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Necroharmonic Productions

I have known Roy Fox for a long time and he runs a totally great underground label called Necroharmonic Records and it is a label you should support and here is what he said to my questions:

MC: What sort of kid were you growing up and what part of NJ are you based at?

ROY: I was a strange kid…. My parents split at a young age since my father was an outlaw biker. My step father and mom raised me well , but I ran the streets a lot…. Was always at other kids houses and  getting into trouble…I was raised in North NJ in the town of Kearny , right outside Newark New Jersey… I lived in 6 to 7 different apartments all over my town and kinda like a gypsy at times. I met a lot of kids and made some friends , but not too many….Other kids wanted to play baseball all my life , but I wanted to collect comic books , records , and read the history books on occult at the library...I stole them !!  I was a bad kid.

MC: Were you always into music at a young age?

ROY: Yes , very much so…. My real father had a small record collection with Black Sabbath , Cream , and other doom rock… but he took me to a garage sale where we bought a bunch of KISS albums , and I really was into drawing the logos , using vinyl  to draw picture on , etc. I took my very weak record player around to my some of my friend houses even.  When I was like 10 or 11 years old my friends sister was dating a guy from Capital records. I was listening to the Iron Maiden  ‘ Powerslave ‘ advance before it even came out… little did I know my future of metal !

MC: So around what time in your life did you discover the wonderful world of heavy metal? What were some of the 1st bands that you liked and heard?

ROY: My 1st were AC/DC  , Kiss , T  Rex , Thin Lizzy , Nazareth , as time went on Iron Maiden , Ozzy , and Sabbath became some of my favorites… then progression into poser thrash metal , onto heavier Thrash metal….the typical story of a young kid growing up in the late 1970s , early 1980s….  I bought record Lps from supermarkets even , since that’s how things were sold… I listened to 8 tracks in the car…. I liked Rock music a lot , and a lot of Led Zeppelin too ,  but metal seemed to always be the dominate force..

MC: So how did underground metal enter into the picture? What were some of the 1st bands that you heard and did a friend turn them on to you or did you discover this wonderful music on your own?

ROY: Well , there was so , so many gateways to me being into the underground.  In the early to mid 1980’s there was a lot of metal music magazines like Hit Parader , Creem and those crappy power metal / poser magazines…but I looked for the most harsh and scary stuff… then I took a look at Kerrang , Metal Forces , and a few small fanzines…. Music store in my town , and maybe a few of my friends were into metal …but not many till year later like 1985-1989 times… then I discovered local bands like SLAUGHTER HOUSE ( they were from Kearny NJ ) demo… some demo things I started to hear like Lethal Aggression was passed onto me since I looked ‘ metal ‘ from some neighbor kid… I started liking hardcore as well… the more chunky the better…  S.O.D . DRI , C.o.c. and the 1st generation of Crossover thrash / hardcore stuff….that was around , then of course Slayer , Possessed and Exodus , the evil stuff was creeping in….

MC: Now when you discovered this music and began getting into it, was it like a drug that you wanted more and more of? Did you have many friends at this time that were also into it?

ROY: Yes drug is a great word…I walked everywhere for metal !! I road my bike in the rain to music stores miles and miles away from my house…. I had a paper route and collected payment each week and went straight to the music store.  At this phase I was kind of a loner… not many friends , and around 6th grade I had tried actual drugs , so from like 7 , 8th grade I moved again away from my bad influence friends ( at the time.. ) one killed himself. A few went to juvenile detention , and I was basically friendless for a few years. I really started to care more about metal once in high school , since the melting pot of people in my town all collected again in one high school.  I went to high school  with people that later made bands like Evoken ,  Disma , and Dripping….  Kearny was deep into metal , but I have to admit…I was one of the driving forces behind a lot of it just by taping people tapes , and spreading good will among friends… I stayed into METAL regardless… some friends strayed towards beer and cars , but I stuck to music , demos ,. zines , shirt collecting , and more.

MC: Now North Jersey had a bunch of cool record stores and clubs back then. Did you ever get to visit Rock N Roll Heaven at all before it closed or did you ever go to his flea market store at all?

ROY: Man… there was like a few flea markets  I would go to an buy patches , and buttons from… I basically went to every music store large and small in a ten mile radius of my homestead. Mickey Music , Sal’s music store in Kearny , Riverview flea market. So many others. Some stores names escape me it  has been so long…after I met people who drove things got abit better ,  but not many people were die hard enough to spend their whole earning on tapes and Lps .

MC: Did you do much tape trading at all or read many fanzines? If you did either or both, please tell me what zines you read and also around how many people you traded tapes with?

ROY: I did it all… I read fanzines , wrote to every address , and tape traded with who ever would have me. The tape traders I remember the most are Steveggs , Tino Sick , Arturo from Shub Niggurath , Leng from Singapore , Paul Nesterok , Bill Venner , Duaniac , Damon from Australia , , Luxi from Finland.  shit I had people I traded with in almost every country… I helped them get some U.S stuff , they gave their countries stuff… I traded with over 300 people at least

MC: So over the years what are some record stores you have been to? Tell me which ones and what was it like going into metal stores back in the day and hunting around for goodies?

ROY: I have been to hella helllaaaa NJ / NYC record stores… all of em ? It felt like it… I have also been to Aces records in Florida , some awesome Texas death store , a few sweet stores in Ohio had the goods…. NYC / NJ obviously was my main thing… some store from those times Sal’s  , Mickey Music , CD Den , Bleeker Bobs , Rainbow , Vintage Vinyl ( old and new ) , Music Connection , Slipped Disc , every store In Montclair NJ , every store in Rutherford NJ , St Marks place in Kearny , as well as music store actually on St Mark’s place in NYC.

MC: So what were some early concerts you saw over the years? I know NJ had a ton of clubs, what were some of your favorite clubs and not so favorites ha ha?

ROY: Well I grew up closest to ‘ Studio One ‘ and ‘ The Pipeline ‘.  Which were both in Newark. I had a lot of great times at Studio one , so that had to be one of my favorites…. Was very local… I was a regular at G Wilikers in Camden NJ , as well thou…( which was about 2 hours from my house… ) , thanks for John McEntee was metal enough to go there a lot… I was a regular at times at the Ritz , Cbgb’s , The Marquee , The Bank , Coney Island High , etc…I visited Castle Heights a few times , Streets in NY way way back in 1989-1991ish…. Shit I was so mobilized I went to clubs in Rhode island like Club Babyhead ,  Ohio : Peabodies  and Flashes ,  and so so many more… I think I must have seen 500-700-1000 shows…. No joke…. I went to 3-4 shows a week somertimes…sometimes two in one day !!!  Early concerts I saw a lot of concerts at Brendon Burne Arena , and Giant Stadium… my step father was an usher there , and I got to see FREE shows a lot…if I came to work early with him….was amazing… this was from like 1986-1990ish…. I saw just about every rock , metal and poser concert there !!!  One of my favorite shows of all time was Pink Floyd 1989.  Shit….I saw the Grateful dead !!! a few times !! haha

MC: I am gonna assume you went to Lamour’s. What are some of your favorite concerts from that famous club?

ROY: Oh hell yeah the Rock Capital of Brooklyn ! the Danger zone…. ! L’ Amour was amazing… I saw Slayer there , I saw Obituary there , Carcass , Carnivore , Cro Mags , Repulsion ( pre Type O negative , ) , Biohazard like probably ten times….

MC: Have you ever done any writing at all for any publications over the years?

ROY: Well , I wrote some USA scene reports for a few fanzines over the years , and I released two fanzines called “ Flophouse of The Freaks “ which covered a bunch of disgusting bands at the time , I interviewed mostly Goregrind and extreme horror bands like Impetigo , etc… Was a huge gore / grind time for me… I have written some articles for Horror fanzine Mental Funeral as well…and will do more too !

MC: Did you ever have the desire to ever want to pick up and instrument or sing and if so what instrument and how far did it get with it?

ROY: Well … I have jammed on every instrument of any basic band… guitar , drums , bass . singing… I was in a band with member of Evoken back in High School called ‘ Embalmed Corpse ‘. Also I have jammed with friends ( I bought a 4 track recording machine very very young ) and have jammed around with guys who later were in Dripping , Incantation , Evoken , Disma , etc…even some grinding punks !! I sang in some Misfits cover bands , and more… I dissected the learning of a drum machine back as early as 1991. And owned a sampler by 1993 as well.  In the later part of the 1990’s I bought a whole PA system and set up shows with it… I am much much more into electronic stuff then guitars. I am currently been trying to find some time to play guitar and bass more thou… I have a BC rich Mockingbird and I bought almost ALL of the old Mortician gear like amps , bass , drums , etc… haha I get into everything , but being a father comes #1 , label / work #2 and music is third since its not my living… I dabble quite abit….

MC: So now what gave you the idea to start your own label and call it Necroharmonic Productions.  How long has it been around now?

ROY: Necroharmonic was spawning inside a printshop and my own head in 1989/ 1990. I started to distro peoples tapes , so I needed a label type  name.  It stuck I guess…  The person who 1st suggested I start a label was Oscar from Ceremonium. He sang with the new ( at  the time ) doom band …so he played me a few rehearsals mostly with no vocals. I liked the guys of Putrifact and stuff , so this was all the same circle of guys. I knew they like low tuned Swedish and Finland demos like me , so the label idea was a good one. I stuck with it… been almost 25 years now..  crazy

MC: So how did you come up with the name and looking back has it been what you thought it was going to be?

ROY: The name of Necroharmonic ? Im not totally sure…. I was in printing class at Kearny High School and I liked death metal…. And loved the word “ Necro “ and also the word “ Embalmed. “   I liked  pcp and I wanted to be embalmed alive or something like Spring Valley would be into , but basically the name was spawned from a notebook drawing. Later my friend  Shaus Venner made new a couple logos… one is still the same one I use now..

MC: Over the years has it been tough turning down bands and stuff and are you more into re-issuing old stuff or releasing new music?

ROY: I just release the demos onto CD or plastic round discs that are 12 “ wide and colored. I release  bands and recordings that are dear to me… new or old….. I obviously like older death metal demos….and will release more in some way shape and form.

MC: Who designed the logo and are you happy with the label name these days?

ROY: The logo of Necroharmonic was designed by my padre Bill Venner from Disma .  I met John McEntee from Incantation after being a fan of Revenant and seeing a few of their shows… I introduced Venner to McEntee in 1990 and Bill learned the 1st demo songs of Incantation in my grandmothers basement… Bill drew the logo for Incantation as well.  Later he drew art for Autopsy’s double 7 ep , and friend of mine GUT from Germany ( he drew one of their 7 ep logos ).

MC: Are you the only one that works at the label these days?

ROY: Nowadays , I am the only one working on my label. In the past I have had quite a few people help me in a various ways… some people who worked with me include Roger from Mortician ( who also taught me a lot about T shirt printing… ) ,  Goretex ( now aka Gore Eloheim ) the rap artist worked for me… Daryl Kahan from Funbrarum / Disma worked for me for many years on layouts… Rob from Elegy records helped me make some early Cd layout as well. Also Sly from Fondlecorpse helped me too ! This great girl named Summer helped me do quite abit of graphics and shirt mockups and ads for a few years…. My wife Liz helped me on many many things for the label for years on end…selling distro items at school , helping me case Cds , numbering stuff… shes the best of them all !! She knows more about death metal then all of the above mentioned people , yet she is not a fan. haha

MC: What has been the hardest thing about doing a label/distro?

ROY: The hardest part is attempting to ‘ invest ‘ so called ‘ money ‘ into  ‘ bands “ .  Once you have stepped into the role of making time and money investments into 4  and 5 man bands , and doing multiple bands releases at once is the hardest thing… It’s tricky to talk to 100’s of band guys , labels , fans , and promotion peoples…. That’s the hardest part of all… being a lot to so many people…. making as much mail leave the homestead as time permits one person to work.  I dedicate 110 percent to being a friend of many bands , but not every band member is in it for the long haul like me… Hardest thing is putting out an amount of stuff I would like to do as like , releases on Cd or LP  ,  with limited money and time… dealing with stupid people with too many self interests have been a large kick in the face for me , and my label…but now I don’t have issues of other psychic vampires  in my eye sight… They have all been banished to time and dust! .. one more thing that is hard…. “ THE RACE “ I call it… some labels who do music as a business are in “ THE RACE “ .  the race to capitalize off a band name / fame  or whatever that scene is , but that’s not my interest in life…I release band I like , and actually LISTEN to the music I release …I'm not here just to play “ The Race “ with other SHIT poser record labels.

MC: What was your 1st release and is it still in print and how happy were you to see it in your grubby hands ha ha?

ROY Well my 1st released items were audio tapes , 7 eps , and then I took on the silver disc world.  My oldest releases are NOT in print…. I have brought back a few items on  CD and some will also appear on vinyl Lp versions , but

MC: So far how many releases do you have out and are all still in print? How do you go about releasing stuff?

ROY: We have 30 CD releases and some vinyls.  About 33 percent of em are in print at any one time and I revolve them according to what I am listening to that year.. !!  I release stuff I like , when I feel like doing it , and that’s how I go about doing it… UNDERGROUND… mail order… mailing letters , with no Bullshit middle man of fake metal , or no ‘ deal man “ involved….I live by my own label , and rules and standards , and I'm glad I don’t  SELL OUT  our releases . or my feelings of what I want to release…

MC: What is your favorite band and why are they?

ROY: Tough one… !! I like 2,000 bands…….

MC: What are some hobbies and things you like to do with yourself these days?

ROY: Building stuff , screen printing , reading about ancient buried cities , reading occult and witchcraft books , planting food , fixing up a Victorian house… I hang out with my daughters and watch cartoons and bake and stuff…even canning food.  I play with black cats  , watch disgusting Italian movies with subtitles.

MC: When you listen to a song, what is what thing that catches your ear most?

ROY: The main RIFF. Also the Mosh riff… Judas priest and Mercyful Fate have those in their songs mostly , for a good example. If you thrive to hear that song more…you know its addictive… I love bands like Cock and Ball Torture and Australian band called The Day Everything Became Nothing ,  the whole song is a mosh riff…Waking the Cadaver had that too. Big breakdowns. I like really doomy stuff too , so I am kind of a strange guy … doom even has some big breakdown-ish parts…haha I love that the best. Sometimes the vocals ruin all of it haha.

MC: Your thoughts on the following:

ROY: Thrash metal:

I love old thrash metal . but not so much new thrash has gained my attention. I like Aura Noir  , Inferno , and a few other newer things that probably now aren’t even new… . but old thrash is the better stuff… who could live without the greats like Destruction , Exodus , Slayer , Celtic Frost , Possessed , all the freaks… Dark Angel mofo !!

Death metal:

Demos !! demos !! 7 eps !! rehearsals !! Live shows !!   I love demos of Death metal more then anything… cds are cool , but death metal demos are my main motivation in life…

Black metal:

Well. Before the craze of Norway….the black metal I thought was good was mearly Venom , Bathory and Sarcofago.  As time progressed I loved stuff like Profanatica , Beherit , Blasphemy , and other profane bands.  I was not really that interested in Mayhem and Emperor when they were rising to popularity.  I liked the Deathcrush stuff , but I always thought it sounded thin compared to like Bathory or Venom . The makeup thing I totally think is weak !! dressing up is for women , so even thou leather pants , under eye makeup and stuff is cool for some I find it false in some ways…. I liked a few bands who used it . but I found a lot of that ‘ dressing up ‘ shit to be kinda weak to be honest… just play evil and you will still be know !! The riff is the power of black metal


Loved it growing up….DRI , CroMags , C.O.C  Murphy’s Law , SOD was the best…MOD was a favorite of mine.. Chemical Waste demo makes me think of Crossover.. I love Black Flag , but I wouldn’t call them crossover… I think the thoughtful songs and lyrics are the best. Also Bad Brains…was amazing and the vision of the lyrics and feeling ( mostly aggressive hate ! esp. black Flag or the Misfits ) were amazing…

Heavy Metal:

Exciter ! yay !!! I like Boulder for Heavy metal !!  How about some Diamond Head . they amaze me. Metallica ripped them off so badly… Ozzy is always usually good in some weird way but usually you like it 5 years after he did it… I like a lot of heavy metal over black metal to be honest.

MC: What are some things we can look forward to from the label in the coming year?

ROY: Well…I make band shirts mostly..…..I have a few projects aligned that are grooving into fruition I will make this year VINYL , SHIRTS , PATCHES , BUTTONS ,  maybe some parade floats.

MC: Is it tough these days trying to get other labels to distribute your stuff?

ROY: There are maybe 10-15-20 labels at any time  who actually seem interested in our releases… there are 1000 on my label email list and only 300 or so even look at the emails. I don’t know… sometimes I just don’t give a fuck who distros our stuff… Its nice to make my money back if we release some thing , but I transcended that type of thinking a few years ago… I just don’t care…I do let other labels and distro guys know that I have some new releases and stuff… I wouldn’t mind sending more of our releases worldwide , like there are a lot of cool underground fans… but I don’t think what I released is very friendly… I don’t think of it as tough. Its more tough on fans who cant get good releases . I think our discography stands out much , much better then most labels.

MC: Are any of your releases on vinyl?

ROY: Some of em are… some are being done… a few have been done….I have more Lp versions of our releases in the works at all times , but Id rather them be done nice and timed correctly  , as far as fan base who wants to buy them.  I started my label on vinyl… unlike 90 percent other labels.  I think vinyl is odd…maybe a fad currently…so yes I have releases on vinyl and will do more…. I just do them as quirky timing if I am listening to that band a lot that month or cluster of months…

MC: What is your opinion of bootlegs and have you ever brought any?

ROY: I like bootlegs sometimes…. They bring an element of excitement into collecting… I don’t like recycled bootlegs thou… only previously unheard music should be tolerated… I see 12 formats of Mayhem and Morbid 12 “ lps , tapes , fuckin velvet lined boxsets with designer jackets…. 5 Lps of some bands rehearsals are too much even… I could see if it was Led Zep or something  but I don’t think a crappy Swedish band needs a 5 Lps demo / rehearsal release boxset…  I actually enjoy rare recordings . that’s my main thing… who doesn’t want a nice quality unheard Slayer rehearsal from 1986 right ?

MC: Do you own any rare stuff and what do you think of Ebay?

ROY: I own 1000’s of rare ‘ Stuffs “.  Yes Ebay. Love it too… gateway to hell. !!!  I don’t know if I like the price fixing of ebay…. But sometimes its correct and some stuff is very valuable.

MC: What are some of your favorite record labels?

ROY: Earache was a huge gateway for my ears…underground labels like Thrash records ( france ) , Seraphic Decay , Nuclear Blast early days , Cenotaph Records , Gothic Records , HMSS is sick , I love Rise Above records… a lot of winning releases here… all genre…

MC: If you could sign any 5 bands to your label, who would they be and why them?

ROY: Geez , I don’t know nowadays…I signed all the bands I loved in some ways… so this question might be better suited for someone who hasn’t. I will give a throw at these

1)Carnage – reunion album in a time capsule from 1989/1990

2) Blasphemy – just because they pulverize all weaklings

3) Anal Cunt -  one of the best noise bands of all time. I enjoy pissing people off , so they could do it for me instead

4) Black Flag – Id merge both new line ups and get a Henry Rollins hologram totally

5) GG allin – I know he is dead . but I think he still has a few years left in him ,maybe as a stuffed corpse…

MC: Your dream concert would be:

ROY: Deep question !  Misfits playing covers of Black Flag , while S.O.D plays on a platform while steamrolling a bunch of foreigners and stuff would be a dream come true !

MC: What are your thoughts of the music industry these days and do you see cds eventually becoming like vinyl?

ROY: I don’t know what I see , and I don’t think about it much…I think vinyl will again be shunned since it takes up room in peoples houses. I look forward to seeing massive stacks thrown away like useless trash someday ? Will is happen ?  It has already…. VHS remember ? 8 tracks ?  I still use all formats , so I cannot see any one going away…. I don’t have a tape player in the car thou… since its like 2000’s…

MC: Do you get many bands that send you stuff hoping you might sign them?

ROY: Years ago I used to get CDRs in the mail a lot… I don’t get many now. Youtube eclipsed that a little right ? if a band had exclusive new stuff they could email me it , but I rarely signed any like , new , stuff… I did mostly fan based demo discographies.  I actually have a few really really fuckin known bands who I have spoken to about stuff at times , but projects waver. We haven’t signed many bands… yet I work in the mail with them sometimes , and some missions never happen  , some do…

MC: Do you feel like me where there are too many bands and labels and not enough fans for all this to go round and round?

ROY: Well , a lot of people are in it for the wrong reasons…. The bands start with friends , then later fans… 90 percent of bands cant even surpass the friend zone. That’s ok for a few who didn’t seem to care … but yes too many labels , means they release their friends bands…who…if they are all in a small circle… are influenced by each other….usually…  so…. That labels output can be overwhelming , depending on the rich-ness of the labels owner or their parents or something..… usually not due to the bands sales… I think the label owners have a lot of heart to invest in so many recordings and bands  , but the influx of bands who only stick around for 4 years are all posers. Same with the labels. Fuck em !!

MC: Where do you see the music scene in say 2020?

ROY: Electrically shot into our heads with some sort of chip…. Hopefully a weed dispenser chip and a nacho flavored attachment / app / injection will be available for an additional $199.95

MC: When I mention bands like Metallica, Slayer, etc, are you at all surprised at how big they have gotten over the years?

ROY: Yes I am. Slayer surprised me more then Metallica thou. Being a person who screamed “ Angel of death “ and “ Necrophiliac “ lyrics at the top of my lungs as a youngin.  I am quite surprised to see such a harsh band with shows like thousands and thousands of people at them. I am thou completely DISGUSTED by what I think was taught by Ozzy , to Metallica . on tour in probably 1986 . is the whole “ sing along “ crowd shit that ruins metal shows… Anthrax can’t even sing one line of a song live without a ‘ come on ‘  or ‘ sing with meh “ shit…Megadeth seems more straightforward in recent times… Metallica sing alongs ruined metal. !! whooahhh  whhooaahhh.  Haha fuckin jock shit . Keep to the original songs and thrash…. Why so much sing along filler… sad stuff… most of those bands are ruined. Slayer still has some respect from me thou.

MC: If somebody wants to start up a label what advice would you give them?

ROY: Release stuff you love. Don’t consider making money back…. In todays age I find labels to be very changed… the bands connect directly with their fans via social media. Labels are good if their music taste can be trusted and consistent ….but most are not….most fail too…. I have watched 100+ labels fold since I started… guess they didn’t have much heart in it… maybe just interested in money making ? Seems so… a few went out of business since they got over their head like Wild Rags… they tried hard and did a lot for a lot of people. Only to be slandered and shit on….

MC: What is some of the best things about underground music and the worst ones?

ROY: Best part… is heart…. The heart of new recordings and new unknown sounds….kind of like : soundscapes : of time…. There are many ….every few years a new era of music brings a new soundscape… I love the feeling of a fresh soundscape of a musical talent. That’s the best…

Worst… is… no heart…. People , bands , and labels who do things for the wrong reason… money , fame , glory , chicks , art flaunting , self centered singer ‘ stars ‘ , guitar ‘ gods ‘…labels who are run by rich kids as a fad….the life span of a crappy underground fan / band / or label is 2-5 years… there has been at least 10 -15 phases of people I have seen in my days. I was on the street… at shows…then setting up shows…..running a label , yet still. Writing letters and producing : something : for years and years on end and I still feel convicted as I did when I made that 1st Goreaphobia dub demo or something… being really underground is NOT  a hobby. Its heart,….. you have some yourself since I  have known your name since the days of old…. Im not interested in fakes and flakes.

MC: Favorite concerts you saw and most disappointed live bands you saw and what band(s) did you wish you got a chance to see live, but haven’t?

ROY: Well . some of my favorites ( in no order ) I have seen are Blasphemy  , Slayer , Autopsy , Impetigo , Splatterreah , Paineater , Electric Wizard , Human Remains , Gut , Anal Cunt , Im not sure but I think I must have seen at least 500-700-1000 shows in my life… I probably seen more then 10 regular people or even ones of bands who toured…  I lived for live shows instead of spinning cds I saw gigs !!  I wish I got to see bay area thrash bands back in Cali in like 1984-1988. I was just a little kid setting tennis balls on fire or something…I would like to see Agathocles , Fabio Frizzi , Disgrace , Abhorrence , Funebre , Cenotaph( mex ) ,  I might get to see Dr Shrinker since they reformed… !!

MC: So how many old farts have you re connected with on Facebook?

ROY: Geez , well , hundreds of tape trading and label and band guys are slowly keeping back into my inbox instead of my mailbox of snails… I see people I exchanged letters with as far back as 1988 on Facebook… also artist who bloomed like Mark Riddick. He and his brother were always great with letters and diehard…. Great to just connect with friend who I traveled with , or to the cities I saw over the years ( Cleveland , Boston , Philly , Rhode Island  , Texas , etc… )

MC: Please plug any websites you have.


MC: Any last words?

ROY: Yes ! Interview was long. I hope I didn’t forget any questions. I liked thinking about our past releases and you asked good questions. You and I know the small history lessons taught to us in the small NJ and Philly and NYC clubs… you have been next to me thrashing at shows , so I respect your questions , your long running fanzine , and your taste in good metal music. !! Thank you for the cool questions. I am going to listen to some old Xysma and Rottrevore soundboards like right now…so that’s my last word . smoke em if you got em !