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New Reviews - 10/16/03

ZOLOFT/Smile (At a Loss Recordings) Typical mosh core nu-metal type of music.
The band is doing nothing new that hasn't been done by a million other bands
doing this style. Info:

THE HIDDEN HAND/Divine Propaganda (Meteor City) A very good doom metal band
with tons of killer hooks and vocals. Sort of reminds me of older Soundgarden
at times and St. Vitus. Vocals are powerful and git the music quite well.

HELLWITCH/Final Approach (Progressive Arts Music) 19 tracks of all the old
killer Hellwitch material from the mid 80's and early 90's. The material still
sounds as fresh and as good as it did many moons ago. Hellwitch blasting
speed/death metal that total crushed back in the day. The production on some of the
stuff is raw, but who fuckin cares and this material is head and shoulders
above what most bands are doing today. Glad to see a release like this see the
light of day. Info:

BATTLEORE/Sword's Song (Naplam)  This is a melodic metal band sort of like
newer Paradise Lost in spots with better songs. I am not a big fan of the female
vocals, but that is just me. If your into melodic metal with plenty of melody
and keyboards you will enjoy this. Info:

SIEGFRIED/Eisewinter (Naplam) This is similiar to the above band though this
is a little more harder edged and heavier in spots. The band play melodic
metal with a bit of goth here and there. For this style the band is doing it is
really good, though I am not a big fan of these types of bands. Info:

NEUROPATHIA/Graveyard Cowboys (Selfmadegod Records) Fast blazing grind/death
metal that wasn't bad at all. The band do use those low gutteral voclas at
times, but not enough to take away from the music. The songs are short bursts of
speedy tracks with a solid production and playing for what the band is doing.
Vocals are most screamed, volitol style which I liked. A good release worth
picking up if your into the grind style. Info:

DIVINE RAPTURE/The Burning Passion (Listenable) This band has come a long way
since the days when they were just a run of the mill death metal band. The
band has grown into a powerful force with this release. Head pouding riffs with
some of the most vicious riffing and heart pounding drum parts. The band are a
mix of Immolation/Morbid Angel and just pure brutality. One of the top
releases of 2003 for sure. Pure death metal the way it was meant to be played. Info:

CRADLE TO GRAVE/Lifespan Sessions-5 tunes of thrash metal with gruff vocals.
The music is raw, mostly mid-paced thrash metal sort of reminding me of demos
I used to get back in the 80's. This is cool in the sense that the band is not
doing anything trendy and they are playing music they want to play. This is a
promising band I look forward to hearing more material. Info:

VIRGIN BLACK/Elegant & Dying (The End) Boring doom metal with female voclas
that about put me to sleep. Info:

THE KILLING/What Is Yet To Come-This is modern death metal with plenty of
groove riffs and the blast beats and the low vocals. However, the band can write
some very good songs and this is better than 98% of the so called nu metal
bands. The production is right on the money and if your into the newer style of
death metal this is about as good as it gets. Info:

ZYKLON/Aeon (Candlelight USA) 9 tracks of blistering 100% pounding black
metal of the highest order. This is not weak nor trendy. Face smashing track after
track of pounding death metal the way it should be played. Think At The Gates
meets Immolation. A masterpirce of quality death metal not to be missed.

GRIMFIST/Ghouls Of Grandeur (Candlelight USA) This band features members of
Immortal and Deride and they play a nice mix of death/black metal with a touch
of thrash that sounds nothing like the 2 bands they are in. This is more in
the vein of brutal old style death metal sort of the Swedish death metal style
mixed in with some like older Pestilence I would say. A great production as
well. Hope there is a 2nd release to follow this one. Info:

INHUME/In For The Kill (Osmose) This totally reminded me of Autopsy. From the
vocals to the music. The band don't play as many slow parts and are mostly
just fast. Sick lyrics from what I can make out and from the song titles. If
your into Autopsy you'll love this. Info:

DIVINE:DECAY/Same (Osmose) Killer band we have here. Sort of like Voivod
playing thrash to my ears. The music is crisp and the riffs kill. They will have
you banging your head in no time. The vocals I guess sort of remind me of
Voivod. If your into old school thrash then you will love this cd as I did. A must
pick up. Info:

PISSING RAZORS/Evolution (Spitfire) Modern groove metal with those tough guy
vocals. While I'm not a fan at all of these types of groups, I have to admit
this band does the style much better than most. There is actually some quality
to the songs and I like some of the vocal patterns. If your into the newer
style of metal then forget the other generic crap and get this. Info:

