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ACOITE/Same (Helldprod) This is some mid’s old school thrash/death metal and the production sounds like a demo of all things ha. I’m not complaining neither. The music is fast and furious. The vocals sound like Mille from Kreator and the music is like the “Endless Pain” album from Kreator as well. T he band slow it down every now and then, but for the most part this is a million miles an hour all out speed assault on your ears baby. For those who crave the really golden era of the underground scene, this band will take you back. Info:


WILDROADS/No routine lovers (Volcano Records) A pure straight up rock/metal that writes and plays well crafted memorable tunes with a total kick ass singer. None of this nu metal or new rock tunes, this is just plain ass ass kickin rock n roll baby. The songs are very catchy and the riffs will have you playing air guitar and the singer fits the band like a girl in tight spandex pants ha ha. He has a fantastic voice and he sings the songs with much passion and this band just rocks. Info:


SKELATOR/Cyber Metal (Gates of Hell Records) This is a fast power metal band sort of what Agent Steel were, but not on their debut release. I just don’t like the clean vocals of the singer as they kinda get on my nerves at times and the music on this wasn’t so hot neither as it just sounds like a poor man’s Hammerfall. Just kinda bored me. Info:


IMPERATOR/The Time Before Time (Nuclear War Now! Productions) The music is all over the place on this and the singer is terrible and this makes for a very bad release. The singer trys, but I was not impressed with his vocal delivery and the music was just a mish mash of like nothing. Nothing memorable, no catchy riffs or tunes at all. Just that a waste. Info:

Sample track:


Label info:


BLAZON STONE/Hymns of Triumph and Death (Stormspell Records) Total classic speed/power metal with TONS of classic, catchy as hell riffs and a singer who packs quite a punch to boot. The riffs are total headbanger type of riffs that are catchy as hell along with a singer who totally fits the bill. His voice sucks you in and keeps you there throughout and this is the band’s 5th album, well they should be proud as this totally kicks ass. Info:


DARKTHRONE/Old Star (Peaceville) If you know anything about the underground you have heard these guys obviously. I have not heard all this band’s music, but I did like “A Blaze in the Northern Sky”. This new release is quite good and has a lot of old Celtic Frost within the music. Just that heavy done like sound like on “Morbid Tales”. This I would say is more death/doom metal than black metal and that was fine by my ears. The songs are total catchy and the vocals are great as well. You want Sabbath/Celtic Frost, get this. One of the best albums of the year. Info:


MARTYRIUM/Children Scream For Mercy (Australis Records) Wicked, fast, hard hitting thrash metal, with plenty of lighting like thrash riffs and speed to boot. No nu metal singing or riffs and no tough guy vocals neither. When it comes to music, especially thrash, I need a hook and this release does. Just lots of catchy riffs and air guitar time on this big time. Production is good and solid and this is some cool thrash. Info:



UNGFELL/Tôtbringære (Re-Release) (Eisenwald Records) Why someone would want to re-release this piece of shit release is beyond me. Tin can drumming, worthless vocals and horrible, generic black metal is what you get on this. The songs are totally worthless and the singer is beyond bad. For black metal this is as bad as I’ve heard it. Info:

NOCTURNES MIST/Marquis Of Hell (Seance Records) Decent melodic black that didn’t sound like a wall of noise and the singer did a decent job as well and didn’t sound like he was going through the motions. The music is mostly fast paced, but not a wall of noise and actually makes sense at times. This didn’t crush all out for a black metal band, but I have heard a lot worse this year so this gets a slight horns up from me. Info:


SUPERSTITION/The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation (20 Buck Spin) A total old school death metal assault with bits and pieces of black metal thrown in the mix. The singer has a quite solid death metal vocal style and the music is mostly fast and powerful and just has that old school feel to it. No Cannibal Corpse Jr. on this release. Just in your face death metal the way it should be. Info:


DEFIXIONTabella Defixionis (Xtreem Music) Some of this I liked and some I didn’t like. The music is solid straight forward, no nonsense death metal with pounding, brutal death metal riffs and speed. The music is both fast and mid=paced, which was find by me. I didn’t like some of the Suffocation, Broken Hope style of riffinf at times, as I am not a fan of either of those bands. The singer was good as well and he sings the tunes with heart and soul. For the most part this band delivers the goods. Info: english.item.index.php?&id= 20366


CARNAL TOMB/Abhorrent Veneration (Testimony Records) This is isn’t bad, but it is just typical death metal with a mix of slow doom like riffs and speedy parts mixed in with a good singer who does a good job with the death metal vocals. The production is good, but this is nothing special in my book. Sample Track via You Tube:


Label info:


CATALYST/The Great Purpose of the Lords (Great Dane Records) All this is, is flashy guitar work to go with a boring death metal band. The songs are not strong at all and to me are just not catchy whatsoever and the singer is nothing to write home about. I need something to catch my ear and this doesn’t at all. Info:

WINTERWOLF/Lycanthropic Metal of Death (Svart Records) A 10th rate bad Swedish death metal style band. The riffs and music are terrible along with an awful singer. The music has no substance and is not cathy at all and to make matters even worse the guitar is buried in the mix. Avoid. Info:


CONCRETE WINDS/Primitive Force (Sepulchral Voice) Punishing old school death metal with bits and pieces of black metal thrown in the mix. This doesn’t let go and will punish you till the last note. Out of control vocals that has a guy screaming his heart out like a man possessed. I love the guitar sound and this is just played with such feeling and power that I am totally impressed. Great release. Info:


Sample track:


More info:


BONES/Diseased (Transcending Obscurity Records) Standard death metal that to me was really nothing special. The band play straight forward death metal, but the songs didn’t impress me and they didn’t leave any kind of lasting impression. The songs were catchy nor memorable to my ears. The singer is good, but the music was just so so. Info:


REPENT/Condemned To Fail (High Roller Records) Horrible groove thrash metal with some terrible vocals. It’s like a bad version of an attempt at death metal vocals. The music is very bad on this and offers nothing of value at all. Please pass on this everyone. Info:


BASTARD GRAVE/Diorama Of Human Suffering (Pulverised Records) Low tunes down death metal with some Autopsy like riffs and good solid vocals to back up the music. The slow parts are not like doom metal, but are just slower with some fast guitar riffing. The band also speed it up and when they do it crushes. While this is not original, this is pounding death metal that gets the job done. Info:


The Aristocrats/You Know What...? (BOING Music, LLC) A weird as hell band here as they mix elements of rock, jazz, a bit of funk and like early 70’s rock in the mix and the guitar sound is off the charts. The only thing I was not a fan of was the lack of vocals on this. Otherwise the band takes you on a plane ride that goes up and down and to left to right and in all sorts of directions. If your into something different and are sick of the same ole thing, this is your band. Info:


HAGZISSA/They Ride Along (Iron Bonehead) Horrible black metal with a terrible singer and music that is pointless and a total waste of time. The band just offers no value and the songs suck and are a complete nothing. Avoid. Info:

Sample track:


Label info:


GRAHAM BONNET BAND/Live In Tokyo 2017 (Frontiers Music s.r.l) This is a 17 song affair with songs from Rainbow, MSG, Impellitteri, and Bonnet solo tunes. Bonnet sounds great on vocals as done the band backing him. The tunes all kick ass and this is just big time solid classic rock n roll like it was back in the good ole days and not this crap that passes for rock these days. Well worth checking out and this is also available on DVD as well as CD. Info:

BLOODFIEND/Evil mass of putrid decay (Visceral Circuitry Records) Some decent old school death metal with some putrid vocals attached. The production is raw as hell kinda like an 80’s demo style death metal band. The music is mostly fast, but the band take breaks here and there. You can listen to this whole tape at:


ABOMINISM/Same (Black Market Label) Horrible, boring black metal with no classic sounding tunes that go nowhere fast. There is nothing memorable about any of these tunes and they just flow with a complete nothingness about them. The singer has a typical black metal voice and when you add forgettable music to it, you come up with an empty handed release. Info:



STRAPPADO/Exigit Sincerae Devotionis Affectus (Comatose Music) No this is not the Canada band. This band play death metal in the vein of Suffocation and bands such as that. The music actually isn’t half bad, but the cup the mic, low vocals are terrible. The music of course is blasting fast with a few breaks inbetween. What makes this good to me is the songs are somewhat catchy and the production is really good and that guitar sound I like as well. If you crave bands like Suffocation then you will do back flips over this. Info:


SLUTVOMIT/Copulation of Cloven Hooves (Incictus Productions) This isn’t bad, but it is same ole heard it a million times back metal before with bits and traces of death metal thrown in the mix. The music is standard death/black metal with a black metal singer. The music is just kinda there and doesn’t do much for me, but it also doesn’t suck neither. The production is fairly good and allows everything to be heard. Here is a sample track to check out:


Label info:


Iron Blood & Death Corp SUGGILLATION/Revenge of the Monarch, the Kingdoom Cult (Iron Blood & Death Corp) Terrible death metal that goes nowhere fast. The songs are plain wasteful as are the vocals. Nothing memorable or catchy on this I can tell you that. This is as bad as it gets I can tell you that. Info:


HAVENS/On The Verge Of Collapse (Self Released) Oh this is one of the worst bands I have heard this year. A poor mans attempt at black metal with those fast pick riffing with tired, dead man vocals. Oh did the songs poor me to tears and there is nothing memorable on this at all. Band needs to go back to the drawing board and write better songs. Info:


VOKONIS/Grasping Time (The Sign Records) Nothing stood out on this as it to me was just boring rock/metal with a horrible singer who voice is buried in the mix. The songs offer nothing of value and nothing catchy, good, or memorable on this. Info:


CONCRETE WINDS/Primitive Force (Sepulchral Voice) While not original black metal at all, this is out of control and wild. Fast, crushing black metal with great black metal vocals and good, solid music to back it up. The music is catchy and memorable for black metal and the production is kick ass as well. I love the guitar sound this band gets and the music is not a wall of noise as is the way black metal should sound to my ears. Worth checking out. Info:

Label info:


UNFAIR FATE/Send Us to Our Graves (Self Released) Awful attempt at thrash metal. The songs are plain boring and go nowhere and the singer is terrible. The music has no substance behind it and nothing catchy at all with these songs. They roll right along and nothing special at all on this that’s for sure. Info:


TOMB MOLD/Planetary Clairvoyance (20 Buck Spin) This is death metal the way it should be. Heavy as fuck riffs and not a wall of noise and awesome death metal style vocals that totally fit the music. The music has a bit of doom in the mix, but this is straight ahead old school death metal at its finest. Think Autopsy meets Incantation, but with way more Incantation in the mix. The production is great and that guitar sound is on fire. Check these guys out. Info:


PLANET GRAVEYARD/Mighty Master (Self Released) This is this band’s 3rd release and it isn’t bad at all. It is a mix of metal and rock with a weird, but cool singer, who really gets into singing the songs. The band is very original too and doesn’t sound like a million other bands, which to me is also a good thing. This band just sucks you in and doesn’t let you go. Sort of like Soundgarden in spots I’d say. This band does it again. Info:


CURSE OF DENIAL/Coming For Your Soul (Redefining Darkness Records) Found nothing special on this at all. Average at best death metal with no songs that stood out or make me stand up and take notice. The singer isn’t bad, but the music leaves a lot to be desired. Just nothing is catchy to my ears and the music just goes by with no purpose. Nothing of value on this I’m afraid.


CRO-MAGS/Don't Give In (Victory Records) The Cromags are back with 3 new tunes and Harvey Flanagan on bass/vocals and Rocky George from Suicidal Tendencies within the ranks. This sounds are fresh and yesteryear. This totally kills. The tunes are total crossover with plenty of punch behind it and plenty of speed and power. Flanagan sounds great on vocals and the music is not far off from what The Cromags were doing back in the 80’s ha ha. I for one can’t wait to hear a full length from these guys. Info:


REIGN IN BLOOD/Missa Pro Defunctis (Iron Bonehead) Complete absolute worthless death metal with terrible songs along with a terrible singer. The songs aren’t catchy and just plod along with no direction or meaning behind them. One of the worst bands I have heard this year and you name yourselves after a godly Slayer album to boot ha ha. Info:

Sample track:


Label info:


CEREBRAL ROT/Odious Descent Into Decay (20 Buck Spin) This is far from original, but they are heavy as fuck and the songs aren’t bad. Think old Death. Autopsy, and Incantation right away. Thick, chunky riffs, with low vocals is your ticket on this. The tunes are slower almost doom like riffs and then speed up at times as well. If you like your death metal that way, then this band will be right up your alley and they were up my alley for sure. Info:


ALCOHOLOCAUST/Necro Apocalipse Bestial (Helldprod) Some decent thrash that sounds like old Kreator at times especially in the vocals. The music is a total blast of old school thrash, that if you were around in the 80’s you will love this. Razor sharp thrash riffs and plenty of speed and power behind them. Raise your iron studded fist and check out some tracks here if you don’t want to take my word:


Order info:


COME BACK FROM THE DEAD/The Rise of the Blind Ones (Transcending Obscurity Records) Decent death metal that has a mix of faster and slower stuff. The band doesn’t sound like a typical death metal band and the songs are catchy, good and fast. The singer has the standard death metal growl, but that was ok as he didn’t suck. The guitar sound is good, thick and heavy and this pure death metal all the way. Info:


SLAUGHTBBATH/Alchemical Warfare (Hells Headbangers) A total blast of old school death metal with bits and chunks of black metal. The blast beats are out of this world and the vocals come from hell itself. This band doesn’t play around. This will just pound you into submission and is not for the weak. Great production and awesome vocals and guitar sound. Think old Morbid Angel at times. This is easily one of the best bands making the rounds these days. Info:

Sample track:

Label info:


HORRIFIC DEMISE/Excruciating Extermination (Comatose Music) This wasn’t bad, but it had some of that groove Suffocation/Cannibal Corpse style of death metal that I am not a huge fan of. I will say this, for that style this is well played and the drums don’t sound like tin cans and the singer isn’t super low where you can’t understand a word he is saying and sounds like he is cupping the mic. If the 2 bands I mentioned are your thing, then check these guys out for sure. Info:


WEAPON UK/Ghosts Of War (Self Released) A total kick ass NWOBHM style group with plenty of crunch of their guitar sound and fantastic vocals as the singer really gets into what he is singing and the vocals are just so damn catchy as well. You will be playing air guitar and tapping your feet as this plays on cause I know I did big time. Info:


FATAL EMBRACE/Operation Genocide (Self Released) Wicked power/thrash it’s the ticket here. Power thrashing riffs with awesome vocals and production with plenty of power behind it. When thrash is played well and with that crunch it is deadly for me and the crunch on this rules. Prepare for the neck to have a workout my friends. Info:


EXTERMINACE/ Excursion Into Butchery (Last World Records) Old time metal fans will remember this band and this label and the band are back with 2 never been released tracks and the bands 1991 demo and a track from King Fowley’s With Your Teeth label. Exterminace play raw style death metal all the way and it will be interesting to see what they come up with in 2019. This is an old school lover’s delight so check em out. Info:


ABYSMAL LORD/Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal (Hells Headbangers) Just a pure delight of old school death/black metal that will knock you for a loop. Vocals from heel and are evil like and fit the music big time. The music is fast and packs a punch like Mike Tyson in his prime. This is also played with a ton of feeling and I just feel the hate spew out as it played. It just creeps with madness and god the singer is just wicked too. Info:

Sample track:

Label info:


TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM/Anorexia Obscura (Debemur Morti Productions) This is this band’s 2nd release and the debut came out a decade ago! This is a one man black metal band and the vocals are great, but the music is just faceless noise with some electronic parts thrown in this music and they sound out of place and worthless. This makes this release pretty bad in my opinion. Faceless black metal that has been done to death. Info:


FORMICARIUS/Rending The Veil Of Flesh! (Schwarzdorn Productions) Terrible black metal that will put just about anybody to bed. Boring songs and terrible vocals. The songs have no power behind them and are weak as any band I have heard. Info:


SKELATOR/Cyber Metal (Gates of Hell Records) Killer Judas Priest/Hammerfall style heavy metal with chunks of catchy, and heavy riffs that will have that head moving and air guitar flowing. The singer has a great set of pipes and he fits this band perfectly. Great guitar sound and production on this to boot. Like your metal heavy and pounding and in your face? Well this band fits the bill perfectly. Info:

Label info:


ALTERED STATE/Altered State (Pure Steel Records) This came out in 2012 and has 6 demo songs, plus 4 rehearsals from the early 90’s. The singer some of you might remember as Ski who sang on the debut album by Deadly Blessing. The material on this is not far off from Deadly Blessing and it is classic power metal with Ski’s soaring vocals and just kick ass music. The music is blazing US style power metal fan that hell any fan of Deadly Blessing would go bonkers over. This totally kick ass and is worth checking out I assure you. Info:


R.A.I.D/Imperium (Rottweiler Records) This band play crossover thrash and hail from India. This band just play Pantera type of thrash and by song 3 I was quite boards. I don’t need breakdown talking or riffs and the mix of tough guy vocals and then the low growls mixed in only made this worse and more generic. I’ll pass. Info:


SEPSIS/To Maken Rotten (La Caverna Records) This is a re-release of this bands 1991 demo in which only 70 copies were made. This is some wicked old school death metal that should not be missed. Great death metal style vocals and the great music to back it up. The production is raw and punishing and I love it, just that has that style that if you were around back then, you would understand. Get this if you’re a death metal fan. Info:


ORTHODOXY/Novus Lux Dominus (The Sinister Flame) Same Old, tired, generic death metal that I have heard a 1000 times. The songs are just pointless and nothing catchy about them at all and this is just pretty much worthless. Info:
Sample track:


Band info:


BYYRTH/Cold Autumn Shadows (Iron Bonehead) The music is old school thrash like Destruction with it’s guitar sound, but it is ruined by an awful singer who all he does he scream and growl into the mix with no fury or passion. He sounds terrible and just ruins this. The music is killer 80’s style German thrash and I love the guitar sound and production and just everything about it, except for one thing. You be the judge. Info:

Sample track:


Label info:


NOX IRAE/Here The Dead Live (Transcending Obscurity Records) Some pretty solid death metal here with some tasteful riffing and quality songs and a good singer on top of it. The music is a mix of fast and mid paced parts and the tunes are quite catchy and I was digging the speed parts and playing air guitar along to this. The band also don’t sound like every other band on the planet so that was a welcome change as well. Get this. Info:

You Tube Video:

Label Website:


SCREAMER/Highway Of Heroes (The Sign Records) This is just ass kickin rock n roll with tons of hooks and catchy hooks at that. A fantastic singer who with a lot of passion and you can just hear the power in his voice as well. This is like old Scorpions at times before they went commercial. Also throw in some UFO too. A pure rock n roll lovers dream here and not many bands doing this these days and besides doing it, this band is doing it right. Easily a 10 out of 10 from me. Sample track:

Band info:


DAYSEEKER/Sleeptalk (Spinefarm Records) This is an awesome modern rock band that comes up with heavy as heel catchy riffs that floored me. Most of these bands playing this style bore, but no way with this band. Heavy as hell riffing and heavy as fuck guitar sound won me over within minutes. The singer has a nice voice and he fits right in with the style this band plays. Check these guys out for sure. Info:


VISCERAL DISGORGE/Slithering Evisceration (Agonia Records) What a new Cannibal Corpse record? Well just get this cause it is just like them only 100 times worse. Total garbage. Info:


ETERNAL THIRST/Purge the Bastards (Metal on Metal Records) Some well played ass kicking old school thrash that reminded me a lot of Overkill, which isn’t a bad thing at all. The singer sounds like Blitz himself and the band just rip it up with some wicked ass thrash metal riffs that more than get the job done. Nice solid production on this as well and any fan of real thrash will for sure dig this. Info:


APOKALYPTIC RAIDS/The Pentagram (Hells Headbangers) Yes they sound like old Celtic Frost, but I don’t care. This is some classic old school Frost sounding death metal. The doom like sound on the guitar sound and the vocals even sound like Tom as well. I love old Frost so I enjoyed it very much and if you like old Frost here ya go and this comes complete with the “uh” yells at times too. Info:

Sample track:


Label info:


VORTEX/Them Witches (Gates Of Hell Records) Not a bad heavy metal band that sounds a lot like Judas Priest with a singer that even sounds like Halford. Tasty riffs and hard hitting sounds, but I wish there was a big more speed and power on this. This isn’t bad, but I need more in my metal these days. Info:


WRETCHED SPAWN/Same (Atomic Records) Some decent death metal with some good vocals and decent songs. The tunes are fast and brutal and don’t have the cup the mic vocals or the tinted blast beats I hate in death metal. This is more straight forward death metal without all that attached to it. The production is good and you can listen to the band at:


EXMORTUS/Legions of the Undead (M-Theory Audio) Completely worthless weakass thrash with a terrible singer. No power, little speed or just anything that would call this thrash at all. Terrible non catchy riffs as well. Avoid this sucker.

COFFIN ROT/A Monument to the Dead (Blood Harvest / Rotted Life) Crushing old school death metal like the first 2 Death releases right down to the vocals. Thick as fuck guitar riffing and sounds with brutal like death metal, real death metal mind you, vocals make this worth checking out. The production is top notch for death metal and it has plenty of speed, power, and intensity and if you like “real” death metal this is a band for you. Info:

Sample track:


Label info:


EXHUMED/Horror (Relapse Records) This has it’s good and bad parts. The good is that it is solid death metal played with plenty of speed, power and catchy riffs that will have your head moving. The production is on fire and the guitar sound is mint too. The vocals are hit and miss with me. I like when he sings with the low growls, but went he goes into the low guttural parts is when I don’t like this. He doesn’t do it often so this would get an 8 out of 10 with me so there ya go. Info:


AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR/Havoc at the Midnight Hour (Dying Victims Productions) Razor sharp thrash riffing that cuts right through you. Speed is a plenty as well. Great vocals to boot and I love the guitar sound as well. This just is just a thrash metal dream mixed in with a touch of powerful heavy metal as well. Think Mercyful Fate meets older Slayer my friends. Info:


TOXIKULL/Cursed and Punished (Metal on Metal Records) Holy shit this is the album of the year for me. Bone crushing pure old school speed/thrash metal with some of the best riffing and playing I have heard in years. This is simply amazing thrash and is like the debut album by Exodus, but not like them, but just blew me away like that did all those years ago. The singer screams his balls off on this and the guitar sound just rules all and the production is right on the money and this to me is like a Mike Tyson full blast knockout punch and so far my pick for album of the year. Buy at all costs you motherfuckers. Info:



Ordering info:


IGNIVOMOUS/Hieroglossia (Nuclear War Now! Productions) A total bone crushing display of death metal played the right way. Thick crushing riffs and a total speed attack had me loving life. Now while this is far from original, it is totally enjoyable on my end. Deep growls of death will punish the weak and the fake that claim to be death metal. Ultra thick guitar sound that will have any fan of death metal loving this. Check these guys out for sure. Info:

Sample track:

Label info:


THRASHFIRE/Into the Armageddon (Xtreem Music) Total kick ass thrash metal done the right way. Awesome headbanging riffs with tons of speed and power. I love the guitar sound and the band just ozze speed and power and the singer reminds me of Whiplash as does the music at times. This is just a full frontal, high level all out thrash attack on your senses. Prepare for intensity and speed big time. Speed freaks enjoy. Info:


HELLEHOND/Verslonden (Iron Bonehead) This is kinda just doomy death metal that bored me and didn’t do a thing for me. The vocals were decent, but the music wasn’t. I’ll pass. Info:

Sample track:

Label info:


SHADOW’S MORTUARY/Kuoleman Portit (Purity Through Fire) Kinda boring black metal with a screechy type of singer. The songs just kinda sat there and didn’t do a thing and they all sounded the same and the screechy black metal vocals didn’t work on this at all. Not for me. Info:


METAL DE FACTO/Imperium Romanum (Rockshots Records) Some nice power metal with plenty of catchy riffs and melodic vocals by the singer. Plenty of speedy power metal riffs on this as well and yes they do sound like a bunch of other power metal bands I have heard over the past few years, but I am a sucker for a good, classic catchy riff and this just sucked me in and the singer sings his balls off on this as well. Check them out and here is a link to their video clip on You Tube:

Label info:


MOTORHEAD/1979 Box Set (BMG) If you don’t like this then something is wrong with you ha. This is a box set (66 tunes) of some classic Overkill goodies and also some rare stuff as well as a 40 page booklet too. In 1979 I was 14 and was just hearing Motorhead for the 1st time a few years later and I was totally blown away by the power and massive sound the band had gotten on the “No Sleep Till Hammersmith” release and I went and checked out other goodies from the band. This has not just the “Overkill” and “Bomber” releases, but you get 2 live shows from that time and also some other rare stuff as well. If you’re a Motorhead fan this is a must have and yes Lemmy is GOD


HORROCIOUS/Depleted Light And The Death Of Uniqueness (Osmose Productions) Decent death/black metal that has it’s moments, but it is a case of the same ole same ole. The music is fast and furious and totally rips, but it was just missing that one killer moment that would have taken this over the top. The vocals are more in the black metal vein and they are good and solid and no stupid screeching neither. The music is just too much of a case of heard it too many times before and I grew kinda bored with this at times. It’s powerful for sure and it fits the bill of death/black metal for sure. Info:


TOXIC HOLOCAUST/Primal Future This is some total kick ass crossover thrash with godly riffing and vocals to match. The music is just an all out assault on your ears and had my head moving in no time. A total thrashing good time. This is like the 80’s again while this plays and I love it. Air guitar in my living room and also a bit of air drums too. Absolutely get this if your into thrash. Info:


ALCOHOLOCAUST/Necro Apocalipse Bestial (Helldprod) Ripping speed/thrash metal with death/black metal vocals. The vocals will tear through you like an 80’s band sort of like Mille from Kreator. The music is just rip roaring razor sharp speed metal and totally crushed me. A total air metal guitar attack and the speed doesn’t let up and I was just head banging along to this puppy too. Oh the 80’s are back with this band. Info:


COFFIN ROT/Monument to the Dead (Blood Harvest/Rotted Life) This is decent thick as hell death metal and while the band is doing nothing new, it was still enjoyable. Autopsy like death metal with the vocals of Chris and the music of the band as well. The band mix up the fast and slow doomy parts and this wasn’t bad for what it was. Info:
Sample track:

Label info:


WITCH VOMIT/Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave (20 Buck Spin) A total avalanche of death/black metal that will knock you for a loop. A punishing display of speed and intensity to match too. The music is just a pulverizing attack of death and black metal, more death than black and the music is just a fast display of how this style of music should be and sound. I love the guitar sound and the vocals are total death and fit the music so damn well. Order info at:


ERADIKATOR/Obscura (Divebomb Records) Some solid well crafted heavy metal that touches into thrash metal is the ticket here. This is not a older re-release this is a new band that is still around and this is their 3rd release. The band to my ears don’t sound like any one band and have their own sound and they have a sound that is very easy to get into and I was really digging this by song two. The bands bio mentions Megedeth and yeah I can see that band within this bands sound and not now, but on the band’s 4th album, which to me was that band’s last good album. The production is spot heavy and with a thick guitar crunch and they also have a melodic sound to them as well. Some of you that want your music at an all and out speed sound may not like this, but fuck that, this is awesome. Info:


EXHORDER/Mourn The Southern Skies (Nuclear Blast Records) This band, heck most or some of you might not even remember who theey are as they have not put out a release in 27 years! This was the band that Pantera borrowed their sound from and became stars. Well the band is back and they pick up right where they left off and to me and my ears this fuckin kills. Pure petal to the metal thrash metal with tons of catchy as fuck riffs that had my foot tapping and head moving. Vocals that totally fit the music and I don’t know how this band can just pick up where they did 27 years ago, but holy shit what a comeback album and this is easily one of my favorites to end the year and will be in my listening box for some time to come. Absolutely amazing. Info:


IRON CURTAIN/Danger Zone (Dying Victims Productions) This is like a NWOBHM type of release with a touch of thrash to it. It has like that early 80’s type of sound and mix within the music and it is really cool and refreshing to hear this. The singer he sounds like the singer from Diamond Head a bit and trust me this is no rip off or sound alike band I can assure you of that. This is a pure solid metal attack that crushes the weak. Info:


EXTINCTION/The Apocalypse Mark (Revalve Records) The music is thrash and the vocals are death metal in style. The music is decent, nothing mind blowing, but it doesn’t suck neither. It mixes up with speed and mid paced stuff, but it just missing that killer riff or riffs to really take this over the top. The thrash does have a bit of that Pantera style of thrash, which I hate and didn’t do much for me. The vocals are good solid death metal vocals and the production is good so this gets a slight horns up from me. Info:


VADIAT/Darkness Proceeds (Redefining Darkness Records) Punishing death metal that is both fast and slow with ultra thick riffing and the speed parts just rip through you. Awesome death metal vocals and when I saw Duane Morris was in this band I knew I was not about to be disappointed and I sure wasn’t. I love the production on this as well and this is death metal at it’s finest. Info:


NOCTURNAL/The Greater Emptiness (Seance Records) It has been 19 years since this band has released an an album and now they are back. To me all this does is sound like any other black metal release out there. They don’t play a million miles an hour all the time, but it’s the same typical generic black metal vocals and the same music and it was pretty boring. Nothing interested me on this.


INFIRMITY/Descendants of Sodom (Lost Apparitions Records) Horrible death metal with the screamy black metal vocals and then the death metal vocals and then even some deathcore ones. The music is worthless and goes nowhere. Nothing catchy or memorable on this and will leave you bored trust me. Info:


HOUR OF PENANCE/Misotheism (Agonia Records) Some fast pounding death metal that hits hard and fast. Wicked pounding riffs and catchy speedy riffing and memorable tunes easily won me over. Nice production and solid death metal vocals too. You will be playing air drums to this one with the speed on this. Just total intensity all the way. Info:


UNBOUNDED TERROR/Faith in Chaos (Xtreem Music) Solid as 2 ton bricks on the money death metal that crushes the weak and takes no prisoners. Catchy, solid, memorable death metal riffing will have the head banging and the production is right on the money as well. Vocals totally are awesome as his vocals fit the music like a tight pair of female spandex pants in the 80’s ha ha. The speed parts had me totally playing air drums and the slow doomy parts had me playing air guitar. There is nothing wrong at all on this and it is death metal the way it should be played. Info: xtreemmusic


PLAGUE PIT/Labyrinthine (Self Released) This was nothing special just standard fast played death metal with low growly vocals. This thank god didn’t have that screechy style of signing much, but the music just lacked that killer punch to have me take much notice. The band are young so they are off to a ok start. Info:


RATTENFAGER/Geisslerlieder (Dark Essence Records) Slow doom like death metal with some fast parts here and there. Low death metal vocals, but not super low, which worked for me. The production is thick and the guitar sound is big time thick and I love the bass sound on this as well. This easily has a old school 80’s death metal feel to it and this is like a soundtrack to a horror movie. If you like old school, here is your band. Info:


WARSENAL/Feast Your Eyes (Svart Records) Some ripping classic old school thrash with tons of head banging like mid 80’s style riffs not far removed from Whiplash. Prepare for the air guitar to start within a minute of when this baby starts. None of this Pantera groove thrash, this is thrash the way it should be. Just hard hitting catchy, memorable thrash riffs with plenty of speed and aggression to go along with it. One of the best thrash albums I have heard this year. Info:


SIJJIN/Angel of the Eastern Gate (Sepulchral Voice) 4 tracks of old school 80’s like death/black metal with those razor sharps riffs that kill. Think the debut release by Morbid Angel. The music is very catchy and memorable and just will pound you into submission. The band slow it down just a bit to catch your breath and then it is back to the speed, power and aggression and hate that made me like this style of music back in 1985. This is as good as it’s gets. Info:


Sample track:

Label info:


CIANIDE/Unhumanized (Hells Headbangers) Yes this band is back with a new EP release and you can expect no surprises and no sell outs on this. Just good ole fashioned simple, but effective good ole fashioned death metal with mostly mid paced and slower parts as this band has always done. I love the sound this band gets on this and that guitar sound is totally mint. The vocals are a pure death metal delight and this band delivers once again. Horns up for that. Info:

Sample track:

Label info:


GOAT TERROR/Same 7” (Sentient Ruin) This is totally no holds barred, take no prisoners black metal. This is like ECW wrestling back in the day. Total violence and blood all the way. This band doesn’t let up on this at all and just blows you away with power, speed, aggression and violence. This is how black metal needs to be. Violence and played with hate and no mercy. A total underground like production only makes me love this more. Not for the weak. Info:


IRON CURTAIN/Danger Zone (Dying Victims Productions) This band is sort of like a NWOBHM style band and they rock. Very catchy tunes that are heavy and memorable with some kick ass vocals to boot. This is the band’s 4th release and while I have not prior releases, this delivers the goods. The melodic sounds on this are great and it is refreshing to hear a band like this as well. They write and play catchy, memorable tunes and that is the bottom line and they should be proud of the job they did on this. Info:


CHAOS PATH/Downfall (Self-Released) This is band is a melodic death metal band of sorts with plenty of speed and aggression and power and they mix it in with some melody and it works for me. The singer sings in a more normal, non-death metal style, but he still sounds powerful and gets his point across and he sounds great. A smart label would snatch these guys up. Info:


UMBRA CONSCIENTIA/Yellowing Of The Lunar Consciousness (Terratur Possessions) I like the music on this is it is an all out black metal assault that doesn’t sound like every other black metal band and they even have some melody to them as well. The songs have plenty of kick and they crush. The vocals however are a big let down. Just typical screeching vocals that just sound generic and don’t sound good or great to me. Some will not mind them so check out a sample track below to make up your own mind:

Label info:


NAMTARU/The Plagues Of Namtar (Self Released) I know apparently Gothic Records released this at one time, but that label went under. This is a 4 song release of some fast. Pounding, unrelenting black metal that hits the mark and hits it hard. I am usually not a fan of keyboards with black metal bands, but this is only used in spots and actually sets the mood on this as it just let’s loose the rest of the time. Prepare to have your head torn off when this goes on. The vocals are totally sick and sung with hate and conviction unlike a lot of other black metal band. And, get this, there is a solid, good production on this. Not some let’s have a sloppy “underground” to be “true” production. Nope the production is thick and heavy and the guitar sound and everything shines right through. I say if you like black metal this is one thing worth getting. Info:


DAEMONIAC/Dwellers of Apocalypse" (Xtreem Music) Low tuned down crunching death metal with speed and intensity and death metal done the old school way baby. Low, but not super low death metal style vocals that totally kill. Think Autopsy, old Death, Incantation and bands of that nature. The low tuned down guitar sound just totally owns me and this crushes trust me. Info:


Hellsodomy/Morbid Cult (Saturnal) Oh this is some wicked crushing death metal in the vein of the debut release by Morbid Angel. This is unrelenting all the way and the power and speed the band is using on this will crush the weak. Awesome death metal vocals that fit the music and I love his voice too. He sings with plenty of aggression and power and I could feel it as this played on. The music is a speed attack with speed and more speed and I loved it. Takes me back to the late 80’s with this band. Info:


CRUSADIST/The Unholy Grail (Self-Release) Typical death metal with some Pantera like vocals and just some gallop like death metal riffing and that tough guy vocals didn’t go very far with me. Info:


REVEL IN FLESH/The Hour Of The Avenger (War Anthem Records) Generic death metal with a terrible singer. The guy just does the the generic growls with no power or feeling behind it and I grew bored with this rather quickly. Info:


TIMELESS HAUNT/Haunted Symphony (Stormspell Records) This band will take you on several different rides on this as it goes from being very mellow, into a haunting metal part and then into back into mellow and then back and forth. The music will suck you in big time. Other than the female vocals, this singer has a great style and he sings with a ton of passion and he does fit the music. A very different band here for sure. Info:


SKULLCRUSH/Archaic Towers of Annihilation (Redefining Darkness Records Typical, boring death metal with tired, warn out riffs and a terrible singer who when he is singing is just going through the motions. He sings with no feeling nor passion and the music is some same way in my book. Just same ole death metal here. Info:


ASPHYX/Crush The Cenotaph (Vic Records) This band of course is a classic death metal band especially with Martin van Drunen on vocals and bass. The band for those who don’t know play death metal with more a doom feel to it and mix it in with some faster parts. Martin’s vocals have been copied to death over the years as well. The band were big time killer way back when too. This is an Ep with some live tracks that is a re-issue from many moons ago. The guitar sound is just so crushing on this and you throw in Martin’s vocals and you have a total winner. Well worth getting if you missed this the 1st time around. Info:


TRENCH WARFARE/Hatred Prayer (Transcending Obscurity Records) This is well played and solid old school death metal, but the big problem is they bring nothing new or exciting to the table that hasn’t been done 100,000 times before them and I grew rather bored with it. Obituary style vocals and the music is standard death metal with speed and slower parts too. This is just ok in my book. Info:


STRIKE MASTER/Death Based Illusions (Self Released) This was a thrash metal band and I just didn’t dig it much. With thrash metal it’s the riffs that have to suck me in and the riffs on this just didn’t cut it. The speed wasn’t so great neither. It just lacked that killer punch of say Exodus or Overkill to name some examples. You judge and check out their video before ordering. Info:

Video link:

Band info:


MORIBUNDUS CHRISTUS/Hostile Sick, raw as fuck black metal all the way. Screams from hell itself. This is a 4 song demo with one new track from an upcoming album. The new track has a different singer on it and I do prefer him over the other. The music is unrelenting black metal that blasts away with no mercy. The production is demo sounding, which was fine by me as I don’t get much demo sounding stuff anymore. If you want raw, music that never quits, check this out. Info:


THE HIXON/Lucifers Lounge (Self Released) This is a 3 track cd and it very hounting in nature with thrash metal mixed in and it is very different from your normal thrash metal stuff so that was kinda cool in my eyes. The vocals I love, the singer has a total kick ass voice and totally gets into singing the songs so that was a plus as well. This took a couple listens to totally digest, but when it did I was into it and look forward to more new stuff from these guys. Check out the video as well. Info: