus der Asche (Self-Released) Typical boring black metal with those screaming vocals that arenít even good and are totally annoying. The music is just pointless and totally generic as well. Not worth your time.

PESIFERE/Hope Misery Death (Eihwaz Recordings) Boring death metal with nothing catchy about it at all. The songs pretty much suck and the singer lacks any quality. This was just plain awful.

HELLSWORN/Repulsive Existence (Underground Movement) Oh this is a wicked combo of Swedish death meets old Pestilence. The razor sharp riffs just will cut through you like a knife through butter. The pounding drums will explode into your skull and the speed on this just rules. Fuck if those guitar riffs and sound donít rule. This is old school death metal played in a fantastic way. Info:

SAVE THE LOST BOYS/Temptress (Victory Records) Some awesome cool power pop punk rock on this. Great hooky tunes with splendid vocals and his voice fits the music so well. Sort of like Green Day meets the Sex Pistols in spots. My head was nodding along to every tune on this and finally a punk type of band without all that jump metal crap and the tough guy vocals. Info:

HAMMERSCHMITT/Still On Fire (Massacre Records) This was some decent heavy metal sort of in the vein of Dio without of course his awesome vocals. That being said the singer on this not bad by any means though. The music is straight ahead 80ís style metal with no groove or any of that crap. If your into the Dio stuff youíll love this as it is right down that alley. Fist banging riffs with denim jackets and this band are keeping the metal flag nice and high and it is a solid release. Info:

PERVERTED CEREMONY/Demo 1 TAPE (Nuclear War Now! Productions) Just a total bloodbath display of prime time raw black metal that will dull what is left of your brain. Vocals from hell and music that just is played with such feeling and passion it is not funny. No 3am whisper vocals and no generic riffs and songs on this, fuck no this is the real deal of black metal and it is a music get at all costs. Info:

NOX (Columbia)/Ancestral Arte Negro 7" EP (Forever Plagued) Some crippling black metal and this just will rip you apart as the vocals just ruled and the chainsaw like riffs are killer. There is just so much feeling and passion on this and as I have said when black metal is done right it can be a devastating tool of music. The speed and intensity on this is 2nd to none and this is not just a wall of fast picking noise. They also donít sound like a million other bands as well. Let the devastation begin. Info: and (video)

DECAYED |Pt|/The Burning of Heaven (Helldprod Records) This didnít do much for me. It sounded like Venom a lot, but the songs just didnít grab me at all and by song # 3 I was growing bored. This just didnít click with me at all. Info:
[email protected]

SODOM/Decision Day (Steamhammer / SPV) Sodom is back with a new release and it is quite a solid release to boot. The riffs and hooks on this totally crush and plenty of speed to sink your teeth into as well. Tomís vocals are great on here and the songs are also catchy as well. The production is on the money and you will be playing air drums or air guitar to many of the songs on this no doubt. This is just quality thrash all the way and no let down on this. Info:

RUNNING WILD/Rapid Foray (Steamhammer / SPV) Oh this was awful. Limp wristed tunes that went nowhere fast. The songs were awful and were like a balloon that had no air in it. The vocals were ok, but the music just ruined it. It is hit or miss when these older bands release new music and is a win sometimes (see above) or a lose situation and this is a loss big time. Beyond bad. Info:

MINDSCAR/What's Beyond the Light (Self-Released) Oh just what we need a groove metal death metal band. Sorry we have way too many already and those electronic drum sounds are a joke too. This is just plain awful and please if you want some real death metal go look elsewhere.

VOID OMNIA/Dying Light (Vendetta Records) Ultra fast and punishing black metal that hits hard and hits good. Thankfully this isnít just a wall of noise and the singer has a great black metal voice and he screams out the vocals like a man on his last breaths. The production is on the money and even the bass sound rules. Black metal when done right can be a destructive force and this is done right. Info: or

SAD THEORY/Vérmina Audioclastia Póstuma (Self Released) This to me was nothing special, sort of a faceless death metal band actually. They didnít suck, but were nothing to write home about neither. Itís like a group of people on a crowded bus and they are just among the people on the bus. The music is mid paced to faster death metal, but no killer hooks or songs really won me over on this. The singer was pretty good, but thatís about it. Info:

WHIPSTRIKER/Only Filth Will Prevail (Unholy Anarchy Recs) Now this is what the doctor ordered. A complete lay me to waste slab of Venom inspired old school black metal that beat me into oblivion. Riffs from hell itself and vocals that would make Cronos proud you better believe it. Riffs that have you headbanging in seconds I can assure you of that. Production is total old school and it just rules. This is a fantastic must have release. Info: or

PIT OF CARNAGE/The Rise Of The Fallen King (CDN Records) This is not technical death metal as all it is, is Cannibal Corpse Jr. and the vocals are a total joke as is the music. This band should go into a hole and never come out. Shitty, crappy death metal at its worst. Info:

ANATA/The Infernal Depths of Hatred (Kaotoxin Records) This originally came out in 1993 and now is being released on vinyl only by this label. This was some kick ass death metal in the Morbid Angel vein. Most of the death metal bands in the 90ís were just faceless with a few exceptions here and there. The band play fast and furious death metal and the tunes are pretty good and are better than some of the so called death metal bands these days. This did get better as I listened to it and the singer has a strong voice and the guitar riffing and blast beats will easily win you over. Well worth checking out. Info:

IRON FIRE/Among the Dead (Crime Records) I would call this a happy metal release and thanks to Laurent from Snakepit for the term. This is limp wristed rock/metal with some terrible vocals. I was not into this at all as the songs pretty much sucked and were limp like a bad date with a girl. Nothing of value on this I am afraid. Info:

MARK J. BRENNISER/Turn The Screws (Self Released) This was a thrash metal release and a not so good one. The double bass drums were too high in the mix and the singer is pretty bad too as he has no power or emotion while singing the songs. There is no killer hook or riffs like say Blessed Death of Whiplash just to name two bands. The songs were just kind of there and just played on and didnít do a thing for me. There was no crushing power on this and was just kind of limp. Info:

DGM/The Passage (Frontiers Music) This is some decent progressive metal, but the band sounds a ton like Dream Theatre and that hurts them in the long run. Hell not just the music, but the vocals too and this is like ĎImages and WordsĒ part 2 no doubt and that is one of my favorite albums, but I donít need a copycat band. If you love Dream Theatre this is your band.

WHIPSTRIKER/Seven Inches Of Hell (Folter Records) This is a compilation of all the bands 7Ē releases over the years and if your like your metal in the vein of Motorhead meeting Venom in a back alley, then youíll love this band. Just a totally raw, ripping sound with vocals from hell. Those riffs and guitar sound just shred me in half and I love the intensity and power this band have and it like a trip back to the good ole days when you hear this. A must have for any old school fan. Info:

HEXENSLAUGHT/Demo I (Invictus Productions) This is a debut demo of this band and well it fuckin sucks. The production is so awful it isnít funny. The singer ha ha what a joke he is. You canít even hear him and this seems like it was done to be so underground like early demo bands. Well it doesnít work because you guys have terrible songs and a singer whose voice is so buried in the mix and I am sorry we are not in 1987 anymore so please try to make something a bit more worthwhile. Total garbage. Info:

MESSINA/Terrortory (Divebomb Records) I have no idea where Divebomb Records finds these bands but they have another absolute winner here. This band came out in the early 80s and they play bone crushing thrash metal that had my head moving in seconds. Oh my god those crunchy real thrash metal riffs owned me big time. I have not even heard of this band at all back in the day, but I am sure glad Divebomb found em. The singer has a great voice and this is 2 cds worth of material! The band used to be called Assassin, but changed their name for obvious reasons. This is a pure thrash metal fans dream and this is no jump around wimpy shit neither. This is thrash metal played the right way and that guitar crunch kills. You get all the bands demos and live stuff and pretty much 2 discs of thrash metal and the band is also back together! I just hope they donít play happy metal and keep the style they have on these discs. Divebomb you blow me away again. Info:

RUIN/Spread Plague Hell (Self Released) A total old school pounding death metal attack. Vocals reminded me of Ross from Immolation at times as the singer growls out the lyrics like a man possessed. The music is a mix of Autopsy like riffs and then blasts into hyper speed that had my playing air drums. The thick guitar sound is totally unholy and this is the way death metal needs to sound not like a bunch of the other crap that goes by death metal these days. Total early 90ís sounding death metal and this totally kills and rules trust me. Info:

PAGANIZER/On the Outskirts of Hades (Transcending Obscurity Records) Boring lets sound like Dismember and Entombed clones that I have heard a million times before. Info:

MINOTAUR HEAD/Minotaur Head (War Anthem Records) Some mind crushing doom metal that did not bore me. Vocals that are not just a bunch of noise and actually his voice fits the music quite well. This would not be out of play on any early Sabbath record for sure. The songs have catchy riffs and head my head banging right along with the tunes. Really solid doom metal band here. Info:

VERBERIS/Vexamen CD/2LP/TAPE (Iron Bonehead) Some decent black metal. The music was kind of cool, but the vocals didnít do it for me as I thought they were weak and uninspiring. Satan wouldnít like them you can bet on that. The music is fast rip roaring black metal like in the old days and it rips and shreds. Check em out. Info:

MY FUNERAL/Harder Than Life (Via Nocturna) This like that happy gallop like thrash metal with clean vocals that I hate. Not my style of thrash at all and it is pretty much complete garbage.

FETAL AUTOPSY/Backwoods Bloodshed (Meathook Records) Typical low tuned death metal with low vocals. Sorry while this was ok, it has been to death and then some and there is nothing of value on this at all. Info:

DEATHCULT/Beasts of Faith (Invictus Productions) Now this is death metal played the right way. Thick, pulverizing, catchy riffs that forced my neck into submission. Speed and intensity to match and vocals from hell. The production is great too and everything just flows perfectly on this. One of the best death metal releases of the year no doubt and this will put a hurt on you I assure you. Info:

ABOMINANT/Napalm Reign (Deathgasm) I never even knew this band was still around and lo and behold this band releases a new release and it is a solid piece of fast and fury death metal that will please any death metal fan. Vicious vocals that as sung like a man on his last breaths and the music is pulsating and fast and has tons of catchy riffs to boot. This is death metal the way it was meant to be played and no groove or any stupid stuff with this band. No violins or clean vocals or any of that garbage. This kicks ass. Info:

COSCRATH/Coscradh (Invictus Productions) Raw pounding black metal that totally will rip your heart out. This just has that wicked old school sound and this will leave you breathless and punish you into submission. The fast pounding music will totally own you and the vocals just floored me as they fit the music perfectly too. The sound this bands get totally rules as well as they just great a mood that any real fan of black metal will love. Forget the wimps and weak mind bands this is the real deal. Info:

KYY/Beyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond Death (Saturnal) Boring and awful black metal that about put me to sleep. This was terrible with nothing good about it at all. Info:

AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR/Monster Decay (Carnal Records) 4 tracks of some old school death metal that was pleasing to my ears. Riffs that will have your head banging and vocals that are the way death metal should sound. I like the older, almost demo sounding production too. Easily one of the better death metal bands around these days. Info:
CRUCIFIED MORTALS/Psalms of the Dead Choir (Hells Headbangers) This band is back and what a massive incredible release it is. Bone crushing riffs and vocals to die for fill the airwaves as this plays on. Vocals sort of remind me of King from Deceased, which is not nearly a bad thing. The music is a like a combo of thrash and death metal and it is just so damn catchy it is not funny. The band also have their own sound and trust me this will easily have you smiling from the 1st note to the last. Total destruction my friends. You can sample a track below too. Info:

WREAK/The Pursuit Of Peace Through Excessive Violence (Self Release) This wasnít bad, but I was not a fan of the screeching vocals as my ears liked the more growly death metal vocals. The music leaned more in the thrash vein and had some solid riffing and the production was good on this too. The band doesnít sound like a million other bands as well, which helps them as well. Overall I give this a horns up. Info:

HOLLOWAY/The Feeble Hearts Of Man (Self Released) This reminded me of Dream Theatre at times, which in my book isnít a bad thing. Solid, heavy riffing with some great vocals. The songs are catchy and unlike a bunch of other progressive bands they songs are catchy and donít go over my head. The production is good and I am surprised a label has not snatched these guys up. Info:

HALUN/Via Nex Via Dolere Via Tenebrae (Sky Panacea Enterprise) Some weird death metal that took a few listens to grasp and get into. The band arenít just letís blast a million miles an hour type of band. The band set a mood within their music and it is almost doom like at times and the keyboard parts worked with me. Now I didnít like the female singing, but this is an older release and there have been some member changes from what I understand. This is different and will take a few listens to get into so give em a listen and see if you like. Info: or

DEGENERATE/2016 Demo (Self Released) This to me was below average thrash metal with songs that werenít catchy and have a lot of that dancy happy thrash sound. The tunes just played on and I wasnít excited about any of this at all. Nothing made me want to bang my head or play air guitar. Maybe next time. Info:
[email protected]

HERMAN MARTINEZ/Solopsi Rad 10 (Self Released) This is some really cool moody, haunting music. Now it is not underground metal, but wow what a mood this guy sets with his music and especially the guitar sound. His voice isnít bad neither. It is hard to describe it is sort of like a spaced out Pink Floyd if you can believe that. Some very spacey music on this and very cool moody music that I enjoyed too. Info:
[email protected]

ENDLESS VOID/Apparitions (Self Released) James is back with another release and this is better than the last one I got. His vocals are good and the music is just chock full of chunky almost thrash like riffs. The production is good and this is just all and out solid no frills heavy metal with no groove crap or tough guy vocals. If you enjoy metal here ya go. Info:
[email protected]

AEPHANEMER/Memento Mori (Primeval Records) Wow this was a really cool band. When I saw melodic death metal I wasnít expecting much, but this was a solid release. Cool tunes with some nice singing and a wicked guitar sound and they also donít sound like a million other bands which I liked a lot. You will be nodding to the tunes in no time and yes they are more in the melodic vein, but who cares at least they arenít some generic death metal band. Very surprising and very good release by this band. Info:

IAN TOOMEY/Masters Of Light (Treble Three) This is the guitar player of Bitches Sin and wow what a fuckin rock/metal release this is. From the 1st note to the last you will have that fist up in the air I assure you. This is just plain ass kickin rock n roll the way it used to sound back in the 80ís and now it is sounding that way in 2016. Bands these days have all that crappy groove or happy riffing in their music and this doesnít and I know it wouldnít and this sure does not disappoint. The production from Chris Tsangarides is right on the money and the vocals are perfect like a tight pair of pants and if you like classic rock n roll and by that I mean real classic rock n roll this is a music have. Info: and

KAUZ OF AFFLICTION/Soultaker (Self Released) The songs on this just kinda dragged and didnít do a thing for me. There was no killer riffs or anything that would make me want to go crazy or just basically even do anything. They just plodded along with no direction or meaning. Nothing excited me on this disc I am afraid. Info:

BRUTALLY DECEASED/Satanic Corpse CD (Doomentia) While this is well played death metal it sounds like a million other bands I have heard over the past 25 years and bored me song # 2. Just another sound like Entombed band. Info:

Vorvan/Once Love Was Lost (WOOAAARGH/Darkened Days) Typical jump metal with the tough guy vocals. Total garbage.

BLACK WITCHERY/Evil Shall Prevail (Nuclear War Now! Productions) This has got this bandís early stuff on it, like there 1997 and 98 demos, a split LP, and some other goodies. Now for black metal this is one of the best bands I have heard over the years. To me when you play black metal a lot of it is about feeling and mood and this band has both. There is nothing generic about them at all and even with these early recordings I can sense and hear it. Just bone crushing and raw as fuck black metal that hits hard and hits fast. The riffing and speed is off the charts and satan seems to be spewing out the sounds on the mic. This is one black metal band that has slayed me over the years and if youíre a fan check this out youíll love it. Info:

DARKCRYPT/Delirious Excursion (Transcending Obscurity) I found nothing of value on this. The songs just plodded along and the songs were not catchy and the singer was terrible and he was an awful attempt of trying to be a death metal singer. The songs were weak and no power to them at all. Info:

PETER GRUSEL UND DIE UNHEIMLICHEN/Peter Grusel und die Unheimlichen (Kernkraftritter Records) More garbage thrash metal with a hint of death metal. You get all kinds of happy riffs and awful vocals to boot. Avoid.
WITCHTRAP/Trap the Witch (Hells Headbangers) Ah now here we go, a wicked slab of early sounding thrash metal that totally ruled. This band reminded me of Razor and early Kreator at times and also throw in some Motorhead at times. Riffs that will have your head and neck moving or air guitar big time. Christ I thought I was back in 1985 again ha ha. This is a great release and well worth checking out and bang thy head motherfuckers. Info:

LECTERN/Precept of Delator (Via Nocturna) I loved the music on this as it was classic balls to the ball death metal with fast moving riffs and I loved the drummer as he smashes and bashes with speed. The vocals werenít so great and I was not a fan of the different kind of vocal styles as he goes sort of low in spots and then in others he goes for that lower than low stuff. I mean he wasnít that bad and the music is unholy on this and totally rips and crushes big time. I bet some wonít mind the vocals neither.

SCORTHRED/Echoes of Dismemberment (Unspeakable Axe Records) While this isnít original by any means (think deathís leprosy release) this totally kicked my ass. Bone crushing riffs and intense speed and catchy tunes to boot. Vocals that werenít super low and were sung with feeling and conviction and this band plays death metal the way it should be. No outside influences, just straight down the middle go for the throat death metal that does go for the throat and will rip your skull to pieces. Perfect production and everything sounds perfect and this is the perfect soundtrack to a horror film. Info:
HERE STANDS A HERO/Hollow Hearts (Self Released) I hated this. Melodic death metal with almost happy riffs and semi tough guy vocals. No crushing riffs or speed at all or anything basically that had me wanting to stand up and shout (hi dio). The tunes were flat as a pancake and I fount nothing on this of value.

OVLIVION/Cyclogenesis (Divebomb Records) God when I got this 2 cd set in the mail I felt like a kid in a candy store. I used to write to this band way back in the day and even wrote a few reviews about them in my paper zine. I had no idea they had 6 demos though and Divebomb has put them all together in an unholy package. Oblivion was a crushing NJ thrash band and played old school thrash no far removed from bands like Overkill and Whiplash to name a few. There are 3 demos on disc # 1 are all 3 demos are hard hitting thrash with tons of wicked riffing that will have you neck moving if you dig the sound of 80ís thrash trust me. Now we move onto cd # 2 and this has the bands first 3 demos and all I have to say is how this band didnít get signed back in the day is a mystery to me. Now look not every song on 35 lovely piece of work is a ten out of 10, but this band delivered all an out pure thrash metal that would have snapped necks back in the day if they had been signed. This band never strayed away from their thrash metal sounds over the course of these 6 demos and never got mote melodic or strayed down the path of Metallica and other bands of that nature. Highly recommended and check em out for sure. Info: or