HATEPULSE/In Extenso Letalis (Rage Of Achilles) 5 tracks of black metal meets
Celtic Frost. The music is mostly blazing fast black metal with the old man
dying vocals, which works here. The production ir raw, but basic. This was a
very solid release and I am looking forward to hearing more from this band. Info:

NIGHTFALL/I Am Jesus (Black Lotus) I interviewed these guys quite a bit ago
and I am glad to see they are still around and kicking. The band aren't as
death metalish as I rememebr them, but they now concentrate more of riffs and
feeling. The 1st track, what I fuckin riff and the vocals slay. The band still
have that black metal sound, but played with more feeling, more passion. Trust me
this is one cd you must own. Info:

DEJECT/As Our Days Come To Pass-Decent death metal that reminds me a lot of
all those over seas bands. The music is mostly fast, but not hyber blast fast
with some slower parts thrown in here and there. The vocals are decent growls
of death. Production is solid as well. Really can't think of anything else to
say except a solid job. Info:
[email protected]

HAVOCHATE/This Violent Earth (Root Of All Evil) Decent thrash metal with some
bits of older power metal mixed in a well. The band write standard metal with
plenty of power and hooks and some solid vocals make this a treat for any
80's fan of real metal. The production is on the moeny and I am glad to see there
are still some bands around that know how to play metal. Info;

THE SEVENTH GATE/Cheap Sex & Painkillers (Satan Rock Records) Bad death metal
with low vocals and even lower ones with no quality to the songs. They just
plod along with no sense of direction at all. The band play that nu metal
groove style with the Long Island death metal sound. Generic as they come. Info:

SHRINE OF SCARS/Violence Is The Answer (Disfigured Records) A crippling
display of some crippling like thrash metal with some death metal elements. Imagine
Dark Angel playing death metal. The band can write some brutal, but catchy as
fuck riffs and the vocals are strong and this is just one solid release of
underground metal. Info:

 S.O.S./Split (No Face Records) This is a split 12" that I got on cdr.
Conquest of Steel aplay ok death metal as this is a repressing of the bands 89 demo.
The band play Swedish style death metal. Evanesce are fuckin killer, playing
total all out metal with a dose of pure power. Sort of like Manowar in spots I
guess. I am going to find out more about this band for sure. This is a very
good split 12" and below is the addy where you can find out if any are still
left. Info:

ALLEGIANCE/Hymns Of Blod (WWIII) This was ok. This is another death/black
metal band that plays blazing fast and sometimes slows it down with vocals that
are typical for this sryle. The band is doing nothing new that you have not
heard from other bands over the years. Average. Info:

KILFAST/Tragedy Essential (Epoxy And Duct Tape) This is groove metal stuff
with a touch of the industrial to it at times. While I am not into this style of
death metal at all, this band does it better than most. The vocals are at
least not that gutteral crap. Info:

TOPSYTURV/Same-3 boring tracks of I don't what you call it. The 1st song was
a piano for 3 minutes before I forwarded it and #2 was spoken words and #3
actually had some music. Crappy electronic music with awful vocals. This is def
not for me. Info:
[email protected]

MANEGARM/Dodsfard (Displeased) This was a pretty cool band. The band play
Viking metal (whatever that is) and it is fairly brutal, but the band play with
passion and some melody and they pack quite a wallop. The production lets the
music stand on it's own and this is 11 tracks of can't miss metal. Info:

EVISCIUM/2002 DEMO-3 traqcks of Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation type of death
metal with those low gutteral vocals. This could be any band that is on United
Gurrenal Recirds. Same ole heard it all before band. Info:

LEGACY/Legacy (Chavis) 11 kick ass straight ahead metal tunes sort of like
Dio in vein. The band write solid tunes with plenty of hooks and melodic vocals.
The music is not wimpy at all and if your  the vocals totally rule as does
this band. Info:

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY/Judeobeast Assassination (Moribund) I have liked the band
back even when they were putting out demos. This also features my friend Cazz
of Crucifier another killer death/black metal band from PA. 8 crushing tracks
of some of the most lethal, file, pure filth black metal my ears have ever
heard. This is punishing, raw and 100% non trendy black metal. Great riffs, and
the vocals simply slay all. A truly awesome release that muct be heard and
brought. Info:

FORNICATOR/Same (Moribund) 28 tracks of death/grind metal sort of like gods
Autopsy and Impetigo in spots. The lyrics are total gore lyrics and some of the
song titles are totally hilarious. Tortured Whore, Beaten Black and Blue,
etc. Info:

LUCIFERION/The Aposate (Lisenable) This band returns after a long time away
and what a return it is. A blazing slash of some prime death metal with a touch
of death metal. Also as a added bonus you get the bands 1994 demo and a
crushing cover of Celtic Frost's "Circle of the Tyrant" This shit is fast and fast.
The drummer punds those drums into oblivion and along with some very
aggresive, killer death metal vocals, make this a underground lvoer's delight. Picki
this up. Info:

WEHRWOLFE/Godless We Stand (Magick) Fast hearting pouding death metal in the
vein of Decide and Morbid Angel. Great riffing and vocals as well as a stand
out production. The drummer slays as riff after relentless riff is layed down.
I have never heard of this band, but this surely packs the wallop of a 45
magnum gun. Info:

PANDEMONIUM/Same (JCM Records) This is a really neat band. Sort of like Dream
Theatre if they played death metal. The tunes are solid numbers that had my
neck moving and the playing is top notch. The keyboards fit the style and the
songs are all just plain killer. If I started a lable I know I would love to
have a band like this on my roster. Worth seeking out. Info:

DESDEMONA/Supernova (Metal Mind) I am totally in love with this band.
Excellent songs, godly freat female vocals and the songs just ozze passion and
emotion. This reminds me a lot of local gods Sapphic Ode from the vocals to the
songs. The songs are heavy, but not death metal. Just emotion metal with a total
edge to them. A masterpiece of a band for sure. Info:

BRIGHT OPHIDIA/Coma (Metal Mind) This is sort of a weird band to describe.
The band play sort of thrash metal but with not like thrashy riffing thrash. It
is sort of like Atrophy in spots. The vocals are of the gruff style, but they
fit the music here. A very wicked cool band. Info:

ANAL STENCH/Stench Like Six Demons (Metal Mind) Death metal in vein of bands
like Hate Eternal and Krisiun. The band play super fast and they didn't click
with me too much as they sound like too many other death metal bands and are
just rehashing stuff that has been done to death. Info:

SOLACE IN THE SHADOWS/Same-This is a wicked combo of death/black metal. The
band blast through 8 heart pounding tunes of death/black with some hellish
vocals to boot. The music is fast, pounding and unrelenting. This is the way solid
good death metal should be played. The vocals are a joy to hear as they are
killer death/black metal. This band deserved to be signed they are that good.

IMPALED NAZARENE/All That You Fear (Osmose) This veteran band return with
another cyber metal pounding offering. The band blaze through track after track
of metal as only this band know how. This band show no compromise after 8
releases and this is no exception. Mika's dying vocals sound as good and as crisp
as ever. Info:

DEATH MACHINE/Same (Sensory) This is a groove metal band with those rough
gruff vocals that a ton of other bands use. This is sort of like Fear Factory in
a lot of ways. I just couldn't get into it as they sound like too many other
bands doing the same exact style right down to the vocals. Info:

KATOPSIA/The Defiled-Same ole run of the mill death metal wiht the gruff and
the lower than low vocals with death metal groove. I hate bands like this as
they are a dime a dozen. Info:

INFECTING THE SOUL/Same-Decent death metal that reminds me of Naplam Death at
times. The band has the ckops down and the vocals are good, solid death metal
vocals. The riffs will make the head bang, but they also can blast into some
speed too. Production is good and I do like the wicked guitar sound the band
has got. The band is onto something and it would surprise me to see them get
signed. Info:

THE DESTROYED/Outta Control-This band has reformed after 25 years or so. This
is basic punk music that I really could not get into much. The vocals are
just the weak part for me. The guy sings, but his vocals and the music both just
suck. The music is so basic and just goes nowhere. Sorry, but I could not get
into this at all. Info:

PLACE OF SKULLS/With Vision (Southern Lord) This is simply hands down one of
the best doom metal releases I have ever heard. This band features Victor
Griffin of Virginia based Pentagram and on the this, the bands 2nd release they
have Scott Wino of the cult band St. Vitus on vocals. The band churn out heavy,
crushing riffs along with some solid vocals and the msuic is never boring or
tiresome. The production is thick and the guitar sound is unreal. Doom metal
can't get any better than this. Info: